Fire Thing

Fuoco rose up before the congregation which hushed at his words. "My children. The flames have on this day given us a great gift! A tool that is even now on its way to the surface to purify it by the flame so that all may be saved!" he said to many cheers, a roar being heard in the distance. "Let the power of The Flame be known!"

Cognitos smashed his head against the cement above him, a burning horn ripping up from the ground and jutting into the street, the tip that was sticking out a foot wide and two feet long.

Tess Cabral acks as the tremor is felt throughout the street.

Cognitos ripped his horn out of the cement, smashing his head up through the street, roaring as it began climbing out of the hole, spewing flames from its open mouth upon the buildings as it began to tower above the street at nearly thirty feet tall and forty feet long.

Arik Cabral: ....Kreeze. Arik Cabral: We should go. Now.

“EEEEEK!” Tess Cabral looks at Marv, afraid she'll try to fight the thing.

Marvelous Girl looks at the monster and cringes, but then again, no one else seems to be stepping to the plate. She cracks her knuckles "Well, looks like I'm on the clock now!”

Kunoichi Kei takes out her myWand and calls in air support.

Tess Cabral worries, but there's no way she could help Marv with something like this. Arik might, but the effort would be too much for even him. Still...

Cognitos roared once more, swinging its massive head wildly, tearing huge gouges into the sides of buildings, stomping its massive feet before charging down the street, leaving burning claw marks in its wake.

Tess Cabral says, “Let's just keep a goodly distance. I might be able to get people out if it goes badly...”

Marvelous Girl flies toward the running beastie, fists clenched, "Yo, ugly!”

Tess Cabral 's knees quiver as she teleports with Arik to a high vantage point hopefully far enough from the battle but close enough to observe.

Marvelous Girl grabs an unoccupied truck and throws it at the monster to get its attention.

Kunoichi Kei starts asking people to evacuate in an orderly manner.

"Hey... Blue..." "Yes?" "You wanted a good fight, right?" "Well, yes." "And I wanted an excuse to break the kanabos out again, right?" "Well, yes." "So uh, giant huge monster?" "Well, I'm drinking." "...Bluuuuue!!!" "Fine, fine..." Red and Blue Oni teleport out.

Cognitos smashed into a building, burrowing through it before walking back out, looking around as a truck suddenly smashed into its face, blowing up and making it roar. It shook its head and charged down the street, shaking his head and smashing out building fronts.

The DDSTV airship wafts in through the darkness from the direction of the harbor, lights of the city occasionally reflecting off the tru-aluminium hull.

Arik Cabral stands with Tess. “Certainly a LARGE shadowspawn.”

Tess Cabral half wishes Nine was around, but this is too much for the little guy. “Arik....we need an icestorm...a big one.”

Kunoichi Kei looks up and nods as she texts on her myWand.

“How do I get myself into these things...” Marvelous Girl mutters as she hovers in the air and the beast charges, charging the beast herself, going for a superstrength enhanced punch to what amounts to its chin.

Kunoichi Kei blinks as some heroine tries to challenge the thing head on. “That'd be suicide if I tried it...” Kunoichi Kei sweats profusely as she texts, some three blocks away, hoping her plan will at least help with the heat.

Cognitos took the blow and roared, the punch causing it to alter course, careening sideways into a building which promptly collapsed onto the gargantuan being, leaving it covered in debris but still standing as it began looking around with intelligence in its eye.

“Yea! Take that jerkface!” Marvelous Girl says, but goes back to the offensive. She doesn't want this thing causing more havoc.

Arik Cabral tries working on the weather. It’s not his... specialty, but...

Tess Cabral windmills a bit as the buildings fall, causing the one they're on to shimmy a bit.

The DDSTV airship moves over the creature and drops a massive load of water just picked up from the bay.

Tess Cabral cheers at the airship.

Red and Blue Oni teleport back in, the pair of them having donned suits of samurai looking armour, wielding clubs that looked more like gigantic hunks of rock with even huger hunks of rock on the end than clubs. "Looks like we're late." "That's because you are such a slow dresser!" "Shut up, I've not worn this in over half a millennia!" "Gained weight." "...Shush."

Kunoichi Kei sweats profusely in the heat even as tons of water fall from the sky, resulting in a steamy fog rolling though the canyons of the city.

Tess Cabral squints as now the battle is hard to see from their distance.

Cognitos tried warding Marvy with its great horns but her small size and speed kept her one step ahead of the flaming horns, flaming until it was suddenly doused by an airship full of water, putting out the flames as the creature roared and stiffened.

Marvelous Girl is also engulfed in water, not painfully effected, but soaked to the bone.

Tess Cabral smirks to Arik. "Well you got your wish. One soaked Marvie."

Kunoichi Kei high fives Marvy as she approaches. “Is it... I mean... did that shower really stop it?”

"We can at least get one hit in!" the Oni charge forth, Blue grabbing Red under an arm and tossing her up at the stiffened monster before leaping herself at high speed, the pair seeking to smash it to pieces with massive clubs that could only enhance their Oni strength.

Cognitos roared once more before solidifying into a massive obsidian statue, frozen in a pile of rubble and between two buildings.

Red and Blue Oni probably ruin the statue a little.

Cognitos is then shattered... harsh much.

Marvelous Girl sputters and spits out mouthfuls of water, her dress clinging tightly against her soaked body.

Kunoichi Kei texts the airship to go pick up another load of water just in case. “And my school uniform is ruined...”

The DDSTV airship wafts off toward the harbor.

Marvelous Girl nods. “Ugh...I think I got pools of water in my boots.”

Tess Cabral is relieved that Marv didn't get hurt. “Well that was...easy.”

Arik Cabral replies, “True.”

Tess Cabral teleports with Arik closer to the shattered remnants. "So it's a golem obviously, but who's pulling the strings?" Tess picks up a piece of obsidian.

“But having an airship at my disposal is pretty cool!” Kunoichi Kei’s grin becomes quizzical. “Strings? I didn't see any...

Red and Blue Oni smash the statue to grit in short work, and stand amidst clouds of steam and dust. "That was anticlimactic." "Because you are SLOW!" "It's a full suit of armour! What do you want?!" "I got into mine in ten seconds flat!" "Your suit is lighter than mine, and not as tight." "Because you've gained weight!" Blue Oni snarls, and smashes Red over the head with her club, leaving the smaller Oni in a twelve foot deep crater. "Owww...."

Kunoichi Kei blinks. “Oh wait... not literally...”

Tess Cabral smirks at Kei.

Fuoco makes note to burn the airship.

Tess Cabral shrugs, pocketing the obsidian for now.

Kunoichi Kei also gets a sample of the rock and puts it in her backpack for her techie to examine.

Red and Blue Oni teleport out to remove their armour and put their kanabo away, then teleport back in to resume drinking. "Really. Next time, I want to beat the bad guy up. With our kanabo." "Next time there's a giant monster, sure." "Why not just use them on normal bad guys?!" "Because a common side effect of a seven-foot-four Oni hitting you with three tonnes of rock is death." "Phooey."

Marvelous Girl lands next to Tess. "Did you see that? I was awesome!”

Tess Cabral grins. "Yes you are. Awesomely soaked."

Kunoichi Kei nods to Marvelous Girl. "That was really impressive!"

Marvelous Girl smiles wanly. “Side effect of kicking that thing’s ass long enough to distract it for the airship's attack, naturally!”

Kunoichi Kei asks, “How did you keep from being burned?”

“I heal really fast,” Marvelous Girl answers Kei. Marvelous Girl likely has no eyebrows, however.

Kunoichi Kei laughs. “Well good job!”

Tess Cabral bites her lip, trying not to laugh.

Arik Cabral grins, hugging Tess.

Tess Cabral snugs Arik before walking over to Kei. "And great job calling the airship. You might make a great leader yet."

“Tanks, Tess. I need to head home and change.” Kei waves and scoots.

Tess Cabral nods.


Morgan Drakewing hands Kei a package. "This just came this morning. From Anarchistan by way of Barcelona..."

Kunoichi Kei nods even as she gets a perplexed expression. “Okaaaayyyy... Did you hear that I defeated a fire monster last night?”

Morgan Drakewing pushes the package to her as he serves up some good bacon and eggs, waiting for her to open it. "Is that why your hair smells a little singed?" He leans over and sniffs. "Nothing hurt?"

Kunoichi Kei takes a bite of breakfast first and then proceeds to start opening the package, amazingly turning her napkin into a letter opener of sorts. "Nope. All I did was call in the airship to dump water on it actually. Having the airship on call is pretty neat!"

Morgan Drakewing notices Kei cutting it open with...the napkin? Must be some specialized training. Inside the package is a DVD.

Kunoichi Kei frowns. "I hope this isn't more propaganda from the Order of the Serpent. If it is I might not even let DDSTV show it."

Morgan Drakewing checks the back of the case, raising an eyebrow. "It's signed to you...from Callie Sacramento." He shows her the signature.

Kunoichi Kei takes a laptop from her pack and puts in the DVD. "Those bastards prolly tink that's funny... making it from... wholly shit... it IS her!"

Morgan Drakewing looks over her shoulder as it's Callie and Cangly waving and smiling to the camera. It's hard to make out the audio over the static. It has a low audio quality, but soon it balances out so they could hear the familiar voices...

Kunoichi Kei nibbles idly on her bacon as Callie explains that she escaped death with Cangly's help and is alright, but taking some time to figure out what's different about her.

Morgan Drakewing smiles. "It certainly looks like the two...Cangly looks a bit more...subdued though. I'd think he'd be pinching her even more..." He notes the stern look from Kei, lapsing into silence.

“Well let that be a lesson to me not to ever give up on anyone...” Kunoichi Kei takes a deep breath. “Maybe the others are still alive too.”

Morgan Drakewing ruffles Kei's hair. "Never give up hope, Kei...and when they do come back, you won't be the rookie anymore, eh?"

Kunoichi Kei nods soberly. "Nope. I'm the boss!"

Morgan Drakewing offers a glass of milk. "And the boss has to keep positive, eh?"

Kunoichi Kei shrugs. “More like cautiously optimistic.”

“Close enough. Course, Callie will be out of commission for a while, but at least Cangly's got her home.” Morgan Drakewing sighs a little. "What you heard about the others?”

Kunoichi Kei mumbles between bites. “Well the monsters from below the streets are the only lead I have to Belle... Chicky was last spotted taking a challenge from Grimm Shade in Seacourt... Joanie... err... Questionnaire even found some traces of what Chicky was wearing... and no ting as far as Sara.”

Morgan Drakewing nods. "If you need someone to help you in the sewers, let me know. I might be of help in those sorts of places."

Kunoichi Kei notes the time and gasps. "Oh crap! I've only got twelve minutes to get to class!" The leader of the Danger Debs dashes off, worried about what her professor might do if she's late.

Morgan Drakewing waves. "Study well!"


Morgan Drakewing waves. “Just in time for Lunch, Kei.”

Yeti Taz fixes Kei a cheeseburger, large fries and root beer float.

Dee waves to Kei, Morgi, Taz.

Kunoichi Kei feels her hunger as she catches wind of the grease.

Yeti Taz fixes Dee a slice of strawberry banana cheesecake.

Kunoichi Kei puts it all down like a trooper and vows to run another ten miles today.

“Yum.” Dee eats super fatty foods but being magical in essence, doesn't gain a milligram unless she chooses to. She smiles at Kei sweetly.

Kunoichi Kei makes a face. “It's just not fair!”

Purps bursts in. “What did I miss.... what did I miss?”

Kunoichi Kei proclaims proudly, “Well last night I stopped a fire monster that was attacking the city.”

Yeti Taz whistles. “A fire monster? Ooooo...”

“It came from underground and I tink it might be related to that Gatorting that Belle fought right before she got shot and disappeared...” Kunoichi Kei nods soberly.

Dee quips, “It was helping the Gator? Some sort of Gator Aid? What a juicy story!”

“I may have to mount an expedition into the underground of Empire.” Kunoichi Kei notes the time and gasps. "Oh crap! I've only got twelve minutes to get to class!" The leader of the Danger Debs dashes off, worried about what her professor might do if she's late.

(April 2011)