On Location at Gator Bait

Possum finds a seat and orders a drink.

US Angel sticks her head out from behind the curtain and waves to Possum.

Blue Belle asks, “The three cloaked hovercams are operational. Are you about ready... Callie... Kei?”

Kunoichi Kei grins. "I'm playing the runaway... do I go out first?"

Blue Belle sighs. "What is it with you and shucking your clothes?"

“Not that that's a bad thing...” Possum laughs.

Kunoichi Kei grins and puts a purple heart in her hair.

US Angel rolls her eyes at Kei. “Don't let Possum like get to you... he can be a bit of a bastard when he's winning...”

“As if...” Kunoichi Kei bounces out on stage to the sound of "Woman From Tokyo" in her lavender panties, bra and thigh-high stockings.

Blue Belle smiles, hoping this on-location shoot for the US Angel program goes well.

“Hello Woman.” Possum watches with a big smile as the Asian girl dances to Deep Purple.

Kunoichi Kei bounces up and down the runway stage, her naughty bits bouncing as well, threatening to shake something loose at any moment.

US Angel grins and gets ready to go.

Possum leers at the dancing girl as he sips his drink.

Kunoichi Kei shakes her backside at the leering patron, grinning as she bends to look back between her stocking-clad legs.

Blue Belle begins dancing on stage two, watching with a smirk as she shakes her blue booty.

Kunoichi Kei bounces about stage to the sound of "Woman From Tokyo" in her lavender panties, bra and thigh-high stockings. She swings around the pole at the end of the stage.

Possum continues to leer with a big smile as the Asian girl dances and he holds up a bill.

Tanck takes a seat, swigs a shot of whiskey, watching the dancer while ignoring the incessant vibrating of his cell phone. Good grief, can't a man watch some titties in peace?

US Angel bounces out on the next stage over, wearing only white panties and camisole, watching closely.

Blue Belle nods to the new dancer in white as she finishes her set and disappears into the back. Belle watches from behind the curtains and hopes the filming goes well.

Tanck gropes a waitress, gets a giggle from her and the evil eye from a bouncer.

Kunoichi Kei dances over to the man with the bill and shakes a leg as she offers it to him so he can place the bill in the top of her stocking.

US Angel scowls at the new patron as he teases the waitress.

Possum ignores all but the little runaway dancing directly in front of him. He gestures for her to take it off.

Kunoichi Kei winks as the bill slides into place. She moonwalks away, thumbs coming up under bra straps and toying with them as she licks her lips.

Blue Belle frowns and hopes she doesn't have to rescue the waitress while in the middle of filming.

Possum nods. "That's it, baby... tease me..."

US Angel dances up and down her stage in front of the new naughty patron, stealing looks over at Kei whenever she can.

Tanck chuckles and downs another shot of whiskey, the behemoth of a man drinking the alcohol like it was water. "Tease hell! Show some titties, ya kung fu fighting slut?"

US Angel comes to a stop where she will block the man's vision with her ample ass as it grinds to the music.

Kunoichi Kei grins and slides the straps downward, letting her firm fruit fall forward toward the black man who tipped her.

Tanck nods and leans forwards. "Hey, there honey, you grind that ass like that when sitting in someone's lap?"

US Angel looks down at Tanck and rubs her fingers together. "Like how about a little gratuity for the effort..."

Kunoichi Kei drapes her bra over Possum's head and continues to dance, boobies bouncing wildly.

Possum sniffs the bra and puts it down on his table before taking another drink with smirking lips.

Tanck pulls out a one-dollar bill (cheap bastard) and then slides it into the g-string before giving the ass a slap. "Ya want more, you gotta do more than tease."

US Angel yelps as her ass is smacked, hopping away in surprise and rubbing her plump rump.

Blue Belle laughs and mutters, "Her viewers should enjoy that genuine exchange..."

Possum holds up a twenty.

Tanck lays a 20-dollar bill across his face and lays back. "See if you can pick up this with your glutes."

US Angel blinks as she dances, Kei nearly forgotten.

Tanck laughs and waggles the 20 in the air. "What are ya, chicken?" he asks and then places the bill on his face again.

Kunoichi Kei dances over to Possum, her hips gyrating, then shuddering as if a shiver has run down her spine.

US Angel snap kicks a barefoot at the man's face, possibly giving him heart failure that his nose is about to be broken, but it comes up short, curling toes grabbing for the bill to snap it away.

Blue Belle nods as she watches. “Nice one.”

Possum puts down his glass.

Tanck blinks and then watches the toes grab the 20 and pull it away. "If that's all I get for 20 bucks, then baby, you might as well call it a night cause I done paid for way more than I've gotten." He turns his attention back to the waitress. "Hey, you got big titties, why don't you dance?"

Kunoichi Kei again pushes her powerful hip out toward Possum as she bumps and grinds in place, slowly so that this bill can join the first in the top of her stocking.

Possum grins and stuffs the bill into her stocking.

Texacon walks into the front door, paying his cover charge with a less carefree smile than last time, scans the room with a purpose, and heads to a table to sit.

US Angel sticks her tongue out at Tanck as she dances in her white nightie.

Blue Belle laughs.

Tanck grins and takes an ice water from the waitress and then pulls out another 20. "I'm just teasing ya, sweet ass. Here, this is for you."

Kunoichi Kei dances excitedly for a moment before bending over, her bottom pushed out at Possum as she looks back between her legs and pushes the lavender panties down the curve of her glutes to reveal the clean-shaven contours beneath.

US Angel grins and dances back over to Tanck, her contours rolling about deliciously under the white satin camisole.

Possum licks his lips. “Nice twat, girl.”

Blue Belle bites her lip as she watches.

Tanck slides the 20 into the g-string and then tosses the ice-cold water all over over Angel's chest. "There, either show the titties or I'm show them for ya! That's worth the 40 bucks!"

US Angel squeals wildly like a stuck pig, sputtering and shivering as she dances away, her camisole suddenly soaked and see-through, revealing not only the shape, but copper color of the nipples beneath. “AiyeeeEEEEEEE!”

Texacon calls over a waitress and hands her $10 for a Shiner Bock, while enjoying the wet t-shirt contested by Angel.

Possum decides to make his move, leaping up from his chair to grab the girl's panties as they reach her ankles, yanking her off her feet as he binds her wrists behind with the bra she took off earlier.

“HeeyyeeEEEEEEEEE!” Kunoichi Kei 's own squeals merge with Angel's as she is taken off her feet, struggling as she is bound, naughty bits rolling wildly about.

Tanck downs another shot and laughs as Kei screams. "Hell, yeah, my boy there knows how to get his money's worth too."

US Angel is so busy scowling at Tanck she doesn't even notice Kei's predicament.

Blue Belle facepalms.

Tanck pulls out a 100-dollar bill. "Tell ya what, Sweet Ass, come let Tanck show ya what he's willing to pay you a 100 dollars to do."

Possum tosses the bound girl over his shoulder, winking to the other patrons, fingers of one hand gripping a squirming ass tightly as the other raises his drink to his lips so he can finish it.

US Angel eyes widen at Tanck even as the girl she was here to protect is abducted. “Seriously?”

Kunoichi Kei squirms about frantically as rude fingers turn her upturned cleft into a handhold and her captor carries her toward the door.

Tanck waves the 100-dollar bill towards her. "Yes, baby, I will let you earn this."

Stephanos Sotiris witnesses the event and moves from his position at the door to join Belle behind the curtain. "Is this part of the scene, Mrs. MacDuff?"

“No, it most certainly is not!” Blue Belle comes out to make her rounds, wearing a blue bikini, doing her best to get in Possum's way and save to scene if Angel will only start paying attention.

US Angel rubs protruding nipples through soaked satin as she dances over to Tanck. Angel offers him her thigh with the garter on it as she begins to pull the wet garment over her head.

Possum side kicks Belle right in the dolphin tattoo jumping over her belly button.

Kunoichi Kei writhes.

Blue Belle goes flying back over a table which collapses under her as she throws her weigh around.

Tanck grins and waggles the 100-dollar bill like a snake charmer plays his flute. Once the wet garment is halfway over her head, the big man slips the bill into her garter and then reaches out his huge arms and grabs Angel, pulling her tight to him, and burying his face into her breasts. "Now, we're starting to get our money's worth."

Stephanos Sotiris nods at her answer, allowing her to take whatever actions she sees fit, quickly reaching for the radio at his hip to communicate with his staff. "Kevin, lock the door. Frank and Gene, I need you at the front entrance. Marcus, Rocko. See if you can't encourage our guest to release our girl." Four men move as directed, two toward the door, two to intercept Possum. The pair of bouncers only block his path at present, though finding it hard not to take action when Belle is sent over a table. "Sir, we're going to need you to put the girl down."

US Angel squeals, her eyes blinded and her arms trapped inside the wet camisole as she is pulled off stage, inadvertently rubbing her big boobs all over the man's face as she struggles.

Possum gives the men a look as if to say, "you must be kidding me."

Tanck holds on, gripping that sweet ass as he motorboats his face all into Angel's chest. "Wow, is that nipple hard cause of the ice water or are you just happy to see me?"

Possum holds Kei by the ankles and begins to swing her like a club at the men in his way.

“No no no...” Blue Belle points. “The other guy's the problem Sotiris!”

US Angel squeals, cheeks, both fore and aft reddening as she flushes with embarrassment. “Put me down you idiot! I'm like supposed to be... Oh shit!” Angel finally manages to free herself of the wet camisole and look around, spotting Possum almost to the door.

Tanck shakes his face some more into her chest. "Are you kidding? I just gave you 140 bucks. I can get a quickie blowjob for 50 two blocks down. I'm getting my money's worth, sweet ass."

“I'm like supposed to be saving that girl!” US Angel brings a knee up into the man's bread basket as she tries to push away.

Tanck oofs and loosens his grip as Angel discovers kneeing this man is like kneeing solid metal.

Kunoichi Kei screams and grunts as she is swung and impacts into the club bouncers.

Stephanos Sotiris is doing his best to keep on top of the situation unfolding while he calls the police, made all the more difficult when Belle adds to the number of things to focus on. Then things get worse, the Greek frowning as Possum uses Kei as a club, forcing his bouncers to take several steps back to avoid injury to themselves and the DangerDoll. "...please hurry." He spoke urgently into phone. "I don't think my employees are going to be able to detain him much longer."

US Angel exclaims at the pain in her knee. “Yeouchies! Like what are you made of?”

Stephanos Sotiris winces as Gene shows to be a little slow on the retreat, the large man taking a hard Kei to the stomach and sent tumbling to the floor.

Blue Belle rushes to help Angel. “Hey Mister... no touching unless the dancers agree to it!”

Stephanos Sotiris yells, “Or Rocko. Somebody. Damnit! This is not what we signed up for!”

US Angel is wet and tries to use that to her advantage and wriggle away from the big gripping hands.

Tanck chuckles and hefts Angel over his shoulder and then looks at Belle. "Holy mommas, two for the price of one!" He reaches out and grabs at Belle with a huge paw, hand that Brute would be jealous to have.

Stephanos Sotiris is clearly struggling to maintain his professional composure during all this.

Kunoichi Kei grunts as she bashes into bouncers. “Ungh. Ooph. Nngh.”

Possum smirks at the mayhem as he turns Kei into his own weapon. “Fitting don't you think, girl, considering turning everyday things into weapons is your ability...”

Blue Belle faces off with Tanck, her eyes narrowing, then going wide as he grasps the front of her bikini. She pulls away and the bikini pops off. “Why you... you... you fiend!”

Tanck eyes the huge breasts that pop open, the distraction causing him to lose his grip on the squirming Angel. He takes a step towards Belle, eyes bugging. "Are those for me?"

US Angel squirms free of the man's grip at long last, unfortunately free of her panties as well, leaving her naked as she races toward Possum, the bouncers seemingly unable to control him. Angel points a finger. "Put her down, Possum... I knew you'd come and I was like waiting for you to make your move!"

Kunoichi Kei blinks, looking a little worse for wear. “Took you long enough.”

“Right. You and who's army, Bimbo?” Possum smiles broadly at her nakedness.

Stephanos Sotiris falls back to higher ground, observing the unfolding scenes from the safety of his office while trying to keep the situation under control until police arrived. The bouncer floored was again up to his feet, standing beside his partner as they looked to keep Possum from escaping with his prize. Also reiterating US Angel's words. "Sir, please put the girl down. We understand she's desirable, this is not how Gator Bait operates."

Possum smirks. “Although I might be willing to make you a deal, Angel... you instead of the girl... I mean she's nice... but you're the one I really want...”

Blue Belle rolls her eyes.

US Angel also rolls her eyes. “You have to be kidding me! Like put her down this instant or I'm warning you and stuff...”

Possum tries to take Angel down with his naked weapon.

Kunoichi Kei squeals as she is swung at Angel.

US Angel cartwheels out of the way and holds up a hand. “Okay okay... I can’t let you hurt the girl... just let her go!”

Tanck pulls out a 100 and then a second hundred-dollar bill. "If those breasts there were worth a hundred, yours are surely worth double," he says to Belle as he reaches for her waist to try and pull her to him.

US Angel kneels and crosses her arms in front of her.

Blue Belle plops into Tanck's lap with a shocked expression.

Tanck buries his face into Belle's incredible chest, motorboating it around as he slides the money into her bikini bottom strap. "MMPPH!"

Possum drapes the Asian girl over a table and rips the lavender stockings down her powerful legs, using them to bind the kneeling blond heroine, tossing her over his shoulder as he heads for the door.

Kunoichi Kei lies there as if unconscious as Angel is carried off.

Blue Belle flounders. “Let me go, damn it!”

Marcus shows some confusion, eyes shifting from Possum to Angel and back again, fingers slipping down to key his radio. "Mr. Sotiris?" Stephanos, seeing everything unfold, didn't even wait for the question Marcus wanted to ask. "Don't try to take him on, let the Dolls handle it. If they...nevermind, move to the rear exit. Just try and keep those two from leaving." Marcus nodded, relayed the orders to Rocko and the pair circled around the battles toward the back entrance. This stuff was way beyond their salary.

Blue Belle shouts as she struggles, “You've ruined the shoot you moron!”

Tanck leans back, sighs, letting Belle go and grinning wide. "Oh, I have to come here more often. This place rocks!"

US Angel squirms frantically as the camera zooms in on Possum's hand gripping her big upturned bottom as he carries her out of the club.

Possum menaces, “You may have saved that little runaway, but you'll take her place as my next victim, Angel.”

Blue Belle scrambles away from Tanck, giving Sotiris a sign that it is okay to let Possum go with Angel. Belle then turns and rushes over to check on Kei, forgetting and nearly knocking herself out as her bare boobs fly up in her face.

Frank and Gene are there, blocking the front entrance. The doors locked, Frank standing firm with arm extended toward Possum. "Sir, we cannot allow you to leave with the girl. Let her go and nobody will need to get hurt." Upstairs in the office, Sotiris fumbles with his radio as Belle gives her signal. "Frank. Gene. Stand down. Let him pass." More confusion, but eventual obedience as they unlock the door then move out of Possum's way, neither of them happy about any of this."

Possum leaves the club with his squirming naked heroine bound by lavender nylon.

US Angel's final close-up is of her glistening glutes, a big black hand gripping, fingers disappearing into the cleft between.

Now there was only Kei and Belle to worry about, more radio chatter as Frank pressed the button. "What about the others, Mr. Sotiris?"

Tanck looks around. "Where did Sweet Ass go?"

Blue Belle gets to the naked bound girl. “Kei? Are you... oh Kei...”

Kunoichi Kei groans. “Hai... if you will untie... me.”

Blue Belle begins untying the girl bound in her own undergarments.

Kunoichi Kei asks, “How did I do?”

Blue Belle’s reply is a bit breathless, “You silly goose... played your part well... I'm proud of you!”

Kunoichi Kei grins. “Tanks.”

Texacon looks thoroughly confused, but shrugs and finishes his beer, beckoning for another one, hoping the stage action gets going again, though not much could top that little show.

Stephanos Sotiris isn't sure what just happened here. How much was the scene. How much wasn't. Were they liable for what happened to US Angel? Yes, he had security, but they're not really trained for this sort of incident. Especially in regards to that large fellow taking an interest in Belle's giant rack.

Blue Belle does her little dance to "Shakin' All Over" and shakes it one time for Elvis, Tex and Tanck.

Tanck tosses Belle another Ben Franklin.

Stephanos Sotiris radios staff to help clean up after the incident, makes police report, hopes this never happens again. At least while he's on duty. Michael can deal with this sort of crap all he wants.

Blue Belle pumps her arms up and down as she prances up and down the runway.

Kunoichi Kei giggles and goes to get dressed.

Texacon tips his hat, and a Benjamin, to each of the lovely ladies.

Stephanos Sotiris relaxes a bit, watching Belle strut through the large windows looking over the stage.

Blue Belle stands in place as the song climaxes, letting a quake run up and down her backbone. Belle steps out of her panties and runs to the back.

Stephanos Sotiris watches things calm down and business return to usual.

Blue Belle turns the proceeds over to Sotiris for the on location use of his locale.

Stephanos Sotiris has Rocko clear discarded garments from the stage and taken to the dressing room.

Blue Belle gets dressed and heads back to the studio to see if Possum and Angel are there filming Angel’s next scene.

(October 2010)