Guns and Roses


Domino Doll slips through the backdoor of the Empire City Morgue, not even needing her cloak of shadows to evade the sleeping night watchman. She has come in search of evidence that might tie gang boss Max Scarelli to Vincent (Vinny) Consuela, deceased murderer of Councilwoman Mary Boggs. If Vinny's corpse has the guns and roses tattoo she expects it will prove he was working for Scarelli.

Rick Thorne peers down onto the slab where rests the corpse of Vinny Consuela. He opens his palm and a black rose materializes. Thorne takes the rose and lays it on the corpse's chest. Thorne then steeples his hands over the rose in a prayer-like gesture and watches as the rose slowly starts to sink into the chest cavity of the deceased hit man.

Domino Doll tiptoes past an autopsy table toward a bank of heavy doors on the opposite wall, looking for the one labeled “Consuela.” To her surprise she finds it empty. Her brow furrows as she peers cautiously into the next room. Her face turns as white as the flowing diaphanous dress she wears at the sight of the rose sinking into the corpse on the table, a mysterious man praying over it.

Rick Thorne slowly lowers the steeple until his hands are flat on the corpse's chest, the black rose sunken deep where the heart would have been. The man dressed in green stiffens slightly, turning his head towards where the Domino Doll is, although he does not see her. He then looks back down at the body as spores of roses fall from the slab and onto the floor.

Domino Doll pulls her cloak more tightly about her as the mysterious man looks up, sighing with relief as he appears not to see her. She gapes at the scene before her as something unnatural begins to happen with the corpse on the slab, a corpse she notices that has a guns and roses tattoo on the cheek of its buttocks.

Rick Thorne steps back, whispers something softly and a long vine extends from his hands, wrapping around the head of the corpse, like a mythological crown of thorns. He takes a deep breath and lifts his hands. Slowly, very slowly, the corpse of Vinny Consuela starts to sit up.

Domino Doll nearly gasps out loud, blue eyes wide as oceans, as she sees the vine extend and the dead man rise. Her pulse quickens and she concentrates on steadying her breathing. Has Scarelli hired a mystic to reanimate his hit man? She slips a hand to the hilt of the gun in her garter holster, the feel of the ivory handle reassuring.

Rick Thorne claps his hands once and scowls, looking down at the spores of flowers on the ground, slowly watching as their stems elongate, casting multitudes of thorns jutting from their bases as the stems become vines that scramble towards the next room, the room in which Domino Doll is hiding.

Domino Doll gulps as she sees the thorny vines move across the tile floor in her direction. The blue pools behind the mask blink and she backs quickly away, stumbling against the forgotten autopsy table, wincing as its metal legs squeak along the linoleum tile, her heart in her throat as she holds her breath.

Rick Thorne turns towards the sound of the squeaking, slowly walking towards the room. The vines stop moving, as if waiting for their master to arrive first. The dead but sitting hit man stays where he is, unmoving as the rose beats in his chest. Thorne steps into the room slowly.

Domino Doll picks up a scalpel from the table as she swirls away in a flutter of her dark cloak, disappearing into the shadows in the corner of the cavernous room, shivering with dread, her back up against the bank of doors where bodies are kept on ice.

Rick Thorne looks around inside the room and then turns back to the undead thing he is creating. He takes two steps back and then bends down and whispers to his vines. The thorny branches begin to work their way into the room, slowly crawling about and spreading in different directions, as if searching for something.

Domino Doll watches in disbelief as the vines creep across the floor, encircling table legs, climbing up them, other vines fanning out across the tile, spreading throughout the room, one heading straight for her high heels. Seeing that the mysterious figure controlling them has turned away, she opens the door behind her and crawls inside, the door automatically closing behind her as she slides over the cold corpse.

Rick Thorne places another black rose on the chest of the corpse, the thorns embedded into the zombie's skin as Vinny stands and starts to walk slowly towards the room where the vines have gathered together, with their search in vain. "That's one, my children," Thorne says as he walks towards the freezer. "I think we have time to bring back one more." He grabs the handle of the freezer and starts to open it.

Domino Doll lies in hiding atop the cold dead stiff, the thin material of her dress providing scant relief from the cold, her nipples tightening as if pressed to ice, her thighs shaking. She hears the click of the door and holds her breath, reaching for her pistol, holding it ready in one hand, the scalpel in the other, as it swings open. "Don't move or I'll shoot!"

Rick Thorne stares in at the woman in the very revealing dress, pistol in one hand and scalpel in the other. The man in the green suit freezes for a moment and then grins. "Am I disturbing something? You do realize how this looks, right?"

Domino Doll scowls, the eyes behind the mask like cold steel gun barrels. "I mean it! I don't know who or what you are, but that corpse you were... well whatever you were doing with it... is a murderer named Vinny Consuela. And I suspect you're trying to get rid of the body to protect Max Scarelli!"

Rick Thorne grins and raises his hands slowly. "Well, that is a very nice theory and all but, well, I don't rightly know or care who Max Scarelli or Vinny Consuela are. But I do know my children are hungry. And you, well, it would be a shame for one of your magnificent beauty to have to be their meal."

Domino Doll continues to keep her gun trained on this strange man and hold his gaze as she squirms off of the corpse with whom she shares the tight space. "Children? What are you talking..." Her eyes widen as she sees the room now literally filled with seething vines. Her voice becomes a whisper. "...about?"

Rick Thorne laughs deep in his throat, following her eyes, seeing them widen as they take in her surroundings. "I think you know exactly what I am talking about... welcome to the jungle!" The vines, too, seem to understand that they should introduce themselves as they rise and coil like cobras, their tips pointed towards the gorgeous masked heroine.

Domino Doll drops her heels to the floor and stands there shivering, her chest heaving against the gossamer white fabric of her dress as she tries to catch her breath. What she is seeing is impossible. She blinks but the scene remains the same. And over the shoulder of the man in green she sees the corpse of Vinny Consuela shambling into view. She is speechless.

Rick Thorne steps backwards and turns as the vines all shoot at the gun-toting woman from several directions. The thorns seem to home in on the white dress as they lash and slash their way from the front, sides and back of the delicious doll. "I do hope they don't scratch you up too much, my lovely lady. At least not yet."

Domino Doll manages to fire one shot, but not before her aim has already been disrupted by the attacking vines whistling through the air. The thorny tendrils wrap around gloved wrists and stocking ankles, thorns griping as she is pulled spread-eagle from her flaring cloak as it flutters to the floor. Her sheer dress is quickly rent to pieces. "Whathe... Ohmygod!"

Rick Thorne is still struck by the bullet and sent backwards as... splinters? from his body where the bullet struck. His eyes grow cold as he screams back. "Grab her! Hold her! Feed her to Vinny!" The vines recoil and lash out again as the zombie hit man starts to walk slowly towards the masked adventuress.

Domino Doll shakes her head, butter blond hair falling across the terrified masked face. "You unnatural fiend! What are you?" She strains to pull free of the vines, breasts rolling side to side like buoys in a perfect storm, satin panties pulling tight across the shape of her sex as her back arches and thrusts her stocking-clad thighs upwards.

Rick Thorne walks slowly back towards the woman bound in vines as the zombie makes its way to Thorne's side. The villain smiles as he grabs a shapely breast in one hand, gripping it before thorny vines cast from his palms seek out the flesh of the breasts. "Give Vinny a taste of your flesh. He likes his meat raw now. Hahahahahah!"

Domino Doll screams as vines wrap around her tender breast flesh, the pricking thorns drawing blood as they squeeze. "Nooooo... god help me!" The face behind the mask contorts in pain as the vines tighten about ensnared breasts, congesting them into turgid protrusions. She shudders from head to toe as the undead hit man she came seeking looms over her with cold hungry eyes.

Rick Thorne pulls Vinny back again. "No, wait. The meal isn't fully prepared," The sadistic man of thorns grabs a vine and wraps it tight around Domino's waist, then pulls it hard through and up into her crotch before hooking it back around her hips, basically fastening a crotch rope of thorny vines. "Now, Vinny ... she's all yours."

Domino Doll 's screams echo through the basement morgue loud enough to wake the sleeping watchman as this vine is pulled tight, blood not only trickling from about her waist, but turning her white satin panties slowly scarlet as it disappears deep into a crevice in the middle of the bulging shape of her sex. Her heart and head are pounding as the warm wet tingling spreads through her loins.

Rick Thorne is preparing to add more damage when the night watchman interrupts. Thorne and the unoccupied vines turn to the watchman and begin to chase the poor man away, leaving the corpse of Vinny bearing down on Domino Doll, the scent of her blood raging into his soulless hunger, his mouth opening wide as he gets closer and closer.

Domino Doll shivers in terror as the cold flesh of the undead hit man presses to hers, chest rubbing over tortured tits, hands gripping writhing ass, cock stiff as it prods her tortured pout. But the interruption by the watchman reminds her who she is. There is a scalpel in her hand. She cuts the vine that holds her wrist and reaches across to free her gun hand, bringing the weapon to the side of Vinny's head and firing.

Rick Thorne is chasing the watchman when the gun goes off. Vinny's head explodes in a mass of roses flying in all directions as the beast's mouth gets closer and closer to Domino's throat, his teeth coming in contact with the vein on the side of her neck.

Domino Doll gasps as instead of brains she is showered with rose petals. She can feel the teeth on her throat as she moves the gun lower and fires a shot into the chest of this unnatural beast as the cut vines thrash wildly about.

Rick Thorne freezes in place as if struck by the bullet himself. He immediately turns and heads back towards the scene as the bullet rips into the rose jutting from Vinny's chest, the hit man collapsing in a heap atop Domino Doll.

Domino Doll rolls the disgusting corpse off and sits up, bending forward to cut her ankles free of the wounded vines. Bloodied but alive she snatches up her cloak and swirls it about her, forced to endure the torture of the vine still pulled tight into her sex as she makes her escape into the shadows. When Thorne arrives seconds later he finds a card on the corpse that reads "Compliments of the Domino Doll!"

(Oct 2009)