Evicting Keothi

Kunoichi Kei is glad to be back on the streets of Empire city. She knows she has a lot to do but the desire and determination is stronger than ever.

Arik Cabral finds a sudden urge to slink back into the shadows somewhere come over him.

Ludo buys Kei a soda to celebrate her return and his getting out of a wheel chair.

Kunoichi Kei has a soda and checks her list. Find Belle. Capture Arik. Ruin Rodney Lowenstein. Locate Chicky. Clobber Papa Pimp. Move Keothi off the golf course. She sighs and mutters to herself. “And that's with me leaving the vampires, Green Man and Bloodrush up to the other Debs... Hmm... start with the easy stuff... let's see... maybe I should evict tat caveman from the golf course first...” Kei nods her head as if making up her mind and saunters to the Bellemobile, heading quickly out toward Montgolfiers. Kei soon arrives at the Montgolfiers clubhouse to see firsthand what she has been told. While she was missing the Keothi compound has taken over most of the course, its walls not more than 100 yards from the historic old clubhouse. She goes inside to confer with the club officers. Kei teases the retired heroes and villains who make up the membership committee until they finally agree to her terms. Kei grins.

Keothi chose to make an appearance just then, strong arms pushing open heavy stone doors with a loud grating sound as the giant of a man stepped away from the safety those walls provided, earth toned gaze looking upon the very clubhouse Kei stood within in silence. Then the earth began to rumble, tremors rising in intensity as Keothi raised his arms, focusing and shaping his power to call forth four pillars of stone which broke through the earth, growing higher and higher until each towered over the clubhouse, only then did the trembling stop.

Kunoichi Kei walked out to the lawn, lavender silk fluttering up from the silhouette of her shape in the evening sea breeze. She looked up at the huge columns of stone. They reminded her of Devil's Tower. She took a deep breath and pointed a finger at Keothi. "Tis has gone on long enough. You are the one trespassing. Leave now or I will evict you!"

Keothi turned his gaze upon Kei. "We will not." Keothi stated flatly. "It will be on you to force us from this place. To cast these people back into your broken world. Here they have hope, here they know peace. Who are you that would take this from them?"

Kunoichi Kei tilted her head and just stared at the big guy with the tattoos. "I'm the representative of the people to whom tis land belongs. If you want to do tis the hard way so be it!" The young Asian woman narrowed her chestnut eyes briefly. "Your choice." Kei turned on a heel and strutted back to the Bellemobile with a purposeful stride. She popped the trunk and took her sword from inside. “Joanie, I may need airship support to evac his followers... among other tings!”

"You are naught but a tyrant and I shall make you aware the price of your actions this day." Keothi spoke while raising powerful arms once more. "As you were warned, now shall you suffer..." Teeth gritting as the earth again began to tremble. "...for as I would have been content to condemn this structure before me to the earth, now my offering shall be greater!" Cried out as at four corners of Empire City massive towers of stone rose toward the heavens, easily dwarfing even the tallest skyscraper. "Now you are committed, young warrior! For if you should fail, your city will be lost!"

Kunoichi Kei looked over at the towers of stone, realizing now that Keothi's presence should never have been tolerated as he had always intended to take everything he wanted by threat of force. "You react like an angry child who has been told he cannot have his way... unfortunately one with too much power at his disposal." Kei began to approach Keothi with her sheathed weapon slung over her shoulder. "Do not threaten millions of innocents. Can we not decide this one on one?" The Montgolfier's clubhouse was deploying titanium blast shades until it looked like the civil warship, the Merrimac.

"You are the aggressor here, not I." Not making a move as Kei approached, for the woman had yet to draw her blade. "Their fate rests entirely on you. Leave and they shall be spared, otherwise...I promise nothing." Keothi remaining defensive, clearly intent on forcing Kei to make the first move. That if there was to be a fight, she would be the one to instigate it.

Kunoichi Kei simply continued to approach the big man until she stood face to chest with him. She looked up though whether at or beyond Keothi was hard to say. The DDSTV airship was coming in from over the ocean. "If you give this up now I will see to it tat your followers are found a place to commune if tey wish. But YOU have to go!" She pointed a finger at his chest and poked him with it twice.

Keothi gave no response, yet his next action couldn't have made his answer any clearer. Just after Kei's finger jabbed his chest the second time both arms closed around the petite woman, hands locking between her shoulder blades and Keothi lifted, hefting the woman high overhead in a belly to belly release suplex, watching expectantly as she sailed overhead for her to land hard on her back.

Kunoichi Kei squealed in shock and rage as she was bearhugged. He had proved quicker than she expected. Her legs flailed as her heels came off the ground, lavender silk fluttering as Keothi released her into the air. She landed on her back with a thump and an ooph, clutching in her hand the medallion from his chest to which she had been pointing. She shook her head.

Keothi doubted what he saw for a moment, large hand moving to his chest as he looked down to discover that the stone wasn't there anymore. Knowing he had to get it back, Keothi stormed toward the downed woman, reaching to close thick fingers around her neck, cutting off her airflow as other hand sought to pry medallion from her grasp.

Kunoichi Kei gurked as the big man again surprised her, his powerful hand squeezing her neck before she realized he was on her. She bicycled legs and brought knees to her chest in a flap and flash of lavender. She brought a free arm up hard under the elbow behind the choking hand as she kicked out. Although she clung desperately to the medallion she felt it slip from her other hand as muscular legs extended.

Keothi grunted as Kei's hand slammed into his elbow, successfully regaining possession of the medallion just as powerful legs kicked solidly into abdomen and sent him stumbling backwards, again amazed by the woman the amount of strength she was able to put into both strikes.

Kunoichi Kei popped to her feet in quick pursuit. The mere fact that he had come so aggressively after the medallion seemed to confirm Joanie's analysis that it was very important. She had to take it back. "Oh no you don't..." She lunged forward and brought her sheathed sword around like a club, aiming to smack the medallion away from the hand that held it.

Keothi had been in mid-focus as the medallion was again knocked from his grasp, stone hands intended to clutch around Kei's ankles half formed as the powerful artifact was sent flying well out of his reach, though he still made a failed attempt to grab at it. Her persistence getting to him, Keothi snapped gaze back to Kei and charged, bending to catch her in the chest with a broad shoulder and ram the woman spine first into one of the stone pillars around the clubhouse.

Kunoichi Kei felt the stone lock around her ankles as Keothi charged. All she could do was duck into a crouch, getting her shoulder under his in an effort to use his own momentum to toss him into the stone pillar behind her. She unsheathed the Stonecutter sword she carried and freed her ankles with one stroke. She spun to point the blade at Keothi. "Stop this now!"

Keothi cried out as his massive bulk hit the pillar dead on with a sickening thud, the tattooed giant wincing in pain as he rolled over after the fall, hand clasped to possibly dislocated or broken shoulder while struggling to rise. "No, I will not surrender." He let his hand drop, pressing palm flat against stone pillar, at first seeming to be using it for support. Then the stone began to reshape itself, once solid rock flowing along thick forearm like water, showing that even without the medallion Keothi held significant power as he formed a gauntlet around his fist.

Kunoichi Kei held her weapon at eleven o'clock in a two-handed grip as she squared off with her towering tattooed foe. Her chestnut eyes widened at the sight of the stone gauntlet forming around his wrist. She gulped and looked all about. Furtive eyes found the medallion before shifting back to Keothi. "I warned you!"

Keothi saw Kei as more of an obstacle than an opponent. He needed to get past her, get the medallion, it was all that mattered. Closing in on Kei, he swung heavy stone wrapped fist in a downward hook with all the weight behind it he could muster.

Kunoichi Kei attempted to parry the blow to one side with her sword. Not only sparks, but her weapon as well went flying on impact. She staggered backwards, lavender silk rustling about her contours, now weaponless as she stood between Keothi and his medallion. "I WILL not let you destroy my city! Ever!"

Grimm Shade yelled from the clubhouse, “Use the force Kei!”

"Then your only option is to stop me." Keothi stated as he dropped to one knee, thrusting stone fist into the ground. Kei would watch the protective wrapping melt away, the stone shaper channeling it through the earth to rise up seconds later, bursting from the soil toward her midsection like a blunt stone lance.

Kunoichi Kei could be heard gasping as the stone lance ripped through lavender silk, seemingly impaling the comely contours it held. But an instant later the lavender silk could be seen to be empty as it flapped from the stone lance. The kunoichi now wore only thigh-high stockings, bra and panties as she aimed a roundhouse kick at Keothi's temple while he was hopefully distracted.

Keothi hadn't expected that, his intent had been to disorient, not impale, confusion apparent as he tried to understand what had happened. The distraction served it's purpose well, Keothi already at a disadvantage from kneeling the kick struck home, the master of stone not even having a chance to defend himself. The large man toppled over, dazed but not unconscious, movements slow as he looked around with wide eyes.

Kunoichi Kei spun and snatched up the Stonecutter sword from the ground, showing it to Keothi along with generous portions of her sweaty flesh. "Stop or I'll smash the medallion... I will!" She raised the sword, poised to bring it down on the medallion. "Withdraw your pillars now!"

Keothi pushed himself back up to his knees, laughing softly to Kei's demands as he shook his head, vision finally beginning to clear. "I had thought you understood." Earthen-hued gaze focusing on her less covered form. "Yet it seems you know nothing. The stone was the key, young Kei..." Keothi explained. "...to everything. Without it, I cannot do as you ask."

Kunoichi Kei nodded and picked up the medallion with the point of the sword, bringing the medallion to her other hand. She pointed the sword at Keothi. "You could have walked. Now I'm going to turn you over to the police..." Indeed Chan's Crusaders were pulling up in armored vehicles, approaching quickly to take Keothi into custody. "I'll see tat your followers are found a place to live."

Longshot asked, “Chan's Crusaders?”

Grimm Shade chuckled, “The incredible Chan and the incredible Chan clan?”

Keothi allowed himself to be taken into custody, offering this last before he was escorted away. "Use caution, young Kei, for you now possess a great and terrible power. Do not take it lightly."

Kunoichi Kei grinned at Keothi and winked. "You know it! I just became the first-ever female member of Montgolfiers... Belle never did tat... not even tat icky Vicky Bale!" She put the medallion around her neck and walked toward the clubhouse as the blast shades retracted. She glanced over her shoulder. "I need to let tem know I want the course ready for my foursome by the time school starts!" Kei got in the Bellemobile and headed home to the DDSTV Tower for a good night's sleep, having crossed one item off her to-do list.

(August 2011)