Leatherneck the MONSTER


USAngel waits anxiously as other challenge matches between her promotion and MONSTER take place, not watching, but hearing most of her team has lost to the powerful mutants. She wonders whom she'll face. The fans of her USAngel television show on DDSTV cheer as she is announced. "Representing TWAT in this battle of the small screen titans... the one and only... USAngel..." She runs to the cage, short white robe bouncing about the tops of her shimmering thighs. She smiles and waves her staff to the crowd before using it to vault into the ring, flipping before landing on her feet. "USAngel at 114 pounds... and star of her own show by the same name... versus..." Angel removes her robe and hands it and staff out of the ring as her opponent is announced.

“Weighing over 300 pounds... he stands at seven feet, six inches... from parts unknown we give you LEATHERNECK!!”

USAngel gulps as the size of her opponent is announced, her eyes widening even more at the sight of him as he makes his way to the ring.

One onlooker watches the beer in his drink ripple as the hulking figure marches his way through the opening. His skin is grey-green, patches of scabby warts here and there, the name Leatherneck seems to fit, because the man has no neck, the flat looking head with small watery eyes seems welded right to the torso of the man.

USAngel backs away to her corner, wanting to stay as far away as possible from this creature she is about to wrestle. She had always thought the characters on MONSTER were just guys in makeup, but as Leatherneck approaches she realizes that appearance is no special effect.

A thick rivulet of drool slithers down the protruding lower lip as he hops over the cage, the spring loaded mat wobbles just a bit as he flexes. Anyone taking basic anatomy class could tell you that there are stretches of muscle where there should not be.

USAngel shakes her head as the door to the octagon is closed and she is locked in the cage with this inhuman foe. She clenches her gloved fists, looking through cage at her bo staff lying outside and wishing she could have it in her hands.

The ref is outside for now the clock sets to 0:00 above them. The crowd is silent, holding their collective breath, then the buzzer sounds, shattering the stillness, and the crowd roars.

USAngel hears the roaring crowd and realizes they see this as nothing more than a crossover between her show and that of Leatherneck, a battle of spunky heroine versus brutal mutant criminal, but for her this fight is deadly serious business. She decides to waste no time, running forward and leaping into her 123 dropkick, churning legs aiming to drive blue footies into chest, chin and cheek.

Chest and chin get the kicks, the kick to the cheek finds a massive paw there blocking and closing about the foot. He’s like kicking cold gristle, the segments of flesh moving oddly. He feels some of that to be sure.

USAngel squeals as her footie is caught in the vise of the cold clammy hand that envelopes it. Her attempt to backflip away comes to a quick end as Leatherneck holds on to the foot, her other limbs flailing, her body seemingly swimming in air for a brief instant.

With dim eyes the creature spins and hurls his opponent to the mesh wall of the cage, slowly stomping her way. The crowd yells and chants his name as he closes the distance.

USAngel is spun around by the leg and sent flying into the mesh, rattling the cage with her impact. She falls to the mat and looks up from hands and knees, still shaking her head to clear the cobwebs as Leatherneck closes. She lunges forward in a frantic effort to crawl between his legs.

Fists come down where she was a moment prior as the curvy fighter slides between his bowlegs. For a moment the monster is confused then turns reaching for the back of her costume.

USAngel exhales a sigh of relief as she gets past his legs, only to gasp a second later as she is hoisted up by white leotard, the crotch of which digs into the cleft of her sex. It pulls tight between her flailing legs in shimmering nylon as the crowd whoops and hollers at her.

The crowd is treated even more as she is spun about and slammed against the wire mesh of the cage. The audience is six inches away as the cage shudders under the impact of her round little body there.

USAngel bounces off the cage wall and back to the mat, ducking a shoulder and hitting the canvas rolling, realizing she is in the fight of her life with a foe that can overwhelm her with strength and is surprisingly quick as well. She rolls to her feet and runs up the opposite wall of the cage, backflipping into an attempted flying hurricanrana, knees locking about the leathery neck area as she flies round his head.

The leg lock is firm about the beast’s head, his cry is muffled by her midsection as she locks thighs about his head and gains control of the fight.

USAngel tries to ride the huge man to the mat as the momentum of her spinning form takes him down, hopefully leaving her sitting astride his shoulders as they hit the canvas, her crotch pushed forward over his mouth, one side of her leotard having slipped in to the cleft between the nylon-clad lips of her sex as a result of the areal twisting.

She does indeed take the big man down even as he goes down on her, roaring into her muff. For a moment he is down. But as soon as the ref slams one hand down on the mat the beast surges upwards. He grips her knees with his hands and sits up quickly, attempting to slam the spunky fighter down on the mat between his thighs.

USAngel 's mere 114 pounds prove no challenge for the huge Leatherneck to lift and slam on her back like a ragdoll. There is a grunt as the air exits her lungs and her arms flop out. The crowd roars in approval of this action that very much resembles the sort of thing they might expect on either of the combatant's TV shows.

The monster of a man stands coming down hard with one hand pinning her to the mat with one huge mitt palming her midsection.

USAngel gasps for air and squirms like a bug pinned in a collection, desperately trying to wriggle away from the fingers digging into her tightly clenched abs.

The girl best do something before the ref begins a quick count.

USAngel fights frantically, her gloved hands gripping the wrist of the hand than pins her and trying to push it away, rocking her shoulders back and forth even as the gripping fingers pull her leotard away from her wriggling flesh as she inches away.

The little blond girl might get away from the count, but it will cost her most of the front of her outfit, ripped off her curvy from by the crude huge hand that applies the claw hold.

USAngel's gloved hands fall away from the massive arm as the claw hold is reapplied even more viciously than before. She writhes in agony on her back. Then her knees come up suddenly, powerful little legs flexing in shimmering tights, then kicking out to get the overpowering foe off of her, screaming as she is stripped of her leotard and scuttles away on hands and knees.

Leatherneck looks confused for a few moments then flings the torn garment into the crowd. The altered beast rumbles forward like an ape swinging his arms and attempts to bat her about like a round flesh colored ball.

USAngel feels her cheeks burning as the crowd goes wild in response to her being stripped. She is still in the process of trying to decide whether to cover herself or fight when the first punch finds her. She is lifted off the canvas, spinning four times in the air, before hitting the metal mesh of the wall, only to be hit again before she can fall to the mat, this blow landing with a crack like a gunshot.

Leatherneck lets out a roar, scooping her up and holding her nearly nude form up for the crowd to see, his massive hand squeezing her head slowly. The chanting of the crowd is soon lost to the drumming of her heart as the huge hand tightens over her ears.

USAngel flails as lifted by the head, her bare breasts careening wildly about her chest as the crowd drowns out her screams. Gloved hands reach up to grab the wrist behind the cold vise of a hand that threatens to crush her skull like a grape. Despite the piercing pain in her midsection she bends at the waist, powerful ass balling up inside sheer nylon as she kicks out at the face of the being that holds her.

The kick is good and well placed and, even through the camera might see more than she would want, there is the satisfying crunch of cartilage as the huge Leatherneck staggers back, clenching his broken nose.

USAngel spills to the mat in a heap, wincing and clutching at her side as she struggles to stand, her bare flesh glistening as much with sweat now as her stout legs do in nylon. She wills herself forward, leaping into her trademark 123 dropkick once more, legs churning about the clefted pucker between them, driving blue footies again at chest, chin, and this time, crunched cartilage.

Through the tears in the beast’s eyes she is a plump pinkish blur. Each of her blows landing quick precise strikes. The huge man flails and topples with a crash to the mat under her onslaught.

USAngel dives on top of him to go for the pin, wrapping her powerful legs about one arm, gloved hands bearhugging the other arm tightly to her bare chest, grinding her gyrating hips as she covers his face with the sweat-soaked nylon of her sex.

The count never seemed to go this slow before, but Leatherneck cannot recover, pinned and forced into submission by the sweaty cleft of sex. The ref sprints over to her to raise her hand in victory.

USAngel winces as she stands and her hand is raised, this very act not only causing her cracked rib pain but showing off her bare flesh to the thundering crowd once more. Still panting for air, she goes quickly for her robe, grimacing more than grinning to her fans as she staggers back to the dressing room after finally securing only the second victory for her promotion on the night.

"And so the Mutant Order of the Nefarious Secured to Terminate Earthlings Rather Sadistically has defeated the Texas Wrestling All-stars Team 4 to 2 in tonight's action, meaning one of the TWAT stars will be required to make a guest appearance on MONSTER in the coming weeks... and MONSTER has just announced they want... you guessed it... USAngel!"

(March 2009)