Kei Gets Triple Teamed

Crystal comes skating on into town, ice slides dipping and curving all along the busy streets of Empire, causing a bit of a havoc with the nearby traffic as she occasionally swoops down low enough to block off a road. Providing a touch of winter chill in this hot summers day.

Kunoichi Kei grins as she enters the rebuilt waterpark and the man says, "Don't be bringing us no trouble tonight, Miss." Kei blurts out her reply, “Hey, don't blame me... you're lucky I was here when that Croc attacked!”

Crystal dips down low to the road, skating along on her home made chute of ice... materializing at her feet as she picks up speed, the grace and balance of a professional skater. Behind her cars honk their horns as the path of ice causes traffic jams and general confusion. The temperatures are fast falling, as sweat and panting gives way to misty ice breath for those around.

Arik Cabral rubs his chin, smiling slightly at Robyn.

Robyn Hood grins at him a little, her small dress making her sensitive to the sudden and strange drop in temperature and her attention diverted a few blocks down from where she and Arik talk, with the sounds of massive honking.

Crystal is chasing down one car, its rather hard to keep up on her method of transport, but she took the proper precautions... her route was planned to block off most common roads away from the city centre. The silver car had blacked out windows, no number plate, not much at all really to identify itself from others.

Robyn Hood tilts her head to look past Arik, "What in the heck is going on there?"

Kunoichi Kei cannonballs out of the bid chute and makes a huge splash. Soaking wet she hurries back up the stairs to go again. She shivers as she reaches the platform. She looks down at her lavender top with zipper and high neck to make it look like a scuba outfit. "Wow! How could I be cold? It was like 98 in the shade today!"

Crystal draws alongside the car as it finds the end of the road blocked off by the curving bridge of ice, the temperatures still dropping hitting down now close to 0c. Crystal leaps from the ice slide and lands behind the car, taking just a moment to brush blue hair behind her ear, and straighten out her outfit... now on the road though, the street begins to ice up and over, a sheet of black ice.

Robyn Hood bites her lip, she loves her romper and glances back towards her building and contemplates an outfit change.

Kunoichi Kei looks out over the city from atop the platform at the waterpark. Her eyes narrow. "It's that ice chick! I'll bet Belle would be impressed if I..." She nods to herself and dives down the chute headfirst.

Crystal smirks to herself as the car hits it into reverse, beginning to gain speed heading for the ice villain. That is until it comes into contact with the ice-laden street below, it swerves just a bit, veering off to one side. However Crystal throws her hand up... and from the sheet of ice on the road tiny little spikes shoot up, piercing the tires of the wheels, causing the car to spin.

Kunoichi Kei exits the chute and flies into the pool like a flesh and lavender missile, making little splash, carrying her momentum as she zips underwater to the side of the pool, turning up and literally flying out to land on her feet on the deck. She runs to get her backpack out of the lockers.

Kunoichi Kei takes a yoyo out of the backpack, throws the canvas pack over her shoulders, and heads out of the waterpark. A moment later she is swinging from lamp post to lamp post on the extended line of her amazing yoyo, water spraying from her glistening flesh and soaked lavender suit. "Gotta hurry!"

Crystal watches as the car spins out of control, before slamming into a wall of a nearby shop front. Window shattering, the sound of smashing glass, nothing can beat it. Crystal slowly walk on over to the car, her hand extending to the side and with a load crack an icicle appears in her hand, but its not there for long before she hurls it through the windscreen of the car.

Kunoichi Kei swings along the street toward the sound of the screech and crash. The lamps atop the posts begin to come on, the swinging heroine casting wild shadows. As the scene of the accident comes into view she sees the villainess smashing out a windshield and adjusts the arc of her last swing, legs bicycling as she prepares to deliver a series of powerful kicks with great momentum.

Crystal didn’t expect an attack on her side, especially hearing how quiet it had been, only the sound of shattering glass filling the street. So Crystal takes the kick hard, no time for defenses as she is sent flying a good distance... and even more so when she skids along the icy streets below. "Ugh...." she grunts as she hits into a nearby wall, glancing to her attacker.

Kunoichi Kei knows better than to give this girl a chance after reading Chicky's report and so, as she drops out of the kicks and lands on her feet, she runs forward with her yoyo in hand. "Don't try anyting or I'll knock you out!"

Crystal is down on the ground from the kick, her palms spread out flat on the road.... the ice beginning to thicken... spread across the streets as a blue haze of diamond dust dances around the villains body... at first its just a bit hard to run on, but as Kei advances she swiftly balls one of her hands into a fist... and with a rumble several larger icicles begin to erupt from the road around Kei.

Kunoichi Kei flicks out her out her yoyo once and again to shatter the ice stalagmites that erupt in her path, leaping into a flip over a third, tucked into a ball, spinning head over bottom, flicking the ice-shattering yoyo out at the forehead of the girl in the cloud of diamond dust as she comes out of the spin. "Oh no you don't!"

Crystal grimaces as she rips her hands up from the floor, slamming them together over her head as Kei comes flying in at full speed. From either side two beautiful curves of ice spin up from the ground, like a shield... a small cocoon, wings closing over the body beneath. But sadly the sight only lasts for a second as the yoyo slams on into it, causing the ice to shatter, shards a flying out. But thankfully deflecting the bulk of the yoyo blast. All the use of her powers is sending the temperature soaring down and down, now easily below freezing as she tries to put some space between herself and Kei.

Kunoichi Kei winces as she is pelted by the resulting shards of shattered ice, landing on her feet just beyond the crouching woman. She spins. "Give it up, Icechick! Where's your sister Firefox?" Never one to give up she cocks her wrist and flicks the yoyo out yet again and tries not to shiver.

Killer Croc is wandering through the sewers below the city, his path eventually bringing him into the vicinity of the battle above. Unaware of exactly what is going on Croc shivers as he feels the sweltering summer heat drop within the dark tunnel. His sharp teeth chattering as he his eyes widen, and his arms wrap about himself as he peers up towards the frozen bars of a sewer grate. "The fuck..."

Crystal is finally able to clamber to her feet her eyes focused for now on Kei. Behind the pair an old man climbs out of the smashed car window, he looked like a businessman of sorts. "Oh come on, we've been in enough papers now..." she says with a roll of her eyes. "Crystal.... and you are... little girl?" she asks with a smirk before watching the yoyo soar outwards. This time she was ready and drops down low... feeling the brutal toy whiz over head... but she sees a gap in Kei's defense while she is throwing the yoyo, and takes a chance to throw out a rather hasty icicle, a small dagger sized one at Kei.

Kunoichi Kei dips a shoulder and swings her backpack around, deflecting the ice dagger as she snaps the yoyo back to her hand. "I'm Kunoichi Kei of the Danger Dolls," she declares proudly. The yoyo snaps out again, but oddly not at Crystal, but rather at the bottle of vodka left on the park bench by a startled drunk. She yanks it back to her hands.

Killer Croc snorts, looking in confusion to the frozen mist of his own breath, then tilting his head as he hears the commotion. Not being a fan of cold Croc growls, eyes narrowing on the sewer grating and the icicles that adorn it. With a louder snarl, Croc dips his head and jumps up into the bars, ramming his shoulder into them and dislodging the bars from their foundation.

Crystal stretches out for a moment, taking the tiny break in the action quite happily as she looks around the streets. "Another Daredoll? Do you just let anyone in?" she laughs, trying to wind Kei up just a little. "You don’t look very prepared for the cold... A zero? Absolute... zero..." she whispers out... all the while though it seemed she was doing nothing, the temperatures are once again plummeting... to teeth chattering levels.

Kunoichi Kei pulls a piece of paper out of her pack and with a snap of her fingers sets one end of it on fire as she jams the other end down into the bottle even as her teeth chatter and her nipples become painfully tight as throws the makeshift incendiary device with her usual unerring accuracy. "M m m maybe... dis... heat... you... up!"

Killer Croc lifts his massive clawed hands up, grasping and raking over the icy edges of the side street sewer opening as he lifts himself up, his claws able to rake into the ice and get a grip after a few tries. Finally beginning to emerge, his upper body rising out of the sewer, his own maw of fangs chattering in the cold air sweeping around him as he looks towards the combatants and let's out a roar.

Catwoman shivers, suddenly feeling a chill, having not dressed for the cold due the heat that was expected.

Crystal sees the flicker of flame and turns on her heels to run, of all days for her sister to decide on a impulse trip to Ibiza for some booze n guys. Though she isn’t able to get far enough, the burst of flames whipping around the street melts the ice and frazzles the woman, panting heavy now... sweating as she makes her way away from the flames, needing to get back in the cold. But its all very confusing as another distraction is tossed into the fray.

“Grrr...someones going to pay ff...fforrr this...” Catwoman chatters, arms wrapping around her thin purple dress to warm herself.

Kunoichi Kei grins with eyes narrowed as her experiment seems to work, the degree of cold moderating, but blinks as she hears the roar, realizing she knows that sound. It's that Killer Croc fellow that she fought at the waterpark last week. With no time to waste she whips out her yoyo, trying to wrap the cord around Crystal's ankles and bring her down so she can deal with the Croc. “Hai! Ain't this my lucky day!”

Crystal was some distance away from Kei, and had quite a fire going on between them. The villainess makes a staggered escape into a nearby alleyway, back up against the wall, panting heavy for a moment as she escapes the glare of the flames. Cold composure begins to return, though slowly.

Killer Croc clambers up out from the sewer opening, his eyes snapping from Kei, to Crystal, then back to Kei as he gets his first foot out onto the icy street. "I shoulda known you Dolls we're behind this, well you wanted to draw me out! Here I am!" He snarls, lips curling back and revealing his impressive set of choppers as he takes his first step towards Kei, then promptly slips, falling on his rear. “Fucking ice!”

Catwoman groans, holding her head in one hand, watching Croc fall like the fool he can so often be.

Kunoichi Kei contorts her face in annoyance as Crystal escapes, but then laughs as Croc falls down. "Nice move there!" A second later she sliding forward on the ice, whipping out her yoyo, trying to catch Croc's ankles in the cord by making it spin around them. "Just hold still while I zip tie your wrists too..."

Catwoman sighs pondering whether she should help Croc. He did help me with batgirl... and I did leave him knocked out... guess I owe him one... Emerald eyes narrow as I watch Kei skate closer, lashing out my cat o'nine tails as I attempt to lash the leather thongs around her ankles to trip her as I pull with a growl.

Killer Croc groans as he lays flat on his back, then his head abruptly snaps up as he feels the cord of the yoyo spin around his left ankle, then his right, drawing his legs together. His eyes grow outraged as he glares towards Kei and slaps his palms into the icy ground at his side, his claws spiking into the ground as he sits up then yanks his legs, trying to pull her towards him by using her own toy.

Kunoichi Kei squeals as her legs are yanked out from under her without warning, desperately hanging on to her yoyo as it is yanked the other direction, her body going horizontal and vibrating like a guitar string as it is pulled taut, her mostly bare bottom wiggling, her breasts jiggling, her face suddenly a mask of pain.

Catwoman grins, laughing with delight at this unexpected treat as Croc and I hold Kei tight and she bounces bound between my own cat o'nine tails and her own yoyo which she seems unable to release. I brace myself by a telephone pole to make sure Croc’s monstrous strength doesn't pull me out onto the ice and off balance as well.

Killer Croc turns his gaze over to Catwoman as she makes her way into the fray, his lips turning into a wide grin before looking back to Kei. "Oopsie, huh?" His claws scratch and dig into the icy road, pulling himself away from Kei and still wrenching his legs about as he chuckles, observing the drawn out, horizontally spread Kei as she dangles between himself and Catwoman.

Catwoman calls out, “Hmnnn, purrrhaps we should spin herr arround like a game of jump rrrope?”

Kunoichi Kei remains stretched out above the icy street, her own yoyo cord apparently wrapped about her wrists as a result of the unexpected intrusion, her fitness model body threatening to burst every seam of her lavender top, her bikini bottom disappearing between flexing glutes, fear rippling through her flesh that she might be torn apart. “HEEEEELLLLPPPPPP...”

Killer Croc grins to Catwoman, leaning forward, his mouth preparing to rip into the yoyo cord that's tangled about his ankles. "That sounds like a plan! Let me just get this damn chord off my legs first!" His teeth come down on the wire, chomping into and grinding over the cord in an attempt to break himself free.

Catwoman laughs in delight as she slowly begins too move her arm in that familiar rotating fashion, licking her lips wickedly as she watches Kei scream for help, squirming and struggling uselessly, pulling back making sure to stretch the wannabe heroine every now and then. "Little girrls like you shouldn’t be playing drrress up my dearrrr!"

Kunoichi Kei strains with all her might, cold sweat beading up on her glistening flesh, unable to prevent Croc from eventually gnawing through the tough fibers of her yoyo's cord, and even worse, unable to prevent herself from being whipped around in an arc like a jump rope by the two laughing baddies. “AaaaAAAIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...”

Samsoni gasps, “Longo, you’re an... umm hero... why don’t you do something?”

Kunoichi Kei wails as she is turned around and around, the protruding lavender shape of her boobs slapping the street on every pass. “Ow ow ow ow... whoa!”

Longshot suddenly descends from the sky in a cloud of thruster smoke and exhaust, landing with a thump behind Catwoman. "Don't you have anyting better to do?" I reach and grasp her wrist with an armored glove, the other reaching and grabbing the whip and twisting it from her hand, letting it go, dropping to the ground now.

Catwoman screeches, “You buffoon!”

Killer Croc reaches forward, grasping the yoyo chord just as he feels his teeth rip through it, then with his massive claws around the string he joins in, mimicking Catwoman’s motions as they twirl Kei about in a wild arc, her young athletic frame pulled taut. "She's a natural..." Then frowning, eyes glazing over hatefully at Longshot's arrival. "Ohh, you again!" He tugs on the cord, pulling Kei to him.

Kunoichi Kei goes flying toward Killer Croc like lavender paddleball.

Catwoman hisses, pulling free from Longo's grip as she twists on his arm to flip him over head toward Kei.

Longshot watches Catwoman's athletic motion end with her thumping into the ground when she tried to judo flip a quarter ton of powersuit. He reaches and grabs Catwoman around the waist, scooping her up and sending her flying toward Killer Croc, flying past Kei at a good amount of speed.

Killer Croc reaches forward, his clawed hand reaching out from his sitting position in an attempt to snatch Kei by her throat.

“Mreowrr!” Catwoman hisses at first, then gracefully flips through the air, sending her feet out straight into Kei's back as I bounce off the kunoichi.

Longshot bounds forward to skid to a stop by Kei, grabbing the yoyo cord to snap the cable to free her. “Sorry I'm late.”

“Ungh... Ooohh... Nngh... Urrrk...” Kunoichi Kei somehow manages to free her hands while being battered about, only to end up with her throat caught in a crushing grip, her legs bicycling as feet come off the ground.

Killer Croc rises up from his feet, looking towards Longshot as he backs away, Kei's throat held in his powerful hand, fingers digging in to her soft tender skin. "Alright, pal, one move and I snap her neck like a twig...Now I'm gonna just back up, and take my don't bother coming after me...and the girl lives. You screw around, and she's dead."

Longshot steps back..."Croc...if I were evil I would let you have her...but I just can't do that to you."

Killer Croc snorts, “I ain't gonna keep her...Soon as I get back in my tunnels, I'll let her go...but I AIN’T GOING BACK TO JAIL!”

Catwoman grins, picking up the hilt of her cat o'nine tails as she flicks her wrist, unwrapping it from Kei's ankles as she stands, eyes watching to see what Longo attempts next, grinning as Croc holds Kei by her throat, grinning even more wickedly as I notice Kei's strained top. “Kei my dearrr...don't you always say you want to be just like Belle?”

Kunoichi Kei blinks at Longshot as she gurgles for air, chest heaving, threatening to burst her lavender top, kicking wildly at Croc's chest.

Longshot moves slowly, keeping the same distance from Croc, watching his helmet displays as they measure and project options.

Tigress applauds sarcastically from where she's leaning up against a wall, watching the entire conflict.

Catwoman grins, backing away side by side with Croc, her own claws glinting in the light as she smirks at Longshot, whispering something to Croc.

Killer Croc continues to back pedal towards the sewer opening at the side of the street, he slowly begins to lower himself down, letting Kei's feet touch the ground as only his head and shoulders are visible now. "I'm gonna let her go now, don't you try anything stupid."

“Coming from you I would call that an expert opinion.” Longshot raises an arm, leveling a force blaster emitter at them, but not firing.

Kunoichi Kei writhes in the grip of the clutching claws, one hand digging in the pack hanging from her shoulder, pulling out a taser, jamming it into Croc's side as her feet touch the ground. “Lurk mm oh!”

Catwoman eyes narrow from Kei's movements to Longo's weapon, moving back and forth between Croc and myself as I growl, stepping back into the shadows, choosing to abandon him yet again.

Tigress looks over at Catwoman. "Have fun, pretty little kitty?"

Catwoman meows, “Hmnn...yess...enough forrr now!”

Killer Croc snarls, fingers still wrapped around Kei's throat as he dangles her out towards Longo, then he howls, throwing the Kei towards Longo as the voltage rips through him and he vanishes beneath the streets, his body used to tasering from his years in Arkham and the shock collar they kep about his neck, his head shaking wildly as he roars. "You'll pay for that!" Then making his retreat.

Longshot jumps to the side and absorbs Kei with his arms, slowing her without causing her too much of a bruising impact.

Kunoichi Kei tumbles to her knees, sputtering for breath, slowly looking up at Longshot. "Tanks again I guess... Darn it... I had Crystal until Croc showed up... then I had him too... until the Whipmistress arrived... geesh!"

Longshot helps Kei stand up carefully. “You were doing fine, champ!”

Kunoichi Kei smiles wanly. “Longo, I've got to quit letting you make a habit of this or I'll never get Belle's respect...”

Longshot looks hurt. “Wellll time you can just play kinky jump rope with them until they get tired of you.”

“I'm not mad at you, Longo... just disappointed in myself...” Kunoichi Kei sighs and slumps.

(June 2010)