Blue Belle chuckles, thinking how hard she finds it to take much the new millennium seriously.

Gatorking slowly moves through the sewers before stopping, sniffing slightly. He was hungry and the food down here wasn’t enough anymore. But he could smell it up there on the surface. With a growl he shot his head up, smacking it into the cement. Up above in street level a big crack suddenly appeared in the middle of the street.

Lana Lang asks, “Has Deathshead been flushing his genetic experiments down the toilet again?”

MissUSA replies, “Every day after breakfast.”

Lana Lang blinks.

Gatorking smashes his head into the cement ceiling again and another bigger crack forms, some of the cement now jutting up. It is obvious something is trying to get out and so someone quickly called the police and traffic stopped. But there is always some nosey tourist. One man, a large guy in a Hawaiian shirt walked out to the crack and began to look into it.

“What was that? Are we having an earthquake?” Blue Belle checks her myWand.

Lana Lang suggests, “Someone should go check on it.”

“I'm getting the coordinates now.” Blue Belle heads out the door and down the street, a purpose to her walk, pencil skirt snapping at her nylons.

Gatorking smashes his head upwards again and suddenly bursts through. Up from the middle of the street a massive gator head pops out, nearly twenty feet long, the teeth easily three feet long. He snaps his head downwards, snapping the poor tourist guy up before looking around slowly, a big bloodshot eye surveying the gasping crowd.

Blue Belle stops in her tracks, swallowing hard before muttering, "You don't see that every day... maybe a couple of times a month or so... but really... much larger than Killer Croc..."

MissUSA peers down the street and thinks she sees shoes.

Gatorking continues to pull himself out of the sewers, not even half way out and already forty feet long.

Blue Belle reaches into her jacket and takes out her brightsword, a beam of blue energy issuing forth. She backs away, brown eyes furtive, seemingly trying to form some sort of plan. “That thing's bigger than a dinosaur!”

Lana Lang offers, “Might I suggest running?”

Blue Belle turns, “You may have a point, Lana.”

Lana Lang is wise in the ways of monsters and supervillains.

Blue Belle activates her myWand. "Sara, can you get the airship over here... I may need back-up... now!"

Gatorking now has eighty feet of himself out of the hole and more is coming as it moves towards a Burger King, opening its jaws and slamming them down around the fast food place. When it lifted its head again there was a fifteen-foot long gouge in the earth where the franchise used to be.

Blue Belle gasps and shakes her head, coming out of her heels and ripping her skirt up the side so she can move more freely. "I can't let this thing rampage through the city unchecked... where's Merci when you need her?"

“I heard she was trapped in a video game.” Quipped someone unseen. “Merci does meteors not alligators.”

Blue Belle races forward with energy sword in hand to meet this gigantic creature.

Gatorking finally pulls his hind legs from the pit, over a hundred feet long and his tail was still in the ground! He begins to move through the city, his jaws snapping up citizens in great mouthfuls, Belle the least of its concerns right now. It had prey. Lots of tasty prey.

Lana Lang declares, “Well at least this is a step in the direction of population control.”

Blue Belle raced toward the huge creature, leaping onto the hood and then the roof of a parked car from which she could leap to the back of the slithering monstrosity. With a two-handed grip she brought her blue energy blade down into the scaly surface.

Gatorking has a thicker hide than that and barely feels it. He continues on, swallowing up a bus full of people, all screaming as the bus goes down his throat. By now the police force is there as well, opening fire with everything they have and calling for super hero response.

“Ok, now wait - the BUS? That's my bread and butter, lizard.” Miss USA puts hands on hips. “I USE the bus!”

Morgan Drakewing asks, “You gonna let it get away with that, Miss USA?”

Blue Belle manages to cut a wound in the scales, but not deep enough to do more than annoy the creature. Struggling to maintain her balance she realizes she must go for the head, and hope the hide is less thick there. And so she runs forward along the spine of the menace, nearly falling at one point before regaining her balance.

Lana Lang declares, “It’s the God of Gators for sure!”

Gatorking snaps his tail, itself seventy-five feet long, taking out the entire bottom floor of one office building making the building topple as the gator whips his head to the other way, smashing his snout into a bank where the jaws began snapping.

Blue Belle reaches the snapping head and standing defiantly atop the crest between the eyes behind the snapping snout she once more tries to drive her energy blade down into the spot she thinks might hold the creature's brain.

Miss USA pops her cell phone and calls all her fashion designer friends just getting out of parties at the end of Fashion Week in NYC. "Send cobblers!" She pleads.

Gatorking felt the blade this time but it still did not go in deep enough to do any lasting damage. To him anyway. In response to having something on him he begins to roll like a log, rolling his massive body right on top of a school, hoping to brush Belle off his snout in the process as he rights himself on top of the high school.

Lana Lang yells, “Stab him in the eye Belle.”

Blue Belle screams and flails as she rolls away, doing her best to avoid being crushed to death, but failing to avoid losing her skirt and jacket, thusly coming back to her feet in only a white blouse flapping about over her pecan-tinted sheer-to-waist pantyhose.

Blue Belle reactivates the brightsword in her hand, amazed that it didn't cleave this thing to ribbons on full power as she has it set.

Lana Lang isn't.

“This is a job for Thor,” mutters Songbird, “Or Superman.”

Lana Lang offers, “I have him on speed dial.”

Just then, a sizable Merkava tank rolls up near the school, right behind Belle. The main 180mm recoilless cannon turns, firing a few phosphorus shells at the lizard, seeing if that acts as a deterrent enough.

Gatorking looks down at the high school and slams his snout in through the ceiling into the cafeteria. All the students stop eating and stare up at the massive reptile, frozen. Then they began to scream and scatter as he begins to start snapping them up. He then throws his head back with a gator roar as the phosphorus rounds hit.

Blue Belle throws up her hands as the blasts from the tank shells knock her on her shimmering ass. “Shit! Whatever works I guess... before it eats anybody else.”

Songbird watches and informs CHANCE of the progress.

Gatorking pulls himself off the high school and looks at the tank. It suddenly lunged at the tank. Gators could get spurts of speed that rivaled anything and this massive gator was no exception as it snapped up the tank, crushing it in its jaws, before dropping it back down.

Blue Belle scrambles up and attempts to take Lana's advice, suicidally running into the smoke, leaping from one pile of rubble to another, tails of her blouse fluttering away from shiny hiney as she aims to thrust the point of her blue energy beam into the eye of the beast.

Morgan Drakewing pops up the hatch of the tank, looking up as Susan keeps hacking and slashing. "Boss! We gotta lead that thing away from the population! Hurry!" He grabs for Belle's hand just as the rest of the Giant Monster Heavy Weapon Task Unit moves in, complete with those neat Tesla zapping tanks, the arcing electricity zapping at the lizard's tail.

Gatorking roars as the sword enters its eye. That hurts the lizard a lot, and it begins to shake its head wildly, its head knocking tanks aside. It is becoming enraged with all the attacks and swings its tail wildly at some of the tanks. The tail of a normal gator could flatten a full-grown man easily. This seventy-five foot tail flattened tanks.

Blue Belle was sent flying by the force of the raging snout being shook side to side. She looked up from the ground, her blouse hanging in tatters. "It's not going to follow me... or us, Morgan!" Belle shook her head. “No, I have to find a way to stop it!

Yeti Taz waves to Songbird and then sets about preparing chocolate cheesecake and serves the lovely Miss Lang a slice as they watch the DDSTV coverage.

Lana Lang smiles. “Thanks, Taz. It’s crazy out there. Giant God-like lizards running around, eating everyone.”

Morgan Drakewing growls, signaling to his crew as another Merkava parts from the main tank pack, which are now occupying the back part of the lizard. The tail makes short work of a few of the vehicles, one smacking through the third floor of one of the nearby apartments as phosphorus shells were fired at the front legs.

Gatorking roars again and snaps up another tank, crushing it in its massive jaws as it plows forward, smashing tanks aside. Its hide protected it from most of the damage but that hurt it. And made it madder. It rolls again feeling the tanks attacks on its back, how the hell did those get there, trying to knock them away.

“Maybe if I blind it in the other eye it will retreat...” Blue Belle is up and running past the massive jaws yet again, her blouse trailing away almost like a streamer now, revealing that her hosiery is sheer and she wears no panties. Still this does not concern her in the least as she aims to thrust her energy blade into the creature's good eye.

Morgan Drakewing gets back into the hatch as the Merkava readies its mortar, arcing a flare shell above the giant lizard, hoping to blind it long enough for Belle to deliver the coup de grace.

Gatorking turns its head as Blue Belle jumps, opening his jaws wide and snapping them shut where she should be. It is already on its way back to the sewers at this point. One eye missing and lots of burns is definitely enough for him as he heads back into the massive hole it has created.

Blue Belle finds herself in an enveloping darkness so close and rank she nearly passes out before she realizes the huge tongue is rolling her into the creature’s gullet in a tidal wave of warm saliva. Still she holds on to her weapon and so does the only thing she can, slashing wildly and violently at the constricting throat flesh that presses in around her.

The tanks try to follow as best they can, an order for cease fire given thanks to Belle's down in the mouth situation, giving the lizard a berth as it crawls through town.

Samsoni laments. “Alas, poor belle, I knew you well.”

Gatorking stops in his tracks. It opens and closes its mouth a few times silently before letting out a roar as blood begins to pour out of its open mouth. It begins to swing its head around wildly before the energy sword suddenly sticks out of the bottom of its throat.

Blue Belle appears to have been swallowed whole and alive, facing a fate perhaps worse than death, until lo and behold, she flops through a slit in the creature’s throat, the remnants of her blouse and her nylons glistening, clinging obscenely, hair matted to her face, contorted in disgust as she struggles free of the oozing flesh.

Lana Lang makes a face. “Ewww.”

Blue Belle is definitely in her element.

Gatorking staggers against a building, gasping for air as blood oozes from its slit throat. It staggers again before slamming down to the street, looking down at Belle as the life fades from its massive eye.

Blue Belle pants for air as she crawls away on all fours, blinking as if not really sure if she is alive or dead.

Suddenly a shot rings out right behind Belle.

Morgan Drakewing maneuvers the Merkava next to Belle, screeching to a halt, the other tanks leveling guns at the limp creature. Morgan gets out, P90 raised as he walks over to his employer.

Dr Cain sighs and levels his nine millimeter at Belle. "You know how hard it was to make that thing? And it cost me so much too," he said to her. "Oh well. It was a success for the most part. And for that I thank you," he said, squeezing the trigger once and walking off before Morgan Drakewing gets there.

Blue Belle is driven flat to the ground with a thump, a red spot appearing in the back of the plastered blouse, her plump rump continuing to jiggle for several long seconds, her body otherwise unmoving.

Morgan Drakewing hurries over and looks down at Belle.

Blue Belle lies there face down and unmoving as a pool of blood forms around her.

Morgan Drakewing doesn't notice the red stain until he gets to Belle's side. He scans the area, the confusion of the moment enough for the baddy to get away. He waves a medic team over as he tries to stop the bleeding.

Blue Belle moans as pressure is applied to her wound. She is alive for the moment at least.

The medic team keep her on her stomach on account of the gunshot wound, lifting her on a stretcher as Morgan slings his weapon behind his back, helping to carry Belle to the ambulance.

Dr Cain smiles as a car pulls up and he gets in. He quickly gives the driver, a red headed woman with a robotic arm, a kiss and looks in the back where a pale young woman sits. "Well my dear it was a success. Contact your brother, Steampunk. Tell him to proceed with the second part." The conversation appears to continue as they drive away, effectively escaping in the confusion.

Blue Belle wears nothing but soaked blouse and sheer pantyhose as she is rolled to her back on a stretcher and carted away. "Morgan? Is it bad?"

Morgan Drakewing squeezes Belle's hand as the medics treat her. "Nothing a few days of rest can't cure." He doesn't sound too confident, though. Maybe a tad concerned. "You got some guts sticking yourself in that lizard's mouth like that."

Blue Belle sputters and coughs, “Err... that was... an accident...”

Morgan Drakewing strokes Belle's hair. "Don't speak... save your strength, okay? It's our turn to take care of you..." He suddenly notes the bullet hole, frowning. That looked too small for a bite mark. He points it out to one of the techs as he returns to holding Susan's hand.

“Kay... tell Kei I'm proud of her... will you?” Blue Belle chokes out as she is whisked off to the hospital in an ambulance that never arrives at the hospital and is found a few days later at a chop shop in Seacourt.

(Feb 2011)