New Nemesis Nefrititties



USAngel runs to the ring in a short white cape, the hem of which bounces about her powerful shimmering thighs. She carries a red white and blue staff that she uses to vault from the floor to the apron. She lays staff down and removes cape as she is announced. "And from TWAT at 114 pounds we have Olympic gymnast, television superheroine and exciting young women's wrestler, USAngel!"

"Her opponent, representing SEX, the Egyptian belly dancer, Nefrititties!" A woman of similar size and build begins to slowly sway towards the ring, scarves draped around her face as only her eyes are visible. She holds a scarf in front of her face and waves it back and forth as she walks through the crowd towards the ring, using her scarves to tease the male fans... Angel's fans... in the audience.

USAngel hops down or the corner as she loses the attention of her fans to whom she was waving, blinking at the seductress, feeling almost overdressed in her long-sleeved white leotard and sheer tinted tights. She narrows her eyes and clenches a blue gloved fist. The dark-haired opponent looks to be a couple inches taller than Angel perhaps, but is announced at 115 pounds.

Nefrititties runs a fingernail along the cheek of one of the front row fans who had been holding up a I <heart> Angel sign and then takes the sign and starts to climb the ring steps, her attention on the sign like a lost puppy dog staring at a bone. The Egyptian then spits on the sign and rips it in half before slipping between the top two ropes and entering the ring.

USAngel simply stares with her mouth hanging open as the announcer reads over the mixture of boos and oohs. "Tonight's first match in the Valentine's Day Massacre Series between the Texas Wrestling’s All-star Team and Sports Entertainment eXtreme will be a no holds barred, no time limit match... unless you are really nimble be ready to TRRRRRREMBLE!"

Nefrititties drops the scarves into her corner and then grabs the top rope, leaning forwards and stretching to give everyone a good view of the tiny golden string bikini she wasn't hiding very well to begin with. She gives her upper body a shake as she licks her lips seductively towards her opponent and then stands back up straight as the bell rings to begin the match.

USAngel circles to her right, trying not to feel overconfident. Surely she can handle this stripper masquerading as a wrestler. Still she hadn't been in the game that long herself, having been recruited because of her Olympic celebrity. Suddenly she cartwheels forward and flips into a drop kick aimed at the proud jiggling chest of the dark-haired girl.

Nefrititties meeps and manages to get an arm up, protecting her treasured chest from serious damage but being knocked onto her butt by the power from the patriotic wrestler's legs. The Egyptian rolls underneath the ropes and to the floor, glaring at her opponent and then slamming her palms onto the mat in anger as she hurls a list of foreign obscenities at the Angel.

USAngel shakes back her wavy blond hair and stands in the ring, looking down at the cursing woman, a smile coming to her lips as she begins to brim with confidence and curls a finger at the Egyptian in a 'come on' gesture. Her crowd cheers.

The Egyptian's eyes harden as she snarls in response. With two quick jumps, the scantily-clad Nefrititties jumps from the floor to the steel steps to the ring apron and then, grabbing the top rope, she leaps and hurtles over the ropes and back into the ring, landing on her feet and quickly leaping again, trying to tackle her opponent without a hesitation between any of her leaps.

USAngel's eyes widen at the display of athleticism and strain on the tight golden top as her opponent bounces into the ring, but recovers just in time to turn the tackle into a spinning belly to belly bodyslam, the whole ring rattling despite the diminuitive size of the two tiny combatants.

Nefrititties ooophs and then arches in pain as she is slammed down to the mat, twitching once and then lying still, her eyes open and her chest heaving for air as the crowd leaps to its feet and cheers their favorite girl on. The pre-match hype from SEX's promoter promised that Nefrititties could steal Angel's fans away but Angel's fans seem loyal to their favorite girl.

USAngel rolls to her feet, runs to the ropes and up them, powerful legs flexing in shimmering sheer nylon, backflipping back into the ring, spreading her arms and the white glide wings between arms and body of her leotard as executes an Angelsault, blindly aiming to land on top of Nefrititties where she left her lying in the ring.

The Egyptian sees the shadow of the good girl falling towards her and, lifting her knees, she attempts to not only block the move but cause the American to land stomach first across the raised shins of the downed Egyptian.

USAngel grunts in most unladylike fashion as her body doubles over the knees and shins. She dangles there for a long second, her round derriere stuck up in the air, before crumpling over on her side, gasping for air as she clutches at her midsection.

Nefrititties rolls to her hands and knees, shaking off the punishment of the start of the match. The SEX star grabs the fallen American's throat with one hand and rudely tries to choke her opponent, ignoring the warning of the referee as, after all, there are no rules in this match.

USAngel gurks, rolling to her back, gloved hands fly to the wrist of Nefrititties, trying to pull the choking hand and its sharp fingernails away from her throat. USAngel hears a count begin and rocks up one shoulder, aiming to sling the dark-haired girl aside by the arm as she rolls back the other way.

Nefrititties loses her grip on her opponent's throat as she rolls off to the side, but she reaches out to grab a handful of hair, trying to first bring the fan favorite to her feet and then, if successful, slam the American head first into the turnbuckle.

USAngel sputters beneath a mop of sweaty blond hair, a handful of which is used to drag her up and walk her across the ring, still clutching at her tummy as her head is slammed into the turnbuckle. Gloved hands drop to her sides as she staggers backwards, turning one full circle before falling over backwards, sprawling on the canvas.

The heel sneers down at her opponent and then grabs the top rope with both hands, climbing up to the middle rope and then taking aim before leaping up and falling, her left knee targeting the fallen American's midsection.

USAngel comes up off the canvas upon impact, the nasty gunshot-like crack reverberating through the venue. USAngel shakes her head, her usually pretty face contorted in agony, her cry of anguish nearly drown out by the roar of the suddenly blood-thirsty crowd.

The Egyptian quickly moves to grab the American by her ankles, lifting Angel's feet so that her legs are perpendicular to her body, pulling Angel's legs apart and then lifting a foot, aiming it at the fallen good girl's crotch. Nefrititties plays to the crowd, holding her foot over Angel's crotch as the referee pleads with her not to stomp down.

USAngel begins to plead herself as a look of recognition crosses her tortured face, blinking up at the olive beauty in the tiny shiny gold bikini, unable to believe some of the crowd are laughing in anticipation. "No! Please! Don't do thaaaarrrggghhhh..." The blonde screams, writhing in agony as her crotch is stomped by the heel.

Nefrititties laughs as she keeps hold of the blond's legs, holding them up as she leaps into the air and follows up the stomp with a knee drop to USAngel's crotch. The SEX announcer tells the TWAT announcer that Nefrititties is softening Angel up for the Cameltoe Clutch.

USAngel lurches once more on impact, pounding the canvas with her gloves in pain, desperately trying to squirm away, realizing the sudden cold sweat she's experiencing has soaked through her white leotard, leaving little about the jiggling shape of her pert breasts to the imagination.

Grabbing the Angel's ankle once more, Nefrititties rolls out of the ring, pulling the ankle with her and then rolling the American with her so that she can place one ankle on one side of the ring post and the other ankle on the other side. Then, pausing for affect again, Nefrititties gets in position and waits, holding Angel's ankles and asking the crowd, "should I crotch her on the ring post?"

USAngel raises her head and shakes it, waving an open hand at the crowd as if begging them to say "no" even as they roar out a deafening "yes" and the already swelling shape of her clefted pout inside the tightly clinging white leotard is yanked hard into the post. USAngel shudders.

Nefrititties rolls into the ring again, grabbing Angel by the wrists so she can drag her back to the center of the ring. Then the Egyptian walks towards the ropes on the side where the announcer's table is. The SEX announcer tosses the Egyptian a black glove. She catches the glove, puts it on her right hand and then holds the hand high in the air, making the shape of the claw hold... as she stalks back towards Angel.

USAngel lays on her back in the middle of the brightly lit ring, chest heaving as she trembles, gloved hands reaching to her already battered sex. Her face glistens with tears as it recognizes the glove, she brings her wobbling knees up to her chest, frantically trying to make rubbery legs kick out at the approaching olive woman with the black glove.

The heel was expecting the good girl to be finished and was totally unprepared for retaliation. The feet catch the Egyptian woman in the midsection and, though weaker than Angel's attack would normally be, the blow is enough to double over the heel and drive her backwards. Nefrititties grunts, straightens and raises the gloved hand again as she steps back towards her opponent.

USAngel sweeps at Nefrititties ankles this time, hoping to take the brutal foe off her feet, giving herself time to roll to hands and knees, and crawl for the ropes, a gloved hand reaching out frantically.

The Egyptian falls backwards, again landing on her brown and very visible ass. A scream of frustration bellows from the heel as she slams her hands to the mat in rage and gets back to her feet as the good girl's hands reach the ropes. Nefrititties rushes to her corner and grabs one of her scarves and stalks back towards the American, wrapping the ends of the scarf around each of her fists.

USAngel pants for air as she drags herself up, rope by rope, the pain in the effort obvious, still clutching the top rope as she gets to her feet, eyes glassy as they stare out into the crowd that seems to have turned on her, booing her escape. She sets her jaw in a determination, clenching a glove and smacking the rope as she begins to turn around.

The heel has her hands up, the scarf stretched taut, the intent to lower it and wrap it around the neck of the good girl.

USAngel does not finish the turn before being strangled from behind, gloved hands flailing at the ropes as she is dragged back from them, eyes bulging from their sockets. She grasps at the scarf with both hands as she stumbles backwards, before dropping to a knee and tossing Nefrititties over her shoulder.

The Egyptian hits the mat, bouncing hard, eyes popping out of her sockets as the small of her back screams a protest of pain up through her spine and into her brain. She arches and howls as the fans once again cheer their good girl. She's sexy as hell when she's losing but gutsy as hell when she's fighting back.

USAngel pulls her foe up by a handful of dark hair, lifting her into an Olympic slam to position her in the ring. Then she runs to and up the ropes fearlessly, backflipping again into an Angelsault, wings spread as she spins, almost hanging in the air above her foe before coming down like a falling angel.

The heel is too stunned to counter this time, as her near-naked form is suddenly covered by the falling Angel, the ref slipping into position as the crowd roars and his hand hits the mat... 1... 2... 3!

USAngel rolls off her sexy opponent, still on her knees and panting for air as the ref lifts her hand, but somehow able to register a wan smile to the ovation from the frenzied fans before crawling toward the corner where her staff and cape lie.

The heel rolls over onto her hands and knees, anger consuming her features as she watches the victorious Angel crawl towards her corner. With a wild leap, Nefritittes pounces onto Angel's back, wrapping the scarf again around the American's throat. "Time to put the X in SEX!"

USAngel gurks, her fingertips inches from her bo staff as she is driven flat to the mat, nearly grasping the staff before being bent back. She twists and turns, gloved hands at first trying to pull the scarf away from her throat, her back arched to the point of breaking, shaking under the strain, as her hands fall away from the scarf, flopping to the mat, her energy seemingly spent.

The Egyptian uses the scarf to drag the good girl to the corner and then ties the scarf off to the steel post before looking down and grabbing Angel's staff. "Looking for this?" she asks the good girl before slamming the staff down across the American's breasts.

USAngel lurches obscenely, her heaving breasts jiggling tightly in the soaked white leotard. She wails in pain, choking as she slides down and the scarf tightens about her throat.

The heel drops the staff and then drops down between Angel's legs and applies her claw hold... the Cameltoe Clutch... on Angel's crotch. "Squeal, you blonde bitch!" she screams as the crowd ooos and aahhs at the hold, most of the men wishing they could grab Angel between the legs, though their grip would be much more gentle.

USAngel screeches in terror and pain as she feels the sharp nails grip her swollen sex through the wet fabric of her leotard and tights, digging deep into tender bruised flesh, turning the her most private region into throbbing gristle while the crowd goes crazy.

Nefrititties hangs onto the claw hold as the referee tries to pull her away, the hold loosening and tightening randomly as the tug of war goes on, the ref tugging on the Egyptian and the Egyptian tugging on Angel's crotch with that vicious clawhold.

USAngel has a visible shiver run through her flailing flesh, her quavering voice begging, "Nooooh... pulease... hel... gurk..." She slumps a bit more, her eyes beginning to roll back in their sockets as she is humiliated by the rival company's heel.

Finally, the heel releases the claw hold and stands over Angel, pulling the good girl to her knees by her hair. Nefrititties pushes Angel's head under the middle rope and then pulls it back, bending her around the middle rope so her breasts jug out towards the crowd. Nefrititties then grasps the top of the good girl's leotard and then looks to the crowd for approval one last time.

USAngel stares blankly out at the crowd, her pert breasts threatening to poke right through the wet leotard as she is bent back around the rope. Stunned, USAngel barely hears the roaring of the crowd over her thumping heart as the leotard tightens, the crotch pulling tighter and tighter, disappearing into a fold of sheer nylon, before exiting with a ripping jerk, leaving her nearly naked.

The crowd roars as Nefrititties waves the remains of Angel's outfit over her head, finally releasing the good girl as she exits the ring with the loss on her record, but a souvenir nonetheless, as the referee works to release the scarf from Angel's throat as the good girl is left hanging from the ropes outside the ring, her breasts exposed to the rambunctious Benedict Arnold crowd.

(February 2009)