Lucky Lucy's New Year's Eve Challenge

Lucky Lucy finishes getting into costume and preparing herself inside the belly of the DDSTV airship as it floats one full kilometer above downtown Empire City and its projection hull promotes “the most outrageously death-defying ball drop stunt ever performed!”

Tess Cabral sits on top of Super Fashions for a good view.

Lucky Lucy waits patiently for the platform suspended below the airship to be illuminated both by running lights on the airship and spotlights from the ground. Those lights reveal a large glass ball full of water and platform suspended below the airship.

Lucky Lucy takes a deep breath. “Showtime,” she tells herself and begins to unicycle down a rope to the suspended platform as a big voice begins to explain the stunt. “To ring in the New Year with a real splash DDSTV is proud to present escape artist extraordinaire Lucky Lucy answering a challenge from the sly Silencieux!”

Phineas sits in Tess's cleavage for a good view.

Longshot notes, “This can't be safe.”

Lucky Lucy flexing little legs shimmer in nylon as they pedal down the rope, voluminous wave of golden hair trailing like a fluttering pennant. “You see Silencieux wants Lucy’s top hat. The challenge is an impossible escape from a peril of Silencieux’s design. If Lucy succeeds she wins Silencieux’s stylish beret, but if she fails her magic top hat is his...”

Lucky Lucy gasps and her emerald eyes widen as the rope on which she balances bursts into flames while the narration continues. “Lucy will be bound by Silencieux who gets to surprise her with his choice of restraint, thus making it impossible for Lucy to prepare for all contingencies... oh my, did her rope just burst into flame?”

Longshot scans the advertisement to catch up. “A hat? A HAT? Seriously?”

Atomikgirl quips, “No Longo... your pants... truly pants.”

Lucky Lucy arrives at the platform just as the burning rope snaps behind her. She exhales visibly and tips her top hat to the hovercams and crowd watching on the ground below with a wan grin. “...then she goes into the glass ball full of water, forcing her to hold her breath while performing the escape...”

Atomikgirl smiles.

Longshot grumbles, “Quiet guv'na.”

Lucky Lucy pedals over and poses in tails and top hat next to the glass ball some eight feet in diameter, gesturing to it with a white glove, her mouth becoming a little o-shape of mock surprise as the eels in the water become visible and the big voice notes, “as an added challenge the water has been filled with several dozen hungry moray eels...”

Lucky Lucy dismounts the unicycle, letting it drop over the side of the platform. “...Lucy will be locked inside the ball and the ball dropped, timed to hit the ground at midnight and ring in the new year... with or without Lucy... heh, and it will crash down into a pit of burning spikes...”

Lucky Lucy looks over the side of the platform, closing her eyes and shaking her head as the falling unicycle provides a chilling visual, mangled as it impacts the field of six-foot spikes. Lucy swallows hard and mounts the stairs to hatch at the top of the ball. “She should have about twenty seconds from ball release to impact. Good Luck, Lucy! You’re gonna need it!”

Christopher Wainwright waves to Tommi from his balcony high above the city atop the Mishima-Imperial Tower.

“Ello Christopher,” Atomikgirl waves heartily.

"Happy New Year, Tommi," he says cheerfully. Wainwright's notably alone tonight.

“You as well,” Atomikgirl floats up a pink telekinetic burst for a firework.

The screen on the airship goes to a split view, one side now showing the much hyped Death Pit where Silencieux is putting the finishing touches on for tonight’s very special event.

Silencieux picks up the last of several sacks of enraged scorpions and begins emptying it into a pit already teeming with them, but nothing succeeds like excess is the code he's always lived by and today is no different so they soon join their brethren in the writhing living carpet at the bottom of the bit, all except one that manages to cling to the sack instead of tumbling down among the spikes.

Silencieux is seemingly oblivious to the dangerous straggler and begins balling the not so empty sack up, only to have the scorpion dart out and plunge a stinger dripping with poison into his hand, easily penetrating the soft silk of his glove and pumping its toxic load into his Gallic flesh.

Silencieux jerks his hand back but it's too late. He's been well and truly stung by now! Already he's looking visibly shaky on his feet, swaying back and forth as he flings the scorpion into the pit. Pulling back his glove his eyes widen with alarm at the sight of the swelling bite mark. With little time and no other choice he sucks frantically at it, slowly, painfully drawing the poison out until finally he's done it, the venom is gone.

Silencieux spits the foul tasting venom on the ground where it burns, bubbles and emits sickly green smoke for a long moment before finally the bubbling stops and leaves behind a small perfectly round hole in the pavement. Though the toxin is gone from his body the aftereffects still linger, his usually perfectly white features have a distinctly gray cast to them now and he's noticeably woozy, still he soldiers on despite this new infirmity for as always The Show Must Go On!

Silencieux picks up a long wooden pole from the ground with his unsteady hand and with a snap of his fingers lights one end on fire, stepping in close to the edge of the pit he begins lighting the spikes one by one, the pole wavering a little as he struggles to control it in his weakened condition but finally he's almost done, leaning over a little more than is strictly safe so he can reach the last spike. The pole shifts unexpectedly, throwing him off-balance at the worst moment possible and sending him tumbling right into the pit and amongst the swarming scorpions without a sound, the Mime silent to the last it seems!

Lucky Lucy blinks as she looks down from above. "Oh my..."

Christopher Wainwright gasps.

The until now cheering crowd goes dead silent for a long moment before a single woman screams and, in an instant, the night time air is filled with alarmed shouts for help. Then the airship screen switches to a single view again where the water and eel filled ball which has never left the crowd’s view suddenly has the hatch burst open and one very soaked but also completely unharmed Mime emerges with a wide smile on his painted lips.

Tess Cabral shudders but applauds.

Silencieux hops down and lands on the top of the ramp where he pulls off his beret and twists it to wring out the water before shakes like a wet dog and then finally hits the sides of his head with an open palm three times causing a few goldfish to fall out the opposite ear and flop around weekly on the platform for a few moments before finally laying still. And just like that he's once again dry as a bone.

Lucky Lucy just shakes her head at the mime and his upstaging entrance.

Christopher Wainwright watches the show, hoping Lucy wins.

Lucky Lucy‘s legs shimmer in tinted nylon as her high heels climb the stairs, tails of her coat dancing about the perky swish of her backside. At the top of the stairs she removes her top hat and coat, placing the coat inside the hat and setting the hat down atop the ball next to open the hatch. She takes a deep breath and grins. “Okay, Sil, do your damnedest!”

Kid Titan stretches her arms wide, the petite young heroine adjusting her tight costume over her small form, adjusting the cape over her shoulders as she wanders in, the sidekick having escaped on her own for the New Years night.

Christopher Wainwright salutes Kid Titan from high atop the Mishima-Imperial Tower.

Kid Titan offers a salute back to Christopher, before sitting on the edge of a building and swaying from side to side with drunken glee.

Phineas blinks at Kid Titan and wonders what’s going on.

Christopher Wainwright waves Kid Titan up to the balcony. "Come on up," he mouths.

Kid Titan waves drunkenly to Chris.

Silencieux bows deep and blows kisses to the crowd below before turning his attention to Lucy, stepping in close he pulls out a simple short pole from somewhere inside his tuxedo jacket and with a quick yanking motion at both ends extends it so that now it's the length perhaps of little Lucy's backbone.

Lucky Lucy eyes the pole with some consternation as she gives her voluminous waves of golden hair a toss and nibbles at her lip. "So what's that for?"

Kid Titan focuses on the concept for a moment, before managing to drunkenly levitate up towards Chris.

Christopher Wainwright slides a chair over. "Have a seat and watch the show from up here. It's a great view of the show."

Kid Titan tries not to trip on her feet as she wanders over and sits by Chris.

"I also figure you're safer up here with someone to keep an eye on you," Wainwright teases gently.

Kid Titan makes a frowny face, "I'm old enough to nyah."

Silencieux smiles twists his dark lips into a an enigmatic smile, covering one end with a handkerchief he's pulled from yet another pocket and then when he's yanked it off there's an open metal loop on it. He steps in close, close enough to kiss little Lucy on her pretty lips actually and, as he does this, bending her backwards, far enough that he can wrap the collar around her slender throat with a quick snap!

Lucky Lucy finds herself bent backwards in the arms of mime, engaged in a sudden unexpected kiss, her face reddening. The collar is snapped around her neck before she even knows what happened. She gasps and pushes the mime away. "Why you naughty thing, kissing me like you're sending me off to my doom or something... I'll show you!"

Christopher Wainwright pours two glasses of champagne.

Kid Titan stretches her arms, too pissed to hunt out fun, and so quite happily slumped as she is.

"Having fun?" Wainwright asks Kid Titan, handing her one of the flutes of imported sparkling wine.

Kid Titan grins lopsidedly, "Not bad."

Silencieux shakes with soundless laughter, really wouldn't mind finding out what it is that Lucy would show him at some point but there's a show going on right now and such things are secondary.

Lucky Lucy just scowls at the laughing man who has challenged her escape skills.

Silencieux fiddles a bit with the other end of the pole and finally pulls out a crossbar, nodding in satisfaction that the main framework is ready now and the fun can truly begin!

Lucky Lucy narrows her emerald eyes and puts hands on fishnet-clad hips, still unsure exactly what Silencieux intends.

"So how do you want to ring in the New Year?" Wainwright asks.

Kid Titan shrugs her shoulders, "Already done it once."

Christopher Wainwright chuckles. "Fair enough," he says, his Liverpoolian accent soft and charming. "So how did you ring it in the first time tonight? Just drinking?"

Kid Titan smiles softly and nods, "Preeeettty much all I've been doing all night...and dancing."

Christopher Wainwright smiles charmingly. "Anything else you'd like to do this time around?"

Silencieux tilts his head back, reaches into his mouth and begins pulling a length of chain from it, hand over hand he pulls until he has a good four or five feet of it, more than enough for his purposes really.

Lucky Lucy gapes in disbelief, shaking her head slightly, her fishnet-clad contours shivering a bit.

Silencieux takes one of Lucky Lucy's wrists and pulls it back to the crossbar, looping it tightly with the chain and then cinching it tighter still, then taking her other wrist he repeats the process, leaving her back in a painful looking arch and her not unimpressive chest jutting out into the chilly nighttime air.

Phineas whistles.

Lucky Lucy stands precariously on her stiletto heels with back arched by the pressure put on her shoulders by her arms being bound back to the pole.

Silencieux pauses a moment to continue his handiwork but only for an instant, times a'wasting after all! Pulling another rod from his jacket somehow he extends this to the same length as the crossbar and using a grip on Lucy's shoulder gets her to kneel down and spread her ankles wide enough that he can slip the bar between them, likewise using the same length of chain to bind them tightly to this, forcing her back into an even tighter bow, her wrists and ankles securely bound behind her now!

Lucky Lucy lies down as Silencieux directs and lets him chain her ankles as he has already done her hands, bowing her tiny body mercilessly at the waist. Fingers flare as she tests the chains wrapped around her wrists, demonstrating just how secure they are.

Silencieux finally uses the remaining chain, twisting it around her waist and then the pole and back again, finally pulling out a large sturdy looking padlock that he secures at her belting with just enough slack that it dangles just above her upper thighs.

Lucky Lucy is ostensibly helpless to do anything except inch across the platform and twitch her balled up glutes. "You're cruel, Sil... how do you expect me... I guess you don't..."

Silencieux smiles cruelly, reaching over and moving Lucy's hat off the hatch before picking up the tightly bound girl with little visible effort and carrying her to the hatch of the ball. Winking at her like it was the most romantic thing in the world, he begins lowering her into the icy eel-filled water, inch by inch till finally the last of her golden mop goes under.

Silencieux slams the hatch shut, picks up a hand cranked movie camera and begins filming Lucy's struggles as he slowly backs away until he reaches a dangling cord that he yanks hard and opens the trap door, sending Ball, eels and Lucy all plummeting to the waiting pit.

Lucky Lucy shivers and takes one last deep breath as her task master lifts her up and plops her into the eel-filled water of the glass ball, finding herself floating as he locks the hatch down above her. She pressed up to the glass with a desperate look around as if pleading for help even as the ball falls, curious moray eels encircling her, their undulating bodies slithering through the water like snakes.

Lucky Lucy shivers in the cold water. Fortunately her hair is long and full of hair berrettes that can be used to snip chains and pick locks. She goes quickly to work, doing her best to ignore the eels at first until they begin to bite, renting costume and then flesh alike. She frees a hand and grasps a stiletto heel, stabbing an eel, hoping the others will attack it, then gets back to work.

Silencieux takes a running leap and dives after Lucy, he’s going to capture this moment on film personally and his gloved hand is cranking the film furiously as he too plummets toward the ground.

Lucky Lucy struggles frantically with all do haste, fighting for her life as the ball plummets for long seconds, looking like a snow globe wearing a magic top hat. Inside the globe the magicienne feels her lungs starting to burn as the feeding frenzy of eels rubs against her flesh and threatens to consume her in its fury.

Silencieux smirks behind the camera, watching the eels slither around his so-called rivals arms and legs, nipping at her soft flesh constantly as she struggles so helplessly for the few seconds she has left!

Lucky Lucy becomes hidden in a swirling cloud of bits of costume, bindings and... could it be blood? Thusly hidden she escapes the last of the chains and uses a stiletto heel as a glasscutter to etch a quick circle in the glass. She punches out the circular piece of glass and rises up as if by magic under the top hat riding atop the ball, her body covered with bite marks, tattered costume dripping wet.

Silencieux scowls, dark eyes widening in amazement, this can’t be possible but somehow the carney-girl has escaped! Still, she has no way to land safely does she? What possible tricks could she have left? He smirks wide, points at her hat and then the beret on his own head, mysteriously staying put somehow during the fall, his trademark chapeu will soon have a companion it seems!

Lucky Lucy pouts as Silencieux gestures for her magic top hat. She shakes her head no, inadvertently shaking exposed naughty bits as well. She removes the hat to perform a magic escape, exclaiming, “I’m not done for yet... whoa... my hat!!!” She gasps as the rushing wind blows the hat from her hands and into the air towards the mime. “No fair, you fiend!”

Silencieux grins in triumph, watching the hat float away, whatever Lucy had planned has come to nothing and, making sure to catch her despair on film for all time, he slings the camera back on his shoulder by the strap and pulls out an improbably large umbrella from his jacket somehow, opening it wide, his mad plummet slowing to a gentle downwards float.

Lucky Lucy turns wide eyes to the mime, mouth agape, realizing she is only a couple of seconds away from sure death. She does the only thing left to do and takes a leap of faith, jumping right at Silencieux as he opens the umbrella, wrapping wet arms around him and hugging tightly. She holds on tight, pressing naughty bits close and squealing as the ball explodes into the spikes directly below them, “I win! I win!!”

Silencieux scowls for a moment or at last tries to but somehow having an armful of near naked girl with her arms wrapped around his neck like this just makes it impossible and gradually he just smiles ruefully and shakes his head. Ah well he has more berets than he needs after all and he can win the hat another time right?

Lucky Lucy kisses Silencieux with eyes closed, but still sees fireworks every bit as impressive as those being set off by the DDSTV airship high above, a floral display guaranteed to send the city’s zombie population into catatonic shock! "Happy New Year, Sil... thanks for giving me a chance to prove I'm the greatest escape artist in the world!"

Tess Cabral flumps back on the roof in relief. What a crazy stunt! “Happy New Year folks!”

“Happy New Year everyone!!” Liliah shouted out in a spectacular break of her usual silence!

Silencieux kisses Lucy back and chuckles soundlessly as he and Lucy land among the thronging crowd. He's pulls off his dinner jacket and loans it to the near naked girl to cover herself with for now and waves to the onlookers, win or lose it was one helluva a show!

Lucky Lucy grins as her top hat magically comes floating down and lands back on her head. "Thanks for the jacket, Sil. I ordered us pizza earlier... crow on your half... want to eat some?" She winks and hugs him again. “Naughty nite and happy nude year all! Err... new...”

Silencieux smirks at Lucy and plots to win that top hat yet!

Lucky Lucy taunts, “Next time if I win I'm going to make you say I'm the greatest escape artist in the world OUT LOUD!

(Dec 2011)