Grimm Shadows

Grimm Shade likes this training idea and approaches Chickfighter.

Chickfighter sips her Dew.

Songbird looks at Grimm Shade and would advise him to do the training with people who want to. But then again it's not really her problem, Chicky sure can take care of herself.

Grimm Shade asks, “Miss Chickfighter could I interest you in a sparring session?”

Songbird didn't see THAT coming, though.

Chickfighter shrugs and smirks coyly. “You should come by my dojo and sign up for lessons if you want to spar. I'm a mistress of SnaFu.”

“If I must ... what is the location of said dojo? I'm a master of laying the smack down.”

Songbird murmurs, “Poor Grimm Shade.”

Chickfighter replies, “The Saikyo Dojo in Seacourt... just beyond Chinatown... past Mister Wu's Superhero Laundry.”

Grimm Shade shrugs. “Never went in there, kinda attached to the cloak.”

Chickfighter amazingly produces a card from somewhere mysterious as her costume would appear to have no place to keep it.

Windscale slinks into Taz's with a gaunt expression and fingers wiggling in a 'gimmie gimmie' gesture. "Everything. Anything. Keep putting food in front of me until I tell you to stop."

Grimm Shade blinks. He knows how he does that trick but is clueless as to how Chick just did it.

Omen thinks she hid it in her cleavage... a lot of girls do that.

Grimm Shade is certain I would've noticed that move.

Chickfighter notes that was just another way of saying the pink full-length bodysuit is skintight, not really implying any special tech or magic.

Deacon-Noir nods appreciatively as he visually verifies her costumes tightness level.

Windscale eats like... well... Chickfighter.

Chickfighter giggles as she spots possible competition for the next eating contest.

Yeti Taz serves Windscale, since she is eating like Chickfighter, chocolate cheesecake.

Grimm Shade takes the card from Chickie and grins, "Hope to see you soon."

“And milkshakes,” Windscale demands as she munchmunches, “So I can wash it down. And floats. Just keep bringing food.”

Chickfighter gives a thumbs-up and sips her Dew.

Grimm Shade pays for the ladies food and steps into the shadows to re-emerge near the dojo. He sniffs the air. “Something smells good...” He enters the dojo and signs up.

Chickfighter notes her young instructor Red Hornette must be down there at the dojo this evening.

Yeti Taz is very busy here fixing treats left and right. Milk shakes. Floats and chocolate cheesecakes all around.

Chickfighter asks, “So when are you going to put pizza on the menu, Taz?”

Deacon-Noir thinks it’s high time he had one of those famous root beer floats.

Yeti Taz has a chocolate pizza on the menu. And has just added a super supreme with everything on it pizza to the menu. He serves Deacon a root beer float.

Chickfighter exclaims, “Ooooooh... I'll take the super!”

Windscale orders one of those pizzas, then looks around to make sure nobody is too close. Then leans in to say, "And can you deep fry it? I've had it done in Glasgow, it's fantastic darling." Windscale burns calories at a metahuman rate, is often hungry.

Yeti Taz fixes Chicky the super supreme pizza with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, black and green olives on garlic crust and prepares the same for Windscale and deep fries them both before serving.

Chickfighter blinks. "Err... I really didn't want mine deep fried... but I guess I can try it..."

Windscale tears into her own, though she's still posh enough not to speak with her mouth full. So, between bites, she purrs, "If you don't want it, darling, I'll be glad to take it off your hands..."

Chickfighter tries the culinary catastrophe and gurgles more than giggles as she finds it delicious.

Windscale is disappointed at the loss, but consoles herself by getting chocolate.

“I'm gonna need a 2-liter of Dew to go to wash this down, Taz.” Chickfighter shrugs. “I should prolly go by the dojo and work it off before it has a chance to go to my boobs or any place else...”

Omen is always up for a spar to help her work it off. A friendly spar though... he has no need to seriously hurt the girl... or be off the field for a while himself.

Windscale holds up a foaming mug of Dew. "Good luck to you, darling. Eat harty!"

Yeti Taz gets a chilled 2-liter bottle of Dew and sets the entire thing down on the counter by Chicky.

Deacon-Noir looks slightly irritated he didn’t know you could get bottle service here.

“Thanks, Taz.” Chickfighter takes a swig as she heads off to the dojo, drinking from the big bottle like it was a twelve-ouncer.

Grimm Shade slurps down water as the attendant goes over the rules ad nauseum.

Chickfighter notes that Red Hornette only recently was made an instructor and takes her job very seriously.

Grimm Shade rolls eyes. “Fine, fine no beating the crap out of anyone. How about powers?”

“Signing someone up, Red?” Chickfighter giggles as she enters the dojo. “Hi Mister... didn't we just meet at Taz Treats?”Grimm Shade nods to Chick.

Chickfighter notes, “Didn't take you long to get down here.”

“I travel fast,” Grimm Shade replies, “Besides I've seen you eat before.”

“To answer your question we really prefer people not use powers in the dojo, but then it can be hard to define what ‘powers’ are so...” Chickfighter shrugs and smiles.

Grimm Shade smiles. “The difference between me using my powers and not is very large.”

Chickfighter giggles, “I mean if Merci and Black Hulk were to spar I'd likely have to build a new dojo you know.”

Grimm Shade nods, "I'd show you my transformation but your ceiling is a bit low."

“However, it's only natural that a person rely on their strengths to some extent when fighting... transformation... low ceiling?” Chickfighter raises a brow. “Oh my...”

Grimm Shade smirks, “Not to worry. Unless you have a convenient outside spot.”

Chickfighter looks him up and down and offers a gloved hand. “Molly Whipple.”

Grimm Shade offers his hand. "Grimm Shade."

Chickfighter giggles as they shake. “We could always take it to the street.”

Grimm Shade snorts. “Well hell, you're hardcore!”

Chickfighter giggles more. “You’re quite kind to say so, Mister Shade.”

Grimm Shade shrugs. “I haven't used my human name in more than 50 years.”

Chickfighter nods. “I was the city wrestling champ once upon a time before the movies... but I don't know that I was hardcore!”

Grimm Shade muses, “Most dojos worry about mats and safety and lawsuits.”

Chickfighter inquires, “So why are you interested in my dojo? Or are you simply looking for a good workout? Ah, that makes sense... we are a little less legaleezy than most.”

“Me? I don't care, I'm not going to sue you and I don't think you'll beat me up too bad,” Grimm Shade remarks. “Always nice to practice new styles.”

“Well I wouldn't beat you up badly if I could help it.” Chickfighter winks. “Are you suggesting a full-contact match? Is this some sort of challenge to my style?”

Grimm Shade pulls off my tattered grey cloak revealing his black and white body armor. “Er ... what is your style? I've got no problem with full contact.”

“Okay.” Chickfighter motions Red. "Keep the students back and just watch, Red. So. In the ring? Or the street?”

Grimm Shade replies, “Street is fine.”

Chickfighter smiles and sweeps an arm to the door. “I think there's a nearly full moon this evening so lighting shouldn't be much of an issue.”

“Should I keep my armor on?” Grimm Shade opens the door for Chicky.

Chickfighter nods as he gets the door. "Thanks. That's up to you I guess. Do you usually wear it?"

“I just remembered I always have a few protection spells on to protect from massive damage.” Grimm Shade replies flatly. “Always.”

“Magic...?” Chickfighter makes a bitter Dew face.

Grimm Shade shrugs. "Occupational hazard. I can kill the spells if it makes you afraid.” He grins.

Omen stops as he sees Grimm and Chick talking about a fight and only leans up against a wall crossing his arms.

Chickfighter shrugs and begins to stretch. “Afraid isn't the right word... if this is to be a fair challenge you should be yourself...”

Omen chuckles at that last bit and mumbles to himself, "So if I fight, I should use every military grade weapon I have."

Grimm Shade holds up his cloak and it floats off to the corner. He ties his long black hair into a ponytail as he stretches. “Like I said if I used my powers it wouldn't be right.”

Chickfighter demonstrates ridiculous flexibility and then settles into a stance as the stiletto heels of her sewn-in boots retract like Stargull's.

Grimm Shade stretches quite well as he doesn't want to get twisted like a pretzel. Grimm Shade looks at Chicky. "Now thats a wise thing to have." He takes off his combat boots and looks around on the ground. "So any holds barred?"

Bum Outside Taz’s changes signs. "If some one slaps you in the face, turn the other cheek and break the wind."

“You're not proposing we fight to the death or something are you?” Chickfighter lofts her brows. “I mean I might have to send the students home if that's the case.”

“I just don't want you to be surprised when you find out Flair was wrong.” Grimm Shade laughs. “You are hardcore!”

“To be with the woman... you have to beat the woman?” Chickfighter smirks.

Grimm Shade shakes his head. “No I am the dirtiest player in the game.”

Chickfighter rolls her eyes. “Well then let's get this started.”

“And I see about 5 objects in the area to use,” Grimm Shade notes. “You didn't answer my question so I'll just figure it out.”

Chickfighter glances about at parked cars, light pole, trashcan, newspaper dispenser and manhole cover. “No holds barred is fine...”

Grimm Shade pulls an imaginary bell and a loud ringing sound is heard. “I may be in love...”

Chickfighter takes a step forward and stomp kicks the manhole cover up into her hands. She swings it at her foe.

Grimm Shade grins at Chick and dives toward the light pole trying to keep it between him and her.

Chickfighter pings the manhole cover off the light pole a couple of times, then spin kicks, aiming to knock the whole pole over on Grimm.

Grimm Shade looks a bit scared and flips away rapidly. "About that whole no holds barred deal..."

Chickfighter grins as she leaps up over the pole letting the manhole cover fly as if it were a frisbee, zipping at her foe.

Grimm Shade heading toward garbage can, needing something. He dives into the can "Not superhuman huh?" The lid flies over him. He spins around quickly and gets up on his haunches.

Chickfighter smirks as he dives into the trashcan. She is on it in a second, kicking the can up with one leg and wheel kicking the can while in the air, sending it flying into the building facade behind the sidewalk. “Bad idea, Mister Shade...” Chickfighter poses over her kick as her students applaud.

Grimm Shade not feeling very well now that he just slammed into a building. Crawls up a bit slower. “Ok, no more BS then.”

Chickfighter strolls over to the still reverberating trashcan, her slender pink hips rolling confidently as a gloved hand reaches out to drag the man up by the collar. “Had enough?”

Grimm Shade snorts and walks slowly and carefully around Chicky.

Chickfighter drops back into her stance to circle. “Guess not then.”

Grimm Shade comes closer as his arms come up. “I've been beaten up much worse than this.”

Omen raises a brow as he expected Grimm to have this fight since he has magic and all.

Chickfighter attempts to grasp Grimm’s arms by the wrists, bring her heels up into his midsection and roll backwards into a monkeyflip that would toss him back against the brick building.

Grimm Shade brings up a quick knee at chick's midsection as his arms are grabbed.

Chickfighter winces as she bangs knees with her foe. “Ow!”

Grimm Shade grins. "Hence the armor." He swivels around for a kick toward Chick's head.

Chickfighter hops about on one leg, holding her knee for a moment until a kick sends her careening into the brick wall. Her body goes horizontal in the air, splaying out as it impacts the brick wall, crumpling to the sidewalk in a heap. “Nngh ungh ughh...”

Grimm Shade cringes. "Crap!" I run over to help Chicky up. "You alive? Need medical?"

Chickfighter shakes her head as she looks up from hands and knees. “Did I say we were through?”

Grimm Shade shrugs. "You're the sensei but most people would be still laid out."

Chickfighter grimaces and gets to her feet, unaware of the open flap of torn costume over her flexing ball of left glute. She wipes blood from her lip, blue eyes narrowing. "I'm not most people!"

Grimm Shade bows slightly, keeping eyes on Chick. "You are not."

Chickfighter looks really angered to have been shown-up in front of her students and almost blurs into a series of crescent kicks, using all of her genetically enhanced quickness, aiming to knock his face side to side.

Grimm Shade takes the first two, stunned by Chick's speed before his arms come up to block and he charges forward into a desperate shoulder block attempt. "The hell..?"

“OOOOPH!” Chickfighter doubles over the charging shoulder as it catches her in the midsection, the whole left side of her ass protruding from her costume as she is folded over.

Grimm Shade spitting up some blood. "Red was right, I should have taken the mouthpiece." He pushes toward the ground hoping he can overpower the small girl by grappling.

Chickfighter grunts as she is driven to the pavement by the tackle, flailing as most of the air exits her lungs.

Grimm Shade recalls it’s no holds barred and goes for a simple chokehold as he tries to wrap his legs around Chick's midsection.

Chickfighter writhes and tries not only to wriggle free of the scissors, but to catch hold of one of her foe's arms and twist it. “Let... nngh... me... ungh... go!”

Grimm Shade's arm is grabbed and twisted and he releases and rolls to counter it. "Son of a..."

Chickfighter gasps for air as she rolls away and struggles to her feet, arching her back to test it, the tightly jiggling shape of her pert chest seemingly about to burst through the pink bodysuit at any second.

Grimm Shade stands up and notices your torn outfit and grabs at it. Trying to give a sharp yank. "You want to keep on?"

Chickfighter eeps as the left side of her bodysuit from waist to knee is torn away. “Are you some sort of pervert?”

“Remember no holds barred?” Grimm Shade eyes her. “Not distracted are you?”

“Are you?” Chickfighter steps into a sidekick of long slender bare leg as if to answer.

Grimm Shade puts up his hands but is knocked head over heels.

Chickfighter pursues, stomping down with a pink boot, most of the leg and round bottom above on full display as it flexes.

Grimm Shade looks up at multiple chicks as I try to roll away far too slowly. "Damn! ... ow!" He stops and taps the ground three times. "No mas .."

Chickfighter clenches a gloved fist and drops to a knee, aiming to punch the man's lights out and... stops her fist millimeters from his cheek. “You give?” She grins.

Omen claps for Chicky as Grimm taps out. That was a bit longer than he thought it'd be but it was well worth watching.

Grimm Shade nods. "You win this round... next time, powers." He lays my head back to the tar.

Chickfighter looks cheeky as she offers Grimm a hand to get up.

Grimm Shade asks, “Did you hear a popping noise?”

“What makes you think there'll be a nex...” She blinks. “What popping noise?”

Grimm Shade accepts the hand and gets up slowly. “No, I think it was me.”

Chickfighter nods. “I hope you're alright.”

“I'll be fine.” Grimm Shade bows deeply to Chick "There's always a next time."

“Good.” Chickfighter giggles. “It wouldn't do for my students to see anyone get seriously hurt.”

Grimm Shade suggests, “We can always go lights out.”

“You fought well. I take out most local punks with the first shot or two.” Chickfighter eyes. “Lights out. Still the pervert are you?”

“Yeah, not sure about what exactly super-powered is huh?” Grimm Shade complains and explains. “I mean no audience. Not sure what you meant.”

Chickfighter giggles. “You just want to get me in a dark room all alone like half my fans...”

Grimm Shade laughs as his cloak floats back over his injured form. “If that's all I really wanted... And believe me I do use any trick I can.” He focuses and the lights go black for blocks.

“Why can't the city seem to keep the power on down here... geesh!” Chickfighter gasps. “You did that?”

Grimm Shade nods. “Next time... powers.”

Omen watches as the lights flick off and then back on and raises a brow before looking back to the two.

Chickfighter giggles nervously. “We'll see.”

Lady Wynnd shimmers in the shadows.

“We're not alone here?” Grimm Shade looks toward Omen and then stops.

Omen addresses Grimm. “You haven't been since you started the fight.”

Chickfighter has a bad feeling the ‘next time’ this guy keeps talking about won't be of her choosing.

Grimm Shade turns to Lady Wynnd. "Hah!" He hobbles over to Wynnd.

Lady Wynnd chuckles softly, sniffing at his blood. "Awww..."

“Sorry to waste it.” Grimm Shade explains. “A little sparring is all.”

Lady Wynnd says, “You poor thing. C'mere!”

Chickfighter heads to the dojo to shower and change.

Grimm Shade hobbles faster even as he waves to Chick. “Well fought.”

Omen addresses Chicky. “When you're feeling back at your' top, I'll spar you... I don't want you to be even winded when we fight.”

Chickfighter waves and shows her ass one final time before the door to the dojo closes.
Lady Wynnd observes. “You let that little one do some damage.”

Grimm Shade smiles at Wynnd. "Got cocky with the whole no powers deal... she sure as hell is not normal. Nice butt too.”

Chickfighter grins as she scrubs it.


Chickfighter looks the part of a movie and video game starlet as she reappears from the dressing room of the dojo, hem of white sweater dress riding up curve of pink-tights-clad bottom. She pushes hem of sweater back down with black-leather-gloved hands that match ankle boots and belt. She accessorizes with carbon black throwing star earrings, shiny pink purse and Ducati motorcycle cap.

Grimm Shade appears. “Hello teacher, I think I'm ready for sparring session number two.”

“And here I just changed into a nice outfit...” Chickfighter giggles. “But since you were nice enough to call me ‘teacher...’ when do you want to schedule something?”

“Well if you can't do it tonight of course that's ok...” Grimm Shade shrugs and considers.

“You mean now?” Chickfighter gapes.

Grimm Shade nods. “If you're not busy amusing DH that is?”

Chickfighter scowls. “DH is hardly amusing... lousy rotter...”

Grimm Shade muses, “When you're as old as he is odd things amuse you I'd imagine.’

Hardman quips, “So says old man Grimm.”

Chickfighter observes, “You're as old as you feel...”

Grimm Shade shivers. "Stop saying that."

Chickfighter giggles. “Have you recovered okay from last time, old man?”

Grimm Shade laughs. “Yes, I'm fine although I think I still have a bruise from where you stomped me while I was down.”

“Really?” Chickfighter looks a bit contrite. “So what sort of lesson are you looking for this time? Anything in particular?”

Grimm Shade nods. “Super powered encounters.”

Chickfighter looks at him. “That sounds more like Meghan and Wendy territory... I don't usually knock over mountains.”

Grimm Shade stares back and says flatly, “Come now, you're not quite an average human.”

Chickfighter shrugs and giggles. "Well no, if you haven't already guessed I was made in a lab... genetically engineered... what my creator felt were superior traits..." She poses dramatically.

“You're a fricking test tube creation?” Grimm Shade snorts. “Have to say didn't see that coming.”

Chickfighter frowns and pushes down on the hem of her sweater dress as it rides up the pink curve of her astronomicals. “Yeppers, why?”

Grimm Shade shrugs. "Most people who find out they were created in programs like that are a lot more bitter over it."

Chickfighter appears annoyed. “Have a problem with that or something!?”

“I don't care where ya came from, girl,” Grimm Shade replies, “I take on all comers and I knock out all bums!”

Chickfighter shakes her head. “I'm not Prism... I learned to deal with it... besides my creator loved me... I'm sure of it!”

Grimm Shade nods. “Happy for you really. Now you ready for some real action?”

Bum Outside Taz’s stands with a sign that reads, "The end is nigh." The bum also has a small silver cup with some change in it.

Chickfighter nods. “If it's super you want I'll do my best, although I'm certainly no Merci.”

Grimm Shade shrugs, "You can bring weapons if it makes you happy."

Chickfighter blinks. “Bring? Where?”

Grimm Shade chuckles. “Where ever ya'd like!”

Chickfighter nods. “Well I sure don't want to destroy my dojo... there's a burned out block a couple of streets over...”

“Excellent! Should make for a perfect spot. You might want to leave your students at the dojo.” Grimm Shade smiles. “It could get ugly.”

Chickfighter blinks and cocks her motorcycle cap to the side. "Stay here guys... or better yet... spread out and look for Dee while I'm busy... maybe you'll have found her by the time I finish this guy’s lesson."

Grimm Shade turns and heads for the burnt out area.

Chickfighter heads east toward the location indicated, wondering exactly what it is this guy's after.

Grimm Shade shadows ahead getting a feel for the area, finally waiting in a large open space.

Chickfighter steps into the street, only soft moonlight to cast a faint long slender shadow of her shape as it takes its stance.

Grimm Shade sits in lotus position, his ragged cloak covering him completely. He stands up slowly and bows to Chick. “You did teach me an important lesson. I suppose I should thank you.”

Chickfighter returns the bow and then has to push the hem of her sweater back down. “What was that? To keep your guard up, even when you're down?”

“Never underestimate your opponent.” Grimm Shade laughs.

Chickfighter smirks. “Ahh... there is that...”

“No that lesson was when you're enemy is down make sure to finish them.” Grimm Shade notes, “When you were down I hesitated and asked if you wanted to stop...”

Chickfighter raises a brow. “Are we enemies now?”

Grimm Shade continues, “When I was down you went to finish me.”

Chickfighter giggles nervously, “But I didn't actually did I...?”

“Does a friend kick a friend when they're down?” Grimm Shade smiles at you. "No, but I somehow felt you wanted to."

Chickfighter twitches. “Does a teacher need to make an impression?”

Grimm Shade mutters, “Details... details...”

Chickfighter offers, “You challenged me in front of my students... the demonstration was as much for them as you I admit.”

“Impression made and much respect...” Grimm Shade hesitates, “However ... you might have mentioned you're a meta-human combatant. I did tell you I wouldn't use any powers.”

Chickfighter smirks and shakes her head. "Not a meta... just my creator's idea of human perfection..."

“ Ha!” Grimm Shade exclaims, “You're beyond peak human. Don't know how long you can do it. Let's see.”

“Who's to say a human can't run like a cheetah or jump like a... wha...

Grimm Shade disappears.

Chickfighter blinks and listens closely. “You sure talk a lot...” She adjusts her cap and prepares to head back to the dojo. “If you don’t want to...whoa!”

Grimm Shade steps from the shadows near Chick. “So if you want to say you're not more than human, fine!”

Chickfighter starts and spins, settling into her stance. “I consider myself less than human really... they have... souls...”

Grimm Shade's white eyes watch Chick carefully. “Meh only half human... You worried about your soul?”

“Worried? Nothing to worry about?” Chickfighter giggles.

Grimm Shade snorts. “All sentient beings have souls. It’s part of being sentient.”

“I haven't done this much talking before a match since the days when I wrestled for Solemn and Melancholy.” Chickfighter observes. “So you're saying I have one then?”

Grimm Shade's eyes glow red, his form darkens and shifts as he changes to his massive seven foot solid shadow shade form. He growls at Chick. "You need a bell girl?"

Chickfighter stammers out, “Something like that.”

Bum Outside Taz’s holds up a sign, "The monsters are coming."

Grimm Shade slashes a large clawed hand at Chickfighter. “Ding!”

Chickfighter hops backwards as the swiping claw comes around, slicing the motorcycle cap that came off her head into five easy pieces. “Yikes!”

Grimm Shade leaps toward Chick, now coming toward her rapidly, "Now you want to talk, just like a woman!"

Chickfighter goes into a crouch and kicks up from there into the middle of the charging shadow, slender pink leg snapping out, calf clenched like a fist as it drives the ankle bootie up and out.

Grimm Shade bounds right into the outstretched foot and snarls, "Try harder." He swipes another claw at Chickfighter as he tries to drive her foot back so he can crush her.

Bum Outside Taz’s holds up a new sign. "Practice what you preach."

Chickfighter feels as though her kick has struck a descending wall, the force of which sends her tumbling head over heels. She tucks and rolls, coming back to her feet, blowing a bit of blond bob from suddenly focused blue eyes, no longer worried about the hem of the sweater now risen around her waist.

Grimm Shade snarls as the fleet footed Chick rolls away from him. He suddenly shifts to two dimensional shadow and slides over the ground toward her.

“Shit, this is worse than fighting Yumi...” Chickfighter rips her white sweater dress up and over her head suddenly, tossing it over the approaching shadow as she runs backwards and up the facade wall, flipping back out in a ball, ready to uncoil and strike at the shade she hopes the sweater will help her spot.

Longshot tweats the usual group. "Chicky's stripping again... come quick!"

Grimm Shade's two dimensional form slides beneath said sweater not moving it and then vanishes into the shadows behind Chicky.

Chickfighter merely uncoils and lands back on her feet in the street, now wearing only a skin-tight sleeveless pink bodysuit with her black accessories. She turns slowly, peering into the shadows for her foe.

Grimm Shade watches Chick getting jumpy and focuses his powers on causing Chick's own shadow to go three dimensional and semi-solid as I have it spring up behind her and attack wildly.

Chickfighter seemingly struggles with herself in the moonlight, twin figures of pink and black, evenly matched until bisected by the shadow of an intervening street sign, Chicky's skewered shadow suddenly falling limp.

Grimm Shade’s shadowy form slides behind Chick again and reforms to his massive shade form. I swing a massive fist at her midsection. "Have to admit that was well done."

Lady Wynnd decides to amuse herself with the actions out here, sitting on a bench. She crosses her arms and legs neatly, watching with a slight interest.

Chickfighter spins at the sound of the voice only to double over the dark sledgehammer of a fist that lands with a thud and sends her flailing form flying until the building facade behind halts her flight rather abruptly. “Ungh.”

Grimm Shade stalks rapidly toward Chick to finish her off.

Chickfighter looks up from hands and knees, gasping for breath. She sees the approaching shadow, reaches for the throwing star dangling from her right ear and throws it, hoping to slow her foe.

Grimm Shade moves rapidly toward Chick as the throwing star appears in his chest. "The hell?" He yanks the star out of his chest as shadow comes out of his form like smoke. And he closes on chick, trying to kick her while she's down.

Chickfighter grunts as the kick lands up under her ribs with a sharp crack and sends her spinning vertically up into the air before him.

Grimm Shade slashes both claws at Chick as he sees her spin in the air in front of him.

Chickfighter screams as she feels the claws slashing through costume and flesh alike, leaving exposed boobies bloodied as they jiggle upon her rude return to the pavement. She groans and tries a desperate sweep at the ankles of the massive shadow figure.

Grimm Shade snarls with glee as he kicks Chick while she's down and claw her when she's up. He’s so pleased with himself in fact that he’s swept right off his feet. He splats the pavement not far from Chickfighter, red glowing eyes glaring at her.

Bum Outside Taz’s holds up a sign. “Watch out for that first step, it’s a real lulu."

Chickfighter is still sputtering for breath as she struggles to crawl away on hands and knees, reaching for her remaining earring as she looks back, realizing that sweep won't keep this thing with glowing eyes down long. She struggles to the feet, brick wall behind, shaking from the effort, ready to dive between the charging legs if he comes at her again.

Grimm Shade kips back up and looks down at Chick. "Tap out girl!" He starts moving quickly toward her again.

“Never!” Chickfighter looks up from the shadow of the wall behind her. She somersaults between the legs of her charging foe, rolling up to one knee on a half turn. She lets fly with her remaining earring shuriken, this one set to explode on impact. Grimm Shade may think she has missed as it flies past his ear, striking the wall behind, intended to bring down tons of bricks and their shadow on top of him.

Grimm Shade immediately turns and is about to let Chick feel his anger. As he hears the explosion he looks up and sees the concrete coming down. He growls loudly before the falling masonry drowns him out.

Chickfighter coughs up a little blood and crawls forward to see if she can dig the man out of the rubble. "Ungh... Mister Shade? Oohhh... can you... mmph... hear me?"

Chickfighter lifts brick after brick and tosses it aside, her bloodied chest becoming caked with mortar dust as she digs for her buried opponent.

Grimm Shade slides out from under the rubble in two dimensional form before reforming behind Chicky. "That was impressive! Really!"

Chickfighter spins, gaping, her eyes wide as she looks up at Grimm Shade. “You're... uhh... okay?”

Grimm Shade's shade form is leaking shadow from a number of spots but seems well otherwise. “Yes.” He leans down to Chick and scoops her up.

Bum Outside Taz’s walks out of the rubble dusting himself off and holding up a new sign. "Can’t touch this, dun dun dun dun..."

Chickfighter twitches, her voice quivering, "Call it a draw?"

“You on the other hand, look like hell!” Grimm Shade chuckles, “I suppose.” He carries Chick through the streets of Seacourt to an unfamiliar location, whole blocks going dark as they pass. He finally sets her down on a bare mattress in an empty room with no windows. There is a first aid kit on the mattress.

Chickfighter grimaces and nods as he puts her down. "At least one cracked rib... could possibly use some butterfly bandages... thanks."

Grimm Shade nods to Chick and then bows to her. "Another excellent lesson."

Chickfighter manages a weak smile. "I hope the next one doesn't kill me..."

Grimm Shade laughs softly and turns to leave. “Soon, but in fairness I will allow you to heal first.” The door slams shut, a deadbolt clangs into place and the light goes out.

Chickfighter gulps as she hears him lock the door behind him, suddenly realizing she has been kidnapped. She feels around in the darkness, finds the first aid kit and wishes she could just shower before bandaging her boobs.

(Feb 2011)