Kunoichi Kei versus the Orchestra

Empire University's Physical Sciences Quad contains some of the most advanced research facilities in the country, and some of the most brilliant researchers. Hundreds of students, professors, research staff, and others, meet and mingle there every day. Some parts of the Quad are actually restricted in one way or other, but most of it is normal, if high tech, classroom and student lab space.

KunoichiKei sighs as she steps out on the grounds of the University, three bugs in her backpack. Professor Nowaski having instructed her to place one each on three suspicious figures in the Physical Sciences Quad. She has descriptions of her targets. The trick is to tag them without them knowing.

The kunoichi actually fits in pretty well, with the students here, even her clothes aren't that out of place. She does have to avoid a few guys who seem intent on getting her phone number.

KunoichiKei giggles and fends off the boys. "I have a paper to write... I'll see you guys some other time..." She bounces away in crosstrainers, lavender skirt bouncing at her thighs, backpack slung over the shoulder of her white blouse. Her eyes search the crowds.

Just as she spots one of her quarry, a rather tubby man in his early 40s, with a heavy beard, and a leather jacket, an explosion rips through the walls of the Physics Center.

KunoichiKei takes advantage of the distraction to slip a bug in the pocket of the man's jacket before turning her attention to the explosion itself. She runs toward the commotion, thinking this might be an opportunity to prove her worth to Belle.

Her attention is immediately drawn to two large figures coming through the hole in the wall. Both are big, and look bigger due to the full body suits of armor they wear. The armor is black, and bulky, the darkness only relieved by shoulder flashes that look stylized drums. As she watches, the lead figure levels a large, bellmouthed rifle into the crowd, firing, a huge thunderstroke sounds, and maybe thirty people collapse in heaps.

KunoichiKei gapes for an instant before reaching into her backpack for a case full of CDs. She dashes forward and flings one disc each at the bellmouthed weapon in each figure's hand, turning the discs into razor like flying projectiles.

The CDs fly straight, and true, and one jams into the weapon of the first figure. The second one isn't actually holding his weapon, but instead gripping the shoulders of an Asian woman, who is apparently out cold. The CD does jam into the weapon slung at his side. The two armored figures turn to look, apparently not yet spotting the beautiful teen in the sheer vast array of panicking people.

KunoichiKei dances through the fleeing crowd and runs over the littering of collapsed people toward the first figure, watching him closely even as she leaps into a flying dropkick, attempting to kick him repeatedly on the armored surface, as if running up his front, intending to snap back his chin with her last kick.

It is somewhat disturbing when her kicks don't even stagger the man, for such it obviously is, at close range. Even her kick to his chin provides only a slight recoil. The man swings his heavy rifle like a club at the slight girl, saying, "Get the target out of here. I'll deal with miss pink panties here and follow."

KunoichiKei backflips away as the gun swings at her, catching the flair of her skirt and ripping it away. She lands on her feet and looks down. She'd forgotten she'd worn the pink panties that peek out from beneath the tails of her white blouse. She pulls a ream of paper from her pack, showering the armored man with it, trying to cloud his vision as she tries to vault him.

"What the..?" The man tries to brush away the cloud of paper, and as she vaults over him, there is an explosion as he tries to fire the gun, propelling him backwards. The partner moves back, one arm dragging the unconscious Asian woman, who is wearing a lab coat over a fairly stylish dress, and aiming one arm at the kunoichi, a whining sound as a bolt of nerve jangling sonic energy is fired at her cartwheeling form.

KunoichiKei touches the armor on the man's head as he fires the gun, planting one of her bugs even as he recoils. She lands and cartwheels toward the other, bringing her backpack around to block as she sees something fired at her as she comes back to her feet.

The sound waves numb her hands pretty badly, as the armored man still standing slings the unconscious woman over his armored shoulder, her long, slim, well formed legs, clad in sheer black nylon, draped down his front, a black low heeled shoe falling off...leaving one foot bare.

KunoichiKei drops the damaged backpack, shaking her hands to get the feeling back even as she slides low and tries to sweep the top heavy armored man with a woman on his shoulder to the ground. "What are you guys?"

It is perhaps a good thing for the kunoichi's ambitions of heroine hood that the man instinctively falls on the side that's not holding the target of the operation. Having a half ton of armor and man fall on the unconscious woman’s head might have been bad. The man seems winded by the fall, but he aims his fist at the kunoichi anyway, trying to smash her into the ground. "We are...the Orchestra."

KunoichiKei straddles the armor punching back, even as the pretty Asian woman rolls aside. Then she reaches for the damaged bellmouthed gun attached to his side, pressing it to the armor and depressing the trigger. "Yeah right! Grim shot!"

The resulting explosion is gratifying, in that it cracks the armor like an eggshell...it also picks up Kunoichi and sends her flying a good 20 feet, still holding the back half of the gun.

KunoichiKei flies away in a flail of arms and legs and pieces of white silk blouse that fill the air like a snow storm in her wake. She hits the ground and rolls head over heels once before flopping out on the ground in bra, panties and crosstrainers. The backhalf of the gun slides from her hand as her head lolls to the side.

The first of the armored figures slowly makes his way to his feet, shaking his head, still more then half stunned. He is staggered more when a pair of university policemen pepper him with bullets...which don't even scrape his armor, but do distract him. Turning, he runs, accelerating to forty miles an hour. "Abort. Repeat Abort. Ran into a damned ninja kid superheroine...how did they know?"

KunoichiKei tries to rise and then falls back, blinking her eyes. She rolls over, crawling toward the Asian woman who lies on the ground fifteen feet away, hoping the campus police will secure the downed man quickly and just let the other go before anyone else gets hurt.

The two cops move forward, reloading. One of them goes to the Asian lady, and crouches, "Dr. Yanaga? Are you alright? She's unconscious, Joe." The downed man in armor isn't likely to be moved, aside from possibly being put on a coroner's gurney. The second cop, an overweight but amiable guy, crouches by the kunoichi. "Hey, why don't you stay still?"

KunoichiKei looks up as she struggles to crawl and then slumps on her side. "I'm a heroine... It's what I do... Is she going to be ok... what does this Dr. Yanaga teach? I hope she's alright!"

The cop flicks his eyes to his partner, who nods. "She's a visiting researcher here, does some kinda high energy whatsis stuff in Japan. I just know her from the parking lot escort detail at night. She's stable, just out cold." He shrugs out of a very oversized jacket, and offers it to her, since a lot of eyes are on the shapely teen. "You one of them superheroines...hey, that's alright. I watch Blue Belle all the time on DDSTV."

KunoichiKei nods and slowly begins to realize a crowd is gathering because she has been stripped to her underclothing. But she is in too much pain to care much. "Would you call Blue Belle to come for me please sir..." She brushes some hair from her sweaty face and tucks an exposed nipple back into its cup.

The cop looks at his partner, and then at Kunoichi. "Alright, I guess you heroines can't just be hauled off by the paramedics. What about the armored dude? I think he bought it." He takes out a cellphone, and looks at her. "What number?"

KunoichiKei gives the cop a number to call. When Belle arrives Kei explains that she planted one of the bugs her professor had given her on the armored man who escaped. "With luck we can find them..."

The cop moves away, leaving the two heroines alone, and pretty much keeping the eager crowds back, as more cops, both school and city, and other minions of officialdom show up.

KunoichiKei grins as Belle nods and picks her up to take her home for some of Sara's high-tech recovery techniques. "You really aren't ready for this sort of thing yet, Kei... you have to be more careful..."

The cop, finally, walks over to Belle, and Kei, and looks at the young heroine, then at Blue Belle. "Ms. MacDuff, if this here young lady hadn't been here today, no telling how many people those two clowns would have blasted with those big guns of theirs. We sure weren't gonna stop them with 9mm pistols. I dunno what her heroine name is, and don't figure its my business, but she's the real thing, for certain."

KunoichiKei beams from ear to ear as the cop says his piece and Belle replies with a nod, "Thank you, sir... I'm quite proud of her! Her name is Kei Kishimoto, but you and the city can call her Kunoichi Kei!"


(October 2005)