Kei, Croc, Robyn and a Longshot

Killer Croc meanwhile, arrives in the man-made bog outside of the waterpark. His narrow eyes barely peering out of the murky waters, patches of vegetation concealing his massive form as he looks through the parks security fence as his lips curl back in disdain as he watches the throngs of people within the park, shouting and having a jolly good time. He snaps his fangs once and slips under the water.

Kunoichi Kei decides to go for a cannonball this time, displaces a lot of water and makes a big thump with her plump rump. She throws water all the way to the park fence as she descends well into the pool in a stream of bubbles. She stretches out and kicks for the surface, displaying just how amazingly tiny her waist is for such a muscular young woman.

Robyn Hood rolls her eyes, "Well not everyone but certainly the villains and other types I come across, gang names, legitimate and illegitimate holdings, aliases, other types of criminal organizations, connections to politicians... you never know what bit of information will be handy."

Aurora bites into the second piece of chocolate, glancing over the screen once more "So.... what ya got on me?" she asks curiously.

Robyn Hood pushes the window still gathering data to the back and brings up a new one, typing in a simple search frame 'Aurora'. A file pops up with several pictures of the boot options and some snapshots of her. Under her the entry reads simply, 'Possible energy aura, abilities unknown'.

Aurora laughs just a little at the picture of the boots. Reading through the rest of the file. "Aww, no embarrassing mug shot of me? I’m a bit disappointed." She giggles shaking her head.

Robyn Hood giggles in return, "No not really.'

Kunoichi Kei pops out of the water and onto her back, stroking for the side of the pool, all relaxed and smiling, that is until the nine-year-old boy with the silly string manages to ensnare the ring on her zipper, yanking it down as she rises up out of the water. Kei gasps and does some flustered covering of buoyant boobies, tucking them in as she zips her top back up. “Naughty boy!”

Robyn Hood types in Samsoni, an image comes up which looks like she has gone frame by frame through a video of him to pick out a single one with the dumbest look she can find. In big red lettering underneath it reads, 'Big fat jerk!!!'

Aurora laughs leaning back in her chair and clapping her hands "Oh brilliant.... nice one...." she grins "Hey if you wanna fill in some of the blanks some time.... on my profile I mean... more than willing to help you out."

Killer Croc lumbers up out of the bog's mire and let's out a fierce growl as his claws reach out and yank down a section of the security gate, much to the surprise of the civilians who are nearby that particular portion of the park as screams of panic erupt as Croc steps through the tangled mess of fence he left behind himself. Park alarms begin to sound shortly after his arrival.

Kunoichi Kei struts back to the ladders in a huff, thinking the commotion is all about her at first, but halfway up the ladder she can see people scattering and realizes something is wrong.

Killer Croc snaps at a few younger college aged men who stand dumb struck by the beasts appearance, slashing one down with his claw and sending the other boy flying with a swing of his massive tail as the parks loud speakers erupt. "Everyone, if I may have your attention, please exit the facility in a calm and orderly fashion, I repeat, please exit the facility in a clam and orderly fashion"

“What the...” Kunoichi Kei continues up the ladder to the top of the platform, then looks for the slide that will take her closest to the locker where her backpack is stored.

Robyn Hood perks up, "Really? Do tell?" she gets up to let the computer finish its work, taking her soiled gear to some kind of washer/sterilizer and placing the items inside and pushing a button to start. She hits a panel on the wall and a door swings open to reveal an identical set of costumes, she grabs a fresh one.

Killer Croc roars out as his head snaps this way and that, looking about the massive water park and at all the various people fleeing from him in a panic as his eyes size up a nearby gigantic water slide, some one hundred and fifty feet high. He grits his teeth and let's out a snarl as he charges towards it, slamming his shoulder into one of the main support beams and denting it slightly.

Aurora runs her hands through her hair, "Well... what... what do you wanna know?" she laughs a little not quite knowing what the blanks would be.

Robyn Hood shrugs, "What do you want to tell me... I mean what do you... do?"

Killer Croc looks up at the tower, it's structure rippling and wobbling faintly from the impact as he let's out another roar and steps back, smashing his tail into the beam, again, and again, denting the beam further with each impact from his massive hammer like tail. "Smoke me out of my home! Someone's gonna pay!"

Kunoichi Kei eeps as the slide lurches and she goes flying out of the flume, flailing in air for a moment, before catching hold of another slide and pulling herself into it, continuing down toward the pool below. Kei comes flying out of the slide, fortunately far enough down to simply jackknife into a perfect dive into the pool, leaving almost no splash at all, arching her back, keeping her momentum and shooting toward the side under the surface.

Killer Croc remains at the base of the water tower, hammering away at the thick metal support beam with a mixture of solid shoulder tosses and tail whips. A few guards arriving on the scene, taking aim and firing their pistols at the monstrosity, which seemingly have little to no effect on Croc, his Kevlar-like skin absorbing the majority of the impact as he turns towards the guards with a feral hiss.

Aurora blinks "I feel like I’m at an interview.... I fight crime?" she laughs "I glow like a night light...." she shakes her head "Ok serious mode... probably my most notable feature is this...." and her body begins to glow with an aura like before "This is me channeling energy, it pumps up my strength... agility... defenses... everything..."

Robyn Hood looks, laughing at first and then nodding, she raises a finger as if to ask a question when there is a beeping sound from her computer. "One sec..." she grabs what looks like a remote off the table and hits a button, the computer monitor now showing on the wall screen. A map of the city pops up with a red blinking dot over the water park, text of emergency calls streams down a side window and then security camera footage starts to play, "Oh my gosh... its Croc-o-man!"

Aurora blinks as she looks to the screen "God damn... you just cant get a day off, that’s the creep who hit you?"

Kunoichi Kei pops up at the side of the pool, dripping as she clambers out on the deck and over to the lockers to retrieve her backpack. “It's that Killer Croc that kidnapped Angel and nearly killed Chicky! If I stop him I'll really prove myself to Belle!”

Killer Croc roars out, the bullets from the water park security officers seemingly just enraging the beast as he leaves the battered support beam alone for the moment and charges towards the group of guards, his tail lashing one and throwing him aside like a twig as his claw cuts another down and the remaining pair of guards back up, turning to flee.

Robyn Hood nods, "Come on! Let's go." She immediately disrobes and dons her clean outfit right then and there, moving back to the workshop at what serves as the weapons locker, pulling several arrows out from backlit open, stylized looking cabinets and putting them in her quiver. She hops onto Little John and roars the engine, "You coming??"

Aurora not one to shy away from a fight, though due to her player needing sleep, finds an elaborate but totally believable excuse to not come along. "I need to wash my hair. I think I left my straighteners on. This chocolate makes my tummy hurt."

Robyn Hood winks at her, "Rest and take your time. Don't worry about locking up, it will do that for you when you leave. Through the kitchen is a somewhat normal... secret entrance? It will take you out on the street. Or you can sleep in, be my guest." She leans into the bike and goes full throttle racing out an exit ramp that just opens and closes in time. Robyn races towards the water park, her computer sending the route onto an image on the inside of her sunglasses/visor literally drawing a line on the roads for her to follow as she weaves through the cars at tremendous speed.

Kunoichi Kei takes her backpack out of a locker and pulls it over her glistening shoulders. She spins back toward the pool and the monstrous beast trying to knock down the huge slide. She reaches into her pack, her hand emerging with three CD’s between her fingers as she runs along the deck, a flick of her wrist sending them flying like shuriken shot from a gun.

Killer Croc has returned to the support beam, his arms wrapping around it as he uses his bulk and massive strength to further weaken the foundations support as a trio of high velocity CD's impact into him, one actually managing to pierce his hide and stick slightly into his thick scales around his back as he halts and glares at the CD that is lodged into his shoulder, the other's harmlessly bouncing off. Croc grumbles. "What the ...fuck is this?" as he yanks the CD out and looks at it, unaware of Kunoichi Kei's rapid approach.

Kunoichi Kei blinks as she realizes the beast's hide is bulletproof. “I'm gonna need a bigger projectile...” Kei stops the tile deck and looks around, her eyes falling on the slide platform the beast is trying to knock down.

Killer Croc snaps the CD into pieces between his teeth as he resumes his efforts, wrapping his stout arms around the heavy metal support beam and wrenching at the already significantly damaged structure as panic stricken civilians who we're trapped up top continue to try to work their way back down the stair wells leading up the waterslide.

Robyn Hood has her bike going at full speed as she approaches the park. The lot and roads leading there are a complete mess, jammed with fleeing cars and stopped law enforcement vehicles, preventing more help from arriving. She doesn't make much mind of it, going over the back end of a low sports car to use as a ramp and launch herself through the main gate.

Kunoichi Kei runs to the base of the stairs, helping people down one by one, encouraging one little girl to jump and catching her. “Now get out of here people while I deal with this monster!” Kei races up the shudering stairs, pulling a yoyo out of her pack along the way, whipping it out at the stanchions on the platform roof, cutting through them, so that on the next impact it falls toward Killer Croc.

Killer Croc slams and twists against the beam, bending the support structure even more as he twists about, his tail snapping out and knocking down a few people who are just a bit to close. "Smoking me out of my home! Is that supposed to amuse me!" His roar deafening as suddenly, a portion of the platform roof above him breaks away and falls down towards the unsuspecting Croc. Croc let's out a howl of surprise as the large fiberglass roof lands with a thud atop him, knocking him down to the pavement form the impact and momentarily stunning the monstrosity as he seemingly is trapped beneath it?

Robyn Hood has to be careful maneuvering the bike through the people and wet surfaces... although the running screaming park goers do make it easy for her to trace back to the source of the trouble. She slides 'Little John' to a skidding halt just as the beast seems to pull the tower down on himself. She quickly dismounts and approaches, catching a glimpse of other girl.

Kunoichi Kei is already zipping down the big slide with a loose strand of steel guidewire clenched in her hand, hoping to use it to bind the attacker of the waterpark. “I've got you now!” Kei whooshes off into the pool.

Killer Croc shakes the cobwebs out of his head as he lays beneath the shattered portion of the fiberglass roof that fell atop him. With a bestial howl he plants his hands into the ground and begins to push himself up, the cracked and battered fiberglass roof sliding off of his back as he rises up to his feet, a few deep cuts and gouge's in his skin as blood gushes out of one particularly deep cut. Croc snaps his gaze over to the sound of Kuno's voice, his fangs baring and grinding together as he yanks a sharp piece of the fiberglass out of his back and then picks up a mangled steel beam that made up a section of the roof and readies it as a club. "Bring it on!"

Robyn Hood cringes as she sees the thing rising, calling out to the woman, "Wait... a...!" then slumping her shoulders as she disappears into the pool saying, "Oh. nevermind." She draws an arrow and keeps a far distance, the energy string appearing as she moves to notch it, the tip of the arrow a strange oblong piece of glass.

Kunoichi Kei comes up out of the pool, hair matted to her determined face, dragging the length of steel cable behind her, swinging the backpack off her shoulder to the forearm, holding it before her like a shield as she snaps the length of cable at the big reptilian fellow like a whip, aiming to wrap it around his ankles and yank them out from under him. “I've heard enough to know not to give you a break!”

Killer Croc is still a bit dazed as the cable snaps at his ankle and wraps around it, but much to the young apprentice's dismay, she finds the beasts strength and weight to massive to budge as she yanks on the cable, and Croc doesn't budge an inch from her tug. His lips curl into a disdainful frown as he looks down to the cable wrapped about his ankle, then reaches down and grabs it with his hand. Croc yanks on the cable, hoping to catch the young heroine off guard and tug her towards him, so she's close enough to take a swing at with his metal club.

Robyn Hood lets her arrow go as she sees the beast pull on the cable, not wanting to wait to see if she is strong enough to resist. Although it appears she is quite strong as she swung around the thick cable easily. The arrow aims to impact on Croc's back, shattering on contact and a white sticky liquid splatters on him. It suddenly starts to expand into a sticky foam to start to quickly envelop him. It seems to get more sticky and thick as it’s fought against.

Kunoichi Kei narrows her eyes, as even when she strains with all her might she cannot yank the bulky beast off his feet, so she moves to wrap the cable around the base of a broken beam; but before she can accomplish this, she is yanked into the air and flying toward him. “Oh crap!” Kei throws up the forearm with the backpack as a shield to the anticipated impact.

Killer Croc stumbles a bit after pulling Kuno towards him with his end of the cable as Robyn's arrow impacts and the gooey adhesive foam begins to expand around him. "What ...the ...hell!" His gaze turns and looks over towards the source of the arrow, even while Kuno is pulled into him and the foamy glue that is expanding around Croc. Before the goo get's the better of him though he seizes the moment and takes the metal beam he hand intended for Kuno, and instead hurls it with all the force he can muster towards a civilian who is close to Robyn, leaving her with the simple choice of letting it hit the civilian and more then likely kill them, or sacrificing herself and jumping into the hurled beams path.

Robyn Hood leaps the moment the beam leaves Croc’s hand right into the civilian to send him to the ground and out of harms way.

Longshot suddenly drops down on a plume of suit jets, catching the beam with a loud clang, flying backward a few feet until stopping..."Now that's hardly playing fair, now is it?"

Kunoichi Kei throws up her pack to take the impact with Killer Croc, glancing off of his shoulder and careening into the pool just before that shoulder becomes covered in some sort of weird expanding foam. She squeals as she belly flops into the water with a hard smack.

Robyn Hood is on her feet in an instant, grabbing the guy wearing the speedo who probably shouldn't have under his shoulder, "Now get the hell out of here and stop taking pictures with your phone! You want to get killed!"

Kunoichi Kei sputters and shakes her head as it pops up out of the pool.

Killer Croc looks about, in some dismay from the strengthening glue foam that is expanding around him and he lurches with powerful strides towards a deserted beer wagon, taking a gamble as he stumbles towards it on sticky feet and grasps one of the kegs and bites into it, tearing the keg open and dousing himself with some of Empire City's best, hoping the beer can wash, or weaken the glues hold on him. Croc shakes furiously, hands trying to pull the adhesive from his body as the alcohol pours out of the keg and mixes with the glue.

Robyn Hood rushes towards the girl in the water, "Hey... are you alright? I hope you know how to stop this thing?" She looks over at Croc, the alcoholic content of the beer somewhat neutralizes the foam. It stops expanding and is now kind of a less stick, soaked gooey mess. Croc has to pull it out from his body quite a ways before a glob snaps free but then slaps on his hand. Making him have to shake it vigorously before it sloshes off and lands with a splat on the ground.

Kunoichi Kei nods and gives a thumbs-up sign before kicking to the side of the pool and pulling her self out, water draining away from her glistening form. She races across the deck to a cigarette vending machine, digging in her pack for some coins, quickly purchasing something. When thrown at the Croc it is revealed to be a flaming disposable lighter that she has taped open. “Beer equals alcohol... burn baby burn!”

Killer Croc at the same time is just finishing with his beer bath, and lifting the keg up and hurling it towards Robyn as he begins to stomp towards Longo, the lighter tossed by Kunoichi slapping into the gooey mess adorning his body, and although not setting the beer on fire, it does spark the glue, which hisses out a small strand of smoke and slowly begins to catch fire, unkown to the Croc as of yet as the fire is still rather small and the beer is actually hindering the flames from erupting.

Robyn Hood looks at the slowly burning goo, thinking out loud, "Hm... it’s supposed to be fire proof... perhaps the mixture of the alcohol has created some kind of chemical reaction and aerated the foam so oxygen can get through... OOOOPH!!!" She realizes the incoming beer keg was aimed at her a moment to late and is struck straight on. She is sent to the ground and slides on the wet cement. Her bow only still held in her hand by its magnetic hold.

Kunoichi Kei makes a face as the beer fails to ignite and her sister heroine goes down. “It seemed like such a good idea...” Kei scrambles across the deck trying to catch hold of the length of cable still wrapped about one of Killer Croc's ankles, hoping to finally wrap it about one of the bolted bases of the wrecked tower so that he won't be able to escape.

Longshot lands next to Kunoichi Kei, grabbing the cable from her and bracing his feet, suit servos locking down and forming his body into an anchor as he ties it off for her.

Killer Croc rushes towards the downed Robyn, a blinding rage and fury in the beast’s eyes as he closes the distance swiftly, and then suddenly he's jerked off his feet and flops down with a thunderous crunch as his chin impacts with the pavement as Kunoichi Kei's tactic works, and the cable is drawn tight when Croc runs out of slack. The small flames fizzling out as Croc groans in pain.

Longshot notes, “Ooooooo..he's a big one!”

“Tanks, Longo!” Kunoichi Kei is already on the move in her soaked lavender scuba top and matching bikini bottom, aiming to land on the big fellow's back and secure his arms behind with the canvas straps of her backpack. “Belle's gonna be so proud of me!”

Longshot sighs. “Will you wait? He's a little outside your weight class!”

Killer Croc growls out, his eyes narrowing into hatred filled slits as he begins to push himself back up off the wet pavement and feels Kunoichi's body land atop his shoulders. He takes a sudden glance over his shoulder as he is back on his feet and tries to snag the young heroine understudy by the hair and yank her off his back. "Oopsie, huh sweety?" He growls towards her.

Longshot eye rolls behind his faceplate and lets go of the cable, running toward the very bad idea unfolding before him.

Kunoichi Kei leans back from the reaching hand and it misses her hair, mostly plastered to her head, but does catch the ring on the zipper on the front of her little high-neck scuba top. She blinks as it gets unzipped and her quivering boobies issue forth. “You dirty bastard! Let go!” Kei swings her pack at his face.

Killer Croc squints, getting smacked in the face by Kuno's backpack as he grasps for one of her ankles this time and tries to pull her off his back, while simultaneously snapping his tail towards Longshot’s approach, using it to fend him off and keep him at bay while he tries to deal with the pesky young heroine.

Kunoichi Kei squeals, grasped by the ankle, her bared boobs rolling about like buoys on a stormy sea as her body is tossed about. “Hey... help... HELP... ow... ohh... unngh...”

Killer Croc dangles Kuno in front of himself as he snatches her other ankle with his other hand and draws them both together, holding her ankles with the vice like grip of his two massive hands as he begins to helicopter her around over his head as he turns to face Longshot’s approach. "This might hurt her, more then it hurts you, it certainly isn't going to hurt me though!" He laughs.

Kunoichi Kei screams as she is swung around and around in the air, her powerful squirming hips clutched firmly together, her pert boobs fluttering upwards toward her terrified face. “WhooaaaoooOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO...” Kei smacks into Longshot, giving him a bust in the mouth, water spraying from the impact which not only stops Longshot in his tracks, but knocks all the wind out of the now gurking kunoichi.

Killer Croc uses the moment to fling the stunned heroine aside as he steps past the downed Longshot, and reaches down, lifting up the cable and snapping it in half with a few sharp bites from his teeth before he begins to lumber off towards the broken down security gate where he came in and back towards the Bog where he intends to escape and disappear back into the safety of his sewer kingdom.

Kunoichi Kei splashes into the pool, barely finding the strength to pull her self out, gurgling as she tries to breathe, crawling over to check on Longshot, even her heaving chest failing to revive him. “Longo, are you alright? Tanks for saving me...” Kei zips up as the EMTs arrive on site to administer to Longo, Robyn and the other injured.

(June 2010)