The Final Piece

Arik Cabral had lost sight of Kei, but conjuring himself a portal, he appears in her presence out of nowhere. Apparently something about her makes her easy for him to find.

Kunoichi Kei starts and blinks at the sudden appearance. "Err, Arik."

Arik Cabral bows deeply to Kei, his cloak pulled slightly aside.

Kunoichi Kei curtsies, her long lavender cheongsam aprting up one side almost to the waist revealing the powerful leg beneath in the thigh-high stocking. “You shouldn't have left me dare...”

Arik Cabral looks down. “I was under the impression you had not survived. You ARE a mistress of timely escapes, truly. But you are right, and I apologize.”

“But you did return and save my dying friend... so...” Kunoichi Kei nibbles at her lip. “Apology accepted.”

Arik Cabral nods. “That is most gracious of you.”

Kunoichi Kei nods back. “Tanks for saving Panda. I suppose I owe you one for tat...”

Arik Cabral smiles. “If you deny me this next and final request, I will quite understand. I have discovered the last piece of the Shattered Stave. And as before, your help in acquiring it would make it... immeasureably easier. The good I could do with the Stave, once Reformed, would be immense. The healing of Panda, though a fine thing, is a tiny piece of what the full power it grants could help me, help the entire city, achieve.

Kunoichi Kei nods thoughtfully. "Does tis mean you too have reformed? And are no longer abducting heroines? Like you once did with Chicky..."

“I am doing my best.” Arik Cabral refuses to outright lie about the matter, as he dislikes lying, finding it demeaning.

Kunoichi Kei takes a deep breath and nibbles on her lip some more. "Well after saving my best friend's life how could I not trust you Arik? Should I get my sword?"

Arik Cabral looks thoughtful. “I think this time it is a more athletic, less combative sort of challenge. No need.”

Kunoichi Kei nods. "Tat's good cause I don't have it with me and would have to good back to the Tower to get it. So where are we headed tis time?"

“Antarctica, it seems. I can keep the cold from touching you while we are there, so you need not worry about changing clothes.” Arik Cabral opens another portal, laying a hand lightly on the back of Kei’s neck. She can feel some strange sorcery fall gently over her, perhaps the protection from the cold he spoke of. On the other side, sure enough, is a strange mountain range surrounded by endless snow and ice.

Kunoichi Kei widens her eyes of chestnut. "So not the Savage Lands I've heard about ten?" Kei sets her jaw and marches straight on through to the other side, braced for it to be really really cold just in case Arik's spell doesn't work.

Arik Cabral follows after, smiling slightly. “Not there, no. I have longed to visit, though.” Arik walks alongside Kei, the sorcerer seeming untroubled by the cold, the pair having to spend an hour or so, approaching the nearest of the mountains.

Kunoichi Kei crunches across the snow in her lavender heels, the icy wind whipping her silk dress up and all about her powerful legs with their fists of calf, but oddly Kei doesn't feel it anymore than a breeze on an early fall day. "Brisk, but not bad at all... so the mountains are our goal?"

Arik Cabral replies, “There is a ... place of power built into the side of one of the mountains.”

Kunoichi Kei nods soberly. "So this is the last piece? Haven't I helped you with like four of tem now?"

Arik Cabral leads Kei into a strange complex of rooms set into a cliff face in the mountain itself. Old, older than they should be... “You have.”

Kunoichi Kei follows. “I hope tat you'll let me have some input on what you do with your new power... wow, look at tis place!”

“I am going to entertain suggestions.” Arik Cabral looks over the walls. He recognizes some of the symbols, but neglects to inform Kei of the sinister things they describe. “Interesting art and writing. This was the product of a small but thriving civilization, and very, very old.”

Kunoichi Kei nods soberly as she too looks at the drawings. "Reminds me of some tings I saw on Easter Island or Sara used to research about the Mayans... aliens maybe?"

Arik Cabral concentrates quietly. Summoning a tiny bit of his power, an Ice Troll lurking in the ruins stalking towards them. The white furred beast steps out of a side passage with a sudden roar as they walk along, discussing the pre-history. "It could well have been aliens... Kei!" Arik calls out a fake warning, an instant too late. The troll reaches for Kei with long arms and wickedly clawed fingers.

Kunoichi Kei's attention is occupied by Arik's discussion and she is unaware of the snowbeast until its clawed hands have hold of her and Arik cries out her name. Her mouth forms a little o-shape as her flailing legs come off the ground and she squeals, "Whoaaahhhhh..."

Arik Cabral rushes at the monster, seemingly. Struck by a casual backhand, he slams into one of the walls and is still. In his own mind, pained his minion is not capable of understanding "hit lightly" to allow him to fake injury. It then slams Kei into the wall, one clawed hand grasping at the heroine’s Cheongsam savagely...

Kunoichi Kei grunts as her body hits the rock wall with a sick thud. But she uses a shadow ninja trick as the clawed hand rips away the lavender silk and slips away from both dress and grasp to roll away to her feet between Arik and the beast. "Don't worry! I can take tis ting, Arik!" She takes her stance in her bra, panties and stockings.

Arik Cabral groans quietly in pain as his only reply, the huge beast rushing at Kei, its roar of rage at her escape only just lest terrifying than the speed at which it leaps at her!

Kunoichi Kei is intent on defending Arik and so does not step aside but, braces and tries to meet the attack with a sidekick of her powerful leg. She catches the leaping beast in its hairy midsection and is driven to the cave floor by its immense bulk. Grunting with effort she frantically tries to wriggle out from under the hairy beast on top of her.

The Ice troll is briefly winded by the powerful kick, but the blow is not enough to keep it from crudely pinning her, and slamming its huge fist into her stomach repeatedly, the monsters strength enormous for a beast that only rarely gets to feed...

Kunoichi Kei oophs as the sledgehammer fist is driven into her concave abdomen. "Nngh." Her wriggling efforts to escape become painful writhing as she is hit again. "Ungh." And again. "Ungh." Finally she balls up, getting her legs between herself and the bulk of the beast, managing to kick it off. She rolls to hands and knees, gasping for air, a sharp pain in her side indicating a rib could be cracked.

The huge monster clasps its hands together into a double hammerfist, slamming it down at Kei's head, the crude monster trying to knock her out or stun her! It's pale white fur streaming in a sudden gust of wind that, for the first time, feels icy cold to Kei!

Kunoichi Kei rolls to the side as the huge blow comes down. Still on hands and knees, she gulps as the big paws actually crack the stone of the cave floor. She feels a cold sweat of fear bead up on the flesh of her heaving bosom as she till tries to catch her breath.

The rampaging monster shows a moment of cleverness, as she rolls to her hands and knees, it kicks out at her, hoping to catch her a powerful blow from its legs, which are nearly as long as the heroine is tall, the gangly beast swift to strike!

Kunoichi Kei is caught by the beast's kick as it shows her no mercy with its unrelenting attack. She oophs as her body folds over the big foot. She is punted across the cave into the wall beside Arik. Her body smacks into the rock and crumples to the floor on her back, limbs flopping outward spread eagle, her left boob dislodged from its cup at some point during the violent sequence. Kei lifts one hand and tries to raise her head but the hands slumps back and her head lolls to the side. Kei lies still but for the jiggling of her exposed breast.

Arik Cabral sits up, groaning and looking at Kei. "Took you long enough, you huge brute. But she always was skilled..." He then proceeds to strip the poor unconscious heroine of the remainder of her clothes. Taking her stockings and tightly binding her wrists and ankles at the small of her back, till she is in quite the stringent hogtie. Arik carefully folds the panties into a wad, gently opening Kei's mouth and tucking them in, gagging the heroine. "A bit on the spot, but for once I forgot the damned silk cord" he comments aloud, to his own amusement. Using a strip of her ripped dress, he ties the gag in place so she can’t spit it out. Arik's Ice Troll minion glares down at them both, angry to be forced to serve anyone, and hungry. Its simple mind fights Ariks sorcerous control unsuccessfully.

Kunoichi Kei's athletic form is easily stripped in it's unconscious state, the firm flesh glistening with sweat. Her lids seem to flutter as her own panties are stuffed between her lavender lips, but she remains blissfully unaware of her predicament as a tight package, at least for the moment.

Arik Cabral forces the troll to pick Kei up, carrying her along in the buildings and corridors that go ever deeper into the mountains rock. She has time to awaken and realize her predicament, the walk going on forever. Arik glances at Kei more than once... a tiny expression of guilt which he forces down, his expression speaking of grim necessity, at least to him.

Kunoichi Kei groans as she is lifted, consciousness slowly creeping back, until with sudden awareness she flexes, discovering her bondage. It is by that knot of lavender stocking about her wrists and ankles that the snowbeast carries her, not unlike a suitcase. Kei looks confused and trembles as goose pimples begin to quilt her exposed flesh as the sensitive nipples of dangling bare boobies occasionally drag along the rough cold stone floor.

Eventually they arrive at a huge chasm, bridged by a narrow walkway of stone. At the middle is a strange tangle of iron chains and a pillar. As Kei is carried closer, by Arik now, as the beast refuses to step onto the walkway. Arik speaks in a whisper. “I did need your help, Kei. There is a... guardian here. So old and powerful I could not hope to overcome it. But ... with an offering, it can be appeased. Brought to ignore me.”

Kunoichi Kei shakes her head him, lavender silk holding her gag in place flipping about. She makes muffled unintelligible threats into the wad of her own panties, chestnut eyes furious as they look up at Arik. She blinks when she hears the last of his words. She gulps, twisting and turning in her bindings, but to no avail.

Arik Cabral begins to use the strange tangle of chains and shackles on Kei's fear sweat covered form, leaving her hanging in midair, still hogtied and gagged, helpless before what is about to come. Arik calls out, now that she is properly secured for the beast, “Elder One, Lord of a Forgotten age. I am here. There is an offering now, for you. Take it, and be pleased, and let me pass.” Arik Cabral 's voice echoes strangely into the chasm. And then, terrifyingly, one can hear soft sounds of movement from below. Hundreds of scraping noises, of stone against.... something else.

Kunoichi Kei can't believe what is happening. Her heart races, the sound of it pounding in her ears, but not loudly enough to keep her from hearing the menacing sounds from below. She trembles with stone cold dread as wide eyes try to see into the darkness below.

Arik Cabral slips past the platform towards the far wall. One last look back at Kei, before the traitorous Sorcerer picks up this... last section of the stave, from the stone altar it lay upon. He watches with fascination while he creates a dark portal at that end of the chasm, even as hundreds of inky black tentacles come out of the darkness, wrapping about Kei’s body. Even as they touch her, the chains suspending her there release of their own accord, the heroine still bound by her own silk, and dragged down into the depths.

Kunoichi Kei pants for air, shaking her head and rattling the chains in which her bound form hangs. Her full breasts swing about like ripe fruit to be harvested. And the swarming mass of black tentacles do just that. She struggles desperately but is drawn down into the depths to a fate she cannot even fathom.

Arik Cabral looks back, watching Kei vanish into the depths with dispassion. "It is done. She served her purpose. May it end swiftly, Kei" And with that, the LAST section of the stave in hand, bought at the price of Kei's betrayal, Arik vanishes, leaving her behind to her fate once more.


The Elder One’s tentacles coil about Kei's body, the slick but cool touch already holding her tightly, rubbing along her most sensitive spots. Her struggles availing her nothing, her heaving breasts attracting a pair of tentacles, wrapping about them as she falls further into the dark.

Kunoichi Kei trembles even though it is warm, hot even, in the lair of the Elder One. The tips of her breasts become terribly tight as tentacles wrap about them. Her gagged face is contorted in horror at the sight of the thing that holds her.

The Elder One’s tentacles hold her tightly as she is drawn near the mass of its body, one unblinking, inhuman slitted eye gazing at her. She can feel the thing feeding on her horror as it holds her, as further tentacles suddenly force themselves into her, wrapping about her thigh before forcing its way into her bared slit.

Kunoichi Kei sniffles back a tear, realizing this may well be the end. But she never gives up struggling, even as seething tentacles slither about her bound body, exploring her contours, probing every nook and cranny, seemingly searching for openings like the tight cleft of her smooth hairless mound. Her throat goes dry as she feels the tingling push of one inside her warm moist sex.

The tentacles seem to explore her body and press inside her, her struggled reactions forcing the coils to roll her about in the air, one even snapping the cord holding her gag in place. Kei's stubborn resistance drawing out the process of her otherworldly ravishing! Kei can feel its mind, and its awesome power all bent on her, the idea of being its only focus horrifying. More of the tentacles yet forcing themselves on her, one forcing itself into her mouth.

Kunoichi Kei spits out the nasty wad of panties as the silk that held it in her mouth is ripped away. "Bleh! Hrrmph!" Her gaping lips are filled by a probing tentacle before she can barely even gasp for air. Her eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets as her throat is filled, forcing her to suck the intrusion there even as she feels another probing between the flexing of her powerful glutes.

The monster spends long moments simply enjoying her horror, fear, and the strange feelings of pleasure its thrusting, coiling tentacles force on her. In time, after what seems it could be hours, it lets her fall to the stone floor, the impossible warmth of the room and the monster’s gaze on her body the only things she is aware of, until her mind clears.

Kunoichi Kei finds herself suspended in the air in a forest of seething tentacles before an unblinking cruel entity seemingly intent on nothing but using her in every possible way. Still hogtied by her own stockings, she writhes in terrible torment, overwhelmed by the pounding in her head and holes for long hours until, bathed in sweat, she is dropped to the hard stone like a piece of tenderized raw meat. Kei is too dazed and weak to even think at first, but slowly realizes she is alive. She looks up and blinks into that huge eye that never leaves her. She swallows hard and tries to worm away across the floor, rubbing tender nipples into the hard stone, wallowing in a puddle of what are apparently her own juices as she pathetically tries to escape.

A single tentacle coils after her, wrapping about an ankle and pulling her back. She can actually feel its desire for her to kneel before it and acknowledge her helplessness in her mind, its throughts projected to her somehow.

Kunoichi Kei struggles desperately as she is dragged back, bare boobs battered by the uneven rock, her sex drooling as her straining loins squeeze the smooth glistening pout between them. She sniffles as she slumps before the Elder One in the puddle there, feeling overwhelmed by the hopelessness of her situation. Kei shudders with sobs as she senses what the entity wants. It is something she thought she would never do. Her hogtie makes it very difficult and quite a sight to watch but, after contortions and two tries she manages to get to her knees and bow her head, sweaty matted hair falling over her fear-filled eyes.

She can feel, then, that she will be kept here for as long as the beast survives... its slave. It is possibly more immortal than Arik ever was, for it will not let simple death separate it from its captive, its power over her absolute. And ...yet. She can feel a lack in it. The Stave is gone. And she is to give it strength, now. If she can but wait, it might... or is this false hope...? grow weak enough for her to escape. or even Drive a jagged piece of stone into that great eye... by overcoming her fear, and her bonds.

Kunoichi Kei kneels there before the Elder with her head bowed, trying to muster back some of her strength even as she realizes that when she does it will use the tentacles all over again to feed on her. If only she could free herself of her bindings. A jagged edge on the rock floor perhaps? She flops over as if unable to stay on her knees, sawing the silk against the stone beneath her.

The beast’s unblinking eye turns to the surface, now that she has satisfied its desire for dominance. She can feel some of its attention focus elsewhere. far away, a gleaming city she calls home. Even though here, now... its very presence is still a terror most would flee from mindlessly. Slowly, ever so slowly, the silk parts against the jagged obsidian rock.

Kunoichi Kei feels her pulse quicken as she manages to sever the silk stocking that binds her. Her situation might be hopeless but that didn't mean she would ever give up trying to escape. She feels her strength returning. Her chestnut eyes are suddenly furtive, looking about the dark lair for a weapon, anxious to locate something before the Elder's attention returns to her.

The only weapon about is the stones themselves, in some places jagged, lunging up from the floor like spears. Perhaps, if she could shatter the stone with a kick, she could arm herself, as primitive men might. One of the tentacles lightly drapes itself along her body, snaking along as if just to touch her...

Kunoichi Kei gets ready to move fast, realizing that once she starts kicking she will reveal her renewed energies to the Elder and that forest of tentacles. She takes a deep breath at the stroking of the tentacle along her flesh. She realizes the Elder has already sensed it is time to use her again. There is no time to waste. Kei springs up, her naked athletic body glistening from head as one of those powerful thighs of hers drives a side kick into one of the stalagmite formations, snapping it off. She catches the makeshift sword in her hands and spins to do battle.

The Elder One's lashing tentacles fly OUT at Kei, suddenly angry at her perfidy in kneeling before it! The giant beast senses her strength and resolve returning just as her kick smashing the stalagmite. She has a moment to attack as its attention returns to the chasm they share, the gathering of such a mighty mind taking a moment.

Kunoichi Kei wades into the forest of attacking tentacles, demonstrating her amazing ability to turn almost anything into a weapon as she wields the chunk of stone in her hands almost as effectively as if it were the Stonecutter itself. But the tentacles are many and for every one she chops away it seems two more form in its place. Soon she finds herself backed into a corner. Kei contorts her face in dismay as the makeshift sword is knocked from her hands and, seemingly, her hopes along with it. She screams and flails as encircling tentacles lift her up, slamming her against walls and cave roof alike as the Elder displays its displeasure with her and draws her ever nearer. Kei squeals as the tentacles position themselves to do her again, desperately kicking at a stalactite above her even as she is once more violated, sending it flying like a missile at the center of that unblinking eye!

The Elder One is distracted in its moment of triumph over the beautiful Kei, about to take a suitable revenge, when, seemingly impossibly, one last powerful blow from the heroine drives the stalagmite into its eye! A wordless, soundless howl of pain reverberates from the walls and in Kei’s mind. The only thing she can think to do is flee the giant monster’s agony as it flails about randomly. The walls are close, rough, and jagged. Perhaps the ninja woman can flee that way?

Kunoichi Kei kicks free of the seething forest of tentacles, suddenly undirected, but still randomly lashing and slapping at her naked flesh as she flees. She yelps as she is tripped and goes down, continuing on hands and knees, squealing each time her wiggling ass or jiggling breasts are smacked, the sounds echoing off the walls, but helping indicate which way to go. Kei leaves the convulsing monster behind her as she ventures into the maze of tunnels beyond, sweaty and exhausted, but filled with renewed hope. "If and when I get back to Empire City I'm gonna kill Arik... after I take a long hot shower..."

At the end of one of tunnels, during Kei's escape, she finds a small amulet. A strange rune-inscribed tool, marked "AC" on the front and with an inscription on the back. If she reads the inscription she is transported miraculously back to Empire City. Is it something accidentally dropped or a tiny lifeline left by a guilt-ridden Arik, perhaps?

Kunoichi Kei climbs to the cold tunnels above, looking for something warm to wear when instead she finds an amulet marked "AC." She narrows her eyes and reads the inscription aloud, trying to understand. "Hold this in your hand, think of where you want to land, and that will be where you stand..."

(July 2011)