Ought Oh, LongSho!


Red Hornette dodges various shenanigans and pulls the painters cap down tighter as she heads back from the dojo. "Holborn High Hornets" is embroidered on the front of the oversized red sweatshirt the little blonde wears over a black full-length bodysuit with red trim.

LongSho has the fur coat dry cleaned.

Luis Skullnick works out at the dojo, sort of, him being new to martial arts and it shows.

LongSho senses Secondary Character isn't long for this world.

Rush notes, “If he tells you about his kids back home' he's a goner.”

“Sho’nuff.” LongSho shows up at the Dojo with some no-neck thugs, planning to demolish the place and build a mini-mall.

Red Hornette realizes she left a previously unmentioned Macguffin at the dojo and goes back for it.

LongSho looks at Luis Skullnick. "You best stay out of our way, kid."

Luis Skullnick tries the spinning-back fist on the big punching bag, trips over his feet and falls face first into the big punching bag. "Oof..."

LongSho gestures and has the two thugs pick him up, one holding while the other pummels.

Rush found it almost too painful to watch... like the UK version of the office.

LongSho asks, “Who's the baddest mo'fo' Low Down Around Town?”

Red Hornette arrives back at the dojo and gasps to see thugs beating up one of the lesser students. “Unhand that boy now!”

Luis Skullnick can only, “Owws...oof...ugh!”

LongSho gestures. “Thug...Thug...take her down!”

Red Hornette 's eyes widen as she slips into a stance, hem of red sweatshirt riding up the curves of black tights.

The thugs drop Luis Skullnick in a heap and charge Red side by side.

Red Hornette gulps and cartwheels into a flip, doing a splits kick while airborne between the two thugs.

LongSho winces as they fall down.

“Get up and get her!” LongSho over dramatically shaky fists.

Luis Skullnick crumples and watches through blurry eyes. "Wow..."

Red Hornette makes a deft landing on her crosstrainers and steps into a snap kick at the chin of the one who tries to rise first. “I mean stay down!”

The thug stands up straight, then topples over backward.

LongSho sighs. “Ya try and get good help these days.”

Luis Skullnick feels around with his hands to try and find his glasses.

LongSho boots Luis Skullnick in the ribs... just because.

Luis Skullnick oophs. He pouts as he realizes his pocket protector has been broken.

Red Hornette looks over at LongSho. "Do I like know you?"

LongSho sneers. “No, but I just kicked your student and cracked his rib!”

Red Hornette narrows her eyes. "Don't do that to him!" Hornette blinks as she thinks she recognizes the face as one from the surveillance footage.

LongSho does a passable impression of Sho Kosugi from Ninja Assassin. “You, fat one!” LongSho points at Wo Fat. “Get her!” LongSho points at Red Hornette.

Wo Fat nods. Ok baldy.”

Red Hornette scowls as more thugs invade the dojo.

LongSho commands, “Use your sumo skills, Wo Fat!”

Wo Fat waddles into the dojo, bends down, charges Red Hairnet and tries to tackle her around the waist.

LongSho smiles. “Loyal...dumb as a bag of hammers, but loyal.”

Luis Skullnick finally finds his glasses and places them on his face, pushing them up on his nose with his index finger and then looks around for something heavy.

Red Hornette gapes as the fat man charges, hesitating too long before attempting to dodge, wincing as she finds herself bear hugged.

Luis Skullnick grabs his Chemistry 401 textbook, sees one of the thugs starting to sit up and whacks him in the head with the textbook.

“It worked!” LongSho over emotes, chews scenery. “Crush her, Wo Fat!”

Wo Fat lifts and squeezes Red Hairnet in his big arms.

Red Hornette strains with all her might and tries to wriggle free, but the crushing grip has her elbows trapped to her tiny waist.

Luis Skullnick gets filled with confidence, then tries to leap and do that splits-leg kick thing Hornette did. He yelps and falls to the ground with a pulled groin muscle.

Wo Fat twists Red Hairnet in the air then slams her down on her back under his huge body.

LongSho sees Luis Skullnick conscious again and shoots him in the ass.

Red Hornette's pert breasts under the Holborn Hornet emblem on her red sweatshirt flattened out as they are compressed upon impact with the floor. “Oooph!”

Luis Skullnick yelps as he gets a Forrest Gump wound.

Wo Fat sees a pizza box in the corner gets off Red Hairnet, goes over, opens it up.

LongSho yells, “You idiot!”

Rush asks, “Is this the ninja turtles dojo?”

Wo Fat noms. “Mmmmm, pizza...”

Red Hornette croaks for air, struggling on the floor for a moment from the nearly paralytic effects of the slam.

Wo Fat tosses the pizza aside, waddles back over to the lil heroine, jumps up, going for a tsunami splash.

Red Hornette tires of doing a hard sell of the slam in the midst of all this silliness and rolls aside as Sam comes crashing down.

Wo Fat oophs and bounces.

LongSho rolls his eyes. “Get up and get her!”

Red Hornette wastes no time spraying Wo Fat with mace while she has the chance. “Alright, you're going down then!”

Wo Fat rolls over slowly, sit up glares at Red Hairnet. “Yeowwwwww ptoeey ptoeey...” Wo Fat flails blindly.

LongSho exclaims, “You cheated!”

Luis Skullnick crawls to the corner and uses his headband to close of the wound.

Red Hornette turns to look for LongSho even as she aims the heel of crosstrainer at Sam in a no-look back kick.

“Uh oh... uuunnhh!” Wo Fat is hit by the back kick and falls onto his back, seeing lil birdies.

Red Hornette points a finger at LongSho. “Chicky says this dojo isn't closing no matter what! I mean we're keeping it open for Kid Crossbow and everyone else who depends on it!”

Saerdna continues to nail the 'closed' sign across the front door.

LongSho steps into the middle of the Dojo, uses his low rumbling accented English. “Your dojo is as useless as is your pitiful martial art. Your skills are weak.”

Red Hornette squares off with the ninja-looking guy with the accent. “Ready? Okay then, you're going down!” Hornette thinks we could be dragon this out a bit.

Luis Skullnick can only “boooooooooo...”

LongSho‘s head slowly nods down once then back up.

Luis Skullnick slips into the janitor's closet of the dojo, mixes a couple of cleaners and then returns to use the fumes of the stink bomb he has created to chase out all other thugs and goons and leaving Red and LongSho all alone in the dojo.

Red Hornette cartwheels forward into a palm thrust, her gloved hand suddenly crackling with energy as she activates the taser she carries there.

LongSho waits until right before contact, then spins, hand grabbing the wrist and stopping it in mid-air, I turn and pull, throwing Red past me into an awkward somersault.

Red Hornette tumbles head over butt, managing to come back to her feet, hem of sweatshirt now gathered about her waist as she settles into her stance. Hornette circles to the right.

Yoru Hiyashinsu flies down to see what all the commotion is about. She then crosses her arms, and watches. Occasionally, she takes out a thug here or there as they try to come back in.

HardMan is glad he isn't a thug and doesn’t try to enter.

Wo Fat gets up off the floor sees yoru. “Hey, stop that lil girl!”

Luis Skullnick limps up with a pulled groin and gunshot wound to the ass and helps Yoru keep everyone out by bashing them in the head with a college Chemistry textbook. Them is some heavy ass books!

Red Hornette waits for LongSho to make his move so she can counter.

LongSho doesn't even turn to follow Red's motions, suddenly hop-steps in her direction, one foot replacing the other on the floor as the one flies up and around in a reverse crescent kick.

Red Hornette is confused by the footwork and steps into the kick as it comes around, nearly snapping her head from her body, but fortunately it remains attached, flying end over end as it follows, red sweatshirt tearing as the hem catches on the kicking foot, ripping the garment from her body.

Wo Fat ogles.

Yoru Hiyashinsu points her finger like a gun at Wo Fat, letting a bit of energy collect at the tip of her finger, before letting it blast out in a concussive force to his head. “Bang.”

Wo Fat is hit by the finger force and plops.

Red Hornette comes to her feet, shaking her head and inadvertently her chest which she is still too dazed to realize is now uncovered.

LongSho finishes the spin, feet planted, now facing Red. “You really must stop embarrassing yourself.”

“Wha...” Red Hornette blinks, feels cold, looks down, notes goosebumps. “You... you fiend!”

Black Thirteen thinks Red Hornette needs some better luck... or worse.

Gatorman wolf whistles.

Red Hornette swallows hard as she realizes her gloves came off as well, depriving her of her usual weapons, tazer and mace. “I... I mean... what sort of man are you... have you no honor?”

Black Thirteen makes note to self... steal gloves, do dastardly things.

LongSho bends forward, rolling across the floor, coming out of the tumble and kicking both feet into Red Hornette's stomach.

Red Hornette oophs as she doubles over, staggering back from the blow, pert breasts careening tightly about her chest, seemingly now in serious trouble.

Wo Fat rumbles. “Longshmoe, kick her buttocks!”

LongSho flows to his feet smoothly and then slowly walks around Red as she stands there trying to breathe.

Yoru Hiyashinsu blasts Wo Fat again.

Luis Skullnick whacks Wo Fat with the Chemistry book.

Wo Fat grunts. “Uuuuuunnnhh! Stop that!” He mumbles, “Darn heroines!”

Red Hornette shakes her head and tries to circle away, trying to cover her chest with right arm as the left points and she feigns bravado. "I mean... I'm like warning you..."

LongSho laughs. “Are you warning me that this won't take much longer?”

Luis Skullnick shouts to Hornette. "You can beat him! Do it for the Dojo!"

Red Hornette looks from LongSho to Skullnick and back to LongSho again, nodding as she clenches her fists, leaving her boobs undercovered.

LongSho sweeps in, hand grasping Red's hair and twisting sharply, making her head lift up and back to look up at him.

Red Hornette grabs at LongSho's hands as she is lifted, her bare boobies swinging back and forth. Her eyes widen in terror as she realizes LongSho is about to finish her. She squeals in cheerleader voice so loud and shrill that... it literally shatters glass, peels paint and likely knocks her foe over and out as if hit by a tidal wave of sound.

LongSho lets out a sound of pain and tumbles backward several times before smashing against the wall of the dojo and sliding down to the floor.

Luis Skullnick yeowches as the other side of his ass gets a shattered glass shard wound to match the bullet wound on the right side.

Yoru Hiyashinsu grimaces, and plugs her ears.

Wo Fat gets hungry.

Red Hornette drops to the floor, barely managing to stay up on wobbly legs in black tights, blinking as if even she doesn't understand exactly what just happened. “I mean... did I do that?”

Luis Skullnick limps over to Hornette after a moment, wrapping his warm jacket around her bare breasts. "Ummm, yeah, wow, do they teach that at the dojo too?"

Red Hornette nods and pulls the jacket tight about her. "I... I mean... I don't know... do you think maybe I have a real super power?"

Black Thirteen pauses in his walk along the street. A dojo? Heh. Here? He slows down, looking the place over... looks like it's not doing so well. Hmm. Sucks to be them.

Luis Skullnick blinks. "A...superpower? Really? Wow, a real superheroine? Cool!" He looks at the young cheerleader in awe. "Like, do you have a superheroine name and all?"

“I'm Penny... err... Pennywhistle West... but you can call me Red Hornette!” Red Hornette grins.

Luis Skullnick wheezes. “Red Hornette! Wow, cool! I'm...Luis. Luis Skullnick. Kid Crossbow said that working out might get me more attention from girls.”

Black Thirteen shrugs, loitering outside the place, tilting his head. Strange... A blink. Words? Voices.

Red Hornette blinks. “You're a friend of Kid's? I mean nice to meet you, Skull.”

Luis Skullnick nods. “Yeah, well, I helped him with his College Algebra and he was gonna help me you know ... get more attractive to girls.”

Red Hornette snorts. “Well Kid's out of action for a while anyway, but that doesn't mean you can't train here... Chicky said she might let me take over some of Kid's clients and classes...”

Luis Skullnick nods. “Oh, well, like that would be awesome! You could like teach me how to do that splits kick thing. I think I hurt myself when I tried.”

Red Hornette grins. “You might want to leave that one to us girls... now let me call the cops to come pick these guys up.” Hornette makes the call on her myWand.

Luis Skullnick nods. "Okay, like, woah, what's that?" He points to the myWand.

Red Hornette explains, “It's a myWand... a new all-in-one device.”

Luis Skullnick: Oh, way cool!

Red Hornette uses something that looks like a laser pointer to make her call.

“That would fit in my...” Luis Skullnick looks at his shirt and pouts again. “They broke my pocket protector!”

Red Hornette laughs. "I mean we'll have to get you another then won't we!"

“Well, that was a pretty good fight,” Yoru Hiyashinsu says as she makes her way into the dojo, clad in a full on body suit in creams, and golds with a partial mask. Just enough to cover her eyes, and nose, but leave her hair, and mouth free.

Wo Fat glares at Yoru as she enters.

Red Hornette Chrissy snorts at Sam just because it seems appropriate.

Luis Skullnick looks up and nods. "Yeah and then one of them there myWands would fit right in my pocket protector!"

Red Hornette nods to Luis. “And they don't even leak!”

Yoru Hiyashinsu waves to the two in the dojo, before walking over, and kicking Wo Fat in the jaw, right at the point where it was an instant knock out.

“Uunnhhh!” Wo Fat is knocked cold and falls onto his back. “Oooommpphh.”

Red Hornette nods to the newcomer.

Yoru Hiyashinsu says, “Impressive fight.”

“The police are on their way... I mean we'll be closed until tomorrow.” Red Hornette grins. “Thanks.”

Black Thirteen looks after the lovely woman he saw go in... in those brilliant golds and other colors. Sounded like someone got socked. Sucks to be them. Tilting his head, he turns his head at the sound of the police. Meh. That meant the fun was already over.

Luis Skullnick waves to Yoru and looks back and Hornette and stammers a bit. "Umm...ahh...you know...umm..well, you know, like, you can hang onto my jacket and all for now and I'll come back by and get it later, I mean...umm..."

Red Hornette nods. “That'd be great, Skull... thanks.”

Luis Skullnick shuffles his feet and blushes. "You're welcome umm and I guess like ya know thanks for helping me out there and all it's the least I could do."

“So, you call yourself Red Hornette? Yoru Hiyashinsu asks, clearly speaking to Red Hornette, walking over to both her and Luis Skullnick. She stops a few feet away, her stance, the way she moved, and the way she held herself all suggested massive training.

Red Hornette nods to Yoru. "I mean yes... and who are you?"

“Yoru Hiyashinsu. Well, all I can say is keep up the training.”

“Thanks... will do...” Red Hornette replies. “Now I need to close up the dojo.”

Yoru Hiyashinsu exits the dojo, letting her chi flare around her for a moment, before flying off.

Red Hornette meets the police and tells them what she knows about the attack on her student, Luis Skullnick, while they collect the LongSho, fallen thugs and Wo Fat.

Luis Skullnick also goes along and gets stitched up from bullet and glass shard wounds to his buttocks!

Red Hornette waits for the police to finish their investigation, ushers everybody out and locks up for the night, heading to the Holborn Hospital ER to check on Luis and maybe visit Kid Crossbow if they'll let her.

Luis Skullnick is on a gurney, bare butt up in the air, yewouching as the wounds are cleaned by peroxide.

Red Hornette Chrissy snorts at the sight. “All's well that ends well?”

Wo Fat vows revenge from his jail cell.

Red Hornette grins and returns the jacket to Luis, having put on another sweatshirt from her locker at the dojo before locking up. “Here you go... I mean don't be a baby or maybe I won't let you have your jacket back.”

Luis Skullnick grits his teeth and looks at Red with pleading eyes as he is wheeled into the operation room. "I'm scared of needles..."

“Don't be...” Red Hornette comforts, “They'll take real good care of you...”

Luis Skullnick disappears into the operating room and a few minutes later, the entire hospital is awoken by a horrifying scream! "Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"


(January 2011)