Keothi Interview

Kunoichi Kei got dressed on board the airship, a lavender business suit consisting of deep lavender jacket and skirt over pale blouse and hosiery with heels to match the suit. "How do I look, Joanie?" "Fine, but are you sure you want to repel into that compound in a business suit?" Kei grinned, "Tink of the ratings!" Kei nodded. "Start the lead-in footage and time it to end just as I'm descending into the compound." Kei readied herself to repel into the stone-walled compound as the footage played on DDSTV. "Tonight, live from Empire City, our own Kei Kishimoto approaches the unexplained colossus that rose out of the sea a week ago today and asks for an interview…" Kei began to descend as footage of the two hundred foot tall stone giant was shown, coming ashore and homesteading on the thirteenth fairway at the Montgolfiers Club. There was footage of the stone walls that appeared since, then more footage of the temple-like structure within, the six pillars and their runes, lastly a close-up of the stone giant's face.

The temple which had in fact been constructed by some of what had once been the stone titan. Some was also now the fountain, the benches, stone walkways and the rune covered pillars. Of Keothi there was no sign, or at least not until Kei touched down. Once on the ground she would see the large frame of the alien giant inside the temple, kneeling on a wide area of sand in meditation.

Kunoichi Kei was repelling into the compound as the live hovercam shifted to her image, skirt fluttering up from powerful legs in shiny silk stockings. Heels touched the ground and she unhooked, pushing the rope away in one simple motion, before taking a DDSTV microphone from her jacket. She smiled and whisperd, "I'm Kei Kishimoto and here we are inside the compound of the mysterious giant... As many of you know I lead the Danger Debs as Lavender Lass and I'm the new CEO of DDSTV as well. Tonight I intend to get the answers you all deserve concerning our mysterious visitor from the sea. Or where ever. Just one of the questions to get answered. I want to note my tanks to the military for allowing me access. Here we go.” Kei moved toward the meditating giant as the hovercam panned back to fit the giant in the frame.

Keothi knew of the woman's presence even before the sound of heels clicking upon stone told of her entry into the temple, the mountain of a man reacting only with a near imperceptible twitch of broad shoulder muscles as Kei dared to trespass on his domain. "Why have you come?"

Kunoichi Kei didn't even hesitate, the footfalls of her heels coming ever closer. "I've come to get your story. You can't just show up out of the blue and not expect people to be curious. Empire City wants to know what's up! I'm Kei Kishimoto, CEO of DDSTV and we're broadcasting live by hovercam to the city. What's your name, big fellow?"

Keothi turned his head only slightly. "You wish to know more of me?" Finding himself pleasantly surprised at such a possibility, for many in the past had not responded so peacefully to his presence. "Very well." He shifted, placing one foot for support and stood to his full seven foot four height. Kei would see a man who had the appearance of having not spent a single day away from the sun, clean-shaven head and bared upper body deeply tanned from countless hours spent under the open sky. Tattoos that appeared to be tribal in nature also adorned the man's broad chest and back, the only article of clothing the towering human wore a pair of thick rawhide leather breeches held together by thin strips of the same that laced up the sides. Lastly, Kei would also notice the presence of a strange amulet hanging around the man's neck.

Kunoichi Kei grinned and nodded eagerly with a an exhale of relief. "I and everyone in Empire City wants to know more about you... Keith is it? I mean who ARE you? Where did you come from? How do you like Empire City? What is your favorite food? Why are you here? Stuff like that." She winked and moved forward to hold the microphone outward. "Let's face it you're kinda cute..."

Keothi did not seem annoyed in the least when Kei got his name wrong, merely corrected her with a patient tone. "Keothi." Then gesturing to the hovercam holding position near the reporter and posing a question of his own "What manner of device is that?"

Kunoichi Kei looked over her shoulder to the hovering little replica of the airship. "Tat's a hovercam. It's sending images and sounds of us back to the people of Empire City for tem to view on various devices like myWands and computers and even old-fashioned TVs." Kei nodded as she turned back him. "You know you are so tanned I actually though you might be made of bronze! So how about answering a few of my questions, KEY-oh-THIGH?"

Keothi nodded with understanding, digesting the information that the device before him would allow Kei's people to hear his words. This was fortunate, for it meant less time spent on spreading his message leaving more for preparing things here. "My people favor time under the sun. We feel empowered by it. As for your questions, ask and I shall answer what I can."

Kunoichi Kei burst out, "Nous sommes du soleil... we love when we play..." She appeared a little sheepish for a few seconds as she managed her exuberance. "Torry. I got a little excited. Tanks for agreeing. Let's start with where you're from, Keothi?"

Keothi spared Kei a slight smile, having expected such a question. "Mercannas. A name that will have no meaning to you or anyone else."

Kunoichi Kei blinked and nibbled on her lip for a moment as she fidgeted. "Is that more like Atlantis, Atomic City or Ganymede?"

"I know nothing of these places you speak of, they are as unfamiliar to me as the naming of my home is to you." Keothi answered matter of factly. His time here had been spent only in observing the people of this world, not in educating himself on their history or legends. Though it now occurred to him that perhaps he should have.

Kunoichi Kei looked a bit quizzical even as she smiled. "I see. Odd. So are you from outer space or deep in the ocean or another time or space entirely?"

Keothi almost laughed, but instead the smile he'd given Kei earlier merely grew. "It is true that my home is very far from this place but no, I am not from the ocean."

Kunoichi Kei nodded as if satisfied despite her puzzled expression. "Really? Far out! So I'm sure tat like me many of the girls of Empire City are going to want to know if you date and what you do for fun. Do you like to eat out? Go to the theatre? Dance? Like what's your ting?"

Keothi now took his turn in looking puzzled. "What does it mean to "date"?" Again, observing, not interacting. Not that he hadn't seen people displaying signs of companionship, but some terms of this civilization were still lost on Keothi.

Kunoichi Kei’s jaw dropped. "Like hook up... with a member of the opposite sex... well... or the same sex... anybody really... to have a good time..." She stopped her amazed rambling at his not knowing this, her brows knitting. "May I touch you? Maybe show you?"

Keothi held that puzzled expression. "Hook up?" Musing over Kei's strange words as she offered a way to explain her meaning. "You wish to touch me?" A somewhat odd request, he felt. Still... "I will allow it, if only to gain better understanding of your words."

Kunoichi Kei reached out to gently squeeze his bicep first. "You ARE distracting!" She grinned. "Here, put this on first." She draped her suit jacket about his shoulders. Holding the microphone behind her back she went to tiptoes and pursed her lips as she tried to bring them up to his, the arch of her back causing her chest to push out, putting serious strain on the buttons of the pale lavender blouse.

Keothi only grew more confused as Kei went about her demonstrating of what "dating" or to "hook up" meant. Her jacket draped around his shoulders, watching as the shorter woman raised up on the tip of her toes, then some familiarity dawning as she pursed her lips as that was something he recognized the meaning of but couldn't be certain if she meant it as he perceived. Still unclear as to her purpose, the giant bent down slightly to make it easier for her to reach him, never suspecting that her intention was indeed to kiss him.

Kunoichi Kei planted her lips on his and delivered a short but full kiss, blushing and feigning to have forgotten all about the hovercam as she pulled back with a smirk. "I'm torry... I guess I sort of forgot I was supposed to be a journalist for a moment tere..." She winked and placed the microphone between them once more. "So do you really tink our world is tat broken?"

Keothi stood tall when the moment passed, unable to deny to himself that he found it fairly pleasant. "It is nothing to apologize for, as now I understand your meaning. You speak of companionship. I am not against finding a mate, but such things are..." Looking first down at his broad frame then to Kei's significantly more petite form, as though the difference between their size was explanation enough. "...complicated." Then it was on to another subject, the moment of brief intimacy left behind as Kei regained her sense of professionalism. "Your world is broken." Keothi replied. "The old ways you once followed no longer have meaning."

Kunoichi Kei nodded soberly as her blushing faded. "Hai, companionship. Your statement the other day mentioned a new vision and tat it started here. What do you mean by tat? And what did you mean by your statement tat you would not suffer aggression of any kind?"

"Yes. Here will be the birthplace of a new era. A place of sanctuary. To those who hear my words I offer new way of life. A chance at salvation. I give fair warning to all that though mine is a way of peace, I will suffer no acts of aggression toward those who choose to answer my call."

Kunoichi Kei nodded again and though back to her prep work with Joanie. "No one is against peace. However, do you realize tat tis golf course where you've settled is private property and tat the act of your claiming it for your own could be seen as an act of aggression by some in Empire City? Doesn't moving in and taking others property qualify as an act of aggression unto itself? Does that not violate your own principles? How do you answer such charges?"

"Your words are meaningless. Your society places too much value on ownership. I could have made my claim anywhere, even in desolate territory and still your leaders would have spouted that the land was not mine to take. Make whatever arguments you wish, I have as much claim to this land as anyone else. None reside here, none were making practical use of it, thus have I taken it for myself and anyone else who should wish to join me."

Kunoichi Kei shrugged as she seemed to ponder this. "Interesting. Are you a communist?" She took a deep breath as once more she struggled to contain the full extent of the beating of her heart and her blouse struggled to contain the pointed projection of her pert heaving bosom. "Here's the big question, Keothi. What exactly will you do if someone does violates this non-aggression arrangement?"

Keothi again displayed confusion, having no clue what it was to be a communist. The need for clarification on that was left to pass as Kei moved on to another question, one that Keothi was more equipped to answer. "Then I shall use force on those who dare to use force against me."

Kunoichi Kei nodded slightly. "Would you use force only on those who attacked you... what we might call self-defense... not take the battle to the many millions of innocent people living in Empire City if a lone person were to, for instance, try to play through on the golf course?" Her eyes moved up from the amulet to Keothi's eyes as her voice lowered. "People want to know if they have reason to fear you..."

"As I said, mine is a way of peace. I am not here to force people to change, only to hope that they will listen and see the truth in the words I speak. All are free to walk the lands beyond these walls and even to venture within them, but I will not suffer disrespect or violence against me."

Kunoichi Kei smiled. "Dere you have it Empire City. Straight from the source. And brought to you by DDSTV!" She offerred her hand to shake that of the large man with the much too small jacket draped about his broad shoulders. "Tank you so much for speaking with us, Keothi. May I come speak to you again sometime?" She switched off the mike and whispered. "Or kiss you again..."

Keothi would take the jacket off his shoulder, holding it in thick fingers as he reached out to accept Kei's gesture, but instead of a handshake went for a firm forearm clasp as was customary for his people. "You are welcome to return whenever you wish." In answer to the first, not quite hearing the rest as he held out the woman's suit jacket to her.

Kunoichi Kei grinned as she did her best to return the powerful clasp before taking her jacket. She switched the microphone back on. "Well tat's all from Keothi's compound for tonight, but we have an invitation to come back so be sure to stay with DDSTV for more exclusives! Dis is Kei Kishimoto reporting!" She caught hold of a line and was suddenly lifted up up and away. Kei waved, "Bye, Koethi. See you soon!"

(May 2011)