Failure at the Pharmaceutical Factory


The gate security guard's cries to stop went completely ignored as the large truck barreled toward him, even when he drew his sidearm and started firing the vehicle never slowed, bullets barely making a mark on the reinforced windshield as it broke through the gate fence and sped to the building beyond, smaller SUV following seconds behind. As both trespassing vehicles made for the loading dock storage area, the gate guard quickly ran back inside his little booth and hit the alarm, placing the entire facility and remaining security personnel on alert.

Kunoichi Kei had just dropped Penny off at the dojo and was on her way back uptown in the Bellemobile when Joanie's message came up on the dashboard. "Security cam shows a violent break-in with Green Man's MO at the Farley Pharmaceutical factory not far from your location." Kei hit the gas and followed the directions on the map that followed. "Tanks, Joanie. I'm on it!"

Racing against time, both vehicles pulled up outside the loading dock storage area, the SUV braking hard as Green Man hopped out of the larger truck before it'd even stopped and immediately barking orders. "Get those doors open now! We've got five minutes to load as much as we can and get out." One man ran toward the loading dock door with a pair of bolt cutters, using them to first pry open the outside door then dispensing with the padlock on the inside, hurriedly opening the way for loading to begin even as the large truck backed into position.

Kunoichi Kei clenched the wheel tightly as she turned in through the already smashed gate, stopping to check with the guard there. "How many personnel on site? Have you contacted the police? How long?" She nodded to the answers to her questions, wincing that it would take the police almost ten minutes to arrive. "I tink it is the Green Man. Keep your men back and let me see if I can stop him!"

In total there were six, drivers of both vehicles remaining in their seats while Green Man oversaw the operation. With the door opened and loading able to begin, he pointed to the only other heavily armed person aside from himself. "Keep an eye on the elevator and the door." A nod as safety was flicked off on automatic weapon, the thug in question finding the best cover he could to watch both points at once. Meanwhile, two men worked in unison, rolling out hydraulic lifts from the truck to begin moving pallets of medication as quickly as possible. "Don't forget to strap down the pallets after you load them." For there was no telling if some of the containers in those boxes might be fragile and broken goods meant lost profit.

Kunoichi Kei stepped out of the Bellemobile and left it parked so as to block the gate. She went around to the trunk, lavender cheongsam parting all the way to the waist as she bent to lift out an archaic-looking sword. She twirled it in her hand and began to strut inside the compound. "Let's see how Green Man likes the Stonecutter... tis should cut through that armor of his!"

Kei would hear the sound of gunfire as Green Man exchanged shots with one of the security guards, though his weapon was slightly superior. Three rounds bursts of the AK-47 popping off at almost regular intervals, the rounds thudding into the side panels of the security car being used as cover, enough to keep the security guard at bay while his men loaded two more pallets.

Kunoichi Kei moved more quickly, darting from shadow to shadow, silk rustling, hoping the approach the Green Man while he worried about security. She crouched down and ran along under the overhang of the four-foot high loading dock bays toward the one in front of which the trucks were parked. She just needed a few more seconds of distraction.

The Green Man took more careful aim, puncturing tires and taking out door windshields which sent bits of glass raining down on the security crouched on the opposite side, that'd be one less pursuant in the near future. Briefly, he pulled up, weapon shouldered as he turned to the men inside the loading dock. "Alright, that's it. After you get those last two loaded and secure get ready to move out, we can't spend any more time here."

Kunoichi Kei raised her blade as she crossed the space of last open loading bay before she would reach the Green Man. It was her intention to remove the arm with the gun in her first strike, and so in a swirl of lavender silk she aimed to bring the nasty blade down on the shoulder and pull it through with a powerful turn of her hips. "Because your time is up!"

The Green Man barely had time to react, but Kei's announcing herself as she brought the sword bearing down gave him the precious few seconds he needed, making use of supernatural speed to narrowly avoid losing his arm a second time. Though he'd saved his limb, a clatter of metal on the ground told that the sword had still managed to cut something, a fair section of automatic weapon barrel now laying at Kei's feet. With the element of surprise lost Green Man immediately countered, doing little more than shifting his stance as he gripped Kei by the front of her cheongsam, one armored leg behind her own as he executed a simple take down maneuver, aided by a quick but hard double palm thrust at her chest.

Kunoichi Kei was not there when the palm thrust came, punching through empty fluttering silk, but the hissing sound of truck tires indicated that she had rolled under the truck to the other side and was slashing tires in whatever she happened to still be wearing like lavender thigh high stockings and thong panties.

The Green Man threw down the empty cheongsam and yelled at his men the instant he heard that hissing sound "GO! GO NOW!" The driver quickly shifted into gear and gunned it, Green Man leaping over the vehicle to occupy Kei as it attempted to make an escape. Even with one or two tires disabled, it might still be able to get away, but any more and this entire theft would become a wasted effort. Rushing at the troublesome Deb, Green Man sought only to keep her attention on him, hoping to allow the rest of his boys to load up in the SUV and gain some distance while guarding the retreating but damaged truck.

Kunoichi Kei let the truck go, knowing she had the gate blocked with the Bellemobile, leaving Green Man's men to security. She narrowed her eyes on the man in the armor. "Joanie tells me you're not zackly human and tat quickness proves it!" She circled with him, noting he seemed to be okay with that, perhaps watching her exposed boobs sway or her hips roll. Kei almost grinned when the barrel of his severed weapon was at her feet once more. She kicked it up at him like a thrown spear and followed with another slashing attack, using a two handed grip to bring the evil sword around in an effort to half him from shoulder to crotch.

The Green Man grinned behind that faceplate. "You don't know the half of it." Adopting a combat stance as he prepared to square off with the near naked woman, keeping focus on that sword as he knew there could be no mistakes made here. He'd also show her just how quick he was, even in that heavy armor he wore, almost casually slapping makeshift projectile away as he side stepped the overhead slash, then pivoted on inside foot, raising the other for a high heel kick at the back of Kei's exposed head.

Kunoichi Kei simply couldn't compete with speed like that. Her head lurched from the sickening dull thud and she staggered drunkenly away, blade clattering to the pavement as she crumpled atop it, coming to rest awkwardly on her side, one hip thrust upward just as gunfire erupted from the direction of the blocked gate.

The Green Man took a step toward Kei, seeming intent on finishing her off, then turned toward the wobbling truck and gunfire in the distance. "Consider yourself lucky, woman. I won't be breaking you tonight." Then he was off, a green blur moving at top speed to catch up with the rest of his men, helping to aid in their escape from this place. Miraculously, they managed to evade police and disappear. This wouldn't be the end of things, however, Kei would have another chance soon enough.

Kunoichi Kei found the Bellemobile dented and pushed aside and the Green Man and his men gone by the time she recovered, sighing as she related events to Detective Chan upon her arrival.

(June 2011)