Kei and Kid Undercovers


Kid Crossbow taps the heroine-in-training on her right shoulder, while sidling up to her on the left, a swaggering grin on his lips matching his slick dark hair and black leather jacket. A crossbow hangs over his shoulder, a smaller pair affixed to each wrist.

Kunoichi Kei looks back over her right shoulder and, when she sees nothing, playfully thrusts her left elbow backwards. "Hiya Kid! Hai Karate is not really you..."

Kid Crossbow grins and gives a playful 'oof' at the elbow. "Watch it there, tiger... how're you doing, babe?"

Kunoichi Kei turns to face him, a smile on her lips. "Better now that I've found you."

Kid Crossbow's grin broadens at that, a little of the swagger replaced with genuine happiness. "Well, me too, me too... so what're you doing out here today?"

“Well, I guess I could finish my Christmas shopping or...” Kunoichi Kei smirks and winks. “You could help me with a mission.”

Kid Crossbow arches a brow, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he looks down at her. "A mission, huh? What is it this time? Tentacled storm drain squids? Swamp wolfmen? University panty raiders?"

“No, and not the thugs from the meat packing plant either. I've been thinking. Belle wants to take down Papa Pimp, but all of the Dolls are too well known to go undercover in one of his Gatorbait Clubs... all of them except me that is...” Kunoichi Kei nods sagely. “You could be my back-up!”

Kid Crossbow frowns at that, folding his arms over his chest. "I don't know... I don't like the idea of you auditioning for that kinda stuff... you know."

“Oh Kid... come on... I'm a ninja heroine... it's what I do... and if you are there as a customer... you can help me if anything goes wrong...” Kunoichi Kei strokes his cheek. “Pease.”

Kid Crossbow fidgets. “Yeah, but I'm worried he ain't gonna hire you without wanting to... well... sample. You know.”

Kunoichi Kei sighs, “Well it's not like half the city hasn't seen me lose my clothes before... oh you mean... no way!

Kid Crossbow nods. “I know you gotta put yourself in harm's way, but I'd never forgive myself if they made you do stuff like that...”

Kunoichi Kei leans close with a smirk on her lips as they near his. "Oh come on now, you know you might even get a lap dance out of it..."

Kid Crossbow stiffens, in a couple of ways, as he leans against her, muttering a little. "Oh now that's just not fair..."

Kunoichi Kei grins and presses her lips to his, giving him a quick kiss. "I knew you'd help me! Tanks, Kid." Her eyes glow as she drags him on by the hand. "Let's go!"

Kid Crossbow lets himself be dragged along, even though he didn't really agree, rather swept up in the whirlwind she can sometimes be. "Gah... you're crazy, you know..."

Kunoichi Kei's giggles dissolve into...

Kunoichi Kei comes on stage at Gatorbait only a mere thirty minutes later, wearing lavender heels, a silk nightie and panties, and little else. She dances forward, tentatively at first, smiling and gaining confidence as she spots Kid at a stage-side table.

Kid Crossbow nearly drops his drink, and oscillates between slack-jawed gaping and wanting to hit every other man staring at her. Still, he's drawn to stare at her, raptly, his eyes wide as saucers... "Whoa."

Kunoichi Kei prances about, the gossamer silk shifting seductively over the shapes of her jiggling breasts, stopping for a moment to gyrate her hips as a patron steps up to slip a bill into her garter. She pushes him away and dances back towards Kid.

Kid Crossbow bristles a moment as someone dares try to touch her hip, but as she draws closer, his anger subsides into astonishment as he openly stares at her. There's more than just lust in his eyes, but he's never seen her like this before.

Kunoichi Kei swings around the pole and steps right off the stage and onto Kid's table to a smattering of applause. Her eyes catch his as her eyes flash to each of the bouncers in turn, and then to a large black man sitting back in the shadows.

Kid Crossbow takes a few tries to get the signal, reluctantly taking his eyes off her form to glance back at the man she indicates. He takes a drink, then looks back to her, nodding lightly.

Kunoichi Kei 's lavender lips mouth, "That's Papa," as her hips turn and gyrate until her mostly bare bottom is practically thrust in Kid's face.

Kid Crossbow fumbles in his wallet for some bills, finding only a couple of 20's, and thinking it well worth it. His hand trembles a little as he slips the bill into her garter, near the inner curve of her thigh as he dares go. "So... w-what's the plan?"

Kunoichi Kei blinks at the size of the bill, quivering just a tad at the brush of his hand on her skin. "Plan?" She looks all around as the crowd having seen the twenty are already chanting for her to remove something. She gulps and lifts the silk over her head as she dances on the tabletop, baring her pert breasts.

Kid Crossbow should regret having his girlfriend expose herself to a roomful of perverts, but he can only make an incoherent sound as he stares at her stunning bare chest... "Uhhhh..."

Kunoichi Kei grins and drapes the lavender silk over her boyfriend's head as she continues bump and grind on the table in front of him, bending to shake her jutting bottom, peering back at him between her thighs while bent over, whispering. "Just keep your eyes peeled for anything illegal we could use against him!"

Kid Crossbow 's eyes follow her curves, not even really aware of what color the room is, given how focused he is on her. The silk top slips over his shoulder. "Eyes peeled..."

Kunoichi Kei purses her lips and kisses her finger which she then presses to his lips as if to seal them as she straightens to step back on stage and continue dancing for the now enthusiastic audience.

Kid Crossbow hesitates a moment, before getting a bit of an idea. Glancing back at the man she identified as the head of the operation, he moves towards his table to speak to him. "Wow... she's amazing, isn't she?"

Kunoichi Kei dances about the stage, accepting more tips in her garter, swallowing hard and watching closely as she sees Kid moving toward the back, leaving her feeling alone in the glare of the footlights. After another large tip she pulls the ribbon out of her lavender-tinted hair and it spills down like silk over her shoulders.

Kid Crossbow leans closer to him, heart pounding, trying not to seem nervous at what he's about to say. "How much to... get to know her better?"

Kunoichi Kei can't help but wonder what Kid thinks he is doing, jiggling for the hooting maniacs as she watches him, unable to hear Papa Pimp reply, "Talk to the bartender, kid... order a couple of drinks... make one a Mickie... for her..."

Kid Crossbow hesitates and nods, heading to the bar to follow through, unsure what the procedure is, conflicted between trying to get them to do something incriminating, and the fantasy of actually paying for her.

Kunoichi Kei watches Kid move to the bar even as she finishes her dance, exiting the stage to retrieve her nightie and thank her tippers, finally moving to take a seat with Kid as a raised cane points for her to go to his new seat in a booth.

Kid Crossbow slips into a booth as directed, biting his lower lip as he watches her approach. "Th... that was some dance..."

Kunoichi Kei grins and plops down beside him. "Tanks. So what is this all about?" Her eyes are furtive. "Did you request a private dance or something?"

Kid Crossbow fidgets a little at that, hesitating a moment. "Well... I figured... the best way to find out if they were doing something illegal was to see if I could... you know... 'hire' you..."

Kunoichi Kei gapes, having been told nothing about being hired out. "And so?" She nods to the bartender as he brings them a pair of drinks.

Kid Crossbow hesitates again as he looks to the bartender. "Your new girl seems a little naive... maybe you should explain to her exactly what I hired her to do..."

Kunoichi Kei blinks, her look of confusion moving from one man to the other and back again as the bartender chuckles. "She just agreed to have a private drink with you." He winks and returns to the bar.

Kid Crossbow grumbles at the seeming waste of money, not having gotten anyone to say anything incriminating. "They're pretty wily here..."

Kunoichi Kei frowns and looks at her drink. "What did you order for me? Something virgin I hope. I don’t drink alcohol you know."

Kid Crossbow sighs a little as he looks to her pretty face. "Jeez, Kei, you want to give me a heart attack or somethin'?"

Kunoichi Kei grins and sips the drink. "Well no... and what did you expect... Papa got the best of Belle once or twice already... so how much did the drinks cost?" Her eyes widen at the response. "Five hundred dollars!?"

Kid Crossbow nods glumly as he swirls his drink. "Well, if it's any consolation, I think they underpriced you..."

Kunoichi Kei takes another swig of her drink, nods, and then nods off, faceplanting the tabletop. The booth swings around into the wall, leaving them in a private boudoir.

Kid Crossbow stares in shock a moment, slipping over to her seat on the booth. He taps her cheek a few times, heart racing in his chest. "Kei? Hey... wake up..."

Kunoichi Kei grumbles sleepily, but is generally unresponsive, some lavender-tinted hair spilling across deeper lavender lips as he turns her over.

Kid Crossbow looks about, his heart pounding in his chest as he gently lifts her... laying her out on the bed, biting his lower lip as he looks to her face. "Oh man..."

Kunoichi Kei sprawls out limply on the bed, the mounds of her breasts lolling side to side beneath the shimmering silk, unaware of Kid's stress, or the monitoring cameras, or the gators crawling about beneath the glass floor.

Kid Crossbow is unsure what to do... if he leaves her completely alone, surely the cameras will capture it, and arouse suspicion. He mutters under his breath for her to wake up, placing a kiss on those sweet lips.

Kunoichi Kei lies as still as a sedated patient in preop, her breathing and pulse slow but steady, her breath warm and moist on his lips.

Kid Crossbow's hands move on their own, a heady groan cascading past her cheek as he gently cups her luscious breasts through the silk... kneading the warm orbs as he kisses her again.

Kunoichi Kei seems to pay him no attention except for the tightening of nipples to his touch through the filmy silk.

Kid Crossbow would feel unable to continue if they'd not been intimate before, but the sweet knowledge that she's surrendered her body to him once gives him a sense he can press on. His fingers gently part the silk top, suckling softly from a bare breast.

Kunoichi Kei shudders in her sleep, her chest heaving up out of its slow rise and fall once before settling back, now glistening with his saliva.

Kid Crossbow kneels between her limp thighs, breathless as he gently rolls those silk panties down over her hips, a tightness in his jeans as he stares at her incredible body.

Kunoichi Kei is as fit as any fitness model, not a bit of excess fat on her, but the powerful muscularity currently all relaxed and soft as he stares at it.

Kid Crossbow leans forward as though in a trance, groaning softly as he drags his tongue over her slit, eyes closed, forgetting where he is and what's going on.

Kunoichi Kei sighs happily as if in a dream of rapture. "Mmmmmm... mmmhhmm..." Her smooth cleft dampening from more than just the licking of his tongue.

Kid Crossbow's hands fumble at his jeans, groaning as he relieves the pressure of his tight pants on his hard shaft, pulling it free. He kisses along her toned body as he slides upwards, whispering to her ear, "You're so beautiful, you know..."

Kunoichi Kei stirs slightly and moans sleepily in her dreams as her loins shift and rub against his. "Oh Kid... will you still respect me in the morning..."

Kid Crossbow exhales a ragged gasp as the head of his shaft dips into her tight folds, cradling her head, kissing her softly on the lips. "Always..."

Kunoichi Kei instinctively kisses back as her hips come to life, gyrating to embrace the presence of his shaft, her back arching to take it deeper inside her shuddering body.

Kid Crossbow slowly sinks his manhood into her luscious body, his groan echoing past her ear as he penetrates her for the cameras, unable to resist her. "Oh, God... yes..."

Kunoichi Kei groans out her pleasure as rocking hips come up off the bed, squeezing and humping his penetration, and her arms embrace her lover around the neck.

Kid Crossbow sighs as he sheathes himself fully inside her body, his trembling hand kneading a supple breast. He kisses her deeply, his groan muffled as he begins to move his hips with her motions.

Kunoichi Kei stiffens and screams out her release as her body reaches its climax, her eyes blinking open as she orgasms a second and a third time, arms and legs locked around her lover.

Kid Crossbow can't endure the multiple climaxes of his beautiful lover, moaning in pure bliss as his orgasm fountains inside her beautiful body. "OOOOH!"

Kunoichi Kei gasps and cums one more time before settling back to the sheets, panting for air and trying to make sense of things. "Wha... what happened?"

Kid Crossbow slumps atop her, panting for air, overcome by his shattering climax. "Oh... God Kei... that was incredible..."

Kunoichi Kei runs a hand through his hair. "It was like a dream... hey, wait a minute! Did you drug me?"

Kid Crossbow shivers as he lay atop her, not really wanting to move. "Of course not.... nnnh... well, I didn't..."

Kunoichi Kei lays trapped beneath her boyfriend. "Then the drink they sold you must have been drugged... we've got Papa now... quick... let me get dressed!"

Kid Crossbow murmurs a little, still inside her, loathe to move. "Mrrrr... five more minutes?"

Kunoichi Kei gasps. "I don't think we've got the time... is it just me or is the bed moving?"

Kid Crossbow reluctantly rolls off her with a satisfied sigh, seemingly oblivious. "Whole earth was moving a second ago..."

Kunoichi Kei rolls with Kid, clutching him tightly to her and rolling them both off the bed as it turns upwards and deposits pillows and sheets into the pit below where the jaws of hungry gators tear open the pillows. "Look out!"

Kid Crossbow somehow has the presence of mind to shoot a wrist crossbow into the ceiling, trailing a carbon nanotube line to support their weight. The winch draws them upwards, away from the gators... "What the hell?"

Kunoichi Kei’s head spins around to the sound of Papa chuckling and clapping softly as the floor moves back into place. "Now you kids better run on home while you still can!"

Kid Crossbow frowns as he looks for the sound of the voice, aiming his other wrist crossbow, frowning. "It was all a setup..."

Kunoichi Kei glares, the nubs of her bare breasts covered only because they are pressed against Kid. "We have proof of you're illegal activities now, Papa! Just wait until I tell Belle!" Papa smiling. "You got nothing. The club provided a couple a private room and your boyfriend drugged you. And if you cross me I have some nice footage to show your Belle..."

Kid Crossbow lowers them both to solid ground, disengaging the grappling bolt, and holding Kei to him. "I did no such thing... I'm gonna see to it you're run out of town!"

Kunoichi Kei glares at the evil black man. "That makes two of us!" Papa chuckles as the two slink out. "You know you'd make a nice ho, Kei."

Kid Crossbow backs away with her, the crossbow aimed at him the whole time, before carrying her out the back. He offers her his jacket, and shirt as a makeshift skirt. "We'll get him next time..."

(December 2008)