To Desecrate an Angel

US Angel finished her photoshoot in front of the flag backdrop, thanking the photographer before heading out to get some dinner, still wearing the patriotic ensemble from the shoot, white sweater over blue leggings with red pumps. There was a red purse tucked in her arm as she made her way to her favorite restaurant.

The Barbarian watched her exit the building where she was performing her photoshoot and thereafter began to make her way down the street towards her favorite restaurant. His dark eye would lean in to the scope of a rifle and he peered through the crosshairs for a moment until he seemed satisfied that the line of his shot was absolutely perfect. Then a hiss would follow and a dart would fly through the air towards the exposed back of her neck. Seeking to implant its tip directly into her pale skin.

US Angel simply had no chance to even know she was being targeted. She felt a sting on her neck, thinking it odd for there to be bees this time of year. Her hand came up to swat, but the pavement was already spiraling upwards. Two staggering sideways steps later she crumpled to the sidewalk, laying on her side the round shape of her plump rump thrust up in the air.

The gun was set down and slipped back into a case. Thereafter the Barbarian would descend from his rooftop perch as several goons scurried out to grab US Angel's fallen body. That ripe form being dragged into an alley and then thrown into the back of a can. The Barbarian would soon get in the vehicle itself before it sped off towards a warehouse at a private airstrip. The vehicle sped along with the heroine comatose until it pulled into the hangar. There she was pulled out of the van and her arms were handcuffed behind her body. The Barbarian's large hand would deliver a slap across her face as he remarked, "Time for you to wake up." He dragged her onto her knees.

US Angel winced as the sound of the slap resounded off the walls of the hangar, echoing ominously. Her lids fluttered open an instant later, her shoulders straining, chest bulging against sweater as she tried to free her hands, eyes widening as she discovered the cuffs. She shook the hair back from her face. "Who do you think you are?"

The Barbarian blew her a kiss as he said, "I'm the Barbarian. No more, no less." He remarked casually enough. He smiled as he gazed upon her and noted, "Now you think you've been tranquilized. And to some extent your right - you were. But that isn't all that interesting now is it? I decided to add something special to it just for you." He smirked "A lovely slow release poison which will rather steadily kill you over the next two weeks unless you have the antidote. It combines quite well with the tranquilizer which gets it right into the blood stream that much quicker than if it was digested." He patted her cheek and remarked "Now you might think it’s odd I should go to the trouble of doing all that for you, but I have some friends whose most sincere desire is to cum in your mouth before they make a show of sacrificing you to their cause. And I have this feeling you're likely to try and escape my delivering you there. So you're going to behave or you'll wander off into the desert, poisoned and die one way or the other.”

US Angel blinks, taking in his words, trying to decide if such a thing is possible and could be real. She swallows hard, then sees if she can find out more. "But if you're like going to kill me anyway then why shouldn't I you know try to escape and find an antidote. And like who are these so-called friends that hired you? I read the files. I know you're a mercenary and stuff!"

The Barbarian smirked. "Well I expect you'll try, but you don't even know what you've been poisoned with. Makes finding an antidote a rather difficult thing doesn't it." He leaned in towards her and lightly kissed her cheek. "So many thousands of poisons to choose from and so little time to find the antidotes for all of them. Trying one thing after another, as you grow weaker and weaker and closer to death. It’s a lovely result for me if you do escape. You're fucked." He shrugged his shoulders. "Oh some assorted crazies with money who've decided to keep a portion of Anarchistan all for themselves. The important part is they have plenty of money. They just want me to drag your pretty little ass in there. They think some sort of public execution of a flag wrapped American wench like you is a big win for them. Me... well more money for my personal interests."

US Angel just gaped at her captor, wondering if Sara could determine an antidote if she escaped right here, right now. The only way to know was to escape. She attempted to headbutt her captor right in the crotch, intending to follow it up with a knee as she popped to her feet. Given the chance she would snap kick one red pump at each of the thugs, trying to turn stiletto heels into dangerous weapons.

The Barbarian felt her head driven into his groin and he groaned as he evidently hadn't expected that and had lowered his guard a moment, gloating over what he considered to be his rather perfect plan. The thugs were kicked and it took a moment for these villains to get their act together, but the Barbarian's eyes flashed with anger and he stormed towards her. His hand lashing out to drive his fist towards her jaw. His other hand would seek to follow that up by driving itself into her stomach. He sought to strike her twice in rather rapid succession as he growled, "Cheap shot."

US Angel would have dodged the blows, but was still coming down from kicking the thugs, and even as her stirrup-clad feet hit the floor her head was snapped back, rebounding violently forward as the second blow doubled her over. "Ungh." She staggered back one step, sputtering for air and sat unceremoniously down on her plump rump with a thump.

The Barbarian watched her fall as his fists hit one and then the other. He loomed over her and idly remarked, "Tisk tisk angel, trying to escape already - haven't I just pointed out you're going to die and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." He growled. "So be a good girl and lets make sure it’s the dramatic way." He leaned over her and decided to strip off the remainder of her clothing. His large hands grabbing hold of the clothing and wrenching them free of her with the intention of leaving her stark naked. "Where we are going you won't be needing clothing anyhow."

US Angel squealed and struggled frantically as her sweater was jerked up over her head, essentially blinding her as she felt his hands pulling down her leggings. Her bra was unhooked and yanked free next only to be used to bind her ankles. She tried to wriggle away as the leggings came off but was dragged up by the sweater, which was ripped apart until it came free as well. Angel's squeals became a scream as panties were yanked free, burning her pussy lips as they exited that tight slit. The scream was muffled by those same panties an instant later, a strip of sweater used to hold the gag in place. She shook her head and rolled about on the concrete floor as the two thugs got their revenge by kicking her unprotected flesh.

The Barbarian watched her struggle and squirm as he ripped her clothing from her. Ultimately she was naked and squirming upon the floor in front of him. The thugs let off a couple of licks for good measure. He turned to them and he remarked, "Hold her still." He thereafter noted, "Of course you might wander how I'm going to get you in to these people. Thankfully I've found a slave caravan that's quite happy to let me take my one piece of merchandise along for the ride with them. He leaned in towards her as he noted "I'm sure you'll fit right in with them. But I don't want you to stand out. Thus he turned away from her and walked over to what appeared to be a brazier in one corner and withdrew a branding iron with the rather mocking phrase 'slaveangel' upon it and strode back over towards her.

US Angel shook her head furiously, desperately trying to spit the gag and pull free of the men that held her, but bound and cuffed as she was, she could do little more than shake her firm ample boobs at him as he returned.

The Barbarian gestured for the thugs to turn her about. Then as she shook her head furiously he'd bring the glowing form of the brand down and press its rather large form across the right cheek of her ass. The hot flash of pain that would shoot through her would no doubt be terribly dramatic. The smell of burning flesh would follow as the letters in question were left marring her body. He branded her and gestured to the plane, as he remarked, "Get her on it. We have to get to Africa." He thereafter tossed the brand aside and began to head over towards the airplane.

US Angel bit down hard on the gag and peed herself as she was branded, her glutes and legs flexed tightly while her flesh burned, but then going limp and rolling up on the tops of her toes once the procedure had concluded. She was shaking and had tears in her eyes as the two thugs dragged her to the plane, dumping her unceremoniously on the floorboards to use as a footrest during the long flight.

After she was branded they seemed to stop only to briefly douse her water to ease the smell of having her on a plane with them for the next number of hours. Thus she was left naked and branded and dumped on the floor of the jet at the Barbarian's feet. His foot would rest upon her lower back as she'd likely feel the change in pressure as the jet went screaming off the runway into the sky. He looked down at her shaking form and remarked, "Aww, never been branded before angel? I'm surprised that's new to you. But it’s just the beginning of how I intend to amuse myself with you prior to turning you over for your execution."

US Angel tried not to cry as she had long uncomfortable hours to let the desperate reality of her situation sink in. She took deep sobbing breaths a couple of times as she lay there at the powerful man's boots, her bare boobs pressed the vibrating deck of the plane. They flew through darkness and by the time they landed the sun was coming up.

The Barbarian seemed quite happy to keep her right there. Naked, poisoned, bound and helpless at his feet as they flew over the Atlantic Ocean. When they landed at some particularly god awful air strip in the middle of the desert, the heat was quite simply awful and all but over powering. The Barbarian glanced out at the rather abject desert around them as he remarked "Welcome to hell, Angel." He chuckled softly and reached down to grab a handful of her hair. Thereafter her pulled her up and began to drag her out of the plane. There seemed to be some strange sort of caravan awaiting them, with camels and chattering locals and what looked to be a long string of onyx-hued slaves.

US Angel watched as the bra was cut away from her ankles and she was dragged by the hair out of the plane and across a stretch of hot sand, writhing and struggling pathetically. A collar was snapped about her neck and one end of the chain run through a ring on it. The same was done with each of the dark slaves as well. Angel found herself chained in the middle of the line, the only fair-skinned slave in the bunch.

The Barbarian watched as she was collared and strung into line with the other slaves. He would scoop up a crop as he walked over towards her, leaned in towards Angel and remarked, "Long walk angel. Far from your friends and anyone who could possibly help you." He idly noted, "I'd imagine this sun is going to be absolute murder on that fair skin of yours isn't it?" It seemed less of a question and more of an assumption. He brought the rather firm springing leather of the crop down across the swell of her rump as he growled "Lot for you to think on you walk to your death." He chuckled darkly as he brought the drop down hard and then repeated the blow seeming to take a measure of pleasure in seeing her flesh respond to being struck.

US Angel eeped into the gag of panties still in her mouth as her rump was smacked, the firm flesh jiggling tightly, the "slaveangle" mark quite clear now, the swelling and redness already diminishing. She moved forward to escape the blows, bumping her boobs into the back of a tall dark slave. She sniffled and looked back at the Barbarian with pained eyes.

The Barbarian pulled the wad of her panties from her mouth and watched her flesh jiggle lusciously. He saw her sniffling as she staggered forwards and he murmured, "No escape for you here, Angel. Only death." He leaned in to her and murmured, "I haven't told a soul what sort of poison I used on you. So as you stare at a camel's asshole all day, you can think about how you're going to be shown dying live on the internet. I'm sure they'll get you a nice flag costume so you look suitably like an American icon for them to piss on." He let his hand reach towards her chest and roughly squeeze one of her breasts before delivering another smack to the swell of her ass. Thereafter, he seemed content to leave the heat and thirst to torment her for the rest of the day.

US Angel said nothing in return to the Barbarian even as her gag was removed. She felt the hot sun and the gazes of the slavers burning down on her glistened skin as she was marched across the desert. Her short legs often struggled to keep up with those of the taller dark slaves. She sweated like a pig and just kept putting one foot in front of the other, biding her time, hoping for a chance to make a run for it.

The Barbarian's thugs would keep an eye on Angel. Walking along at not too far of a distance as she was left to plod along barefoot on the hot ground beneath her. Their trailing forms seemed to keep an eye on her naked body, perhaps only straying to eye up the darker merchandise being marched off along with her. But she was left to burn in the sun and to sweat bullets in the heat. Only a slightly amount of water was poured into what were undoubtedly parched lips at one juncture. Indeed they seemed rather keen on making her suffer through this particular ordeal.

US Angel could not possibly escape while chained in line with all the other slaves and so the thugs had little to worry about, but much to watch as her glistening breasts and shiny hiney jiggled across the sands, frequently brushing against the bodies of the slaves in front and behind her, causing her to blush, indistinguishable from her sunburn by the end of the day.

The Barbarian seemed to lounge through much of the day. Camels did not prove to be the most luxurious mode of travel he had ever experienced but it did indeed beat walking. He let the angel suffer through the day and when they broke camp for the night he found the sunburned woman chained among the other slaves. He smirked as he looked over her reddened form and remarked, "If you weren't going to die I'd think that burn peeling off of you was going to hurt something fierce." He gazed at the woman. He undid her from the chain and then pulled her lush little form away from the other slaves. He paused to dump a bucket of water over her head as he remarked "But before you die you are good for some entertainment yet."

US Angel actually shivered as the water was poured over her burned skin in the quickly cooling night air of the desert. "What... what do you mean? Whatever they're paying you... I can pay more? Or at least Belle can?" She stood there panting for air, waiting to see his response, wondering if she should make a mad dash into the darkness beyond the oasis.

The Barbarian offered her a rather wicked smile "Oh you think you can pay me more do you? I rather doubt it." He leaned in towards her and remarked "And I doubt I'd get the same satisfaction as knowing that I'm responsible for seeing a dramatic end to your life. Letting you go after all of this, hmm, so very anti-climatic. I don't think I'd care for it." His hand would press to her chest and his fingers would tighten upon her water-slickened and burned flesh. His hand dug into it as he remarked, "And I don't think my present employers will mind what condition I turn you over in."

US Angel's lower lip curled out into a pout and the nipple under his hand hardened as his hand mauled her firm full breast. "You filthy bastard! You're like doing this because you enjoy it aren't you?" She turned her face away from him to hide the tear as it ran down her cheek. Then with sudden resolution she back kicked at his midsection and took off running, arms still cuffed just above her twitching behind.

The Barbarian watched her sulk and then accuse him of doing this for fun. He grinned wickedly to her and didn't really disagree with that sentiment. Indeed pure malicious joy was a part of it. He was shocked as she kicked him in the midsection. He blinked and watched her take of running. After how far she'd walked during the day he let her take off running as he doubted she'd get very far. Rather at a jog he set off after her, stalking after her as he expected she was going to run herself out rather quickly.

US Angel proved herself rather surprisingly determined, continuing into the darkness of the desert, boobs swinging back and forth in the moonlight, showing no sign of giving up, her pace slowing after stumbling once and falling on her face, leaving her half caked with sand as she continued on as fast as her stout little legs would carry her, panting for air, looking for some place to hide.

The Barbarian watched her dashing away from him in surprising determination. As she fell face first onto the ground he'd begin to catch up with her, his long legs having little problem closing the distance when he felt the desire too. He saw her scurrying towards a nearby cave. And his long legs loped after her, his large form seeking to swoop in and be upon her rather shortly after she sought to scramble away.

US Angel squealed as she felt his touch on her backside, desperately trying to pull away, only to be driven flat to the sand under his weight, grunting loudly upon the impact, unable as she was to break her fall. The naked woman frantically tried to wriggle out from under him, her flesh slick with sweat and sand. "AiyeeeEEEEEE... nngh... ungh... grrk... offf... MEEEEEEE..."

The Barbarian felt her squirming beneath him. And as she squirmed that slick naked body would brush against him and have rather predictable effect. He smirked as she demanded he get off of her and he growled, "You're not going anywhere." He leaned in towards her and grabbed a handful of her hair. He slowly moved to squat beside her. He'd pull her onto her hands and knees as his other hand would undo his belt and slowly draw the length of it from his waist. He'd double it over in his hand as his eyes looked at her wiggling form, malice lighting up his eyes.

US Angel tried to shake free of the hand in her hair, but to know avail. Her lower lip curled outward as she lowered her eyes from the sight of the still extending cock in his hand. Her sand-caked breasts swayed as she rolled her shoulders about, testing the bindings on her wrists.

The Barbarian watched her shake her hair and her body sway as she sought to free herself. He smirked as he noted, "No escape for you, slaveangel, you're going to die." The belt in his hand was raised upwards level with his shoulder. He brought it downwards rather forcefully, his arm powering it down so that its leather form would roughly smack into the flesh of her ass. As that stinging sensation was felt he lofted the belt once more and that brawny arm flexed as he roughly drove the belt down into her ass a second time. He struck her with sufficient force to leave welts.

US Angel yelped out loudly and lurched each time she was struck. She choked on her own spit and then swallowed hard to clear her throat. She sniffled. She was helpless and she knew it. A single tear ran down her left cheek.

The Barbarian heard her yelp rather loudly and lurch forward. "Now you think you can escape me?" He stated as he brought the belt down upon her arse once more, his arm lashing it downwards. The leather bit into her flesh cruelly as it loudly smacked against her. "How does escape feel, hmm?" He asked as he struck her again and then again. His arm rained down heavy blows from that leather strap upon the plump form of her ass. Striking and marking her as his brutish form loomed over her. Her body was helpless to resist as he sent pain shooting through her. "No, no, Angel... you will do everything I tell you to right up until you die."

US Angel continued to grunt as her plump rump rippled from the force of the blows, becoming striped with red welts. "Ungh... nngh... what... do... you... ungh... want me... to do?" She glanced up and almost spat out the last words. "You bastard!"

The Barbarian smiled rather darkly as he remarked, "To be a good little slave like you should be." His boot would roughly push into her side. He sought to push her over onto her back so that her welted arse would rest against the hot sand. Thereafter his belt would tap against her chest. A lips formed a slightly cruel smile as thereafter he would rather forcefully bring the belt slashing down onto her chest, the leather laying into the soft flesh of her bosom and striking its sensitive form.

US Angel was pushed to her back by the boot, her body arched over cuffed wrists, writhing there as the hot grit of the desert stung her tortured ass flesh. She shook her head and a look of dismay spread across her face as her wobbling breast was prodded. Sand and sweat flew an instant later as the belt began to whip her melon-like breasts with their turgid nipples.

The Barbarian’s eyes lingered upon her as her body writhed and he noted the dismay that crossed her features. He offered no reaction to her suffering. Rather he brought the belt crashing down against her and he seemed to target those turgid nipples, the leather lashing down and striking them rather full on, seeking to whip them cruelly. His arm extended downwards as he let the belt beat upon those ample melons, whipping her flesh as he punished her for running. His dark eyes fixed upon her as his arm beat welt after welt into her flesh.

US Angel began to shake from all the pain as she was beaten, her nipples bloodied, her arms striped. She inched along the sand as she struggled at first, but then she was overcome by weariness and helplessness, becoming a lump of quivering flesh, lying in the desert, the bulge of her smooth pout thrust upwards.

The Barbarian watched her begin to shake as her chest was bloodied and then she simply lay there, her body quivering. He ceased the beating, reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. He hauled her upwards by this handful to her feet. His dark eyes gazing at her he noted, "Now lets get back to camp now that you've had your little attempt to run off. Learn your place slave, you are nothing and will do as your told."

US Angel stumbled along, falling to her knees more than once, always dragged back up by the hair, nasty welts showing through the layer of sand caked to her sweaty skin in many places. The fight had seemingly gone out of her as they returned to the encampment, her head down, the "slaveangel" brand on her ass glowing.

The towering form of the Barbarian loomed over Angel's battered form. Tall, brawny and overpowering, his dark eyes looked down upon her sunburned and abused flesh as she lay there in the sand before him. He had dragged her back to the campsite. A bucket of water had been dumped over her sand dusted form. The cold chill of the water would slide over her body and leaving her slick and somewhat slippery as she lay there before him. He smirked as he looked down at Angel and remarked, "Now, you're not going anywhere but to your death, my pretty little slave." He leaned in towards her and let the tip of his boot prod into her stomach as he murmured, "Though I think you shall give one penultimate performance for all the savage hirelings in the camp." He smirked, "Let them see what a little slut you are before you take your final bow and are immortalized in a snuff film."

US Angel contorted her face in dismay as she looked up. She wasn't entirely sure why she had even tried to escape. Her situation was hopeless. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. Her skin was striped with welts from being beaten by a belt. Her body was poisoned with something that would kill her even if by some miracle she had escaped. She sniffled and looked down.

The Barbarian whistled and the camel drivers and slavers stirred and turned over towards him. He beckoned them over as he reached down and grabbed a handful of Angel's hair. "Pretty blonde thing isn't she. Very famous in America." Indeed even in the state she was her curvy body was leered at by the crowd of men who assembled around her. The Barbarian let them get a rather good look at her naked form as he remarked, "Slave tried to escape and she's been punished partly..." He slowly undid his own belt and then the zipper of his pants. "But not entirely... yet." The thick form of his prick was slipped out of his pants, he leaned in towards her and pulled her battered ass up against him. The thick form of his cockhead pressed to the tight ring of her anus. There he rather roughly pushed himself into her, a stab of pain undoubtedly following his entry within her. But aggressively he thrust into her, filling her tight little hole as dozens of onlookers watched.

US Angel dangled by the hair from his hand as the eyes of dirty leering men turned to look at her battered flesh, glistening with sweat and already beginning to heal from the beating. She began to squirm as she felt the throbbing prod brush over her branded backside. Her back arched and she stiffened as it was punched into her tight warm hole. She felt like she would be sick, but gulped it back with a shudder.

The Barbarian felt her stiffen as he pressed himself inside of her. His thick throbbing pole lanced into that tiny passage. He pressed upon her as he reamed her anus. His cock thrust deeply into her as his hands pulled back on her hips. His hips rocked into her as he worked his way into that tight little asshole. As she looked around her she'd see dirty, leering and dark men slipping their pricks from within their pants, their hands stroking themselves as they looked at her with eyes full of lust. His cock pumped into her as he leaned in to murmur, "Be a good little slut for me or I throw you to the wolves."

US Angel took short whimpering breaths, trying to control her fear and rage. The arch of her back caused her boobs to be thrust out at the onlookers like tightly bouncing water balloons about to burst. She felt his threat in her ear as much as heard it even as his cock threatened to rip her ass open. A little moan escaped her lips and her eyes lost focus.

The Barbarian let his lips press to her ear as he murmured, "I'm sure I could find someone with a video camera to tape you getting raped to death." His lips pressed rather mockingly to her cheek as he continued, "Might be a bit of a disappointment to those who want to do the deed themselves, but I think the video would sell so very well." He smirked as his hips cruelly pounded into her, roughly and aggressively thrusting that thick cock inside her tight little ass. He stretched and strained her with each entry. He heard her moaning. "Now take it like the good little whore you are." He demanded as he splayed her ass onto the stabbing form of his cock.

US Angel could not be more humiliated than when in the midst of this horrific scene her hips began to bump and grind, the smooth lips of her tight pout glistening for all to see. Her cheeks suddenly burned even more than they had from the sunburn. "Nooooo..." She squealed, shaking her head until the grip of her hair tightened and held it still as the slapping of his loins to her shiny hiney continued.

The Barbarian felt her body begin to push back against him, the rock of her hips rather steadily pushing back against him. His own form cruelly smacked into her, each gyrating rock of her hips humping his throbbing prick in her tight little ass. He glanced down and saw the burning blush upon her cheeks. "Wanton little anal slut aren't you?" He murmured and then used his hand to jerk her head towards the crowd of men around her. She'd see their dark pricks lancing out through the air towards her. "You have fans." He stated rather mockingly as he pushed himself more fully within her.

US Angel let out a shuddering sob and leaned back against him, lurching as she came, tears running down her cheeks as well her inner thighs. The television star was giving an impromptu performance like no other. The pounding in her head and holes seemed to grow ever louder like the cries of the crowd of the dirty men with their cocks pointed at her. The vision of them began to spin about her.

The Barbarian felt her shudder and her body spasm as despite her horrid situation she came beneath him. His use of her however was rather relentless. His hips smacked lewdly into her taunt little anal passage. Its tight grip fit his thick pole like a glove. He pressed on with what seemed to be building enthusiasm, cock hard and throbbing as he claimed her ass. Deeply he pounded within her, his pace building until she'd feel his prick twitch and his seed spill inside that dirty hole. Hot thick sticky semen spurt into her ass as he groaned. He pulled out of her and pushed her forwards towards the crowd of men. "Cover her in cum." He stated and they seemed only too happy to oblige as already had their erect pricks out and ready to go. Thus about twenty men crowed in about her battered form. She'd feel the splash of cum falling upon her, as strands of seed shot out through the air to slide over her body. Semen coated her face, chest, ass and back rather indiscriminately as a chorus of groans sounded all around and the sticky slickness of cum covered her body.

US Angel hit the sand with a thud. She writhed in the sand briefly, but tried to ball up as she felt the first strands of warm cum splattering on her flesh. She hugged her knees to her chest, sobbing as she was coated in cum, so much that it matted her hair and dripped from her face. She mewled and tried not to listen to the crude language raining down on her like cum.

The Barbarian smirked and watched her curl up in a ball on the ground as semen splattered all over her flesh in almost absurdly large amounts. His lips formed a rather cruel smile as he slipped a manacle about her ankle and then attached the chain to one of the wagons near by. With the chain secure he murmured, "We'll see you delivered to your buyers tomorrow, slave. But I'm going to let you stay here and let that cum sink into you. I'm sure it will help your burned skin." He stood over her for a brief moment before going to get some sleep.

US Angel lay still for a long time with eyes closed. She was nudged with a boot and then the men dispersed. It was the middle of the night when she awoke, cold and sticky, becoming caked with sand as she tried to crawl away until pulled up short by the chain attached to her ankle. She strained against her cuffs, tested the manacle, and, realizing she wasn't going anywhere, slumped back asleep where she lay.

The following morning the caravan progressed through the desert and soon drew near to the rather remote desert fortress that was their destination. A cloud of dust from far away announced their arrival well ahead of time, hence the gates were open and a welcoming committee of the Order of the Serpent was awaiting them. The Barbarian lead her upon a leash personally now, sand and semen still coating her form as he tugged her along by the neck to the gates. Several grinning fanatics saw her form and began to rub their hands together gleefully. One stretched his hands apart as though to indicate something huge. It would be unclear exactly what he was jabbering on about. Irregardless a large duffle bag was tossed to the Barbarian as handed off the leash to a seemingly delighted turbaned savage who began dragging her through the fortress towards what looked like a rather large pit.

US Angel was a sticky dirty naked mess, but easily recognizable on the two cameras the fanatics had set up to film their desecration of her, in their minds a living symbol of the evil empire. She stumbled along, wrists still cuffed behind, making her way through the throng that had gathered to watch. Those close enough kicked, spit, even pissed on her when she stumbled and fell.

The cameras were evidently rolling as they led her to the giant pit. A serpentine hiss could he heard, strangely as though some giant snake lingered in the vicinity. Thereafter, she found herself dragged to the edge of the pit. The fanatics jibber jabbered their abuse at her. Two cameras were recording and streaming everything live. A large gong was struck. Thereafter, from the side of a pit the giant head of the largest snake one could imagine slid out from a cavern into the pit. Its long tongue flickered in and out of its mouth and the cold eyes looked slowly about.

US Angel felt hands digging into her arms, holding her in place. She looked down into the pit to find the source of the hissing. It was the biggest snake she had ever seen, slithering in her direction. Her eyes widened and she began to squirm frantically, sand-caked breasts rolling tightly about her chest. She elbowed the fanatic on one side and stomped the foot of the other, pulling free of their grip. She ducked a third fanatic with a knife, tossing him over her shoulder into the pit as she straightened up.“Like no way!”

The Barbarian watched as she gave the fanatics trouble by attempting to escape, even knocking one into the pit. He mumbled, “Do I have to do everything for you people?” His boot came up and kicked her hard in the kidney area, a blow hard enough to knock her off her feet if it connected, aimed to send her flying into the pit where the snake was already gobbling down the fanatic with the knife.

US Angel grunted as the boot caught her, sweat and sand flying from the impact, squealing as her naked body spun through the air, legs flailing, tumbling over and over as she crashed to the floor of the pit. Angel rolled over and got to her feet as the snake turned for her. She ran, wrists still cuffed behind, boobs bouncing, the walls of the pit and the giant snake closing in on her. She screamed as the huge coils of pure muscle caught and encircled her with sudden force. She kicked about as the coils tightened, pinning, crunching, crushing, until her struggles began to diminish. One camera zoomed in on the horror on her face before it disappeared into the huge jaws as the snake’s tongue flickered across her jiggling breasts, lingering on her the clefted bulge between her squirming thighs as the snake struggled to swallow her plump rump, still twitching even as it finally slipped past those powerful jaws. The stout little legs followed quickly.

The Barbarian snorted. It seemed a bit of a waste of good slave meat to him, but the payday had been good. Duffle bag in hand he walked away.

US Angel was gone, nothing but a bulge inside the coils of the giant python as the fanatics of the Order of the Serpent cheered their triumph that had been broadcast to the world!

(March 2011)