Pure Warning

Kunoichi Kei works the counter at Taz Treats and sings Jolene along with the White Stripes.

Purps presumes herself and Dee eventually arrive at Taz's for the promised smoothes.

Dee presumes so too.

Kunoichi Kei serves up pre-sumptuous smoothies.

Mister Wolfe rubs his side against Kei's hip, wagging his tail and looking up at her with golden puppy-eyes, hoping for treats.

Kunoichi Kei gives the dog a bone.

Mister Wolfe frisks around her feet, then drops down to gnaw on the bone.

Kunoichi Kei grins and puts down some water as well. “To wash down the prime rib.”

Mister Wolfe thumps his tail against the floor.

Kunoichi Kei fixes herself a root beer float and sits back.

Kunoichi Kei rocks to Every Me, Every You and sets Purps up with another smoothie. “Hiyas Ms Blacksuit and Ms Kyle.”

Ms Blacksuit says, “Hello.”

Purps adds, “Allo Helena.”

Helena Kyle replies, “Hi Purps. Hi Kei.”

Kunoichi Kei announces, “Root beer floats or smoothies for everyone... on the house!”

Kurt Malkomes charged the first bodyguard and took him out with a hard spear, leaving the man groaning in pain from broken ribs as the infuriated ex-con turned upon standing toward a very surprised Constantin Nero, grabbing the frightened man by the front of his cheap suit pulling him into a rear chin lock. "Hey, Nero. Long time. Tell your boy to back off, we're just going to enjoy a frozen treat and catch up." Nero waved the other bodyguard off as Kurt backed his way through the entrance, releasing the man only to shove him toward a booth at the back of the establishment. "Everyone listen up!" Addressing the room as Nero regained as much composure as he could. "Nobody do anything stupid and you'll all walk out of here alive!"

Faith the slayer frowns. "What the hell is going on?"

Kurt Malkomes pointed to Kei next. "And you, little miss wannabe. Lock the doors, close the blinds. I don't want any unexpected guests ruining this party."

“Woop Woop Smoothie! Where did Dee go?” Purps suckles on smoothie. Presumes this is happening around her.

Kunoichi Kei has already hopped over the counter in a flare of purple skirt, prepared to meet the attack head on when narrowed eyes recognize the man and she pulls up short. “Err... okay... just let Mr. Constantin go...” Kei gulps and moves to lock down Taz Treats, getting the door and then one by one the Venetian blast blinds.

Purps sits, glancing left, then glances right. Suckles straw. Purps makes annoying noise of straw slurping at nothing.

Kunoichi Kei gets Purps a refill quickly.

Kurt Malkomes stared Kei down until the girl showed some wisdom. "Smart move, little girl. And don't you worry about Mr. Nero. He'll be just fine, we're just going to have a little chat about my unexpected termination of employment."

“Don't antagonize him, Purps,” Kunoichi Kei says with a nod, “Belle says most of these types of situations can be defused without violence... but if he starts drawing Vs on the wall we act...”

Purps tilts her head as she swish swish straw around glass. "Me? Antagonize. He said he's just here for a chat!" She grins up happily, finger wave to Kurt.

Kunoichi Kei glances over at Malkomes, not following her own advice. "Do you tink dat maybe your actions distributing illegal substances might not have had someting to do with your termination... NOT TO MENTION WHAT YOU DID TO CALLIE!?

Purps leans back a bit at the raise in volume. Slurps straw. “Good tune.”

"And makes for stormy weather..." can be heard from Kei's headphones. Kei winks to Purps. “Pure warning...”

Kurt Malkomes glanced briefly at Purple, but so long as she didn't cause any problems she'd remain outside his concern. Kei, she was a different story. So when the woman raised her voice Kurt's left forearm became bathed in fire. "I think you'll want to shut that mouth of yours and have a seat or I might just allow you to share in Callie's experience."

Kunoichi Kei glares at the man with the burning arm for a moment but does indeed fall silent as she recalls how he took both her and Belle when they went to rescue Callie. Kei nods and sits down behind the counter. “So what do you want?”

Purps tilts head, tug tug on tight fitting attire. She did come dressed to impress today. "Cripes it all goes down in Taz's doesn’t it?"

"From you, nothing." Kurt replied. "As for Mr. Nero, he's going to make a phone call for me. He's going to have ten million dollars put together and he's going to have it delivered here, within the hour, or he's going to die. And then, every hour I don't get my money, somebody else is going to die."

Purps squints her eyes, peering, leaning across table to stare at Kurt.

“Now you're the one who's a smart boy 'cause I sure don't have that kind of money...” Kei ponders and adds, “But I bet Ms Bale does...” Kei smirks slightly and prepares to move really fast if need be.

"You better hope somebody does." Kurt answered coldly. "Now then, Mr. Nero, why don't you go ahead and make that call."

Purps keeps on staring, just for a little while, before giggling and sinking back down into her chair. Cherry lips return to suckling on straw.

Kunoichi Kei watches with a mixture of surprise and relief as her attempt to goad Malkomes about having his face blown off is ignored. She recalls Belle's theory that Malkomes does not use his own rage substance, but that his violence is calculated and methodical. The question now was what would Constantin Nero do. Kei rocks her head to something that sounds like "Molly's chamber gonna change your mind..."

What Nero would do is listen. Dying today was not on his 'things to do' list. Taking out his phone, Constantin began to dial, Kurt intently watching the man with every key press to ensure he did exactly as instructed.

Purps finishes drink, third one down. Shakie shakie glass "Kei can I get another? Is this gonna be long? Dying is on my to do list today." shake shake glass.

Mister Wolfe gallops around in circles.

“Sure, Purps, I'll fix you another... but careful... he might not let you go to the batroom... hopefully Nero's got ten mil and we're out of here with no harm done!

Kurt Malkomes spun toward Purple and Kei "Nobody is making anything! Anybody moves and the bleeding starts! When I get what I want, everyone gets to go about their day."

Kunoichi Kei sighs. “I tink that's a no, Purps.”

Purps grins, "That’s a rubbish business plan. But I guess I’ve got all day." She checks watch, doesn’t have a watch, checks wrist. "Is it just me or is time running slow today?"

Kunoichi Kei nods, “It's the lack of sugar in your smoothies...”

Kurt Malkomes took a moment to peer through the blinds and check on the situation outside, see if anyone had put together something was wrong as he listened to Nero communicate with whoever was on the other end of the phone call. "Ten million, Nero." Kurt reminded the man. "Don't think to screw me over twice. You owe me you son of a bitch."

Kunoichi Kei wondered what Kid would do if he came by and saw the place locked up with lights on and people inside. She hoped he'd call Chicky and the police in that order. "So Mister Nero... somebody bringing the money?"

Purps begins to slurp at bottom of empty glass. Annoying noise.

Kunoichi Kei clutches some change from the tip jar in her hand as she watches Kurt closely, anxiously wanting to take him down, but unsure how to go about it without people getting hurt.

Kurt Malkomes unfortunately couldn't control what happened outside, but if anyone tried to play hero he'd damn sure make them suffer for it. "Of course it's coming. Mr. Nero's life depends on that money. What better incentive c..." Already on edge, Purple was dangerously close to pushing him over. Striding over, the large man swatted the glass off her table. "Enough! I told you to be quiet!" Kurt bellowed, hands clenched into fists as he struggled to keep his anger in check.

Purps tilts head to look to glass. Purps tilts head back to look to Kurt. Purps looks to glass. Purps looks to Kurt. Purps stares slightly "You don’t like glass?"

Kunoichi Kei attacks, letting fly with the change in her hand, nearly turning the coins into projectiles not unlike blunt slugs, aiming the volley at Malkome's chest and shoulder. “Dat does it!” Kei vaults over the counter into a flying drop kick, lavender skirt fluttering back from muscular thighs as she follows up her attack.

Kurt Malkomes only saw the faint glint of light reflecting off tiny pieces of metal as he turned, instinctively raising an arm to protect his eyes from the flung objects which also resulted in him being unable to see or react to the drop kick that followed, sending the man falling back first onto Purple's table, head smacking the napkin dispenser.

Purps stretches slightly. Looks down to Kurt, looks up to Kei. "I don’t think he liked that glass in the slightest," She says before raising from her seat. A sleek shine of purple attire clad like second skin. Careful few foot steps away from the table, making sure not to stand on any glass.

Kunoichi Kei grabs the metal rack next to the napkin dispenser that holds the salt and pepper. She turns it upside down to lose the shakers and moves to lock it about Malkomes wrists if he is disoriented enough for her to be able to pull his wrists together behind his back. “Torry about that Purps but dis guy is seriously dangerous!”

Kurt Malkomes was too dazed to mount much of an offense, trying only to get off the table and onto his feet when Kei bound his wrists with the makeshift restraints. Yet even then he still managed to put up decent resistance, using the strength of both powerful arms to push the small woman off him. "Get...off!"

Purps brush brush arm down sleeve, left then right before dipping fingers to her belt and pulling out old yoyo that once belonged to someone in this very room. "I’ve seen worse this week. But its been a pretty mental week. Anyone who has a problem with a glass of smoothie its safe to say is probably a dick."

Kunoichi Kei does indeed get knocked back even as she yells to Purps. "Unlock the door and get everybody out!" Even as she caught her breath she was picking up a chair, instinctively using it as a weapon, holding it by the legs and thrusting the back at Malkome's midsection, then with a flick snapping the back up at his chin.

Kurt Malkomes wasn't thinking clearly, his mind defaulting to securing Nero instead of focusing on defense. Kurt doubled over as the chair back was thrust hard into his gut, stumbling backwards a second time when Kei caught him under the chin, and smacking the side of his head against the table he'd just gotten up off of, the unrelenting chain of attacks seeming to be the way to victory.

Purps shrugs and bangs her yoyo several times off of one of the tables near by "You heard the lady, shops closed for the day. Taz loves you all but wants you to get the HECK on outta here." She shouts as she heads on over to the door, a kick just right to swing it on open. "Don’t leave behind any belongings or loved ones now.” She glances back at Kurt. “Ooooh ouch, watch out for the glass on the floor.. wouldn’t want to cut your face."

Kunoichi Kei has no intent of letting up until the man is down and out after what she saw him do not that many months ago. Her hands clutch the tablecloth and jerk it up in an effort to pull it over his head and pull the hem tight about his shoulders. “Now if I can just knot this ting in place...”

"No. NO!" Kurt roaring in fury as he blindly struggled to throw Kei off him. "Damnit, Nero! I'll kill you! I'll make you all BURN!!" Arms trapped, unable to see where Kei was or gain any sort of leverage, Kurt could only shake wildly in the hopes it threw the determined Danger Doll off.

Purps leaves the money for the smoothies on the counter.

Kunoichi Kei struggles to pull the table cloth tight about the man's head and choke him out, her knuckles turning white as they maintain their grip, her skirt flapping all about as her powerful thighs clamp down around his torso and she rides him like a bucking bronco.

Kurt Malkomes managed to get to his feet, Kei squeezing the air from his lungs even as she kept the tablecloth wrapped tightly around his throat. Feeling himself starting to black out, Kurt got desperate, turned and propelled himself backwards hoping to crush Kei against something hard enough so that she'd lose her grip.

Kunoichi Kei decides to unlock her thighs from about Kurt and, planting a crosstrainer in his back and flipping upwards, hooks her knees over a ceiling beam, an instant before he aims to slam her into the wall. Lavender skirt flops down over the straining girl as she attempts to maintain her hold on the tablecloth and lift him off his feet. “Heavvvy... ungh...”

Kurt Malkomes urks as Kei changes her tactics, momentarily swinging the man off his feet, the pressure on his throat now coming from all sides instead of just from the front. He was scrabbling, clawing, desperately reaching to get a hold of something. A hand, a wrist, anything he could pull on to bring the girl down. No more air was coming, he was already well on the road to fading and now was growing weaker by the second. His frantic actions became less energetic, the weight of arms growing heavy and the effort of lifting them up becoming more and more difficult. Amazingly, it looked like he was going to lose this one.

Kunoichi Kei holds on for dear life as she hangs there upside down. The salt and pepper dispenser on Kurt's wrists preventing him from being able to reach up to anything important, the reaching fingers do manage to grip and rip away her skirt as the police begin to rush in the front door, revealing even more of the pink panties monogrammed with "Cf".

Kurt Malkomes went limp, the large man now entirely dead weight, arms hanging at his sides upon being choked into unconsciousness, Kei's torn lavender skirt dangling from his fingertips.

Kunoichi Kei blushes and gives the cops a wan smile as she turns Kurt over to them. "His name is Kurt Malkomes... he's very dangerous... and wanted... I have a whole new list of charges if you need them!"

Kurt Malkomes was carried out strapped down on a stretched and full shackles, given public knowledge of his fighting ability, yet it was what -wasn't- public knowledge that made him a bigger threat.

Kunoichi Kei bends up to grasp the beam with her hands so she can drop feet-first to the floor so the guys in blue will stop gawking at her. Besides it is time she was heading home to the DDSTV Tower to get some sleep. "I'll come by and give a statement in the morning..." And so she heads off, as surprised as anyone that she got away with that.

(Dec 2010)