Mouse Trap: A New Danger Rises


Mouse beams as she enters the party of one Papa Pimp, the voodoo practitioner with the gold cane and no doubt many treasures to plunder in the safe in his office. Mouse shakes back voluminous waves of blond hair from the Star of India that she wears on a choker about her neck and curtsies to her host, simple black dress riding up her thigh.

Veronica leans back against the wall of the party, various men had approached her tonight and been sent packing rather quickly, she wasn’t here for fun, and especially with these wannabes and thugs. She didn’t want to get caught off guard by one of Papa Pimps "recruitment" teams. Her thick red hair bounces off her powerful, toned shoulders tumbling down the pale white skin of her back, her hair a stark contrast, her thick waxy red lips glistening as she slowly inhales a cigarette, allowing a slow curl of smoke to escape her lips as her piercing blue eyes flit back and forth across the slowly filling room. Veronica has a smirk on her face as she tosses a wallet to one side from one of the wannabe gangsters who had approached her earlier, in one swift movement slipping a roll of bills between her cavernous cleavage, her black spandex tube dress made her look like one of the women you would expect to see at Papa Pimp's parties, its sides non-existent, only held together with thin gold chains. Her platform heels come to the floor with a pronounced CLICK as her eyes widen as she sees the young blonde slowly and elegantly move her way into the party, feeling herself flush with excitement, heat prickling up her back, as she sees the huge rock around the small blonde’s neck, finding herself almost purr as she sees it. She whispers under her breath..."jackpot" and smiles wickedly as she makes no attempt to hide herself as she watches the young blonde with a wicked smile on her face!

Mouse nods and smiles as the black host who dwarfs her tiny frame comments on her sparkling jewels, all the while his eyes focused on the shimmering sheer nylon of her thigh. "Thanks Papa, and thanks for inviting me... just let me know if you have something you'd like me to procure for you... but for now let me mingle a bit..." Mouse tries not to laugh too loudly as he replies, "Sure, but don't be stealing from my guests now, dear." She smirks. "Oh, I wouldn't think of it..." But I might just clean out your safe before I leave she thinks as she looks around the room, not surprised to find several sets of eyes on her. The circus performer is used to the spotlight.

Veronica slowly moves, her cigarette still in her hand, smoke curling from it, as the black dragon tattoo curls from her right knee all the way up her leg and across her body, breasts and back, it was lucky that she wasn’t on anyone’s radar here in Empire City, as if she was it would be a dead giveaway as to her possible identity as she walks with an exaggerated sway, almost cutting her way through the room, her piercing blue eyes lingering for far too long on the young blonde. Most people were watching her with sexual appreciation, but her eyes were on her for a totally different reason. However she knew she simply just couldn’t take it from her here, she would have to be creative and that wasn’t her usual style. She stops a dozen or so feet away from the young blonde woman, looking at the glinting stone around her neck, speculating to herself that it would make for quite a prize for her fence and keep her well resourced for some time as she smirks looking her up and down for a moment with quite a sexual predatory glance. "Shame" she thought to herself, this young blonde could make quite an interesting distraction for a few hours if she wasn’t so busy...then she smirks to herself "well maybe not a couple of hours"...more likely the blonde would be unable to handle Veronica's ministrations for even an hour tops.

Mouse takes a drink from an offered tray and flashes her stage smile to each person who greets her, making small talk and flipping her hair disinterestedly with an arm looped by a sapphire bracelet. The usual collection of thugs and politcos soon realize they have no chance, but Mouse realizes one rather dangerous-looking woman seems more than ready to eat her alive. She smiles and nods to her admirer, moving closer, emerald eyes peering up past the rim of her glass as she sips her drink. "Hey there. I'm Lucy Tilton. Who might you be?"

Veronica can’t keep her eyes off the gorgeous ROCK! She hadn’t seen anything like it, and her heart raced at the thought of how much money it would make her, her eyes drifting across the young blonde, dollar signs popping up as she hears in her head "KER CHING" as her wicked smile passes into a rather sultry one as she puts her left hand on her hip, her right hand idly flicking cigarette ash onto the wooden floor as she girlishly flicks her head, her red hair billowing as she smiles at Lucy, slowly fluttering her long eyelashes before replying in a sultry tone. “I’m whoever you want me to be Lucy...but most of the time I’m Veronica...”She pauses for a almost uncomfortable amount of time before continuing her words dripping like sweet poison. “You look enchanting, Lucy, I’m surprised so see such a beautiful GEM here at a party like this!”

Mouse 's nose twitches as she laughs and runs her fingers through her waves of blond hair. She bites her lip for a moment before replying. This could be just the sort of excuse she needed to get away from the party and empty out that safe. "Why thank you so much... Veronica... but my name isn't Jem... it's Lucy... and this gem on my neck is just a little bauble I picked up along the way..." Mouse laughs good-naturedly and empties her glass, putting it aside on a waiter's passing tray. "This stuff goes right through me... what do you say we find the ladies room together?"

Veronica smiles sexily back at Lucy as she slowly leans forward, taller than Lucy in her six inch killer heels, her face quite close to hers now as she looks from side to side then back at her. Slowly rolls her tongue in her mouth and purrs her words out like a sexy kitten, her eyes always drawn to her precious gem. “Oh Lucy, I’m not that sort of about...well there’s a bedroom, down the hall, its ‘out of bounds’ but I’ve always found that sort of thing EXCITING...I was thinking well...we could go look at the decor, and we could get to know each other...intimately...say...five minutes?”

Mouse gapes as if shocked and surprised by this proposition, licks her lips and then bites her tongue as the corners of her mouth curl into a smirk. "I certainly wasn't suggesting that we do anything naughty... but if you are..." Her cheeks dimple into a full smile as she shakes her hair back and reaches for Veronica's hand for all to see, her voice but a mousy whisper. "Just show me the way."

Veronica smiles inwardly with victory, now all she had to do was get away from Lucy for a few moments to change, that was all she needed as she slowly takes Lucy’s hand, her well manicured nails grazing against her soft skin for a moment as she slowly turns on her killer heel and the pair slowly slip from crowded room... pausing at the door to the rest of the house and within a moment the pair have slipped beyond, the only noise the click of heels and they were in the private areas of the house as Veronica turns slowly, pushing Lucy up against the door they just came through, running her index finger up from her cleavage up to her chin, slowly grazing the skin as she leans forward, her lips almost meeting Lucy’s as she whispers huskily, “The toilet is just there sexy, you go and well...check your makeup and I’ll mark the door in a suitable fashion...just give me two very short minutes...” and with that, pulls away from Lucy walking with hips that roll from side to side, her toned round behind desperate to escape from the tight confines of the black, wetlook spandex dress as she heads towards the rooms, quickly slipping into one of them and away from Lucy’s eyes.

Mouse follows quietly as they exit the party, planning to strike once she has this woman alone in the aforementioned bedroom, leave her unconscious there, come back and plant a few baubles on her, then leave her as the fall gal. Mouse's emerald eyes get very big as the powerful woman pushes her up against the door, sighing with relief at her words. "Sure... it never hurts to fix my hair..." to herself... "Or change costumes..." Mouse moves quickly to do more than just her hair, opening pocketbook, slipping out of dress and into gold leotard, exchanging footies for heels, crawling into the vent system, straight to the office, flipping to the safe, listening to the tumblers, loving when a plan falls into place, cleaning out the safe, filling her little black bag. Mouse returns quickly through the vents, keeping out a few gems to plant on Veronica before tagging her bag and entering the toilet stall to flush it down the drain so she can retrieve it later. Now to get back into her dress before anyone is the wiser.

A smile on your face and a confident feel fluttering in your stomach you open the cubicle door to a surprise, before you stands a six-foot-tall woman in black thigh high stiletto boots, a union jack domino mask covering her features, her red hair falling across her left eye, her large breasts held severely in place by a tube bra with a skimpy matching black thong bikini bottom. Her smile is twisted and arrogant, and you hear the flexing of leather as her fists clench "Hello Lucy...or should I call you mouse... Time to give me your bounty!" A second later a powerful punch is launched directly at your head, it occurring to you, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to pick such an enclosed space on this occasion as the fist comes flying at you!

Mouse blinks at the intimidating sight of the powerful woman before her, almost not recognizing her but for the dragon tattoo along her side. "Veronica? I sorta had to... you know who I am? Oh shit!" The girl in the gold leotard gasps and ducks under the punch, gloved hand thrusting a finger strike up under the extended arm, aimed at the nerve complex there, intended to deaden the arm.

Brit Babe barely even feels the strike under her arm as it makes contact, yet a moment later a throbbing numbness throbs through her right arm, painfully deadening it and making her lose much of her raw strength in her right arm, causing her to stagger back, giving you the advantage for a short moment as you come out of the toilet striking at the built redhead... multiple strikes hit the staggered redhead, but it feels like hitting a brick wall, even the hits on her chin seem to do less than satisfactory results as she weaves, not like you would expect, not martial arts, but raw brawling as her gun belt clatters against the porcelain sink. She blocks a high kick with her numb right arm and she responds with a gut wrenching punch to the beautiful Mouse's slender stomach, one of her hidden weapons coming up for maximum effect, two ounces of powdered lead in the knuckles of her opera gloves as she strikes to wind or even crack ribs!

Mouse is surprised by the woman's ability to shake off her blows and is caught with her weight forward as the punch comes. There is a crack like a gunshot which doubles the diminutive girl in the gold leotard over, her face smacking into her foe's rock hard tummy, the flaring mass of her hair sweeping across the woman's impressive protruding chest. “Unngh.” Mouse is lifted clear off the floor by the blow, flailing gold arms and shimmering nylon legs as she flies backwards into the stall from whence she came, banging into the toilet, coming to rest on the floor in a seated position, her back against the toilet. She grimaces and shakes her head, trying to clear the cobwebs.

Brit Babe doesn’t let up, her piercing cold blue eyes flaring like a icy flame as she half pushes half throws the young blonde back into the stalls with such force the entire row of toilet stalls shakes like there was an earth quake. Not allowing the young woman a moment’s respite she quickly brings up a powerful stiletto heeled booted foot directly under her chin with a nasty SNAP!!! “Uughhnn...damn you little bitch my ARM...HOW DARE YOU...” Brit Babe without waiting a moment to even check to see if she had severely hurt the young woman reaches down, grabbing her roughly between her legs with her right arm and grabbing her by her slender neck with her left and with a great scream of exertion lifts her above her head and throws the young blonde at the long mirror behind the sinks!!

Mouse has barely had a chance to realize what’s happening when her head is snapped back with such force by the big black boot that her neck might be broken if her body were not so small and therefore simply able to follow the head. The next thing she knows she is being tossed over the counter where her dress and the sparkling sapphires she wore to the party lay waiting for her to put back on. Mouse instead crashes into the mirror on the wall with enough force to crack it, tumbling roughly into one sink, groaning and struggling to roll out of the sink, too dazed by the ferocity of this attack to realize the left sleeve of her leotard has been ripped off.

Brit Babe stands for a moment looking at the shattered glass with a pleasured grin on her face as she reaches to her side with her right hand, unclipping the large handgun from its brown leather holster, her eyes narrowing, it was time for payback, she had heard this little bitch was quick and knew sly kung fu moves...well she was going to see how she could perform...impaired...Brit Babe strides quickly across to the sinks where the sexy blonde lay groaning over the porcelain sinks, savagely grabbing a handful of blonde hair with her still good left hand, bashing the beautiful blondes face hard down into the porcelain, cracks exploding across the sink like a spiders web as she puts her lips against Mouse’s right ear and spits her words, “Lets see how well you do all that martial arts with imbalanced ears you little slut!” And with that in one swift movement Brit Babe brings the handgun up to the porcelain beside of her right ear and fires, holding the young blonde’s beautiful face into the white porcelain hard, then quickly bringing the gun to her left ear and firing into the porcelain as she holds her hard, the porcelain crumbling!

Mouse has bright lights explode in her consciousness as her nose is broken by the impact with the porcelain. The room spins away and back again as she hears her attacker's words spat in her ears. Next there is nothing but terrible throbbing ringing as if she has been hit by a sledgehammer without the blissful relief of being knocked out. Mouse crumples to the floor with the crumbling porcelain, clutching at her tummy first, then trying to crawl away on hands and knees, leotard digging deep between the shiny half moons of her flexing glutes, veering sideways into the wall and lying there writhing on her side, screeching out her agony. "AaaaaaiyeeeeEEEEEEEEE..."

Brit Babe’s heels click loudly as she slowly walks up behind you, cradling her pistol in her hands as she slowly slips it back into her holster with her now numb hand, a wicked smirk on her face, unseen to you as she stands towering above you, knowing that you probably don’t have much fight left in you, letting out a gasp of pleasure, the thrill of dominance was to her addictive as she raises her booted foot and slowly presses it onto your round behind, rocking it slowly on the arch of your back before slowly applying pressure, having done this before, the metal stud of the six inch heel pressing against your sexy behind before she slowly applies pressure. Brit Babe laughs in pleasure to herself as her heel slowly shreds the gold of the rear of your outfit as she pushes her heel into your puckered arse, the cold of her heel penetrating you by an inch as she laughs again. “Had enough sweety...or should I get rougher?...maybe knock a few of those beautiful teeth out and break those legs?”

Mouse doesn't hear the heels approach, but she feels the shadow of the looming presence. She turns her head to look, mussed hair falling across her face as the eyes watch that powerful booted leg be lifted and brought down on her backside. She gasps as she feels the leotard and the nylon beneath push into her anus until the fabric snaps. She pounds a gloved fist on the tile floor as she at first tries to squirm away and then just lies still for fear of making the violation worse. She blinks uncomprehending eyes at her attacker's rhetorical questions, tears joining the blood running from her nose as she realizes she has gone deaf.

Brit Babe stands over her, looking down on her with a total disregard for the beautiful young woman’s wellbeing as she simply puts her hands on her round hips and presses her heel until the whole length of the stiletto heel has nearly disappeared into the young woman’s behind, slowly proceeding to rock her heel so that it obscenely fucks her as she looks down at her in victory. Brit Babe looks behind her and her eyes light up, seeing the bracelets and the Star of India. She scoops the pair up, still rocking her foot idly back and forth as she slips the bracelets onto her gloved wrists, admiring them for a long moment before holding the Star of India up to the lights, admiring it for a very long minute still rocking her boot, slowly then quickly, slowly then quickly. “Mine now sweety and thank you...not that you can hear me of course...but not that you can stop me from taking it either!” And with that Brit Babe slowly pushes the large Gem between her cavernous breasts as she looks down at mouse...whimpering like her namesake in her tattered outfit, pressing her boot hard as she puts some weight on her, not enough to damage her, but she doesn’t care whether she is enjoying it or not as she muses for a long moment...a smile slowly creeping across her face as she gets an idea.

Mouse looks back with a face contorted in excruciating agony, pinned to the floor by a stiletto heel in her ass, her diminutive form twitching, beads of sweat standing up on her flesh, darkening nylons and leotard alike, even as more of both are worked into her ass with every passing second, registering a passing flicker of recognition as her jewels are taken, shaking her head as she sees the cruel smile form, begging, "Please..."

Brit Babe leaves her boot there for a long moment as she pouts and blows her a kiss, cruelly rotating her foot from left to right before slowly pulling her heel from the young woman’s behind, picking up the pile of fabric which is the young woman’s dress and her undies. Standing for a moment holding them and looking at them, then back at her before slowly walking across to her and dragging Mouse to her feet and roughly wiping her face clean with her dress as she reaches to her crotch, for a moment allowing her fingers to linger, but then roughly tearing the remains of the beautiful gold leotard from the blond and tossing it to the floor. She cups her sex and looks her in the eyes with a smirk, as Mouse’s hearing slowly returns. “I’m Brit might have heard of me, and if you have, you'll know I have no qualms with killing you here...I could snap you like a twig or put a few bullets in you...but as it stands, the only thing keeping you standing is me...I have a deal for you... We're going to go back outside, you are going to agree with whatever I talk to Papa Pimp about...and you pass a message to those slutty Danger Dolls that they are next, that TV channel of theirs is just the thing I need to raise my...profile... now you do have a choice...if you don’t agree I will kill you

Mouse pants for air in relief as the terrible intrusion is finally removed form her throbbing ass, wondering if she's been permanently damaged. By the time her tortured brain realizes she is free she is being dragged up by the hair. She looks the powerful woman up and down with wide emerald eyes, trying to decide if there is any point on all that exposed flesh that she might yet be able to strike with one of the arms dangling limply at her sides. She blinks as she thinks she hears something. Her gaze moves from the eyes behind the mask to the lips. Either she can hear again or read lips or a combination of the two because she understands the words of this bitch in black. Mouse sniffles, sweaty breasts jiggling as she shudders. She looks back up into Brit Babe's cold eyes and tries to hold that stare, but only for an instant before looking down and murmuring, "Deal."

Brit Babe smiles triumphantly as she nods knowingly at the young blonde and bends her over what was left of the sink, roughly pulling her slender arms behind her back and tying her hands together with Lucy’s own lacy underwear. When she is confident that she is sufficiently tightly bound she holds her upright and walks her out of the toilet, Lucy’s only victory was having managed to flush the spoils safely down the toilet without her powerful robber knowing otherwise. She marches the broken and defeated Lucy Tilton aka Mouse back into the party, making a beeline straight for the dangerous Papa Pimp!

Mouse is paraded out into the party, looking very small indeed next to this woman who towers more than a foot over her in those black thigh boots. She feels the eyes upon her, wearing only sweat-soaked sheer-to-waist nylons, arms bound behind her back, the pressure of this bondage on her shoulders lifting buoyant breasts against the veil of mussed hair that spills over those straining shoulders and covers much of the pained face. She shivers a bit as she is brought before the greedy lecherous eyes of the huge black man, who walks all the way around her, prodding with his cane, chuckling as he pokes at the hole in back. She wonders what Brit Babe intends and is terrified as to what the pimp might do, knowing he has fed people to his gators for less. She looks down at her nylon-clad feet and waits.

Brit Babe looks at Papa Pimp with her left hand on her hip, her right hand perilously close to her gun, as if what you had heard about her in the past might cause even the pimp to think twice at having a gunfight in here with her. She smiles victoriously, the index finger of her right hand making idle circles on her brown leather holster as she speaks in a very matter of fact tone, almost as if Lucy was a piece of meat and not even there, as she flicks her full red hair. “Mous...I mean Lucy has had a change of heart, she wants to come and work for you as one of your girls...she told me so when we were in the toilets, we had a real heart to heart, now I’m quite happy for her to do so, and you can have her for free on two conditions...” She looks at Lucy and smiles almost innocently, appraising her one last time, unsure if their paths will ever cross again as she continues to speak. “Get plenty of work put through her, I mean she’s damaged your bathroom, you need to cover your costs, she’s even agreed that she'll do guys without protection, so make sure they have a good go at knocking her up, might make her a little less of a bitch...and second, she has a message for the Danger Dolls, I’d like it that she was able to give it to we have a deal?”

Mouse gulps and feels very small indeed as Brit Babe tries to deal her to Papa, offering her up as a Ho Squader. Anything but that. She'd rather be dead. She feels the attention of everyone in the room on her as they await the pimp's reply, focused on her quivering tits, on her twitching ass, on her quavering voice as she makes a desperate plea. “Papa! She beat me up and stole my sapphires! Don't let her get away with this...”

Brit Babe looks at her with a sickly sweet smile and slowly shakes her head at the defeated blonde who can barely stay standing on her own. She slowly walks over to her, getting right in her face, whispering to her as she brings a gloved hand between her legs and slowly grips, rubbing idly at your sex through your hose as her words echo in your ears... “Oh princess...don’t worry, I’m going to have to do some very bad things to you now...if you ever get away from him...anyway I have a deal breaker...listen up good sweetie...” Brit Babe turns on her severe heel that was only minutes ago plunged deep into the young Lucy’s tight behind and she says almost off hand. “If you take this one off my hands...I’ll sell you the other Danger Dolls at 50% off each...I’m sure they would all make fitting members of your Ho Squad, shaking their assess and doing whatever or whoever you want them to...”

Mouse gulps as she feels Papa's cane suddenly drawn tight across her throat, lifting flailing nylon-clad legs off the ground, gurking , wanting to accuse Brit Babe of the yet undiscovered theft in the office but unable to speak as she chokes, struggling frantically, some in the room giggling nervously as the pimp cuffs wrists and moves panties to her mouth. "You always did talk too much, Mouse... consider yourself hired, Brit Babe." Mouse blinks wild desperate eyes at Brit Babe, shaking her head as her ankles are cuffed as well, mewling into her own panties as Papa tosses her over a shoulder, the resulting stabbing pain in her gut reminding her of the broken rib, feeling greedy fingers dig into her already throbbing ass, tightly clutching her upturned bottom as the room erupts in laughter.

(July 2010)