Kei Undercovered

“You mean there's no amateur contest tonight after all?” Kunoichi Kei pouts.

Stephanos Sotiris happened to be standing near the door just then, sharing Kei's disappointment as he turned his gaze from one of the regular girls dancing on stage. "I'm afraid so, young lady. Turnout just hasn't been good enough to put on a proper contest. I was forced to call in a few girls on their nights off to fill the gap."

Kunoichi Kei slumps because her reason to be here is gone, but she feigns to be disappointed because of the prize. "But I thought there was a guaranteed $200 to the winner of the contest?"

Stephanos Sotiris raised a brow at that, had there been a typo on the ads or flyers? "You're a bit off there, miss. The cash prize for the winner is $1000. Unfortunately, you're only the second person to show up who wanted to participate. I was hoping for at least four or five."

Kunoichi Kei fidgets. "I see. So you called in your regular professionals to dance then? I'm just a college girl looking to earn some extra money." She grins and tosses her skirt about nervously, revealing a great deal of thigh in the process.

Stephanos Sotiris glanced only briefly at the show of flesh, yet his expression retained its air of professionalism. "I don't mind if you dance tonight, so long as you are 18 years of age and have the credentials to prove it. If you can do that, it's $50 for the house, anything else you bring in is yours to keep. Is that acceptable?"

Kunoichi Kei nibbles at her lip as if trying to decide, chestnut eyes wide as they stare past the man, realizing the only way to get a look into the private areas is to go to work in the place. That might even workout better than entering the contest anyway, get her into back rooms and such where she could find out what was really going on. "So if it works out you might hire me perm like?" She shows her SOTFA ID.

Stephanos Sotiris leans in, adjusting thin frames of glasses as he inspects the ID. "Alright, that'll do for tonight. You show me how you did at closing, we'll see about hiring you on full time."

Kunoichi Kei nods with a grin. "Tanks, you won't be disappointed. Is there a change room some place?" She peers all about with wide eyes, chestnuts of curiosity. And what was your name again?" She asks as she waves at a particularly powerfully built blond dancing on the main stage.

Stephanos Sotiris would explain that there was a changing room in the back and that one of the girls could help her find the way, finishing by extending his hand and introducing himself as Stephanos Sotiris, owner of the establishment, thereafter allowing Kei to get her night of dancing started.

Jake T Bullet puts a twenty on the floor.

Kunoichi Kei deposits her backpack on the corner of the backstage and begins dancing in the lavender schoolgirl outfit she wore in the place. The pleated lavender skirt bounces about her thighs as she dances over to check out the bill, turning her backside to the patron and bending, the skirt slowly rising over the pink-panties that hug her ass as she reaches back between her legs for the bill.

The Joker finds a seat and sits down, straightening out his dapper purple suit and taking off his wide rimmed hat before laying his cane on his lap 'Hey! Whose do you have to blow to get a drink?"

Kunoichi Kei snatches up the twenty and bounces away, hopping on one foot at a time as she removes her crosstrainers, then grinning and spinning, hips rolling slowly about as she pushes down on the waistline of her skirt. She turns and winks as it slides down her powerful thighs to land around her ankles. Kei giggles, stepping out of the skirt with one foot and kicking it over to her backpack.

The Joker assumes a waitress is around serving drinks and takes one, putting a ten on plate and then throwing another twenty onto the dance floor.

Kunoichi Kei blinks, dancing about even more energetically in her stocking feet toward the next twenty, hem of her white blouse offering teasing glimpses of pink panty pressed tight to the shape of twat and ass as it flutters about. She bends, picks up the twenty, tucks it in the top of her stocking and unbuttons the blouse until her boobs pop out.

Jake T Bullet yells, “Kei, Take this hundred!”

The Joker blinks and goes bug eyed.

Jake T Bullet snorts, “Is this a contest or what?”

Kunoichi Kei winks as she straightens up and prances away, finishing the unbuttoning and fanning the blouse open and closed to tease some more. She comes to a stop in front of the guy with the hundred, grinning broadly as she yanks the blouse wide open to reveal her pert boobs, fully formed egg shapes waving at the man, shaking pointy nipples like fingers at a naughty schoolboy.

Jake T Bullet covers his eyes!

The Joker pants and drools, pulling out his collar and fanning himself. "Good gravy that girl is put together. Hey! Don't hog all the action..." He finishes before digging around in his pocket and pulling out a 500-dollar bill.

Kunoichi Kei pumps her arms and rolls hips and shoulders to the music, sending the boobs swaying wildly back and forth as her hand reaches for the $100 and she looks back over her shoulder at the guy with the pasty face.

Jake T Bullet protests, “That's a counterfeit 500! It has Harvey Dent’s picture on it!”

The Joker flips him the finger, showing Ben Franklin proudly and stately pictured. "No it isn't!"

Jake T Bullet retorts, “Ben Franklin doesn't have a moustache, Fauntleroy!”

Kunoichi Kei slips off the blouse and tosses it over her backpack before dancing back across the stage to the big tipper, doing her best bump and grind right there in place before him, the flex of calf suddenly reappearing in a glute, before her boobs almost seem to flex as well. Kei laughs and grabs the bill, rubbing it across a nipple and feigning to check the mark against the lights.

Jake T Bullet yells, “You're going to get an infection from that! Where's the VIP room?”

Kunoichi Kei gives a thumbs-up and winks to the Joker who gave it to her as she stuffs it into the top of her stocking, before thumbing the waistline of her panties, working her hips slowly side to side.

The Joker is going to retort but his attention gets caught by the bouncing breasts of the crazy dancer.

Kunoichi Kei works the pink panties part way down her well-muscled curves before pausing, looking back and forth between the men as she gyrates in place, her fitness model body beginning to glisten with sweat from the effort under the lights.

The Joker makes a grrrring sound. "Hubba hubba..." before taking out a C-note and putting it between his teeth.

Jake T Bullet shouts, “All yours Mister J! She's outta my league, I'll wait for a b-lister!”

Kunoichi Kei waves to the powerfully-built blond on the main stage before bending and backing that thing up as she pushes the panties down strong thighs past knees and over the fists of calf caressed by sheer stockings. Kei keeps backing those round mounds of glute up until they clamp together over the other end of the c-note in the Joker's teeth.

The Joker lets the money go and faints. Kerthudd!

Jake T Bullet gulps. “Powerfully built blonde? Hey!”

Kunoichi Kei deposits the money in her stocking and prances up and down the stage nekkid but for her sheer thigh-high stockings, shaking chestnut hair back from her oriental features.

Jake T Bullet doesn't faint, hopes to capitalize on The Joker 's philanthropy. “Is this a no touch club?”

The Joker shakes his head as he gets up, wiping off his forehead with a cloth and standing up. "Man, a woman like that could make a lemon pucker..." He says, giggling and looking around "Hey, Bullet man over there has a point. Where IS the VIP room?"

Kunoichi Kei nods as the song ends and she snatches up her things to run into the dressing room and finally get that look around that was the reason she was here to begin with.

Jake T Bullet laughs. “She should stop heroing/villaining...she made $740 in ten minutes!”

Kunoichi Kei comes back out a moment later in a lavender cheongsam slit up one thigh almost to the waist. She goes to Jake and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “Tanks sweetie! I even get to keep $690 of that!”

Jake T Bullet asks, “Wait, you didn't kiss the Joker’s money did you?”

Kunoichi Kei laughs and just shakes her head before heading over to thank the Joker. “And Tank you too, Mister!”

Jake T Bullet smacks tail playfully, then pays fifty, feeling bad.

Kunoichi Kei yelps as her tight tail is smacked, bounces away rubbing it and plops it in the Joker's lap.

The Joker grins (well, when *wasn't he grinning?) and leers at the girl. "Oooooo... no... thank you my dear. A stellar performance!"

Jake T Bullet turns his attention to the powerful blond now on stage.

The Joker blinks and looks before sitting back, smelling and inhaling her perfume. "Mmmmm my dear, you smell extraordinary. What is it you are wearing?"

Kunoichi Kei waves to Holborn Honey dancing on the main stage now. “Fendi... do you like it?”

Jake T Bullet remarks, “It smells like honeysuckles and moon beams.”

Kunoichi Kei grins. "Is a moonbeam like when a bare bottom grins?"

The Joker nods his head repeatedly. "mmhmm mhmmm. Very nice, gives you that touch of class. An "I'm a stripper but I'm cultured too" type of smell..." He trails off, giggling a bit more and motioning for more drinks to be served, moving one chalk white hand up to touch her hair. "So is this a no touchie, no feelie club?"

“Hai, there's not supposed to be any naughty touching... tanks again... both of you... be sure to drink plenty and come see me again!” Kunoichi Kei hops up and winks at the Joker. "Actually I stole the scent from Belle's suite, but don't tell anyone."

Stephanos Sotiris usual speech to the girls is that neither he nor the bouncers are babysitters, they're all adults and we can't be everywhere at the same time. To that end, they're free to make their own decisions, but are assured the bouncers are here to help them whenever personal lines have been crossed.

Kunoichi Kei is very fit and has few lines as all who saw her dance know.

The Joker shakes his head pursing a finger up to his lips "Ohhh no, perish the thought. You're secret is safe with me. I'm a vault..." He trails off before breaking out into laughter "And... and I won't even twitter this display either."

Catwoman struts into the club taking a seat somewhat close to the stage as she sits down crossing her long legs ordering a pink pussycat from the serving girl that approaches as she leans back to watch what’s going on, waving a clawed glove to Joker.

Jake T Bullet stares. “Catwoman, I thought you were above this? I'm not here!”

The Joker makes a cat grrrowling noise. "Hey, did you come to perform Catz?"

Catwoman purrs, “Mmnnneeoww only in your drrreams, funny man!”

“Naughty nite.” Kunoichi Kei eyes the trio as she swishes back to the dressing room to look for clues as to what might be going on in this place.

(October 2010)