Moongoose runs down the street in lavender ankle booties, wearing only a straitjacket with a lavender gag/mask, the lavender sleeves of the straitjacket trailing her hands like streamers.

Mercuria greets, "Hi Moongoose."

Moongoose flaps a loose sleeve.

Mercuria tackles crimewaves, and wonders what Moongoose is on.

Moongoose tears through a group of goons like they were bowling pins, eleminates another mob boss and flips out, because that's what ninjas do.

Maxwell`Carpenter is glad he currently isn't in the Mob.

Moongoose flips out of a third story window, the crotch strap of the costume disappearing between powerful round glutes as she tucks into a ball, spinning twice before opening up to land firmly on her lavender footies.

Mercuria thinks this ninja, while flipped out, is familiar.

Moongoose looks all around, throws something down from a floppy sleeve which poofs into lavender smoke. When it clears she is gone. A delapidated van pulls out of an adjacent darkened alley.

Maxwell`Carpenter takes down the license plate of the van. The plate reads "MM 277." He tucks the paper with the license plate in his pocket.

Moongoose appears briefly in silhouette hanging upside down from ankles padlocked to van frame with the straitjacket arms secured when a backdoor swings open as the van squeals around the corner.


“Susan MacDuff, aka BlueBelle here. The past week has been another tumultuous one for Danger Doll Satellite Television and for me personally. Based on vicious accusations by Orb my ward Kei was wrongly committed to Bedlam by Judge Longo on a show broadcast by this very network. She escaped later that night, wearing only a straitjacket, and I have not heard from her since. If you have any real information concerning her whereabouts please contact DDSTV.”


Moongoose flips into view in a blatant display of powerful bare glutes, the lavender sleeves of the straitjacket she wears flapping about like streamers.

MorganDrakewing stares. “Nice glutes!”

Moongoose grins as she wraps one loose-flapping sleeve each around the necks of two thugs who look to be standing guard outside a brownstone.

Silencieux arches an eyebrow, a finger an inch or two from his ear and tracing circles in the air.

Moongoose gives both sleeves a jerk and the thugs crumple as she kicks open the door. She is not inside long before she flips out of second-story window as it explodes in lavender smoke behind her. She lands squarely on her lavender ballet booties as a black van with a red stripe and spoiler pulls up.

MorganDrakewing clap claps.

Moongoose nods and is immediately secured in the straitjacket she wears by the man in the back. She does not resist as he straps the sleeves behind and padlocks her ballet booties together, hanging her upside down from the frame in the back. Moongoose swings about as the van pulls away and the door is pulled shut. The plate reads "MM 277."

Silencieux shrugs at Drakewing.

Moongoose dangles in the back as the mysterious van cruises about the city.


A black van with a red stripe across the sides rumbles through Covington, Pennsylvania. There are a couple of dents and scratches, and spots where the paint is fading. The van is unbearably loud, its muffler dragging across the blacktop. It looks about as ramshackle as its drivers.

Moongoose dangles upside down in the back, secured by a tight straitjacket of lavender and white, her ankle booties padlocked together through the ceiling frame. A lavender gag that is part of the straitjacket covers her mouth. Her eyes look all around but seem unconcerned.

At the wheel is a thin man, looking about 24 and perfectly average in height and appearance. He has a cigarette clamped between his teeth and stares ahead at the road as though constantly afraid of instant death. He glances at the rear view mirror, seeing his partner, a larger, balding man, appearing at least ten years his senior, watching over a young woman suspended upside down from the ceiling of the van. She is still, not moving, though her eyes are open, staring straight ahead. The older man is reading a magazine as he calls out to his partner. "Wendell, throw me back a Fanta!"

Moongoose is in a mission trance, the result of strong hypnosis by a villain known as the Mind Master. The Mind Master had been lucky obtain the girl from Kriegshund nights before after she escaped from Bedlam and he instantly saw an opportunity to put her skills to use as a living zombie assassin.

Wendell, without taking his eyes off the road, opens a cooler sitting in the passenger seat, and pulls out a can of grape Fanta, which he tosses into the back. His aim is off, however, and it hits Kei in the side before clattering to the floor.

Beatty picks up the soda, but is far too wary to actually open it, fearing a spray. He puts down the magazine, and his eyes almost instantly settle on their entranced companion. “You think she can hear us?”

Moongoose twitches, her head snapping around, her eyes seemingly ready to kill any possible threat. The girl with the fitness model body twists a bit at the waist straining against the straitjacket, then slowly relaxes again as her eyes follow the can. It rolls across the floorboards and is picked up by the man whose eyes meet hers. Her eyes narrow.

Wendell nervously shakes his head at the question, looking jittery, "Don't fuck with her, man. I don't know how good her wiring is."

Moongoose blinks and seems to relax once more, dangling limply in the ridiculously sexy straitjacket the Mind Master created to restrain her with it's lavender bra cups and panty that becomes a strap in the back.

Beatty seems to disregard the warning, taking the opportunity to get a feel of her tight ass, left mostly uncovered by the thong-like panty.

Moongoose twitches once more as she feels the hand on her ass. She clenches the glute and rocks a little, shaking her head, obviously straining at the straitjacket, but making no headway with it secured as it is.

“The boss wired her fine, kid. She won't be causing us problems.” Beatty smacks his hand against her rear a couple of times while fondling it, his other hand sliding beneath a bra cup to get a feel of her smooth breast.

Moongoose rolls her hips and settles back, again ceasing to fight the straitjacket which keeps her arms pinned tightly across her belly by the extended sleeves strapped tightly behind her back, at least until her eyes blink at the smack of her ass and she shakes her head as her breast is loosened from the lavender cup. “Nnnggh...”

Wendell thinks he hears something, a sound coming from her. He almost jerks the van off the road his nerves are so bad. "Christ, man, will you cut it out?"

Moongoose tilts her head as the van veers, looking at Beatty as if questioning.

Beatty doesn't care, continuing to fondle her tit at will. His other hand is stroking her ass, a sick smile on his face as he looks down at the young girl. "Just relax and keep driving! We're fine!"

Moongoose mewls again as her nipple becomes taut and her eyes suddenly focus into big bulging brown orbs, staring straight at the man groping her. Her body tenses from head to toe, calves balling up as she rattles the padlock that holds her legs together. “Nnnggh... mmm... bbbtrrd...”

Wendell swerves again, obviously rattled at the sound of Kei regaining awareness. He looks back to see Beatty ignoring her, content to keep groping her. One hand moves to her other breast, while the other has shifted around to stroke her sex. “What the fuck, man? For the last time! Do you want to die?”

Moongoose tries to twist her bared breast away from the man's groping hand, twisting violently back the other way as he bares the other one. By the time he begins stroking the pout of her sex through the white fabric she is squirming frantically, but uselessly.

“Unless you want to join in, keep driving, motherfucker.”

“Nnnnggh... mmmmphmmmm...” Moongoose gyrates her hips in an effort to escape the stroking of her sex and only succeeds in shifting the tight fitting panty strap so that one side of it slips into the cleft between her smooth-shaven pussy lips, leaving one exposed and one covered as the strap digs inside her slit.

Beatty notices her squirming as well by now, and he swings an open hand across her face in an attempt to shush her.

Moongoose lets out a muffled yelp as she is hit. She narrows her fierce eyes at the man who slapped her. “Moo bsstrrd!”

Beatty slides the hand back over her tit, squeezing it as he starts to pump his fingers into her pussy with the other hand. If he notices her glare, then he doesn't acknowledge it.

Moongoose tries to clamp her thighs together on the hand that is invading her sex, fingers working the piece of strap deeper and deeper until it feels like it's cutting into her. “Nnnnrrrrggghhh...”

Beatty jerks his hand away from her sex, feeling her thighs become like a vise. He makes a fist and angrily throws it at her cheek.

Moongoose's head snaps back from the blow which leaves those intense eyes briefly dazed even as her body swings like a pendulum as a result.

Wendell pulls over finally, absolutely frightened out of his wits at the fate he thinks his partner is tempting. “This is bad news, man...bad, bad news.”

Moongoose is now furious, working her powerful legs and bending at the waist as she tries to twist free of restraints designed to prevent just that.

Beatty doesn't care. He pulls the cups down, exposing her perky young breasts. He pinches her nipples and strokes her inner thigh, heedless of his partner's warnings.

Moongoose squirms all about, rattling the van frame but going nowhere as the lewd man squeezes a fully ripe breast in each hand.

Wendell hops out of the van, smoking his cigarette nervously, while Beatty unzips his pants, eyes focused on Kei's chest.

Moongoose blinks as the man unzips, slowly begin to shake her head, her bare breasts oscillating in like fashion. “Nngh... nnmmmm...”

The older thug pulls his hardened cock out from his pants, and pulls down the fabric gagging the heroine.

“Why you goddamn motherfucking son of a... hhrrmph!” Moongoose finds herself quickly gagged again with something large and throbbing as it fills her warm wet mouth.

Beatty uses her tirade as an opportunity, and thrusts his cock into her screaming mouth. His hands wrap around her head as she is forced to take him in.

Moongoose gulps, her wide hazel eyes disappearing into the grinding darkness of his clenching ball sack each time he thrusts forward to push the tip of his jerking member into her throat. She nearly gags, but her cheeks hollow out and she begins to suckle in desperation.

Beatty pumps his cock quickly while inside her mouth, seeming somewhat impatient to expel his seed down her throat. He takes hold of her ears, pulling her head in and out.

Moongoose's tongue explores every nook and cranny of the thrusting cock, from base to rock hard tip as the man's scrotum continues to smack against her upturned face and her bared breasts jiggle tightly.

Beatty's eyes are closed, a stupid smile on his pudgy face as his fat cock is shoved back and forth into her unwilling throat. He's on his knees enjoying this feeling.

Moongoose sucks frantically as the pace of the thrusting and the throbbing seem to gather pace as if a steam locomotive is about to throw a rod. The dangling girl twists and turns, but is helpless to pull her head away as one hand moves from an ear into her chestnut hair, gripping tightly.

Beatty seems to enjoy how her dangling enhances the sucking, while his fingers are entangled in her hair, yanking her head in and out of his crotch. He shudders as he feels himself close to getting off.

Moongoose licks and sucks, her tongue and cheeks creating a close hot humid environment for the thrusting cock as the man's balls continue to slap her now sweaty cheeks.

Finally, he groans, his body tensing as he shoots his load down her throat, the hot cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth down along her cheek.

Moongoose gulps, trying to swallowing, but gagging instead since she is upside down. Her jaw quivers as he withdraws, her face contorting in disgust, lips moving to blurt out something which is never heard as he rolls the lavender gag back over her mouth. “Mmmmphhh...”

Beatty pats her cheek after replacing the gag. He sees Wendell staring through the windshield and waves for him to get back in the van.

Moongoose eyes the man fiercely as he pats her cheek, rattling the whole van as she bucks against her restraints one more time, then settles back with a deep breath that leaves her still exposed breasts shimmying side to side.

Wendell gets back in, holding a cup of coffee he puts in a cup holder. "Happy now?"

Beatty laughs. “Actually, yes, I am.”

Moongoose fights back a tear that dribbles down her forehead, unnoticed among the other fluids already running down her face from beneath the lavender gag. She continues to dangle, her breasts hanging out, her pussy half exposed, as the van pulls back on the highway to reunite her with the Mind Master.


Agent Leland va-vooms.

BlueBelle drives up in her custom BMW Z4, a shapely leg in pecan-tinted tights stepping out as the door opens.

Harry Savage suaves. “Hello Belle.”

“Hello Harry.”

Maxwell`Carpenter watches, waiting for Belle to get out of the car, before approaching.

BlueBelle is in full costume, metallic blue leotard over the tights, gadget belt looped about her waist that is amazingly tiny considering her other heroic proportions.

Harry Savage avoids the embarrassing drooling bit.

Deathshead can't drool.

BlueBelle struts over to the corner vendor to get a chilidog, ankle boots clicking the pavement.

Maxwell`Carpenter nods, “Ey, Belle. I got somethin fer ya.”

“Hello, citizen... what is it?” BlueBelle smiles and extends a gloved hand.

Maxwell`Carpenter smirks, with all the explosions and the fight with Robyn the other day, he's surprised that he's recognized still as just a citizen. He reaches into his suit coat pocket and pulls out a slip of paper, with a license plate number on it. “Think I saw yer girl get into a van with those plates.”

BlueBelle 's haggard face seems to lighten a bit as she takes the slip of paper. “Really? What exactly did you see? Mister...?”

“Yea. She looked different though, kinda nuts. Carpenter. Maxwell Carpenter.”

“Thank you, Max... what did you see?”

“I saw yer girl, dressed in a straight jacket with some lavender veil thing. She didn't say nothin as she assassinated some mafia goons usin skills that I saw in ninja movies before. When it was done, she threw some kinda smoke pellet thing on the ground and hung upside down, till some guys collected her, and took off in that van.”

BlueBelle narrows her dark brown eyes, revealing the first hint of wrinkles at the temples. “Guys? Collected her?”

Deathshead quips, “Probably Kei, best kill him.”

Harry Savage adds, “Soon.”

BlueBelle connects the story to reports of a sighting on Moongoose the day prior, her spirits rising as she finally has a lead.

Maxwell`Carpenter nods. “Yea, she was hangin all upside down with the sleeves of that straightjacket all bundled up and these guys came, took her down and they got in the van. She went rather willingly.”

BlueBelle winces and mumbles. "MM 277... I'll have to get Sara tracking this down immediately... You're a brave man for coming forward like this, Mr. Carpenter... Empire City needs more upstanding citizens like you!”

Maxwell`Carpenter bows. “I'm just doin my duty.”

“Well thanks again... if this is my ward Kei something odd is obviously going on...”

Maxwell`Carpenter nods and smirks. "Anytime, Doll.”

BlueBelle grabs her lunch as soon as it is ready and hurries back to the Bellemobile, zooming off toward the DDSTV Tower.


Moongoose continues to dangle upside down, trying to control her rage and think, even as the man's cum drools from her lips across her cheek. The restraint is unbelievably tight and she can't seem to move her arms an inch. She bucks, but only feels the crotch panty, already covering only half her sex, dig deeper between the lips.

Wendell opens the back door of the van, revealing Beatty and Moongoose, the heroine still hanging upside down, while the larger thug hastily fastens his pants. Apparently, he had another turn with her halfway through Horseheads.

Moongoose stares at Beatty with furious hazel eyes, looking him up and down, rattling her chains as she strains against the restraints once more.

Wendell grabs a special dolly from the back, setting it onto the ground as he glances up at Beatty. The dolly has straps along it, specially designed to hold...hostile guests. Beatty unhooks the straitjacketed Moongoose from the ceiling of the van and hefts her over his shoulder. The loutish thug sets Moongoose down onto the dolly, his hands clamped down on her shoulders while Wendell sets about fastening the straps.

Moongoose squirms as she is unhooked, trying to kick free of big guy's hands, but the straitjacket limits what she can do and he seems to know this, being very careful how he moves her to the Dolly, the driver quickly strapping her to the frame.

The two thugs wheel her through the back entrance of what looks to be a fortress built into the side of a hill. The door clangs shut behind them, locks catching ominously. Everyone glances nervously at the struggling young conscript as she is wheeled along.

Moongoose twists and strains at the restraints for several seconds, shaking her head as she sees these surroundings, eyes blinking as she recalls with dread being brought here before, and sold for less than nine thousand dollars. A tear rolls from one eye as it all floods back to her, Kriegshund selling her to the fiend to whom this fortress belongs.

Eventually, she is brought to a large set of double doors, which instantly slide open. The two thugs wheel Moongoose into a large office, with what looks like a panoramic window. It flickers slightly into static, revealing it to be a large video screen stretching across the wall. A large desk sits on a raised platform in front of the giant screen, and a chair sits behind it, its back facing the door.

Moongoose twists and turns and flexes so violently that the dolly actually bounces off the floor a bit. She obviously fears what this place means to her.

Wendell is about to speak up and ask if they're needed, but a voice from behind the desk cuts him off before he can emit a sound. "No, you can go now." The voice sounds upbeat, with a British accent.

Moongoose shakes her head wildly, almost as if she hates to see her abusers go, odd for a girl who still has the taste of one of them in her mouth. What could be more distasteful than that?

Before they can leave, he stops them. "Beatty, clean off her mouth will you? So degrading..." The voice trails off with a boozy chuckle.

"Y-yeah, boss!" Beatty makes haste, pulling down the girl's mask and wiping his cum from the girl's face with an Arby's napkin he pulled from his pocket.

Moongoose frowns at Beatty, whispering, "Please don't leave me with hrrmph..." Beatty pulls the mask back up as soon as the cleaning is finished. She sniffles.

The two thugs scurry out of the office as the doors slide shut behind them. Moongoose's handtruck starts to roll on its own, inch by inch, towards the desk.

Moongoose blinks her hazel eyes as she looks all around, obviously not wanting to face the eyes of the man in the chair with its back to her presently. Still there is nothing she can do as the Dolly rolls forward like a segway to present her to him as it has already a couple of times before.

“You've been awfully busy, haven't you?”

Moongoose shakes her head. She can't really remember what she's been doing except riding around in the van and being molested.

The chair spins around to reveal a dark-haired gentleman, not terribly large in stature, but with a broad smile and an easy laugh. In his hand is a martini glass, which he sips from quite liberally. “Well, your last job went terribly well, so I think I'm gonna give you something...your freedom!” MindMaster immediately loses it and goes into a laughing jag, slapping his knee.

Moongoose watches him, feeling fearful even as he offers to give her her freedom, her heart sinking as he turns it into a joke. The lip behind the mask curls into a pout.

“Well, that was nice. But seriously, haven't I taken care of you since you arrived?”

Moongoose narrows her eyes, wondering if the blank spots in her memory could be these missions to which he referred.

MindMaster smiles as she ponders her gaps in memory. He knocks on his desk and stares straight ahead into her eyes. Almost instantly, her memories are restored... bloody memories...

Moongoose blinks as it all comes flooding back, gulping as she recalls snapping necks with her loose sleeves, killing a man with a shuriken through his throat, kicking another out a window. She closes her eyes.

“All coming back to you now?” MindMaster shakes his head, clicking his tongue and sipping his martini. “Want a drink?”

Moongoose shakes her head because she doesn't want to recall what she does. But her sobs make it clear that she remembers.

MindMaster knocks on his desk again, and in an instant, all of the horror and pain disappears once more, as though deleted from a machine.

Moongoose now appears confused, like a person coming out of a seizure, struggling to even recall her name.

“I guess you realize now, I can do anything I want to you, right?”

Moongoose sniffles and bows her head.

“I mean, I paid a good $8,025 for you. I should be able to get my money's worth, right?”

Moongoose has no way of knowing if what he says is true or if he's gotten his money's worth. The first thing she recalls is the back of the van and a man grinding his sex into her face. She begins to cry.

MindMaster sighs as he sees her crying, not wanting to go through this again. He waves his hand, but realizes it’s the hand holding his drink. He spills some of it on his pants, muttering a curse.

Moongoose looks up at the sound of him cursing as the memories begin to flood back, her youth in Japan, telling her uncle she wouldn't kill for him, coming to school in America, wanting to be like Belle, wanting to be a superheroine. She takes a deep breath and steels herself.

MindMaster can see her memories in his mind's eye as she recalls them. He stifles a chuckle at a few of them, sipping his martini until he realizes its finished. "Son of a bitch!" he yells, before waving his hand to issue a summons to her to go into trance.

Moongoose involuntarily focuses on the man with wide-open eyes, as if suddenly filled with eager anticipation of what he is about to say, not unlike a student listening to a professor give a review before an exam.

MindMaster remembers when he first broke was a difficult ordeal, so wild she was. But her grip on sanity had been fractured, making it possible. Now, he had backdoors into her mind, allowing him safe and pleasant passage into her head. “I think you ought to be more receptive to me.” MindMaster focuses his gaze onto hers as he speaks those words, looking to project them into her open mind, for her to take them as gospel.

Moongoose starts to shake her head no, but as their eyes meet she begins to nod instead, eyes shining as they look into his.

MindMaster reaches into the fridge under his desk, pulling out a mixer. He keeps his eyes trained on hers as he starts to shake it. With a smile, he comforts, "Now, no more crying, yeah?"

Moongoose shakes her head, the expression on the masked face suddenly stoic, even as a wisp of chestnut falls across a cheek.

MindMaster nods, speaking very steadily, eyes still locked on hers. "You're going very deep soon...follow the sound of my voice...with every word, you go deeper...listen closely..."

Moongoose stares into his eyes, locked in on his words as if recording them as she is drawn into the black hole depths of his pupils.

“Deeper you'll go...the only thing you hear is me...the only thing you see is me...deeper along...”

Moongoose forgets the room and the dolly to which she is bound as he brings her to another place in her lavender and white costume.

As he chants her along into peaceful trance, his mind projects again...she's in a bedroom, wearing a less restrictive version of the lavender outfit, less restrictive and more revealing...

Moongoose finds herself in a simple lavender camisole and white panty, letting her hair down before going to bed.

Into the projection appears a figure, a ghostly outline at first, materializing at the foot of her bed. Slowly, it achieves shape and texture, color and definition...the image of Mind Master appears before her.

Moongoose smiles politely and kneels with head bowed. “Master...”

MindMaster holds in one hand a cocktail mixer, and in the other, a margarita, which he downs.

Moongoose looks up, seemingly noticing no change as her outfit becomes a lavender cami with white thigh-high stockings. She grins and crawls on the bed, the thong back of the lavender cami covering none of her upturned bottom as it wiggles side to side.

MindMaster flashes a boozy, rakish grin as he holds his arms out to his charge.

Moongoose rolls to her back and bicycles her powerful legs up the air, muscles flexing under the soft white mesh of her stockings.

MindMaster hops onto the bed, right next to her. He rolls on top of her, giggling all the while.

Moongoose giggles with him as he straddles her, her ample very ripe breasts bulging against the lavender fabric of her cami. “Silly Master...” She draws one leg back, snaking it under his arm and teasing the toes up his chest.

As he smiles, his clothes seem to melt away, leaving him absolutely naked as he straddles. He giggles again as she draws his toes over his chest.

Moongoose walks the white-nylon-clad toes up his chest to his chin and slips them in his mouth.

MindMaster chokes slightly, giggling in surprise as he starts to suckle her stocking toes, flicking his tongue across them.

Moongoose giggles and does the same with her other leg until the balls of her left foot are patting his cheek as he licks the toes of her right foot. “Master not mind if Moongoose please him... no?”

MindMaster mumbles into her feet as he suckles her toes, grinning through it all. "Mmmdn't mmnd mmatall..."

Moongoose has legs perfected by hours of workout every day for years, curves and connections of calves and quads all hamstrung together beautifully, and on full display as her toes tease.

MindMaster strokes his fingers along her solid stocking-clad legs, admiring them as he swabs his tongue over the toes working inside his mouth.

Moongoose smiles and flops back with eyes closed, the lavender cami pulling tight across the shapes of jutting breasts and the clefted pucker of her sex.

MindMaster takes a long look at her toned young body as his tongue dampens her nylon-clad toes, his arousal taking form as his member brushes against the rear of her thigh.

Moongoose writhes in ever-increasing ecstasy as she works her legs, rubbing the soles of her stockings all over the face of her Master like groping hands, inadvertently in the process working the crotch of her cami back and forth against her tight tingling folds even as it disappears into the cleft of her smooth clean-shaven pout.

MindMaster reaches down to pull her crotch away from her sex, his cock engorged and ready. The tip of his head glides against her folds just so briefly as he prepares to enter.

Moongoose squeals out as his cock touches the tight puckered peach-shape of her sex, her legs suddenly wrapping around his neck. "I'll kill you," she screams! But it all fades away and she is left standing, strapped to a dolly, restrained by a straitjacket, the mask extension of which muffles her cry, the exposed lip of her sex now glistening as the crotch of the straitjacket digs into her slit.

MindMaster feels himself being shoved back into his chair, his head pounding as he is forced out. Not the reaction he'd hoped for. He feels something wet on his upper lip, and touches only to find blood. His nose is bleeding.

Moongoose stares at him with furiously narrowed eyes as she realizes what just happened, the mask hides her little smirk of satisfaction as she spots the blood.

MindMaster glares at her, enraged. His nostrils flare as he locks eyes with her again, forcing his mind into hers once more, attempting to take her into depth and blackness again.

Moongoose twitches, shaking her head a couple of times, but she still cannot take her eyes from his. His control is strong and after a moment she is again falling into the darkness, waiting to be instructed.

MindMaster appears before her again, in the blackness, but this time, his form shifts and changes...he is no longer Mind Master; in her mind, he stands before her as BlueBelle!

Moongoose gapes as her mentor appears before her. She whispers, "Belle?"

FauxBelle approaches her with a grim look on her face, scowling at her former charge. From behind her back, she produces a knife, which she stabs into the girl's abdomen without hesitation.

Moongoose stares downward as she is stabbed, blinking, confused, choking.

FauxBelle twists the knife deep into Kei's flesh as she spits out the words, "You've lost, Kei. You're damaged, no good to me or the team. Mind Master can keep you. Maybe he can use a pet.”

Moongoose gulps as she slumps over, barely able to speak as she looks up, fingers of a lavender glove spread wide as it reaches upwards. "Nngh... plssss... B... bllll... nngh..." The hand falls back to clutch at her tummy as she rolls over in a fetal position.

The apparition disappears, as does the wound shortly after, but the feeling remains.

MindMaster returns to view, standing over Kei with a cold glare leveled onto her. "That's her message to you."

Moongoose sniffles and nods, her eyes still locked onto his.

“Do you need that?”

Moongoose shakes her head.

“Of course you don't. Get up.”

Moongoose does as commanded. "Yes Master!"

MindMaster stares her dead into the eyes, his words echoing in this space. "Your next to murder BlueBelle."

Moongoose nods, clenching the lavender glove of what was a dying hand only a moment before. "Hai!"

“By any means necessary.”


There is only one accessible entrance to MindMaster's lair, set into the side of a hill somewhere in Horseheads, NY. While visible, the door is virtually unguarded from the outside. And therein lies the it really defenseless, or a trap? Outside the hillside lair is a black van with a red stripe painted all the way around the sides and back, much like the van from the A-Team. The plates match those reported at previous Kei sightings.

BlueBelle puts on her traditional costume, metallic blue leotard over pecan-tinted tights. She lets the tracking hovercam that followed the van guide her, driving Bellemobile out into the countryside toward the wilds near Horseheads of all places. Belle spots the van, parks her Z4 next to it and gets out, scanning the entrance in the hillside with infrared goggles from her gadget belt as she approaches.

The huge steel doors open, and out walk a lanky young punk and a broad, loutish thug, muttering to each other about their lot, specifically the dressing down they received for leaving the van outside. What if it's seen, the boss asked. Like they're stupid or something.

BlueBelle chuckles, drawing her brightsword as she runs forward, on the men in seconds, slashing at them like a Jedi with a lightsaber, her version set on taser, as she aims to take them both out with one sweeping two-handed stroke of the humming beam of blue energy.

The thin one goes down with little trouble, too frozen in fear to move. The big one manages to dodge the first slash, and lunges at Belle with all his weight.

BlueBelle takes a step back and meets the lunge by going to an en guard position, her blade pointed straight into the center of the lunging man.

The burly thug gets the point, literally, and convulses before falling to the ground, unconscious. The door is still open, but only for a moment, as it slowly begins to draw shut.

BlueBelle spins away from the large man as his collapsing frame nearly buries her as he goes down. She makes a face at the smell of him as he brushes against her. She looks up and dashes for the closing door, thinking luck is certainly with her so far.

The door does close itself tightly, though too late to keep her out. A long corridor, lit by hanging ceiling lamps, welcomes Belle. Two more men, both looking in better shape than the first two, race down the corridor to greet her.

BlueBelle eyes them cautiously, raising her weapon as she walks calmly forward to meet them, her ankle boots making clicking footfalls on the concrete floor that seem to echo down the long corridor.

The two men, both tall and lithe, draw swords from scabbards at their waists, and both of them swing for the flame-haired heroine.

BlueBelle parries one and then the other, sparks flying, having fenced a great deal during her days as a competitor in modern pentathlon. She is however surprised to find a villain using swordsman as his defense. She sidesteps and attempts to parry one man's thrust straight into his partner.

The partner manages to cartwheel away, leaving his mate to stumble aside. Both of them regroup for a moment, taking a more aggressive stance, before lunging for her again, one swinging, the other stabbing.

BlueBelle ducks the swinging blade and parries the stabbing thrust down into the floor, so that as she steps forward into a lunge she can thrust up into the torso of man who stabbed at her.

The stabbing soldier is caught defenseless, as his chest meets the brightsword's blade. He goes down in a convulsive fit, while his partner swings sideways, trying to catch her.

BlueBelle is forced to twist away from the slashing blade, rolling as she hits the ground, missing the piece of metallic blue leotard with her insignia as she comes up to her feet. Heaving breast flesh bulges from the opening. Her brown eyes darken.

The surviving soldier smirks, leering at her exposed skin before he makes another move. He delays just a second before readying himself and his blade to strike again.

BlueBelle gives the man a stern annoyed look, draws her grapple gun and fires a grapple hook straight at the man's midsection.

He doubles over, arms wrapped around his stomach as the wind is knocked straight out of him. He tilts over, falling on his side to the floor, where he writhes in agony.

BlueBelle ziplines the hook back to the gun and holsters it as she strides over, kicking the man's sword away from him before nudging him with a boot so that he looks up at her long powerful legs in pecan-tinted nylon. “I'm looking for Kei... a Japanese girl... some may call her Moongoose...”

The man shakes his head, his lips shut tight, despite the odd grimace and groan.

BlueBelle takes a deep breath that seems like it may pop the already torn top of her leotard. "All I want is to be pointed in the right direction..."

He shakes his head again, and again...and again. Faster and faster it seems, as the man lets out a most unearthly scream. Finally, his head comes to a stop, albeit too late...the man's eyes have rolled back into his skull, and he breathes no more.

BlueBelle grimaces, realizing she just witnessed a very unpleasant death. As she continues cautiously along the corridor she can't help but wonder if there was a bit of Brazilian wandering spider venom in a capsule somewhere in his body that was released by remote control or something. But her mind quickly refocuses on finding Kei.

The rest of the corridor looms ahead, like a gauntlet, beckoning Belle forward. More footsteps can be heard, as a group of six soldiers sprint down the hall, fists at the ready.

BlueBelle raises a brow and can only hope this resistance means she's in the right place. She prepares to wade into the men with her beam of blue once more spinning and slashing about, attempting to cut through them quickly, before any can really engage her in hand to hand.

She manages to cut down the first two before they can become a factor, but the others quickly launch a flurry of punches and kicks at her, like a well-oiled unit.

BlueBelle grunts as the first blow gets inside her weapon's sweep, stumbling into a second, weapon knocked from her hands by a third, doubled over by a fourth, driven to her knees as the four men converge.

The four men continue to come at her hard, firing savage kicks into her chest and stomach, lighting her up as best they can.

BlueBelle goes to hands and knees, refusing to give up even as kicking boots hammer her from all directions, but is sent spinning to her back by one particularly well-aimed boot, sprawling out on impact. She lifts her head as if trying to clear the cobwebs and another boot nearly knocks it off. Hair explodes from the blow like flames and she lies still.

The four men look down at her, approaching her prone body as though investigating whether she's really out cold. One of them picks up her brightsword, looking it over like a new toy.

BlueBelle is as inert as her weapon which is set to only function in her hand and therefore inoperative to the thug examining it. Her head lolls to one side as she is nudged, the nipple of her left breast now peeking out through the hole in her costume.

One of the men goes to check her pulse, checking on her condition, while the others continue to ogle her and her weapon.

BlueBelle's heart rate is strong and steady as is her breathing, her chest rising and falling, exposed nipple protruding more and more with every breath. She groans.

The men grab her by her forearms and ankles. On three, they lift her off the ground and carry her down the corridor, holding her as still as can be managed.

BlueBelle murmurs sleepily as she is hoisted up, but remains out cold. There is no further resistance from the heroine as she is carried away.

The four men carry her into an elevator toward the end of the hall, each of them fumbling to keep her steady while trying to press the correct button. Finally, one of them manages to hit it, and the door closes. An instrumental version of "Borderline" is piped into the descending elevator.

BlueBelle remains prone at shoulder level as she takes the ride down into the villain's citadel.

The elevator reaches its destination, eight floors down. The men carry Belle through another corridor, this one dimly lit by torches, leading to a large set of double doors with the letters "MM" embossed across them.

BlueBelle remains inert except for her breathing, her bare breast jiggling and gadget belt rattling as a result of the jostling of being carried.

The doors instantly open as the men approach, hefting their curvaceous cargo inside. They carry her over to the desk at the center of the room, and set her down on top, splayed across it like a discarded doll.

BlueBelle sprawls as she is deposited, limbs flopping out over each of the four corners, her head lolling backwards over one end, waves of reddish brown nearly reaching the floor.

MindMaster spins around in his chair, almost shocked to see the heroine on top of his desk. His eyes are as wide as a child's at Christmas, and his lips curl into a gleeful sneer.

BlueBelle lies there before him, her eyes closed, the taut nipple of the breast flesh protruding though her torn costume pointing straight at the ceiling.

MindMaster uses his power to open her eyelids without even the slightest touch, and looks into her lifeless eyes. He tries to gaze into the unconscious heroine's mind, to get a sense of the landscape.

BlueBelle stares blankly and her conscious mind is just as blank, allowing a rare passage beyond into the subconscious where the scars of the people the heroine has lost haunt her constantly, resulting in her need to protect everyone. There are thoughts of the dead Tiffany Truesdale, the now insanely vengeful Carly Patterson, the lovely Alexiel Ciannor, and mostly the missing Kei Kishimoto.

MindMaster cackles to himself as he watches her parade of loss, beautiful women all, who've met terrible fates. In his hands, however, those images shift into twisted perversions, parodies of themselves. The women all appear as festishized versions of themselves, lined up in single file. Each of them, upon their turn, strips Belle of a piece of clothing or an accessory, starting with her belt.

BlueBelle is slowly stripped bit by bit in her mind. Tiffany takes the boots and gadget belt, "Powerbelts are like training wheels, soon one learns to operate without them..." Carly takes the bullet and fireproof leotard, "This could have saved Rex..." Alexiel takes the tights, "And now for my next trick..." Kei smirks, "Belle! You're... uhm... bare assed..."

On their next pass, the girls take turns replacing the items...although, in light of their own fetishization, the items they dress her in are innocuous, yet far more salacious. Kei dresses her in bright pink hose, Alexiel slides her into a deeper pink leotard with an oval cut across the chest to allow a greater view of her abundant décolletage. Carly fits lacy white gloves over her hands and snug little ankle booties onto her feet, and Tiffany snaps a white belt over her waist, loaded with candy and tiny children's toys.

BlueBelle twitches as though greatly troubled by this image of herself as Molly Whipple visiting the children's hospital, frowning at her old friends and teammates as if greatly confused.

The girls line up in front of her, waving her old items before her face as though teasing her. They begin to speak, in unison, "Why did you fail us, Belle?"

BlueBelle feels that familiar tightness in her throat as her heart races and her breathing becomes more labored, protesting in her mind through the sobs, "I know... I know... I've tried so hard... but I... failed... if only..."

They continue to tease her with her costume and accessories, twirling them about as they continue their confrontation. "You've failed us, you've failed the city, the network and the team. You're no good to us as a leader...but you'll make a wonderful toy!"

BlueBelle looks around at them as they pick at her in the pink costume, asking in her subconscious, "Where's Molly? Where's Sara? Where's Callie?" For a moment she recalls her recent rescue of the young television action star of USAngel and what the girl told her. Belle blinks, literally as well as figuratively, "I can only do what I can do... in the end you are all responsible for yourselves!"

One by one, seemingly in response to her questions, each girl transforms...Tiffany becomes Molly, Carly becomes Callie, Alexiel becomes Sara, and Kei shifts into Yumi's form. All four Dolls nod in agreement, saying in unison, "They're right." They begin to set fire to the pieces of her old costume, representing pieces of her persona burning away...

BlueBelle screams out in pain as she experiences being burned alive, her eyes flickering open for real, panting for air and shaking her head as she realizes where she is, trying to spin around on the desk and kick the man staring into her eyes.

MindMaster catches a boot to the face, spinning around in his chair before falling out, dazed. He lets out a boozy cackle, snapping his jaw back into place. "Oh, you are good!"

BlueBelle hops off the desk, looking all around to get her bearings, reaching to her gadget belt instinctively, only then recalling that she lost her brightsword, drawing her grapple gun instead.

MindMaster reaches his hand out, drawing for her grapple gun with his telekinesis as he realizes the need to disarm her quickly.

BlueBelle wrestles with the gun in her hand almost as if with an invisible man. She strains with effort, attempting to bring the gun up and fire a zipline that would whip around and around the chair of the man who was staring into her eyes in hopes of binding him to it. Her whole body shakes with the effort, her bared breast jiggling.

MindMaster is still on the floor behind his desk, having been knocked out of his chair by her kick. The zipline misses its mark anyway, the result of his telekinetic meddling. He tries to pull the gun away still.

BlueBelle loses the gun to her invisible foe, gulping as she backs away, her eyes furtive as they look to the door and she begins to run.

But the door is already shut, and with a wave of his hand, it becomes invisible, a solid stone wall facing her in its stead.

BlueBelle blinks and gropes the wall, knowing full well that doors don't just turn into walls, seeing if her sense of touch can overcome the illusion.

MindMaster has pulled himself to his feet by now. He starts to approach her, grappling gun in hand. His illusions are almost always inescapable, and besides, he knows the double doors are quite heavy to open if she did find them.

BlueBelle finds a handle and strains to pull it open, legs in shimmering tights flexing, arms in shiny blue bulging.

MindMaster mutters a curse as the illusion is shattered. He raises the gun to her back, looking to fire a hook at her back in order to shove her into the wall, which would conceivably knock the wind out of her...with that plan in mind, he pulls the trigger.

BlueBelle feels the door coming open and also suddenly sees it opening as well, but an instant later she is hit in the back so hard as to drive her against the door, shutting it and knocking the wind from her lungs. Despite her best efforts she sinks to her knees.

MindMaster holds out his hand, using his telekinesis to easily push the door back into place. He swings the gun into her temple as she is winded, dismayed at having to get his hands this dirty.

BlueBelle is conked on the head and topples over, splaying out on the floor on her back, bare breast wobbling as her head lolls to one side, a splash of hair across her face.

MindMaster looks at the gun in his hand, and with a thought, begins to vaporize it. The weapon is reduced to ashes in moments, and he grabs her wrists and starts dragging her back from the door. He is even more horrified to realize he may be sobering up.

BlueBelle 's fleshy form is dragged unceremoniously across the floor, her shimmering legs trailing.

MindMaster finally reaches his desk, and pulls off her gloves, one by one, before dropping her hands. He diligently checks them for weapons.

BlueBelle lies next to the desk as her captor begins to do physically what he earlier did mentally, beginning with her gloves, one of which has a combination blade and lock pick in it.

MindMaster does what he did to her grappling gun, and telekinetically disintegrates her gloves, along with the blade/lockpick. He moves onto her boots, pulling them off with strong tugs, then checks them both for concealed items.

BlueBelle lies still as her legs are lifted one by one and her boots removed. One boot also has a small knife hidden in it.

MindMaster sets the boots on the floor and starts to disintegrate them as well, while hopping over to his desk and pulling a bottle of hard lemonade from the cooler in his bottom drawer.

BlueBelle waits on the floor like sleeping beauty in her shimmering tights and blue leotard.

MindMaster returns to her motionless body, rolling her onto her stomach and unzipping the leotard. He reaches in, not only to pull it off, but also to search for more hidden weaponry.

BlueBelle has nothing but her ample flesh hidden inside the leotard, flesh which spills out as he works the garment off her arms and down until it hangs up on the gadget belt about her waist.

MindMaster unclasps the gadget belt and tosses it aside. He pulls the leotard down from her waist, and along her legs. He tosses it over to the belt and boots after pulling it off, and again uses his power to disintegrate the accessories and clothing.

BlueBelle lies before him all but naked in her pecan-tinted tights, the shimmering translucent nylon hugging the shape of every curve and crevice, including that of the smooth clean-shaven pout between her thighs.

MindMaster rolls Belle onto her back again, cradling her head in his lap and gently smacking her face, looking to wake her, while his eyes prepare to lock onto hers.

BlueBelle blinks her eyes open and stares up at her captor.

MindMaster focuses his gaze straight onto her as she stares, the gaze that has paralyzed so many before her.

BlueBelle holds his eyes and does not move, unsure what he is trying to do to her, but now aware he is quite powerful.

“I've tried to be creative, but now you've forced me to be direct.” Mind Master shakes his head and takes a swig of his hard lemonade, not once taking his eyes off of her. “You're a failure, Susan. You've failed the team, you've failed your loved ones. You've even failed to keep your clothes on.”

BlueBelle narrows her eyes but continues to stare back even as her jawline twitches.

MindMaster frowns, not satisfied with what he's done, but realizing she won’t let him in her mind again. He wasn't just chosen to eliminate the vaunted heroine...he was hired to break her first. But who will ever know? He snaps his fingers, and the door opens. Standing in the doorway is a solitary figure, her straitjacket undone, holding a freshly sharpened katana.

BlueBelle continues to stare into the man's eyes even as a familiar figure in lavender enters the room, refusing to let her excitement register.

Moongoose strides into the room, possessed of a singular purpose. She raises her katana over her head as she approaches her former mentor, poised to plunge it into her breast.

MindMaster sighs and shrugs, "Shame, I hardly got to enjoy this one."

BlueBelle waits until nearly the last instant before rolling out of the way in a wild display of careening flesh, demonstrating the control of her mind was not as complete as it may have appeared. “Kei... it's Belle... you're being controlled... fight it...”

MindMaster looks down to see the sword piercing his calf. He sees blood beginning to pool and run, then looks up at her, filled with rage and agony. He screams words that can't be repeated here, then shouts to Moongoose, "Dammit, kill her!"

The brainwashed young apprentice pulls her sword from his leg and turns to face Belle, snarling through her mask.

BlueBelle comes to her feet, her bare chest heaving in relief at first. "Thank goodness I found you, Kei." Belle gasps as Kei turns. "No Moongoose... er... Kei... this is Susan... I love you or I wouldn't be here!"

Moongoose lunges at Belle, slashing repeatedly at her midsection. She makes no attempt at recognition, screaming angrily as she attacks.

BlueBelle dances back from the attack, bending at the waist as she sucks in her tummy to escape the slash, yelping as a bobbling breast is creased instead. "Yeow! Kei! Please!"

Moongoose drives Belle back with each thrust and swing, looking to gain ground in this fight, so she can do what she must...and yet, she seems to pull a thrust aimed for Belle's heart.

BlueBelle uses all her skill to dodge a couple of thrusts, her flesh glistening from the effort, even as she realizes Kei would have already killed her if there was not an internal struggle taking place. “Kei! Moongoose! Whatever! I know you know me!”

Moongoose lets out an otherworldly shriek as she charges headlong into Belle, shoving her into the wall and pinning her there with a forearm to Belle's throat. She holds the tip of her katana, stained with MindMaster's blood, at Belle's chest, menacingly poking her flesh.

BlueBelle gulps as she is cornered, glancing down at the sharp point between her juddering breasts, before looking back up into the eyes of the girl in the straitjacket costume. "I would never control you, Kei... I've recently learned from Callie that you young women can make your own decisions... it is not all up to me... please snap out of his control before you do something you'll regret!"

Moongoose is trembling now, trying to finish her assignment, if she can only thrust that thing just a little further...but she can't. She drops the sword and pulls down her mask. Tears are streaming down her cheeks as she sinks to her knees, beginning to sob.

BlueBelle bends quickly to scoop up the sword in one hand while patting Kei on the shoulder with the other. "There's no time to cry now. We need to get out of here!" Belle's grip of the shoulder tightens as she looks up for the Mind Master. "And I need your help!"

But she may have looked up too late, as what she sees is a large teak desk sailing through the air, headed straight for them!

BlueBelle pushes Kei to the floor as the desk sails overhead, showering them with debris as it hits the doors and knocks them open. "Run Kei! See if there are stairs..."

MindMaster is still sitting on the floor, having tied a piece of his shirt around his still-bleeding wound. With an agitated wave of his hand, he throws his chair straight at Belle.

BlueBelle oophs as the chair hits her and knocks her into the corridor beyond, still woozy as Kei tosses her over a shoulder and runs for the stairs with sword in hand.

MindMaster staggers to his feet, dragging his leg along as he limps after them. With a scream, he levitates himself a couple of inches off the ground and begins to hover after the heroines, while sounding the alarm through the compound.

BlueBelle winces as forces beyond her or her ward's control slam the door to the stairs shut before them. Kei spins and throws the katana at the Mind Master with that unerring ability of hers even as Belle tries to warn, "Wait, he can fly it back at us..." But it is too late, the sword is already sailing through the air.

MindMaster could have sent the sword back at them, but overindulgence of alcohol and excessive blood loss have dulled his reflexes, and he is struck squarely in the chest by the blade. Instantly, he falls to the floor, unmoving. The door to the stairs pops open, as do all of the elevator doors, but most of these doors have guards behind them, who begin to flood the corridor.

BlueBelle and Kei wade into the guards, Kei doing a yeoman's share of the work, flinging shurikens in mid-air while doing inverted splits kicks in her obscene outfit. Not that Belle can talk, as she struggles to take out a couple of guards in more workman fashion while wearing no clothes at all.

One of the elevator doors is open, and as the heroines realize that, so do the guards, who fling themselves at the Dolls with foolish bravado.

BlueBelle smiles as Kei grabs her hand and throws down a smoke bomb that explodes in a cloud of lavender. The two heroines are ascending in the elevator by the time the guards realize they are punching each other.

An instrumental version of "Big Pimpin'" is playing during the trip to ground level. As the elevator opens, another battalion of guards is waiting, fronted by the four men who defeated Belle in the first place.

BlueBelle follows Kei out of the elevator as in her Moongoose guise she proceeds to take them apart, Belle marveling at the young woman's skills. Lavender sleeves whip out, straps wrap around necks which with a yank are snapped even as lavender booties snap up into one midsection after another.

One of the four grabs at the waistband of Belle's tights, trying to ensnare her long enough for his group to pounce en masse.

BlueBelle kicks the man who grabs her tights between the legs, leaving him bent over as she takes on another guard or two in Kei's wake, but it is mostly the young heroine who leads them to the exit where the Bellemobile waits.

A trail of broken bodies lay behind them as they make it out, Mind Master's men mostly out cold or in too much pain to give chase. As the heroines peel out in the Bellemobile, a shadowy figure watches from the brush, cracking his knuckles and scowling with displeasure. This wasn't the outcome he had in mind...

(March 2009)