Massif Message


Massif looks down, quite a ways down, at Hornette. "You're cute, fer a pipsqueek."

“ Thanks, I'm Red Hornette!” Red Hornette lifts her face to look up at Massif.

“They call me Massif. I heard a man of my talents can find work in this city.”

Red Hornette nods. "I mean the Empire Employment Office is down on Messick Street... like what do you do?"

Massif looks about, finds a blue Prius, presses it over his head then sets it back down. "I...troubleshoot."

Red Hornette gapes. "That looked more like a power lift! I mean its a good thing you like didn't damage that car or I might have had to arrest you, Mister Massive."

Harley Quinn hands Massif her DangerBerry, has been having trouble connecting lately.

Massif takes DangerBerry, shakes it a bit, hands it back to Harley. "Connection fixed."

Red Hornette: I mean its a good thing you like didn't damage that car or I might have had to arrest you, Mister Massive.

“Well, some people need a little ... muscle ... to assist them.” Massif laughs. "Well, no one paid me to damage the car. I don't work for free, cupcake."

Red Hornette blinks. "I mean I guess that makes sense."

Harley Quinn now for some reason only can play Arkanoid on her phone...grumbels a little.

Massif nods. "So, like I said, know anyone who needs someone with my skill set? I doubt they have want ads posted at the employment agency looking for hired help of my kind."

Red Hornette offers, “I guess there's always work on the docks... or as a bouncer at a club if you do that sort of thing... I mean you like have the intimidation part down...”

Massif rubs chin. "The docks don't quite pay what I have in mind. A bouncer might be more like it. Depending on the location. And the money!"

Red Hornette nods. “I mean Gatorbait prolly pays more than The Trough... both are like down in SeaCourt!”

Massif smirks. “And another thing. I like to keep my skills sharp. Know any good locations a man can work out at?”

Red Hornette grins and nods. “Sure. I'm a manager at the Saikyo Dojo... also in SeaCourt... near Chinatown and Wu's Super Laundry!"

Massif laughs. “You are the manager there? If the rest of your clientele look anything like you, sign me up!”

Red Hornette blinks. "Well thanks I think... I mean we get all sorts... from action stars to seniors to kids to boxers and MMA types..."

Harley Quinn adds, “And Walrus'...Wally goes down to watch!”

Red Hornette nods. “But yeah, we're all about staying fit!”

Massif snorts. "MMA types? Barbarians. The whole lot of them! And a lil thing like you manages to keep that bunch in line? I'm impressed."

Red Hornette poses in her cheer outfit and beams proudly.

Michael Vescovi helps keep Seacourt in line in his own way.

Massif heads down to check out the dojo in Seacourt.

Red Hornette stops to pick up some carryout and heads that way as well.

Harley Quinn follows after Red, since she hasn't eaten yet.

Massif gets in a few stretches and then hits the weights, loading the maximum amount before beginning to bench press.

Massif puts in 20 reps, rests for 30 seconds then does a second set with 12 reps.

Red Hornette bounces in and sits at the desk, watching in awe, like some others, as she eats her chili.

Massif next moves to the dead lift, max loads and does 20 reps, rests, then 12. Massif then does the same with the military press.

Red Hornette smiles. "The military press always gets 'em..."

Massif having worked up a good sweat moves over to the mats. "Okay, who wants to spar? How about it, Red Hornette? A little light sparring. Surely, the manager wouldn't turn that down, would she?"

“I'll be right with you, mister Massive, as soon as I finish my supper.” Red Hornette scarfs the last bit of her chili and cartwheels over to the mat area, doing a set of push-ups while walking on her hands in an effort to impress, forgetting this means she is basically showing everyone her round little butt.

Massif applauds. "I see the girl is a lot stronger than she looks. Okay, how should we do this to make it fair?" He drops to his knees and then motions for Red to lock up with him.

Red Hornette flips to her feet and laughs. "I mean I'm not crazy enough to lock-up with you! I'm like more of an acrobatical striker type. We emphasize everyone having their own like style here though. I mean what do you want to work on?"

Massif smiles. "Really. Tell you what. Show me what you can do." He stands and lunges for Hornette, trying to grab her and make her lock up, even though she is surely quick enough to avoid him.

Red Hornette bends calmly into a back walkover to avoid, short skirt flapping, her leg snapping a soft kick up at his jaw as she goes up on her hands. “You never want to be caught off...”

Massif staggers, shaking his head, taking a few steps backwards. "Well, I see. Very nice. In more ways than one."

Red Hornette comes deftly back to her feet with a smirk. "...guard."

“I figured you would be quick.” Massif steps forwards again, more slow and deliberate, trying to slowly stalk Hornette back into a corner.

“Like you're advantage is obviously your power... so I mean you want to try and corner me... perhaps bull...” Red Hornette nods. "Now you're thinking!"

Massif keeps a wide base, arms outstretched to cut Hornette off if she tries to slip away on either side.

Red Hornette backs until she appears herded into the corner of the room. "Good idea, but like don't count your chickens..." She spins and runs up the wall, going five steps before flipping herself outward over his head, aiming an open hand slap at his head as she flies over.

Massif watches the girl fly over his head and sting the slap but even as she does, he turns back around and swings a forearm club where he thinks she will be landing. "When chopping down a tree, make sure it doesn't fall on you."

Red Hornette again lands deftly on her feet, although unfortunately trying to occupy the same space as his forearm in that instant. "...before they lay eggs... OOOPH!" Her body folds over the blow before being sent flying, rotating twice in the air and two more times after hitting the mat. She tucks herself back in as she struggles to hands and knees, gasping for air as she looks up.

Massif slowly walks towards the smaller girl. "You made a critical mistake. You came towards me. Without using a disabling blow." He moves to try and grab her by the waist and hoist her into the air, trying to get her upside down.

Red Hornette shakes her head as he approaches. "Ungh... I mean... err... good... anticipation... nngh... like whoa..." She squeals as he hoists her up by the waist of her skirt, her legs kicking wildly in the air as her short arms flail at the mat. "Hey... put me down!"

Massif walks her around a moment and then lifts higher and bends her back over his shoulder, the base of his shoulder bracing up into her spine. "I do so want to test your flexibility, Hornette."

Red Hornette struggles gamely as he regrips her by ankle and wrist to bend her body backwards over his shoulder. The strain is visible in her bare midriff and flexing muscles. Her chest appears about to pop through the hornet symbol on her top. Her squeals become more and more high-pitched. "Help... help... aiyeeeee..."

Massif flexes a couple of times in order to bend her even more before finally dumping her back down to the mat. "So, you see, Hornette, I am damn good at my job. And have been paid a nice sum of money to send your good friend Kunoichi Kei a message."

Red Hornette gets flexed hard a couple of times, blinking as she sees her own shoe appear in front of her face, before being dumped to the mat with a splat. She hits and rolls away, once more having to tuck her left boob back under the hornet symbol. Her eyes narrowing as they meet his. "Message?"

Massif smiles and nods. "Yes, message. Quit asking questions she doesn't want answers to." He straightens up and grins cruelly as he slowly backs away from Hornette, not turning his back on the girl.

Red Hornette narrows her eyes more and then appears briefly puzzled. "I mean but... like... that doesn't make sense... and did I like say the lesson was over?"

Massif snorts. “I said the lesson was over. That is, unless you don't want the ability to walk out of here on your own this evening.”

Red Hornette takes a long deep breath, obviously fuming inside from being humiliated in front of the dojo patrons. "I mean I'm the instructor here, but I won't force you to continue..." She puts her hands on her hips. "So like who is this message from?"

Massif laughed. "Now, you are asking questions you don't want the answers to. It's like this, Hornette. The Danger Dolls are gone. The Danger Debs are the here and now. Tell Kei to let it be. My next visit won't be near as pleasant."

Red Hornette blinks before regaining some of her moxie. "I've like got it! And no... I mean if you ever... I mean ever... challenge me again I won't be nearly so easy on you!"

Massif chuckles. "You know, you're right. The lesson isn't over." He takes a step back towards Hornette.

Red Hornette settles into her stance. "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

Massif takes another step, eyes staring straight through Hornette.

Red Hornette twitches. "Ready? Okay! You're going down!" She doesn't wait any longer, dashing forward and back and forth, only human, but very quick for one, as she aims to kick the sides and then the backs of his knees repeatedly in rapidfire fashion.

Massif howls and drops to his knees but at the same time, swings a large fist towards the vicinity of the attacking girl.

Red Hornette grunts as she catches a blow on her bare shoulder, the resulting smack echoing in the dojo as it sends her spinning to the mat. She however rolls right back to her feet and charges again, cartwheeling into a dropkick, skirt fluttering back from stout churning legs, aimed to drive a series of kicks into his chest chin and cheek.

Massif waits and, at the last moment, throws a hand up at the legs, trying to grab an ankle and, if successful, swing the small girl into the far wall by her foot.

Red Hornette telegraphs her move a bit too much and discovers the man's hands are quicker than the rest of him. Caught by the ankle she flails as she is whipped around in one full circle before being sent flying across the dojo. A thick thud into a stoneblock wall halts her flight and she tumbles to the floor in a heap. She raises her head for an instant, blinking before falling completely still.

Massif makes it to his feet, strolls over to Hornette and moves to lift her into the air by her hair. "Already? Huh. I was almost thinking you'd be tougher than you look."

Red Hornette dangles from his huge hand by her muss of now sweaty blond hair, arms hanging limply at her sides, as unaware of his taunt in her unconsciousness as she is that her left boob has once again jiggled free of her red top.

Massif hoists the girl over his shoulder and then carries her into the weight room, lays her on the bench and, using the ankle and wrist tape, begins to bind her to the workout bench, taping her wrists and ankles to it. "I know there are security cameras here. I'm sure Miss Kishimoto will be viewing this sooner or later."

Red Hornette groans sleepily as she is carried to the weight room, several of her young students protesting but getting out of the way as Massif snarls at them. By the time she begins to regain her senses she finds herself bound to a bench on her back, an ankle or wrist taped to each of the legs of the bench, bowing her backwards, bared breast lolling toward her suddenly fearful face. "Wha... I mean..."

Ivy Greenwell takes pictures.

Massif finishes the job with a strip of tape over Hornette's mouth. "This is how much you should be talking, Danger Deb. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Move on to other topic. Have another Empire Idol competition. Quit asking questions about the past." As a last disgraceful act, he pokes a finger in Hornette's exposed breast and then leaves.

Red Hornette offers muffled protestations into the tape gag as her breast is prodded, heat rushing to her face as she hopes no one can see how painfully tight that nipple becomes. Every inch of her body strains at the tape but she cannot escape. She shakes her head as her blue eyes stare up at the huge man.

Massif is gone for a few moments before some of the young students come to her aid and help get her unbound from the bench.

Red Hornette thanks her young students for freeing her as she tucks herself back in to her top, taking a towel to wipe the sweat from her face. "That creep! I mean I can't believe I like let him get the best of me like that. Let this be a lesson to you all as it is to me. I mean you can never work hard enough or be prepared enough."

The students nod and the whispers of "he was huge" and "he scared me" and yet another "Wow, I wish I could be that strong" fill the dojo.


Red Hornette chooses a black denim skirt, a red silk cami top and matching red heels as she heads out to the dojo to see if she can talk Kid Crossbow into going to the movies since she knows Kei is busy.

Massif hangs out at the dojo, pumping iron.

Red She-Hulk eyes Red Hornette.

Red Hornette feels a lot of eyes on her and feels this must mean she chose the right outfit to get Kid's attention.

Massif waves to Hornette.

Red Hornette blinks as she enters the dojo and sees Massif.

Massif blows Hornette a kiss and resumes lifting the military press at the max amount.

Red Hornette stands there fiddling nervously with her bracelets for a moment with eyes narrowed. "I mean you attack me and tape me up and you have the like gall to come back here to workout? Who said you were welcome here?"

Massif grins. "Well, you can always, you know, throw me out." He stands and spreads his arms wide as in an invitation.

“I mean I should, but I'm like dressed to go out!” Red Hornette hrrmphs with a stomp of foot and goes to look for Kid Crossbow. She goes to the office to see if Kid Crossbow is in there.

Massif chuckles and goes back to pumping iron.

Red Hornette looks around from the door of the office and doesn't see anyone at first, but then sees a foot protruding from behind the desk. Hornette gasps and rushes forward to see Kid Crossbow laid out on the floor. She kneels, denim riding up her thighs. “Kid... Kid... are you... thank gawd... I mean... who... wait a minute... I like know who!”

Massif chuckles. "Somewhere about right'll be headed this way with murder in her eyes."

Lard looks over at Massif as he says something, shrugs, goes back to smacking a punching bag around.

Red Hornette comes out of the office with fists clenched and blue flame in her eyes. “READY MASSIVE! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!”

Massif leans back and laughs. "Okay, Hornette, take me down, if you think you can."

Red Hornette comes steadily forward, her shrill voice quavering. "I mean I'm like going to enjoy this, you bastard!"

Red She-Hulk wanders into the Dojo, just in time to see a fight about to start.

Massif stands ready, watching the angry girl move forwards. "Don't let your temper make you fight sloppy, Hornette."

Red Hornette's eyes never leave his and the corners of her mouthare twitching. "You're the one who should worry about me killing you!" The pointy toe of one of her heels slips under a barbell on the floor and she kicks it up at his midsection with great force. "Catch!"

Massif oofs as he catches the barbell, stumbling backwards, hitting the wall before regaining his footing and thrusting the barbell back at her. "Game of catch? Sounds fun!"

Red Hornette dives under the thrown barbell into a somersault, flashing a bit of white panty in the process, activating her bracelets as she comes up, aiming a palm thrust at his chest, hoping to deliver a taser-like shock. "Feel my sting!"

Massif yelps and falls back against the wall again, cracking the foundation with the force of the collision. "OWW...wanna play like that, I see!"

Red She-Hulk continues to watch the fight that has broken out. She orders some random civilian to get her some movie candy. No popcorn.

Red Hornette blinks as she stands over him, seeing that her taser shock failed to incapacitate him. "I mean you took me by surprise last time... I like know you're paid muscle this time!"

Grimguard roots for Hornette.

Massif growls and nods. "And paid very well, I might add." He shoots a fist upwards, aiming a punch for her gut.

Tairen glides over to the roofs edge on his hoverboard and checks out the fight.

Red Hornette sidesteps the punch, brushing it past her shifting hips with both hands even as she turns her motion into a side kick in her vicious stiletto heels.

Lard watches the fight with his head cocked to one side.

Massif yelps when the heels connect, rolling to the ground.

Red Hornette shifts her stance, denim skirt settling back over her stout thighs. "Ready to give?"

Massif looks at the girl as if she spoke a foreign language. "Give up? Really? You think that could happen?" He sits up, almost laughing at her.

Grimguard actually missed the first part, isn't sure if this fight is public as he stands outside the dojo.

Red Hornette kicks the pointy toe of one heel at his laughing face. "Let's see if like a fat lip changes your mind!"

Massif reaches up to try to grab the foot and yank her off-balance and pull her towards him at the same time.

Red Hornette jerks her legs back as Massif comes away with her shoe. She stumbles backwards, one leg now four inches taller than the other. She makes a face and kicks off the other shoe at him, the stiletto spinning through the air like a throwing knife.

Massif ducks the flying shoe and then tosses the other shoe back at her before getting back to his feet. "Well, now, twinkle toes, I might just have to get serious here."

Red Hornette ducks return shoe fire as she backpedals across the dojo floor in barefeet, looking around to see a few people watching from the front. "I mean it's not to late to just tell me who sent you and I might like let you go!"

Massif slowly starts to walk towards Hornette, his face turning serious. "And it's not too late for you Debs to back off of some of your investigations and keep yourselves from getting hurt really bad."

Red Hornette returns the intense gaze. "You can tell whoever that Kei says the Debs will not back off... the fact that you're here means somebody is like getting worried..." She grins, runs sideways and up the wall, pushing off up high into a spinning kick at her opponent's head.

Massif braces, watches as she flies off the wall and then brings two massive arms up to protect his head, clubbing at the flying legs as they sail towards his head.

Red Hornette has her kicks clubbed aside by his big arms, knocking her barefeet away, and sending her sprawling toward the corner, denim skirt at first gathering about her waist as she hits the mat and then settling back over white panties as she rolls back up to her feet.

Massif takes two quick steps towards her before stopping, trying again to back the girl deeper into a corner and cut off some of her movement room.

Red Hornette finds herself backed into a corner and snatches up an unused bar for weights leaning against the wall there. She swings it at him and activates her bracelet, intending to send current coursing through it.

Massif backs up and then is zapped hard, sent flying back out of the dojo and into the street.

Red Hornette tosses the bar aside as she struts forward to stand in the doorway. "Like let that be a lesson to you, Massive! And a message to your boss! I mean whoever it is!"

Massif scrambles out of the street and heads into an alley.

Lard claps his fat hands then goes back to pummeling the punching bag.

Red She-Hulk leaves the Dojo, and leaps off!

Red Hornette smirks a bit and starts to run after him, suddenly yelping and dancing back into the dojo after a few seconds on the pavement that has been baking in the sun all afternoon. "If I had on proper shoes you'd be mine!"

Lard waddles off to dinner.

Red Hornette goes to check on Kid Crossbow immediately. She is met by a now conscious Kid stumbling out of the dojo office. "Kid. I mean we should both like shower and go see that pirate movie..."

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