A Message From Catwoman

Prism jokes, “Pfffft... the day I end up in the joint will be the day I start petitioning to become a Danger Doll...”

Red Hornette says, “I don't think you're heroine material...”

Prism retorts, “Why not? If I wind up in jail, I'll be in the same situation as at least one heroine I know of...”

“I wouldn’t really classify the Danger Dolls as heroines anymore. The one’s a convicted murderer, and the others are wrestlers!” Catwoman snickers at the thought.

Izuna walks in, nearly cries when she sees Catwoman, her thoughts racing faster than her mind. "Hey, hey Catbrat! Nice outfit!"

Red Hornette blinks and makes faces, not even recognizing Catwoman.

Catwoman smirks as she waves at Izuna "thanks," her purple catsuit hugging her body like a second skin and the tail in the back almost seems to move on its own. She turns her head to the Red Hornette who had just apparently arrived, eyes narrowing as she growls angrily, remembering her quite well.

Red Hornette asks, “Tummy problem, ma'am?”

Catwoman claws extend, looking sharper than ever as she purrs wickedly, "Why don’t you try and find out?"

Imoen looking back and forth at the staring.

Catwoman turns her attention to Red Hornette. "Oh there’s a problem alright... just to be clear what’s your name?"

“I'm the Red Hornette!”

Catwoman nods. “I thought so.”

Red Hornette begins to pose with a smirk and then blinks. "You... wait... you're... supposed to be in prison!"

Catwoman raises her arm and from the palm of her hand stretches out a tendril like whip. It takes shape and she snaps it towards the cheerleader heroine with the mastery she’s known to have. “Things change...”

Red Hornette gasps and leaps into a series of back flips, trying to escape the reach of the whip. “Yikes!”

Catwoman smirks as she calmly walks closer, the tip of the whip almost lashing out on its own, her other hand growing some fearsome looking claws of its own.

Imoen watches. “Wonder how she got those powers?” She takes out her camera and snaps a few pictures.

Izuna crosses her arms. "I think I know. A reliable source tells me. Buuuuuut... I'd be putting the city in danger if I told."

“Maybe the same one who gave her the kitty harem outfit... hehe... that was so funny to see!” Imoen giggles as she remembers and snaps another picture.

Arik Cabral arrives in the city, looking about in ominous silence.

Red Hornette gulps and shakes a pom pom at Catwoman, doing her best to look confident. “Don't come any closer or I'll put you in jail again!”

Catwoman scoffs. You? Put me in jail by yourself? When last time Robyn and Aurora did all the real worrrk?!”

Izuna complains, “What? I didn't get to see THAT!”

Arik Cabral laughs grimly for some reason.

Red Hornette insists, “I was there and helped! Read the papers!”

Catwoman growls, leaping faster than normal as she lashes out with the whip, the end suddenly separating forming into a cat o'nine tails as she hisses angrily towards the cheerleader. “I did! If you hadn’t you would have saved yourself so much trouble!”

Red Hornette cartwheels out of the way of the strike of the whip, but is just a tad slow, the cat o'nine tails catching the flare of her red pleated skirt and ripping it away. “Double yikesies!”

Catwoman rushes towards the "heroine," her powerful legs moving her quickly to the cartwheeling cheerleader, lashing her other arm out as she claws race towards her mid section.

Red Hornette sucks in her tummy, her abs becoming just concave enough to avoid the claws by a silly millimeter. She raises a pom pom and fires mace into Catwoman's face. “Eat this!”

Miss Lori watches...

“Ooo, didn’t expect that!” Imoen clicks a photo!

Catwoman chuckles feeling a slight tingle as the suit reacts just in time, closing up over her face protecting her eyes, yet she can still see through. She suddenly spins around with an angry growl her tail lashing up, attempting to circle around Hornette's ankle.

“Or that!” Imoen’s camera clicks again! Imoen thinks she should do some investigating on this new suit after the fight.

Red Hornette is already bouncing into a tumbling run, the tail striking a sneaker, but missing the ankle as the girl tumbles away red panties over halter top toward the street, pom poms on her hands rustling.

Miss Lori quietly follows and watches Red, thinking the cheerleader would look quite a lot better in latex.

Catwoman grins as she crouches low her claws digging into the street tearing up a chunk of asphalt. With shocking strength she lifts it overhead, sending it sailing towards the fleeing tumbling girl. “Leaving so soon little kitten?” Catwoman says with a wicked growl.

Imoen’s eyes go wide at the sudden show of strength, snapping a picture of Catwoman picking up a piece of street.

Red Hornette bounces out of her tumbling run and spins on a torn sneaker, oophing as she doubles over the chunk of flying pavement that knocks her off her feet. She winces as she rolls to hands and knees, gasping for air. “That... really... hurt!”

Catwoman struts towards the bruised heroine, her hips swaying as the tail dances behind her, the whip forming in her hand again as she flicks it out at Hornette, hopping to wrap this up.

Red Hornette throws up her arms to block the attack, eyes widening as it wraps around her wrists and pins them together in front of her.

Izuna hops up to the bell on the nearby church. She smiles, wondering if she should interfere just yet. She looks down as the Red Hornette’s hands are bound.

Catwoman laughs wickedly, yanking the girl back, her other arm rising up to catch her by the throat, claws growing out wide.

Arik Cabral strides down the street, seeing Catwoman capturing the youthful heroine, the Hornette. “I see the kitten is free once more.”

Catwoman purrs, “Yesss... without yourrr help might I might add.”

Red Hornette gapes as she stumbles forward, gurking as a hand grips her throat, flailing smooth powerful legs as her sneakers are lifted off the asphalt.

“Of course,” Arik Cabral nods. “And picking on schoolchildren, I see.”

“You made a big mistake by helping to capture me.” Catwoman growls, her eyes burning at she stares at Red Hornette, squeezing firmly around her throat her tail whipping around her body lashing across Red Hornette in various places.

“Eek! Whrk? Meh?” Red Hornette squeals out directly in Catwoman's face in that terrible high-pitch of a cheerleader as her flesh is lashed, leaving nasty welts on her abs. “AaiyeeeeEEEEEE!!!”

Catwoman growls as she feels her suit shiver a little from the scream, though not enough to really affect it, as I lift her up, squeezing tighter before spinning, tossing her towards a parked van.

Red Hornette is sent flying, flailing at first but then tucking into a ball, uncoiling to land feet first against the side of the van, seeming to perch there defying gravity for an instant, before those powerful legs push off, sending her flying back at Catwoman, pom poms up and rustling, the tasers hidden there now on.

Miss Lori can't help but watch, intrigued by Catwoman's new suit.

Catwoman grins, flexing her claws as she leaps up easy and graceful, flipping just overhead of Red Hornette, claws raking completely down her back as I sail just inches over head, my tail finally lashing out the tip cracking into the back of her head "oh yes... this suit is purrfect!"

Red Hornette readjusts her position in air and kicks up a pom pom into the clawing women as they pass, squealing in pain as her top comes off after being opened up in the back.

Catwoman snarls as the pom pom is pushed against her, the charge going off, her suit seeming to twitch as an unearthly scream is heard coming from around her body as the two women sail by one another, Catwoman growling and panting wondering what the hell that was.

Red Hornette tucks a shoulder and rolls as she hits the ground, trying to cover her bared breasts with her one remaining pom pom as she comes back to her feet, now wearing only red panties with a Hornette emblem on the seat.

Imoen hears the very inhuman scream and an idea pops in her head jotting it down in her notes.

Catwoman growls, the one pom pom embedded in her side. She yanks it out with a hiss, attempting to crush anything else hidden inside of it in her hands before tossing it back to the heroine, along with the torn off top, not hating this girl enough to really ruin her. “I’m giving you one chance to get away little kitten... go run and tell the other two that I’m going to hunt them down!”

Red Hornette blinks and catches the torn top in her free hand, immediately slipping it on backwards and tying the torn portion back together in front under her cleavage. “Err... the other two? Ohh... like Aurora and Robyn...”

Imoen grins. “Wow, she's good!”

Catwoman hisses, Yessss...”

Red Hornette nods. “I must warn them right away!”

Arik Cabral chuckles softly.

“Yesss... you do that!” Catwoman sniffs the air getting the scent of Hornette should she ever try to come after me again.

Red Hornette takes off running without further hesitation, showing the Hornette emblem on the seat of her panties.

(Sept 2010)