Jungle Jean and the Dark Apes

(Barbi Blaze stars as Jungle Jean in an old-time serial for cable...)


1. Jungle Crash


JungleJean is an athletic blonde... soft muscular curves tugging at the leopard-skin bikini that attempts to hold them... a large knife strapped to her ankle...

Far in the distance in the green leafy valley, just after the pre-dawn hours there comes a sound. Rising up above the red/orange sunrise a thin smear of smoke rises up through the air. The day starts damp and humid the sounds of the animals fill the air.

JungleJean is awakened by a distant thunder. A tree falling? A plane crashing? She slips on her leopard skin bikini and grabs a bite to eat. By the first light she can see a distant arm of smoke reaching to the sky as if to wave for assistance. And so she is quickly off from her tree house, swinging from vine to vine, moving rapidly through the canopy of trees high above the jungle floor.

Even with her rapid mode of travel it takes some time and as her form blurs overhead animals scatter. Soon she comes to the scene...what seems to be a fighter jet of some sort...it has dug a trench behind it before crashing into a great mighty tree. The massive wood holds the ruined metal and plastic in knobby branches. The canopy of the jet is dark and cracked.

JungleJean grimaces at the sight of the smoking jet aircraft, twisted against the trunk of one massive tree. The fact that the canopy is still in place does not bode well for the pilot she realizes. The blond swings down to the ground and her bare feet pad quickly over root and leaf to see if by some miracle the person inside that cracked dark glass still lives. "Hello..."

As she approaches the ruined aircraft the cracked plastic canopy shifts a far section seems to have been cracked from the outside in the rough shape of... four thick fingers. The front pilot's fate is sealed as the bubble of plastic shifts again face first in the console bone and flesh shattered. As she looks up from the carnage figures can be seen in a distance tree.

JungleJean bounds off the wing of the plane, the muscles in her lithe legs flexing. She cups a hand over her eyes and peers at the figures in the distant tree with eyes as deep and green as the surrounding jungle. "Hello... did you see what happened here?"

What she spies might send a chill down her spine. Three of the large apes crafty enough to make use of human tools stand for a moment over the shoulder of one of the hairy primates a figure is thrown the other pilot long blond hair spilling out under the helmet. The larger barks a command to the troupe as they grip vines to swing away.

JungleJean stomps her foot and lets out a yell at the great apes. "Stop," she calls out. Her eyes narrow and her lips purse as the apes do not respond to her command. She runs after them, catching hold of a vine and climbing back into the canopy to pursue the apes as they carry off the blond copilot.

These great apes are not the common apes of the jungle, but more crafty and with a streak of evil. The Dark Ape King's subjects seek to use mans tools to put all of the jungle under his heel. Now three of them swing and bound away from her seeming with the same ease as her past and through branches at breakneck speed.

JungleJean recognizes now that these apes are of the dark troop of rogue apes that terrify much of the jungle. She has skirmished with them a couple of times on her own turf, but now they are leading her into their jungle. And yet, she cannot let the blond pilot be carried off without at least attempting rescue. The canopy thickens, branches and vines seeming to whip at her.

This side of the valley is under the grip of many of the evils that plague the land. Even the trees have grown wild and have the uncanny nature of being at the wrong place at the right time branches and vines do indeed slap at her as the troops seems to break their formation for a moment it may seem puzzling to her for a moment until a rare shaft of sunlight breaks past the broads leaves... something glimmers in her path strands of light seem to branch out from a large gap between branches.

JungleJean does not relent in her pursuit for a moment, despite the snapping vines, some leaving little welts on her sweet fair flesh, now glistening with a sheen of sweat from her efforts. The sudden bright light makes it hard for her to focus as she senses as much as sees the apes split up. She continues after the one carrying the pilot.

As she swings her self up after the fleeing ape the presence of the strands becomes clear. Perhaps if she adjusted a mere foot the ensnaring web would not tangle about her ankles the tensile power of the strands shifts her forward motion flipping her head over heel her toned form tumbling into the rest of the sticky net.

JungleJean curses her headlong speed as she is sent flailing into the sticky netting, becoming entangled in it. She reaches for the big knife at her ankle, drawing the blade from its sheath to cut free. Her eyes look quickly about as she goes to work with the knife.

From the crotch of the tree limb the great spider stirs. Woken as the fly thrashes in the netting long hairy limbs unfurl lifting the misshapen body up eight eyes focus as the three apes stop not too far away to watch each chuckling.

JungleJean gapes at the creature, never having seen the like, realizing with sudden terror that this is not the ape's netting, but instead, that of this giant spider. Her slashing at the web becomes frantic, cursing as she frees a leg only to become entangled again in the sticky stuff.

She has found some luck only the skin top is stuck to the webbing while her legs and thighs are bound her upper body is mostly free. The huge spider moves with a sluggish gait not use to daytime jaunts one clawed leg pushes on the guideline wiggling the net as it starts to climb.

JungleJean looks around for branch or something upon which to pull herself free, but sees nothing above her. She cuts through the webbing around her hips, letting her body fall through the opening created. She dangles upside down for a moment before bending at the waist to cut her ankle free. She falls from the web, eyes wide, arms flailing for something to grasp.

The rope burn from the knobby vine leaves her hand red and tingly the spider seems depressed that his prey has chosen to leave but works it's way back into its hiding space. In the gloom she can see one of the apes wing her way crude hand poised to strike as the other two look on.

JungleJean sees the ape swinging her way as she falls. She contorts her falling form, attempting to duck the striking hand and stab with her knife while reaching for the ape's own swinging vine with her free hand.

The large blade glitters as it arcs out the leathery hide of the great ape is scratched leaving a ragged red line on the gray skin his blow does not fly harmlessly off however the fist strikes the vine causing it to jerk... whipping the plant and the blond woman off it.

JungleJean is unable to grip the vine and continues to fall headlong toward the jungle floor, screaming in terror. Her blond hair flutters behind her like a streamer even as she crashes into the bushes with a rustle and a thud. Suddenly all is still. There is no movement or sound.

The apes grunt to one another for a moment or two... one by one they drop from the trees around the leafy bush the biggest of the three risks a look into the bushes.

JungleJean's unmoving body lies sprawled on the ground under the bushes. There are several nasty welts on her flesh, indeed one across an exposed breast, her leopard skin top apparently pulled askew by the web or the crash through the underbrush. Her head has lolled to one side, hair across her face. Her knife is nowhere to be seen.

(announcer) Is the queen of the jungle dead? Victim of a fatal fall? What fate is in store for her if she survived the plummet to her doom. And who is the golden haired pilot that the Dark Apes are so keen in taking back to their leader? Find out in episode two...


2. The Huntress Becomes the Hunted


JungleJean lies still on the jungle floor in the bushes hoping the apes will leave, thinking she is dead or unconscious.

The lead ape grunts to the two others slinging the blond pilot over his shoulder and climbs the nearby tree... the other two huge hairy beasts part the boughs around the woman one jabbing at her thigh with a stick.

JungleJean forces herself not to react as her thigh is prodded with a stick. She lost her knife in the fall and is not sure she can handle one of these apes without it. She focuses her mind on the reason she is here, the abducted pilot. She waits for the proper moment even as her mostly bare flesh is poked repeatedly.

The two apes remain two of them close in. Yes they had heard about the blond jungle queen. And they were warned about her skill. Both grunt back and forth to each other for a few moments as the leader leaves with the captive at last one of them grips the skimpy top to sling her form over his hairy shoulder.

JungleJean spins as her eyes flicker open and she kicks her leg, aiming to drive her bare heel into the dangling balls of the hairy beast. She pops to her feet, even as the top is ripped from her body.

The tangerine sized reproductive organs are crushed under the driven heel of the jungle queen the howl of pain echoes through the trees as the ape reels back clutching the damaged globes. The leopard skin top is clutched in those fingers. The second ape is not slow to respond. Launching at the topless woman arms swinging down in an ax handle smash.

JungleJean has no sooner popped to her feet than the clenched fists of the second powerful beast hammer her in the chest between her swaying breasts, driving the air from her lungs, and her back to the ground with violent force. She lies there stunned, eyes blinking as the beast looms, her fingers clawing at the soft earth of the jungle floor.

The ape lets out a growl... its partner lay groaning on the jungle floor it places a firm foot on her midsection pinning her to the leafy ground as it grunts to its friend. Again on the floor she is "treated" to the sexual organ of the great ape resting atop her bare breasts near where he had struck her. The ape extends himself to prod his comrade.

JungleJean sputters, trying to regain her breath even as her chest is depressed by the weight of the great ape. She grimaces with disgust as the beast leans over her, brushing his dangling organ across her naked chest. Her clawing hand hits something familiar. She clenches the hilt and brings her knife around to stab the leg that pins her.

There is a quick yelp of pain from the ape as the large blade cuts through hair and skin. With odd grace the heavy beast dances back as the gurgling coughing ape pulls its self and it's damaged balls off the ground.

JungleJean rolls aside as the foot comes up off her body. She scuttles away through the underbrush on hands and knees, showing her leopard-skin-clad butt as she tries to get away. Still panting for air she squeezes under the twisted exposed root of a tree only to find herself on the edge of a river. The water flows past fast about thirty feet straight down. She sheathes her knife and dives in headfirst.

The water is surprisingly cold, seeming to sap the warmth from the curvy body that plunges into it moments later the apes have followed her tracks to the edge of the rushing water...however like any ape the pause and grunt unlikely to follow her.

JungleJean cuts the water perfectly, making little splash as she enters, using the momentum of the dive to carry her forward into the current, where she comes back to the surface, swimming for the far side with powerful strokes, obviously a strong swimmer.

As the wet woman makes her way onto the far shore the ape with the still swollen balls flings smooth stones at her figure as the other quickly climbs the tree working its way across the network of vines that span the gap.

JungleJean pulls her dripping wet body up out of the river, climbing the exposed roots as if they were a ladder, yelping once as a stone hits her muscular ass with a smack, shaking her head as she reaches the top of the far bank, water spraying from her matted hair. She ducks a stone that whistles past her ear and races off into the jungle.

Only a few scant moments pass as she runs droplets of water falling from her in a spray. The ripping of greenery is heard behind her the second ape still bleeding from his wounded leg hops to the ground in chase of the woman...four limbs striking the ground as it briskly runs soon in sight of the topless woman.

JungleJean looks back over her shoulder at the sound of her pursuer crashing through the underbrush. Her jaw drops as she realizes the huge ape is gaining on her. She thought only the great cats and the antelope could outrun her. Realizing she has no choice, she stops and spins, reaching for her knife, her breasts jiggling wildly as she takes her stance.

The ape roars at the top of it's lungs as it throws its self at the woman shoulder first to hopefully take the brunt of the knife one arm sweeps up before its feet hit the ground grey knuckles aimed for her chin.

JungleJean stabs her knife deep into the meaty shoulder, losing her grip on the weapon as the huge beast slams up a forearm and fist, snapping back her head, her feet coming off the ground as her body follows, arms and legs flailing as she is sent flying twenty feet, before her flight is stopped by a massive tree trunk and she crumples to the ground, sprawled on her back, lower legs bent beneath her.

This time, leery from his mistake he waits soon his wounded comrade makes his way over the river. Both take little time in binding the hands and ankles of the blond queen both apes grunt to themselves as they bind her to a long pole. Like some hunting prize they begin their trek into the dark jungle.JungleJean is carted off through the dark jungle, bound unconscious to the pole borne by the two great apes, her head and breasts dangling as the credits run...

(announcer) This time it seems our Jungle Queen's luck has worn out. Captured by the Dark Apes they take her off to their village. What horrors await her in episode three...


3. The Dark Road to Ape City


The trek in the jungle seems like a lifetime as the tanned body of the jungle queen bounces on the pole she has been securely bound to. The apes seem to handle the sweltering heat of the forest well rain clouds form above and the apes turn their tracks for shelter. The pole was cut too small and before long her round leopard skin covered ass swats into the dangling ape member.

JungleJean dangles upside down from the pole, her ankles, knees and wrists lashed so tightly to the pole that the leather straps bite into her flesh. Her fresh melons jostle about her chest as she is carried. Her unconscious head is lolled back almost as if sniffing up the ass of the lead ape, long blond hair dragging the ground. Her ass swings back and forth, the trailing ape's cock swatting it.

The ape in the rear chuckles as they walk his furry knuckled hand reaches up to pull the covering strip to the side as they make their way into a cave to avoid the soon to be falling rain.

JungleJean still dangles unconscious from the pole to which she is bound even as the smooth cleft of her sex is bared by the dark hand. Her body swings side to side, the shifting of her legs making the little pout of her pussy lips seem to twitch.

The ape chuckles grunting something to is friend as the strip of leopard skin is torn away... she is dropped onto the cold stone floor. The ape that had torn away the skin goes to relive his bladder as the other reaches down to sink his thick fingers into her left breast harshly

JungleJean groans with discomfort and shakes her head, her eyes blinking open. Those eyes widen as she realizes her plight. "Get your paws off me you beast," she screams! She tries to pull free of the pole, flailing arms and legs frantically, the straps cutting into her flesh.

A massive backhand swings down to the woman's cheek even as his other hand molests the pert tit. The other ape returns smiling down at the exposed sex the leering beast is aroused grey cock starting to rise.

JungleJean hears ringing in her ears as her head bounces from the force of the backhand. She instinctively begins to try to inch away on her back, a pathetic looking exercise, bound as she is to the pole. Her eyes widen at the sight of the ape's grey pole rising. "Oh no"

The one with the threatening looking cock is content to watch watch as his fellow ape leans down wrapping slobbering lips around one nipple drawing her flesh into his warm wet mouth sensitive flesh grazes ape fangs.

JungleJean screams and tries to jerk away, twisting and turning in a frenzy of writhing, breasts jiggling about, her bare skin slapping against the stone floor of the cave. "Stop! Beast! No!"

The ape is unable to suckle those large tits and it angers him he sits cross legged and grips her by the hair rolling her up poising her face above his still limp dick...that he proceeds to slap her face with.

JungleJean begins to sob, held in place by a fierce grip of her long hair, her face slapped viciously back and forth by a flaccid cock. "No... nngh... please stop... nngh... wait... nngh... I'll... nngh... nngh... nngh..." But she ceases to protest as the slapping continues.

From behind there is a low laugh hard hands grip her round ass pulling the cheeks apart for the apes lustful view the one stops the beating hand cupping her breast again as she feels the apes dick throb against her face

JungleJean sniffles as she is gripped from behind, the gnarled fingers powerful and crude as they grip and spread, before she feels the prodding of something throbbing. Her green eyes cross to stare, as the cock flopped across her face begins to stiffen and swell almost to the size of her lower arm. "ohmygawd..."

The ape who sits cross legged makes a motion pointing to her lips then the great ape cock under her as the drippings from the cock at her rear slickens up the smooth lipped sex.

JungleJean begins to cry as her head is bent back by a fistful of hair and the growing cock slides past her eyes, between her quivering lips, completely filling her mouth. Her back arches as the ape pulls her face to him until her pleading eyes disappear beneath his hairy scrotum. She rolls her hips as the unseen ape presses his cock into the tight smooth pout of her sex.

The throbbing invader lurches in her mouth each vein can be felt passing her lips that musky sent of his sex filling her senses the ape mutters some words that might be "bitch" and "tight" the ape behind her laughs stabbing her smooth slit with his dick.

JungleJean gurgles under the grinding darkness of the huge beast's balls as cocks thrust into her throat and deep into her sex. The poor jungle heroine struggles to even breathe as the two dark apes use her rudely, pawing at her tits and ass as they pound away at her warm wet openings.

But the apes seem to have time to kill the poor blond jungle queen is jostled about the saliva slick member finds its way into her sex as her tight little anus is forced apart they laugh at her pitiful mewlings.

JungleJean whimpers no, a mixture of cum and saliva drooling from her lips as she protests the apes moving her about, but the bound blonde is pretty much helpless to do anything but wail out her fear as the apes prepare to use her sex and ass at the same time.

And indeed she is used thick cock pushing into her unprotected holes she can feel every inch in her sensitive pussy the strain on her small anus as she is fucked until her body rocks and quakes from the lustful rape.

JungleJean pants for air as she is overfilling to the point of bursting by the two huge cocks punching into her body like clenched fists, crunching her very core between them. Her shuddering flesh is now covered by a sheen of sweat and her eyes roll back as endures this terrible fucking.

Soon after the ordeal she is rolled onto her back her legs bent under her arms behind her neck...and two giant ape cock ejaculate on her sweat covered body.

JungleJean thrusts out a pouting lip and rolls on her side after her face, breasts, bellybutton and pout are left dripping with sticky cum. She hides her face in a mop of matted blond hair, sobbing.

She is left so for a few moments before with what remains of her outfit she is hauled sticky, bruised and used back on their shoulders

JungleJean does not fight the apes at all as the pole is slid back into her bindings and she is lifted up, her leopard skin bottoms still askew, her breasts rolling about, her body glistening with sweat and cum, as the trek continues, through the now steamy insect infested jungle.

(announcer) And so as episode three concludes Jungle Jean is carried deeper into the heart of darkest jungle. Is she to be kept as sex slave by these beasts? Will she escape and rescue the pilot? Is there more to know about these Dark Apes? Their origins? Their intentions? Perhaps we'll find out in episode four...


4. Throne of the Ape King


It had been hours since the defilement of the jungle queen in the cave, and little had gotten better since then. She dangles from the pole like so much ripe fruit, breasts rolling with each step of the hulking apes. Her cries long since muffled by her own loincloth, now stuffed into her mouth. With each jar or bump her forehead meets a hairy apes ass or the still partly erect ape cock slaps her pouty sex. As if to remind her of the savaging, now they leave the valley crossing a bit of savanna to the large rock where the ape overlord makes his home in the distance she can smell the smoke and hear the din of a primitive city.

JungleJean lifts her head slightly at the first whiff of smoke. Her ears listen closely. Her nostrils flare. She blinks, trying to get some sense of what awaits her. She has long since given up struggling with the bindings that cut her flesh, biding her time for some other opportunity to escape. Still she wonders what these apes want with her... or the pilot.

It is not long until her fair skinned body is carried through the ape city dark and coarse creatures glare and leer at her bobbing form some in disgust some in odd lust. Her body is brought to the hollowed out mountain that is the Ape Emperors home. The guards open the way for them a vanguard of spear wielding apes along side her.

JungleJean blinks as she is surrounded by a horde of dark apes, apes that carry spears no less. The rumors are true she realizes. There is a whole tribe of these advanced apes. But how she wonders? Then she feels the prod of a spear to ass. The apes grunt excitedly as she tenses and tries to pull away. They seem to be presenting her to someone... or something.

Spears are leveled at the unmarred throat of the lovely jungle queen as the pole is set in the ground...her arms pinned behind her head ankles crossed behind her rear it seems as if more rude savaging was on its way. But perhaps to her surprise the bonds from her ankles were cut even as the ape grinned between her thighs.

JungleJean narrows her eyes at the grinning beast, trying to get back some feeling in her wrists and ankles even as the huge hands hold them still. At least she is free of that damn pole. But to what purpose she wonders. And how can she possibly escape a whole tribe of these creatures? She tries to relax her muscles even as the ape licks her thigh.

The large slippery tongue does trail half way up her thigh... wide ape cocks that dangle far too close seem to threaten but the lapping ape is clubbed on the side of his head as she is pulled up to stand... one ape behind enjoying his position and making sure she is aware of it. To each side both hairy elbows poking into the sides of the breasts and two more walking ahead leading her to the hall of the ape emperor.

JungleJean stumbles forward on bare feet, bare from head to toe in fact. A little wad of animal skin sticks out of her mouth. She tries to ignore the hands that hold her wrists and the elbows of the flanking beasts. She goes up on tiptoe trying to see as they lead her down a hall in the caverns. There appears to be a throne of some sort. Their leader?

Atop a mountain of bone, there sits a massive old ape. One eye yellow is discolored she is forced to bend knee before the gray furred brute as one breaks from the group to address the leader in their grunting speech she is left in the hands of the lecherous apes groping and stroking her hairless form as she can just make out that her fate is being spoken over.

JungleJean listens as intently as she can, desperately trying to follow what is being said, unable to keep from jerking and twitching in response to the possessive hands of her captors. She examines the old ape and the mountain of bones, the bones making her a little queasy. She scans the chamber for weapons.

The guards carry spears...if she were sly enough she might be able to get to one between her and the mound of bones are two ape guards one seems overly excited with her breasts not attempting to rest his ape cock on the mounds but with that pile of bleached bones surely there is something she can use. The leader and subject talk... surely the possibility of her as a breeding slave has come up but the younger is speaking about something else something that makes the leader ape consider his words and not his base lust.

JungleJean can't help but wonder what other fate might be considered for her even as she bows her head submissively to the closest guard, trying to put him at ease as to her intentions. She takes a deep breath as he breathes on her breasts, his breath warm in contrast to the chill air of the cave. She shudders.

She should shudder the warmth of his breath is nothing to the heat of the full grown ape member that is pushed between her breasts from below her chin connects with the damp black head for a moment before the leader ape calls something out saves her from the offending organ as it is pulled from her cleavage the jungle queen is hoisted to her feet and loin cloth pulled from her mouth.

JungleJean blinks with relief as the cock is pulled away, looking up at the huge ape leader, her eyes as green as the jungle. Her arms are yanked wide apart and she is urged forward by the prod of a spear on her backside. Her breasts point up like stalagmites as she arches her back and moves forward to the foot of the pile of bones. She narrows her eyes almost defiantly.

"Take her to the coliseum!" Amidst the volley of grunts the leader ape speaks in a grumble waving her away butts of spears batter at her... turning her to the right and down a smoky hall.

JungleJean is surprised by this order even as she obeys the prodding of many spear points and pads off as directed. She tries not to breathe in the smoke as the cave passages narrow. Could these beasts really have a coliseum... and fights... or is she just to be sacrificed. She is about to take her chances at trying to escape when the passage opens out into a larger chamber.

Her nude body it pushed roughly as her eyes adjust to the dark... her form slams into bamboo bars, as another set behind her closes there is a low sound... murmuring and chanting the cage door behind her is locked by a grinning ape... then the sun streaks in as the tarp and bars are open...the large dusty field with raised seating... apes of all ages sit and chant.

JungleJean runs her fingers through her long dirty blond hair, brushing it back from her light-colored face. She looks all about, her eyes wide. The apes are gathering as if to watch a show. This cage is built into the side of the mountain, which provides terraced seating on one side. The cage is large and Jean scans around for any sign of her fate.

Her fate is soon at hand from a shallow pit something roars stepping up from the underground passage the huge head of a young T rex emerges the hunters lean and scaled body heaves its self out of the ground leveling it's maw to let out a roar at the naked woman.

JungleJean stumbles backwards, her jaw dropping. The creature towers over her. This is no creature of her jungle. It is a giant lizard that moves like a bird and has jaws and teeth bigger than the largest crocodile. She swallows hard then turns, shaking her head at the grinning ape there, her endowments jiggling as she shakes the cage door.

The ape only laughs as the poor woman shakes... a stout shaft of bamboo is flung to her however as the ape steps back... the tyrant lizard looks left the right then takes an earth-shaking step forward and bellows again

JungleJean stares forlornly down at the length of bamboo tossed at her feet. The first step of the thunder lizard seems to bring her out of her trance however. She kicks the shaft up into her hand and spins to face the bizarre creature that could swallow her whole. She holds the spear-like piece of bamboo aloft with both hands and yells her battle cry.

The lizard moves like the starving predator that it is the long tail held straight behind it spins about corded muscle unleashed at her.

JungleJean dives to the side as the creature lunges with unbelievable speed, it's huge jaws snapping. She dives aside, somersaulting, and rolling back to her feet in a flash of all her naked charms. She plunges the bamboo spear into the back of one birdlike foot before the creature can turn, thrusting with all the strength two arms can muster.

The great lizard lets out a bellow of pain as the pointed shaft rips into scaled flesh the other leg is lifted lashing out to kick her away from the bleeding wound.

JungleJean is surprised once more by the lightning speed of the huge creature. Its kicking foot doubles her over with a thud and sends her flying with great force. She hits the ground and rolls over and over until the bamboo bars stop her momentum rather abruptly. She grunts, wincing as she crawls to hands and knees, panting, miraculously still holding the spear, her sweaty flesh caked with dust.

The beast limps as it turns snorting in the dry air it lowers its head... trying to scoop up the little pink morsel in its slavering jaws the crowd hops to its feet as one hooting and yelling at the sight.

JungleJean gasps as the huge jaws widen to chomp down on her, the shadow engulfing her, saliva-drenched tongue flickering over her body. She jams the stout length of bamboo between those jaws in an effort to keep them from closing as she attempts to dive out from between the rows of knife-like teeth.

Wet from the animal's tongue she rolls over and over on the ground the great lizard stomps in frustration as it tries to break the bamboo but the pain from the pointed end stops it... wailing it moves in circles trying to dislodge it.

JungleJean pants for air as she gets to her feet, still shaking from her nearness to death. She runs to the edge of the cage and begins to climb the bamboo bars like only a monkey or a jungle queen could. She tries to ignore the apes as they hoot at her nakedness, realizing she was intended as food for and to have no chance against this thing, but hoping there is one after all.

The way the bars curve in halts her from reaching the hooting apes but the stumbling lizard lunges her way. The huge wedge shaped head swishing about blasting her with foul breath and drool.

JungleJean crawls onward until hanging from the bars of the roof of the cage as the wheeling T-Rex moves her way, still unable to close it's jaws. She waits until it is directly below her, then launches herself at the top of the snout, trying to drive the huge mouth closed over sharp point of lodged spear, hoping the point will be driven into the beast's skull and kill it.

The nude jungle queen lands atop the thundering lizard her bare flash slapping hard against the warm scales the force drives the upper jaw down the bamboo pole bends and for a moment threatens to break but flesh yields so much sooner as the point drives its self through its upper pallet and into its brain beast staggers left than right as the bloody point of the spear bursts out near the clinging form of the jungle queen as the T rex makes it last few lumbering steps.

JungleJean rides the huge beast to the ground, clinging to the shaking head, out of reach of the clawed arms as they flail, sighing with relief as it slumps to the dust. She climbs from its back, her chest heaving as she stumbles away.

The massive muscular tail twitches involuntarily and smacks her naked body against the cage bars. Jean hits with a smack, stunned, shakes her head dizzily at the hooting apes and crumples to the dust herself.

JungleJean lies naked in the dust, knocked unconscious by the reflex of the dead thunder lizard's tail. The apes are screeching.

A trio of the ape guards make their way onto the scene... the butt end of a spear rolls her over her legs falling open ungainly.

JungleJean flops over spread-eagle, her ample tit flesh rolling side to side, her clean-shaven mound glistening.

The crowd laughs and jeers as her mound is gripped by a furry knuckled hand spreading the lips to show off the pink folds... as heavy tits are swatted by furry ape cocks.

JungleJean groans sleepily, writhing a bit as her body is handled and displayed, her sweaty skin caked with dust all over, dirty hair matted in her face as her eyes flicker open. She lifts her head and begins to flail.

"Quite the bitch" one ape grumbles and it is done her face is pulled down onto the drooling end of an erect cock she is force fed the throbbing dick.

JungleJean shakes her head no even as lifted by the hair. Her defiant scream is muffled immediately as the huge black shaft is plunged deep into her throat. She gags and has no choice but to begin to suck, her cheeks hollowing out, her tongue working.

She suckles... because she must. Soon throbbing organ slap and enter her body making her rock between hair forms there in the middle of the arena. Sweat, semen and saliva all wash over her body as the apes take her.

JungleJean is rudely used by the whole cadre of guards, pounding their huge cocks into her holes, even as her heart and head pound, her eyes bulging in disgust and terror, to be the center of such an animalistic display.

Only after the guard apes have drained themselves on or in the jungle queen does the sharp rap of a spear butt come to her temple. The quick and sudden hit jars her even as the last load of semen flows onto her pouty mound.

JungleJean slumps in the dust at the feet of her captors, covered in their filth from head to toe.

(announcer) So concludes another episode of Jungle Jean and the Mystery of the Dark Apes. Jungle Jean has survived her encounter with the T-Rex. Join us next time to see if what will become of her in episode five...


5. Break Out!


The rough hands of the dark apes drag the spent and beaten from of the jungle queen back inside after her victory verses the young T. Rex. Her battered and used body dangles between the arms of huge apes as she is dragged in the mountain complex. Passer bys spit at her or gawk and the nude queen until at long last she is dumped into a pool of water, fed by an underground gusher spring.

JungleJean comes to life from the shock of the cold water on her sweaty flesh, sputtering as she rises up, shaking her head. As her eyes focus she backs away from the surrounding apes into deeper water until it comes up past her waist, her nipples evidence of the coldness. She tries to make out to where it flows, thinking it could be an escape route.

Under the cold water a lattice work of old metal bars is worked over the rough mouth of the passage. Cold water buffets the woman swirling her hair as the apes stand at the entrance.

JungleJean sighs as she finds that metal bars cover both intake and outflow of the cold water. Well at least she is clean again. She runs her fingers through her hair as if to comb it as she moves back towards the apes, eyeing them. "So now what do you intend to do with me?"

The apes seem to understand her and there are a few chuckles as the normal male response comes to filthy ape minds. However a set of crude leather bindings are brought forth as they motion her out of the pool.

JungleJean sees the leather bindings and hesitates, taking a deep breath before finally walking out of the water with head bowed, water dripping from her naked flesh. She stands before the ape with the bindings and waits.

The apes seem a touch surprised at the show of subservience from the well-known queen of the jungle. But it takes them only a moment before she finds her wrists bound tightly behind the small of her back one leering ape drops under her knees to work a length of though at her ankles.

JungleJean takes deep breaths as she watches the apes work, but bides her time in hopes of a better chance to escape. There are too many here in this time and place. The leather is tight on her wrists. She wonders if she will be made to fight again or if it will be more of the other... she makes a face.

The now clean jungle queen is lead from the pool by the apes. The ties on her ankles make her walk a horrible hobble that makes her body quiver just a bit easily she is lead down torch-lined stairs where things become much cooler.

JungleJean has to turn sideways to negotiate the stairs at all, taking awkward little steps that only make her muscular curves of smooth pale flesh jiggle all the more. At first she doesn't notice, but soon it becomes apparent that the air deeper inside the mountain is colder than above. She marvels at the maze of tunnels.

A maze of tunnels indeed. As she is pushed across a tall stone bridge low in the bowls of the mountain. There past a line of cells with waxed bamboo bars to an open shadowy cell where the door is open and she is roughly pushed in.

JungleJean feels a huge hand shove her on her shoulder and she stumbles inside the bamboo cage, still bound by the leather strapping, tripping to the floor. She winces, scraping a knee on the hard stone. She looks back over her shoulder angrily, blond hair flaring.

The door is shut by a sneering ape how promptly leans on a near by wall with a lazy yawn as the other two walk back the way they had came. The rough 'cell' is a section of cave that has three of its four walls barred with bamboo bars. Slight sniffles can be heard in the gloom around her.

JungleJean looks around the cage and beyond. It backed up to solid stone and faced with a lattice of bamboo bars on three sides. There are several such cages all in a row. As her eyes adjust to the light she can make out another human figure in the next cage. Could it be the pilot? "Hello there..."

Indeed there in the cell against the rock wall a figure is tied to the wall. Long blond hair that veils her face nude like the woman in the other cell nearly a double, aside from the slight plumb of blond hair between her thighs. She lets out a long groan.

JungleJean moves toward the bars between the cages, huddling there with her legs tucked under her. She looks about her cage for anything that could be useful, glancing at the cage door to see how it is secured, speaking. "How long have you been here? Do you know what they want?"

The woman lets out a little broken sigh as she looks up meeting the gaze of the jungle queen. Anyone looking they would swear they are one and the same. "W-who are you?" the thick Russian accent in her voice. The door is locked with a slide bar that would take some work to open from where she is.

JungleJean whispers low... "I am Jean, Queen of the jungle..." she furrows her brows as she stares... "You look like me... were you in that plane that crashed two days ago? Were you carried here by these apes as I was?"

The pilot lets out a grunt as she tries to shift in her bonds..."So you are real...we were looking for signs of you dirty apes set up some kind of trap."

JungleJean ponders this. "You were looking for me? Why? And how come you look so much like me? Do you mean the apes crashed your plane?"

The pilot replies, "Too many questions we need to get out of here they have the warhead to the missile we do not know how much damage they could cause."

JungleJean gasps as her brain tries to make sense of all this. "I'd like to get out of here too... but that seems a little unlikely with both of us bound in watched cells... so why were you looking for me?" Jean glances at the guard ape to see if he seems to be listening.

Perhaps he is perhaps not he is watching watching with an open leer at the pair of them the black swelling at his hips tells all. The woman coughs a bit..."we can talk later we need to get out..."

JungleJean understands that the woman doesn't want to talk in front of the guarding ape, but she still doesn't know how she can get them out of here. She moves toward the rough-hewn rock, looking for a sharp edge on which to work the leather.

Most of the rock has been rounded but one small edge was found but to do so she would be close to the front door in full view of the ape that leers at her nudeness.

JungleJean feels suddenly more naked than ever as she plops and tries to hold the ape's eyes with her own even as behind her back she begins to rub the leather against the sharp edge of rock.

Her eyes are dismissed easily her strange sprawl partly exposed the smooth pouty mound. Over in the other cell the other woman lets out a moan a tad more sensual then necessary.

JungleJean glances at the woman, wondering what is going on, never ceasing her attempt to cut the leather strap the binds her wrists, even as the dirty ape leers at her nakedness.

The ape leers openly as her binds are slowly cut. She can see the swollen member under its belly rise her movements make those breasts jiggle the exposed sex half covered by her kneeling form.

JungleJean shifts around, spreading her knees, forced to expose more of her sex in an effort to work on her hobble strap. She continues to keep her freed hands out of sight, pretending they are still bound. All this work makes sweat bead up on her face and breasts.

The ape grins at the espouser taking the motion as subservience he lifts the swollen member at his hips making a motion and nodding at the black shaft.

JungleJean tries not to dissuade the beast at this point, bowing her head as her hands work the short ankle strap against the stone. Almost there. Just one more moment.

The ape such the male that he is unlatches the door swaggering in the half erect organ bumps on the top of her head as the ape lifts her chin.

JungleJean makes a face as the huge cock musses her hair. Then big fingers lift her chin, forcing her to stand before she can finish her work. She lets the ape pull her up, keeping her hands hidden behind her, waiting for the right moment.

The ape leaves her on her knees before him pulling her to the side pressing a rough foot against her mound before pulling her face to the fully erect ape cock like this however she has all the access she needs to the sharp stone.

JungleJean blinks at the cock, the intent clear enough, the foot pressed to her mound making her tremble. At least she can continue to work her ankles around the stone if she can keep the ape distracted. She takes him into her mouth, licking.

The ape seems to be in no hurry her double watches nipples tight at the show as the ape's black organ is pushed up into the queen's mouth.

JungleJean hollows out her cheeks and sucks... desperately trying to do a good job to keep the ape from discovering her escape attempt... her head bobbing... tongue flickering...

Only a few more passes until her bonds are cut the ape and herself might seem surprised at the fact that she is performing well on the uncouth organ in her mouth.

JungleJean laps her tongue against the cumslit even as the clenching balls of the beast bounce off her chin with every thrust, the wet press of her lips going to the base each time.

The ape grunts in surprise as pinned to the wall the woman catches dampness as the queen swallows the shaft of flesh in time with her strokes of the mouth does her bindings on the rock 1 (gulp) 2 (gulp) 3 (gulp) then the bonds are loosed.

JungleJean swallows because she has no choice, cum on her lips, punches a fist up into the underside of the excited organ as she pops up, trying to paralyze the big ape so she can finish him quickly and escape.

The quick pop up maneuver slams the hard organ still letting fly with the ape spunk as its yellow eyes roll up in the back of its head.

JungleJean elbows the beast on the cranium as it goes down, realizing it is already out only after the blow is delivered. She closes the cage and slides the bar into place before moving to open the other.

From the outside the latches are simple easy to open the foreign-sounding woman struggles against her bonds, "quick quick."

JungleJean nods and hurries to the blond, reaching to untie her bindings and release her from the wall. "Start filling me in why were you looking for me?"

The woman grunts as her wrists are freed she leans into jean her breasts pressing to the princesses her hips are shaky "Because because we might be related and the government needs us."

JungleJean catches the girl who looks so much like her. "Related? What government? I don't know what all this is about... I just want to protect my jungle..." Jean offers a shoulder and helps her mirror image from the cell, moving off in the direction from which she was brought before.

The woman seems to be in a bad shape...perhaps drugged perhaps acute fatigue. Her body leans hotly and yet limply against her as they shuffle past the cells.

JungleJean is reinvigorated by adrenaline. "Do I need to carry you... uhm... what is your name?"

The woman is now glassy eyed leaning fully on her now they pass the cellblock the wide opening of the mining work where apes toil under the mountain.

JungleJean lifts this woman who claims to be her sister into her arms, trying to stay out of sight. "What are the apes mining? Who do they work for? And what was this about a warhead?"

The woman stammers a bit, "Big big boom they mine metal to attack the other lands" her body jiggles loosely around her as below them the tink tink of pick-axes slam against stone.

JungleJean shakes her head, having trouble believing a race of apes is bent on continental conquest. "Rest while I get you out of here..." Jean looks for a little-used tunnel through which to ascend, a naked woman with another in her arms.

Indeed one long tunnelcovered in dust arrows up sharply. Most the apes seem busy with their tasks, save one that notices the flash of pink.

JungleJean pads quickly up the dimly lighted shaft, sure she sees a light up ahead. Daylight she hopes. She begins to heave from the exertion of carrying her sister uphill.

It is not too far to the mouth then a loud bark can be heard behind them. The padding of heavy feet can be heard as an ape yells for alarm charging up the way.

JungleJean gasps as she hears the bark of alarm. "I need for you to be able to run..." Jean hurries forward as fast as she can thusly encumbered, her muscular ass twitching, her endowments swinging.

The woman stumbles runs mirroring her "sister" as bright sunlight suddenly fills her sight there is a scream as the ground disappears under her sister's feet they stand at the entrance of a cave opening up to the long fall to the river the blond pitches and reaches out as she starts to fall.

JungleJean looks over her shoulder at the horde of pursuing apes. "It's our only chance... jump... I'm right with you..." And so one naked blond grabs the other's hand as they jump into the unknown waters below, wailing as they fall through the rushing air.

(announcer) Will the two survive the fall? What connection does the Russian pilot have with our heroine? What of the Dark apes and their plan? All the questions and more will be answered in the last installment of Jungle Queen Jean, episode six...


6. Big Splash!


JungleJean lets out her famous jungle yell as she falls through the air hand in hand with this pilot who claims to be her sister. Two naked blondes flail their legs, breasts fluttering, hair streaming, splashing into the rushing water below. The apes watch for a moment, but there seems to be no sign of the escaping slaves.

The trio of apes, they always seem to move in threes, stand there at the edge of the cliff for a few moments. The rushing white water swirls and churns far in the bottom of the valley and after a time the grunt to each other and turn, heading back into the dark caves. At the waters edge a lone large crocodile lets out a croakslipping it's scaled body into the waves.

JungleJean clutches the beautiful pilot to her and swims under water, making for the near bank a little way downstream. She gasps as she bursts from surface of the water, dragging her companion up on the bank and beginning to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, catching the movement of the croc out of the corner of her eye.

The pilot gasps and coughs roughly as the mouth to mouth pushes air into her water filled lungs soon she is heaving the rivers water on the sandy bank. A bit of distance is between them and the lazily swimming reptile. But the long snout is pointed their way as it cuts through the water.

JungleJean nods as the pilot coughs up a fair amount of river, reaching under the woman's armpits and lifting, to drag her further up the bank. She glances over her shoulder. The crocodile is approaching the bank. If she only had her knife. She can't let any other crocs think they are easy prey. She must meet this challenge head on.

The woman and her womanly attributes dangle semi-limp in the queen's arms the croc seems not to be in a hurry the long ridged tail swaying behind it, eyes projected above the surface of the water watching the pink, soft creature drag the other up on the grassy knoll of the bank.

JungleJean stares back at those cold eyes with her own defiant green orbs, letting the creature know she is the queen of the jungle. "I'll need to know more about what's going on... if I am to stop these dark apes from continuing their scheme..." It appears Jean has decided to accept the story of the pilot.

The reptile, not quite knowing the queen's status swims back and forth out in the current, despite the emerald orbs. But it comes no closer. The pilot gasps and wheezes for a few more moments her body shaking softly as her body purges the poison and river water. "They are building a missile like like a big metal arrow with a tip that will explode..."

JungleJean narrows her eyes. "Where did they get such a thing? And what are they mining?" Stops herself before the rest of her questions can come pouring out. "So you came here in search of me. Did you have a plan?"

The woman's chest heaves a bit the roundness there bounces just a bit, "no but we knew of you the plan when down with the jet."

JungleJean nibbles at her lip. "What did you intend to do with the metal bird? I've seen enough of these apes to know they need to be stopped... but the problem is how do two naked blonds stop a whole society of powerful dark apes?" Jean sits next the pilot as she thinks.

"They they only have one warhead they thought my bird might have what they need and it did give them the last bits to make the missile accurate" The other woman lays out slowing her body needs time to deal with all that has happened but the look of her she had suffered worse to the lusts of the dark apes.

JungleJean takes a deep breath. "So if I were to sneak back into the mountain... and disable this missile... I could put a damper on the designs for continental conquest? Yes?" Jean nods, her eyes questioning. "But first I need to find you someplace safe to hide and recover while I go back..."

The pilot nods a bit to the queen but it takes her a while to agree not to her plan but to leaving her behind.

JungleJean carries the pilot into a natural fort created by a stand of thick underbrush. "Stay here until I return... or until it has been one full day... which means I failed... then you will be on your own... can you tell me how to disable this missile?" Jean's eyes are big and green as she hovers, hair dangling in her face, endowments dangling before her chest.

Even in her state the endowments distract the pilot. "There should be a little door near the top...and a bundle of wires...pull the wires out and that should stop it"

JungleJean nods, her chest bobbing. "Now you try to get your rest... here's a melon I found as we crawled in here... eat, rest and be ready for a long trek when I return... the apes could be in pursuit... now wish me luck..." Jean smiles. "Sis..."

It is only a few moments before the pilot falls asleep perhaps even before the queen's eyes melon clenched in one hand.

JungleJean nods, knowing the pilot desperately needs to rest, thinking she needs rest too, but can't for the time being. She slips through the underbrush quietly, at home in the jungle, approaching the ape city carefully, looking for a way to sneak inside.

The way is hard this is "a" jungle not "Her" jungle some scouting reveals a few interesting points. On the far end of the mountain city there are the animal pens creatures much like the giant lizard she fought bellow as they are used for beasts of burden, being lead in and out of a gaping hole. If she thought she could the sheer cliff face has a ridge that slopes into the bowl like top of the mountain. Then there was the way she came in the front doors however seem to be heavily guarded.

JungleJean decides to give the cliff face a try, moving around through the cover of the underbrush, until she arrives at the base of the cliff. She looks up at the rock face and sighs. She is so tired. And it will be a difficult climb. But it is her only choice so she begins climbing hand over hand, bruising fingers and toes alike.

It is grueling foot after foot of rock, luckily there are ridges and clefts for her handholds the setting sun beats on her nude body as she climbs circling buzzards look down at her with glimmering black eyes.

JungleJean feels the burn in her aching joints as she reaches for another crack in the rock... and another... finding a jutting stone for her footing... scraping her ample endowments against the rough stone as she slithers ever upward the cliff face... body gleaming with sweat as the rays of setting sun leave the ape city in shadow.

Just as the sun sets the sweat streaked queen makes it to the edge of the ridge before her the city opens up a shallow bowl filled with lighting torches in the middle of the city rising up like a metal erection must be the missile.

JungleJean nods to herself and circles to her right to enter the bowl in the cast of shadow there, easing over the edge and working her way behind a hut, peering out and moving to the next, letting an ape pass, before dashing across the path, working her way ever closer to the missile, staying close to the shifting shadows, as if she were one.

The helmeted beasts move back and forth around the missile. Grunting to each other with some amusement it seems working in sets of three they seem to be the only apes about aside from the red clad ones working on the missile itself.

JungleJean quickly realizes she will need a distraction to be able to get close to the missile. She takes the spear and torch outside the next hut. She sets the hut on fire and quickly circles away back toward the missile, ducking as the fire is discovered, and the apes begin to hoot and run to put it out.

Indeed the sudden blaze does attract attention a troop of apes detach from their guard duties buckets of water under the command of one barking ape he stands not too far away she can clearly remember the gold helmed ape and the dangling organ that transfixed her gender.

JungleJean shakes her head and reminds herself why she is here. She approaches the missile through the shadows, looking to see if any apes remain, her hand clenching the spear she took, prepared to use it if need be.

For the moment all attention is on the fire all ape eyes fixed on the blaze. But it will not last even as she watches one red clad tech is turning her way.

JungleJean leaps forward, her shiny smooth skin glistening in the flickering light of the flames, as the techie ape turns toward her, aiming to drive the point of the spear through his neck before he can announce her, trying to silence and kill with one strike, so she can then disable the missile.

The spear passes easily through the thick neck blood wells up in a gush at her as the ape's vocal cords are severed.

JungleJean runs to the missile to do her damage hopefully before any of the other apes has a chance to spot her. She leaps up and lands on the upper side, inching her way up, legs straddling, like she's riding an elephant. Her hands find a little panel with bolts she begins to unscrew.

As the third bolt is starting to give there is the clang of metal on metal as a spear is flung at her missing one well tone leg.

JungleJean gasps and slides around to the side as the third bolt comes off and she works on the fourth. She looks up to see how many are charging even as her fingers work on this last bolt and another spear point clangs into the metal missile housing.

There are dozens of the hairy dark apes swarming to her hooting and charging in a sideways run at her on all fours the last bolt resists her efforts

JungleJean knows that within a few more seconds the apes will be upon her. It appears her plan has failed and escape looks remote. She clings to the side of the huge metal rocket between her legs and begins pushing all the buttons on the housing.

The huge round missile shivers as the launch is triggered but the weight of her nude body trashing on the smooth metal re-adjusts the already weak supports sending the missile crashing to the ground as the jets begin to burn.

JungleJean screams as the missile falls on its side and begins to move along the ground like a jet-propelled sled. Jean works her way on top, hugging tightly to the metal cylinder as it barrels through the charging apes like a runaway train.

As she squirms up the metal, words come back to her something about exploding the stench of burning ape come wafting up behind her as the missile, aimed for the mountain speeds ever faster.

JungleJean looks up to see that the missile is careening toward the mountainside. She wonders if it will explode on contact and how big the explosion will be. All she can do is hope this is enough to thwart the apes. Perhaps she can escape in the mayhem. She leaps from the missile, crashing through the thatch of a hut in a flail of naked arms and legs.

The hut gives under her weight luckily she lands well only a barked knee even with her head down she can tell what happened the missile slams into the side of the mountain... then a explosion that levels everything... even the hut she has landed in is leveled...

JungleJean is knocked unconscious and buried in debris by the explosion. She shakes her head and pushes some bamboo aside, wondering how long she was out. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? She looks around slowly.

The sun rises up in the distance dead ape bodies litter the area most of the mountain has been leveled blistered piles of rock still smolder.

JungleJean groans and pulls herself out of the rubble, stumbling away toward the jungle, intent on finding the pilot she left in the bushes, intent on getting away from this awful place.

The pilot is not where she was there are odd tracks like many booted feet in the place where she was the melon that was left behind bares a heart on itwith "sis" scraped in the middle.

JungleJean is dead on her feet, but eats a bit of the melon and pads after the tracks to see where they lead, wanting to know what has become of this woman who calls her "sis."

There is a clear cutting and the roar of rotors high above.

JungleJean waves goodbye sadly as she sees her sister flying away in a helicopter. The scene shifts to Jean washing and swimming in the spring beneath her tree house home as the credits roll...

(January - February 2006)