The Lucky Lucy Show

Orb greets, “Heyo, Lucy.”

Lucy waves. “Hey, Orb! My new show is ready to go!”

“Great to hear,” Orb replies, “Can't wait to see it.”

“So you'll be there and waiting for me backstage afterwards, right?” Lucky Lucy grins.

Orb does not hesitate. “You bet!”

Lucy winks to her Orb. “It's almost showtime!”

Lucy waits backstage as the big voice announces, “Are you ready for a mad mix of humor, magic and personal peril... then we have the show for you… tonight... fresh off the fireworks of her amazing July Fourth show… the amazing magicienne magnifique... mistress of escape... maven of moxie... you get the idea... the lovely… and lucky... Lucy Tilton!”

Lucky Lucy bounces out on stage wearing tails over a revealing fishnet leotard and dark nylon pantyhose. She tips top hat to the audience and voluminous waves of blond hair spill down over her shoulders. She takes a deck of cards out of the hat, grins and does some fancy card manipulations between white-gloved hands.

Arik Cabral offers an appreciative, “Oh yeah!”

Lucky Lucy blinks as a man with a mustache and wearing a black cape comes out, flanked by two big goons. He gestures to his goons and points at Lucy. Her emerald eyes widen, puts a gloved hand to her mouth and she shakes her head, but then wrist flicks a playing card at each goon, hitting them squarely in the forehead, wobbling them.

Lucy smirks and rolls her eyes at the audience as the sneering Mustached Menace and his goons retreat, the Menace holding up a sign that reads, “I’ll get you for that soon enough, my pretty!” Lucy does a few more card tricks while riding a unicycle over a balance beam.

Lucy waves her gloved hands and the deck of cards disappears from them. She dances over to two wooden boxes. She takes the top off one box and shows it to the crowd from all sides. It is made of wood, no more than two-foot square, essentially a cube with one side, the top, removed.

Lucy takes off tails and hat, laying them down atop the second box. Lucy winks to the audience as she poses in the revealing fishnet leotard and stockings, gives her voluminous mane of blond hair a toss, then crouches down to contort her contours into the box.

Marionette wanders by the theater, and stops at the doors, hearing the laughter and gasps from the audience. She wanders inside, and when a ticket taker tries to accost her to buy a ticket, she pantomimes standing stock still, and marching away while standing in place, and the ticket-taker seizes up and does just that. Merrily, she proceeds through the doors, and slips inside, standing at the threshold to watch the show, her glassy eyes keenly taking it all in.

Lucky Lucy puts on quite a display of the difficulty of working herself into the small space, but somehow the diminutive woman eventually wriggles all her egg-shaped bits into the cube, giving the audience quite a show of shifting contours in the suggestive see-thru costume.

Lucy waves a gloved hand at Marionette as she stands in the threshold and then tucks that inside with her pretzel-shaped form as well. The amazingly flexible magicienne is completely within the confines of the tiny space as the Mustached Menace and his goons approach from behind.

Lucy squeals as the two big brutes turn the box so the open side is up. The Menace looms over Lucy for an instant before one goon slams the lid in place and nails it shut with six-inch nails, trapping the mistress of escapes. The other goon pours gasoline over the box.

Longshot watches on the laptop from his lab. “Ooh, this isn't good!”

Lucky Lucy struggles and moves the box about, actually rolling it over several times in a seeming desperate attempt to escape, demonstrating from all sides how thoroughly trapped she is in the process. The Menace laughs, takes out a match, strikes it and sets fire to the box.

"Oh, she's like a little chick, all backwards. Sent into the egg, and now to be roasted. What a sad thing." Marionette talks to herself, standing at the threshold, and draws a strange look from the patrons seated around her. It doesn't hurt that she looks like a little burlesque character herself; they just assume she's somehow part of the show.

Longshot dials the ECPD and tells them of the problem at the local theater.

Lucky Lucy is seemingly trapped inside a burning box in the most awkward position imaginable. The Menace holds up a sign that reads, “Lucky Lucy’s goose is cooked this time!” He leaves the stage in a swirl of cape, maniacal laughter echoing as the box becomes a roaring inferno.

Theater security explains to the ECPD it is all part of the show and gives them free tickets in the balcony for their trouble.

Lucky Lucy is nowhere to be seen as the box spectacularly burns down into a pile of ash. Has Lucy been cremated? No. She suddenly rises up under her hat and into her tails, emerging from the second box where she left them. She grins and tips her top hat to the audience.

Lucy pulls down on the brim of her top hat, the effect one of veiling herself behind a shimmering curtain of silk for a brief instant, having magically changed costumes into a shiny golden leotard as the veil dissolves. She grins and poses, but not for long as the Mustached Menace’s two goons reappear and grab her arms. Lucy mouths, "help!"

Lucy is roughly bound with handcuffs at ankles, knees and wrists behind her back, magic top hat falling to the floor. The Menace has a large glass tank full of water rolled out. He roars with laughter as his goons carry the squirming Lucy to the tank. There is a splash as they drop her in, then lock down the top.

Lucy flails about and bumps against the glass as she strains and struggles against the cuffs. She looks out at the audience from her watery prison, blinking eyes wide with terror. The Mustached Menace holds up a sign that reads, “How long can she hold her breath?”

Marionette watches, her glassy eyes unblinking, as she drinks it all in. She's clearly fascinated with the performance, now standing stock-still, unbreathing.

Lucky Lucy continues to struggle helplessly as a second tank of water is rolled out, this one full of a school of fish. The smirking Menace nods and laughs as the two tanks are connected while Lucy gapes and shakes her head furiously, her lovely hair dancing about her head like shifting seaweed.

Lucy's struggles finally cease after what seems like several minutes of frantic twisting and turning in the soaked golden leotard, a steady trail of bubbles escaping the little o-shape of her lips until her air finally seems to have run out. One goon holds up a sign, “She’s faking, boss.”

Lucy's lovely bound form floats peacefully like a drowning victim as the Mustached Menace holds up a sign that reads, “Then release the piranha!” His goons open the connecting tube and Lucy comes to life, her panic more frenzied than ever before as the fierce feeding frenzy commences.

Lucy's lovely cuffed and struggling form is soon lost in the midst of a cloud of bubbles, feeding fish and bits of golden leotard. The Menace smiles cruelly as he turns to the crowd and produces a sign from under his cloak that reads, “I wonder what’s eating her?” He bursts into more maniacal laughter.

Cherry Baker notes, “I love how the villain doesn't talk.”

Arik Cabral nods, “That's a classy touch.”

Longshot has a deadpan look as he watches the screen. “They need better writers.”

Lucky Lucy is still there as the water in the tank clears after the Mustached Menace exits stage left. All the piranha have gone belly up, a single playing card protruding from the belly of each. Lucy etches a circle in the side of the tank with a hairpin and kicks it out.

Crusher rushes to his seat. “Oooh...what have I missed? Ooh!”

Lucky Lucy flops about as she spills out on the floor along with all the water and a school of dead fish. She is next to naked, the soaked leotard tattered by bite marks, exposing naughty bits that are heaving as she gasps for air. The hairpin soon frees her from the cuffs and she tosses them magically to Longshot through his screen as she gets up, grinning.

Lucy looks down, gaping as she realizes her leotard was mostly eaten away by the piranha. She blushes as she looks back up at the audience, snatches her top hat up from the floor, places on her head and pulls the brim quickly down, veiling her contours briefly like she did before.

Crusher stares. “That top hat isn't going to veil the contours...”

Ujgrad mutters, “It’s MAGIC!”

Lucky Lucy emerges completely dried off and looking elegant in a short black dress over shiny stockings with the seam up the back, neck and wrists accessorized with sparkling jewels. But once again she finds herself grabbed by two familiar thugs, coming out of her heels as they drag her backwards.

Cherry Baker exclaims, “I am DEFINITELY recruiting her for Cherry's revue. Her act is just too adorable!”

Lucky Lucy is dragged kicking and squealing to a pillory. She is bent over and placed in stocks that are fashioned with a box large to completely enclose her head. She is latched in place, bent over with her backside to the audience, short dress riding up the curvature of upturned bottom accentuated by the seam line on the back of her hosiery.

Crusher needs a bong to keep up with this.

Marionette rings a bell for Crusher.

Crusher looks at the Marionette..."Not exactly what I intended."

Lucky Lucy fidgets and goes up on tiptoes, straining helplessly against the unforgiving pillory as her cruel captor pilfers her jewels. She must wait anxiously, unable to see because of the box enclosing her head as the Mustached Menace dismisses his goons, draws a sword from beneath his cape and shows it to the audience.

Gossamer blinks.

Lucky Lucy yelps as the Mustached Menace swats her posterior with the flat of his sword. She twitches and rolls her tightly jiggling rump deliciously about. The sinister laughter of the Menace echoes throughout the theater as he winks to the live audience and those like Longshot watching DDSTV on screens across Empire City.

Yeti Taz nudges Longo. "Homina homina homina..."

Longshot nods at Taz. “I am recording.”

Lucky Lucy is still struggling frantically as the villain dramatically drives the point of the sword through the side of the box containing her head, the bloody tip coming out the other side. Lucy’s body slumps, feet rolling up on the tops of her stocking toes.

Lucy hangs there dead and showing her butt with a sword through her head as the Mustached Menace steps back, makes a sweeping gesture to his handiwork, smiles cruelly and steps to the front of the stage. He spreads his arms wide, opening his cape to reveal a sign that reads, “I win!”

"Oh, it's about cutting off maiden's heads! We saw a show such as this once. It was all on a screen, though they were not so prettily dressed. Well, not for long..." Marionette exclaims, drawing some strange looks from the audience members near her again.

Lucky Lucy shockingly begins to come to life behind the gloating villain. In an amazing show of flexibility one little leg comes up as she balances on the other, toes curling around the latch on the pillory and lifting it enough to free a hand. That hand reaches to the hilt of the sword and slowly withdraws it from the box enclosing her head.

Crusher makes a note to himself as he watches... Stay flexible!

Lucky Lucy pops open the stocks and spins with sword in hand. The astonished Mustached Menace cowers as she menaces him with his own sword. He quickly returns her jewels and crawls away stage right on all fours. Lucy follows, smacking his ass repeatedly with the flat of the sword until both disappear behind the closing curtain.

Marionette watches as the audience claps, and then she claps, too, quite eagerly, always enjoying a show with a dead thing in it, especially one brought back to life.

Lucky Lucy rises up under the top hat still lying on the floor in front of the curtain, once again in her original fishnet and tails outfit, taking several bows before pulling down the brim of her hat and disappearing. When the silken veil dissipates there is only a sign that reads, "The End!"

Yeti Taz comments, “Well, that was a great show! Especially the piranha tank bit!”

“It’s the first time I was ever happy to see a show go bust,” Longshot nudges Taz. “Eh? Am I right?”

Yeti Taz nods. "Indeed!"

“Grisly. I loved it!” Cherry Baker grins wickedly as she meets Lucy backstage. “I want to see you die all the time now.”

Lucky Lucy winks. “You fiendette!”

“Of course.” Cherry Baker laughs. “You can wiggle your rump and perish each night, for the crowd’s delight in my Swirl Revue.”

Gregor Imperian is next. “Very nice show!”

Lucky Lucy grins. “Thanks. I wouldn't usually do anything so sick, but...”

Gregor Imperian gnaws. “I was wondering if you would go out with me sometime?”

Lucky Lucy has no idea who Gregor Imperian is so she just huggles and scoots toward the dressing room.

Marionette watches the audience mill about, and slowly file out, turning the show over in her head, again and again. "We never knew they got better, if you chopped off their heads. That changes everything." She murmurs to herself, drawing a few strange looks from theater-goers, but she blends in awfully well with the Lyric's general look.

Lucky Lucy grins to Orb backstage. "Did you like my peril bits... or my naughty bits more?"

Orb congratulates Lucy backstage on an excellent show. “Tonight was about the performance, I was especially amused by you swatting Menace offstage with his own sword. That was classic.”

Lucky Lucy blurts, “He deserved it after killing me like that!”

Orb chuckles. “Yes he did.”

“Good thing I have you!” Lucky Lucy huggles Orb to her bosom. "It's shower time!"

“I am ready!” Orb does not fawn over Amelia, is busy. Please nobody tell her where.

Marionette hums. "I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap."

Lucky Lucy smiles and strips off as she heads to the showers. “So what did you really think?”

“I very much enjoyed it.” Orb adds, “Fun show. I really did like the humor added to that last trick.”

Lucy shimmies, shaking her tushie, noting she suddenly seems to have oscillating anime boobies. “Cool beans! I was hoping it was a cute mix of bizarre and funny.”

“Yes.” Orb scrub scrubs Lucy into a full-body lather. “I felt you certainly succeeded there.”

“With three variations on classic peril magic ideas.” Lucy moans in pleasure as her every nook and cranny, including her fanny, gets a good scrubbing.

Orb is thorough.

Lucy sends Orb on a con tour.

Orb travels leisurely over hills and valleys.

Lucy bends and frolics with her round companion, trying to give him a bust in the... circumference?

Orb wonders if current owner might be harboring thoughts other than cleanliness, thrums experimentally.

Lucy squeals and begins to rinse in cold water, her nipples getting almost painfully taut.

Orb is amused, but also really regrets being in this form sometimes.

Lucy laughs as she turns off the water, wondering if Orb has a drying feature as she stands there soaked, water running off her slopes, drops forming and falling from the tips of pointy nipples.

Orb unfortunately does not have hydrokinesis or any wind related powers... aerokinesis it'd be, he guesses.

Lucy gets Orb caught inside the terrycloth then as she towels off.

Orb rubs Lucy the right way.

Lucy is practically glowing by the time she bounces off to bed, slipping between the sheets still naked, offering Orb a place on her body pillow.

Orb settles lightly upon offered pillow.

Lucy cradles close. “Naughty nite.”

(July 2011)