USAngel Gets Pearl Harbored


USAngel does a short exhibition with her red white and blue bo staff while in costume before coming over to the table to sign autographs. Apparently even here in Japan her show is becoming popular. The crowd is pretty large. Of course what's not to like about a wrestling heroine who kicks monster butt every week. Callie smiles and starts signing posters and DVDs.

You start to hear the crowd noise level grow as your autograph session continues. Suddenly one of the girls in line stouts in Japanese something. But while the crowd turns to look. It does not lesson your line. In fact some of the girls become quite nervous.

USAngel looks up and blinks, wondering what is happening. "What's up guys? Don't worry. I plan to stay until everyone gets an autograph." She flashes her winning smile.

You see the crowd start to part as two women dressed as maids push your fans asides. They are followed by a pretty good looking Japanese woman in a business suit. You get the feeling she is not there for an autograph. "So you are the US Angel?"

USAngel stands and spreads her arms, a wry smile on her face. "In the flesh... well... in costume actually... Calliope Sacramone's the name... but everyone calls me Callie... So... you are?" Callie leans forward and offers a gloved hand.

The woman looks at your offered hand and smirks, "I am Mimi Honda, the daughter of the Great Matsu Honda and Yoko Honda. Defender of Golden Japan Wrestling. And I'm here to challenge you. The Pride of so-called American Wrestling, US Angel!" She points at you and gives you a thumbs down. The crowd gasps.

USAngel winces and her eyes widen, unsure if the crowd is gasping because she didn't know who this Mimi Honda was or because of the issued challenge. Callie quickly regains her cool, waving her bodyguard to stay back as he begins to move. "So. You DO realize I'm not just a TV star... but also the women's champ of Texas Wrestling All-stars Team... I wouldn't want to hurt you..." Callie smirks.

Mimi laughs, "The champion of Texas Wrestling? HA! One state! I would be champion of all Japan if she has not ducked me." Some of crowd looks upset at this statement. "I going to prove my worthiness be defeating you US Angel. The phony of all of America! Do you accept?" Some of the tours promoters start to try to pull you away and get Mimi out of the store. Photos are being taken, some of the girls in the crowd are now looking at you with hopeful looks in their eyes.

USAngel shakes the hand of her agent off the arm of her white leotard, gives her long blond hair a toss back and stares down Mimi Honda. "So... according to my promoter it would have to be tonight... I'm making an appearance in Manila tomorrow... and Bangkok the day after... but if you have an event this evening I'd be only to happy to rub your nose in it... as we say in Texas..."

Mimi smiles, "I would cancel those trips, Callie, because tonight you will suffer the worst defeat of your career!" She makes the throat cut sign and spits on the floor. "You will lose!" She turns and walks out followed by her maids. The crowd boos her.

USAngel stands there with brows raised, watching the proud woman strut away from her. "So, she seems to be a rather rude one... I guess I'll have to give her a good ol' fashioned spankin' this evening..." Callie turns on her smile as she turns back to the crowd. "Now who was next?"

The arena is sold out despite the last minute nature of the match. You find out that you and Mimi are the Main Event. When you go behind the curtain to make your entrance you are surprised to see US Angel signs in the crowd.

USAngel runs to the ring through a shower of confetti as American Bad Ass plays... short white robe bouncing about the tops of her shimmering thighs... smiling and waving her staff to the screaming crowd before using it to vault into the ring... flipping to her feet... "USAngel at 114 pounds... TWAT champion and star of her own show by the same name..." USAngel removes her robe and hands it and staff out of the ring, bouncing on the ropes as she waits for her opponent.

J-Pop music plays and there is a wild lights show and a stunning shower of boos. Mimi comes running to the ring in a glittering jacket. She is also wearing her championship belt too. She jumps into the ring as you hear . . . "At 125 lbs pounds your Golden Japan Women's Champion, The Golden Legacy MIMI HONDA!!!!"

USAngel gapes a bit at the size of the crowd and the roar of boos at Mimi's entrance. But Callie has always been quick to recover and she simply smiles. Angel does a hip out pose as she winks at Mimi, blows a kiss to the audience and gives the jutting shape of her ass, shimmering in tinted tights, a sharp smack. She points a gloved hand at Mimi and does a "come on" gesture.

Mimi dances around you and smirks at your poses. She seems unconcerned with the boos. And then she takes off her belt to show the crowd. The ref calls both of you to the center of the ring.

USAngel steps forward, still waving gloved hands at the screaming Japanese crowd, thinking she could get used to crowds like this. She tries to focus but can't understand a word the ref says. She shrugs and nods as he turns to her.

Your translater then speaks up, "This is a non-title bout Callie, with submission rules. Good luck and be careful. Ms Honda is not known for her sportsmanship." Mimi takes off her ring robe and points at you. The crowd boos at her.

USAngel poses heroically with blue gloves on white-clad hips and waits for the bell, outwardly confidant, but inwardly wondering what she's gotten herself into this time.

The bell rings and Mimi takes a classic wrestling stance and slowly circles you. "Let's see what you got Angel?" She moves closer toward you, clearly trying to cut down the ring.

USAngel twitches and wastes no time running forward and leaping into her 123 flying drop kick, shimmering legs churning as they drive her blue footies forward, aimed at chest, chin and cheek as if running up the front of her opponent into a backflip if successful.

Mimi gasps. She is surprised by your charge and falls away from your backflip, but she is already trying to get back to her feet as she lands.

USAngel lands squarely back on her footies with a smirk on her lips. She runs quickly forward to wrap her arms around Mimi's head as she rises.

Mimi counters your attempted headlock by reversing you into one of her own and then tries to take you down with the headlock and a hip toss.

USAngel blinks as Mimi slips through her grasp. In the blink of an eye Angel finds herself in a headlock and being hip-tossed to the mat. Her limbs fly out in all direction as the ring rattles and the air rushes out of her. “Oooph!”

Mimi smiles as she clamps on her headlock and squeezes, "Is this all you got?" She then switches to an arm lock, wrenching it.

USAngel winces as her shoulder is nearly twisted right out of socket. "Just wait!" She squeals and tries to inch around on her back, trying to reach the ropes with her free hand.

Mimi holds on and pulls you to the center of the ring. She twists more and starts to bring your arm behind you to force you on your front. "Keeping you grounded will beat you!"

USAngel grunts as her elbow is bent and her arm wrenched into the small of her back. The egg shapes of her full breasts inside the skin-tight white leotard flatten out on the canvas as Mimi applies the pressure. Angel says nothing but knows Mimi could be right.

Mimi drives her knee into your back and lets go. But starts to stomp on your bent arm. She is laughing.

USAngel oophs once more as she is driven flat by a knee in the center of her back. The groan from behind the blond hair that has become matted to her grimacing face becomes a scream as her arm is stomped by the sole of a boot. She lurches each time her arm is stomped.

Mimi stands in front of you, and runs her hand though her jet black and hair and makes a pose hands on her hips to mock you. "Oh look, I can pose just like you. Maybe they should give me your show!" She laughs and goes to stomp you again.

USAngel wonders why heels always feel the need to give up their advantage to mock, but she is also thankful for it. She rolls away from the stomping foot, under the ropes and off the apron. She lands on her feet outside the ring and tests her arm. She shakes it, but still the tingling limb hangs funny. "Not in that costume, Rainbow Brite!"

Mimi sneers, rebounds off the far ropes and then dives though the ropes to land on you!!!, "SUCKER!" She yells.

USAngel blinks as the Japanese woman flies through the ropes at her, catching the cross-body tackle across the shoulders and face, driven back hard to the concrete floor, arms and legs alike flopping out spread eagle as she struggles to hang on to spinning consciousness.

Mimi struts around in her multi-colored ring outfit with short skirt. She prances around thinking you are down for the count and yells at the crowd as they boo her.

USAngel struggles to lift her head, slumping back and rolling to her front, needing all her willpower to get to hands and knees. She begins to crawl toward the ring steps, shaking her head of now very mussed blond hair, the crack of her plump upturned rump seeming to eat the seat of her leotard as her bottom rolls back and forth.

Mimi grabs a handful of your blonde locks and points to the ring post. "Angel meet the ringpost." She starts to try to ram your head into it.

USAngel is pulled to her feet, and walked forward, hands dangling limply at her side as her face is smashed into the ring post. There is an explosion of sweaty hair on impact and Angel sinks to her knees on the floor outside the ring.

Mimi laughs, "You are a big disappointment Angel. I thought you where really good." She hits you in your tummy and rolls you into the ring.

USAngel oophs as she doubles over the punch to her midsection. Her body is that of a rag doll as it is hoisted to the apron and rolled into the ring.

As you lay on the canvas she flicks her styled short hair and wiggles her butt making her lace skirt flutter, mocking you. Mimi makes her way to the ropes and slowly climbs it. Her father is yelling for her to get on with finishing you. But she is enjoying her apparent victory over you.

USAngel barely knows where she is at first, but she looks up to see her foe climbing the ropes even as she hears a frenzied voice in the crowd yelling for Mimi to finish her. She waits for the aerial move to come before bringing her knees to her chest to kick up into the flying dark-haired girl in the rainbow costume.

“OGGGGG!!!!!!” Mimi rolls off of you completely breathless and holding herself as she rolls around the mat. Two clear groans from the crowd as her parents cover their eyes. Her father looks at his wife, "She's so like you!"

USAngel hops to her feet and reaches for Mimi's legs, dragging them up with a new energy as the crowd roars its approval. Angel locks her arms tightly about Mimi's thighs and strains, swinging Mimi around as she lifts, bouncing the Japanese girl on the top rope as Angel herself runs up the corner still spinning, swinging Mimi all the way around as Angel sits out from the top rope, delivering her Mother Of Angel Bombs finisher!

Mimi groans as you lift her and then realizes what is going to happen to her. She lands with a HARD BOOM as you hit your finisher! Mimi tries to gulp in air.

USAngel pumps a gloved fist in the air and then rolls across Mimi, grinding sweaty costume to sweaty costume until her midsection rests on Mimi's face, trapping one of Mimi's arms with her own, the other between her powerful thighs. Angel wriggles and grinds, waiting for a count.

Mimi whimpers as you wiggle and grind on her, grateful you forgot the rules of the match. The ref gestures, making his hands into a sleeper hold.

USAngel looks up in confusion, beating one gloved hand on the mat as if demanding a count while she has her foe pinned.

Your translator yells as Mimi is trying to push you off. "IT'S A SUBMISSION MATCH!!" Her parents are regaining their breathing as the crowd yells in broken English "SUBMISSION MATCH!"

USAngel blinks and shakes her head, loosening her hold a bit, just as Mimi throws her off.

As you try to figure out what everyone is yelling at you, Mimi reaches into her knee-high boots, puts on brass knuckles, rushes up behind you and punches you in your blonde hair!

USAngel still looks confused as she rolls to her feet, distractedly looking at the ref as she is struck with such force that her head snaps around and her body follows, spinning twice horizontally in the air before hitting the canvas and sprawling out, the sweaty leotard pulling tight in all the most revealing places. She tries to lift her head reflexively, but it lolls to one side, hair matted over her face.

Mimi hides the foreign object and puts a leg lock on you. The ref has no choice but to award Mimi the match as the crowd boos. Her parents smile as your agent runs to you to make sure your ok.

USAngel lies still in the spotlight in the middle of the ring and is still out cold as she is tossed over a shoulder and carried from the ring, the crowd giggling about the clutching hand on her upturned rump.

(April 2009)