In the Crosshairs

Red Hornette continues through the dark backstreets of SeaCourt toward the Saikyo Dojo to work out. "Holborn High Hornets" is embroidered on the front of the oversized red sweatshirt the little blonde wears over a black full-length bodysuit with red trim.

G. Mohawk looked back at Black Widow and shrugged. "Somethin’ tells me James can take her. But if she is wanted, we don’t want nothin’ to do with her. Boys." He says as James shrugs, walking over and laying her gently on the ground before the cops. "All yours."

The cops keep their distance, standing well out of arms reach and pointing guns at her. The senior officer has called for backup, and isn't getting close to her to try and cuff her till it arrives. He was one of the 'lucky' ones who has seen what happens to those that Black Widow decides are annoying her before, and he doesn't want to take any chances with her.

Leopard Lady leaps from her hotel balcony out into the night, spear in hand as she flips through the air with expert ease, springing off a flagpole across the wide street, landing in a roll on the opposite rooftop before sprinting across the skyline.

Longshot looks up and watches the display. “Nobody use a door anymore?”

Red Hornette is adorable as she enters the dojo by the front door.

Soon the police reinforcements arrive, and after a few wary seconds with plenty of guns, tasers and capsicum spray pointed at Black Widow one unlucky officer moves forward and cuffs window's hands together behind her back. And for the first time since her powers awoke that she hasn't responded to being restricted.

Black Widow is soon moved into a police van, and transported to a high security jail to be put in isolation to ensure she cannot escape again, tasers pointed at her the entire time in case she stirs.

Red Hornette grins to Kid Crossbow as she looks up at DDSTV’s live coverage of the capture on a big flat screen in the dojo. "I mean it looks like Lockbox or something for her!"

Michael Vescovi guides a van approaching from the opposite direction, the dark colored vehicle turning a corner a few blocks down just as Red steps inside.

Red Hornette convinces Kid Crossbow to turn off the TV and spar with her, the pair climbing into the ring. Red grins as the college student instructor squares off with her, complimenting her on her progress as they exchange feints, each block a blow or two and circle. "You're really improving, Penny... you and Kei should spar some." "Do you really think that's a good idea? Kei doesn't still want to kill me does she?" Kid laughs. "Well if she does wouldn't that make her a challenging opponent?" Red blinks and closes with Kid, snapping a crosstrainer up at his midsection, loose-fitting sweatshirt flapping about her athletic little form.

Michael Vescovi quickly grew impatient of waiting for the scene inside to conclude, hopping out of the van and moving around to slap the sliding door. "Okay, let's go." It opened up and four men piled out, moving back around to line up in the street, raising series of fully automatic weapons and with a slight motion from Michael opened fire on the dojo beyond.

Leopard Lady looks up, hearing the fire of guns from a good distance away, turning to head towards the noise, hoping she can make it in time before anything goes horribly wrong.

Michael Vescovi grinned and clapped hands together as the hail of gunfire shattered glass and pockmarked walls with dozens upon dozens of holes. "That's how it's fuckin' done!" Raising his own weapon to join in the fun. "That's how you send a message!" Casings spilled onto the street as clips were emptied into the building, tearing through everything within the line of fire.

Red Hornette moves to block a kick from Kid Crossbow, squealing as he goes for a bearhug instead just as the windows in the front of the dojo are shattered by a fusillade of gunfire from outside. She feels a series of thumps like punches landing as Kid bears her to the canvas and the two roll out of the ring to the floor behind while the inside of the dojo is ripped apart by buzzing bullets ricochetting everywhere.

Michael Vescovi lowered weapon as a series of clicks announced all clips were spent, laughing as he looked upon the work his crew had done her tonight. "Okay. Message sent. Time to go." They all ran back for the van which was still running, Michael squealing tires before the sliding door was even closed to get as far from the scene as quickly as possible.

Red Hornette finds herself trapped under an unmoving Kid Crossbow. "Kid... Kid! Are you alright? I mean... ohmygawd!" She gasps as a warm wet sensation dampens her chest. Kid groans, "I've... been... hit... stay down..." She gulps and tries to roll him over as the gunfire ceases. She cradles him close and he gurgles, "Tell Kei I love her..." She blinks, crying, her voice raspy, "Please don't die, Kid!"

Leopard Lady leaps and races from rooftop to rooftop, seeing the van ahead down the block, readying her spear to throw at some of the men, hoping to detain some.

Red Hornette scrambles across the floor to her phone to call 911 first. "Hello, I want to report a shooting at the Saikyo Dojo in SeaCourt... I mean we need an ambulance now!" She gives the address as she crawls back to Kid Crossbow. She holds his head in her lap and stays on the line as sirens approach. "Don't worry, Kid... I mean you're going to be alright... like you just have to be!"

Leopard Lady launches the spear, aiming for the back tire of the van as she gets within distance, hoping that the van doesn't pull away too quickly so that her aim is true, destroying the one tire to greatly hinder the vehicle's escape.

Michael Vescovi slowed after about ten blocks, confident he'd escaped any pursuit and content to adhere to the posted speed limit. Another twenty blocks and the van turned into a parking garage, moving to the third level and pulling into an empty spot. Michael and the rest exited the vehicle, all empty handed except for one and each moving in opposite directions as planned.

Red Hornette calls Chickfighter as soon as the paramedics arrive. "Chicky? Penny here... something terrible's happened... I mean... the dojo was attacked... Kid's been shot... it was..." She begins to sob as Chicky replies, "Are YOU alright, Penny... I'm on my way... I'll let Kei know to go to the hospital... probably the damn BMDs... I can't believe they really did it when you were there though..."

Leopard Lady growls angrily as the van pulls away, her spear digging into the road. She turns to look at the shot-up building as the van gets away, going to see if anyone needs help. She lands outside the dojo and rushes inside.

Red Hornette blinks at the Leopard Lady. "Hi... I mean like... the owner's on the way... I mean... did you like see who did this?"

Leopard Lady looks to Red Hornette and responds by kneeling to comfort the girl as the bleeding man is wheeled away. "Only briefly, I was unable to get a look at any of their faces." But she is able to describe the van and what they were wearing.

Red Hornette nods to the heroine even as a pretty police detective approaches them. "I'm Pennywhistle West... also known as Red Hornette... and this is..." She looks to the other heroine.

“I'm called Leopard Lady,” Leopard Lady says proudly, meeting the officers eyes as she stays close to Red Hornette, knowing she suffered a horrible experience with which even the toughest of hero's would have trouble coping.

Red Hornette nods as the detective introduces herself as Charlene Chan. Red begins to relate what happened to her between sniffles and then listens closely as the Leopard Lady does the same. Red breaks in and exclaims, "Kid Crossbow saved my life by taking those bullets... I mean he just HAS to be alright!" The stout little blonde in red begins to sob.

Leopard Lady fights back the pain she feels for Penny, knowing that while that should be the way, sadly the world doesn't work that way. "I'm sure he'll pull through. Doctors can do wondrous things these days," she says calmingly, hugging the poor girl.

Red Hornette takes a shuddering breath as she leans into the offered hug.

Leopard Lady offers to accompany Hornette to the hospital to watch over her friend, holding the crying heroine close, gritting her teeth as she silently vows to herself to find those monsters that would so needlessly attack with out provocation.

Red Hornette waits to talk to Chicky when she arrives, before letting the Leopard Lady take her to the hospital to see how Kid Crossbow is doing, likely a long night of sitting and waiting ahead of her.

Leopard Lady has the nurses bring Hornette a blanket to cover her up should she decide to get some rest. Leopard Lady comforts as best she can before taking her leave to track down the criminals responsible.

(January 2011)