Molly Whipple in Prison

Molly Whipple is yanked out of the back of the van, only her superior balance keeping her on her feet. Her pink dress is a bit askew, one strap off the shoulder, due to the restraints pulling her arms behind and not leaving them free to fix it. There are two sets of cuffs attached to leg irons by thirty-inch chain, one set connecting wrists to ankles, the other elbows to knees. She hobbles along on pink heels.

Molly Whipple looks all around as she is ushered inside, her blue eyes wide, her jaw twitching. Her transport team is anxious to get their papers signed and head back to the city. "She's all yours... have fun little movie star... these boys don't have the same constraints we do..." The exiting transport guard gives the curved shape of her bottom a slap through the pink dress that barely covers it as he exits.

Molly Whipple yelps, her head snapping around, her eyes narrowing. "Who do you think you arrrggghhh..." She doubles over as one of the prison guards thrusts his nightstick into her midsection. Another grins. "Just leave the restraints and hang her upside down by the ankle cuffs for inspection." Two guards chuckle as they grab the doubled-over girl and turn her up, hooking the ankle chain over a dangling hook.

Molly Whipple twists and turns and strains as she finds herself hanging upside down. Her heels fall off her feet and her dress slides to her armpits, leaving plain pink panties and modest pert boobs exposed. "Hey, you bastards! What are yoooooh... whoa, you can't do this to me! Help... Hey... hrrrmmph!" Her cries are unceremoniously muffled by her own panties being ripped from her body and stuffed in her mouth.

Molly Whipple blinks as the two men shred her dress as well, using a piece to tie the gag of panties in place. She finds herself hanging naked before her captors, her nether regions upturned at eye level for inspection. She squirms as she feels the guards’ fingers on her sex. "Damn, the rumors are true... she's as smooth as a baby's ass!" "And tight as a tourniquet too!"

Molly Whipple sucks on the gag as she feels one cruel fingers dig inside her rectum and another push into her hot humid sex. Tears fill her eyes as both hands probe about, searching for foreign objects, without regard for her comfort. "Cunt clean as a whistle." "Nothing here." "Shit, she's so tight I can't get my hand out! Fucking relax, bitch!" The guard punches her in the stomach. She grunts as his hand comes free. "Nngh."

Molly Whipple pants for air through her own panties as the ordeal ends, her blinking watery eyes watching as the two guards remove disposable gloves and toss them like her clothes into a waste disposal chute. As they step away her eyes widen at the sight of their boss pointing the nozzle of a high-pressure hose at her. The smack of the water on her dangling flesh reverberates about the stone cell.

Molly Whipple shakes her head and tries to turn away, but there is no escape from the blast of cold water. Her captor is very thorough, making sure to blast every nook and cranny, every curve and contour. She is left breathless, shivering, still shuddering tits and ass glistening wet, her blond hair a matted mop, dripping water going down a drain in the floor.

Molly Whipple seems a little dazed as the first two guards return with sprayers. "Can't have vermin or fungus growing on you can we... heh..." The two men grinning as they coat her with foul-smelling spray that burns her eyes and stings her skin. The head guard walks over and gives her ass a smack and a squeeze. "We'll let you drip dry until morning, sweet cheeks."

Molly Whipple stares back at the upside down men leering at her for several seconds, sniffling a bit as she realizes she is totally at their mercy. The guards smirk, not telling her anything more before they turn off the light and leave her hanging, the still darkness soon filled with scuttling sounds that send shivers running up and down her spine. Rats? She gulps. How long until morning?

Molly Whipple is not the sort who tends to wait for opportunities, but makes her own. And so she bends up at the waist and knees, feeling the chains behind tighten between her ass cheeks as she lifts her mouth toward the hook from which she hangs. She demonstrates amazing flexibility as she uses the hook to remove her gag. But that is nothing!

Molly Whipple catches her sopping panties about the hook and bites down on them, shaking with the effort as she lifts the chain of her heel cuffs up and back over her head away from the hook. She unclenches her teeth and falls, smacking to the wet concrete in a rattle of chains. She rolls to her front and begins to inch across the floor, rubbing her taut little buds raw in the process.

Molly Whipple crawls past a hundred pairs of glaring red eyes into the hallway beyond and on toward the door where she was brought in. There is faint light here. She gets up on her knees and pushes the outside door open and looks about. She can see two guard towers, on each corner of the wall beyond the yard. She slips outside and begins to inch across the yard on her belly, sticking to the shadows.

Molly Whipple is almost to the wall when she is suddenly blinded by bright light from behind, a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as she realizes there was a third tower atop the facility itself. She is been caught like bug on a rug, her naked chained ass highlighted from above as sirens sound and several guards arrive to stomp her writhing flesh into oblivion before dragging a limp ragdoll back inside.


Molly Whipple stripped naked as a nail, cuffed at ankles, knees, wrists and elbows with arms behind and hung upside down with mouth at belt height after her failed escape so that she might pay her respects to each guard she betrayed in the attempt. A line forms. Some guards unzip and smile. Others just sneer and punch her unprotected naughty bits.

The guard steps up to her, a big, gnarled man, a bit on the larger side, but a mountain of muscle mixed in with his fat...He sneers down at the woman, "That was pretty funny of ya, wasn't it?! Hey look, I'm funny, too!" The guard pulls his nightstick out, and would arc it down, to smash it against her sex, his rock-hard groin in front of her face.

Molly Whipple looks up with pained eyes, shaking her head, bellowing out in agony as the smack reverberates about the cell, the smooth pout reddened and swelling. “AarrrRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH...”

The guard unzips his pants, letting his cock spill out, still looking...unhappy, from her escape. But it was soon ready for business...he chose her scream, as the time to push it forward, intentionally trying to hit her gag reflex, sneering down. "Suck, or we break your fucking jaw, and pull out every tooth in that pretty little head..."

Molly Whipple chokes as the huge cock is forced into her mouth all the way to her throat. She has no choice but to suck, gulping and gagging at first until her throat relaxes. Then her cheeks hollow out and her tongue begins to explore, bathing every nook and cranny of his disgusting throbbing gristle with her warm wet saliva.

The guard reaches down and takes a firm grip of her hair, beginning to bob her head up and down his shaft, snarling...forcing her nose to bump against his balls, even as his uncut, dirty sore cock hammered it's way in and out of her esophogus... "Yeah...suck it...suck it hard, whore!" The guard laughs as one of the other men reaches up, beginning to massage her little cunt...even as a fist hammered into her side, smashing against her ribs. They took her escape attempt personally.

Molly Whipple works frantically as if out of desperation, tongue flailing like the limbs of a drowning girl, fluttering along the underbelly of the beast as it plunges, lurching and choking again as she is punched. Her eyes are wide with shock in the brief glimpses of them to be seen between the rhythmic slapping of hairy sweaty scrotum to her reddened her cheeks with every thrust.

The guard grunts and it seems as if he doesn't care if she chokes or not, merely feeling that tongue work it's way along his bruised meat, hammering the dirty form of the girl, who they didn't let shower, or even sleep...yeah, they'd work her over quite a bit, letting her realize just WHY escaping was a bad idea...he snarled down, even as one of the men poked a big, black nightstick at her abused twat-lips... "Yeah, you just had to try us, didn't you? Had to go and think you could just sashay that sweet little ass around, and bounce those million dollar tits...fuckin' idiot, look where it got ya! I got yer fuckin' autograph, cunt! Take it!" The guard coats her mouth with precum, even as that nightstick begins to push...and push harder.

Molly Whipple gurgled deep in her throat as she felt the cock begin to jerk. It wouldn't be long coming now. Instinctively she sucked even harder as she felt the nightstick probe her clefted mound, made even tighter by its swollen state. Fucked coming and going her body began to tingle and her back arch. Involuntarily her loins began to hump the nightstick. "Mmmm... mmmmph... mmmm... mmhhmm... mmmm... mmmMMM..."

The guard grunts and fucks her face even harder then before, and his cock hardened, absolutely painful, thanks to her little dance number last night, but it was still intense, and he still groans in pleasure even as his eyes close in agony. After a moment, he shoots into her mouth, and he can't help but cry out, feeling his tortured member blast into her... "S...urrrk...swallow it! Swallow it all!" The guard bellows even as that nightstick pushes firmly into her, slamming HARD, trying to ram into her womb, from the force of it...he can't help himself, and pulling his swollen cock back, shoots a stream of piping hot, clear liquid into her face, nearly cross-eyed from the sensation.

Molly Whipple is gripped, not only literally by half a dozen hands, but also by a bit of panic as her throat is filled with molten lava, gulping for dear life, sputtering with relief when after a few seconds he withdraws to coat her hot freckled face. Her writhing loins lurch and lock around the nightstick as she focuses on her own climax. “AaarrrRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH...” Molly Whipple with sudden force her clenches legs and ass twist, attempting to wrench the nightstick away. She bends at the waist and the knees, amazingly bringing her cum-drooling mouth to the hook over which her cuffed ankles hang. She bites down on the hook and lifts her ankles free, flopping to the floor with a splat, instantly trying to wriggle away like a worm.

All the guards laugh and give her berth when she lands with a wet thud to the concrete below, and watch that magnificent ass wriggling in a most entertaining fashion...they laugh, but one of the guards boots her in the back of the head, and then a second later, attempts to step on her head, pressing it against the dirty floor... "You just don't learn, do ya? Fuckin' imbecile, you think this is some shit movie you did? You know, one of those that tanked at the box office? No, cunt, this is real fucking life. And heroics, earn you...this." One of them takes off his belt, aiming it right at her ass, and of course it wouldn't just stop at one.

Molly Whipple wriggles frantically across the hard floor, unable to pull free of the cuffs or snap the chain, road rashing flattened boobs on the cold floor, getting halfway to the door with her pitiful escape attempt before a boot nearly knocks her out. Her consciousness swirls like the laughter about her as the boot pins her where she lies and a leather belt began to stripe the round mounds of her twitching ass. “Nngh... nngh... nngh... nngh...”

All laugh, that lashing dragging on for a long while, ending with a brutal kick to her twat. The beating only stopped so they can gang-rape her, and that only stopped to knock her around, crashing her back and forth with knuckles, knees and feet. They are rough on her, very rough, and when the last guard finally finishes his rape of her ass with her face down on the floor, that's when they drag her, bloody and gooey, back to her cell...the head guard dumped her on the floor, letting out his cock again, and looking her in the eyes, staring down...the stream started, groaning at the sensation... "Yep, about time you learned, little girlie: You just about stuck here. Learn to accept it. Get to sleep." He walks away, finally closing the door, and of course, locking it loudly.

Molly Whipple yelps and grunts and screams as whipping belt and stomping boots rain down on her sweat streaked flesh. Struggle as she might she cannot escape from the hours of horror that follow. Finally unconsciousness brings her the only respite, but even that is short-lived as a stream of acrid piss showers her face and brings her around even as it trickles down the metal drain in the concrete floor. Molly blinks pained eyes as she hears the lecture, the pain in her body too excruciating for her to even move, slumping where she is on the hard floor in a puddle of piss in the dark as the bolt in the door engages.


Dr. Silencer walks toward Molly Whipple's hospital bed. She's naked, all curled like a kid, still suffering by her beating, her hands securely cuffed behind her back. He presses on her shoulder. "Hello Molly Whipple. I'm the attending physician. Seems you had kind of a freak accident."

Molly Whipple pants for air in quick shallow breaths, still gritting her teeth with every in and out of air, wincing as her shoulder is grabbed. Her head snaps around and she blows a lock of blond hair away from her blue eyes. “The guards beat me... please... you've got to believe me!”

“I see...” Dr. Silencer ogles at your sexy body, the way the sheets press on your breasts, moved by your shallow breath. “As you can see, there's no one here. The infirmary will be a safe haven for you. Now, if you can, I wish you to stand up for a thorough visit.”

Molly Whipple blinks as her eyes follow the doctor's gaze. "So are you trying to determine if I'm smuggling raisins under this sheet or something? If you really are a doctor help me... I've got cracked ribs... a dislocated shoulder and deep bruising at the very least!" She grimaces as she tries to swing her legs around and get up without use of the arms still cuffed behind her.

Dr. Silencer shakes his head. "It's not like I've got an X-Ray machine in my pants, sweetcheeks." He pulls away your sheets. Your battered legs are cuffed with a short chain that dangles as you try to swing them around. "Safety reasons doll. Now stand up!" He caresses your pretty face, moving a lock of hair out of your sight and indulging on your lips.

Molly Whipple contorts her face in agony as she stands on wobbly slender legs, the leg irons rattling to the floor. She eeps as her slightly swollen lips are unexpectedly caught in an embrace. “Wha... aaghh... mmmph...”

“Do they hurt that much?” Dr. Silencer looks at you, grabbing a roll of gauze. “Can you tell me what else is hurting, miss?” He starts to kiss your dislocated shoulder, soft, slow kisses.

Molly Whipple fidgets, her brows knitted, her lips pouting. "Nnnngghh... nothing I can't stand... who do you think you are stealing kisses from a naked captive? I'm pretty sure my kidneys are bruised... I feel like I need to go really badly!"

Dr. Silencer grins. "I'm dead serious miss. You need a thorough examination... like your urinary tract..." He peels away a pink tanga, pressed on your pussy. "Where you did that? Isn't contrary to regulations?" He slides two fingers in her cunt. "However, you still need to be... checked."

Molly Whipple raises a brow as she has no idea where it came. "That must have been the guards idea... at least they know I like pink..." She is naturally hairless, the cleft of her smooth clean pout unbelievably tight due to its swollen state as a result of the beating it took along with the rest of her. She is warm and moist inside.

Dr. Silencer keeps expertly teasing your cunt. “Tell me when, and if hurts, you feel horny.”

“Whaaa...” Molly Whipple tries to twist away from the felonious phalanges.

Dr. Silencer rips your thong, that snaps on your legs, curling it into a ball and placing it in your mouth. A roll of surgical tape affixes it inside. He grins. "Didn't anyone tell you you not to scream in an infirmary? From now on, you'll grunt once for yes, twice for no." He fingers her deeply.

Molly Whipple yelps as the pink tanga is torn away, leaving a crease burned on pussy lip. "You fucking bastard! Who the hrrrrmmmmph!" Her eyes widen as she is gagged by her own panties. She shakes her head but the tape holds the gag quite securely in place. She sniffles and tries to clamp her loins together.

Dr. Silencer forces you to bend over. He rubs his hands on your chest, pressing on your nipples as to mil them. "Does that hurt?" He grins, licking your neck.

Molly Whipple mewls into her gag, the expression on her face answering the question in the affirmative even as she arches her back, trying to escape the hands.

Dr. Silencer slaps roughly your back. "You'll grunt as instructed, or else..." He pulls down his trousers, poking your pussy with his cock. "So you want a deep... visit?"

Molly Whipple shakes her head. "Nngh nngh..." She rolls her hips away.

Dr. Silencer pulls your hair tight, arching your entire body. "Not so fast, dumb cunt. Don't tell me you didn't get already fucked in every way possible... Do you like getting fucked...” He rubs your thighs with his cock, pulling your blonde hair.

Molly Whipple breaks out in a cold sweat, her fair skin suddenly covered with sparkling beads where bruised and not. “Nnnnggghhhh nngh.”

Dr. Silencer licks your spine, pressing his cock in your pussy, penetrating you, grabbing and latching on your nipples. "Hard and erect... mmm... I know what did happen to your urinary tract, prissy. I just found you're a slut... and the cure is really expensive." He keeps thrusting in your pussy.

Molly Whipple finds herself trapped between doctor and bed, bent backwards with little leverage or balance as the thrusting lifts her feet off of the floor, her squeals muffled by her own panties.

Dr. Silencer grins, mauling your boobs with his hands, pressing on them and mercilessly teasing your firm orbs. "If you don't grunt clearly, I'd take it you're making great improvements by my care..." He starts thrusting harder.

Molly Whipple stares wild-eyed at the dirty doctor, wriggling about frantically like a worm impaled on a hook. “Nnngh... nngh... nngh... nngh... plssss...”

Dr. Silencer forces your chained hands up. "Please... you wanted me to cum? You're begging so nice..." He cums... his gel filling all your belly, as he presses himself on your body, biting your lips.

Molly Whipple murmurs into her gag as she is bitten, her gyrating hips stiffening as she feels the cock inside her begin to jerk. Her cheeks burn with shame as she feels the burning inside.

Dr. Silencer grins. "Your pussy seems tight and safe...Maybe I should rape your shit hole? Bend over and wiggle your ass."

Molly Whipple mewls. "Nngh nngh" as she is forced to turn around and bend over the bed, her ass jutting outward as a result, a tiny little rosebud pucker between, the peach-shaped sex below dripping.

Dr. Silencer grins. "No? Maybe you prefer licking my cock clean?"

Molly Whipple sniffles loudly, practically trying to squirm over the bed.

Dr. Silencer pins you on the bed. "Scream as you want... since no one will come, save for me, you could even be mute, for what I care." He presses his hardened cock in your asshole, pushing as it seems tight.

Molly Whipple squirms furiously as her amazingly powerful glutes try to squeeze down on tight little sphincter, but when that ring collapses she grunts loudly, the defeat rippling through her flesh as if someone knocked the wind out of her.

Dr. Silencer grabs your arms, both of them, the dislocated and the almost sound one, pulling them up, forcing your body to an arc, with your ass pressed deeply on his cock. “Seems almost you weren't raped... enough. Am I right?”

Molly Whipple sucks air through the soaked wad of her panties, eyes bulging from the pain in her shoulder as she is bent back, her tight little rear only becoming more deeply impaled as it squirms. "Nngh nngh."

"I'm not done with you girl. Not until you'll start agreeing with what I'm telling you." Dr. Silencer impales you even deeply, his cock growing in her anus, pushing it inside as the petite blonde squirms and moans. He lifts her lithe body by her arms, keeping thrusting himself in you. "Grunt once to show me you're going to stop being so catty." He gives a tug to your arm.

Molly Whipple struggles furiously, shaking her head, rattling the table. She groans and quits struggling as her dislocated shoulder is wrenched. "Nnnooohhhhh..."

Dr. Silencer pushes you back on the table, your naked boobs pressed now on the cold metal, his cock hard inside."Now wiggle that nice boob... I need to cream, and soon. Shake like the quivery slut you are, Dollmoll."

Molly Whipple squeals out a muffled protest as her pert little boob is rubbed to the table, the petite pink protrusion of nipple visibly tightening from its contact with the cold metal. A shiver runs through her slender body all the way to the core into which your cock is buried.

Dr. Silencer pushes himself near you, creaming in your tight anus, filling it with his cum, pressing your body on the metallic bench. "Maybe you wish to have your wet panties out your little mouth? Grunt as I taught you for yes."

Molly Whipple trembles as she feels his lurching cock burning in her ass. She slumps against the table with a sniffle. "Unngh."

Dr. Silencer pulls his cock out, slapping hard your ass. "Turn to me... and remember. Not a single sound. Only grunts, like the piglet you are." He caresses his bulging pocket. "Are we agreeing on that?"

Molly Whipple turns slowly, cum drooling down the inside of one thigh to the leg irons on her ankles. Her modest boobs are so pert they almost seem to be pointing at the ceiling, in part because they are pulled up and back with her arms still cuffed behind her. She nods as tears trickle down her faintly freckled cheeks.

Dr. Silencer brutally rips the tape off your mouth, pressing his thumbs on your pert nipples. "Spit the panties and kneel down. Face down."

Molly Whipple blinks and spits out the ball of soaked pink which hits the floor with a splat. Slowly she goes to her knees, glancing up with a questioning expression briefly before bowing her head to lay face down on the floor.

"You made quite a mess... now lick it clean. All the cum you left on the ground." Dr. Silencer brings the hidden item in his pocket... a police-issued taser, near your lips, turning it on. It doesn't hit your skin, but he lets you see the sparks. "Clean it all."

Molly Whipple hesitates until she sees the taser, gulping and getting to work, lapping up the puddle of his cum from the floor where it dripped from her ass.

Dr. Silencer tasers your blooming, still a bit loose pussy. "Lick faster, and use your lips too." He grins, tasering your pussy again.

Molly Whipple is shocked to find that she isn't paralyzed by his taser despite the white hot pain. She does as he commands as her brain processes this, crouching on her knees, ass up, kissing and sucking at the floor with pink lips like a vacuum cleaner.

Dr. Silencer grins "It's enough low to avoid permanent damages... you should thank me for that..." He starts masturbating on your lithe body again... then he presses a boot on your torn shoulder. "You missed a point, slut." He points his cock.

Molly Whipple winces in pain as the boot presses to her shoulder, lips curling into a pout as he points with his cock. She inches over to suck it up as well, all the while feeling him jerk off on her sweaty well-formed backside, warm sticky glue turning cold and nasty in a hurry.

Dr. Silencer presses deeper. "Turn your mouth on my cock, now!" His boot digs into your shoulder.

Molly Whipple turns, looking up, her tear-streaked face contorted in pain or disgust or both. She opens her pouting lips wide in front of the still erect cock and licks with a timid pink tongue.

Dr. Silencer grins "Don't be so timid... lick it clean. All of it!" His cock keeps growing as her tongue touches its tip, caressing it.

Molly Whipple complies, lapping up the excess with her tongue, swallowing and then placing her mouth around the member, cheeks hollowing out as she sucks and that tongue cleans every nook and cranny. She leaves it glistening and moves to clean his balls in the same manner.

Dr. Silencer grabs your chin, forcing your mouth open. "Isn't that easy, you slut..." He brings the taser close to your mouth. "Stick that perky tongue out..."

Molly Whipple looks up, a sudden flash of anger in those blue eyes as they narrow, and she strikes like a snake, biting, trying to clamp her teeth about the taser and jerk it away from his hand.

Dr. Silencer presses the button, discharging a stun-setting bolt in her soft mouth, fighting to keep the remote in his hand. It moves and bobs, and eventually falls. Not before the electric current races on Molly's tongue.

Molly Whipple experiences blinding pain as the taser falls, but she has already learned it doesn't incapacitate her so she drives up and forward with her good shoulder into his crotch.

Dr. Silencer falls on the ground. "You dumb...slut..." He blindly, and really angrily, charges her, his right hand on her dislocated shoulder, punishing.

Molly Whipple screams our in rage and pain, using his voice to guide her since eyes are watering too much to see, chains rattling as she tries to snap her knees to his head, trying to knock him out.

Dr. Silencer suddenly stops screaming, aside for the occasional grunt. The girl is proving to have still some fight in her. She's fast and stubborn, even if ailing and wounded. He tries to squeeze her dislocated shoulder, to deter her.

Molly Whipple is a former superheroine after all and no pushover though the pain is intense. After attempting to deliver two blows with her knees she twists away from his grasp, letting out an anguished wail. "Ohhhhmyyyfuckingawwwwd... that effin' hurts!"

Dr. Silencer rolls to the taser, grabbing it again. "So you got fight doll? Something you want to show me with your nice, athletic body?" He grins, wincing for the lingering pain of the earlier blow.

Molly Whipple is already running forward as he speaks with the tiny chop steps her legs irons will allow, leaping into a flying drop kick, her naked glistening body horizontal in the air, legs bicycling as they attempt to drive a series of kicks into this mad doctor.

Dr. Silencer grabs the chain. Some kicks land, breaking his nose. But seems it's a mixed blessing, as, when he drops, he doesn't leave the chain, forcing you to fall down on your butt. "I won't allow you to quit..." He holds your chain, dragging himself with his other hand. Desperately, he jams the taser at the base of your spine, putting it on full.

Molly Whipple is rewarded by a crunch, but she fails to knock him out. Worse he catches hold of the chain between her ankles, holding it up so that she hits the floor awkwardly on her hip and back. "Unngh..." She tries to roll away but still he holds her ankles and a second later she feels something like a red-hot poker being thrust through her spine and consciousness swirls away from her.

When Molly Whipple wakes, she's more than simply tied. Her hands are awkwardly cuffed, with a short but sturdy cufflink, to the chain between her ankles, tugging at her hurt shoulder whenever she moves. A large ballgag distorts her mouth. She's lying on the floor, and Dr. Silencer kicks with anger her good shoulder. Dr. Silencer yells, "Wake up, slut!"

Molly Whipple groans as she is kicked, her eyelids flickering open, brows lifting in puzzlement as she tried to move only to find she's been hogtied. She tries to speak and discovers the ballgag. Her eyes widen.

Dr. Silencer slides the handle of the taser inside your pussy. "Wakey wakey slutty doll." He pushes it inside, deeper. "You were quite naughty... and seems you've got a story with the guards too."

Molly Whipple looks back as best she can, shaking her head as she sees the taser in his hand, taking ever-quickening pants of air as she feels him pushing it inside her already swollen and throbbing sex. "Nn nngh... plssss... nn..."

"Mmm... that may pose a trouble. I don't want you to get around badmouthing people.." Dr. Silencer pulls out roughly the taser, pressing it on our mouth, discharging enough low level bolts to blur your lips and tongue into numbness. He caresses your face. "Someone will tip the guard about a certain cutie who had just had a hussy fit, maybe even lost her mind..." He grins. "I'll be sure to tell them you need some... emotional support. Coming with large doses of cum." He blindfolds you, then you hear his steps going away. "I owed a big favor to the warden, afterall..."

Molly Whipple is suddenly bathed in beads of cold sweat at his threat, her eyes pleading as they disappear behind the blindfold. She lies there helpless and sobbing if he glances back at her naked ass before shutting the door.


Selina Kyle is led into the facility after her lengthy trial in which, despite attempts to bribe jury members, DA's and judges, she was inevitably found guilty of all her crimes. She steps out of the van dressed in the only piece of clothing that wasn't seized, her infamous costume of long regal looking purple dress and knee high boots. Of course both wrists and ankles are shackled and chained together as the guards roughly lead her across the yard to get her propurrly attired for her lengthy stay.

Molly Whipple joins the other prisoners, watching and making a general ruckus. "New meat." "Got any cavities?" "I got a spot in my cell just for you, girlfriend!" Chicky doesn't say anything, but raises a brow at the tall dark woman Selina Kyle who it turns out was apparently the Catwoman.

Dr. Silencer joins the onlookers.

Molly Whipple blurts, “You don't want to get him... that's the Doc that done me!”

Dr. Silencer asks dismissively, “What were you babbling around, silly slut?”

Selina Kyle merely sneers, ignoring the majority of the comments, having absolute faith in her ability to prove herself to be queen bitch of this place, holding her head high as she struts along to the "reception" area were she is no doubt forced to disrobe for the leering eyes before being "washed" clean in the classic fire hose manner.

Molly Whipple shakes her head and backs away from the fence. "Nothing... no... not a thing..."

Dr. Silencer grabs Molly Whipple's head, banging her cheeks on the fence. “I was here to see a friend... but you're a nice view too!” He forces a kiss on Molly's mouth.

Molly Whipple contorts her face in disgust as she is kissed, but doesn't try to fight back, realizing that will only make things worse.

Selina Kyle is then given her "uniform" if it could be called that, with two additional items to further humiliate her stay here. First was a set of torn pants that more resembled a pair of daisy dukes more than anything else. The next was the shirt which was smaller than normal, forcing her tie it off to barely contain her impressive chest. She sneered at the guard presenting the final two items, a leather collar and a pair of fuzzy cat ears to let everyone know just who this woman was on the outside, though her reaction of course was met with a baton to her belly making her double over with a curse as she begrudgingly put them on.

Dr. Silencer grins to Molly Whipple "Now you'll be a doll and help me snoop inside this godforsaken place. Or I'll hurt you more than you can imagine." He grabs both of Molly Whipple's shapely legs, dragging her knees outside the fence, with the metal pole in front of her cameltoe.

Molly Whipple raises a brow, her eyes meeting those of the doctor for a brief moment before being cast down again only to bulge open as she is jerked against the pole, pain shooting through her already tender sex. “Unnghh!”

Dr. Silencer pulls her a bit more, the metallic pole rubbing on her clit. “You'll. Sneak. Me. In.”

Selina Kyle is then given her sneakers before being escorted to the yard to be forced to mingle with the other inmates at this god forsaken place, still carrying about her that same air of superiority as no doubt a small group came over towards her while she was near the weights... “So this is the tamed kitty... nice tail... time to put the bitch in her place...” and some other remarks were made as Selina just grinned wickedly at the group of them.

Molly Whipple looks a bit distressed as the pole digs into the cleft of her pink-clad pout, panties that clash with the tattered orange shirt draped over her shoulders, barely covering her boobs. “How the hell would I do that?”

Selina Kyle lashes out, tossing a five pound weight towards the gut of one as she leaps up, kicking down at the back of the head of another, quickly decimating the small group of bitches that thought they could take the Catwoman. "Hmph, pathetic bitches... I’m the fucking Catwoman!" Selina Kyle snarls at the downed bitches wanting to make an example of them as she tears off their tops, knowing the guards should have some fun with them.

Dr. Silencer drags you again on the pole. "You know my shift starts later in the afternoon." He punches Molly in her belly, a strong, hard punch.

Selina Kyle struts through the yard seeing the heroic yet humbled chickfighter being used and abused by one of the angry staff members....grinning to herself as I lean against the fence keeping an eye on them.

Molly Whipple cringes and tries to pull away from the maniacal doctor, but is doubled over by a punch to her midsection causing her to slump to her knees.

Dr. Silencer shrugs. "Guess that if a prisoner gets ill, I could be allowed to pass over from the bureau to the prisons. Because you ARE ill, aren't you?"

Molly Whipple sputters, “Urk... I... I don't... under... stand...”

Dr. Silencer grins at Molly. “You obviously need immediate medical care.” He grabs your hair, hitting the fence with your forehead.

Molly Whipple smacks off the fence and crumples to hands and knees, shaking her head as she looks up. “I think I'm going to pass out...”

Selina Kyle chuckles watching the heroine getting man handled, not knowing well enough to just give up.

Dr. Silencer smacks Molly again. “Nosebleeds, vertigo, head pains... poor girl. I'll cross in no time. Wait there for me.” The doctor goes back inside the office barracks, moving around to reach the entrance to the fence.

Selina Kyle smirks seeing him walk away. She struts up to the hurting girl. "The famed chickfighter... you’ve been here how long and haven’t learned any better yet?"

Molly Whipple groans. “Please... I'm in serious pain...”

Dr. Silencer moves close to you, opening his doctor purse, shooting something in your arm.

Molly Whipple frowns, not liking drugs and suddenly dizzy. “What are you giving me?”

Dr. Silencer leans to whisper... "Poor china white, doll...hush... you won't tell a soul about that. You may feel some disorientation, though." He rips a bit of Molly’s uniform, at the cleavage. "Something to make you better... heroine. Or rather, heroin?" He chuckles ominously, grabbing your arms and attempting to drag you away.

Molly Whipple just kneels there trying to catch her breath, eeping as her already ragged orange top is ripped from her slender form, exposing modest but very pert breasts just in time to leave them on full display as she is dragged away in nothing but pink undies, the tattered orange garment snatched up by another prisoner immediately. “Please... what did I... doooOOOoooOOoohhhhh...”

Selina Kyle rolls her eyes. “Hmnnn, I’m glad I didn’t break her out!”

Dr. Silencer drags Molly again, down to an abandoned barrack. "It's more like what you didn't do... last time. You failed to take your good medicine. So you're ill and weak."

“Medicine? But you didn't give me any...” Molly Whipple blinks and gulps.

Selina Kyle lords over some of the inmates, smirking as she’s already made herself quite a presence.

Dr. Silencer pulls his cock out of his pants. “I did. You just didn't take it.”

Molly Whipple narrows her eyes. “You bastard!”

Dr. Silencer grabs a pair of cuffs, tied to his trousers, and lightning fast cuffs Molly Whipple's hands together. Then rolls her long, blond hair around his hand, pulling her head up. "Any strange illness to declare?"

Molly Whipple ponders kicking his ass, but she knows that would only get her in more trouble, so she allows herself to be cuffed. Her head is lifted so that the tip of his cock can feel her breath as she answers, "Only that I'm sick of Doctor's who think they're god..."

Dr. Silencer grins. "A delusional state... maybe some spinal trauma?" He slaps Molly's face on the ground, her mouth digging on the dirty ground. "Say aah and put your tongue out."

Molly Whipple is knocked face first to the ground, sputtering as she eats dirt.

Dr. Silencer grins. "You forgot to say aah and put out." He presses Molly's head down.

Molly Whipple speaks in a voice that seems oddly controlled for the pent-up anger it radiates. "You know I'm innocent of the murders they sent me here for, but if I'm stuck in this place anyway there's no reason not to add you to the list."

Dr. Silencer snarls, "They all say the same, dollie. But that won't be so easy, this time. Tongue out, or else!" He puts a taser in front of you, sparking near your face.

Molly Whipple sticks her tongue out at this doctor she detests.

Dr. Silencer presses a boot on it, locking Molly's tongue on the cold ground. “Should I press more?”

Molly Whipple squirms. “Nnnnnnnnnggggghghhhggghhhhh...”

Dr. Silencer increases the pressure. “Spread your legs for saying no to me.”

Molly Whipple complies by spreading her flailing legs, pulling the sweaty pink fabric tight over the peach shape between.

Dr. Silencer presses more the boot for a little while, rubbing the sole on Molly's tongue before leaving. He grabs a rusted, metallic pole. It rakes Molly Whipple's skin as he secures it around her ankles, keeping her legs spread.

Molly Whipple again doesn't fight as her ankles are cuffed to the pole, keeping them spread at a 90 degree angle, however she vows to herself to take this guy apart no matter what the consequences next time he approaches her.

Dr. Silencer undoes his belt, looping between Molly's handcuffs and the rusty pole, forcing her to bend over... and keep bending. He grins. "Hope I didn't damage your sharp tongue, Molly." He pulls Molly's panties, ripping them from her pussy.

Molly Whipple squeals as her panties burn as they exit her tender smooth folds.

Dr. Silencer pushes his cock in Molly Whipple "rear ending." He pushes Molly. “Do you wish all the other inmates to see?”

Molly Whipple stands there bent over, her wide eyes watching his dangling balls slap the backs of her loins, her tiny upturned rosebud prodded by his angry cock. She stumbles forward. “Nnn... nnnoooo...”

“What? Speak slower and clearly... say ‘No Doctor. I'd like to stay here.’" Dr. Silencer grins at the trashing your tongue suffered, pushing his cock inside you, and your body a little outside the door.

Molly Whipple sniffles. "Nn doctor. I'd like to stay here pleeeeeeEEEEEEEESSSSS..." Her voice becomes a squeal as her spasming sphincter is defeated and impaled by this hard cock.

Dr. Silencer grins, pushing in and out his cock. "Too bad, you failed." He grabs your ass, hauling your soft body outside, still mercilessly banging it.

Molly Whipple is half walked, half carried out of the old abandoned cell into the yard beyond where Selina is already holding court like the queen of the prison. Some prisoners gasp, others gawk, a few smirk and laugh at the former heroine, naked and bent over, being fucked in the ass.

Selina Kyle smirks as the bitches in the yard that tried not to long ago to put her in her place are now kneeling and bowing to her not even 30 minutes later.

Dr. Silencer creams in Molly's ass, pushing her in front of the court. “She's all yours people. Have fun... and keep her in one piece.” He places a large ballgag in Molly's mouth, distorting her features.

Selina Kyle forces a fellow inmate to rest on all fours while I use her back like a stool sitting upon her.

Molly Whipple stumbles forward, unable to straighten up, her jutting ass drooling cum down her inner thighs as she stumbles about, trying to shake mussed hair from her face as she looks around at the upside down scene. “Hrrrrmmmmph.”

Dr. Silencer announces, “She's all yours now, queenie. Take her as a welcoming gift!”

Selina Kyle smirks. “Mmhhmm, how pathetic.”

Dr. Silencer slaps Molly's ass, tumbling her with her face close to Selina's feet.

Selina Kyle chuckles softly lifting the humbled heroine’s face up by her chin with my foot, licking my lips as I look down on her.

Dr. Silencer chuckles. “Well, I'm too democratic to nominate you queen of the bitches here... so, rule on Molly wisely whatever you do.”

Molly Whipple lurches as the wet slap of her ass echoes off the walls of the yard and she stumbles toward Selina, swallowing hard as her face is raised by the toe of a boot.

Selina Kyle raises a brow. “Mnnnn... so this is the grrreat chickfighterrr... I don’t believe we've everrr had the pleasurrre.”

Molly Whipple thinks she has had better days and begins to wonder if she will soon become one of those missing inmates she's heard stories about. She demonstrates the amazing flexibility of her sweaty slender body by actually being able to look up and blink at Selina from this awkward position.

Dr. Silencer returns to his barrack. "Don't break her too much... acting queenie. I may need her all in one piece, these days."

Selina Kyle leans over brushing Molly’s hair back softly, my emerald eyes looking her over as a finger runs down the side of her mouth. “Just look at you... to think you were a heroine at one point... though I suppose not much has changed then... tell you what Chicky... kiss my foot and kneel beside me, and I’ll release you...”

Molly Whipple pouts, her lower lip curling out beneath the ball gag, her slender form trembling as she sniffles.

Selina Kyle reaches down removing the gag to show the smallest bit of kindness.

Molly Whipple responds, “Thank... thank you.”

Selina Kyle lightly swats Molly on the head with my foot. “I didn’t say you could speak!” She grins wickedly, presenting her foot to Molly's lips to see if she'll degrade herself further.

“But then why did you...” Molly Whipple pouts more and turns her face from the offered boot, sobbing.

Selina Kyle nods to another inmate one holding your torn off top as she suddenly cracks it against molly's rear. “I said no speaking! You do realize that if you don’t bow to my whim I will make your life every bit the hell it is when the guards aren’t around... you're much better off submitting yourself to being my purrsonal pet bitch!”

“Yeouch!” Molly Whipple shakes her head.

Selina Kyle glowers now as she nods to the girl again and another crack comes, this time on your other cheek. “Listen to me you arrogant little bitch, if you don’t kiss my foot within the next five minutes then you will never get another chance again!” Selina almost hisses, growing more and more impatient as this tied up skank dares to defy me in front of the entire yard that has gathered around.

Molly Whipple yelps each time she is struck on her petite but firm ass. “You'd never get away with this if I wasn't bound to this bar!”

Selina Kyle rises, growling as she moves around unbinding the arrogant cow of a heroine. "Is that soo... well, lets just see about that..."

Molly Whipple straightens slowly rolling her shoulders about to stretch, kicking the rusty bar up to her hand as she is freed of it. She holds it like a kendo stick. "Tell them it's just you and me, Selina!"

Selina Kyle grins smugly stepping back with her hands on her hips as she just looks around giving a simple nod. “You Danger Dolls are all the same... nothing but talk.”

Molly Whipple nods back and tosses the rusty pole aside. “Seems you do most of the talking to me. Bring it!”

Selina Kyle purrs suddenly, rushing towards you, lowering her shoulder to tackle you back to the ground.

Molly Whipple was expecting a sneak attack and sidesteps, a slender leg snapping up into the midsection of the charging woman as she goes past.

“Grrrr...” Selina Kyle growls, stumbling a bit in the dirt, but not falling to the ground as I spin, one hand clutching my midsection, snapping my own kick out for your side.

Molly Whipple blocks away the counter kick with a pair of open palms, sweat flying from her naked flesh as she wheels into a roundhouse aimed to come around at Selina's head. “They don't call me Chickfighter for nothing!”

Selina Kyle smirks, ducking the roundhouse as she shoots a fist wickedly right up between Chicky’s legs. “Mrreowrr that’s nice dearrr... we'll see how long you last!”

Molly Whipple oophs, blue eyes nearly popping from sockets as Selina's fist impacts her tender twat with a wet smack, lifting her briefly off the ground. She stumbles away on suddenly shaky legs, her chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath.

Selina Kyle takes advantage of the distraction to really pounce forward, driving my shoulder into the nude woman’s gut, hoping to take her down into the dirt with a snarl.

Molly Whipple rolls backwards with the attack to soften the blow as she brings her legs up between them so she can kick Selina up and over her head as her back hits the ground.

Selina Kyle hisses and snarls, tossed over head landing on her back, her tied together top straining throughout the fight. Her hand grabs a handful of dirt as she slowly rises with a growl, breasts having as she breathes.

Molly Whipple quickly rolls over to her front and scrambles to hands and knees, her sweaty body now caked all over with dirt. She pops into a handstand, driving a quick kick right up under Selina's chin.

“Uhhn!” Selina Kyle grunts, stumbling back a few feet, swinging one fist, then the other, towards Chicky’s face though the second swing swings short, releasing the cloud of dirt right towards the heroine’s eyes. The top having burst from the kick, her own breasts now bounce free while a big circle forms around the two of us.

Molly Whipple has already popped to an upright position to follow up with more snap and crescent kicks, a smirk coming to her lips as she easily uses forearms to block the punches, only to end up sputtering and blinded as one fist releases it's cloud of dust. “Ack... yuck... ackhem...”

Selina Kyle snarls, rushing forward again, driving a knee up between the other woman’s legs again, attacking the already bruised sex, hands reaching up to get a grip of her hair. “You should have just been my pet willingly bitch... I could have been a very pleasing ownerrrr.”

Molly Whipple has her arms blindly up in a defensive position as the knee turns her smooth sex into throbbing gristle. All the air rushes from her lungs as she doubles over, coughing.

Selina Kyle hisses, twisting behind the nude woman, wrapping one arm up behind her head the other around her chest, clamping my nails roughly around one of the exposed breasts as I laugh in her ear, showing off the heroine as we struggle in a circle. "Like I said... all talk!" Selina bites the woman’s ear!

Molly Whipple squeals in pain as she is clawed and bitten, blinking watering eyes, but only able to see cloudy shapes of the other prisoners laughing and calling her names, most cheering for Selina to destroy the famous heroine. “You... I... won't... give... aaiyeeeEEEEEEEE!”

Selina Kyle laughs wickedly, the hand on the breast sliding along the filthy belly, teasing her with my nails, moving down across her bruised mound teasingly before playfully slapping it in front of everyone. “Mmnnn, purrhaps you firrst...but I’ll have my fun until you do!”

Molly Whipple struggles frantically as tears streak her dirty cheeks, her squeals loud enough to be heard over the bloodthirsty yells of the other prisoners when her already swollen sex is slapped. She desperately tries a blind backkick. “No WaaAAAYYY!”

Selina Kyle growls, struggling with the heroine, trying desperately to kick back, connecting with my legs but not enough to cause me to fall or break my grip, as the hand slowly slides over your sex in front of the lewd crowd. Leaning in I lick up your tear, purring in your ear. Selina then slowly begins to push a single finger along your slit, slowly inserting it into you.

Molly Whipple writhes in the grip of the larger dark-haired woman, her attempted twisting and turning becoming almost frenzied as the cleft of her tightly swollen and very smooth hairless pout is probed. Her knees flex and the lithe blonde tries to backflip over Selina to break the hold.

Selina Kyle snarls, struggling to keep hold as the smaller woman breaks free, flipping over behind me, leaving me shocked and a bit stunned at what just happened.

Molly Whipple lands on her feet behind Selina, rubbing her eyes with both hands, still trying to clear them. She side kicks at the blur of purple that she sees in front of her.

“MRReeoooucchhh!” Selina Kyle howls, the kick hitting her kidney, causing the villainess to crumple to her knees, clutching her side in agony. “Aauuugg, fucking whorre... you’ll pay forr that!”

Molly Whipple rushes in behind Selina to slip her arms about her throat and against the side of her neck to shut off the flow of her carotid and knock her out. “Not if I knock you out!”

Selina Kyle gasps and gags, thrashing wildly, slapping and kicking her feet in utter helplessness in this kneeling position as her airflow is cut off, the raven mane flying about wildly. Her breasts bounce and jiggle as Chicky chokes the wicked feline.

Molly Whipple locks in the hold, panting for breath, figuring she only needs to hold on for twenty seconds or so to cause Selina to slump unconscious.

Selina Kyle growls as her nails scratch at the hands around her throat, the tears welling up in her eyes as she looks around for help, but the watching women enthralled by the two powerful women duking it out. She desperate tosses an elbow back as she can feel her eyelids getting heavy.

Molly Whipple oophs as she catches an elbow under the ribs before being flipped over by a hip toss as Selina goes to a knee.

Selina Kyle coughs and gasps for breath as she weakly tries leaping on top of you, trying to keep you pinned, swinging wild slaps and punches at you, desperate to prove she’s every bit the queen she’s been claiming.

Molly Whipple finds her naked body straddled by the larger women, her arms trapped at her sides. Her legs kick wildly about as Selina pummels her head back and forth, sweat and blond hair exploding outward from each vicious blow. “Ungh... ungh... nngh... ungh... nngh... ungh...”

“Hssst, it’s time you took your catnap bitch!” Selina Kyle growls, wrapping my arms around your head, forcing your face between my breasts, smothering you as my powerful legs squeeze at your sides, cutting off your air supply now.

Molly Whipple strains and tries to arch her back up as she is smothered in the ample bosom of the larger woman that dwarfs her own, but after what seems like a full shuddering minute of effort her lithe little form slumps.

Selina Kyle purrs and moans licking her lips as she holds the struggling woman a bit longer, making sure she’s really out of it before letting her drop down to the dirt, rising triumphant. She looks down at the nude woman, wondering if she’s had enough humiliation for today. Selina smiles wickedly, hands sliding along my curvaceous body before leaning down, licking each nipple once.

Molly Whipple flops out spread eagle on the ground at Selina's feet, her naked flesh caked with dirt streaked with sweat. Her head lolls to one side, pink tongue hanging out, pert little boobs rise and fall, the copper nipples visibly tightening at the touch of the tongue. She cannot hear the other prisoners laugh and jeer her.

Selina Kyle purrs, leaning down, whispering in the fallen heroine’s ear. "Hmnnn, I’m tempted to clean you up right now with my tongue... but I’ll have to wait till I get you alone in the showers..." Selina laughs wickedly before biting your lower lip and rising to strut away, retying her tight top over her own amazing cleavage. Selina struts straight over to the nearest guard, being overly flirtatious as she mentions to him something about a naughty prisoner waiting just over there... ready and waiting for him.

Molly Whipple simply lies there in the dirt where the proud queen of the yard left her, still out cold even as several other prisoners kick and spit on her before following Selina to seek her favor. Soon the guard approaches the naked girl. "Some of you bitches just never seem to learn do ya?" Molly's eyelids flutter and she groans as the guard drags her up to haul her off to solitary. "Wha... what did I do?"


Selina Kyle relaxes in her private cell having purrformed a few favors for the warden.

Molly Whipple lies naked on her side on a concrete floor in the dark, her wrists cuffed behind her, forcing her to try to lap up the once a day bowl of food and water like a dog.

Selina Kyle smiles as she rises being led to the showers for her own private session, strutting along past the other cells, holding her head high, most of the inmates afraid to step up to her because they did they might end up like Molly Whipple or worse.

Molly Whipple tries to come to terms with her utter humiliation at the hands of the unbelievably powerful dark-haired woman, realizing that, while she might have been genetically engineered by her creator to be the perfect woman, in Selina she has more than met her match.

Selina Kyle lathers herself up, wincing as her hand runs along some of the bruised spots from where the Chickfighter caught her a few times... the girl definitely had some fight in her... but no one woman was the match for me, not with how deviously I fight.

Molly Whipple knows to regain any respect she will have to try to make an example of Selina once she's put back in the regular population.

Selina Kyle has a lovely private shower.

Molly Whipple has a private hell full of scuttling pairs of red eyes.

Selina Kyle also has better meals than the rest of the inmates, another gift for the services she employs on the warden.

Molly Whipple gets stronger day by day, three days giving her more than enough time for her genetically-enhanced metabolism to heal her injuries, though it can do nothing about her smell. She begins to long for a shower even more than revenge.


Selina Kyle struts through the yard, her air of superiority evident by the unique articles of clothing she has been granted, one of the many luxuries of her "services" with the warden.

Molly Whipple has lost track of time, but thinks her three days in solitary should be just about over.

Selina Kyle struts around wearing a purple silk robe that barely comes down to her thighs, loosely tied together as one can see the exquisite lingerie the warden no doubt has instructed her to wear for him. Selina orders around other inmates in the yard, having most of them pay her tribute in some way.

Cammy does indeed come to let Molly return to her cell.

“Ma'am? Will you uncuff me? And do I get any clothes?” Molly Whipple stands there completely naked in leg irons with her hands cuffed behind her.

Cammy nods and uncuffs her, helping her out of them and giving her a fresh clean prison outfit.

Molly Whipple takes the orange uniform and white cotton panties with a polite bow of her head. “Thank you, ma'am.”

Cammy nods with a smile. "Thank you for not putting up a fuss... I've had it up to here with people giving me crap today."

Molly Whipple steps into her cell and slowly gets dressed, frowning at the nasty orange top and pants with drawstring. “It's not your fault I'm going to feel like a fruity ninja in this thing...”

Cammy snickers. "If you say "Believe It" love, I'll be your second while you commit seppuku to preserve your dignity."

Molly Whipple sighs. "I think it's already too late for that... my dignity's gone... and that big dark-haired bitch is going to be on me again the moment I go out in the yard."

Selina Kyle IS quite the bitch.

Cammy frowns. "Well... I could make sure you get some one-on-one time with her."

“How do you mean... doesn't she have the warden's protection or something?”

Cammy grins. "She's got the whole prison hopping to her tune... you could... take her down a peg."

Molly Whipple suddenly looks up at Cammy with interest. “I'm gonna have to do something or I'll be the runt of the whole prison forever... When is Selina alone?”

Selina Kyle smiles smugly at the other cowering inmates in the yard as she notices the time and heads off to visit the warden for one of their many daily sessions which resulted in her having so much freedom in here.

Cammy grins. "After her... private time with the Warden, she goes to the showers. Alone." She smirks. "It'd be good to smack some respect into her... and to put a ruffle in the Warden's little scheme.”

Molly Whipple thinks. “I haven't showered since my... uhm... humiliation... that was three days ago... perhaps you could allow me to go then?

Cammy nods. "I'll escort you in there about thirty minutes before Selina will be in there. Sound good?”

Molly Whipple nods. “Thank you, ma'am. Yeppers, I just hope I've got what it takes to put her down this time... she is amazingly fit and powerful!”

Cammy escorts Molly to the showers to give her time to have a good long cleaning. "If you want an edge, I can handle that too... but it'd be less impressive if you had an edge on her.”

Molly Whipple strips down and feels much better once she's lathered up and the water is washing away three days of fermenting filth from her slender form. “I don't want to get you in any trouble... it IS my fight... I just appreciate you giving me a chance.”

Cammy sticks around for a few... and even sends a shy glance or two toward Molly. "I'll slip out once she's brought in."

Selina Kyle leaves the warden’s office, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she is escorted along down to the showers.

Molly Whipple scrubs and rubs every nook and cranny even as Cammy watches, Molly nodding as she rinses. "I understand..."

Cammy turns red and looks away if Molly looks at her. "I'll be right outside to escort you back... just knock when you're done."

“If this works I won't need an escort...” Molly Whipple grins.

Selina Kyle is finally brought to the showers and she walks inside, smirking as she sees Cammy. "Mnnn, how is my favorite female guarrrd?"

Cammy blushes. "G-good." She ducks out quickly, and the door clanks as it locks.

Selina Kyle purrs arrogantly, looking the exiting blond woman over as I slowly untie my robe, slipping off my heels as I hang up the robe. Selina peels off the torn silky chemise the warden had her wearing and pulls off the humiliating cat ears, but is unable to take off the collar before walking towards the steamy showers, sill walking tall despite no one being around to watch her.

Molly Whipple steps out of the cascading water of her own shower, her slender frame with its modest but very pert breasts glistening as she intercepts Selina at the entrance to the showers. "We have unfinished business."

Selina Kyle eyes widen in shock as Molly confronts her, a low growl forming. "You! What arre you doing herre!?" Selina hisses, suddenly raising a hand to slap the woman who refused to submit to my dominance on my first day.

Molly Whipple’s voice has an edge to it. “I just got out of that hellish hole you put me in and needed a shower... and I wouldn't try that if I were you... I'm not worn out from hours of abuse this time!

Selina Kyle hesitates for a moment but gives in to her arrogance, swinging her nails towards Molly's face, thinking that I can still take her even here in the slippery large shower area.

Molly Whipple doesn't even yelp as the sound of her face being slapped reverberates off the concrete walls. Her eyes meet Selina's. "That's it bitch! I'm taking you down!" Her left leg comes up as if to kick, but then bicycles, and she kicks with the right, aimed right between the large breasts.

“Uhhhnn!” Selina Kyle grunts, being slammed back towards the wall, but the slippery floor causes her to begin to fall backwards off balance as I hiss and scream in shock and pain. “Fucking cow you’ll pay forr that!”

Molly Whipple lands back on her feet and rushes after the larger stumbling woman. "I don't think so, you arrogant piece of shit!" She lowers a shoulder to tackle Selina into the wall.

“MRReeooorrchhhOOOFF!” Selina Kyle howls, the air driven from her, her back racked with pain as I rake my nails across your back. "You stupid slut, I’m the warden’s favorite pet, you’ll never get away with this!" Selina snarls, tying to catch her breath and bring a knee up into the smaller but surprisingly strong woman.

Molly Whipple drops to a knee to escape the claws at her back and to throw an uppercut straight up between Selina's legs, unfortunately meeting the knee as it comes up. Her head snaps back and her body follows, sprawling out on the concrete with a wet splat. “Unnngghhh...”

Selina Kyle’s successful knee lift however did not prevent the uppercut from hitting squarely on her already sensitive sex. She howls out in pain, hand dropping to her bald pussy, collapsing over on the tiled floor, hissing and cursing in pain, the nearby shower handle being turned as she falls, starting a steady stream of water pouring on the two of us. “MRREOOOWRRR UUHHNN FCUUIKIINGG BITCHHH!”

Cammy watches through the door, eyes wide.

Molly Whipple rolls over to hands and knees, looking up through the steam already rising from the pounding water. "You're pretty tough, but I'm tougher, and this time it's you who gets humiliated!" Molly comes up charging in a crouch, aiming to tackle Selina over backwards to the floor.

Selina Kyle groans and hisses, the punch to her puss having taken a lot out of her as you slam into me, tackling me back, splashing in the cascading water as I slap and kick wildly, even trying to bite as you overpower me. I feel my head rocked up and down into the floor as I curse and groan.

Molly Whipple straddles Selina's waist, trying to keep her on her back as she pummels those big breasts back and forth like speed bags with her clenched fists. "Ready to admit that I'm the better woman?"

Selina Kyle thrashes about, howling wildly, screaming for help as her purrfect breasts are batted around, my hands desperately trying to cover up as I buck and kick my feet, trying to throw her off my tan breasts with the droplets of mother of pearl which is soon being washed away by the cascading water slowly turning red from the beating. "Fuckk... never... mreeowrr get off me you fucking whorre!" Selina snarls reaching up for the handle of the shower, wanting to blast you with some incredibly hot water, but its just out of reach.

Molly Whipple uses all her genetically enhanced quickness to try to catch Selina's wrists and pin them down even as the bucking woman causes her to bounce over the breasts and land atop them. Molly quickly tries to spin around, showing her well-muscled backside to Selina as it slides toward her face. “Stop flopping about like a beached whale...”

“NOOOMMPPPHHH!” Selina Kyle cries out, her screams suddenly muffled as your amazing ass quickly overtakes her, smothering her soaking wet face, her flailing all but useless as she kicks her feet like a petulant child, her hips bucking wildly, but with nothing to toss off, her arms wriggling to slap at you. She screams and gasps for air into your incredibly muscled ass, her once amazing purrfect breasts battered and bruised, the pain coursing through her as they are so sensitive, almost raw now, the water cascading onto them only making it hurt more.

Cammy blinks as the guards let all the other inmates in to see their "Queen" humiliated in such a manner.

Molly Whipple is oblivious to the water cascading over her matted hair and shoulders, shoulders bulging with effort as she struggles to control Selina's arms and force them behind her knees where she can trap them as she squats on the face of the cursing furious woman. Molly gives the wildly rolling breasts a playful slap. "That is quite a pair you have there... shame to have bruised them."

Selina Kyle howls and moans, muffled into the lovely ass, her arms forced under Molly's knees, pinned there, helpless, screaming and kicking, her eyelids growing heavier as she slowly loses consciousness, swearing every sort of revenge possible when she gets free.

Molly Whipple looks back and giggles as she grinds her buns of tru-steel down and back, her eyes drilling into Selina's until they disappear under her firm wet ass. Molly blinks as she realizes people are watching, realizing she needs to make an example of Selina for the sake of her own reputation. She looks around, "Her breath is so hot sucking air through sex..." Molly wriggles as if the sensation sends a shiver up her spine.

Cammy steps in quietly as she watches the end of the "fight."

Selina Kyle groans, growing weaker and weaker, shocked by the turn of events, and after her session with the warden still a bit turned on, this shocking display of dominance and the hot ass in her face driving her a bit wild as she slowly fades out, unable to prevent heself from licking at Molly's rear.

Molly Whipple giggles at the licking of her ass as she gives Selina a little air. Molly turns off the water and looks up at the guard as who has stepped into the shower. "Would you mind handing me that lovely silk robe she wore in here? It's mine now!"

Cammy holds it open to put it on the woman with a nod.

Selina Kyle groans gasping for air coughing as she moves slowly and weakly.

Molly Whipple grins and extends her arms to put on the purple robe, her own pert boobies dancing about her chest as she wriggles into the robe. Molly's hands reach for the cord, but oddly do not tie it. Instead she withdraws it from the loops and ties it about Selina's collar. She urges her to roll over. "Come on now, Selina... time to carry Molly back to her cell like a good mule..."

“Uuhhnn...ohhh...” Selina Kyle groans, rolling over on hands and knees, semi oblivious to what’s going on around her, body dripping with water, her silky hair hanging down, clumped and matted, her aching breasts hang throbbing with pain as she begins crawling, ready to carry the woman yanking on her leash.

Molly Whipple giggles and pops Selina on the ass with an open hand, pulling back on the robe cord as if it were reins with the other hand. "Gettyup, little horsie!" Molly glances at guard Cammy and nods to Molly's and Selina's clothes. "Horsies don't get clothes... now they’re all mine..." She winks as the other prisoners laugh and catcall.

Cammy steps back, ready to follow. She nods and plucks up the lingerie and Selina's clothes. "Yes." She bites her bottom lip and follows, trying not to laugh.

Selina Kyle yelps and moans, quickly crawling as her plump rear is smacked over and over again, the once feared woman now a laughing stock as she crawls through the prison towards the cells, heading past her own lavish and luxurious cell towards Molly's.

“Actually, if you'd like, you could be moved into this cell,” suggests Cammy, gesturing toward Selina's well-furnished cell.

Selina Kyle protests weakly, “Huh...noo...”

Cammy bites her bottom lip as she grins. "It's not suited for livestock."

Molly Whipple whips the ends of the cord back and forth behind her as she rides along on the larger dark-haired woman with the perfect body, the raveled ends whipping Selina's twitching ass until it glows. "Whoa, horsie!" Molly looks at Cammy and giggles. "Really?" She peers into the cell. "How gauche... let her have it... I want to do my own decorating..." She slaps Selina's ass with her hand again. "Let's go!"

Cammy nods with a smirk.

“Ooowwww ooh hisstop pleeasseee...” Selina Kyle whimpers and whines, crawling along, her hands and knees so sore from the cold rough stone and the metal floors.

Molly Whipple grins as she is carried back to her own cell, removing the robe cord leash and dismounting there. "Now I'm going to keep all your clothes as well as my own so that I'll have a wardrobe, but..." Molly grins as she goes through the items brought from the showers. "You can keep these little horsie ears..." Molly places the kitty ears back on Selina's head and gives her magnificent bottom one more smack. “Now get going before I decide to ride you around the yard!”

“Oohhh god...” Selina Kyle groans, crawling along down past the other cells, the women calling out jeers, some clapping, applauding the change in reign as we finally approach your cell.

“Ahh... do you want to kiss my ass one more time before I get some rest?” Molly Whipple offers her tight little derriere to Selina's lips as she stands outside her cell. “Now go on... shoo... I need my beauty rest!”

Selina Kyle sneers before crawling away, her head hanging low and humiliated.

Molly Whipple belts the purple robe tightly about her tiny waist and disappears into her cell, thankful to have pulled it off and no longer be the prison bitch.

Selina Kyle is stumbled upon by one of the more rough guards, glowering over her, questioning what she did to her uniform and why she’s roaming free. She is no doubt taken to solitary for a long night of punishment.

Molly Whipple gets her first good sleep since entering this godforsaken hellhole.


Selina Kyle shivers in the cold cell, scratching at the door, terrified of the wrath the warden will bring upon her now that she's missed an entiree day’s "sessions," knowing he won't care that she was in the hole because some guard wanted some fun. Selina is so gonna kick molly's ass.

Black Widow might take a liking to the kitty though.

Selina Kyle will probably be used by most of the other inmates now that she has lost her seat of power.

Black Widow does have a burning hatred for superheroines in general as well.

Molly Whipple lounges about in the purple silk robe she took from Selina.

Black Widow notices Molly and glares daggers at her, wishing that the collar around her neck was switched off for a few minutes.

Selina Kyle curses and screams.

Angel-Guard walks out of his office in which he slept the night before. Things had changed since he had been away a few weeks assisting at the other prison, now he had all these new weirdos to deal with.

Black Widow is one of the 'weirdos', and is currently in one of the courtyards with a standard issue prison outfit on, as well as a rather high tech looking metal collar.

Molly Whipple continues to lounge in her cell, feeling good about having reestablished her rep, but a little worried about what might happen when Selina gets out of solitary.

Angel-Guard carries a clipboard with a few new prisoner files down a cellblock, his feet falling heavily as he walks through, looking at the clipboard, reading a little bit about the new inmates.

Molly Whipple lounges in the purple silk robe she took from Selina in their fight, basically just wanting to stay out of trouble for a change.

Black Widow has noticed a change in the guards, but still hasn't been able to find out exactly what caused it, or what it means. She is quite happy in her corner of the yard, and the other inmates seem to be avoiding her. Even with the collar she is still stronger and faster than a regular human, just no-where near her normal levels.

Angel-Guard stops in front of Molly's cell and looks in, spotting her lounging in the comfortable looking robe. "What in fucks sake."

Molly Whipple blinks and hops up, the robe falling open briefly before she quickly pulls it closed, nevertheless revealing her slender hips wear simple white cotton panties and her modest but pert breasts are unfettered. “Hi sir.”

Angel-Guard sighs. "You are Molly right? Why are you not in your prison uniform, where the hell did you get that?"

Molly Whipple gulps and fidgets, shuffling her bare feet. "Yes sir, my name is Molly Whipple. I was given this robe by Selina Kyle... who said she got it from the warden, sir. Orange really isn't my color at all... pink on the other hand... I'd trade this purple robe for pink in a heartbeat!”

Angel-Guard looks through the keys on his belt for the one to her cell. "You aren't allowed to have that. What do you think this is? The Hilton?" He finds the key to her cell and opens her cell door. "Where is your uniform?"

Cammy is in her office.

“I'm sorry, sir. I thought it was alright since Selina was wearing it and...” Molly Whipple starts to say something about Cammy letting her wear the robe and then thinks better of it. “Do you mean that orange top and pants there?” She points.

“Yes, that's what I mean. Give me that robe.” Angel-Guard steps into her cell and closes the door behind him.

Molly Whipple looks down dejectedly and disrobes, handing the lovely purple silk over to him. “Are you the head guard?”

Angel-Guard nods. "Yes I am. Tell me, in your own words, why you are here."

Molly Whipple blinks, covering the petite copperish nipples of her rather buoyant breasts with her hands, unsure whether to move to put on the orange uniform or just stand there in her white cotton undies. “I... I... was convicted or murder... but I'm a heroine... I didn't really kill those gang bangers...”

Angel-Guard smirks, pulling her arms away from her breasts, making the hang free. "You and all the other innocent people here."

Molly Whipple looks down and her jaw quivers a bit, as do the revealed breasts, not overly large, but quite high-riding, the smallish copper tops almost seeming to point at the ceiling. Molly's faintly freckled cheeks turn slightly pink.

Angel-Guard smirks pushing her back towards her cot till her legs hit it, causing her to buckle down on it. "So you are really a hero out there fighting all the freaks?"

Molly Whipple takes an impromptu seat, her breasts bouncing as if waving at him as a result. "I was a Danger Doll!"

“I think you are just another delusional criminal bitch. You killed because stopping criminals wasn't enough anymore was it?" Angel-Guard backhands her hard.

Molly Whipple yelps as her head is unexpectedly snapped to one side in an explosion of her blond bob. “Nnghh.”

Angel-Guard demands, “Why don't you just admit you did it? You won't be getting any parole anyway!”

Molly Whipple sniffles. "Be... because I didn't do it?"

Angel-Guard grasps one of her breasts and squeezes. "Do you think I am stupid? You, sitting in here, wearing that stupid robe, being nice to me? Do you think I am just going to let you get away with any fucking thing you want to?"

Molly Whipple cringes and instinctively draws away from him, her lower lip curling into a pout. "I'm not trying to get away with anything... I'm sorry... just tell me what I'm supposed to do... please... I don't want to be raped again!"

Cammy stops outside her cell and clears her throat. "Sir."

Molly Whipple peers past the head guard hopefully.

Angel-Guard reaches down putting his hand between her legs, starting to touch the crotch of her cotton panties. He stops. "What in the fuck do you want, Cammy?"

Cammy explains, “We have an... issue."

Molly Whipple tries to control her suddenly accelerated breathing and the thumping of heart in head and holes alike.

Angel-Guard blurts out, “Yes, that issue is you, you are an issue for me to deal with and I'm sure it’s not fun being you. So yes, we have an issue.”

“Sir, leave her alone, we have an -issue- you need to address... if you can stop raping the prisoners long enough.” Cammy glares.

Molly Whipple bites her tongue as she begins to realize that the head guard has anger management issues.

Angel-Guard sighs, giving the crotch of Molly's panties a slap. He turns around. "What exactly is the issue?"

Molly Whipple eeps and then swallows hard, realizing how close she just came to being raped again.

Cammy opens the door. “Rather... disobedient prisoners on the second floor."

Angel-Guard lifts the purple robe to Cammy. "Did you know about this?" He walks out of the cell. "What's going on?"

Cammy nods. "Yes I did. I gave it to her."

Angel-Guard looks back to Molly. " I had better not see you in anything but orange from now on."

Molly Whipple exhales a sigh of relief and moves to put on the ugly orange pajamas.

Angel-Guard growls, "Don't undermine me like that!"

Cammy shakes her head. "You've obviously -not- seen Selina Kyle's... I can’t even call it a Cell."

Molly Whipple tries not to smirk.

Cammy crosses her arms. "A table, chairs, a comfortable bed... her own radio... all courtesy of the Warden.”

Angel-Guard sighs. "That bullshit will end soon too. Damn, does this whole place have to turn in to Arkham when I leave for a couple weeks?"

Cammy rolls her eyes. “Pretty hard to stop it when she's getting her holes filled with the warden's jizz every night."

"So what’s this about the second floor?" Angel-Guard adds, “The warden is an idiot. I will get this fixed.”

“I doubt it. You can’t keep from attempting to rape the prisoners long enough to get anything done." Cammy turns to walk away with her clipboard.

Molly Whipple just quietly slips into the orange uniform, pulling the drawstring of the pants tight about her slender waist and making a face at how baggy the stuff is. She flops down on her bunk and feigns to go to sleep.


Molly Whipple lounges in her cell. It's hot so she wears only her white cotton panties and orange top, completely unbuttoned.

Danny Boy makes his way down the Cellblock, a beefy redheaded balding man, his uniform ill fitting and stained, piggy eyes gleaming when he sees Molly Whipple's state. “Geeze, toss one of you supergirls in a cell and ya start lookin' like a whore!”

Molly Whipple blushes slightly and pulls her orange prison top together over the shape of her modest but high-riding breasts.

Danny Boy narrows his eyes, his greasy face speculative as he fingers the key ring on his belt, his nose covered with the tell tale splotches of burst capillaries twitching. “Ya know Molly, jail don’t have to be so bad if you know how ta treat people if ya know what I mean? Why youse gotta be so hardheaded?”

Molly Whipple tries not to smirk as she stands up and wanders toward the bars. "Really? How long have you been a guard here? I don't recall seeing you before."

Danny Boy cracks his jaw loudly before answering, the hand still holding the key ring and a sly smirk on his thick lips. “Been workin’ the motorpool just to get this assignment. Way too junior for a job like this usually, but my uncle work in the Bureau of prisons.” He steps closer to the bars, detaching the key from it ring and flashing it significantly. “So what is't gonna be? You want things ta be easier from now on?”

Molly Whipple moves slowly closer, letting her slender hips flow the way they do beneath the hem of her orange top, its waves flowing back and forth like curtains, giving only the briefest hints of the white panties beneath. “What's your name, big boy?”

Danny Boy nods slowly, a self-satisfied smirk on his lips, eyes roving up and down Molly Whipple's slender athletic body. “You can call me Danny Boy I spose!” He arches an eyebrow. “So we got us an understandin' Mollkins? You be nice to me, I'll be nice to you?”

Molly Whipple proves she's an actress of some talent, her faintly freckled cheeks dimpling with a broad smile. “Sure Danny Boy... Mollykins can do that!”

Danny Boy chortles, his large beer gut jiggling as he steps up right next to the bars, sliding his beefy hand between then and reaching to cup Molly's cheek, firmly convinced the famed heroine and actress is cowed by a shiny badge and a cheap cotton/poly uniform. “This is gonna be fun then...”

Molly Whipple giggles and winks, her top falling slightly open once more as she reaches up with her hands as if to embrace him through the bars. “I hope so... you seem like a sweetie...”

Danny Boy smiles, totally taken in by Molly's performance, his arm pulling back and fumbling with the key, his tongue licking his suddenly dry lips as he finally gets the lock to work and can finally enter the cell. “Yeah, that's me Mollykins, a real sweetheart, now let's see what ya got babe, how bout losin' the top?”

Molly Whipple grabs his tie, giggles and backs away, pursing her lips once, pulling him along by the tie toward her cot. “I was made for this... literally!” She winks, knowing she has that effect on men sometimes.

Selina Kyle scoffs hearing the once proud heroine trying to charm the new guard. "Oh... please..."

Danny Boy follows like a puppydog for a few steps, eyes locked on the few glimpses he gets of Molly's smooth skin under her loosely closed shirt, settling back on the cot and reaching up to pull Molly onto his lap. “Well let's see what yer made of then Mollykins.”

Selina Kyle leans forward against the bars, listening intently, as molly has already seemed to turn into a pathetic slut for the guards.

Molly Whipple has recently showered and is genetically-engineered to smell good anyway, the orange top falls away to the sides of her extraordinarily pert breasts with their copperish nipples gently waving back and forth at him almost hypnotically. “I'm practically naked already, but you... you're like in battle armor!”

Selina Kyle is far to vain to recognize any other woman to be on the same level of beauty of herself and she calls out tauntingly, "Treat the little skank like she deserves!"

Danny Boy snickers, hand reaching up to stroke on of those irresistible nipples, utterly transfixed, the gross fat drunk man not having had much luck with women and none of the few he's succeeded with were anywhere near as attractive as Molly. “Yeah, well we need ta be to keep you bitches in line. Know what I mean?” He says this distractedly, not really paying attention to anything but Molly's chest.

Molly Whipple has second thoughts, but hears Selina's voice and is reminded why she is doing this. She simply has to escape before the head guard Angel returns for her or Selina seeks revenge. She already has too many enemies in this place. She sucks in a deep breath as he touches her and her nipple involuntarily tightens. "I can certainly see how that'd be the case around here!"

Selina Kyle laughs looking across at Molly's cell, watching the crude man reach out to touch the heroine as she just plays the obedient little slut. "I knew she was pathetic... and with someone so... foul as well."

Danny Boy's expression turns lewd at the reflexive response, shifting to slide Molly off his lap so he can lean over and suck on the already stiffened nub of girl flesh. He's not really thinking straight at the moment, the scent and feel of Molly obliterating much of his already minimal capacity for rational thought. “You like that huh? Well Ol' Danny Boy is just gattin' started, yer gonna be thankin' me before I'm done!”

Molly Whipple feigns to loosen his tie as she is slid off his knee to the cot. She reaches up to run a finger along his jaw as he begins to suckle on her firm little boob, closing her eyes and trying to imagine George Clooney instead of this red-haired step-guard. “Ohmygawd, Danny dearest... that feels great...” Her hand tightens about his tie and jerks downward as her knee comes up, the plan to send him into lala land in quick order.

Danny Boy is too busy sucking to say anything in response, his beady little eyes closed, leaving him totally vulnerable to Molly's small but hard knee, his lips leaving her nipple with an audible pop and his jaw snapping shut, the sickening sound of a cracking tooth filling the cell as he slides to the ground, pupils dilated and utterly dazed for the moment, leaving Molly with a wide open cell door, and easy access to his key ring and nightstick.

Molly Whipple nods, kneels and checks to see that he is breathing okay. "Sorry, Danny Boy, but it had to be somebody..." She takes no time to get dressed, but simply snatches up his key ring and nightstick, and rushes out of the cell, sticking her tongue out at Selina as she rushes past, orange top trailing away from her body, revealing a flexing ass in white cotton.

Selina Kyle’s eyes widen in shock and she suddenly slams on the bars, screaming in rage at what she just witnessed. "Get up you idiot!" She snarls and reaches out to grab at the fleeing prisoner.

Molly Whipple eeps as she feels a tug on her orange top that nearly jerks her over backwards, but the top rips away first, leaving Selina holding the torn garment. Molly pauses, shrugs, then keeps going. "Nothing I can do about it now..." She slows as she gets to the end of the block, peeking around the corner and then padding into the shadows on bare feet, wearing nothing but white panties.

Danny Boy stirs and groans, slowly rising to his knees and glancing at the catburglar’s direction for a moment. "Shut up bitch!"

Selina Kyle screams in rage, tearing the top to shreds, snarling and screaming at the guard to get off his lazy ass and catch that bitch, her raven mane tossed around wildly as she yells at Danny, her own breasts bouncing, barely containing by her tied-together top.

Molly Whipple sneaks her way between the showers and the infirmary, turning past the darkened offices, toward the dark deserted block where there are hopefully no guards, having heard rumors that there is a back exit there, hoping to use the keys in her left hand to let herself out that way. Her bare feet leave prints in the dust on the floor in this seldom-used portion of the prison.

Danny Boy rubs his sore jaw, wincing in pain before spitting out a gob of bloody saliva and a broken tooth, eyes widening as he realizes what has happened. He comes to his senses just in time to see Molly’s slender ankle vanish behind a corner. “Son of whore! Uncle Scottie is gonna murder me if he finds out!”

Selina Kyle screeches, “God you’re pathetic! How could you be fooled by such a bad actress like Molly fucking Whipple!?”

Danny Boy clambers to his feet and lopes after the fleeing chick, his heavy footfalls echoing down the cellblock, breathing loud and raspy as he tries in vain to catch up. He spins around and gives Selina a look that would peel paint. "I'll be back for you later..." He pivots again and lopes after Molly again, knowing he has no chance of catching her on foot but desperate to not let word of this fiasco get out.

Molly Whipple can fortunately see in the dark and is able to slowly find her way through the maze of the darkened block, which much to her surprise she finds is not entirely deserted. She blinks and finds her way around what appears to be a little filming studio dungeon set-up there. "I can't believe... oh yes I can... nothing about this place would surprise me at this point... now where's that backdoor?"

Selina Kyle merely smirks, having been able to stare down the likes of Batman before, not easily intimidated by some fat guard that was knocked out by a Danger Doll.

Danny Boy leaves Selina behind as he turns the corner. He lacks Molly's night vision, but he knows the layout like the back of his hand. Still, he's lost her for the moment. Furious and panicked as he is he knows he can’t take the famed adventuress bare handed and so he makes his way to the armory, slipping on some weighted zap gloves, and snatching up a fresh billy club before pausing to decide what his next step should be.

Molly Whipple finds a door on the backside of this abandoned section, but none of her keys will work the lock. She hears someone coming outside so she flattens her near-naked self to the wall behind the door as it is unlocked and opened. In walk two guys carrying a camera and bag. She waits for them to pass and ducks outside before the door closes. A black van is parked there, the back doors open, more equipment inside. She circles around to the driver's side to check the ignition for keys. "This looks to be my lucky day..."

Danny Boy looks round the armory quickly and smiles when he spots a taser which he snatches up and clips to his belt, a cruel smile spreading across his face, a small dribble of blood still leaking from one corner. “Now where are you Mollkins? Danny Boy has something very special for his bad girl...” He screws his piggy eyes shut for a moment then suddenly snaps his fingers, he knows that stolen key ring won't let Molly open most of the doors in the prison, but it's going to give her easy access to the hidden studio and from there the motor pool, not good news but at least now he knows where she's most likely to end up.

Molly Whipple finds no keys in the van and so slides onto the floorboards on her back, reaching up under the dash to see if the van is old enough that the ignition can be bypassed. "I'll give this one try and if it doesn't work I'll just make a break for the woods... come on... let's see... I think if I just..."

Danny Boy lumbers into the studio and waves to George and Sam, the production guys but can smell the telltale aroma of freshly burned diesel. Dashing with surprising quickness for so large a man he reaches the motor pool and sees the van is gone. “Son of a bitch! That fuckin' whore is going to pay when I get my mitts on her...” Despite his anger he is not really that worried, knowing that there's only one access road to the prison, a lonely and twisty road, designed to give the guards plenty of notice if anybody approaches. “Well she's going to be in for a surprise!” He walks down a half dozen bays and pulls off a tarp from an expensive ATV, the machine beautifully maintained and fully gassed at all times. He lacks the key, but hell, he works motor poll for a reason and in short order has the bike roaring, quickly pulling out, immediately turning off the road and cutting cross country, trying top catch up with the speeding van.

Molly Whipple grins as she cruises away in the black van down the long winding road, finding it hard to believe her good luck. "Where's the main road... I should prolly ditch this van before long... I wonder if there are any clothes in the back... I can't just run around next to naked without drawing too much attention..." She flips on the radio. "Jailhouse Rock? You have got to be kidding me..."

Danny Boy makes good use of the off road vehicle, rapidly catching up to the faster vehicle by the application of basic geometry. "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line" Still he has a ways to go but it's obvious that he has the upper hand here. “Not that easy Mollkins, not even close to being that damned easy to get away from Danny Boy...” He mumbled to himself, one hand leaving the handlebars and groping blindly for the helmet he neglected to put on, finally finding it on slipping it over his head, a criminally stupid thing to do on a moving bike, but he gets lucky and doesn’t crash.

Molly Whipple turns off the radio, thankful she still hasn't heard any sirens, surprised her escape hasn't been noticed yet. "Where is that damn main road? It didn't seem this far when they brought me in!"

Danny Boy flicks open the built-in walkie-talkie. “Oh Danny boy oh Danny boy the pies are falling...” he sings into the radio, totally off tune but entirely recognizable as it echoes in the van through it's receiver.

Molly Whipple reaches the highway and pulls the van into the trees, figuring she can't take it on the main road without being spotted. She quickly hops in the back to look for some clothes. "Lingerie and fetish gear... what the hell is this?" She gasps as she hears the drunken voice coming from the front. "Oh shit, Danny Boy's prolly pissed as he can be... Gotta go now!" Thinking he’s right there she jumps out of the back of the van and runs for it, white-pantied ass dashing into the trees.

Danny Boy reaches the highway a mere minute after Molly, looking alarmed for moment when he sees she's abandoned the van, but then he spots the traces of her entry into the woods. A movie starlet, heroine and martial artist she might be, but she's still a city girl and her knowledge of forest concealment leaves much to be desired. “There we go, Molly, Danny Boy's come for you and man is he angry!” He revs the engine and charges into the woods, easily following Molly Whipple's trail, eyes gleaming with bestial rage now that he's so close to catching the girl who made such a fool of him.

Molly Whipple is lithe and quick, not to mention near-naked and sweaty, her skin glistening as she runs through the shafts of moonlight that fall through the trees, revealing her with something almost strobe effect, stumbling once as she hears the ATV and panics a bit, realizing as she gets up and continues to run that she is totally lost.

Danny Boy roars after Molly, always an avid and particularly bloodthirsty poacher, he's in his element now When hunting deer he used salt lick and high power flashlights to give himself easy kills. He feels no shame in running down a naked girl lost in the woods on a heavy duty ATV. His eyes alert, he smiles wide as he spots Molly in the distance, only seconds ahead of him now as he hits the gas and drives the bike full speed at the fugitive. “YEEHAWWW!” He bursts through the trees and ands hard, the bike kicking up a cloud of dirt that spray every where as it bears down on Molly Whipple, having lost little if any of it's momentum.

Molly Whipple runs through the woods, her speed and grace not unlike that of a deer, her working balls of glute threatening to devour the seat of her panties, also threatening to outrun the ATV at one point but then it is on her again suddenly. She leaps up, grabs a tree limb and swings upwards, showing her ass in the process.

Danny Boy zooms under Molly’s feet, just an instant too slow to hit her but does a tight turn and brings the ATV to stop right under her. He stands in the seat and makes a wild grab for her ankle, trying desperately to snag it before it gets out of reach, one hand already fumbling for the taser at his belt, the roar of the idling bike filling his ears. “Get back here you fuckin' bitch!”

Molly Whipple avoids being caught by the foot and intends to swing all the way around the tree limb, her legs already bicycling to land a series of kicks to Danny Boy as she comes around, unfortunately the tree branch snaps as she swings back down, sending her crashing to the ground. She groans, shakes her head and rolls to hands and knees, trying to crawl blindly away on all fours.

“HAWHAWHAW!” Danny Boy guffaws at Molly's bad luck and takes aim with the taser, not in any hurry now that his prey is hobbled for the moment, smirking wide he pulls the trigger and sends the wires flying though the air, aimed squarely at Molly's firm rounded ass, the barb at the end crackling and the faint smell of ozone filling the air. “Not so fast Mollkins. You and me have some unfinished business!”

Molly Whipple, still dazed by her fall, scampers away on all fours, her mostly bare bottom wiggling back and forth. She yelps as it is tasered, then lurches, muscles seizing up, crumpling on her side, thrashing about as if having a seizure, even wetting her panties. Slowly the thrashing diminishes to twitching. She lies there paralyzed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Danny Boy clips the taser to his belt and, pulling his billy club free, steps close and prods the unmoving Molly with its hard tip. He has been fooled once and is doing his crude best to make sure it won't happen again. “Think ya could pull a fast one on ol' Danny Boy huh? Well time ya learned better, outside ya might be a movie star but in prison yer just a number, you ain't nothin' special at all!”

Molly Whipple is flopped to her back by the prod, limbs flopping out limply spread eagle. She lies there unable to move save the heaving of her sweaty chest, her pert breasts now caked with dirt and debris from the forest floor, her panties clinging wetly to the shape of her smooth pout with the cleft in the middle.

Danny Boy frowns, not wanting Molly knocked out right now. No, he wants her to know what is happening to her. Fortunately he’s ready for this, straddling her stricken body and squatting down, again fumbling at his belt and pulling out a capsule of smelling salts, these being pretty much standard issue at the brutal and corrupt prison where he works and that Molly is forced to call home now. Cracking them open he holds them under her nose. “Wakey wakey, Mollykinins, Danny Boy has a surprise for you!”

Molly Whipple blinks and shakes her head, making a terrible face at being so rudely awakened. She begins to struggle only to find her arms pinned at her sides. Her whole body still tingles with pain from the taser. Her lip curls into a pout. "But... I... don't like... surprises!"

Danny Boy smirks, sliding off Molly and half turning on his knees, bring the butt of his nightstick down dead center of her firm and muscular but still only girl flesh belly. “SURPRISE!”

Molly Whipple is preparing to try to take him when the nightstick drives the air right out of her with a nasty “OOPH!” She sputters and grasps at the nightstick with both hands as she tries to move.

Danny Boy growls, his hamhock-sized hand darting out and snatching at one of Molly's fingers. He might be fat but he's strong too. He was a star right tackle in high school and retains much of the muscle from his glory days. If he can grab hold of one of those slender graceful fingers he's going to bend it back until he hears the sickening but satisfying snap of breaking bone. “Uh-uh Molly, you don’t get to play with my toys unless I say you can!”

Molly Whipple screams out her pain as the bone snaps with a sound not unlike that of the breaking tree limb before. Her eyes glaze over for an instant and her hands fall away to her sides, her usually pretty face suddenly contorted in agony.

Danny Boy grins, satisfied that Molly is both aware and for the moment incapacitated. He rises to his feet, grabs her soft blond hair and begins dragging her to the ATV, no doubt the brown and dry pine needles of the forest floor digging cruelly into her bare skin, to say nothing of whatever rocks might be along the way. Danny Boy isn’t really concerned about her comfort at the moment. “Oh Danny Boy oh Danny Boy, your pants your pants are falling...” he sings loudly and badly.

Molly Whipple can master pain pretty quickly and well, but the effects of the taser linger and she simply flails helplessly as she is dragged across the rough ground by the mop of blond hair, sniffling and squealing. She gasps as suddenly as her panties catch on something and are pulled down her thighs to her knees, slipping onward to her ankles.

Danny Boy doesn't notice this nor would he particularly care, he's still furious at Molly’s humiliation of him mixed with fear for his job to form a special kind of rage that doesn't bode well for her. But he’s regained enough control to know that he needs to get her back to the prison before someone notice's she's gone and so, instead of taking revenge, he tosses her against the front of the ATV, drawing back the billy club and whipping hard at her face before going to the storage compartment of the bike to get the duct tape stored there.

Molly Whipple groans and slumps drunkenly against the ATV after the cracking sound of the blow to her face. Beneath a veil of matted hair blood begins to trickle from one nostril. “Wha... aarrrghh... what are you doing... now?”

“You'll found out soon enough Mollkins!” Danny Boy takes a long look at his captive before nodding in satisfaction that she's not in any state to put up a fight right now. He rips off several long lengths of duct tape and sticks them to handle bars for the moment, finally reaching down and pulling off her soaked panties with a smile that's a mix of amusement and disgust when he notices their state. “Now this isn’t going to hurt a bit Mollykins, not unless you make it hard for me...” He swings the billy club hard at Molly's belly again, wanting to remove any bit of fight she has left before proceeding.

Molly Whipple lurches and grunts, sputtering on the blood running down from her nose.

Danny Boy grabs a wrist and pulls it over the handlebars, reaching down and pulling up the companion ankle and pulling them close together, binding them tight with several lengths of the duct tape. He then does the same with the other wrist and ankle, leaving Molly painfully and awkwardly splayed across the front of the ATV. “Now that's a pretty picture I think!”

Molly Whipple is rendered completely helpless before she starts to come around again, struggling weakly but defiantly as she is bound by tape, her smooth hairless sex on full display between her splayed thighs.

Danny Boy picks up the sodden panties and tuff them into Molly's mouth, using some tape to make sure it stays there. He eyes the billy club, a nasty look on his face as he steps in close and forces one end into her sex, using the last of the tape to secure the other end to the lower part of the ATV, the part that jostles the most as it off-roads. “There we go!”

Molly Whipple tastes defeat in the form of her own urine-soaked panties, helpless as he violates her with the billy club, her eyes widening as tears join the flow of blood down her face.

Danny Boy mounts the bike and fires up the engine, making his way through the woods, making damn sure to drive through the thickest brush, hit every stinking puddle and go over the roughest ground he can, abusing Molly's helpless body the whole trip, the billy club working in and out of her with every rough jolt until finally he pulls back into the motor pull and dismounts, taking a good hard look at his work. “So was it good for you?”

Molly Whipple's still bouncing boobies tell the story of the rough terrain they crossed, crisscrossed with the whip marks of small branches, and her eyes, glassy with shock as they look into his, her jawline quivering as she mumbles something incoherent into the disgusting gag, her slender form covered with bruises and lacerations, the pain so intense she is almost numb with shock.

Danny Boy smirks and gets a knife from the storage compartment, freeing the bruised and bloody girl, dragging her through the hall of the prison, tossing her into the coldest, darkest, most disgusting cell in solitary, the billy club still fully wedged in her and the gag in place as he slams the door shut hard. “This ain’t over Molly!”


Danny Boy kicks the door of the solitary confinement cell open and shoves Molly Whipple out, the fallen heroine’s wrists and ankles locked painfully tight in cuffs, her feet and hands swollen from the trapped blood, the short length of links between her ankles making her already limping gait all the more pathetic. “C'mon Molly, time ta go back to yer cell, Selina missed you loads I hear!” He smirks as he observes his handiwork. Almost all of Molly’s skin is covered with grotesque bruises, looking almost like she’s been tie-dyed purple and black after his special attentions.

Molly Whipple stumbles along, forced to take the tiniest steps imaginable, the pain in her body obvious from the grimace on her face and twitching limp to her steps. The cold sweat that covers her naked body only highlights the purple splotches here and there.

Selina Kyle smirks, hearing the noises coming from down the hall as she muses, "Well look who’s back..."

Danny Boy reaches down and pulls his billy club from his belt, smacking it hard at Molly's rounded and muscled ass, a cruel self satisfied smile on his face. “Hurry the fuck up, I got coffee gettin' cold here...”

Molly Whipple sniffles and stumbles down the hall, nearly falling once, yelping as she is clubbed and forced back up. She sniffles, "Yes sir... plsssss... no more..."

Black Widow also hears the noise and smiles as she decides that she will soon have the perfect chance to introduce herself to the heroine trapped in here with her.

Molly Whipple lurches on her way back to her cell, her face contorted in a tortured pout, her ass reddened from the clubbing.

Danny Boy steps up in front of the slowly moving Molly and grabs at her bound hands, squeezing the broken and untreated knuckle finger with all his strength.

Molly Whipple whimpers and tenses all over at the excruciating pain in her broken finger, hurrying as fast as the six-inch chain between ankles will allow.

Danny Boy nods in satisfaction at the mewling reply. “That's better , now hurry up, there's people who wanna meet youse.”

Molly Whipple's reddened bottom twitches about and her bruised breasts bounce as she finally limps toward her cell.

Selina Kyle taunts, “Well, look who has decided to grace us with herrr prrresence!”

Danny Boy leads Molly through the tiers and cell locks until finally they are at her old cell, the bunk stripped of it's mattress and sheets, leaving nothing but a hard metal shelf for the bruised and naked girl to rest herself on.

Molly Whipple whispers, “But wha... where's my... my... mattress?”

Danny Boy guffaws.

Molly Whipple sobs.

Selina Kyle laughs.

Danny Boy feigns no knowledge. “Well I don’t rightly know where it went. Maybe Selina over there stole it, she's the world famous burglar ain't she?”

Selina Kyle blows a kiss to tease as she relaxes on her own bed which appears to be two mattresses high.

Molly Whipple looks around toward Selina and her lower lip curls out even further.

Black Widow smiles in her cell as she watches the exchange, but otherwise remains silent.

Danny Boy seizes Molly Whipple's wrists hard enough to almost yank her arms out of the socket, paying no mind to her broken finger as he undoes the cuffs and then shoves her to her cot, likewise undoing her ankles and then exiting her cell, clanging the door shut with finality. “Welcome home, Mollykins, we missed yer smilin' face around here.”

Molly Whipple yelps a bit as she hits the cot, squeaking like the rusty metal it is.

Danny Boy spins on his heels and makes his way to the end of the cell block.

Molly Whipple rolls to the hard floor and curls up on her side, putting her arms over her face to hide the tears.

Danny Boy turns the corner, his heavy footfalls echoing loud in the crying girls ears.

Selina Kyle calls tauntingly her purring voice, echoing through the night as other inmates join in mocking the weeping Whipple.

Molly Whipple lies naked in the fetal position on the floor of her cell, trying to stop, but wracked every so often by another shuddering sob as the reality of her situation sinks in.

Black Widow strangely enough does not add her voice to the other inmates. She does however smile slightly before settling back onto her bed, waiting for her chance.

Molly Whipple falls asleep on the floor, having terrible nightmares. "Oh please no... too long... brrrr... cold... Belle... help me..."


Molly Whipple feels better by the next day, still stiff and sore, but quite excited actually for an opportunity to get out of her cell and feel the sun on her faintly freckled face.

Black Widow steps into the yard, a slight smile spreading across her face as she sees just what is waiting for her. Six long years of solitary, with almost no contact with others, and then this place. She owes those so-called heroines a debt... and here she has a chance to repay it. She is in the usual prison outfit, although the top is stretched by having to contain her rather large bust.

Molly Whipple is in her orange pajamas as well, generally keeping to herself and just enjoying the warmth of the sun. She sits on a bench with a brush and begins to work on the mussed hair that is her blond bob.

Black Widow moves through the yard, threading her way through the crowd. Her eyes are focused on Molly, and the inmates in her way quickly step aside. She has proven herself to be quite vicious when crossed, and few want to be the focus of her attention.

Molly Whipple is in her own little world and barely notices the woman approaching until her shadow blocks the sun. Molly looks up with blue eyes and attempts a smile. "Hi, I'm Molly. What's up?"

Black Widow glares. For a moment she is tempted to slip into her charming side, but only for a moment. This is an ex-heroine after all. But she still starts to speak "Hello, I was wondering..." She cuts herself off as she brings her foot up into a kick aimed at the side of the heroine, taking advantage of the fact people naturally expect you to finish talking.

Molly Whipple is caught entirely by surprise by the unexpected and quite sudden attack. Despite her genetically engineered quickness she can barely throw her brush hand in the way of the kick, lessening the blow a bit, but still tumbling backwards off the bench on which she sits as the brush goes flying.

Black Widow jumps forward, one hand resting on the bench and propelling and guiding her over as she tries to land on you. Even though the collar limits her abilities she is still a little bit faster than a normal human, and can hit a bit harder as well.

Molly Whipple hits the ground and keeps rolling, backwards somersaulting to her feet, standing ready as the dark-haired attacker vaults over the bench. Molly sidesteps and snaps a kick towards the woman's midsection in a flap of orange. "I don't think so!"

Black Widow darts to the side, or at least tries to as the kick glances off her. She scowls in rage, one hand rubbing the probably bruised skin, this time at the collar limiting her. She can see the blow coming easily enough, but the collar keeps her from being able to avoid it like she normally would. She starts to circle, eyes wary and watching for a chance to strike.

Molly Whipple does much the same, slipping into a familiar stance, turning slowly with her foe. "You're a mighty big one aren't you? What's your name? I really don't want to fight you know?"

"Well I never wanted to fight... all I wanted was to live and not be some pathetic scrap to be used and discarded... but your 'kind'... " She spits at the ground between them, the white saliva spreading and making a sticky patch of ground. "...didn't let me. All I have now is a life in this hell hole, and since one of you is in here I might as well get some revenge."

Molly Whipple blinks and narrows her eyes. "One of my kind... what do you mean? Oh, you mean because I used to be a superheroine... that didn't stop me from receiving the same fate as you now did it? But if you're dead set on starting something I will be sure to finish it!" Molly had learned by now it was important to prove yourself in this place. That meant never backing down.

Black Widow smiles, although her eyes remain cold. Suddenly her gaze shifts past Molly and focuses on something just behind her. "She's mine!" She snaps, as if someone is approaching you from behind. If you turn to glance behind you for even a moment she will dart forward, trying to get close enough to slam her fist into your stomach.

Molly Whipple is a heroine and trusting by instinct. She falls for it hook, line and sinker, glancing back over her shoulder. An instant later buttons are sent flying and she is doubled over as all the air exits her lungs. "Ooooophhh..." She clutches at her midsection as her top flaps open. She grimaces and collapses to her knees.

Black Widow brings one of her feet up, aiming a kick at your chin as you collapse to your knees. "Tch. Pathetic"

Molly Whipple's head snaps back in an explosion of blond hair. "Ungh..." Her body follows, flopping to its back, arms flying out, top flopping open to reveal the modest but very pert breasts bouncing about the slender girl's chest.

Black Widow smiles as she stomps on one of your now exposed breasts. She licks her lips as she does so, thinking you look quite tasty flopped out on the ground like that.

Molly Whipple yelps as her tender breast is stomped. She tries to grab the ankle behind the foot and yank it out from under her foe by rolling to one side. “Yeowies... that hurt!”

Black Widow falls as the unexpected movement causes her foot to be yanked from under her, but her body is already twisting, her other leg and arms extending to lessen the impact. Fortunately the collar doesn't effect her balance as she rolls forward, using every muscle she can to get her foot out of your hand and get her away from you.

Molly Whipple loses control of the foot, but does manage to even things up again as she rolls to her hands and knees, blue eyes behind that mop of dirty blond hair fixed on the big woman like gun barrels as she rises to her feet. "That does it!" Molly rips the last remaining button off her top and flicks it like a shuriken with amazing force, zinging at the woman’s forehead.

Black Widow finishes her roll and rises to her feet, spinning in a graceful fluid manner... and straight into the button. The force takes her still unstable body off her feet, and she crashes into the ground on her back. Her eyes slide closed, and her breathing is soft. It almost looks as if you took her out. But in reality she is fully aware, if in pain, and waiting to see if you approach.

Molly Whipple nods with a self-satisfied smirk, her hands reaching to tie the ends of her open top under her cleavage as she looks around at the other inmates. "Anybody else want some? I didn't think so!" She giggles and begins to walk away.

Black Widow smirks as she lies there, her hearing easily picking up your giggle and the sound of you walking away. Her legs lift straight up into the air before she silently rolls to her feet, following after you and matching her footsteps with yours to help mask any sound. She draws closer and closer before trying to slam her elbow down into the back of your neck.

Molly Whipple briefly wonders why the other prisoners have suddenly gotten so quiet as she walks away, but figures she's just managed to gain their respect again. Despite her own very impressive hearing she picks up nothing until the blow to the back of her neck explodes into her consciousness like lightning. She lurches forward, legs wobbling, eyes blinking, and faceplants the dirt of the yard.

Black Widow follows you down, pressing her weight into your back. One knee digs into your back as she pushes her weight into you, her hands grabbing your wrists and slowly dragging them back behind your head. "Didn't you ever learn never turn your back on someone?" She hisses.

Molly Whipple is barely aware of what is happening as her arms are pulled back until her shoulders threaten to pop and her spine arches painfully. She groans and shakes her head as her eyes flutter open, sputtering out the dirt she just ate. "Wha... how did?"

Black Widow continues forcing your arms back, intending to use her web to stick your hands to the back of your head. It is a lot weaker than normal, and will deteriorate at a rapid rate, but it doesn't have to last for long to be useful. "You didn't really think a button had knocked me out did you? Your stupider than you look, heroine." The last word is spat out, hatred underlining it.

Molly Whipple would point out she's very good with turning ordinary objects into unusually effective projectiles, but she is too busy struggling as her hands are stuck to the back of her head. "Hey, wha... are you doing!?" She twists and turns frantically, trying to wriggle out from under the huge powerful woman sitting on her back.

Black Widow spits a glob of web onto your hands as she holds them against your hair, smiling as the thick white sticky substance catches. It will only last for about ten minutes or so, but should prove more than capable of holding you for that long. With that done one hand grabs the back of your head and forces it into the dirt as the other draws back before slapping your rear.

Molly Whipple squirms about furiously as she is pinned and made to eat dirt, yelping and sputtering as the tight curve of her bottom in the orange pajama bottoms is smacked.

"What's wrong? Don't like the taste? Well get used to it... because I am going to make sure that it becomes a regular part of your diet heroine." Black Widow teases you as she starts to worm the hand on your ass into the bottoms, a smirk on her face.

Molly Whipple coughs as she is forced to eat more dirt, flailing her legs in panic as she feel the hand inside her bottoms, gripping at the white cotton panties there.

"Now what do you have these on for? You don't need them!" Black Widow asks as her hand finds your white panties, and it grips both your pajama bottoms and the panties. She yanks her hand away, ripping them both with little effort.

Molly Whipple squeals frantically because the fabric burns smooth hairless flesh as it exits the cleft of her sex. Her squirming little balls of ass are now left on public display as the other prisoners whoop and catcall.

Black Widow smiles as she gets an idea, and her hand reaches around you and lifts your rear into the air as she continues to press her knee into your back. Her hands positioning means that she is pushing up against your cunt to expose your ass to the crowd of inmates jeering at you. "Now this look suits her... doesn't it?" The crowd cheers in approval at the question.

Molly Whipple continues to squirm, threatening to pull her hair out in frustration, unable to get away, or prevent the crude handhold of fingers on her sex holding her ass up to the jeers of the other prisoners. "Plssss... stpp..." She spits dirt as she tries to beg.

"Stop? Why would I stop? Can't you hear the crowd? I think they want to see more of you like this..." Black Widow smirks to herself as she twists her hand, straightening it so that the fingers line up with your cunt, and giving you a choice. You can either lift your ass into the air, or find those fingers pushing into you.

Molly Whipple desperately tries to lift her ass, demonstrating if nothing else her flexibility, not to mention showing off the absolute hairlessness of her nether region. "B... b... but..."

Black Widow grins as she presses down with the knee in Molly's back, and starts to lift her hand up, interested in finding out just how flexible your body is ... and showing it off to the prisoners in the yard. "But what, heroine?" As she askss that the hand on Molly's head pushes down again.

Molly Whipple squawks and squeals intermittently, when not eating dirt, the fingers digging into the tight fold of her sex, lifting, her back bending, until her toes touch the ground in front of her tear-streaked face.

Black Widow shrugs and turns around and starts to walk off, leaving Molly exposed and helpless behind her.

Molly Whipple flops out in the dirt, getting to her feet slowly, still unable to free her hands from her hair, sobbing as she runs for her cell, top unbuttoned and trailing her like a streamer, her bottom half naked as the day she was born, the crowd in the yard laughing hysterically.


Gorman Cogger arrives later in the day, chuckling and laughing it up with his chauffeur, while talking on the phone, with the prison. He wants to make sure that the guards are "preparing" Ms. Whipple for her close-up, preparing with their fists, feet, clubs, and...other...body parts. He chuckles at the thought. Heavy set, thin mustached and eyes hidden by dark sunglasses, Cogger pulls through visitor parking 2 hours later, and very calmly, speaks with the proper people to get his "visitor pass." There was no need to rush Molly's "assistants." Cogger wanted to make sure she looked good for her interrogation scene today. And you couldn't look like you were being interrogated if you weren't roughed up a little! Still, he partly wished he could be in there right now watching.

Molly Whipple sputters as her glistening chest heaves for air, cum mixed in the drool running down her chin. Her eyes are pained, not understanding why she's being treated like this, wondering if someone might be sending her a message, or if the warden has simply decided to go more sadistic with his online pay-for-view offerings.

Gorman Cogger is deterred from his path by a personal friend there at the prison, grabbing a coffee, laughing and sharing a few off-color jokes with the warden, mainly about women and light bulbs. Of course, the coffee servers and other "personal assistants" around the office don't find them funny, but, fuck 'em! While the guards are seeing just HOW many kicks it took to swell that pout of Molly’s past her knees, Gorman Cogger finally, FINALLY makes his way, to the OTHER side of the prison, and approaches with a chuckle just as one of the larger men throws the biggest haymaker he can at the jaw of the handcuffed Chickfighter. Cogger shook his head and just laughed, sipping his coffee, still wearing those black leather gloves, stylish and ominous at the same time. Speaking in that obnoxious voice of his, "Well, ya've never looked better, toots! Ah! Ah! Ah!" Cogger gave that fake, humorless laugh he often did.

Molly Whipple has her head nearly removed from her shoulders, sweat spraying from the impact of the blow. Her head bounces back and forth like a speed bag a few times before slumping to her shiny naked chest. It is raised slowly at the sound of his voice, one blackened eye staring back through a veil of matted hair, swollen lips mumbling, "It can't be... Cogger... here... you no good... nngh..."

Gorman Cogger chuckles, and as they open the cell, he steps inside, a big, overweight frame of a man who looks terribly unfit, and ill-suited for physicality, and he was...when the contest was equal. Reaching out and grabbing at her hair to grip a handful of it HARD, he laughs and slaps her face, the way one did when greeting a friend...except he did it hard enough to be considered rude, and threatening. One can imagine the anger behind his eyes as he does absolutely loathe her. "No good? Baby, don't you know better than to bad-mouth your director? Gee, you look really good for your shoot today! I was worried that you and your...power mumbo jumbo would interfere...but you look really good! You ready to be a star, love?" Cogger smiles and laughs, his smile looking a lot like a sneer.

Molly Whipple is naked and bedraggled before the vile infamous director of horror and action b-movie sleaze who's movie offers she has always refused. It appears she is to have no choice this time. All she can do is glare back as he slaps her face. She rattles the chains as she strains against them, but bent over in a vicious strappado, arms high behind, ankles held wide by a spreader bar, she is next to helpless. “What are you planning to do to me, Cogger?”

Gorman Cogger steps back a tad when she strains against her bonds, only swallowing and laughing when he realizes where she is, and realizes she isn't going anywhere. Infuriated at his own cowardice even now, he inhales, and spits, right at her face. It is only THEN that he chuckles like he has it all under control(and he did, didn't he?), and as he speaks, he motions, and one of the guards takes a position behind her. Cogger figures she'll concentrate better while buggered, HARD as his cameras roll. The guards are dressed in black suits and shades to make to make them look every bit like agents of the FBI. "Quite simple,'re going to play the part of a young, stupid bitch who thought she could get one over on everyone, who thought she could piss all over everyone else and get away with it. Only..." Cogger laughs and unzips, his own cock not terribly big, but he aims it right at her face. After a second the stream starts, aimed right where his spit already shone. "She's discovering that in real life, it's her who gets pissed on! Now, you whore, talk! TALK! Talk, or we keep workin' ya! We're going to GET that information!" Cogger laughs, perhaps SHE thinks he is babbling incoherently, but he is just following the script.

Molly Whipple is bent over with eyes at belt buckle height which means she has an up close view as Gorman Cogger unzips. She makes a trembling disgusted face, thinking he is going to make her suck his cock. She gasps in surprise when her face is showered with urine. "You fucking bastard..." she sputters with eyes closed. Until she is buggered that is. Then those blue eyes nearly bug out of their sockets as her body lurches.

Gorman Cogger chuckles, and at his gesture, a couple of the men kneal down, taking an ominous looking car battery, and placing it on the ground in just the perfect spot for her to see. They take two clamps and, reaching out, caress her nipples, also pinching, twisting and pulling on them, making them as hard as possible in a short amount of time, even as Cogger lights another long cigarette, and chuckles. As all this goes on, the one behind her keeps going, grunting as he rides her dry, and rides her hard. "So you don't want to say, hmm? Last chance, you dirty prostitute, give us the information! You going to talk, huh?!" Cogger yells at her, spittle flying from his mouth as he does. He had a LOT of pent-up aggression to take out on her.

Molly Whipple looks down at the battery, face contorted in dismay as her nipples are stimulated. She shakes her head as she looks back up at Cogger, urine still dripping from her face. "I don't understand? What do you want? I'm not a prostitute! I'm a star! A heroine, you fuckingawdamn bastard!" Molly sniffles as she gives the clamps a sideways glance, poised inches from her firm dangling boobs with their turgid copper tops, swinging like plumbs with every lurch of her buggered sweaty ass. The actors in their dark glasses watching with sick grins as the cameras roll.

Gorman Cogger shakes his head and speaks to the men. "Clamp'er, she's not talking. Time is of the essence!" Cogger can't hide the glee from his face as they attach those clamps, without any mercy, letting them hang and dangle from her tits. They are HEAVY, and aren't soft in any way. He chuckles and nods to the one behind her, riding away. "Get ready, she's gonna clamp you like she wants to take it off." Cogger laughs as with that warning, he turns the CRANKED the dial on the battery, passing green and going straight into yellow and holding it, which of course caused her backdoor assailant to groan and cross his eyes, firing into her like a CANNON from the force unless of course she could keep her muscles from doing so.

Molly Whipple screams as the clamps bite into her tight jiggling tit flesh, sending a charge rippling through her slender body, making it convulse more obscenely than before if that was possible. Her eyes nearly pop out of her head as the man behind fills her tight clenching ass with fire. The former star of b-movies is definitely filming the most dire hardcore scene of her career this time.

Gorman Cogger laughs and only stops a minute later, after the guard pumps ALLLL he could. Then and ONLY then does Cogger turn the battery OFF, so that the man can pull out, gasping and going into the bathroom to wash off. While this break occurs, Cogger grabs a water canteen and grips her hair, tilting her head up painfully to force the water down her lips. "Swallow it if you know what's good for you..."

Molly Whipple blinks and gulps, rarely in her life having even heard of such viciousness, choking and spewing, spasms wracking her straining form, shoulders looking about to pop as she dangles from the strappado. "What... grrk... do... rrrk... oooh... blargh... want?" She realizes her own tears are mixing with the water as it burns her swollen lips and tastes salty on her tongue.

Gorman Cogger laughs, making her drink half of the canteen in one go taking it away from her. Then she would feel ANOTHER ice-cold metal clamp being rubbed along her extremely swollen sex. Cogger walks up and speaks as he caresses her cheek, his voice mockingly sympathetic. "Are you going to cooperate? We don't have to do this. We don't have to hurt you. We just want you to cooperate...are you going to cooperate, Molly? Hmm? Gonna be a good girl, huh?"

Molly Whipple blinks at Cogger, her eyes a bit unfocussed, the b-movie star seemingly on the verge of shock. She is beginning to wonder if Cogger is intending to make this her last role ever by killing her on screen. The cold touch on her painfully swollen sex sends shivers running through her flesh. "Please... if I knew what you wanted me... I'd... please... don't kill me!"

Gorman Cogger grins deviously and steps back, knowing all that water would make for a good shot in a few seconds after he directs that closed clamp currently teasing along her bruised bulging folds to be opened and attached. “Gentlemen, start her engine!”

Molly Whipple’s pain is like being struck by lightning and her involuntary reaction is like a thunderstorm. Her consciousness swirls away in a cyclone of throbbing head and holes.


Johnnycakes walks the corridor and looks around a bit.

Lexy hears footsteps and glances out of her cell down the long dark hallway.

Molly Whipple awakens from another bad dream of Gorman Cogger, cringes and goes fetal under her blanket as she hears, "Lights out."

Lexy grabs the stale cookie stashed above her sink light and climbs into bed for the night, hoping them footsteps wouldn’t return.


Texacon walks in through the hallway of the facility, having given his credentials to the staff. He is pointed toward the warden's office as he strides down the hallway with two briefcases.

The warden is alerted about his new guest's arrival and radios to guards to prepare the prisoner.

Molly Whipple lounges in her cell as usual in nothing but her orange top and plain white cotton undies.

Texacon arrives at the office of the warden and is greeted at the door. "Howdy. My name is..."

The warden cuts him off. "I know who you are. Do you have the money?"

"Straight to business...I like that." Texacon hands him the briefcase in his right hand as the warden brings it to his desk. He inspects the case and nods, the extravagant amount of money seemingly in place. "Is my play toy set-up like I requested?"

Molly Whipple washes her face and flops back down on her cot, having finally recovered from the terrible ordeal of that visit from Gorman Cogger.

The warden nods. "She's about to be dragged to solitary and disposed of per your orders."

Texacon nods. "Good." He twirls the other case in his hand as he waits for the word from the guards that the prisoner has been set-up as requested.

Molly Whipple looks up in surprise as the guards appear at her cell door, unlocking it and ordering her out. "Hold on while I get on my pants..." Danny Boy laughs. "No need for that bitch... you got another secret admirer visiting..." Molly shakes her head as Danny and Johnnycakes drag her out and cuff her wrists before marching her away toward the deserted section of the facility.

The warden radios to the guards "Cuff her to the far wall!" The two men watch the cameras as the guards do their work, securing the blonde bombshell against the wall.

Molly Whipple is taken to a darkened cell, cuffed wrists attached to a chain high above her on the wall so that she has to stand on tiptoe. The guards leave her like that, faint light from the hall through the tiny window in the door the only light falling on her dangling form in orange prison top and white panties.

Texacon turns to Warden. "This camera WILL be turned off, correct?"

The warden doesn’t answer very convincingly "Sure, sure..." Of course it won't be, too much money to be made off of good videos like this of spunky heroines broken over and over again.

Texacon eyes the warden. "Hmph," he says, unconvinced, but moves forward anyway. "Shall we?"

"Absolutely. Follow me." The warden walks out of his office with Tex following, briefcase in hand. They make the long walk past the long faces of the inmates there, reaching an empty area. Finally, they reach the spot with the two guards. The warden nods them away. "Okay, Tex, you've got 30 minutes. Have fun, and make sure to get your money's worth."

Texacon nods and tips his hat to the warden. He whispers under his breath "Oh, you bet I will..." as the warden walks back to his office, and the guards return back to the edge of the prisoner cells per protocol. He enters the room and leaves the door open, the shaft of light from the hall illuminating her in the otherwise dark cell. "Hello, Molly."

Molly Whipple hears the warden outside and gulps. Tex. Could it be Texacon, the suspected oil tycoon villain? She blinks as she makes out the figure silhouetted in the doorway and her worst fears are realized. "Hello Texacon... nice of you to visit."

"Why thanks little lady, it is quite hospitable of you to greet me so kindly" Texacon says with barely any sarcasm in his voice. "How ya been doin' in here? Not treatin' you too roughly, I pray."

Molly Whipple wonders if the sweat she feels beading up on her skin is noticeable. "I get by. To what do I owe this honor?" Her mind is racing. She knows by reputation that this man can be brutal if the reports are true.

"Oh, I'll be honest. This isn’t a pleasure call, not for you, anyway. When I heard your pretty little behind was behind bars, and these bars in particular, I just HAD to get in touch with my warden friend, see if I could rustle up a play date." He sets the briefcase down and walks towards you, stroking your hair from your shimmering face.

Molly Whipple tries to turn her face away, fearing she knows exactly what that means. This man means to torture her for fun. With sudden defiance she attempts to bite a stroking finger.

"YEOW" Texacon says as the little spark plug nips his finger, drawing blood. He laughs slightly while sucking the blood from his finger. "Aww, now where did that hospitality go." He continues, almost reading her thoughts, "Unfortunately, it’s not strictly a pleasure call for me, either, though it should be a barnyard of fun. I mainly have a few questions for you." As he goes to his briefcase he says, "But anymore little outbursts like that, and I'll just have to whip the hide right off of ya!" Texacon pulls out his apparently infamous bullwhip and squeezes it in his hand.

Molly Whipple blinks at his words, Cogger's confusing questioning still fresh in her mind. But she did hear the warden say he only had thirty minutes so perhaps if she can stall. There is a pained look on her face as she shakes her head. "Please, what sort of questions can I possibly answer for you? I've been in here for months..." Her blue eyes become focused on the whip in his hands.

"Oh, don't worry, no trivia for you today. This is stuff you'll know. Or, at least for your sake, I hope you know." He grins widely. "Anyway, tell me about your friend Kage. I've heard he's contacted you recently. What'd ya talk about?"

Molly Whipple blinks, her eyes widening briefly. She takes a breath to calm herself. How could Tex know she'd been visited by Boo? What did Tex know about HK's situation in Thailand? Could Tex be connected to her and HK's present predicaments? "He simply wanted to know how I was doing?"

Texacon snorts, "Oh? And how does he think you're doin?"

Molly Whipple bites her lip before responding. "He seemed to think somebody was out to destroy the Saikyo style, but reassured me Saikyo is the strongest style in the universe!" When in doubt Molly always falls back on false bravado.

Texacon pulls back the whip and strikes hard at her chest, the cracking muffled by the orange uniform tearing. "I didn't ask you about your silly, useless fighting style. How...does...he...think...YOU...are doing?"

Molly Whipple yelps as the whip opens up a long rent in the loose-fitting orange garment, the still vibrating nipple of her left breast peaking out, shiny with sweat in the faint light from the hall beyond. “Yeow! Not so well!”

Texacon nods. "Very good. He isn't planning on coming back, is he?"

Molly Whipple swallows hard, her breathing having quickened like her pulse. "HK wouldn't come back..." even if he could... she finishes the thought only in her mind, spinning as she tries to figure this all out. "But why do you care?"

Texacon swats the right breast with the whip. “It’s my money, and my 30 minutes, and I'll ask the fucking questions!”

Molly Whipple squeals in surprise as her top is popped again, falling open in the front this time, exposing the glistening heaving flesh beneath, the modest pert breasts jiggling tightly, nipples almost seeming to point upwards at the camera above the door. “I... I... but...” Molly falls silent.

Texacon is either really, really good at playing both good cop and bad cop, or is just plain freakin bipolar, as he returns to his sweet voice. “Now darlin', tell me about some recent students. Any of them as good as you are? Or better?”

Molly Whipple gives the man a suspicious look, though whether as a result of the tone of voice or the question itself was hard to say. "At the dojo? When I left there were several good students... I hope they're okay... Kid and Kei of course... but there was also a Penny West I liked... and a wrestler... the Holborn Honey... I let them all down..."

Texacon narrows his eyes even as he smiles nigh-sympathetically. "Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. You're innocent...right?"

Molly Whipple raises a brow, careful not to look up at the camera she's pretty sure the warden never shuts off. "Everyone in here is innocent. Just ask them. Do you know something I should know?"

“Nope, nothing you should know.” Texacon cinches up his whip, and begins striking multiple furious blows against the flimsy orange uniform top, slowly beginning to shred it, and cut mildly into your skin.

Molly Whipple yelps as her body lurches back and forth, rattling the chains that hold her arms overhead, even as the tattered top slides away to the floor in pieces, leaving her naked but for sweat-soaked panties.

Texacon has worked up a sweat as well. He takes a minute to check his watch and pants slightly. "Well, that was fun, and informative. I truly don't believe anyone else is a threat." He walks up to your topless body and strokes it with his whip. "You've been quite a good sport about all this. Hmm, what to do with the last 5 minutes..."

Molly Whipple stares at him with wide blue eyes, a thousand questions present there as her slender body shivers at his stroking touch. "I still don't understand..."

Texacon caresses gently with the coiled whip, streaking her cheek with blood from her chest. “Of course you don't, blondie. I'M the reason you're here. I set your dumb ass up. You and your dojo, it’s like a little do-gooder factory. Or at least, it was. With you gone, though, the ‘do-badders’ are certainly turning that place into a shit-hole.” Texacon smiles. “Get it? The world is already too full of your kind without you creating more. You and your students have been causing me trouble ever since you took over. Nothing I can't handle, of course, but an annoyance and time waster, nonetheless!”

Molly Whipple blinks and her slender legs come up off the floor in a flash behind his arms, attempting to snake about his neck with all her genetically-engineered quickness.

Texacon is overmatched by the genetic quickness, but attempts to overcome with his genetic strength by twisting her face toward the wall and slamming it into it.

“Unngh... nngh!” Molly Whipple grunts as her nose is broken, but the coiling of her thighs about his neck never wavers, sweaty smooth flesh endeavoring to block off air or blood flow or both long enough to knock him out.

Texacon attempts to ungrapple her legs from his powerful neck, the task possibly made easier by her slick sweatiness.

Molly Whipple actually lifts him off the ground, demonstrating the unusual power her slender form possesses. With a flex of the waist she attempts to slam the top of his head into the wall above her own with a great deal of force.

Texacon strikes the wall with petrifying force, his hat smashing flat with the blow. He falls down and backwards off of the wall.

Dragon Doll heads in low over the trees in a chopper, needing to time her arrival at the prison precisely.

Molly Whipple releases the grip of her legs as she feels the man go limp, jerking on her chains, trying to pull them free of the now cracked wall behind her.

Texacon grunts and tries to clear the cobwebs as he stands up again, a little wobbly. “You little cunt! You are the last loose end, and you're going to get tied up permanently!”

Molly Whipple retorts, “Or not at all!”

Texacon aims a punch at her exposed kidneys while she is still bound to the wall.

Molly Whipple grimaces as she is punched, peeing herself as her body lurches.

Texacon grabs her legs and yanks her with all his might, stretching her tortured body until her handcuffs finally rip from the wall.

Molly Whipple squeals in pain as her glistening body is stretched out horizontally, thinking her straining arms may be torn from her shoulders until the cracked masonry finally gives way. Flexing at the waist she swings her cuffed wrists down at the top of the man's head.

Texacon ducks the still cuffed heroine's blow and uses his metal right leg to sweep her legs from under her.

Molly Whipple finds herself on her ass on the floor, leaving a wet trail on the concrete as she rolls for the open door, hoping to get to the hall first and slam the door behind her.

Texacon isn’t quite fast enough for the plucky heroine as she reaches the hallway and slams the door behind her.

Dragon Doll gets a visual on the prison as she pops up over the last wooded hilltop, heading straight past the guard tower for the yard beyond.

The warden has just finished lunch. He hasn’t really been watching the live camera feed, since he can watch it later. However, he does glance up and notices what's now going on. "What the...damnit!" He runs out of his office, sprinting toward that cell at the end of the hallway. The two guards are ahead of him and race to engage the blonde.

Molly Whipple locks the door and starts to run up the deserted hall toward the motorpool, but hears the footsteps coming and veers off toward the yard where she hears the sound of... a chopper?

Dragon Doll hovers several feet off the ground in the prison yard as gunfire erupts from the tower. "Yumi tell him it be better Yumi just come here and kill everyone... but no... had to do it himself..."

The warden and the guards give chase to Molly as she heads for the courtyard, as surprised as the blonde to hear a chopper. What the hell was really going on? A planned escape attempt? If so, he really sold the beating part.

Molly Whipple meets the guard in the yard with a knee to the midsection and a double axe handle blow to the back of the neck as he doubles over. She tries to make sense of the confusion, glancing at the chopper only to see a strangely familiar figure in red silk waving at her.

Texacon uses his emergency keys given to him by the warden to get out of the room. He is several beats behind the warden and guards, and even further behind Whipple. He reroutes to the motor pool to get his pick-up truck.

Dragon Doll eases the chopper toward the near naked woman as gunfire pings all around.

The dust from the chopper blows back the three men who give chase even as the blonde spitfire darts toward it.

Molly Whipple runs a serpentine course in a crouch to the chopper, her speed making it very hard to draw a bead on her, leaping up fifteen feet in the air, barely catching hold of a running board with cuffed hands as it lifts away.

The warden pulls out his sidearm and fires at the chopper, but only clangs around the topless heroine as it begins to move out of range.

Molly Whipple dangles from the running board of the chopper as it flies away, painfully dragging herself up into the cockpit as its flight levels off, realizing that in her urgency to escape she forgot to grab the tape from the surveillance camera.

The warden throws his gun down and kicks dust. "Where's that damned hick at???" The guards point to the motor pool, and everyone starts to chase after him.

Texacon gets in his truck and ponders for a moment. What was Dragon Doll up to? Was she still on his side, or was she double-crossing him for her teammate? He is already driving off when he notices the warden and his guards giving chase. He steps on it.

The warden curses. "Son of a bitch. What the hell just happpened!?!?" He walks quickly back to his office, determined to find something in the replay of the tape.

Dragon Doll grins behind the red hooded mask of silk as the blonde crawls up into the chopper. "Good. See you not forget skills, little sis."

Molly Whipple plops into the seat, panting for air, blood running from her broken nose like the sweat running down the rest of her exposed flesh. “But how did you... wait a minute... you weren't here for me!”

Dragon Doll laughs. "That not entirely true. Yumi figure 50/50..."

Molly Whipple just stares for long seconds. “Those murders I was convicted of... beheading is YOUR skill!”

Dragon Doll smirks and aims a punch right at Molly's chin, dragon tattoo flashing along her arm. “Shush.”

Molly Whipple's head rocks back and her body slumps, head rolling about before finally lolling to her shiny chest as the chopper flies on.


Texacon sits on the porch of a deserted shack on the outskirts of a near ghost town, Sanchera Del Ria. His hat tipped almost over his eyes, he chews on a piece of straw nervously. The meddling Dolls have had him on edge for a week now, and things might never be the same again. However, he waits as the centerpiece to his problems was supposedly in route. He didn't quite know what to do with her, but he knew she would likely be bait, a bargaining chip, at the very least.

Dragon Doll drives a black Mitsuoka Orochi through the deserted village where her employer had said he would receive the package. She spots Texacon sitting on the porch of shack outside of the town. The Japanese luxury car that looks entirely out of place pulls up to a stop. A grinning woman with a long jet-black ponytail steps out of the car, her powerful body wrapped in red silk.

Texacon tilts his hat up as the extremely out of place vehicle drives up, kicking up some dust. He spits out his straw and gets up, walking toward the stunning woman getting out of the vehicle. "Took you long enough."

Dragon Doll nods once, ponytail swishing. "You make Yumi drive cross country..." The red silk hobble dress is tight enough to accentuate the contours of calf and glute alike. "But Yumi always honor contracts."

Texacon nods. "Lets hope so. Where is she?"

“Secure. In trunk. Without witness to verify Belle's evidence from the prison...” Dragon Doll grins.

Texacon smiles as he walks to the trunk. "And what of the warden's tape? Still in Fire Crotch's clutches?"

“No, Yumi get tape too. Erase Belle’s digital copy. So no original. No witness. No case.” Dragon Doll steps between Tex and the trunk. “Yumi require bonus first. No bonus. No tape. No Molly.” Dragon Doll twitches.

Texacon takes a card out of his pocket, handing over information to an overseas bank account. There is a phone number to check that the balance is correct. “Just change the pass code when you get a chance.”

Dragon Doll glances at card and nods with a grin. "Tanks." There is a flash of dragon running over ball of bare shoulder as she reaches to pop open the trunk and expose its contents.

Texacon glances at the infamous dragon, and then to the trunk, containing the blonde thorn in his side. He had no one to blame but himself, but that didn't mean he wasn’t going to take it out on her.

Molly Whipple lies there in the trunk, still dressed in only the same white panties in which she left the prison. She is bound in a tight package, cuffed at ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. The arms are behind her back, knees to chest, a chain running from wrists through cleft of panties to knees to front of leather collar.

Dragon Doll twitches and tosses Tex a tape and a key. "For cuffs and chain padlock."

Texacon nods and pockets the keys, as he reaches into the trunk and grabs the chains like handles and lifts the blonde spitfire up out like a bale of hay. "Thank you. Your job is done," he says simply as he carries the "package" towards the shack.

Dragon Doll laughs. "Nice luggage. Enjoy vacation. Sayonara Molly."

Molly Whipple whimpers as the chain disappears into the clefted crotch of the cotton panties, digging into her sex as she is lifted. She sniffles and shakes her upside down head as she looks back at the naughty ninja in red silk.

Dragon Doll sneers as she slides into the car and roars off in a cloud of dust.

Texacon shakes his head. "She must really hate you!" He chuckles as he carries you into the shack.

Molly Whipple moans something like, "She's... ungh... a bitch... nngh... you bastard!"

Texacon puts tape on nightstand and drops you like luggage onto the bed of the one room shack. The smell of gasoline is strong, and you notice several five-gallon jugs around the place. He rolls you on your side and takes out the keys. "Now, what am I going to do with you...?"

Molly Whipple looks around as best she can while carried, cuffed and chained into a tight package, nostrils flaring as she smells the gas. The slender blond plops on the bed and rolls to her side, exhaling in relief as the pressure of the chain in her sex releases, blinking as she spots the five-gallon jugs.

Texacon begins to unlock the chain attaching your cuffed hands to your cuffed feet. "Your friend is quite thorough, I'll give her that." He yanks you to the end of the bed, stomach down, legs on the floor, and chains your feet to two bed posts. "I know one thing I'm gonna do with you..."

Molly Whipple straightens out her legs as the chain is removed, thrashing about as cuffed ankles are dragged to the foot of the bed. She struggles gamely but with her arms cuffed behind is helpless to prevent her ankles being pinned to the floor between the bedposts, held in place by a tightly rattling chain, ass thrust up the air, twitching glutes seeming almost to be chewing on her white panties.

Texacon finally disposes of the last article of clothing with the slice of a knife, yanking your panties free, exposing your puckered asshole and your pussy, pushed out like your ass, ready for the taking. "Didn't get my money's worth at the jail. I figure I got this comin' to me."

Molly Whipple writhes as she whimpers, her voice almost seeming to emanate from the pouting lips of her smooth hairless sex as her exposed nether region is rolled about between struggling hips. "You heartless asshole!"

Texacon ignores her and unzips his pants, dropping them to the floor. His large cock is obviously ready to go, and he spreads your ass cheeks so he can better access your pussy. He sticks the head in, unlubed, and slowly pushes in.

Molly Whipple groans loudly, every muscle in her body stiffening for an instant, shuddering as the throbbing intrusion is pushed inside her tight warm opening. "Nnnnnooooo..."

Now that he's in, Texacon cruelly begins to thrust, picking your arms up from your back, painfully contorting your shoulders and pulling your belly off of the bed, leaving your tits barely touching it.

Molly Whipple squeals as her arms are pulled back and up, bending her backwards as she is viciously impaled, her pert breasts jiggling as they come up off the bed. "AiyeeeEEEEEEE..." She writhes and shakes her head even as her slender body begins to rock to the rhythm of the slapping sounds of loins echoing of the four walls of the shack.

Texacon drinks in your screams and your cute tits going back and forth as he increases his speed, threatening to come out of your mouth almost any second, it seems. He continues his assault on your pussy until things get a little too easy, but then to your surprise he pulls out. Instead, he lifts the head of his cock up with one hand, and sticks the tip in your asshole.

Molly Whipple pants for air as the thrusting causes her body to involuntarily surge toward it's own climax. A puzzled look crosses her sweat-streaked face for an instant as her captor withdraws, but an instant later she gasps, blue eyes bulging open wide as her tight anal ring is punched open. "NNGHHHH..."

Texacon the slight wetness coming from your vagina drips a little on his balls, as he thrusts back and forth in her ass. He lets go of your restraints and instead yanks your hair back, almost like he's riding a horse. Again, he seems a good deal too big for this particular opening, but it doesn’t stop him from making it go back and forth, anyway.

Molly Whipple chokes out gargling screams as she is painfully buggered, her tight anal ring totally defeated by the throbbing pile driver overfilling her rectum. There is a lump caught in her throat, almost as if the head of the huge cock will burst past contorted lips at any moment. Her straining body shines with sweat as it is bent back by the hair almost to the point of snapping.

Texacon is really whapping the hell out of your ass cheeks with his thighs as jerks your hair with the rhythm of his thrusting. It quickens, and quickens, until he slows, and stops, picking your ass off the bed and stretching your restrained legs as he blows a load right up your sphincter.

Molly Whipple 's slender body shudders with the strain, the wet sound of sweaty slapping skin almost lost amidst the throbbing in her head and holes as she struggles not to lose her head even as she is pushed to her limits, her stricken face contorting in agony as if a red hot knife has been plunged up her ass.

Texacon lets out a satisfied sigh and roughly pushes your face back onto the bed as he pulls out. "Its amazing that your little super ass is still so tight. Must work out a lot?" he laughs as he walks to the bathroom to clean up. In his ecstasy, he leaves the keys a foot away from you on the bed.

Molly Whipple flops back to the bed, still shaking from the violence of the assault, but quite aware that the presence of the containers of gasoline and what that likely means for her. Desperately she looks about past a shoulder, blinking as she sees the key still on the bed, grimacing and twisting at the waist to reach it. She is able to unlock the cuffs from her wrists, but can't reach her elbows. Molly grits her teeth and rocks back, displaying her amazing strength and flexibility, her head hitting the floor, but holding her neck bridge as her freed hands unlock her ankles and knees. She plops on her side on the floor, toes of one foot taking the key from her hand and reaching to the cuffs at her elbows as her body bows beyond belief.

Texacon zips up his pants as he finishes cleaning and hears a thump. He walks out and sees you bent like a pretzel, unlocking your elbows with your feet. "SHIT!"

Molly Whipple hears the exasperated cry of "Shit" and realizes he has returned. Her toes turn the key and the last pair of cuffs click open. She rolls away from the sound of his voice to come up to her feet in a fighting stance, fist clenched, naked body glistening with sweat and cum. Her blue eyes narrow like steely gun barrels.

Texacon charges the free heroine with all his speed and aims a boot toward her head.

Molly Whipple ducks just enough to slip the kick per her ninja training, aiming to snap her own kick up into his midsection as they close.

"OOOF" Texacon grunts as the kick lands. He doubles over a bit, holding onto the bed for stability.

Molly Whipple spins and aims to cuff his hand to the bedpost before he realizes what she is doing.

The tables have turned as Texacon gasps for air, and he is now bound backwards with his left hand to the bedpost. "You little bitch!!!"

Molly Whipple spins again, sweat spraying from the blur of her body as she aims to shut him up with a spinning high kick. "It's my turn!"

Texacon his head almost spins off of his neck from the blow. "Ngggh" He spits up some blood as he lays face down on the bed, slowly trying to get back up.

Molly Whipple spins into yet another kick, boobs bouncing, sex drooling as the slender leg snaps out again at his face as he tries to rise.

Texacon is kicked in the face but doesn’t make a sound with his mouth as this time he's out. He lands on the bed and slumps off of it to the ground, arm still dangling from the bedpost.

Molly Whipple pants for air, but does not relax for a second as she moves to remove Texacon's boots and shirt, intending to proceed to cuff him at every joint as she had been upon arrival.

Texacon doesn’t stir as the two kicks packed an incredible punch. His boots and shirt removed, he's unconscious and open for incarceration.

Molly Whipple picks up her panties from the floor and wads them up to stuff in his mouth, binding the gag in place with the collar from around her own neck. She admires her work as she puts on his boots and shirt. "I ought to set this shack on fire with you inside, but I need you as evidence..." She hoists the man over a shoulder and heads out the door.

Texacon droops over her shoulder, the shit kicked out of him, he ain’t wakin' up!

Molly Whipple stops at the doorway and shakes her head. "I almost forgot that tape again darn it..." She turns, picks it up from the nightstand and sticks it in a shirt pocket, discovering the cell phone there. She punches up a number as she heads down the dusty road into town. "Sara? Molly. Yes, I'm okay. And I can prove my innocence! Is Belle there?"



Belle was quite relieved to learn that Molly had the prison tape in her possession when the airship picked up Chicky and her captive a few hours later . Belle explained. “I made a deal with the warden not to use the tape to expose the corruption in the prison if I could have it to clear you. The shady bastard agreed. But he’s dangerous now that he knows we’re on to him. And when Yumi stole the tape I was afraid we were left with nothing. Thank goodness you got it back! Our next order of business after clearing you should be to collect information on the corruption at the Women’s Correctional Facility and then bring that rogue Dragon Doll to justice.”

Molly was soon cleared by the evidence and pardoned for her escape. And she was also soon swamped with new movie offers of all sorts. She immediately did a cameo in a video game entitled “Alpha Squad” and started filming a movie called “Zombie Ninjadors of Chupacabrageddon” before even addressing an offer to play herself in a fictionalized account of her prison adventure to be filmed on location in the Women’s Correctional Facility.

Texacon was sent to the Women’s Correctional Facility after Molly suggested to the DA that it would be a fitting punishment. Terrance Hickham (Tex) had a good lawyer, but in the end he still got sentenced to twenty years, likely to be spent as the bitch of some powerful female inmate. His “Texacon” days had seemingly been put on hold for quite a long time. Hickham got out of the bus at the Women’s Correctional Facility, feeling the eyes of the leering women on him as he shuffled in his shackles toward processing. He received his orange jumpsuit before being called to the warden’s office. He anticipated the worst as the guards ushered him into the warden’s office. He took an uneasy seat as commanded. “Look, I know it’s my fault that Chicky got away, but TRUST me, I didn’t mean for...”

The warden motioned Tex to be quiet. Tex just listened as warden began to speak. “Welcome back, Tex. Yeah, that cost me big time. You really should have been more careful. But, you’ll learn. And I’ve got a surprise for you.” The warden gestured to the guards to unshackle a blinking Tex. “Hickham, people pay to see women suffer. The portion of the tape that I didn’t let that snooty Blue Bitch get her hands on was fascinating. Earned me a ton of money. You’ve really got a mean streak. I could use that here. Some of these guards are getting soft. And so, thanks to Chicky's request, you will be our first male trustee!” The warden laughed as a huge grin began to spread across Hickham's face. “How would you like your own cell? Computer with internet, satellite, plasma screen, refrigerator? I’m sure you’ll find it much more comfortable than the men’s facility. The guards will show you to your room. Get a good night’s rest. I’ve got several inmates that tried to escape during the chaos. I’ll let you punish them first. Who knows, maybe we can even arrange to let you entertain those meddling Danger Sluts if they keep nosing around in my business!”


(August thru November 2010)