Kei Versus Kurt

Blue Belle hurries over the arena where Kei Kishimoto is to be wrestling as Lavender Lass for Brutal Championship Wrestling this evening. She takes a seat up front with Callie Sacramento before the main event sets to begin. Belle nods as Callie whispers in her ear, taking a deep breath and turning her eyes to the ring as the announcer takes the mike in hand.

BCW's announcer, "Mouth" Morrison, stood in the center of the ring. The handsomely dressed voice of the brand looking out at the people, listening to the hushed buzz of the crowd, dragging out the anticipation of what all knew what was coming next. "Ladies and Gentlemen! It's time for BCW's main event match!" Smiling during the pause as the crowd erupted into cheers, then raising his hand to quiet them and continue. "Introducing saw her last week, holding her own against our native Terry Locke...making her debut at a whopping 5' 4", hailing from the mysterious Orient. Our new purple passion, Lavender Lass!"

Catwoman boo's and hisses.

Lavender Lass struts to the ring in high heels, a lavender cheongsam wrapped tightly about her fitness model figure all the way to the ankles. Her friend and valet Panda follows in a cheerleader outfit with a P on the chest and has her hair pinned up with a smiley face button. An instrumental version of "Purple Rain" plays as Panda gets the ropes for Lavender Lass to duck into the ring. The Lass raises an arm in a long lavender opera glove and waves it to the buzzing crowd as she slowly turns in a circle, all while Panda unfastens and unwraps her long dress and whips it away. Lavender Lass is left posing proudly in thigh-high stockings, bra and panties, all that match her lavender opera gloves. She grins at the crowd's reaction and gives a thumbs up to Belle as she moves to her corner and holds up each foot in turn for Panda to remove the stilettos.

Blue Belle blinks and takes a deep breath, muttering to Callie. "That girl will be the death of me..."

Miss Muscle sits and cheers, trying to drown out Catwoman's boos.

Catwoman bribes other fans to boo lavender lass more and makes sure to tivo this at home as there is sure to be some sort of "costume malfunction."

Miss Muscle wonders where Catwoman gets the money to bribe so many.

Catwoman would point out that she is an incredibly successful criminal and also recently made quite a bit of money off some items she stole from Robyn Locksley.

Lara Raith checks the news to see if the verdict for Chickfighter’s trial came in yet.

Blue Belle checks her iCee but the jury is still out.

Lara Raith feels that a lesson is to be learned her for all vigilantes.

Catwoman checks the news to see why she was arrested.

Blue Belle hopes that the longer the jury is out the better the sign that the verdict will be innocent.

Knockout hopes for Chicky's innocence.

Lara Raith hopes for a guilty ruling.

Catwoman does too.

Morrison allowed for a bit of pandering to the crowd then moved on to introducing the opponent. "And coming out next! Agreeing to put his belt on the line for this quickly escalating grudge match...standing at an impressive 6' 8" and weighing in at 320 pounds...our own BCW Heavyweight Champion...Hellhound!" The sea of boo's as Kurt stalked out onto the ramp was overwhelming, if anyone was still holding a grudge for what happened to Terry last week it was forgotten as the imposing figure they knew as Hellhound emerged. Normally there would've have been pyrotechnics. A theme song. But today Kurt was having none of it. Hard gaze focused solely on Lavender Lass as he strode down to the ring. A look that couldn't have been clearer to all those in attendance. Tonight was about pain.

Catwoman mutters, “Hellhound? Kei?”

Lara Raith checks the news on her new prototype iRaith and mutters to herself.

Lavender Lass appeared a bit puzzled by the lack of music, her narrowed eyes seeking those of Hellhound as he came to the ring. The look she found there made even the supremely confident Danger Doll gulp involuntarily. Malkomes appeared upset to Kei. If so maybe she could use that against him. She heard Panda in her ear. "Don't mess around with this guy, he's dangerous!" Kei nodded and waited for the bell.

Miss Muscle commented, “This will be interesting to say the least, still say Lavender Lass can take this Hellhound out.”

Catwoman quips, “Well if he's anything like the hellhound I know, I’d have to agree...puppy chow was never that good at much.”

Kurt Malkomes slipped the shining championship belt from around his waist and handed it off to the referee, giving zero outward signs that he held any fears about losing it this night. He stood there in flame red leather pants, piercing gaze still on his far shorter opponent as he too waited for the bell. "All right, little girl. Let's see what you got. " And then the bell sounded, Kurt stepping forward to meet LL in the center of the ring.

Lavender Lass did more than meet Hellhound there in the center of the ring under that bright light, leaping up, bicycling lavender legs into snap kicks as if trying to run up the man's front, hoping to go from chest to chin to cheek in three quick easy steps, before back flipping back to her stocking feet.

Miss Muscle noted, “Impressive little flip.”

Blue Belle seems to be holding her breath as she watches, nodding as Callie whispers in her ear.

Warrior watched the fight and cheered for Kurt, holding up a sign, "GO EVIL!"

Kurt Malkomes staggered back from the quick assault, hand going briefly to his jaw as he just shook it off. Enraged at being caught off guard, Kurt redoubled his effort and rushed forward to lock up with LL, making a show of his superior strength as he power shoved the smaller woman to roll heels over head into the corner. Turning quite intentionally toward Belle and Callie to power pose as if to say "Your girl doesn't stand a chance!"

Lavender Lass tumbled roughly into the corner in a mass of flailing flesh with lavender accents, lurching to a stop as her body rudely encountered the ringpost. She shook her head as she sat there on her ass, some chestnut hair spilling down across her face as one of her buns came loose. Panda was there with encouragement. "Come on, Kei! Get him!" Kei clenched her fists and bounced up, charging into a shoulder tackle.

Blue Belle winced and watched, corners of her mouth twitching with concern.

Kurt Malkomes nearly laughed as he watched the woman charge him, setting his stance to receive the impact of her petite frame as her shoulder collided with his waist, gaze sweeping the crowd as this woman struggled with determination to take the far heavier Kurt to the mat. Interest in toying with her was quickly lost, charade ended as arm was raised and brought down with full force across back of neck and shoulders.

Blue Belle visibly winces, closing her eyes as she sighs.

Lavender Lass drove her bare shoulder hard into Hellhound's midsection and found it was like tackling a granite pillar. She braced to try to drive through and lift, powerful legs shimmering in lavender as they flexed; but it was too late, the blow to her back driving her chest-first to the canvas like a shot, the impact still shaking the ring even as the stunned woman groaned and tried to scramble between his legs on her belly.

Warrior laughed, “Ha ha, Lavender sucks... how nice!”

Kurt Malkomes reached down as Lavender Lass attempted to scurry away in search of escape, strong hands seeking to capture an ankle before his opponent got away, dragging her back and lifting her up to dangle in his grip like a fish on a hook.

Warrior yelling between munches of popcorn, “EVIL EVIL EVIL... HA HA HA... punish the hero, Kurt...”

Lavender Lass squealed as she was caught and dragged up by the ankle, furiously trying to squirm free, twisting and turning, clenching lavender fists, punching at the only target she sees, his upside down crotch. "Put me down!"

Arik Cabral winces although he favors Lavender Lass in this battle.

Warrior shouts, “BOOOO HERO CHEATS.. BOOOO LL is not a verry nice hero.. BOOO!”

Blue Belle can't help but nod. "That's it, Kei! Do what you have to do!"

Warrior complaining, “She hit the man in the balls... boooo!”

Kurt Malkomes sucked in a breath as the fist hit home, the ref not calling the low blow as this match was being contested under "no disqualification" rules. Despite the agony in his groin, Kurt refused to let go. The big man letting out a roar as he did his best to ignore the sharp pain while moving closer to the ropes, hefting Lavender Lass first up onto his shoulder, then launching her into the air to have her fall throat first across the top rope.

Warrior laughs, “Nice... see, EVIL always wins... you heroines don't stand a chance...”

Lavender Lass blinked as the low blow seemed to fail to faze her powerful foe. She screamed as she was hoisted up, the bright lights reflecting off the near full moon she was giving the crowd as her panties wedged ever tighter between her glutes. Her scream came to a sudden gurgling end as her throat struck the ropes and she careened to the canvas. “AaaaiiiyeeeEEEEEEE... gurk... urk...”

Warrior grins fiendishly, “Make her suffer, Kurt!”

Arik Cabral sighs softly, a small frown passing over his face.

Blue Belle contorted her face in dismay, visibly slumping in her seat, color draining from her face.

Harry Savage remarks, “Grimly fiendish!”

The Fez counters, “As if you'd remember Grimly Fiendish.”

Kurt Malkomes was coming off the ropes even as LL landed, closing the short distance to launch into a Hogan worthy legdrop, shadow of towering form falling over the rookie as all his weight came down across her jiggling chest.

Warrior taunted, “Don't worry Belle... LL isn’t finished yet... she still has a lot more pain and humiliation to suffer!”

Lavender Lass was too stunned and desperate to breathe to realize her left breast was peeking out of its cup even before the leg drop. It leapt forth upon impact as Kei's body lurched. She yelped throatily, her watering eyes sending tears down her cheeks, her gloved arms blindly groping for the ropes. “Nngh...”

Blue Belle began to shake her head in dismay, the tension now clearly visible around her pained eyes.

Warrior walking behind Belle. "Watch it and learn your place heroine. I grin to watch your sister heroine crawl like the little dog she is... mmmm...”

Kurt Malkomes wasn't done, not by far. Jaw set as he rose back to his feet, reaching down to lift the wobbly Lavender Lass back to her feet, holding her upright for a moment to make sure she'd stay on her feet long enough for his next assault to strike home. Satisfied she could at least stand on her own, he left her to sway and ran toward the ropes, rebounding with surprising quickness for a man his size and extended his right leg straight out, impacting her face with such accuracy and force some feared Hellhound had just broken the young woman's neck.

Lavender Lass leaned against the ropes as a big boot landed to her nose with a crunch. The blow not only broke her nose, but sent her head snapping backwards. Her body followed over the ropes, lavender legs flailing, bouncing off the apron and spilling to the concrete floor like a rag doll. She lay there as if broken for few seconds, but then she bravely struggled to her knees, blood from her nose spilling across her bared left breast as she looked up at the ring through a mess of sweaty matted hair.

Blue Belle beat her fists on the barrier railing. "Panda! Do something! He's trying to maim Kei!"

Warrior licked his lips. “Ha ha ha... I think he is trying to do more than that, Belle. Heroines are so sexy when they are suffering don't you think, Belle?"

Blue Belle flashed the vicious man in the audience a look like daggers before returning her attention to the ring.

Catwoman returns from the concessions area to cheer on the bad guy.

Samsoni growls at Catwoman for not bringing him anything to eat.

Catwoman scowls back. “Don’t make me feed you to Killer Croc!”

Samsoni replies, “I’m too big for that!”

Catwoman smiling. “Be assured you are not. Croc has very sharp teeth and claws... and a constant appetite.”

Warrior grins. “Oh, has the cat been playing with the Croc... hmmm nice info.”

Helena Kyle blinks at Catwoman. “You work with Croc?”

“On occasion. He's helped me take down batgirl and Kei each once.” Catwoman chuckled, remembering how she and Croc once used Kei like a jump rope.

Kurt Malkomes moved again to where Belle and Callie were seated, staring down at them as he pointed toward his opponent's bruised and bloody form. "I never wanted this!" Unaware of the instructions Belle had shouted out in the seconds before he came over. "She asked for the match! You all knew what to expect! I'm going to finish it!" Muscles flexed as Kurt pushed down on the top rope, swinging his left leg over as he started on his way to the floor.

Arik Cabral yells back, “If you didn’t want it, then don’t end it.”

Catwoman adds, “But you should always end what others start!”

Lara Raith wonders if Hell has frozen over, as she finds herself agreeing with Catwoman.

Lavender Lass was desperately trying to struggle to her feet before Hellhound got to her, but she was wobbling like a drunken debutante. However Panda was already coming to Kei's defense from behind Hellhound, a folded steel chair in her hands, cocked at two o'clock to swing at Hellhound. Kei raised a gloved hand, fingers flared, shaking her head at Panda though it appeared to most to be a pathetic attempt to ward off Kurt. “No... don't...”

Warrior blowing a kiss to Belle. "Make it slow Kurt... make Belle regret it... force her to watch her girl beg and plead...”

Darra`LaRivierre gasping, Oh my!”

Arik Cabral grins a bit wryly.

Kurt Malkomes winced and tensed as the steel chair struck with a resounding slap across his bare back, a series of red welts left as it was lifted away. Hissing out a breath, he swung his leg back over, attentions turned toward the chair-wielding Panda. "Bad move, girl." Stalking forward, assured his size would intimidate her to backpedal, Kurt gradually forced the even shorter woman toward a corner.

Lavender Lass finally steadied herself as Panda's attack gave her the time she needed to regain her senses. As Hellhound backed Panda to the corner Kei climbed back into the ring, approaching him from behind as Panda dropped the chair, ducked down and rolled out of the ring. Kei's muscular thigh in sweat-soaked lavender flexed, as good a sidekick as she could muster aimed to catch Kurt as he turned back toward her. “Hiyaaahhhh Hellhound!”

Blue Belle exclaiming, “Oh Kei... be careful... this whole thing may have been a... bad... idea...”

Warrior trash talks, “Belle... you think that this was your idea... ha ha ha... I do love it when plans work so well!”

Longshot says, “Belle, we may have a breakthrough in who attacked DDSTV Tower.”

Blue Belle blinks at Longshot and points to the ring. "Can we discuss later... my ward's fighting for her life!"

Longshot nods. “Well of course she's fighting for her life... that's a vampire!”

Helena Kyle questioning, “I thought the other one was the vampire.”

Longshot points at Kurt.

Kurt Malkomes had been about to tell Panda "Run. Run before I break you." When the girl showed her good senses and left of her own accord. Turning to pick up where he left off, Kurt expected to find LL still recovering on the outside, not showing her flexibility as she fully extended her leg in a sidekick. His head snapped back as it caught him right under the jaw, sending him falling against the turnbuckle, arms hooking the ring ropes which kept him from falling... and also brought him down to LL's level.

Warrior shakes his head. "BOOO BOOO BOOO... your little friend got lucky Belle!”

Galatea notes, “Doesn't matter how big someone is... everyone can get taken apart.”

Lavender Lass nodded with satisfaction as Kurt stumbled back into the ropes, spinning into a follow-up flying snap kick like she started the match with, the centrifugal force of her spinning form making her bare boob seem even more buoyant than it already was.

Blue Belle offers encouragement, “Yes, that's it! You've got him, Kei!”

Arik Cabral watches Kei with some interest, although he finds the wrestling match unusual.

Warrior grumbles, "Lucky shot... your little toy cheated... had help... still won't help her... all you heroines are the same...”

Kurt Malkomes smiled as LL committed herself to the aerial attack, quickly using the ropes to pull himself out of the way and slide out to the floor. Disappointed that he'd miss the result of her effectively straddling the ring post but turning back soon enough to watch the back of her head bounce as she fell the short distance to the mat.

Lavender Lass found herself kicking air, her churning legs snapping up and over the ropes. Her backside hit the turnbuckle. She lurched with a grunt and fell back toward the ring, back of her head smacking the mat, dangling upside down, her knees folded over the top rope, both of her boobs having now spilled out of their cups, nipples pointing at the grumbling crowd as if to accuse, a stunned look on Kei's red face.

Warrior stared hard at LL’s bodacious body. "See... your little student... just another victim... though very sexy... you do find such wonderful toys for us to play with Belle!"

Blue Belle put her face in her hands.

Prism pats Belle on the shoulder comfortingly, "Well, you finally did it,.. She's really acting like a Danger Doll..."

Blue Belle looks back and scowls at Prism.

Catwoman takes pictures.

Warrior looking at Catwoman. "I do love her bouncing tits... can you send me a copy of that vid?"

Kurt Malkomes was done playing, it was time to finish this. Reaching into the ring, he grabbed LL by both wrists and pulled her to the outside, standing her up only long enough to put his shoulder in her ribs and slam her back into the metal frame beneath the ring apron, displaying further viciousness as he followed up with an Irish whip into the side of nearby steel steps.

Warrior bounces in his seat. "Your Danger Dolls do bounce a lot... and in all the right places!"

Helena Kyle really thinks that legal authorities should shut this down.

Catwoman replies, “They would but...they've got a purrrmit...”

Helena Kyle asking, “Don't they have refs in this sport?”

Lavender Lass was too stunned to offer much resistance as she was slung about like a rag doll, her bones rattled by resounding impacts with ringpost and stairs alike, careening off the steps to the floor in a crumpled heap.

Blue Belle watches between the fingers of her hands, slowly shaking her head.

Arik Cabral stands up and begins striding toward the ring. “This is insane, surely not in the name of simple entertainment can such a thing happen!”

Catwoman explains, “It’s no DQ... sort of like ECW but with a B so its different.”

Prism shrugs. Did anyone expect any less of Kurt?

Helena Kyle doesn't find it at all entertaining. “So let me get this straight... DDSTV is sponsoring this?”

Blue Belle wonders why she ever agree to broadcast BCW on her satellite network.

Kurt Malkomes took a deep breath, the big man soaking in the fading echo of LL's petite frame meeting with unforgiving steel. Then he went in for more, picking the girl and pressing her overhead and sending her back into the ring by throwing her over the top rope, moving next to wrench top stair section free and send it bouncing into the ring, the heavy metal structure landing dangerously close to LL's head.

Warrior exclaims, “HELL YEAH... watch this careful Belle... watch what you caused... watch and learn the error of your ways!"

Arik Cabral gets into a rather nasty altercation with the Security Guards present ringside, although nothing comparing to inside the ring.

Lavender Lass tumbled through the air over the ropes, bouncing on the canvas and rolling over, her limbs flopping out in all directions, her bared breasts oscillating like something from an anime as they pointed at the bright lights above.

Catwoman thinks this match is rather tame to some of the others she has seen in her lifetime.

Blue Belle chews on her lower lip as she watches, her face contorted in agony at the intern's plight.

Prism goads, “Hey Belle... is this supposed to be a character-building exercise for Kei?”

Kurt Malkomes slid in, stalking over to LL. It was time. Everyone knew what was coming. He gave the signal, bending the barely responsive female over so that her head was tucked between his knees, hands reaching down to clasp around her waist. The world spun oddly as she was flipped over and up, Kurt raising her high, thighs pressing to either side of his head as LL viewed the arena from well over 7' before vertigo set in as the petite female found herself subjected to his finishing move, the "Hellbomb".

Lara Raith files her nails as the match continues.

Lavender Lass is barely aware of where she is as she is hoisted up, put on tantalizing display before being brought back to earth with a whole lot more force than gravity, the impact of her back and head against the turnbuckle rippling through her frame as if everything inside has been broken, the resulting shuttering mass slipping to the canvas, glistening like a lavender and flesh blob.

Warrior walking over to Belle. "Oh that must make you feel bad... seeing your little girl broken that badly..."

Blue Belle tries to control her breathing and thusly her emotions so that she won't be tempted to respond to the rude fan.

Warrior grinned evilly and continued, "You know I wonder if he is going to turn this broadcast into a hard core sex show... you know... she is nekkid and helpless!"

Kurt Malkomes dragged LL back to the center of the ring and let her drop, turning to grip hands around steel stair section, showing barely any signs of strain as he lifted the heavy metal over his head. The implications of the act extremely serious. He held it there, burning gaze looking down at the defenseless Kei. He was clearly hesitating, face contorting as he seemed to suffer from some internal struggle. Finally, surprisingly, Kurt threw the steps aside. Expression softening as he spared his opponent numerous internal injuries and just dropped down for the cover. Little more than a formality at this point. Lavender Lass was done. Beaten. Everyone knew it. This only made it official. The ref started the count. "One....two....three!" And it was over.

Prism noted, “Now that's something you don't see every day... Kurt NOT going on to mangle a downed opponent.”

Lavender Lass lay there unmoving even after Hellhound raised up from his chest to chest pin, totally defeated, her lids fluttering as she struggled to regain consciousness.

Kurt Malkomes rolled off and out of the ring, hard stare once more going to Belle. "She brought this on herself. She made me do this." They seemed to say. "What happened here is not my fault." And then turned to make his way up the ramp and disappear backstage.

Lavender Lass lies there on her back, arms groping about as she groans.

Prism taunts, “That's it, Kei. You just lay there like a boned chicken until the paramedics arrive.”

Helena Kyle frowns at Prism.

Prism shrugs and grins brightly at Helena.

Warrior cheering and clapping with a sadistic grin as he looks over at Belle. “Great fight!”

Blue Belle brushes tears from her eyes and pushes her way past security to get to the ring, holding Kei's hand as she is rolled onto a stretcher and carried from the ring.

Warrior mocking, “Just think about it Belle... you could have stopped it any time... all that punishment... all that suffering is on your hands!"

Lavender Lass manages a feeble thumbs-up as she is carried out and disappears from view.

(August 2010)