Hellhound Abducts Angel


US Angel heads to her dressing room to get ready for her big match.

Explosion Girl SMILES. “Wow, scheduled matches?”

Blue Belle joins Angel in the dressing room. "Good luck Callie... and see if you can confirm anything more than Kei learned about what these guys are using to enhance themselves."

US Angel nods nervously. "Of course, Belle." She takes a deep breath. "I guess I better get dressed now. I promise I'm going to do my best you know?"

Blue Belle smiles. "Of course. I have no doubt of that. And you’re my champ in any case! I'll leave you alone so you can get ready."

US Angel grins. "Thanks, boss. We'll celebrate later!" She gives a thumbs-up and begins to slip out of her civvies.

Blue Belle heads ringside.

Explosion Girl wonders who will battle US Angel?

Muse receives the call that the limousine is awaiting her outside the lobby's door. She grins blithely at the doorman as he ushers her from the building and gets her car door as well. The ride is a bit delayed due to traffic at this hour, although within the leather luxury of the champagne colored limo, it is extremely enjoyable.

Explosion Girl BURSTS up to the roof of the venue and climbs down into the rafters to watch the fisticuffs.

US Angel puts on sheer-to-waist tights and stuffs herself into a long-sleeved white leotard with a flag emblem over her thumping heart. She puts on blue gloves before bending to put matching blue footies on her feet. She picks up her red white and blue staff and does forms to burn nervous energy while she waits. "I just like need to be smart and stay focused and never let up and stuff..."

Explosion Girl exclaims, “NO ONE can Beat US ANGEL!”

Blue Belle smiles and hopes that fan is right!

Muse's ride terminates at the coliseum where the main event draws her interest. The personal escort to her skybox is a fine figure of a muscular man in a red uniform trimmed in gold. Settling in and viewing the bank of monitors below the glass view window, a course of champagne and caviar are served upon silver for her pleasure.

Explosion Girl is wrapped head-to toe in black carbon fiber, with fat metal boots gloves and a hat, to hold in the explosives, but for now, hanging upside-down, binocs staring down at our US ANGEL!

Blue Belle nods as an arena worker whispers to her, then goes back to checking her cue cards.

Muse appears to be a woman in her early to mid-thirties. Blonde hair is neatly coifed into a French twist and a charmeuse gown of aubergine flows over her buxom figure like wine pouring over porcelain. She is ensconced within her guarded skybox.

Blue Belle gets the signal from the back and prepares to start the show, slowly mounting the steps to the ring in her heels and tails.

Explosion Girl joins the crowd, “USA! USA! USA!”

Blue Belle bends to duck though the ropes, tails of her jacket parting like blue velvet curtains, curved shape of seam running up back of shimmering nylons accenting roundness of her ample ass. This costume a lady magician or a hatcheck girl might wear seems about the burst with excitement as she struts to the microphone hanging over the ring. “Welcome denizens of Empire, fans of Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat and Brutal Championship Wrestling, villains, heroines, assorted rasslin’ nuttahs! Tonight we have a special match guaranteed to knock your socks off! The respective champions of SHOCK and BCW will get it on right here... after tonight there will be only one champion! Are you truly ready to TRRRRRREMBLE!”

Explosion Girl stares and gasps. “Do Supers REALLY fight here?”

US Angel hears the rumbling of the crowd and knows it is almost time. She bounces at the door, waiting for her call.

Blue Belle continues, “And now, without further ado, for the championship match! First I give you our undefeated challenger champion from BCW... a huge man... who recently destroyed Lavender Lass... at nearly 6’ 8" and 320 pounds... the powerful and vicious... Hellhound!

Tressilian enters. “Evening all.”

Impulse Girl replies, “Evening Tressilian.”

Explosion Girl demands, “HUSH, Tressilian, US Angel is about to fight Hellhound!”

Tressilian tips hat to Impulsive One, being quiet as ordered by Explosion Girl. He sits in box set for the promised fight.

The stage of the entrance ramp explodes into flames at the second Belle finishes the introduction, the raging inferno coinciding with the intro of AC/DC's Hell's Bell's. As the second gong sounds, the fiery blaze expanding further outward and at the third reaches its furthest point yet before suddenly collapsing in on itself and when the flames are gone, Hellhound's imposing form stands there with arms extended to either side, semblance of berserker cry issued to the fans at large before the large man begins his approach to the ring.

Blue Belle waves to Nero, owner of BCW and watches Hellhound as the crowd roars, some in disapproval, some merely in blood-thirsty excitement.

Kurt Malkomes reaches for the top rope and pulls himself up onto the ring apron, muscles of his arms flexing slightly as he pushes down and swings a leg over, moving to the opposite side to taunt the crowd. "She's done!" Referencing US Angel. "I'm gonna break that scrawny bitch in half!"

Blue Belle scowls at Hellhound as she steps back to the microphone, glancing at the cue cards before looking up over her glasses to speak.

Explosion Girl goes hand over hand down the dome to Angel's locker area.

Blue Belle clears her throat. “And now for the Danger Doll you’ve all been waiting to see... gymnast turned wrestler turned television superheroine... at 5’ 1” 114 pounds, the indomitable undisputed SHOCK champion... the one and only... US Angel!”

US Angel runs into the arena carrying a red white and blue staff that she uses to vault directly from the floor all the way over the top rope, flipping in the air and landing deftly in the center of the ring. As ‘Angel’ by Aerosmith plays she salutes fans with a blue-gloved hand, beaming from ear to ear and bouncing to each corner to point her staff at the crowd before posing with it in the center of the ring.

Explosion Girl chants, “USA! USA! USA!”

Kurt Malkomes hangs back in his corner, laughing as Belle announces his opponent's height and weight. "Are you serious?! She's even shorter than the last one! I hope I don't end this match too quickly by accidentally stepping on her!"

Lord Imperial waves the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes in the stands.

Blue Belle smiles and exits the ring as the music fades, taking her seat at the announcer's table, waiting for the sound of the imminent bell.

Explosion Girl yells, “Pray she doesn't crack you in half, Kurtis!”

US Angel eyes Kurt, pointing her staff at him, doing a hip out pose and patting her tush with the staff before laying it aside. "You can like kiss my you know what before it's over, buster!"

Kurt Malkomes stops slouching against the turnbuckle, knowing the ring bell will soon mark the start of the match. "All right, little girl. Let's see what you're capable of!"

US Angel hears the bell and wastes no time rushing forward to leap into what she calls a machinegun dropkick, stout shimmering legs churning as they aim to walk a rapid series of kicks up her opponent's front, hoping to connect to chest, chin and cheek in quick succession, intending to back flip off the last of the kicks.

Blue Belle exclaims, “Go Angel go!”

Lord Imperial cheers for the diminutive Danger Doll, US Angel, while waving both the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes at Blue Belle.

Blue Belle nods to the flag-waving fan.

Kurt Malkomes watches as US Angel rushes him, having seen this particular move before. With a fluid sidestep to the left the tower of man evades the incoming assault of kicks, swinging tree trunk of an arm around to catch her in midair across the chest and slam her down into the mat, thereafter walking around his prone opponent to taunt all those in attendance. "Is this all!? Is this the best she's got!?" Pointing back at US Angel amidst a sea of boos from the crowd which only give Kurt cause to smile. "The belt is mine! I'm going to finish this here and now!" He takes the few steps necessary back to where he's left US Angel laying, the big man leaving himself terribly exposed as he reaches down to grab a handful of her hair.

US Angel scrambles to her knees, chest heaving as she tries to regain the breath so rudely knocked out of her, shaking her head as he tries to grab her hair, bringing a blue-gloved fist up between his legs with all the force she can muster.

Blue Belle notes, “Well, it looks like SHOCK's underdog champ, Angel, is off to a rough start... oh my... surely that's gonna faze Hellhound!”

Kurt Malkomes clenches teeth as he drops to his knees, handful of hair released to instead pieface US Angel and shove her away in the hopes it'd give him some time to recover from the low blow.

“I’ll bet when Kurt requested a no holds barred match that wasn't something he had in mind...” Blue Belle chuckles as if enjoying any pain that Malkomes might be experiencing.

Lord Imperial considers shouting Renfaire cheers.

Longshot cautions, “You say huzzah and you might get shot around here!”

US Angel stumbles back from the shove, backpedaling at first and then turning to climb the ropes and stand atop the opposite turnbuckle. She looks down and grins, then leaps into the patriot missile dropkick, a flying corkscrew maneuver, stout shimmering legs locked together as she flies feet first at his chest.

Blue Belle notes, “That'll teach the blowhard to be overconfident...”

Kurt Malkomes clutches at his chest as the pair of small feet send him tumbling backward, the big man using the momentum of the attack to roll himself out of the ring for a breather, the crowd cheering and pointing mockingly as the once confident Hellhound kneels on the outside with arm propped upon the ring apron.

US Angel bounces up from the canvas excitedly, running away across the ring, rebounding off the far ropes and returning with even more momentum, leaping into yet another kick, flying horizontal between the second and third ropes, aiming to catch hold of the ropes with her hands while hopefully kicking Hellhound off the apron to the concrete floor below.

Blue Belle explains, “It looks as if Angel may simply be a bit too quick for the powerful Hellhound.”

Explosion Girl laughs out loud. “Too... QUICK?”

Blue Belle nods. “Absolutely!”

Kurt Malkomes brings up hands to block but it helps little as again the force of this petite woman sent her much larger opponent tumbling down to the floor, spine and back of head impacting with a solid thud upon the thin mat covering unforgiving concrete, Hellhound looking around in a daze as he struggled to sit up.

Lord Imperial chants, "Hellhound! Hellhound! He's our man! If he can't do it, GOOD!"

The Ranger and Samsoni enter.

The Ranger waves to Blue Belle and US Angel.

Samsoni picks up US Angel and waves her at Belle.

US Angel holds on to the top rope, tucks into a ball and literally swings around until perched atop it. She seems to pose there for a brief instant before launching herself into a Suicide Star Spangled Spear, diving headfirst from the top rope, aiming to drive a shoulder into Hellhound's midsection as he rises.

The Ranger claps for US Angel.

“Wow! High risk, but I think she might have him!” Blue Belle smiles at the fan waving his Angel action figure.

Samsoni laffs.

The Ranger yells, "Smash 'em Angel!"

Blue Belle smiles as the crowd gets behind the SHOCK champ, thinking this might turn out quite well for DDSTV after all.

The Ranger shouts, “Angel just kicks @$$ you know!”

Kurt Malkomes shows surprising awareness as he quickly rises to his feet just as US Angel comes off the top rope, catching the girl in midfall and turning her Suicide Spear into his own well-executed brainbuster, immediately releasing US Angel after dropping her onto the back of her head to rise and move away, allowing him more time to recover from her earlier dropkick.

The Ranger winces. “Oh oh.”

US Angel impacts the thin mat over the concrete awkwardly, her body crumpling as a result. She lies there flat on her back, unmoving but for the rise and fall of the shape of her breasts in the now sweaty white leotard. She groans and makes a face as her lids flutter open.

Blue Belle grimaces and the sympathy pain can be heard in her voice. "Yeow... that's the problem with those high-risk moves Angel needs to employ to beat someone like Hellhound... pain can result both ways."

Kurt Malkomes watches US Angel as he recouperates on the outside of one of the ring corners, forcing her to come to him should she happen to find the strength to get up and press an attack. After a moment Hellhound turns, maneuvering around steel steps to put even more distance and an obstacle between them as he bends down, lifting up the apron as he begins looking underneath and eventually stands up again with a steel chair in hand.

The Ranger yells, "Look out Angel, get up!"

Explosion Girl screeches, “WAKE UP AND SPEAK!”

US Angel mutters, “Like wha... arrggghhhhh... how did he... do that?”

Explosion Girl squeals, “Is ANYONE going to PUNCH Anyone ELSE?”

The Ranger yells, "Come on Angel, get it together." He crosses his fingers, hoping that Angel can get back in the match.

Blue Belle can’t help but cheer as well. “Yes, come on, Angel... you can do it!”

US Angel rolls to hands and knees, shaking her head, showing her shiny hiney to the front row as she crawls toward the ring steps, wobbling to her feet, steadying herself on the ropes as she climbs back to the ring.

Samsoni cheers for the shiny hiney.

Jake T Bullet is briefly blinded by the glare of the lights off that shimmering ass.

Phillip Janus walks in, lighting a cigarette.

Kurt Malkomes slides into the ring in time with US Angel, eyes narrowed as he stalks toward the unsteady heroine with chair in hand, waiting with the metal object poised and ready for the moment she turns to face him so he can crack her upside the head.

The Ranger shakes his head. “Oh oh.”

Samsoni takes his eyes off the fight to glare at miss muscle as she enters.

Miss Muscle returns the glare and takes a seat.

US Angel makes it to the ring, finally feeling steady enough to let go of the rope as she turns to look for her opponent only to be greeted by something not unlike a flash of light exploding inside her head. Her feet come up off the canvas as she is spun to her back from the force of the blow, the whole ring shaking.

The Ranger sighs. “Oh no!”

Blue Belle gasps, “Oh my... this can't be good... Angel went down hard... she may be out!”

Longshot quips, “Is she out? Quick, what does the script say??”

Blue Belle frowns at Longshot. “Careful, Longo or I'll con script you to take her place.”

Longshot retorts, “Can't happen... my acting is horrible!”

Blue Belle scowls but does not disagree.

Longshot loves inescapable logic.

Amelia asides, “Yeah, because DDSTV has great acting.”

Longshot is considered one of the brighter lights of the studio.

Phillip Janus wonders when the ring was installed as he takes a long drag off his cigarette, taking a seat.

Kurt Malkomes throws the chair down beside the fallen US Angel. "Yeah! I told you! She's got nothin'! This match, that belt, are mine!" And now it is his turn to climb the ropes, which is definitely someplace you don't want a man his size. Not being quite as agile as his opponent, Hellhound requires a few moments to steady himself, but in time he stands tall, looks down at the unmoving heroine and leaps forward, leg extended as he comes down with a big leg drop aimed for her chest.

The Ranger notes, “This is going to hurt.”

US Angel opens her eyes just in time to see the massive man flying at her. Those eyes widen in recognition then nearly pop out of her head as the impact rocks the ring with a sound like the cracking of gunshots. Angel's body bounces several inches off the canvas, the shape of her bruised breasts rolling violently about even as her body settles, limbs flopping out limply.

Samsoni even winces, “Uh oh.”

Blue Belle sighs audibly. "That sounded like it broke ribs... I don't know if she can come back from that..."

Phillip Janus says, “Sure she can... What's a broken rib... Or five?”

Selina Kyle sighs in disgust as the only channel she’s allowed in prison is DDSTV. She has been able to bribe guards for access to a very nice television though.

Kurt Malkomes rolls to his feet, pumping his arms as he moves to the corner and climbs the second rope, extending arms out to either side in a bit of posturing as he roars at the crowd, symbolic of his dominance over US Angel. Focus briefly diverted as he watches Nero move to Belle's side but unable to hear what is being said as the burly man leans down to whisper in her ear. "Seems I owe you an apology, Susan. Turns out you were right. I just got word Malkomes has been behind everything. A confession led them to discover vials of some unidentified substance in his home and his vehicle, officers are on their way to arrest him now."

US Angel lies on the canvas, struggling to get up, almost sitting up until the stabbing pain of broken ribs causes her to slump back again, squealing in agony and pounding her fists on the canvas in frustration.

Bobcat Billie Hart makes snide remarks about the so-called champion being weaker than a newborn calf.

Blue Belle reports, “Ohmygoodness people... DDSTV has just learned that Hellhound... I mean Kurt Malkomes... is behind the rage-inducing enhancement serum that's been given to BCW wrestlers in recent weeks... Angel! Get out of there!”

Bobcat Billie Hart roars, “Tear her apart!”

The Ranger grumbles. “Oh boy, this is bad!”

Miss Muscle asks, “Should someone stop the match?”

Jake T Bullet flatly says, “No.”

Samsoni says, “I think someone should smack Billie in the mush!”

Bobcat Billie Hart comes back, “If Angel can’t handle ‘em she shouldn’t have fought ‘em!”

Kurt Malkomes can't hear Belle as she reveals this news to all her listeners, which is good, for the last thing anyone would want is to tip off the accused ex-con that he's been found out, especially with Callie still in the ring with him. As he is unaware of what is headed his way, Hellhound turns his attention back to US Angel, taking great pleasure in the way her face contorts in agony as she tries to get up. "What's the matter, girl? Having a little trouble breathing?"

Bobcat Billie Hart despite all her boasting and antagonizing of Angel doesn’t find it none too fair for one to need to be cheating with performance enhancers to win in the squared circle.

US Angel hears the taunt and, gritting her teeth, face contorted in grim determination, rolls to hands and knees, desperately crawling forward, stumbling to her feet, reaching out for the ropes Hellhound is perched upon.

Blue Belle screams out, "Angel! No! Just get away from him! The police are on their way!"

Bobcat Billie Hart sort of feels a tiny spark of consideration for Angel and is half tempted to toss her branding iron to the champ to help fight of the supposed felon.

The Ranger chimes in his own two cents, “Don't be a hero Angel, get out of there!”

Kurt Malkomes is just sitting there, laughing as he looks down at US Angel, it all stops when attention is again diverted from his quarry by Belle's outburst. "What the hell did she just say?" Dropping down off the rope, one boot driving Angel to her back, ignoring her sputtering completely as he steps first on and then over the flailing woman, before moving toward the edge of the ring, staring across the distance to where Belle is seated ringside. "What are you talking about, Belle? What police? What's going on?"

Artista, the curious gal she is, goes to get a better look. She wants to know if this is a staged or arena event, or a real street brawl.

Blue Belle smiles. "Nero here tells me you've been ratted out by the guy in the coma... he came to... the police searched your home... found the goods... and are on their way to arrest you... it's all over, Malkomes!"

US Angel shakes with pain as she pulls herself up on the ropes beyond Malkomes, hearing Belle's words and realizing this is her chance to show Belle she won't let the team down. "I've got him, Belle!" She announces as she stumbles more than charges forward on wobbly legs to shoulder tackle Malkomes from behind.

Artista wonders if she can help. She looks to Belle and back to US Angel with a questioning glance. "Uh, does she need help?"

“Should someone blow up that oxygen tank next to the fight... accidentally? Jake T Bullet nods to himself. “Light it up someone!”

"What? Wait...I didn't..." Sentence breaks down as Kurt processes the implications of what Belle just revealed, gaze hardening as it shifts to his former employer "... Nero...you bastard! I damn sure won't be forgetting this." Then he turns at hearing US Angel call out, everything about the man changing as he appears to be caught off guard, using the tackle and momentum so that both bodies are carried out of the ring. Yet instead of both going to the floor, Kurt maneuvers so that he lands on his feet, grabbing US Angel's wrist to twist her arm behind her back and wrap a thick arm tightly around her throat. "I am not going back to prison. We're getting out of here." A slight squeeze and subtle twist indicate that he could break the girl's neck at any moment with ease. "You all stay the fuck away from me and maybe, just maybe, you'll see your sweet Callie in one piece again!"

US Angel grimaces, the pain in her furrowed features obvious, her eyes becoming a little glassy as her shoulder pops, her shimmering legs flailing weakly as blue footies come off the ground. "Hrrrk... meeee!"

Kurt Malkomes begins backing his way toward an aisle even as officers begin flooding into the arena. "Unhook this gate! Unhook the fucking gate!" Barking orders at a hired security guard as vice-like grip keeps US Angel hostage. "You open that goddamn gate right now or I swear I'll kill her and then I'll kill you!" With frantic jerks the frightened security guard manages to pull the two sections apart, pulling one open to allow Kurt unobstructed passage down the aisle. "You all stay back! Stay back or she's dead! One second, a sharp twist and no more US Angel!"

Morgan Drakewing raises an eyebrow, looking back and forth from Belle to the scene that was going on. Seems Kurt was backing towards the gate which was being flooded with... wait... did someone light a FLARE over there? Sneaky, sneaky diversion that. He zooms in on Angel and her insane profanity-spewing captor.

Blue Belle gasps and leaps over the table, running up the aisle in her ridiculously revealing tails and stockings costume, charging straight at Malkomes. "I won't let you get away with this!"

Amelia sighs wistfully. "Damned, if she doesn't pull that outfit off..."

US Angel gurks, her eyes rolling back as the grip about her throat tightens and she is dragged backwards.

Blue Belle races at Kurt and Angel, her motherly instincts having kicked in, not entirely thinking things through, but knowing better than anyone else Angel's capacity for healing, and simply desperate to prevent her star being taken.

"Is this guy mortal?" Jake T Bullet says as he screws the SWR Spectre suppressor onto the barrel of his Springfield 1911. "Maybe I'll just find out for myself," he says, ejecting all the shells but one into his coat pocket before creeping to the edge of the crowd and looking for an unpopular citizen to stand behind.

Samsoni suggests, “Pick Longo.”

“Expendable? Relatively so? He cheered me once for igniting shells someone had in their hands.” Jake T Bullet sees Blue Belle 's valiant rush, pushes Longshot aside and aims the long barrel directly at the villain's hip... takes a deep breath... and squeezes. Only the click if the slide is heard as the empty shell ejects from the chamber.

The smoke from the flare was indeed helping cover the retreat, and Morgan Drakewing mutters something under his breath, adjusting focus... wait... was that a gun? Wait... SOMEONE HAD A GUN! That's not in the script! Well, now that he thinks of it, neither was the arrest... or the serum... or... darnit, he forgot the storyline completely now...

Jake T Bullet notes Specters are worth every penny, and made in Laurens, South Carolina by methodical craftsmen born if a time where freedom from tyranny was still considered a dream worth fighting for.

Blue Belle lurches awkwardly just as she is about to reach Malkomes and Angel, the force of the shot knocking her off her feet and sending her tumbling to the concrete of the aisle in a heap, having accidentally taken the bullet aimed for the escaping villain.

Samsoni exclaims, “Yikes!”

Jake T Bullet retreats into the crowd, aware that he may have sacrificed his freedom in trying to save Blue Belle and US Angel. He turns and sees her slump. Then reloads and heads back into the fray. He checks her vitals. “She’ll live.”

Samsoni yells, “Longo did it!”

Longshot fwaps Samsoni. “Shuddup!”

Blue Belle groans as blood pours out over her exposed bosom, the mesh of her costume apparently torn wide open by the exiting bullet. "But I must... save... Angel..." She slumps unconscious.

Samsoni offers to give Belle mouth to breast.

Jake T Bullet nods. “That IS a nice rack that's been exposed.”

Longshot facepalms and then facepalms Samsoni too.

Samsoni owwwssss!

“Silver lining people.” Jake T Bullet slips the 45 into Longshot's pocket.

Kurt Malkomes wishes he could spare the time to enjoy Belle's misfortune, but is only able to laugh cruelly as the buxom heroine goes down. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your star here." Kurt taunts as he backs away once more. "You'll hear from me very soon." And after that a wall of fire springs into existence, blocking that particular entry into the concourse as Malkomes makes his escape with his hostage. To hasten his departure he gives a quick sharp strike to the side of Angel's head to render the woman unconscious, then slings her dead weight over his shoulder, attempts to locate the man or his victim unsuccessful after leaving the arena.

Blue Belle is soon carted off by paramedics, sirens sounding as the leader of the seemingly devastated Danger Dolls is taken to Empire General for emergency surgery.

(September 2010)