Recruited by Papa Pimp



Papa Pimp and his Ho Squad arrive. “Who's your daddy?”

BlueBelle raises a brow.

Papa Pimp twirls his cane while looking around.

BlueBelle asks, “Aren't you the operator of those Gatorbait strip clubs?”

“Well, if it isn't the bodacious Blue Belle. I certainly am.” Papa Pimp nods. “Business is good but it would be better if I could get a Danger Doll cameo to entertain my patrons.”

^^Dee^^ runs the odds in her mind between Belle being outraged or offering a business proposition.

BlueBelle retorts, “You are exactly the sort of scum this city can do without, Papa Pimp.”

“I am absolutely offended by that remark! My business is good for business and I pay my taxes like every other good citizen in Empire City!” Papa Pimp grins and the Ho Squad snickers.

^^Dee^^ thinks she recognizes some `` `'s in the 'Ho Squad'.

“Don't hold your breath, Pimp Daddy... I won't be dancing in one of your GatorBait clubs... and none of my team will either!” BlueBelle ponders. “Unless we're trying to catch Kriegshund and learn he's hanging out there or something...”

“Well, it is true that you are getting up there in age, Belle. But I bet those Japanese girls, especially the one with the big booty, would make great GatorBait strippers.” Papa Pimp grins. “When she's through playing comic books, tell her to give me a call.”

BlueBelle takes a deep breath and stares down the audaciously rude black man. “I am not old! And Kei does not read comic books!”

^^Dee^^ asks, “What's wrong with being old?”

BlueBelle asides, “Nothing, if you're an elf, Dee.”

^^Dee^^ shrugs and doesn't quite get the youth-obsession of humanity.

Papa Pimp adds, “Or a newswoman for that matter. Katie Couric is still kinda hot. But I would not want her pole dancing at GatorBait.”

BlueBelle exclaims, “Your patrons should be so lucky as to even dream of me dancing at one of your foul clubs!”

“Why? My patrons can just hang out at one of your news shoots and see you flash your tits anyways,” Papa Pimp observes. “At least, if you worked for GatorBait, you'd get paid to show 'em.”

^^Dee^^ exhibits extreme willpower and doesn't snicker or even break a smile.

BlueBelle sighs and bites her lip, realizing she has indeed built her DDSTV media empire somewhat on the back of such sensationalism. “I do not "flash" my breasts on purpose! But sometimes things happen when fighting crime...”

Papa Pimp smiles, “What would you say if I told you that those puppies are used as a poster to advertise GatorBait? After all, they are fabulous tits... for an old broad.”

MsNYCBlacksuit raises her eyebrows, looking over at Bluebelle for a reaction.

BlueBelle declares, “I'd have my legal team sue.”

“Well, could you prove those tits were yours?” Papa Pimp muses. “I mean, are you willing to let a court of law examine your tits and see if they match the ones in a poster?”

BlueBelle reddens a bit.

^^Dee^^ nibbles an orange.

BlueBelle shakes back her flaming hair and points a finger at Papa Pimp. “Maybe I would be better served to catch you at something else like drug trafficking and put you away for a long long time!”

Papa Pimp throws back his head and laughs. "Do you hear that, Ho Squad? Boobie Belle here is going to put Pimp Daddy away for a long time." The Ho Squad steps to each side of the pimp and they all eye Belle with anger and sadistic glee.

BlueBelle dismisses, “Oh puleeease... don't try to threaten me with a bunch of drugged up fashion disasters!”

^^Dee^^ thinks they're definitely the `` ` bunch now.

Papa Pimp narrows his eyes, slams his cane on the ground and begins to mumble incoherently.

BlueBelle narrows her eyes. "Is that Envy?"

^^Dee^^ snickers.

Papa Pimp continues to mumble as the Ho Squad's demeanor becomes one of collective nervous angst.

BlueBelle finishes her juice, closes her laptop and stands abruptly, blinking as her skirt becomes caught on the chair and rips clean off. “What the...”

Papa Pimp suddenly stops chanting and grins. "See, Belle. You really are good at strip teases." The Ho Squad breaks out into giggles.

^^Dee^^ pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs.

BlueBelle looks down and blinks at her legs, clad in sheer nylon from pump all the way up to where they disappear beneath the tails of her powder blue blouse. “You've made the list, Pimp!” BlueBelle puts her hands on her hips and poses defiantly. “And you too, you... you... unoriginal sins...”

Papa Pimp admires the view. “Speaking of lists, I can squeeze you in between Starla and Cheri. You got the booty to be a Ho Squad specialist.”

BlueBelle turns and yanks the tablecloth off the table, leaving her glass and plate in place. She wraps it about her waist like a skirt, knotting it over her right hip.

Papa Pimp laughs. “She even has a magic act she can add to the strip tease.”

BlueBelle frowns and picks up her laptop. “Laugh it up funny boy! I'm going to see that you're put out of business!”

Papa Pimp taunts, “You know, add some Tina Fey glasses and you could begin your act as a conservative politician and then strip on down into Mounds MacDuff!”

BlueBelle 's face turns pale instantly. “I'm not one of your whores!”

“Not today,” Papa Pimp agrees, “But soon you will be.”

“And stay away from my girls or I'll...” BlueBelle draws in a breath so deep it threatens to pop the buttons off her blouse.

“You'll what?” Papa asks. “Poke my eye out with those gargantuan tits on your chest?”

BlueBelle declares, “Or I'll take that cane of yours and stick it up your...”

Papa Pimp smiles as the Ho Squad gets serious and takes a step forwards, obviously reacting to the threat. “Careful, Belle. They aren't just pretty faces.”

“They aren't even that...” BlueBelle retorts.

Papa Pimp grimaces as one of the hos sweeps her leg around, trying to catch the tablecloth with her foot and rip it away from Belle's body. "Careful, Hos. We don't want to bruise a future Ho Squadder."

BlueBelle easily steps out of the way of what she perceives to be a poorly aimed sweep at her ankles and the makeshift tablecloth skirt is whipped away from pecan-tinted legs. “Oh shheesh... not again!”

Papa Pimp whistles. “You know, you really shouldn't hide the package beneath that skirt, Belle. You’d make a much better Ho wearing a g-string.”

BlueBelle spins and snaps a sidekick right at the midsection of the ho, sheer nylon shimmering as her powerful leg flexes and extends. “I. Am. Not. A ho!”

Papa Pimp moves back as the ho is struck in the midsection with the kick. Quickly, two more hos converge, one snaps a punch at belle's jaw while the other spins a back kick, trying to take out the back of Belle's left knee.

BlueBelle catches the punching fist in her hands, twisting the arm that threw it. Belle holds on as the kick buckles her knees and she topples over backwards, throwing the punching ho into the kicking one as she falls on her shimmering derriere.

Papa Pimp steps closer as the heroine topples. The two hos collide together but then two more leap, trying to pin Belle to the ground as the kicked ho catches her breath and gets ready to move in. "Hos always have to be taught the hard way!"

BlueBelle rolls back and brings her knees to her chest, kicking out one leg into the midsection of each leaping attacker, aiming to send them flying over her head.

Papa Pimp is mighty impressed as the two hos go flying over Belle's head and into the table behind her. The pimp moves to the side as the first Ho Squad attacker tries to kick Belle before she can fully recover from her roll.

BlueBelle comes out of the roll into a crouch, flaming hair exploding outward as her head snaps forward over the kick to her chest, buttons flying in all directions. “Ooph!” BlueBelle grunts and grasps the ankle, throwing the ho aside.

Papa Pimp positions himself right behind Belle as the ho flies off to the side. He swings the cane over his head and drives it down towards the back of Belle's head.

BlueBelle lurches as she is struck from behind, big brown eyes blinking in confusion as her head wobbles and she falls over backwards, limbs splaying outward, buttonless blouse falling open to reveal a lacy powder blue bra that strains to contain her bosom.

Papa Pimp motions for the hos to pick the heroine up and drag her to her chair, where they seat her in it and pull open her blouse as a blade extends from the end of the pimp's golden cane.

BlueBelle stumbles along drunkenly, groaning as she slumps into the chair, her head lolling to her chest before being pulled back by the hair, causing her impressive chest to jut out even more.

Papa Pimp traces the tip of the blade around the lacy powder blue bra, tracing the outline of it until he gets to the left shoulder strap. The pimp slips the blade beneath the strap and then yanks up, slicing the strap in two and allowing one cup to fall from one breast. "She could have done this the easy way."

BlueBelle sits there unaware, her arms dangling at her sides, as the strap snaps forward and the cup falls away to reveal that her ample breast is so buoyant it barely needed the support.

Papa Pimp brings the blade to the other shoulder, slides it beneath the strap and slices it as well, and the blue bra falls off the heroine's breasts, exposing them for all to see. "Well, now, that just leaves one thing left to do."

BlueBelle shakes her head as if trying to clear the cobwebs, her bared orbs oscillating tightly as a result.

Papa Pimp reaches into his pocket, pulls out a dollar bill, slides the bill between Belle's two orbs and presses the orbs together to mash them around the dollar bill so that the bill stays in place. "Always gotta tip the Ho when she shows ya her tits." The pimp and his hos laugh as they head for the exit.

BlueBelle's head again slumps to her chest as her hair is released and the dollar is the first thing she sees as consciousness slowly returns.

Papa Pimp lights a cigar, turns and looks back at Belle. "Who's your daddy?" And then the evil man and his entourage depart.

BlueBelle grimaces in disgust, wraps a tablecloth about her body like a sarong and heads for the DDSTV Tower, mumbling as she goes. “You're going down, Pimp...”

(November 2008)