Panda Exposed


Panda Delgado strutted in the front door of the GatorBait Club and headed to the back with duffle in hand. She stuck her tongue out at the doorman. "What'choo lookin' at? My shift don't start for ten minutes." Nevertheless the twitch inside her shorts seemed to say otherwise.

Carmen Sutra finished her current set, slowly standing up from her indolent pose as the last track from her set died down. Stretching sensuously, she winked at those crowded around the stage, picking up some of the loose bills that had been given to her. Gathering the remains of her clothing, she made her way off the stage, her hips swaying.

Michael Vescovi was down on the main floor, seated around a larger table and conversing with a trio of other gentlemen. One was heavily shrouded, features hidden by a large cowl, ensuring none would be able to make him out by keeping his body bent forward. Another was more well known, respected among the wealthy as an art enthusiast and moderately skilled painter, the finely dressed and groomed Gabriel Vaughn seeming rather at home in this lewd environment. The last man was another unknown but made no effort to hide his appearance, yet unlike Gabriel who held an air of sophisticated arrogance, this man gave off an aura of stoic professionalism like a very successful businessman might.

Panda Delgado came out in pretty much what she had worn into the club to start her first set, a white midriff top with a zipper front, black PVC shorts and matching thigh boots held up by garters. The smiley face button in her plume of brown hair began to bounce as much as did the ample bosom straining the zipper of white top as she began to dance to "Play That Funky Music," nodding to Michael's table and dancing their way.

Carmen Sutra slipped out from the back and onto the main floor, her pouting lips turned into a smile. She looked up at the stage with her grey eyes and nodded her head along with the music. She was dressed in what looked to be a Naval Officer's Jacket with a formal cap crowning her long reddish brown hair. Her white stiletto pumps aided her sensual walk. Her own ample bosom helped pull the jacket up, exposing her lower bottom. She walks past Michael’s table, nodding to him and his guests before making her way towards the back of the club.

Michael Vescovi and those with him sat one table away from the right side of the stage, all eyes save for those of the shrouded man watching the petite form of the feisty Latina bounce their way, the most appreciative gaze of the group provided by Gabriel who was always one to admire things of beauty.

Panda Delgado played with the zipper on her top and winked at the appreciative onlooker even as she tried to get close enough to catch a glimpse of the shrouded figure's face. Suddenly as if to tease she turned tail to them and bounced to the pole to swing high up and around, secretly trying another angle to catch a glimpse of the hidden face. By the time she returned to playing with her zipper the music changed. Panda mouthed, "What'choo lookin' at" at Michael's table even as she yanked the zipper down and removed her top, the gyrations of her body causing her big boobs to bounce back and forth and careen off each other very appropriately to the sound of "Machine Gun" by the Commodores while the DJ announced, "Give it up for Panda on the main stage as she does her retro funk set.

Carmen Sutra paused and looked towards the booth, her eyes searching the faces not, her own angle wrong to see who the cowl covered person was. She moved up to a table where she could keep an eye on them discreetly, her lips moving as she talked with the gentlemen there, another eye on Panda as she finished removing her top. She caught herself tapping to the beat of the music and grinned slightly.

Panda Delgado wiggled her hips across the stage over to a few extended bills, licking her lips as the patrons fumbled to stick them in the tops of her big black boots while unable to take their eyes off her buoyant young chest. She gave one fellow a look as he grabbed her ass where it hung out of her shorts, catching and twisting his arm almost to the breaking point before remembering herself and letting it go.

Gabriel certainly liked what he saw for those blue eyes were roaming every inch of flesh Panda dared to reveal, but it wasn't so much lust that he showered her with so much as artistic appreciation, as though the fiery tempered Latina were more a finely constructed work of art than a person. As to the shrouded man, react he did, but without looking up and with such unnatural speed Panda Delgado might miss it, gnarled and bone white hand snapping out to snatch the shorts and disappearing out of sight just as suddenly. The last man barely seemed to react at all, for all the shaking of her big tits and well rounded backside he hadn't even blinked, dark eyes watching as if the young Danger Deb were about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Panda Delgado made more eye contact with the handsome blond fellow as she shook almost maniacally to the rest of "Machine Gun," working up quite a sweat in the process. As the tune faded she unzipped her shorts and tossed them to the shrouded man to see if he'd react and reveal himself. The lights on her stage went off. Panda's naughty bits were all exposed but hidden in darkness as "Flashlight" thumped through the speakers and she proceeded to tease the crowd by playing a flashlight over her body, one rolling, sweat glistening, jiggling bit at a time until her boot was full of bills and she slipped out behind the curtain to the backstage.

Michael Vescovi kept eyes on Panda as she left the stage, thinking of how he'd like to see more of that one as Gabriel whispered something in his ear. As Panda left the stage the DJ introduced Amber to the crowd, a five foot eight blonde beauty with pigtails, a C-cup chest, long legs and a slender build. Someone took interest almost immediately, for the first song of her set had barely started when the room went red and a symbol was swept across the stage. Michael didn't react, just kept watching as Amber went about teasing onlookers, shame it'd be her last time performing on stage.

Carmen Sutra looked up as the new girl came out onto the stage, her eyes adjusting to the sudden change of lighting, the flashlight work interesting as she watched the young woman continue to tease the men at the side of the stage. She smiled slightly then looked back towards the other girl, her eyes catching something odd about the lights that played across the stage she was on.

Panda Delgado came out to thank her tippers while the next girl danced. She wore only the thigh boots held up by garters to belt around tiny waist and the smiley face button in her hair. There was a healthy glow to her glistening skin, even down to the clean pout between her thighs as she approached Michael's table to request her shorts and top back. "Hope chooza sho enuff enjoyed the show... but I seem to be missin my costume..."

Another subtle motion as the shrouded man passed the requested shorts to Michael, he held them out to Panda with a smile, that dead grey stare dropping to get a look at smooth shaven sex as he returned them. "Dunno sweetness, I think you look just fine without them."

Panda Delgado was disappointed as her every ploy had failed to reveal the identity of the shrouded figure, but she just stuck her tongue out at Michael. "I sure do! But sho's over 'til next set!" She snatched the shorts back from his hand and went to retrieve her top without putting them on, her slender ass flexing as she strutted confidently away.

Carmen Sutra shook her head and smiled at the young man talking with her, she winked to him then continued to walk amongst the tables, her eyes on the lovely backside that strutted away from Michael's table. She smiled slightly as she kept an eye out, pausing to talk with a few of the dancers as they did their rounds, her hand touching their shoulder briefly. Those that could see magic might have seen a spark leave her fingertips.

Panda Delgado simply made the rounds, thanking every face she could remember who had tipped her while on stage. It was part of her job to commit them all to memory anyway. She took a deep breath as yet another hand grabbed her bare bottom. She had been working this undercover assignment for two weeks now and was starting to have doubts anything illegal was going on.

Michael Vescovi always enjoyed that view, but soon tore his gaze from her ass and stood up, excusing himself from his guests and heading up to the office. He didn't stop at the DJ's booth this time, but made a straight path up the short flight of stairs, closing and locking the door before moving to the safe to retrieve cell phone which was soon against his ear. "Yeah. It's Amber, I need you to pick her up." Silence as Michael listened for a moment. "No, he wants her tonight. I'm going to send her home early, I need you here and ready to grab her in fifteen minutes." And that was that. It was done. Michael clicked the phone off and stuck it in his pocket.

Panda Delgado gasped as she overheard Michael's telephone conversation in her ear and glanced to the voluptuous blond girl on stage now. Kei had been right after all. This was it! Michael was involved AND they were about to have proof if she could just follow Amber out of the club and catch them in the act. Panda quickly moved to finish thanking everyone.

Michael Vescovi emerged from the office seconds later, moving to stand at stage's edge until the end of Amber's set. When the blonde came down, Michael took her aside and informed the girl she could head on home for the night. Amber didn't seem to mind, she'd earned a fair take for the evening and would gladly accept the chance to relax at home for the rest of the evening. She smiled, gave Michael a hug and headed into the back to change into more appropriate outdoor attire.

Carmen Sutra was pulled over to a table, her eyes flashing slightly before she gave him a pouty little smile. She nodded and then pushed him against the chair, her legs straddling his as she slowly began to grind against him, her eyes looking over his shoulder towards Michael then back at him as she ran her hands along her sides and arched her back, straining her jacket as she did so.

Panda Delgado followed Amber into the back, not wanting to lose sight of her for an instant. Once backstage she feigned trouble getting her shorts back on and asked Amber for assistance, hugging the girl after she did so, sticking a tracking bug on the girl's backside in the process.

Michael Vescovi just had to wait, or so he thought, for the call that would confirm pick up had been made. Nothing to do but enjoy the rest of the shows for the night, grey eyes looking on as the next girl, Autumn, walked her deep tanned figure to the center of the stage. In the back, after Amber was done assisting Panda, she slung purse over shoulder and pushed open the rear door. It was just about closed when she screamed, a second of panicked sound to inform Panda that something wasn't right.

Panda Delgado had been intending to follow in the first place, but this caught her by surprise. She kicked the rear door open with one big boot and stepped outside, each hand drawing a Glock from the top of one of her boots, her head on a swivel to scan the side street. "Amber?" Panda burst out to see a dark van with a very surprised driver looking her way, quickly spotting the two men struggling to subdue a very resistant Amber. One had a gloved hand clamped firmly over Amber's mouth and another was already tying up her legs, a third was hidden at the back of the van, standing by to slam the doors closed as soon as the young woman was loaded.

Carmen Sutra paused in her dance, the one she was grinding against looking a bit glazed eyed, as she stood up from him, she kissed him on the cheek and walked away idly talking with a couple of the other girls as she headed back towards the dressing room, her hand touching their shoulders leaving behind the magical trace she had created.

Panda Delgado fired two shots with her left, aiming to take out the tires on the near side of the van, waving her other gun at the two thugs manhandling Amber. "Hold it right there!" Strutting forward in her PVC boots and shorts, white top half zipped. "I mean it! Make way for the total badass! I got'choo covered!"

Well that sure as hell put a kink in their plans, all going stiff with mild fear as the left side tires of the van went flat. Three men in ski masks just stared at Panda, the driver not moving a muscle while the two holding Amber were obviously unclear on what they should do. The one Panda didn't know about was frantically trying to consider his options, but came up with nothing. Attempting to be as stealthy as possible, the man pressed himself up against the far side of the van, slipping a cell phone from his pocket and quickly keying a speed dial. "Yeah! It's Tommy!" Speaking in as hushed a voice as he could manage and still be heard. "We've got a fucking problem out here! Some girl got the drop on us! Shot out our tires! We're completely screwed, what should I do?"


Michael Vescovi slid cell phone from pocket when it began to shake, both surprised and pleased that he was hearing back from the team already, but that good karma quickly faded when Tommy's frantic voice came over the phone. Doing his best to block out the noise as he listened. "Son of a bitch..." Hissing with anger as he spoke. "Alright, listen. Abort the grab and get out of there. I don't care what you have to do, kill this bitch if that's what it takes, but don't fucking get caught or you know what happens next." Outside, Tommy's paranoia kept his gaze shifting from right to left as he listened to instructions given. "O-okay. I understand." And sliding phone back into pants pocket began to inch his way toward the back of the disabled van.

Panda Delgado was already walking forward and gesturing with her guns. "Yo, at the wheel. Hands where I can see them. Get out. Slowly." The focus of her narrowed green eyes shifted. "Choo guys put Amber down. Easy. Hands against the side of the van." She fired once and put a hole in the side of the van as if to punctuate that she meant business. "Now, damn it!"

Carmen Sutra continued to make her way into the back of the club, she winked at a couple customers and waved to Michael and his table before walking into the back of the club, making her way towards the dressing room. She slowed her walk as she caught sight of the open back door and frowned slightly before looking about her for signs of other people having entered before approaching slowly.

Tommy listened as Panda issued her demands for surrender, hoping that he wouldn't be noticed as he slipped around one of the rear van doors and picked up a tire iron from the back. All he needed was to provide a distraction, but he had to make it quick and make it count, take this gun-toting woman by surprise. Tommy rushed into view with tire iron overhead, hurling the makeshift weapon toward Panda as he yelled to the others. "Boss says to forget the girl! We need to get out of here!"

Panda Delgado instinctively danced aside to dodge the rotating piece of heavy metal with the crook on one end that was flying straight at her. If it had missed her she would have been firing immediately. If it had hit her she would have been firing a second later. But Tommy got lucky. The crooked end caught the zipper of her top as she dodged, ripping the garment open and yanking back both of her arms at the shoulders. Panda cursed as she fell backwards and fired wildly into the air, one shot ricocheting off a fire escape with a ping. "Damn it!" She looked down and blinked. "Shit!"

Tommy wished he could take a second to admire that slight malfunction and... okay, so he took one second, but then it was back to business, grabbing the sleeves of the two holding Amber and pulling them his way. "C'mon! We need to go!" There was little time to argue, Panda wouldn't be on the ground forever and she was still armed. Setting Amber down, her former captives gave the dancer a shove toward Panda, hoping to keep her off balance for a few more seconds as they all bolted, the driver quickly shifting to the passenger seat and jumping out the far side, sprinting down the alleyway to join the rest of his escaping friends.

Carmen Sutra sweared softly as she heard the gunshots, her head whipping about as she quickly looked to see if anyone else was around, her hands moving quickly into an arcane symbol. Her sword appeared in her hand as she then darted towards the door, the purple blade glowing slightly as her features blurred and her clothing changed. She ran out the door, weapon drawn, and looked at the retreating thugs, her eyes going to Panda and Amber. Carmen Sutra was now Faestrike

Panda Delgado rolled over and up to her feet, boobs swaying as she brought both guns up to fire at the escaping kidnappers, only to find herself trying to sidestep the big blond dancer stumbling at her. More precious seconds lost. Then Panda lost her shorts as well as Amber tried to catch hold of something to steady herself, leaving the Danger Deb to give pursuit dressed as she had finished her earlier set. "Wha the f..."

Faestrike blinked as she looked at the two girls and the running thugs, extending her blade she whispered an arcane word and launched a glowing mote of purple energy after them, the entangling spell would chase them but might not catch them as it was a newer spell she had learned. She slid the sword into her black cloak, before looking at the two girls. "I didn't realize shooting in the nude was so much fun..." she said with a quirked eyebrow.

If it wasn't for the needing to flee those four would've taken great delight in looking upon the bad fortune that had befallen Panda, now standing in the middle of the alleyway in next to nothing. A glance back showed that it wasn't just her they had to worry about now though, but some sword wielding hottie as well who Tommy could swear had stepped out of the club. There was little Tommy could do when one of his friends fell, legs tangled in some strange glowing binding. "Sorry buddy, you're on your own." A less than heartfelt apology after it was discovered there was nothing he could do and took off again. One down. Three to go.

Panda Delgado glanced back at the sound of the voice as she took off in pursuit, big black boots pounding the pavement, puffy mauve balls over the toes bouncing almost as much as her bare boobs. "It's not fun! My cover's blown! I can't let them get away!" Panda looked back around where she was going, but not in time to avoid tripping over the downed man, herself sprawling in a flailing of arms and boots. "Wha... oh shit... nngh!"

Faestrike shook her head and winked at Amber from behind her domino mask, then took off after the other men. She sidesteped out of the way of Panda and the one her spell had caught, she quickly scanned about looking for any of the others, her hands coming up in a quick slashing motion before she crossed them and uttered an oddly flat sentence before pushing her hands out, and two hounds appeared before her, baying, they leapt in pursuit of the men.

The other three were flat out sprinting, bursting out of the alleyway and knocking over a pair of civilians as they shoved past. It wasn't terribly late in the evening so there still a fair amount of pedestrians and traffic at this time of night, which would make it difficult for Panda to get a clean shot... if she ever managed to stay on her feet. The dogs just made their escape all the more necessary, the three finally showing enough intelligence to split up, one sliding over the hood of a car as he bolted across the street, ignoring the squeal of tires as the driver braked hard and caused a minor chain reaction of fender benders.

Panda Delgado cursed more than ever as she scrambled to her feet, blinking as she saw Faestrike create hounds seemingly out of then air, turning around to kick the man on the ground, staring down and licking her lips as a cruel smile came to them. "Choo tell me who choo work for! Now!" She pointed a gun at him, seemingly having forgotten or unconcerned about her glistening naughty bits being on display.

A harsh way to bring him out of the bliss of having Panda's tits mashed into his face, but he proved to be defiant to her demands. "Fuck you, whore. I'm not telling you a fucking thing!" He struggled, trying to escape the arcane bonds that held him fast but to no avail.

Faestrike heard the young woman behind her and ran after them, the honking horns greeting her as she left the alleyway, her eyes flashing about as she looked for the men, her hounds separating and running after them through the crowds. She sighed softly, not wanting to draw her blade again as she jumped and ran along the hoods of the cars as she chased after the third one.

Panda Delgado lowered her aim and fired one shot into the asphalt beside his crotch. "Start talking 'lee choo rather squeak! Who's in charge? And where's the missing girls?" She pulled back a boot and swung it forward, burying the toe in his side. "That's for Amber!"

The sounds of screeching tires and baying hounds were moving away into the night with the captive’s only hope, his fleeing cohorts. Panda's method of interrogation made her captive's eyes go wide, feeling chips of asphalt bounce off his legs and groin as she fired into the ground "You crazy bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Groaning in pain as she dug the toe of her boot into his ribs. "Augh...motherfucker..." Panting in mild agony. "Fuck you...not tell you and that bitch can both go to hell."

Panda Delgado scowled and looked up to locate Amber, hearing an approaching siren for the first time as she asked, "Amber. You okay?" She kicked the man once more. "No thanks to choo..." She looked back down as she placed the boot on his neck, giving him quite the view of her clean-shaven sex, moist with sweat. "Now talk 'fore I get pissed!"

Panda's man was growing more arrogant, believing the woman straddling his bound form was all talk. "Yeah! What're you gonna do, whore? Sit on my face? Cause that sounds great to me, go on and crouch down here, I'll waggle my tongue all you want then." Taunting her by doing that very thing.

Panda Delgado narrowed her eyes and retrained her aim on the man's crotch, twitching slightly, a dark look running across her face before she sighed, holstering both guns back in the tops of her big black boots. The sirens couldn't be more than a couple of blocks away now. "Maybe you talk to the cops!" She looked up as Amber approached. "Oh. My costume. Thanks. Well shit. This just ain't my day! Zipper's ripped out of both!" Panda kicked the thug one more time for good measure.

Looking up at Panda, fear began to set as the barrel of her pistol was trained on his groin. " won't do it. You don't have the balls." And yet the moments of hesitation that followed made him begin to believe that she might actually do it. The rising crescendo of sirens coming almost as a source of relief, the thug finding some solace that soon he'd be in custody and away from the wrath of this temperamental Latina.

Panda Delgado stood there keeping an eye on the thug as she and Amber waited patiently for the cops to arrive so they could give their respective statements. Panda decided not to tell anyone about the bug in the office, instead she would simply tell the cops she was in the dressing room and heard Amber’s scream before the door rear closed. No point in implicating Michael yet. They still needed to find the missing girls!


Panda Delgado stood there over the captured thug still dressed as she had danced in only black boots and belt.

Michael Vescovi was watching the culmination of that scene on the linked camera feed in his office, looking at the black and white image of a near naked Panda standing over one of his men and knowing there was nothing he could do. It had happened too close to the club, he had to keep himself clear of involvement, maintain an image of innocence. Give a statement, answer questions, all that civilian crap. Still had to do something about Louie though, couldn't risk him blowing the operation any more than he had. Michael once more took the cell phone from his pocket, watching as Louie was handcuffed by arriving officers. He dialed and waited for an answer. "Yeah, it's me. I need you to do me a favor. I need you to meet me at the club. Bring the suit..." He paused, grinning a little as he took manual control of the camera and zoomed in on Panda's nether regions, thinking to himself he just had to get a piece of that "...and a can opener. Make it quick, I ain't got much time." And then hung up.

Panda Delgado nodded to Detective Chan as the detective wrapped a blanket around Panda's shoulders to cover her up while she did her debriefing. "Yeah, Kei put me undercover in dis dive to stop zactly this sort of shit. Anyway, I hear Amber scream. I kick open the door. And there are these guys carrying her off. But one I ain't seen..." And so Panda related the story as the Asian detective with the jet-black bowl cut nodded. Panda answered a couple more questions from Ms Chan. "Yes, another heroine I don't know appeared in the alley and gave chase to the other three thugs. Kei's gonna want to know what choo find out from this one." The detective nodded. "I'll talk to Kei, but your cover's blown, Panda."

Michael Vescovi crushed the phone afterwards, partly from rage, partly from necessity, placing the remains of the device back into the hidden safe until such time as he could properly dispose of it. He also had the secret wall panel slide back into place, hiding the monitors which allowed him private viewing of all areas of the club. Damn heroines. Why couldn't they just leave him alone? Michael left the office, knowing giving a statement to officers was inevitable, telling them everything he could on the situation, which wasn't much. Explaining that a chance glance at the rear door's security camera had shown him something wasn't right, the presence of the black van and an armed Panda facing off against unknown assailants prompting him to call police.

Panda Delgado glanced at Michael a couple of times while he gave his statement, trying to read him. No sign he had made her yet, but it was probably just a matter of time now that he knew she was packing a pair of handguns at the very least. Of course he could just be not letting on what he thought much like she was which meant she would really have to watch her back. She chatted with Amber as they waited for the investigation to conclude.

Michael Vescovi smiled back at Panda, playing full the part of the concerned night manager, Panda able to overhear comments after finishing his statement "...I ain't against these girls havin' protection. Part of the reason I had that camera installed, make sure shit like this didn't happen. Just glad she was there to help Amber out, never expected anything like this to happen so close to the club."

Panda Delgado's only smile was the one on the button in her hair as she nodded and headed back inside the club after a quick meeting of eyes as Detective Chan's rolled away from hers and back to Michael. "Thanks, Mister... Vescovi? Okay guys, get the prisoner into a car and take him to the station for booking. I'll follow in my car."

Michael Vescovi nodded that Chan had gotten his name correct. "Any time, detective. Thanks again for your help." As the detective turned away, Michael flashed a deadly stare toward the man in their custody, malice fading just as quickly as his attention was turned to a luxury sedan pulling into the parking lot. Michael went out to meet the driver, who turned out to be Stephanos, waving Amber over as he spoke with the man. It seemed Stephanos had been called in to perform chaffeur duty for Amber.

Panda Delgado waved to Amber as she went to get a safe ride home. Then she went inside to get her myWand out of the duffle and text Joanie to make sure that car got Amber home safe and sound. Somewhere in the night sky above cameras on an airship whirred into action even as Panda, for her part, prepared to get back into action on stage.

Stephanos actually drove Amber home in her own car, leaving the sedan so he himself could be picked up later on, after making sure Amber had calmed down and felt secure enough to be on her own for the night. He was good with that sort of thing, the whole moral support, just be there to talk to thing. Also watching them leave, Michael then found Panda, walking over and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Just wanted to thank you personally for what you did for Amber. Seriously, I really appreciate it." The vampire really selling the innocent act. "Kinda makes me think I hired you for the wrong position." Though it'd be a shame to lose that hot body from the stage. "Still, that was a pretty rough scene, you sure you want to stick around? I don't have any problems with letting you go home if you just want to take the rest of the night to relax." Whatever her answer, Michael hoped she made it fast. He had to put on a good performance but also knew time was ticking away, had to intercept that squad car and soon.

Panda Delgado knew good and well that there'd be no more abductions tonight and therefore no reason to stay at the club. It was all she could do not to try to grab that arm, flip Michael to the pavement and start kicking; but she just nodded. "Thanks, Michael. If it's cool with choo I'll go home then. The excitement did fray my loose ends a bit. And my costume needs fixin."

Michael Vescovi gave a nod and a pat on her shoulder. "I understand completely. You have yourself a good night." Now was the real test, as Michael leaned in to give Panda a light hug from behind. "I'll see you later, Panda." Then, with the release, Michael headed over to the sedan, keys jingling as he pulled them from his pocket. Had to hurry, no time to waste. Slipping into driver's seat, he started the luxury car up with a purr, checking behind him as he backed out and turned onto city street.

Panda Delgado simply took a hoodie from her duffle, threw it on over her costume and headed home through the streets of Seacourt to catch the subway up near dojo, almost to Chinatown. Then the idea crossed her mind she could go by the police station on the way and see if Detective Chan had learned anything more. She took a left at the next corner.

Michael Vescovi had to do some racing along parallel side streets to even hope of catching up with the squad car, the sedan put through it's paces as he speed through intersection after intersection, hoping their weren't any more patrol cars in the area. Luck seemed to be with him in that area, as the roads were damn near deserted. Finally, a glance down to the adjacent intersection showed him what he'd been looking for. Michael gunned it for another ten blocks, needing to put some distance between himself and the small procession. Fishtailing into a parking lot, he quickly guided the car into the alley behind a closed restaurant, jumped out and popped the trunk. Had to work fast and hope nobody came across him, partially hidden as he was. Moments later had him running across rooftops, sporting Green Man costume with a rocket launcher resting against shoulder. He barely managed to cut them off, heavy armored form caving in roof of another vehicle as they were stopped at a red light. Rising tall, he aimed the rocket launcher and prepared to fire, offering only this before the projectile screamed toward the unsuspecting patrol car. "Seacourt is mine!"

Panda Delgado was still many blocks away when she heard the explosion, immediately pulling out her myWand and texting Joanie, "Wha dat?" Her green eyes widened as she got back the report that the police caravan had been hit. She only wished she could type as fast as her mind was racing. "Get airship cameras on that! And give me directions while I try out these boots!" Panda was airborne an instant later, zipping along as fast as a car several feet over the pavement, wind whipping at the hoodie she wore.

Michael Vescovi or Green Man as he was currently disguised, laughed as he watched the car tear open from the explosion, certain that none had survived the blast, leaping away even as flaming debris rained down around him. The emerald figure moved quick, leaving the carnage behind as he circled back toward waiting sedan.


After several months of inactivity Green Man had made another appearance, laughing with sadistic glee as he looked on at the gutted and flaming remains of the squad car, the three lives within snuffed out in an instant. After that he simply left, expended launcher tube dropped on the ground as he fled the scene, for with the criminal silenced there was no reason to remain.

Panda Delgado zipped along, her boots a couple of feet over the surface of the streets, almost as if riding an invisible Segway. The wind whipped at her hoodie as she traded messages with Joanie, airship cameras spotting none other than the Green Man fleeing the scene. Panda winced as she arrived on the scene. Detective Chan who had been trailing in a separate car didn't need to tell her. "They're all three dead." Panda nodded soberly. "I'm on it! Joanie's gonna direct me! Green Man's ass is mine!" She turned and hovered away, her boots zipping along over the pavement as the airship guided her pursuit.

Green Man wasn't expecting to be pursued so quickly, or at all, holding to the belief that with Louie dealt with all he needed to do was find someplace to make the switch, to get out of sight so he could take off this armor and have Green Man disappear, after that he could go back to the sedan at his leisure. His emerald cape fluttering behind him, Michael shoved pedestrians aside as he distanced himself from the minor destruction he'd caused, grinning beneath helmet as he dashed into a subway tunnel.

Panda Delgado zipped along per directions on her myWand until she had visual on the Green Man. She grinned and pocketed the device in her hoodie. "I've got you now!" She reached to her boots to pull out her Glocks as she zipped into the subway tunnel in pursuit of the murderer, searching eyes seemingly as big and round as the smiley button in her hair.

For a man on foot and in what amounted to a full suit of plate mail Panda's target moved surprisingly quickly, one might even say unnaturally so, leaping from one stairwell landing to the next as he descended into the tunnel. Touching down on the subway platform Green Man sprinted toward the train tunnel at the far end, still unaware that Panda was following not too far behind.

Panda Delgado was still learning how to use the hover function of the boots and had to slow on the stairs, but then zipped forward again across the platform. She fired a warning shot past the Green Man's ear, pinging off the stone above the tunnel mouth. "Stop 'r I WILL shoot ta KILL!"

Green Man stopped short as the single bullet whizzed by the side of his head, pivoting on armored boot to face the shooter. "YOU!" Green Man exclaimed as if he knew who she was, inwardly cursing at himself almost instantly for letting that clue of recognition slip. "Stupid girl..." Gauntleted fists clenching as he readied himself for a fight. "'re way out of your league here, run away while you still can."

Panda Delgado hovered to a stop over the platform some fifty feet away from the suspect, examining the armor he wore for anything that appeared as if it might be a weak spot even as she tried to place the voice that seemed to know her. "Choo have ta da count a three..." She gestured with one gun. "Surrender now, murderer!"

Green Man had custom made high tech armor, equivalent to triple lined kevlar with a shine worthy of royalty. Seemed Green Man took great pride in his appearance. At her threat he only laughed, calmly lowering his hands to his sides, showing no fear as he revealed his counter to her twin pistols. "One..." Gleaming emerald steel slowly coming into view. "...two..." Barrels of twin .500 custom hand cannons raised into view. " ...three." If not for the situation, Panda might have been in awe of the massive handguns now pointed her way, a tilt of faceplate as Green Man looked at his own sidearms. "Oh...look at that, mine are bigger."

Panda Delgado's eyes widened at the sight of big guns attached to the armored man. "Oh shit..." But she simply began firing, aiming bullets down the barrels of his cannons first to see if she could disable them with a precise shot or two. Then she was off and hovering sideways across the platform as she walked her fire up his chest to the faceplate to test his armor.

Green Man managed two shots before one of the massive handguns was rendered useless, large caliber rounds punching large holes in subway columns before the weapon in his left hand exploded, caused when two of Panda's bullets lodged themselves in the larger barrel resulting in an extreme misfire. Green Man cried out in shock and surprise, finding he was left not only with just one weapon but also just one hand, bloody stump poking out at the end of damaged emerald gauntlet. Enraged, he redoubled his efforts, standing tall as bullets bounced off thick chestplate, gritting his teeth behind faceplate of helmet as remaining pistol followed Panda's path and fired round after devastating round. "You bitch! I'll fucking KILL you!"

Panda Delgado went over the edge of the platform and dropped out of the line of fire just in time to avoid the rounds that began chewing up the far side of the tunnel. She could hear the panicked people in the station screaming as they pushed and shoved to escape while she huddled with her back to edge of the platform. She took a deep breath. Having his hand blown off hadn't even fazed this guy. Panda slapped new clips into her guns, pulled the hoodie up and over her head, tossed it up to the right as she spun to the left and began firing again, eyes narrowed as she targeted the barrel of his other gun, even as she glimpsed a terrified security guard on her periphery shake his head and run for it.

Green Man was doing the same, modulated voice calling out as he slapped in a fresh clip. "Do you have any idea how much it's going to cost to have that gun replaced!" Ignoring the fleeing civilians as he popped off two rounds over where he'd seen Panda drop out of sight, barrel quickly trained on the decoy of tossed hoodie and squeezing off three more in rapid succession. Too late he realized his mistake, catching her movement and gleam of Panda's trained sidearm on his own, feeling the faint impact of her bullets too near their mark. "Dammit!" Tossing the handgun aside, not about to risk having both hands disintegrated, he charged forward. "Don't think this is over, little girl!" Green Man warned as he rushed toward Panda.

Panda Delgado was too busy concentrating to see the hoodie shredded into confetti, but at the DDSTV Tower Joanie could only grimace as she listened to the shootout on Panda's myWand, gulping as the feed suddenly went dead. Panda bit her lip as the big gun was discarded and the armored man charged into her hail of gunfire. "Oh come on! No freakin' way!" But on he came. At the last instant she activated her hover boots, driving her near naked form up and forward into his legs, hoping to send him tumbling over onto the tracks while leaving her on the platform.

It was a reasonable and mostly successful tactic, but Panda may not have factored in the power behind those armored shins as they collided with her shoulders, momentum sending Green Man off balance and tumbling hard to the tracks below, sparks flying as armored arm and leg touched both lines and completed a circuit.

Panda Delgado shook her head in an effort to regain her senses as she lay there on the platform after the collision. Sitting up, she stuck one gun back in her left boot and tried to force her right shoulder back into place. She screeched out in pain. No luck. So panting for air she crawled away across the platform on booted knees and one hand, mostly dragging her right arm. She gritted her teeth and drove her shoulder against the wall. Panda let out an exhausted groan of relief and slumped against the wall there next to the armored man's own gun as the station began to rumble. Was the next train coming in?

A cry of rage erupted from where Green Man had fallen, forcing his muscles to obey as he pulled them away from the tracks, ending the coursing of electricity pouring through his body and enabling himself to stand. Leaping back onto the platform, Green Man stalked toward Panda, intent on making her suffer for her interference when it may have been wiser to make his escape as originally planned. But the rage, the anger was too great to ignore. Michael's Brujah nature getting the best of him...put simply, he wanted to fight.

Panda Delgado blinked in disbelief, her jaw dropping as she saw the man with one hand spring back up on the platform. She had been sure she'd seen and heard sparks. Scrambling, she reached across her sweaty heaving breasts to pick up the big gun he had fired at her earlier. She held it with both hands, braced it on the reverberating wall against which she leaned and she squeezed the trigger. "Eat this choo freakin' freakshow!"

Green Man damn sure hadn't been expecting that, certain the gun would've been useless, but luck seemed to be with Panda as the weapon fired without any problems. The round struck Green Man center chest, not enough to puncture the thick armor but more than enough to knock him off his feet, screaming in red-hot anger as he was knocked a second time to the tracks below. That fury was cut off as the next train rumbled out of the tunnel a second later, brakes squealing as the subway came to a scheduled stop. But was that it? Had Panda won? Was Green Man dead?

Panda Delgado struggled to her feet, stumbling forward in nothing but big black boots held up by garters to belt about tiny waist, the massive gun still in her hands. The doors to the train did not open and Panda became aware of the alarms and sirens blaring through the station as she leaned over the edge of the platform, smiley face button in her hair appearing to be looking down for something.

At first there was no sign of him, then Panda caught sight of something, a faint glint of green from beneath subway car. She'd need to get a better angle to make out what it was, but when this was accomplished she discovered it was his right arm, almost entirely severed in full by the train. No body though, which meant somehow he was still alive, making his way up the tunnel with one remaining mangled arm.

Panda Delgado stood there stunned as Detective Chan arrived on scene and took over the investigation, cordoning off the station. "But, Charlie, there's no freakin' way he could 'ave survived..." The Detective just nodded to the shocked little heroine, wrapping another blanket about her shoulders, this time calling Kei to come and pick Panda up.

(May 2011)