Dread Not


Kei Kishimoto contacts Kriegshund. "I undertand you were passed over for operational contwol of the Eternal Reich..."

Kriegshund scowls. “NO..not at all..I'm still Deathshead's right hand man... Prism is just...practicing!”

Kei Kishimoto smirks. "Well you know..." She winks. "If a certain right hand man were to raise a dreadnaught he might show up the practicing tart..."

Kriegshund becomes more attentive. “A dreadnaught?”

Kei Kishimoto laughs. "I've been true Belle's files and tear's a very good chance one lies somewhere out tear not far from Atlantis... but I'm not the diver Belle was... I could use your help."

Kriegshund ponders. "Oh you could now eh... and in return... I get exactly what..."

Kei Kishimoto continues, “I get to examine and download info from the dreadnaught... you get the actual dreadnaught.”

“Hmmm, and you'll provide what? Apart from a nice ass.” Kriegshund admires.

Kei Kishimoto gives him a good look at her curves in the tight lavender cheongsam and feels very much like Belle as she attempts to wheel and deal with the known Reichster. "I can provide the location of the dreadnaught as well as assistance from a submersible airship."

“And technical assistance?” Kriegshund asks, “When we come to try to raise it...”

“Hai! I have a techie on my team now.” Kei shrugs and turns, her powerful thighs threatening to burst the tight cheongsam at the seams. "Well tink about it. You know where to find me." She struts away, silk rustling tightly about her.

Kriegshund mutters to himself with a smirk, “Au revoir until then, dear Deb.”


Kunoichi Kei teases by sauntering about in a lavender bikini.

Kriegshund appreciates.

Kunoichi Kei always packs her bikinis firmly.

Kriegshund has noted.

Kunoichi Kei lounges on the deck until the sun makes her glisten with sweat.

Kriegshund is sure there are plenty of Kettenhund willing to rub oil on to that package.

Kunoichi Kei does not bite the hund than oils 'em... yet.

Kriegshund likes a girl with fire.

Kunoichi Kei plays with it, relaxing and waiting patiently for the raising of the dreadnaught, hoping to get a download of all the info on board.

Kriegshund allows her long summer days spent adorning a yacht, watching Kettenhund work, bare chested supersoldiers...in tight wet suits.

Kunoichi Kei feels her pulse quicken, her nipples tighten inside the tiny shiny lavender bikini.

The eyes of Kriegshund’s men on her... every time they walk past.

Kunoichi Kei carries on for Belle, hoping to do what her mentor could not, and put the archvillains away once and for all!

Kriegshund ponders savouring the young Deb... in mmeory of her mentor. He will bide time, wait for the right moment.

Kunoichi Kei has been thrust... into the position... of team leader and intends to do her mentor proud.

Kriegshund feels Kei needs to learn of the many hard things she is expected to endure... as leader of the Debs.

Kunoichi Kei is ready to demonstrate the prowess that makes her the indomitable leader of the Debs, not to mention showing her butt from time to time.

Kriegshund grins at the girl teasing a pack of hungry Kettenhund... certainly inviting them to make her to demonstrate prowess... or perhaps stamina!

Kunoichi Kei licks her lips, thinking she will eat them alive!

Kriegshund feels a costumed Kei would make tasty prey.

Kunoichi Kei slips into her lavender and white wet suit.

Kriegshund asks if she is ready to make her first dive on the sunken dreadnought.

Kunoichi Kei nods.

Kriegshund sees to it that a ring of tall kettenhund soon loom over her.

Kunoichi Kei is proud if impish, which is to say impetuous, impertinent, implacable and nigh impossible to imperil!

Kriegshund smirks as, struggling in the grip of powerful arms, the impetuous beauty is sandwiched between two hungry hund.

“Beasts! I knew I couldn't trust you!” Kunoichi Kei yells, turning diving weights into blunt instruments in an effort to free herself.

Powerful blows... sending hunds staggering... but... five of the implacable foes deep below the waves... a mortal battle in a battered stateroom...

Kunoichi Kei frees herself for just an instant, taking advantage to kick the valve off one hund's tank, turning him into a jet-propelled missile, aimed at the observation window as she slips her own mask back over her face.

Armoured glass...inches thick...the Hund impacts with considerable force...the glass cracking from the impact in a crazy starred pattern....but...not yet broken...a few droplets of water oozing through. The pressure from outside must be massive though...perhaps another blow...but the others, advancing...encircling...like wolves hunting.

Kunoichi Kei gulps, backing away from hund and cracked glass alike, knowing she can't allow fear to affect her breathing or her blood will boil before she knows it. She pulls the knife from her belt and looks at Kriegshund himself. "I'm taking you with me!" She lets it fly seemingly at his head, but actually aiming just past his ear at the cracked glass behind.

Kriegshund, the big supersoldier, smirks at the girls defiance....watching as his men encircle her... just like they encircled Belle long ago... "Bold words girl. I hope you fight like your precious Belle did...before I took her..."

Kunoichi Kei sneers. "You'll pay for what you did to Belle you filthy bastard!"

Kriegshund ducks reflexively as the knife hurtles at him...and the metal blade slams into the already damaged glass, the point impacting the centre of the crack with perfect accuracy. A pause...as the world stops for a brief second...then the glass shatters...and the sea pours in...scattering Hund's beneath its mighty force.

Kunoichi Kei is braced and ready, mouthpiece in place, expecting the sudden influx of water and planning to make her swim for it in the resulting confusion, powerful thighs in skin-tight lavender and white beating her fins in the water as she makes for the jagged opening in the glass.

Kriegshund, a dark shape...moving in the waters...even as kettenhund are bowled over...powerful legs kicking against the massive force of water...reaching out with one hand to clutch at the fast moving girl.

Kunoichi Kei flails for an instant as she is caught, but then kicks her foot free of the caught fin and makes her way past the jagged edges of the glass even as a search light appears in the water outside. The girl with one fin signals the submersible airship to drop the blowout preventer over opening. "Seal the monsters in their tomb, Joanie!" She bubbles into the water as her plan comes to fruition.

The angry shaking fist of the furious Kriegshund is the last thing she sees before Joanie seals them in.

Kunoichi Kei grins as she sits by herself in the decompression chamber aboard the airship wearing nothing but lavender panties, Joanie already going through the files downloaded from the dreadnaught before the hund attacked.

Kriegshund growls.

Kunoichi Kei modes shamelessly. “For you, Belle! My Debs are as good as the Dolls ever were!”

Kriegshund misses Belle...she was the hotts...will escape of course...since he and his hunds must have got in another way...and be absolutely mad as hell at the Debs!

Kunoichi Kei showers and towels off in the airship facilities as the screen fades to black.

(May 2011)