Joshing With CHANGE


Joshua Carter arrived in typical agency fashion, chauffered to DDSTV tower in unmarked black sedan precisely five minutes before the scheduled meeting with the new CEO, Kei Kishimoto. Moments later, almost to the second, Joshua walked into her office. "Good afternoon, Miss Kishimoto. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me."

Kei Kishimoto sat behind the elegant oak desk that belonged to Belle before her, doing her best to look bored and busy as the man from the agency entered. Her hair was up and the lavender silk cheongsam with high stiff mandarin collar almost seemed to restrain her nod. "I tought it appropriate. I know Belle always tried to work with you CHANGE people. What's tis about?"

Joshua Carter was a man of professional appearance, hair cut short and sporting a dark tailored suit which molded well to his well maintained six foot frame. Seating himself opposite Kei, he took a brief moment to brush down the front suit, then turned eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses to the young CEO. "Tell me what you know about this Keothi fellow."

Kei Kishimoto shrugged. "Can I assume you watched my broadcast? In which case you know he said he was from Mercannas but was evasive about what or where that is... although he finally ruled out being from the ocean." Kei smiled as her fingers took a paper clip off a report and, with a flick of fingers, stuck it in the chest of the Keothi image on the bulletin board across the room. Before I get into other information and tearies I tink I should know what can you do for me?"

"Nothing, Miss Kishimoto..." said Joshua following flight path of paper clip with barely perceptible shift of eyes. " it stands, I don't run a community service." Returning focus back on the lovely young Asian. "I saw your interview, it told us little we didn't already know. As for this 'Mercannas' he mentioned, I've people looking for references even now but so far they've uncovered nothing. Now, if there is something else you'd like to discuss, some other unrelated matter, I'd be happy to hear what you have to say."

Kei Kishimoto purses her lips and draws in a sharp breath before speaking. "I'm not talking about anyting to be shared with the public, but it seems only fair that if I share info with you tat you do the same with me. I'm having doubts if I should share Joanie's analysis with you at all." She sighs, picks up the report from her desk and gets up to hand it to him, silk rustling around her shifting contours.

Joshua Carter clearly didn't like that answer, not showing so much in his expression as in the minute shift in posture. "It's exactly what we don't know that I'm trying to fill in. What he's capable of. Are more like him coming. What's his ultimate agenda. I've resources tied up in other areas at the moment, maintaining only limited observation on this Keothi. You've been on it since day one and I'd rather not waste time being forced to relearn things other organizations already know. The only bit of information on Keothi I can give you is that the number of followers has doubled, some twenty people inside those walls now, which have expanded another hundred yards outward." They'd also monitored the appearance of self-sustaining technology, solar panels on the roofs of stone houses, windmills and greenhouses popping up overnight.

Kei Kishimoto nods and sits on the corner of her desk, lavender silk of her dress falling open along one side practically to her waist, revealing that she wears pale silk thigh stockings. "Hai. The windmills and greenhouses are the newest additions. Joanie can't make a positive ID on any of the designs on the columns or his tattoos, but they bear some resemblance to various Maori and Mayan symbols. Tus Joanie teorizes tat Keothi could be a descendant from ancient astronauts who visited earth centuries ago. Also Keothi wears an amulet which produces a power aura. Joanie identified a jewel in tat amulet as being one and the same with one reported stolen the night I failed to stop Ironshade from robbing a jewelry store. That means Ironshade could be connected."

Joshua Carter wasn't familiar with that name, he'd have to check if there was anything in the archives about this Ironshade. "Seven foot alien astronauts, just what the city needs. Do you know anything else about this jewel? Where it came from? What it's capable of or how it works?"

Kei Kishimoto pulls the pin out of her hair as she shakes her head, resulting an explosion of chestnut locks tumbling down. "Noting specific, but it could be like the alien jewel missing Doll Serendipity Brown wore on her choker which could be used as a device for channeling cosmic energies on an immense scale." She sighed. "And tat is the topic on which I want to know what you know..." Her eyes suddenly bore into his. "The missing Danger Dolls!"

Joshua Carter raised a hand, looking as he was about to remove his glasses, stopping short as he realized what he was about to do and opted to appear as if he were just adjusting them. "I've heard mention of the disappearances but haven't looked at any filed reports, CANNON isn't a global crime fighting team, our main purpose has been solely to focus on bringing in members of the Eternal Reich to stand trial."

Kei Kishimoto nodded. "Personally I'd like to see Prism sent to lockbox. And if you confiscate a yoyo from Miss Purple it belongs to me. I recently tink I took care of Kriegshund myself..." Kei smirked, not going into details of how she lured the hund to the depths with the promise of raising a sunken dreadnaught of Thane Sinister, only to leave the fool entombed in it as she escaped with the computer files. Kei blinked after a pause and continued, "But if you were to hear of anyting about the Dolls you would let me know? Yes? Also, I have heard a rumor that Angel has been drafted by one of your sister organizations to fight aliens in space. Could you ask about and confirm tat for me?"

Joshua Carter certainly didn't know anything about a galactic division, but... "I don't have a problem with that. If anything new comes across my desk about the missing Dolls you'll be the next to know.” Joshua would have to look into the yoyo when he got back, it might be that Purple had to leave it behind when Amelia broke her out all those weeks ago.

"As for personal observations I found Keothi to be attractive, alluring even..." Kei Kishimoto grinned. "Hai, he's a hunk! But there's also a sense tat he's hiding someting behind the pretty columns and the fountains and..." She cocked her head as she thought back. "You know some of the stone figures in the temple reminded me of the Moai I saw when I visited Eastern Island last year on my study abroad trip."

Joshua Carter was a busy man and wasn’t that interested in whether the pretty Asian thought Keothi was a hunk. “Now, as it seems I've learned all I can, I should be getting back to HQ. Again, I thank you for your time, Miss Kishimoto."

Kei Kishimoto nodded as he cut her off. "Tanks for cooperating with me. It's all in that report that Miss Quest wrote up for you... including the DNA samples I took. Let me know if you hear anyting about my old team and I'll do the same concerning Keothi." She flashed a whole lot of muscular thigh as she hopped up to see him out.

Joshua Carter dropped gaze to that, admiring the toned muscle of her thigh before standing himself. Dedicated as he might be, Carter wasn't a robot. "Of course, Miss Kishimoto. We'll do everything we can." Following Kei as she led him out of the office.

Kei Kishimoto walked out with him in a display of rolling hips and licked lips, winking as she put him on the elevator. "My pleasure, Agent Carter. Don't be a stranger."

(May 2011)