The Newt Adventures of Red Hornette

Yeti Taz fixes root beer floats. Serves one to Hornette.

Red Hornette grins. “Like thanks, Mister Yeti!”

From outside of Taz's Treats, the sound of tires squealing, horns blaring and followed by a loud smash as an 18-wheeler tanker truck skids to a sideways stop, the tanker trailer toppling over in the middle of the street, sparks flying as metal grinds on concrete.

Et Cetera notes, “Nothing good can come of this.”

Acheron blinks, the sound of ripping metal and horns drawing his attention slightly more than the current curiosity, stepping to a window to look out.

Morrigan Aensland turns her head towards the direction of the crash. She giggles, the sound coming from low in her throat, husky. Always something to look at, around here!

Acheron glances to Morrigan. "Did you..? No.. no.. that's silly of me." He chuckles quietly, licking his lips as his golden eyes return to the crash.

Reaver snapped out of it, pocketing his flask quickly with a clink of glass. Rising from his seat, he moved to the window, a low whistle escaping his lips. "Interesting."

Red Hornette looks up from her root beer float and gasps as she sees a tanker truck crash just outside. She quickly hops up to go outside and see if anyone needs help. No one is seriously hurt fortunately, but the driver does need her help to get out of the damaged cab of the truck. She cartwheels into a flip atop it. "Here. Like take my hand, Mister!"

Little Victory flies a few loopdiloops and shoots up into the sky so she can observe the city and its doins that are transpiring.

"Get back! Get back! Get back!" The driver yells at Hornette as the tank, lying on its side, starts to shake, bouncing hard up and down on the concrete.

Acheron grunts. "That doesn't look good.." He takes a slow step away from the window.

Red Hornette crouches atop the sideways cab of truck, decked out in her red cheer costume with black trim. She frowns at the driver's words. "Not until I like get you out of there! I mean what's in the tank? Whoa! It's shaking!"

Reaver didn’t move. His mad scientist mind was working now. What was in the truck? Can I beat it with just these weak poisons? Who did this? He smiled wide, chuckling.

The side of the tank starts to expand in the form of small dents, as if whatever was in the tank was trying to bust its way out. "Run, dammit girl! Get out of here!" the driver yells again.

Morrigan Aensland keeps herself directly next to a convenient shadow. The next world is just a step away, after all. The succubus turns down her glow, making herself a good bit less noticeable. Empty eyes watch the truck, occasionally flicking over to the heroine and the driver.

Red She-Hulk watches the goings on, barely even registering Samsoni.

Little Victory kept on watching, but she couldn't exactly determine what was happening in the streets below, she couldn't just rashly rush headlong into the fray.

Red Hornette shakes her head, blond hair flaring out. "No way! I'm Red Hornette! Ready? Okay! You're coming up!" She grabs the driver’s arm and strains to pull him up through the window. "I mean I think you can like get down that way!" She points. "Now run before that tank explodes!"

Just as the driver clears, the side of the tank busts open, the head of a super colossal newt poking out, slurping shards of metal into its mouth as its head rises up and heads back down, mouth open-wide, the cheerleader heroine directly beneath it.

Morrigan Aensland can't help but giggle. That's a new one. She steps aside as a few missed chunks of metal go hurling past.

Red Hornette stares up from her crouch atop the cab, her blue eyes getting very wide before they disappearing into the mouth of the super colossal newt along with her arms and shoulders. "I mean like no waaaaarrrgglumrrph..."

Samsoni gets a colossal sized alka seltzer ready for the newt.

Acheron winces at the sight. "...damn... hope that girl can handle it."

Reaver watched the whole thing with a look that switched from awe to curiosity to devious. "Oh ho... This ought to be fun to watch." He peered to Acheron, chuckling. "Go help her then."

Morrigan Aensland simply continues her silent observation.

The large newt lifts its head, slowly trying to slurp the rest of the heroine into its mouth as her legs stick out. The newt lurches forwards a bit as it continues to engulf Red Hornette.

Acheron furrows his brow, pondering the idea of springing in there. "That thing is really huge... and I hate waiting a couple of days to knit my bones back together... not to mention... crushing is very unpleasant."

Samsoni mutters, “He’s devouring her like an oyster.”

Reaver laughed hard. "So much for chivalry and heroism. Leave it to the mad scientist?" He was already reaching into his coat, a small tube(blowgun), and a few darts in his hands. He leaned against the outside of the window, smiling softly. "Though getting rid of a possible enemy... hmm..."

Little Victory thinks she sees a giant newt eating someone, her eyes widened, then she rubbed at them to make sure she was seeing all of this right.

Red Hornette flails as she is slurped head-first into the monster, desperately activating the taser ring on her hand to deliver her sting inside the constricting gullet of the newt.

Acheron snorts. "Heh... well... science probably stands a better chance than a meaty ball of fur and claws charging out there..."

The Mega Newt sucks the girl all the way into its mouth, just as it is zapped by the taser. The newt lurches forwards, the heroine totally disappearing into its gullet and then belches once real loud, as cheerleader skirt and top and black sneakers, sans their owner, spit forwards and land on the concrete.

Reaver rolled his eyes. "Quit making excuses." He reached inside his coat once again, taking a moment to ruffle through his choices. "Pit Viper... Platypus... Ah..." He pulled out a vial filled with murky yellow liquid. Popping the cork, he dropped a few needles into it. "Concentrated cobra."

Red Hornette kicks her legs frantically as her "sting" fails to do anything but get her sucked right down by a violent lurching gulp. She finds her self in grinding hot humid darkness, slimy rough walls grinding away her costume. Her lungs and skin alike begin to burn. She can't help but wonder if this is the end even as the mangled red skirt and top with the hornet emblem are spat onto the pavement of the street.

The Mega Newt starts to rumble on down the street, wandering away after his nice little snack as people scatter left and right.

Morrigan Aensland remains hidden all the while. She simply observes and absorbs. She wasn't -really- the type to interfere, after all. Not unless it amused her, at any rate...

Reaver arched an eyebrow. His target was wandering away. He quickly assessed his options. The scales were too thick, even for the titanium needle-darts. The eyes were an option, and with that thought, he loaded a poisoned dart, running to keep pace. Taking a deep breath, he pressed the blowgun to his lips, firing a single shot toward the eye of the beast.

Red Hornette feels dizzy as her air begins to run out, but she fights on despite the burning sensations inside and out, refusing to give up. That's when a hand finds one of the swallowed pieces of the tank from which the colossal newt escaped. She grasps the jagged metal like a sword and begins hacking away at her constricting surroundings, one last desperate attempt to escape.

The Mega Newt sweeps around, tail flailing at the needle-dart armed assailant, the darts bouncing away harmlessly as the tail suddenly flies off and right towards Reaver as the large newt howls and turns around and glares.

Reaver acted fast, ducking. The eye wasn't going to work. Another plan flashed in his mind. It was... rather crazy, even as the muscled tail swung just inches over his head. "Hey!" He yelled toward the beast. "Did you think that cheerleader was tasty? I’m 10 times better!"

Little Victory the heroine had to do something now, the small figure darting down from the sky to the aid of civilians, her hands pushed out in front of her, erecting an energy barrier to umbrella some of the civilians from the harmful rampaging and misfiring darts.

Red Hornette goes tumbling across the pavement as the tail comes off, apparently having cut her way free from the belly of the beast. She struggles to hands and knees, panting for air, chest heaving against black bra now plastered to her shape. She looks up through matted hair. "I mean I've like got to find a way to trap this thing somewhere..."

The Mega Newt looks at Reaver, then back at Hornette then over to Little Victory. Cocking its head, it stomps towards the heroine protecting the onlookers, mouth opening again wide, tail already beginning to grow back.

Little Victory’s eyes widen, the heroine lifting off the ground, turning quickly to direct the civilians away "RUN!!"

Reaver spared the partially digested heroine a wild eyed look and a wink before he ran, parallel to the beast while closing the distance. "Open...." He murmured, going into a tumble. He felt more than one of his poison vials crack, and hoped that none cut him. He did not need to be aroused or paralyzed while doing this. He fired the shot, aiming for the soft inside of the newt’s mouth.

Red Hornette comes up running on her stout little legs, round bottom flexing in soaked black undies, cartwheeling into a flip, intended to land her solidly atop the things head, and get it's neck between her thighs.

Red She-Hulk looked on, her muscles rippling as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Morrigan Aensland glances at the She-Hulk, giggles, then looks back to the newt. She almost purrs at the flood of defiant energy pouring from the heroines, and even the anger of the creature they contested with. Aqua eyes lighten, half-lidded and lazy.

The Mega Newt rears up as the heroine's legs wrap around its body, the dart being engulfed but again not sticking as it struggles to rid itself of the heroine on its back while turning again and stomping towards Reaver this time, struggling with Hornette as to will control the direction the big newt beast will take.

Red Hornette landed with a leg on either side of the creature, the newt's own juices spraying from her glistening body. "I mean maybe I can like guide this thing into some place where it can be trapped!" She digs in her heels and tries to turn the huge newt.

Little Victory seeing the civilians rushing away from the scene she smiles and flies quickly after the newt, circling around to try and get in front of it. There she would float, staring intently at the newt before her eyes would emit a powerful glow, like each eye became a blinding flare.

"Son of a..." Reaver let fly a stream of curse words but fist shaking would be saved for when there wasn't a giant lizard coming to eat him. He loaded his last dart, smiling wryly. A mad scientist helping a herione? He'd never be invited to the get-togethers now. He began quickly backpedaling, aiming, waiting for the right time to strike. "Don’t do anything crazy, cheerleader."

The Mega Newt stomped towards Reaver, shaking its head side-to-side and then, with the flash from Little Victory blinding it, the newt rose up on its hind legs and shook violently, giving Red Hornette a taste of an out-of-control mechanical bull ride.

Red Hornette nearly comes off her perch as she is shook by the violent movements, her black bra cups jiggling tightly, but too plastered to her for anything to shake loose this time. "I mean like can you open up a hole to the sewer for me to guide it into maybe?"

Little Victory turned, looking to Reaver "You might wanna get a safe distance from here." She said before turning, the small heroine issuing herself towards the newt, flying quickly to try and latch onto its neck and help get it under control.

Reaver blinked. He was being ordered around by his enemies. He'd need therapy after this. Defiant, he aimed his last dart at the newt's softer underbelly and fired before escaping to the side.

Red She-Hulk rushes in just as the newt reared up, determined to give it a new target, a new threat. She tried to slam her fist into the beasts ribcage, in order to get its attention.

Red Hornette struggled to stay atop the creature as it became more and more violent with each successive attack from darts or fists or flashes of light. "Help! I mean we've got to trap it somehow!"

The Mega Newt raised up perfectly for the dart to strike but then the She Hulk's fist buried the dart in even deeper. Still, the beast would not immediately go down, its front paw swinging out at Red She Hulk as its mouth opened and tried to find a new meal out of Little Victory as she hung from around its neck.

Little Victory let out a grunt, the heroine’s eyes widening as she felt something rubbery, wet seized around her thigh, was it a tongue? It was sticky and, so for dear life, she held onto the newt’s neck, hoping her strength would be greater.

Red Hornette gasps and leans forward to reach for Little Victory's hand. "Yikes! Here! Grab my hand!"

Red She-Hulk was batted aside by the huge foreclaw, her heavy frame slammed into a car. She lay there for a second, and then tore herself out of the twisted, wreck of a car. She smirked, having thought she got its attention, but, seeing as it was focused on eating a heroine, she frowned, and charged in again.

The Mega Newt leans its head back, struggling with the battle to try and swallow up Little Victory. The thing dropped back down to all fours, blinded eyes clearing as it could now see Red She Hulk charging at it. It released Little Victory and opened wide, lifting its head now as it viewed She Hulk as its next meal.

Little Victory grunted out, she released, tongue snapping back towards its mouth before it simply let go, sending the heroine tumbling along the road onto her back, groaning when she began to get up on her knees. “Nnngh ow...”

Morrigan Aensland tilts her head off, high to one side, as if she hears something. She frowns, turns, and wanders dreamily away.

Red Hornette winces as she sees Little Victory fall and Red She-Hulk charge. If only there were something more she could do. But simply hanging on for dear life was about all she could handle at the moment.

Red She-Hulk jumped up as the newt opened it's mouth the devour her. She jumped above the large lizard’s head, and came down, trying to slam her fists into its head.

Red Hornette rolled backwards out of the way for fear of being hit by the crazy She-Hulk, tumbling off the back of the colossal newt, sprawling on the hard pavement with a wet smack.

The Mega Newt fell forwards, head driving down as its chin struck the pavement. It stumbled, groggily back up, swaying back and forth as the thing somehow was trying to regain it balance as its eyes rolled in its head a few moments before they slowly started to clear.

Little Victory got to her feet, the heroine lifting from the pavement before floating after the newt, fist clenched as she hurried after it, throwing a punch at its foreleg before dashing through the air towards a manhole.

Red She-Hulk now confident that she was a threat, ran off in the opposite direction. But, she didn't go far. She stopped about ten feet away, and dug her powerful hands into the concrete, muscles rippling under that ruby skin of her, until she managed to pry a HUGE section of the street up. From the hole, the sewer was clearly visible.

Red Hornette looked around, desperately trying to think of something. She spied a city trash truck and it gave her an idea. She ran towards the truck, her boobies jiggling tightly in the slowly disintegrating black bra as she ran up to it. "Like hey guy... I mean I need to commandeer your truck!" The grinning man hopped out, smacking her twitching butt as she climbed in. "Go get 'em, Hornette!"

Longshot gapes.

Red Hornette immediately picked up a dumpster, swung the truck around and headed for the fight. "I mean it's worth a try!"

“Come on you overgrown lizard. I'm over...her! “Red She-Hulk growled as she ripped a chunk off of the street she had just ripped up, and threw it at the giant newt, trying to get it's attention once more.

Little Victory kept her ground, pulling the manhole cover off when she saw what newt, so she hurried with the manhole cover, throwing it like a frisbee to get the newt’s attention as she flew to a stop over the large hole in the street, trying to lure the newt closer, her eyes flashing like a pair of flares, if she could blind the newt it would make the whole process easier!

The Mega Newt stumbled and looked back and forth between Red She Hulk and Little Victory, starting to stomp towards one and then the other, finally becoming a bit disoriented from the drugged darts and then slowly began to wander towards the large hole in the street before spinning backwards and seeing the approaching trash truck.

Little Victory swallowed back, watching the newt she flew up a little higher, flying down and giving the newt another kick, if she could distract it, it would make Red Hornette’s job easier!

The Mega Newt spun and swatted at Little Victory, uncoordinatedly now with the drug darts wearing it down.

Little Victory eyes widened, her kick got its attention and with a squeal the heroine was sent spiraling through the air, her cape snatching up around her before she would hit the pavement and roll. She groaned, pained by the swat of the newt but it might have been all Red needed.

Red Hornette drives up in the trash truck and slams the dumpster down over the slowing newt as Little Victory distracts it, scooping it up in the big metal box. The truck makes that annoying beeping noise as she backs and positions the dumpster to drop the creature into the hole created by Red She-Hulk, slamming the dumpster down over the top afterwards.

The Mega Newt collapsed into the hole, covered now by the dumpster as it would finally slowly go to sleep and nap for a while. Meanwhile, a recon team would be called in to hopefully extract the colossal giant newt and deliver it safely to its destination. Of course, if something were to go wrong...

Red Hornette hops out of the truck. "I mean like maybe that will hold it until proper transport can be brought in... thanks, you two!" Hornette's black bra and undies are dissolving more and more with each passing minute.

Little Victory groaned, laying in a heap, it was hard to discern how well she was doing, being wrapped up in her cape and all, she lay partly curled up, trying to turn over "Nnnghmm.."

Red Hornette motioned to the paramedics to quickly come take a look at Little Victory. "I mean quit gaping at me and see how badly she's hurt!"

Little Victory was awake it seemed, the paramedics helping her uncoil her cape from around her body before the heroine sat up, the paramedics helping shine lights in her eyes to confirm that she didn't have a concussion.

Red She-Hulk shook her head at Hornette. “You know, you may want to get some clothes. Don't know when a villain may show up, and take advantage of the situation.” Of course, the heroine with the dissolving clothes had been a big help in helping get this beast under control and She-Hulk decided to give her a pass for today. “Nice little bit of ingenuity with the garbage truck though.”

Red Hornette nods to Red She-Hulk. "I mean I guess I do need to find some place to get cleaned up! Maybe Taz will let me use his shower..." She heads back inside Taz Treats to finish her root beer float, shower and change.

(July 2011)