Final Exam


Moongoose waves a floppy sleeve.

Orb responds, “Escaped again, did you?”

Moongoose grins. "This is the costume I created for my class on creating a superheroine identity. I'm making my final presentation this afternoon."

Greddy blinks and scampers down. "What? Supervillain class?"

Moongoose spins and models the modified straitjacket, ballet booties and ninja mask ensemble, all white and lavender.

Greddy sees and appreciates, wishes he wasn’t a two and a half foot tall squirrel man.

Moongoose nods excitedly. “Belle got me into a graduate level class! I really need to do well and show her I'm ready!”

Greddy cocks his head to one side. "Hmmmmmmm."

Orb quips, “Yes! Show her you're committed! Or should be, as per Longo's orders.”

Jenny Brainerd laughs.

Moongoose sticks her tongue out at Orb, which looks more like a lavender bulge in her mask with this get-up.

Greddy shrugs and runs in circles, chasing his tail.

Moongoose spins again to reveal the back of the crotch is little more than a connecting strap. “You don't think it's too cheeky do you?”

Orb hesitates. “Oh no, not at all. I think that outfit shows just the right amount of cheek.”

Moongoose beams and gives a thumbs up inside the loose-fitting over-long floppy sleeve.

Bart Blacklash shakes his head. "All heroines are also to be wearing tight tight tight tight tight shorts and a tight tight tight tigh tight t-shirt per Longo's orders but we all know how THAT turned out."

Orb muses, “Which reminds me, I wonder what ever happened to that missing picture?”

Miss Purple is glad she isn’t a heroine, likes her attire greatly.

Greddy stops and stares at Moongoose. "OOooooooooooh."

Jenny Brainerd laughs. “It's... definitely a look, Moongoose.”

Moongoose flaps a sleeve at Jenny.

Orb notes, “She's bonkers you know. Has a file. Killed people too.”

Bart Blacklash grins. “Harley is a great therapist I hear.”

“Doc's helped me a lot as you can see...” Moongoose spins again. “I'm much more confident than I used to be!”

Orb questions, “Have you shown Belle this outfit?”

Moongoose shakes her head at Orb. “I want it to be a surprise!”

Orb can already imagine the look on Belle's face. “Oh, yes. It should definitely be a surprise. I wish I could be there.”

Moongoose: She's going to be so proud when I'm first in my class!

Orb encourages, “That's it! Believe in yourself!”

Greddy runs to get pizza for all.

“I need to go grab lunch, as well. Particularly with this ugly 1:30 meeting coming up. Later, skaters.” Jenny Brainerd waves as she leaves.

“Well I mean... with Thelma calling herself Fish Eye Girl and Andreas calling himself QuasiModer... I figure the bar to get under is pretty low...” Moongoose winks and pretends to limbo dance.

MissPurple sells her name generator to desperate students.

Orb retorts, “I look forward to hearing how it all turns out. And see if you can't put in a good word for me with Belle. Tell her I didn't zap you today.

Moongoose nods. “Too easy a target?”

“Trying to change my image,” Orb hovers. “I am not evil.”

“Really?” Moongoose ponders. “Well maybe if I can become a full-fledge heroine you can cease to be evil...”

“I'm not evil now!” Orb’s countenance swirls. “Do you think I'm evil?”

“Well, I guess it was because of you and Judge Longo that I thought up this cool costume...” Moongoose’s mouth smirks behind the lavender mask. “So maybe not ALL bad.”

Titan returns with a ton of pepperoni pizza but stops cold when he sees Moongoose.

Moongoose pirouettes. “Wish me luck!”

Orb complies. “Good luck!”

As do Miss Purple and Bart Blacklash. “Good luck! Good luck!”

Titan, still stuptified, stammers, “Uh good luck?”

“Tanks!” Moongoose beams. “You all are the best!”

Titan doubts that as he hands out the pizzas.

Miss Purple notes she is the best. Writes this down.

Moongoose grabs a piece of pizza, eating it as she runs off, mooning her friends with powerful flexing balls of glute.


Moongoose shows up for her exam in Secret Identity 666... hoping that if she finishes first in the class she can finally prove herself to Belle... Professor P’Nash gives her revealing costume a scowl... "Really Kei... are you sure you can be effective in that ridiculous costume?" fidgeting... "But... I... I'm Moongoose... a little crazy... a little cheeky..." smiling confidently...

The Professor sniffing... "Well, we'll see how cheeky you are in the Murder Maze... your mission is to rescue a hostage from this trap... be warned... the maze is filled with traps... falling for any one of them will mean instant failure... also, allowing the hostage to die will mean failure in this course..."

Moongoose gulps... "But don't I get any points for creating a clever name and costume?" rolling her eyes as the Professor just stares over her glasses... not unlike that look she gets so often from Belle... "Yes ma'am... don't worry... the costume is quite functional... so what's important is that I rescue the hostage then?"

The Professor nodding... "A name and a costume means nothing unless you succeed... we'll see how practical your costume is in a real combat situation..." Nodding to the entrance of the maze... mocked up like the front door of a Victorian mansion...

Moongoose nods to the professor... pulls her mask up into place and approaches cautiously... the eyes peering out over the mask giving the door a good once over... before she grips the handle in a hand protected by floppy sleeve... and attempts to tug it open...

The door swinging open easily... a panel on the far side of the room instantly flipping down... and spitting a tranquilizer dart straight at the middle of your prodigious chest... only a split second to register the threat... and dodge...

Moongoose is alert and ready... and a flap of loose sleeve intercepts the dart... which embeds harmlessly in the fabric... she cartwheels across the room to the flip panel... but seeing no one... quickly examines the dart for clues... then looks about for any signs of where the hostage might be...

The room fairly big... and empty... looking quite Victorian... with a large fireplace... but no sign of any other exits aside from the door you came through... which suddenly slams... loud enough to make you spin around... the room making a grinding noise... as it begins to shrink... quickly closing in...

Moongoose blinks as the moving walls begin to push along with a tremendous grinding sound... the force behind them seemingly quite powerful... certainly enough to squash a ninja schoolgirl... she examines the fireplace as a possible escape route... looking to crawl up the flue if it is large enough for her to squeeze through...

The flue already contracting... the brick walls looking ready to crush you if you scoot up there... but the room already shrinking down... and down... already the size of a large crate... nowhere else to go if you don't want to be crushed... or trapped in a tiny space...

Moongoose twitches as her escape route closes off... a smudge on her mask as she pulls back into the now tiny room... light rapidly diminishing... as she examines the moving walls for joints... or seams... or secret panels... her heart racing as her test seems on the verge of a quick end... unless... she wedges a shuriken into a corner and the walls grind to a halt...

The room now the size of a crate... the fireplace opening still there... as you feel around... looking for a loose panel... and finding a loose brick... the fireplace swiveling around... as you dive through... to find yourself in another room...

Moongoose somersaults forward through the swiveling opening... coming up in a crouch... ready to pounce... dark smudges all over her costume and exposed flanks... "Call it camouflage," she thinks... as she registers her surroundings... listening and smelling as well as looking...

The new room more of a long corridor... stretching forward several meters... the ground under your feet suddenly shifting... as the floor begins to drop away... tumbling down into a trench of what looks like molten lava... the floor tumbling away in chunks... leaving you no choice but to keep moving unless you want to fall into the lava yourself...

Moongoose hops from piece to piece as they fall... screaming as the next plank falls before she even lands on it... she flicks out her arm... her reach short... but the floppy sleeve wrapping around the next piece... allowing her to swing forward... and pull herself up... the glow of the lava flickering off her flailing thighs...

Certainly a realistic illusion if not actual lava... enough to make you wonder whether the maze of traps is real... and failure might mean more than just blowing the course... the corridor splitting off into two... heading left and right... only time to pick one course of action...

Moongoose listens and sniffs as she drags herself up... not a sound... but she sniffs a familiar perfume to the left... and decides to go that way... lavender ballet booties soon padding along the corridor... hoping perhaps her nose will lead her to the hostage...

The door presenting little problem as you crash through... your eyes widening as you see Belle... in costume... perched on a ticking time bomb... arms cuffed behind her back... ankles cuffed together... with the key to the cuffs held between her teeth...

Moongoose gasps... her eyes wide as saucers... nearly tripping over her own feet as she hurries forward... the shape of her hand inside a large lavender sleeve reaching forward for the key... "Belle!? I don't believe it!" her eyes looking for any sign of a timer on the bomb...

A timer at the front of the bomb... the countdown remaining frozen at five... as Belle squirms... shaking her head... eyes wide as you grab the key... which slips out of your grip... greased... being pulled back towards the bomb on a nearly-invisible wire... like the string coming out of the back of a talking doll... only this one controls the bomb timer... which counts down from 5... 4... 3...

Moongoose gets a horror-stricken expression as she realizes she has failed... glancing from the bomb to Belle and back to the bomb... does the one thing her instincts tell her to do... pushes the bomb aside and throws her body over it to shield Belle... mooning her mentor with her exposed backside in the process...

Belle hitting the floor with a thud as the bomb goes off... blasting you with a torrent of lavender paint... coating you head to toe... but none of the paint hitting Belle... who gapes... even as you sit up and wipe the paint from your eyes... 'dead'...

Moongoose hangs her head... slumping in a pool of lavender 'blood'... seemingly pouring from the 'dead' heroine... looking very crestfallen indeed as she crawls forward to use the lavender key in the cuffs... figuring she just managed to fail a class for the first time since coming to the Empire School for the Fight Arts... and in Belle's presence no less...

The Professor coming in through a panel at the back of the room... looking over the scene... "Good grief..." Examining her clipboard... "Hmmm... well, you managed to evade the traps... and then rescued the hostage... we'll call it a bare pass... only just..." Turning to Belle... "However, I strongly advise that Kei takes extra classes after school in survival, hostage rescue and bomb defusal... we don't want this happening for real, do we?"

Moongoose slumps and looks down as Belle finishes freeing herself... "No we certainly don't... and I'm sure more class time would do her good..." looking up... trying not to pout... "But she is after all just an undergrad in a graduate course... and she was willing to sacrifice herself to save the hostage... I'm actually quite proud of her..." blinking as Belle winks at her...

(Dec 2009)