GunBunny versus Raziel`Kang


* Solemn burns people in effigy.
* GunBunny stalks through a city in flames...
* Princess_America burns people in #effigy.
* Princess_America *Groucho Marx eyebrow waggle*
* ^^Deedlit^^ shoos off tumbleweeds
* The_Viper throws Princess a cigar to do her Groucho imitation.
* Princess_America didn't accept one from the former President, either. -.-
The_Viper: lol
* GunBunny draws one Colt1911 and shoots the cigar out of the air.
Raziel`Kang: (( Colt 1911's are the first semi-automatic pistols, they aren't six-shooters :P ))
GunBunny: (How many shots?)
Princess_America: She only took one shot.
Raziel`Kang: (( They have 15 round clips, I believe, as well as room for one round in the chamber ))
GunBunny: (I was using six-shooters the other night... he assumed these were the same guns... :) )
Princess_America: I thought he was presuming that you're a lousy shot.
GunBunny: (Thanks, I knew they held a clip, but I didn't know how many rounds, in Hollywood the clip is endless...)
Princess_America: (Except Die Hard.)
* GunBunny nods and giggles
GunBunny: (Hmm... Chicky is a lousy shot...)
* Princess_America (decides to stop being the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench, the pain in the....)
Raziel`Kang: (( She should use desert eagle's instead, few guns carry that kind of stopping power :P ))
* ^^Deedlit^^ stuggles to climb out from under a mountain of brackets
GunBunny: (np, if GunBunny actually hit her target... then is she really a character played by Chicky of TV or...)
GunBunny: (((DeeDee)))
* ^^Deedlit^^ smothered in brackets.
GunBunny: Now I have you where I want you...
^^Deedlit^^: urk
* Princess_America [[[(((((((((((({{{{{*hugs*}}}}}))))))))))]]] DeeDee
GunBunny: Sweet!
* ^^Deedlit^^ is squished and passes out.
^^Deedlit^^: x.x
* GunBunny nudges with a gun barrel...
* ^^Deedlit^^ limp and bearhugged.
* The_Viper throws Deedlit a bulletproof vest.
* ^^Deedlit^^ wonders when / if prinny's gonna let her breathe
* Princess_America lets go.
^^Deedlit^^: gack!
^^Deedlit^^: *thud*
Princess_America: Good thing you asked - I'm away for a bit :P
* GunBunny wonders off to stalk her next bounty.
* ^^Deedlit^^ is also beaned by a bulletproof vest in the head.
Princess_America: or I should say... (Good thing you asked - I'm away for a bit :P)
The_Viper: lol
* GunBunny (Nods) scours the rooftops with her green eyes.
The_Viper: sorry about
The_Viper: that.
^^Deedlit^^: x.x
The_Viper: This doesn't look like Deedles Day
^^Deedlit^^: That
^^Deedlit^^: is April 4 th.
GunBunny: OH great... now she's declaring a day in her own honor...
The_Viper: Oh why April 4th?
^^Deedlit^^: oh it's not for me, it's for Deedles vonRockenheimer, the great 30's philanthropist.
GunBunny: Any excuse for the government offices to close.
^^Deedlit^^: It's not a holiday.
GunBunny: Oh well, back to work people...
GunBunny: No rest for the weirdly...
The_Viper: Speaking of which GunBunny I'm going to be working for the FDA soon.
GunBunny: I support the Furries Defense Alliance... they're bunny friendly... ;)
The_Viper: lol
* GunBunny continues to prowl the city, scanning the rooftops for winged creatures... with prices on their heads.
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^^HawkWoman^^: Don't even think about it.
* GunBunny looks around to find the source of that voice.
* GunBunny grins as she catches sight of a winged figure.
* ^^HawkWoman^^ looks down at the pink heroine in the ludicrous ears, glaring from behind her golden hawkmask.
GunBunny: Hmm... I don't know if you’re worth anything or not...
^^HawkWoman^^: I was thinking the same thing about you.
* GunBunny narrows her eyes as one floppy ear falls forward across her face.
Raziel`Kang: (( Ack, I just read GunBunny as CumBunny, don't ask why... LOL ))
The_Viper: lol
Black`Rose: <lol>
GunBunny: (points her guns idly in your direction... lol)
Raziel`Kang: (( go ahead, make my day, pull the triggers and give me a reason... *grins* ))
^^HawkWoman^^: Raz is invincible, that's so dreamy!
^^HawkWoman^^: :P
Raziel`Kang: Invincible? No, far from it actually :p
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***: ^^HawkWoman^^ is now known as ^^Deedlit^^
Raziel`Kang: Those peashooters of hers don't do much good, though.
* GunBunny spins and squeezes the triggers, firing rapidly at the one for whom she was looking.
* Raziel`Kang can't help but wonder who she was looking for. :p
* GunBunny looks up in amazement as the target she just filled full of holes speaks... ;)
* Raziel`Kang scratches his head.
* Raziel`Kang falls over and plays dead.
* GunBunny nods.
GunBunny: A delayed demon reaction perhaps…
* Raziel`Kang stands back up and brushes himself off.
Raziel`Kang: That's it, you owe me a new shirt.
* GunBunny dashes up the fire escape, stopping two floors down as he rises.
GunBunny: Damn, the witchdoctor guaranteed those rounds...
* Raziel`Kang spins his two guns out and sprays the fire escape with bullets, each one punching fist-sized holes in the wall as they pass through the metal
* GunBunny blinks as these holes appear all about her, the sound deafening.
* GunBunny charges up the last two flights of stairs thinking she's just got to get her hands on those guns.
GunBunny: Cool!
* Raziel`Kang spins his guns back again, and watches as the fire escape slowly begins keeling over, all the attachments to the wall gone.
* GunBunny makes the roof just in time, snatching for those guns with genetically enhanced quickness.
* Raziel`Kang steps back and blocks her attempts to grasp his guns, his reflexes far superior to any ordinary human. He counters with a blindingly fast blow to her abdomen.
* GunBunny is sent flying back across the tar and chat roof, landing on her buns and wincing, but certainly not an "ordinary" human as she rolls to her feet and shoots lose a guide wire on the rooftop communication antenna which whips at the demon.
* Raziel`Kang growls and extends his wings, leaping off the rooftop to come to a halt in mid-air, his wings slowly moving behind him to keep him hovering for a brief moment, the color of his eyes shifting from blue to deep red as he dives towards GunBunny.
* GunBunny leaps sideways at enhanced speed, firing both guns at the descending demon as she somersaults through the air in a flap of long grey coat that is turned into cheese by the fusillade.
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* CowgirlPaige shoots GunBunny.
* GunBunny crumples in a ball on the roof as an interloper helps the demon she is fighting.
* Raziel`Kang rolls sideways to evade the incoming rain of bullets, a few bullets just barely grazing his large black wings as he lands in a crouch not far from GunBunny, the concrete denting beneath his feet with the impact
CowgirlPaige: oops!
* GunBunny lies still as if dead or injured and waits for her chance.
CowgirlPaige: (only shoots stun guns)
GunBunny: (shsssss)
* Raziel`Kang raises a brow and looks down at the seemingly wounded heroine, then shrugs and draws both guns, training both at GunBunny before simply pulling the triggers
* GunBunny rolls aside, firing her own guns simultaneously at close range, emptying the clips.
* Raziel`Kang smirks as she rolls and just follows, firing round after round after her as he sidesteps, growling with pain as his shoulder and thigh are hit by her bullets.
* GunBunny rolls over and over desperately as holes erupt in the rooftop behind her, going around and around until she is back where she started. There is a loud sound of something settling and the portion of roof where Raziel stands collapses.
* Raziel`Kang extends his wings and back flips, stopping dead in the air again as he continues to fire at GunBunny, emptying both clips as well, a loud hiss is heard as he ejects them and reaches into his coat to reload
* GunBunny jumps into the hole in the roof, lands on her feet and rolls out of sight in an adjacent room below where she slaps a new clip into each of her guns.
* Raziel`Kang growls and reloads both guns before retracting his wings again, holstering his weapons as he lands on the rooftop and fades into shadow, traveling through the dark and into the shadows on the floor where GunBunny is now, re-appearing behind her. "Boo"
* GunBunny looks over her shoulder slowly, the blood draining from her face. "Er... hello there..." She notes that he has holstered his guns and considers going for it as her guns are still in her hands.
* Raziel`Kang smirks and slowly shakes his head as he can see her squeeze the handles of her guns, baring his fangs as he growls quietly. "Don't even think about it, you can't stop me with those little things anyway"
* GunBunny frowns. "So I noticed... what the hell are those armor-piercing things you're packin' bud?"
* Raziel`Kang chuckles quietly and slowly walks up closer. "If you really must know, my guns are custom-made 7.62mm semi-automatic pistols, and I use armor-piercing rounds with explosive tips."
* GunBunny nods and holsters her guns, speaking as if to an old friend, "Impressive... may I check one out?" She reaches out a pink-gloved hand.
* Raziel`Kang chuckles and reaches in for one of his guns, the white one, he ejects the clip with a sharp hiss and hands it over. "Sure, I can't see why not."
* GunBunny grins as she takes the gun. "I guess you weren't about to fall that one, Demon..." She balances the gun in her hand. "Nice..." She twirls it and locks out her arm as if aiming it. "Very cool! I should get some..." She swings it around, gripping the barrel and begins to hand it back butt first... and then slams the butt into the demon's crotch as hard as she can.
* Raziel`Kang growls sharply as the butt of his own gun is slammed into his crotch and drops onto one knee, one of his hands holding his crotch as the other one reaches for his second weapon.
* GunBunny brings the gun up, swinging the butt for a temple as she draws one of her own with her free hand.
* Raziel`Kang slams the butt of his gun at GunBunny's wrist as she swings for his temple and launches upwards, aiming his knee at her abdomen.
* GunBunny has her blow effectively blocked, but she fires a couple of wild shots before she is knee lifted so hard her body hits the ceiling above with a grunt before falling back to the floor in a heap.
* Raziel`Kang growls furiously as the few bullets she got to fire bury themselves in his chest, then stands panting for a brief moment, listening to the sound of the bullets land on the floor in front of him as they're pressed out of his flesh, then he walks over to GunBunny and gets his gun back.
* GunBunny groans, barely aware of what is happening as the gun is wrenched from her hand. "Hey, wait a minute..."
* Raziel`Kang sets his jaw and leans in to lift GunBunny partially to her feet, only to slam his fist into her abdomen forcefully.
* GunBunny oophs as she is doubled up over the fist, her green eyes blinking as she wonders for an instant if that cracking sound was a rib or a gunshot. She gulps for air.
* Raziel`Kang puts a hand on her shoulder and shoves her backwards harshly, growling softly beneath his breath as he holsters both his weapons again.
* GunBunny stumbles back into the wall. Krack! The back of her head hits hard and she slides to a seat. Her head lolls to the sweaty pink shape of her breasts and she is still.
* Raziel`Kang shakes his head slowly and chuckles as he extends his wings and leaps out of the hole in the ceiling, leaving GunBunny unconscious there as he returns to the demon realm to take care of business.
Raziel`Kang: (( meaning, that the demon needs to go sleep :P ))
GunBunny: (Me too, actually)
Raziel`Kang: (( Good timing then :P ))
GunBunny: (Yep, thanks :P )
* Princess_America (throws more brackets at DeeDee)
Raziel`Kang: (( night night all zzzZZZzzz ))
Raziel`Kang: sleep tight :)
GunBunny: ->Raziel`Kang: You too :)
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(November 2004)