Dancing with Papa


Lavender Lass wears a revealing long lavender dress with an open-backed halter-style top, slit up each side all the way to the golden sash which cinches it about her waist. She wears matching lavender flats, wristbands and ribbons in her hair. The silk dress and ribbons flow and flutter about her like streamers as she moves, hiding little of her powerful fitness model curves.

Jaymin looks Lavender Lass over for a little bit and wonders if she has any superpowers, as he does like what he sees so far.

Papa Pimp interjects, “Who's your daddy?”

Lavender Lass exclaims, “Not you, you fiend!”

“Now now, Lass,” Papa chides, “Is that any way to greet a respectable pillar of the community?”

Orb hovers on down to Papa's club.

Papa Pimp nods. “How you doing, Orb?”

“I am well.” Orb hovers, “I'd be better if I had more time to spend here, but as it stands I must be away in about fifteen minutes.”

Lavender Lass is confused to find Orb and Papa Pimp in cahoots.

“What's with this Lavender Lass, Orb?” Papa smirks. “Blue Belle sacrificing another rookie in attempts to get evidence against me?”

“Rookie, no no. She's been around for a while.” Orb continues, “Might not be as active as the rest, but she's hardly new.”

Lavender Lass is recognizable as Kei Kishimoto.

Orb wasn't going give up that part, is respectful of secret identities, checks back issues.

Papa Pimp recognizes Kei. "Ah, yes. She's the one who I am getting breaking and entering charges filed against. She stole my alligators."

Lavender Lass sighs.

“Stole your alligators?” asks Orb.

“I did not!” Kei puts her hands on lavender-clad hips. “Your alligators escaped and Belle had to dart them from the airship!”

“She turned them loose and they got into the park,” explains Papa.

Orb enquires, “Are they still there?”

“No,” replies Papa, “They've been taken by the zoo authorities and then sent back to the marsh. I had to purchase new alligators because of her!”

Lavender Lass nods, “Serves you right!”

Papa Pimp points at Kei. “She broke into my holding area and turned them loose. Illegally, I might add.”

Orb comments, “They do that.”

Lavender Lass exclaims, “Speaking of illegal... you were about to feed a girl to the gators...”

“That's okay, though,” Papa promotes, “You should check out some of Gator Bait's new merchandise. Especially the set of tits on the menu.”

“Oh, what have you got?”

Papa Pimp whispers to Orb. "Susan MacDuff fans will recognize them."

Orb has seen those, many many months ago. “So wait, you serve food down there too?”

“Oh yeah. We serve breasts and thighs.”


“We have a nice assortment of items on the menu.”

Orb enquires, “Who's on stage tonight?”

“Let's see... we have Rachel Ryder... and she does know how to ryde lemme tell ya...”

Lavender Lass mutters, “How crass...”

Orb blames the Marvel writing staff. “What's she look like?”

“Brunette, about 5’5”, 125 pounds...”

“Good start.” Orb notes.

Papa Pimp becomes a barker. “She got tits that would make Belle jealous and an ass that rivals oh... Lavender's over there!”

Lavender Lass blinks and looks down to where the slit of her skirt parts just enough to give a glimpse of the dimple on her powerful glute.

“Even better,” Orb observes.

“Then there is Dakota Dawson,” continues Papa. “She puts on a verrry interesting puppet show.”

“Sounds entertaining,” Orb admits.

“And our main event show is Fyre and Ice, two redheads who... work very well together... if you know what I mean.”

Lavender Lass just shakes her head.

“Mmmm, redheads,” Orb sighs, “When are they due to go on?”

“That'll be the midnight show.” Papa Pimp eyes Lass. “And who knows...”

“Excellent. I should manage to make it there shortly before they start. For now, I must be off.” Orb rockets away.

“I might just end up with an added bonus feature if someone tries to get nosy again.” Papa laughs.

“What are you looking at, you filthy...” Lavender Lass can't seem to find the right word.

“Don't be shy, Lass,” Papa teases, “You got the ass for some Daisy Duke shorts. All that skirt does is tease anyways.”

Lavender Lass stares. "And next time I get nosy you're going down... count on it!"

Papa Pimp taunts, “The only thing I'll be counting are the dollar bills stuck in your garter when you shake that ass for my favorite customers.”

Longshot blinks. “Did you just threaten to make Papa Pimp go down on you?”

Lavender Lass looks at Longshot and reddens. “Don't twist my words around... Typical legal sleazeball...”

Longshot quips, “Paging Dr. Freud.”

Lavender Lass points at Papa. “Maybe I'll thump all your customers and turn them over to the police!”

“For what? Patronizing a strip club is not illegal. You'd be sued and I'd make sure my new lawyer had the Danger Dolls shut down as a superheroine team!” Papa’s face gets an evil grin. “Course, I'd still see to it that DDSTV was still in service. After all, never know when McDoubleD's will show her tits again on live camera.”

Lavender Lass stomps her foot. “There are a lot of illegal things going on inside your Gatorbait clubs, Papa!”

“Now now. How would you know what goes on in my clubs unless... ohhh that's right. You HAVE been there before. I think you and your lil boyfriend partook in some of GatorBait's... umm... entertainment.” Papa Pimp grins.

Lavender Lass works her mouth all around, but says nothing.

Jaymin chuckles just a bit knowingly as Papa Pimp’s words roll on.

“Oh, Lavender Lass, Kunoichi Kei, whatever you'll call yourself next week, I want you to remember this. There are always cameras in all of my private rooms. Everyone who has ever come into GatorBait has seen your little... tryst with the Crossbow Kid.”

Lavender Lass narrows her eyes. “Why you filthy...”

“Hey. I'm not the one in a porno!” Papa Pimp laughs.

Jaymin grins. “You still charging $15 for a viewing of that Papa Pimp or has that price gone up now?”

“It's gone down now, actually, Jay. Everyone's already seen it. They want a sequel. Lemme tell ya... a second Kei movie would easily rake in double the price!”

Lavender Lass frowns at Papa. “I'm going to put you out of business if it's the last ting I do...” She turns to Jaymin, “How can you help support this scum?”

“Cause I happen to like heroines taken down from the high horse they put themselves on,” Jaymin replies. “I can only imagine the prices a Kei in bondage would get us!”

Lavender Lass clenches her fists. “That will never happen!”

Papa Pimp taps his cane and grins.

“That's what they all say,” Jaymin responds. “How much have you made on those Violet Fox videos I gave you Papa Pimp?”

Lavender Lass listens for something illegal that she can use as a reason to arrest these two men.

Papa Pimp grins. "Damn, Jay. Those movies of Fox all sold out within a week."

“Oh I had figured you made many more copies of it,” Jaymin says with laughter.

Lavender Lass shakes her head more, hair ribbons fluttering.

“Is it true that they are making a new PED out of superheroine breast milk?” asks Papa.

Lavender Lass screws up her face. “That's disgusting!”

“I heard about that,” replies Jaymin, “but that is a pretty exclusive market if you know what I mean.”

Papa Pimp smirks. "That's probably a good thing none of you Danger Dolls are Institute Heroines. The Foxes on the other hand..." Papa Pimp taps his cane again and winks at Jay while eyeing Lass. “Wanna see something cool, Jay?”

Lavender Lass watches the two men closely. “What are you doing? Just give me one excuse to...” She demonstrates the lightning speed of her kicks, lavender silk flaring away from her powerful leg.

“Those Institute heroines are good for many things Papa,” Jay nods. “Yes of course.”

Papa Pimp starts to chant, rapidly tapping his cane on the ground. As he chants, a small breeze builds at Lass' feet and then pushes upwards with enough force to make her skirt fly upwards. “Look at that ass!”

Jaymin agrees. “What a damn nice ass... and nice everything to be exact.”

Papa Pimp leans back and roars with laughter.

Lavender Lass stomps her foot and smoothes her dress down.

Jaymin thinks if he had telekinetic powers he would use those powers to spank her ass from here.

Papa Pimp straightens up as the breeze dies away. “Careful with those kicks, Lass. They got more power than your clothes can handle.”

Jaymin laughs.

Lavender Lass looks down to check her top, adjusting the left side from which she was about to pop free. “Powerful enough to knock you on your butt!”

Miss Purple blinks, unsure what she has walked into, but giggles at the show.

“Now, now Kei,” chides Papa, “Don't get mad at us just because you got caught in a draft.”

Lavender Lass frowns. “A draft you somehow caused...”

“I somehow caused? Now, how would I do that, Kei?” Papa Pimp grins and taps his cane again.

Lavender Lass declares, “But I won't let that sort of ting stop me!”

Jaymin asks, “Stop you from what exactly?”

Papa Pimp howls. “Stop her from making any sense perhaps?”

“Stop me from putting you two behind bars where you belong!” Lavender Lass sighs.

Papa Pimp narrows his eyes and slowly taps his cane again, rhythmically chanting in a foreign tongue.

“I belong behind bars?” Jaymin blinks. “Just what have I done that warrants being put behind bars?”

Longshot quips, “Everything after ‘you woke up today’ probably...”

Lavender Lass looks at Jaymin. "I don't know yet, but if you're in league with Papa Pimp I'm sure you've done something that deserves to be punished.”

Jaymin thinks if she only knew. He laughs just a bit and watches her closely, on guard now.

Papa Pimp continues to tap his cane and chant softly, hoping Jay can keep her occupied for just a wee bit longer.

Lavender Lass continues to look back and forth between Papa Pimp and Jaymin, waiting for one of them to make a move.

Racheal observes, “Don't think they got the balls to make a move Luv.”

Papa Pimp raises his voice and slams his stick down. At the exact moment, a mysterious force yanks the crotch of Lass' bottoms up hard, giving the superheroine a voodoo wedgie.

Jaymin shrugs and decides what the hell. He takes two steps forward until directly between the Pimp and Kei. He cracks his knuckles and gets a grin on his face. “You want the first move or should I?”

Lavender Lass glances at Racheal and smirks briefly before returning her gaze to Jaymin. "Please give me a reason to... ayieeeEEEEEEEE!" She squeals as her hips lurch and a shudder runs through her flesh.

Toy Master laughs out loud.

“All that was a wedgie?” Miss Purple exclaims! “Well I’m not disappointed...”

Racheal chuckles, "Well damn girl... looks like they’re giving you a reason."

Miss Purple giggles.

Jaymin moves to her more quickly than any normal human male could as she squeals. He aims a hard punch right at her gut to see what this girl is made of.

Papa Pimp steps back and laughs. "What? It's not our fault she wears her undies too tight!"

Toy Master advertises voodoo dolls for sale in his shop.

Lavender Lass hops back out of the way of the punch, rolling her hips about as she reaches inside the slit of her lavender dress to fix her panties. “I've about had it with you two! And your voodoo!”

Lavender Lass leaps up into a flip over Jaymin, lavender silk flying away from her legs and ass as they rotate, aiming to knock the cane from Papa Pimp's hand as she comes down.

Jaymin looks over Kei and his eyes light up with some respect, this girl could be a worthy adversary. He stops on a dime and turns around aiming a kick right at her back as she lands.

Papa Pimp chuckles and turns his staff, watching the fight ensue, looking for his moment to add just a slight little 'assistance' to the fight.

“Hai!” Lavender Lass grins as her foot knocks the cane away from the big man's hand. “Not so tough without your cane are you?” Lavender Lass grunts as her back is bowed by a blow from behind that sends her stumbling into Papa Pimp.

Papa Pimp loses his cane but catches the stumbling Lass in his arms and starts to immediately squeeze. "Not so tough when without oxygen, are you?"

Lavender Lass squirms frantically as she is caught in the bear hug, silk rustling as her boobs flatten out against the dark man's chest. Lavender Lass tries to knee Papa in the groin.

Katherine Angel crosses one leg over the other and watches.

Jaymin moves in behind Kei and grins at Papa Pimp while watching.

Racheal laughs deeply. “I want to help... but something about this whole mess is just funny."

Katherine Angel nods in understanding at Racheal.

Toy Master frowns.

Papa Pimp tightens his squeeze, threatening to break the heroine's back, until her knee catches his groin squarely. The villain drops the heroine and slowly sinks to the floor, holding his crotch.

Miss Purple sighs, "Honestly I find it hard to believe so many heroines and heroes don’t want to help the poor lady out!" She giggles at the show, and goes to get a packet of gummy bears.

Racheal notes, "She seems to be doing alright. I mean it ain’t cool to steal another girl's thunda when she can still come out on top!"

Benji moves over behind Racheal with popcorn. "Anything fun I missed?"

Lavender Lass lands on her feet and spins to face Jaymin, her chest heaving against the lavender silk that restrains it as she gasps for air and steps into a sidekick.

Katherine Angel lifts up her scarlet duster hat and combs her fingers through a cute mess of blonde hair. "Oh, she'll be fine." She says nothing about a secret pleasure in watching the powerful be defeated.

Racheal snatches a couple bites of popcorn. "Nothing much but a fun fight."

Katherine Angel steals a few kernels from Racheal.

Red Enforcer sits at his seat and gets some popcorn, enjoying the action and the heaving of Lavender Lass, pondering how to make this more interesting.

Toy Master smiles since he heavily salted the popcorn.

Jaymin blocks the kick, holding her leg in his arm and aims two fingers right at the underside of her knee.

Katherine Angel eyes Red Enforcer, and then Racheal, evidently between them.

Racheal offers more popcorn to Katherine. "She's fine. I bet she tosses one through a building or something soon."

Red Enforcer grins and offers some parmesan cheese to Katherine for popcorn topping.

Katherine Angel tries not to get any on her black overcoat. She pops a few in her mouth and watches, tipping her hat up.

Lavender Lass's eyes widen as her leg is caught. She kicks up the cane on the ground with her other foot, catching it and swatting Jaymin's hand away from her knee even as she kicks up over the held leg.

Katherine Angel murmurs something about 'cheesecake and popcorn'.

Benji hands a pack of popcorn to Katherine and Racheal while having her own. "Oh? This will be fun to watch," she smirks.

Red Enforcer is impressed with Lavender's flexibility.

Jaymin hand gets hit by the cane, but does not let go of her leg. He does duck just a bit as he is half expecting the kick to his head as she does her flip in the air.

Katherine Angel flicks a bit of popcorn between her fingers, before catching it on her tongue, probably having a little bit too much fun watching a heroine's probable downfall.

Red Enforcer sees an opening and surreptitiously tosses a throwing knife at Lavender and watches as it grazes her top before embedding in the wall beyond. The damage has been done however as the silk top is now torn.

Toy Master notes the loose-flapping silk. “With all that ribbon she is bound to get tangled up sooner or later.”

Katherine Angel raises a single eyebrow at Enforcer, obviously impressed.

Racheal watches Red Enforcer get into the mix, "A four way?"

Benji sighs, "One day... I might be just like them... fighting... but would be... dangerous!"

Katherine Angel offers Racheal a few more kernels. "Think it's over for her?"

Lavender Lass bicycles her powerful legs, as her sweeping high kick misses, getting turned around backwards as she rotates in a flutter of lavender, planting the cane in her hands on the ground to keep from falling on her face.

Red Enforcer nods at Katherine and whispers to Racheal "No, just wanted to spice things up."

Katherine Angel smirks. “Well, outside of adding parmesan to the popcorn...”

Racheal shakes her head, "Na, if her tits hanging in the air slows her down then she's not solid heroine material now is she?" She looks to Katherine Angel. "I don't think she'll slow down at all."

Red Enforcer winks. “Well I like all kinds of cheese with my popcorn... and boobies with my fighting. It's like Rum and Coke and Peanut Butter and Chocolate...”

Katherine Angel leans back and puts her hands behind the back of her neck, twirling her ankle. "True. Can't have a prudish heroine."

Jaymin aims a sweeping kick at the cane that she is using to balance herself and then aims another kick right at her chest.

Lavender Lass eeps as the cane is knocked out from under her, looking like she will face plant the pavement until a second kick knocks her upwards, left breast nearly bouncing free of torn lavender silk.

Benji gives an odd look to Red Enforcer as she puts some popcorn in her mouth. "How many playboys have you been hidin' from your mom?"

Toy Master mutters. “Darn, that’s twice!”

Red Enforcer thinks about starting a chant for a new cause. "Free the Breast..."

Jaymin stands up quickly and jumps into the air. If he times this right, he will spin in the air and aim a hard kick at her side right at the area where her ribs meet her abs.

Papa Pimp recovers just enough to catch the falling cane, rolling up to his knees as a blade extends from the end of the cane. "Time to show some merchandise."

Racheal asks, "Any bets on how most of her costume gets destroyed in the next five minutes?" She looks around.

Katherine Angel replies, “Tearing, I'd say. How much are we betting?”

Lavender Lass flails about, lurching sideways as yet another kick bends her in half at an unusual angle, that left breast flopping free of the tight silk, as she is sent spinning to the pavement. “Unghhhh...”

Toy Master claps.

Racheal looks back at Red Enforcer with a smirk, "Looks like you only got half the job done there!"

Jaymin lands on the ground and looks at her. She has been fun so far and then looks over at Papa Pimp. He motions towards Kei with an evil grin.

Papa Pimp slices down at the fallen heroine, the blade catching the bottom half of her dress. He yanks back and pulls up, ripping away at the dress to slice off the bottom half that had been covering her glutes. “Anybody got a dollar bill? An ass like that deserves a tip.”

Toy Master grabs bits of lavender cloth to sell with his voodoo dolls.

Lavender Lass rolls to her hands and knees, one boob in, one boob out, looking up at Jaymin with a determined expression which turns to one of shock as she feels the back half of her dress sliced away, exposing her powerful backside.

Racheal enquires, "Hey Toyman... anything new and interesting in at the store?"

Jaymin smirks as he watches her, seeing one boob out and one boob in her outfit. “You offering that to me?” he asks as he points to her exposed breast.

Toy Master points to ‘Not for Sale to Heroine’ sign. “Save your money.”

Lavender Lass's face becomes contorted in rage as she flies up from her crouch, leading with her exposed bicycling legs, and the glutes that drive them, sending a series of kicks at Jaymin, aiming at chest, chin and cheek.

Benji mumbles, "Save money to buy something better... like candy or nice bikini."

Goober Lad thinks he'd want some candy or dried fruit.

Melvius whistles as he watches.

Racheal tosses some popcorn at Goober Lad.

“Popcorn isn't all that good for you, Racheal, but thanks.” Goober Lad picks the corns up from the ground as he's a terrible catcher.

Jaymin sees her coming at him in a rage and blocks the chest and cheek kicks, but cannot block the kick to his chin. He gets knocked up in the air and back down onto the ground. He shakes his head and smiles as he gets up from the kick that would have knocked out a normal human easily.

Papa Pimp leans back as he watches Kei fight back even more. "This one might be the toughest of all those Danger Dolls," he muses as he sets his cane before him and chants again.

"At least they’re team players," Racheal chuckles loudly.

Bleed Wolf steps out of a spherical doorway in the air, next to a hot dog stand, placing a five down next to the vendor and taking a pair of franks.

Katherine Angel quietly regrets eating heavily salted popcorn.

Toy Master laughs.

Lavender Lass back flips away from her series of kicks, hair ribbons fluttering about her head as it swivels between the two men that have cornered her. She has no time to worry about her exposed backside or tucking in the glistening boob that swings free in front. She needs to escape before she's completely stripped!

Bleed Wolf cocks an eyebrow, beneath his mask, stepping out of Lavender Lass' way, protecting his hot dogs.

Papa Pimp slams his cane down and the shoulder straps on Lass' dress start to move towards her arms, the voodoo intending on making them slide off her arms.

Jaymin moves in close to Kei, thinking that she and her friends might make for a fun time fighting against them. He has not had fun like this in a while. He smiles as he drives towards her, feigning a punch to her gut as his other hand moves up and aims an upper cut right at her chin.

Lavender Lass glances back as she feels the tapping of the cane on her shoulder and she begins to lose her dress. She turns back into Jaymin's punch and her head is nearly spun from her shoulders. Her body follows, lavender silk fluttering all around her body as it spins horizontally in the air. The lavender silk hangs fluttering in the air even after it becomes empty, while a suggestive silhouette rolls away into the shadows.

Papa Pimp exclaims. “What the...? Curses! She got away!”

Toy Master seeks a refund.

Papa Pimp frowns as he looks down at the empty dress. "Jay! I want that woman found and brought to GatorBait. Name your price and I'll pay it."

Jaymin nods. “Damn, that is one slippery girl, but that was fun. Have not done that in a while and it felt good.”

Melvius snaps up one of the fallen silk strands. "Hey! This one's still warm!"

Papa Pimp muses, “That one would be good for many things... satisfying customers as well as keeping the Ho Squad in shape.”

Toy Master does have the voodoo dolls and with the dress...

Bleed Wolf eats his hot dog, watching in silence.

Jaymin replies, “I'll name my price when I have captured and delivered her. Do you have a time frame on this?”

Drigus Webweave gently lowers from the alley, his eight powerful legs carrying him down between the two building before he steps down onto the street, the powerful Drider looking out to the pimp with a bit of a grin. "If catching is what you want then you haven't chosen the best for the job..."

Papa Pimp grins. "Well then, we'll see about that, won't we... perhaps a simple bounty and whoever gets her... gets her!"

Drigus Webweave grins, the massive spider legs beginning to pull the spider back, his form moving back into the ally where Lavender had slipped away, his legs carrying him quickly in pursuit of the heroine.

Papa Pimp declares, “And, if you bring me someone else, that's fine too. Just make sure she's got nice tits and ass. Papa Pimp don't hire no hookers that ain't got no titties. If it's your job to show titty, have titty to show.

Bleed Wolf chuckles. “Everyone has to have standards, I guess.”

Papa Pimp taps his cane again and heads back towards his club. "Remember, Jay, name your price, but bring me Lavender Lass!"


Lavender Lass watches one of Papa Pimp's Gator Bait clubs from the rooftop across the street after a week of dodging bounty hunters. She still hasn't been able to prove Papa's in the slave trade, but there's no doubt dancers disappear from time to time. She sighs and keeps watching. If they go in but don't come out they have to go somewhere.

Jaymin watches her from another rooftop, this one higher up then the rooftop that Lavender Lass is currently on. So predictable these heroines are, always have been. He has spent the week mapping out the patrol patterns of Kei and her teammates. He knows that right now none of teammates are around. Time to acquire her for Papa Pimp.

Lavender Lass decides to stretch a little bit. No need to get stiff while she does her surveillance. And after that fight with the metal guy mid-week she's a little sore. She rolls her head about and reaches upwards with her arms, the tight lavender silk of her costume lifting the pert shape of her breasts.

Jaymin takes out a sniper rifle. He aims a few inches from her feet and fires two silenced shots. He is not trying to hit her, just trying to get her attention that there is someone else around here with her.

Lavender Lass blinks at the sound like a shuriken glancing off the rooftop. She begins to sprint across the roof when she hears the second impact, her lavender dress flapping behind her powerful legs. She cartwheels into a flip that lands her in the shade of the elevator housing, her only cover from the other building where she assumes the shots must be coming.

Jaymin leaps into action as soon as he sees her moving. He jumps down from the roof of his building and lands on the fire escape of the building where Kei is situated. He moves to the ladder and starts to climb to the roof where he will confront Kei.

Lavender Lass looks out from behind the elevator building but, because of the glare of the sun, can barely make out the figure jumping from the building beyond. He's either a poor shot or he wants her alive. She nods to herself and slips back into the shadows to wait.

Jaymin does indeed want her alive, and he is definitely not a poor shot, but that's neither here nor there. He climbs the ladder and makes it onto the roof. “I know you are here Kei, come out come out wherever you are,” he says in a taunting tone.

Lavender Lass presses her back to the side of the little rooftop shack over the elevator shaft of the building and waits. She recognizes the voice. It's the guy that was helping Papa Pimp when she confronted him a week ago. She listens closely and prepares to pounce like a shadow at dusk.

Jaymin moves along the roof, guessing at where she is hiding and moving so that he is in range for her to attack. He wants her to come out and wants to see what she has got up her sleeve.

Lavender Lass has no sleeves, but she does wear ribbons with knobs on the ends that she can wield rather like a yoyo. She snaps one out from the shadow like a shuriken aimed at Jaymin's forehead.

Jaymin gets knocked on the forehead and falls to the ground like he was knocked unconscious. He can pretty much guess that she has no idea about him or his history so he is certain she still does now know about his healing factor.

Lavender Lass smirks and exclaims, "Hai, got him! Now to bind him with some zipties before he comes around..." Kei emerging from the shadows with a rustle of silk and rushing toward the down figure, reaching to roll him to his front and straddle him so she can bind his wrists behind him.

Jaymin feels her rolling him over and doesn't do anything until she has rolled him so he is on his chest. He doesn't let her straddle him though. He fires off elbows behind him one after another and attempts to roll away from her.

Lavender Lass gasps as the man comes to life, oophing as the elbow catches her under her left boob, nearly knocking it out of her dress. She steps back, wincing as she takes her stance. "So you are hardheaded I see..."

“Oh I'm more then hardheaded,” he says as he grins at her, taking up a fighting stance. The grin and facial expression are one of someone who is not afraid to fight or unused to fighting. He thinks this should be interesting.

Lavender Lass nods with a sober expression. "It was two on one last week... let's see how you do one on one..." And with that she lunges forward into a series of quick snap and crescent kicks, lavender silk flying away from her tree-trunk-like legs.

Jaymin manages to block two of them but the third kick hits him across the side of the head. He goes with the kick to minimize the blow, but it still rocks him. He shakes his head just a bit to clear the cobwebs. He hasn't fought in a while. This will be fun indeed.

Lavender Lass does not give him a chance to recover but immediately steps into a sidekick aimed at his ribs, thigh muscles rippling and calf clenching like a fist as they drive her lavender flat forward. And her strikes are more powerful than one might expect even knowing her extreme degree of fitness.

Jaymin sees her strike coming, and ducks down to take the strike on the shoulder. He grunts with the impact, but that's not where she wanted that strike to land. As he is taking that strike his right hand reaches out and tries to strike her in the leg with which she kicked.

Lavender Lass yelps and jerks her leg back, testing it as she backs away, the slit of her dress flowing closed. She eyes her opponent warily. He is too quick and resilient to be an ordinary man. "What are you?"

“A very special man Kei,” he says with an evil grin, moving towards her with speed a little bit above that of the fastest human, no where near Flash level speed though. He feints with a right cross and aims an uppercut from his left at her chin.

Lavender Lass shifts her head to avoid the cross, her hands coming up to try and catch his right arm, leaving her wide open for the uppercut from his left. Her head snaps back and her body follows, feet coming off the rooftop, silk fluttering as she spins a full one and a half times before crashing to the tar and chat.

Jaymin moves to her quickly, not wanting her to be able to get up or recover. He aims a punch right at the small of her back, where her kidneys are, not hard enough to do any damage, just hoping to knock the air out of her.

Lavender Lass rolls to hands and knees but before she can rise she is driven flat again by nasty blow to her bare back. She grunts but despite the pain manages to back kick at her attacker.

Jaymin gets kicked right in the gut and doubles over with a groan as the air gets forced out of him. He is going to have to be more careful as she is a resilient fighter. He takes a step or two back and considers his next move.

Lavender Lass rolls away to her feet, a determined expression on her face. She has a hair ribbon in her hand and is spinning it like bolas as she lets it fly at his legs, aiming to bind them together. "I'm through fooling around with you!"

Jaymin jumps into the air like he is diving to get out of the way, the ribbon bola misses both legs but it does wrap around his left leg as that one left the ground a little bit after his right one. He moves forward, acts like he is going to fall, rolls onto his back, and aims his kicking feet right at her chest and chin.

Lavender Lass charges after her bolas to catch him while hopefully off-balance, but instead rushes right into his kicks, her body lurching, hair exploding outward from her head as it is spun around, her body spinning horizontally in the air three times before hitting the rooftop still rolling, lavender silk of her dress wrapping around her midsection.

Jaymin continues with the kicking motion and ends up standing up on the roof once again. He pulls out a small knife and grins as he runs at her and then dives overtop of her, hoping to be able to slash at some part of her outfit, and her outfit only.

Lavender Lass sprawls out on her back after rolling over several times, a bit dazed and dizzy, but aware enough to bring her knees to her chest. Her powerful legs flex and she kicks out into him as he dives atop her, but not before his knife snicks the left side of her dresses halter. The left breast pops free immediately, the right side slides slowly free as the strap slides from around her neck. “You sex fiend!”

Jaymin gets hit with her kick but all it really does is bend his body a bit and knock him off of his initially intended route. He lands a few yards past her and rolls to his feet instead of landing right next to her.

Lavender Lass hops to her feet, seemingly trying to decide whether to unwrap the bottom of her dress from around her waist or cover her bare bouncing breasts. Her exposed panties are the same lavender silk as her dress. "Why you," she screams as she looks up, clenching her fists as she charges!

Jaymin grins as he gets what he wants, she is now angry and is more prone to make mistakes. He lets her come closer and closer until she is a within striking distance, sidesteps her charging form and aims two hard punches, one towards her stomach and the other towards her chin.

Lavender Lass doubles over the fist that buries itself in her midsection, her boobs rolling about like buoys in a storm. Her bulging eyes see the second fist coming but can do nothing about it. Her head his nearly knocked off her body. She flies backwards, flailing in the air, crashing against the side of the elevator shaft that extends from the roof. She crumples to the tar.

Jaymin moves over to her and moves to straddle her back. He pulls out some quick ties as he wants to bind her up quickly. He can properly bind her up later before delivering her to Papa Pimp.

Lavender Lass lays awkwardly half on her side, one round hip thrust up in the air. She is of course bare from the waist up, the remnants of her dress wrapped about the sash around her waist. Her panties have almost disappeared deep between the halves of her powerful ass.

Jaymin rolls her over so that she lies on her chest. He straddles her back and moves to grab her arms. If she is out like it looks to him like she is, he will pull her arms behind her back and bind them at her wrists and elbows with plastic pull ties.

Lavender Lass flops about like a rag doll as she is rolled on her face and her arms pulled behind to be bound. She is blissfully unaware of the man sitting atop the small of her back securing her helpless form.

Jaymin knows that someone like her is never completely helpless until her legs are bound and secured in such a way so that she cannot attack. He grabs her legs, pulls them together, uses a pull tie at her knees, bends them at the knees, uses a pull tie to tie her ankles together, and then he fishes it off with a pull tie connecting her ankles to her wrists, successfully hogtying her.

Lavender Lass offers no resistance as the man hogties her into a tight package. She begins to groan when he gives her bare ass a swat after finishing with the ties, much like a cowboy who has just roped a calf.

Jaymin picks her up and starts to carry her to the elevator shaft. He presses the button and the elevator comes up. He sets her inside the elevator and rides it down to the first floor.

Lavender Lass groans as he picks her up by the tie between her wrists and ankles, carrying her unceremoniously like a briefcase, her nipples and tummy occasionally brushing across the rooftop. Her eyes flutter open as he plops on the floor of the elevator. "You bastard! You'll never get away with this! When I get free... I'm gonna... beat the hrrrmph!" Not wanting to listen to her the man rips off her panties and gags her with them. She looks up helplessly.

“You won't get free, cause in order to get free you need to break all those ties, and you need leverage to break those ties, which you aren't going to get.” Jaymin picks her up in the same humiliating manner as before and walks to a waiting car, placing her in the trunk, covering her up before closing the hood. “You’re mine now until I deliver you to Papa Pimp!”

Lavender Lass mumbles something unheard into the gag of her own panties, straining for all she is worth as her hogtied naked tits and ass are covered. She is left in the dark about where they are going as the car speeds off with her helpless in the trunk.


“Evening Belle,” greets Yeti Taz. “How are you tonight?”

“Hello Taz. I'm well, but worried... Still no word from Kei.”

Miss Purple blinks. "I whopped Kei on the head with a newspaper earlier!"

Yeti Taz explains, “Belle means Kunoichi Kei, Miss Purple. Lavender Lass, the female Kei.”

Miss Purple shrugs. "Too confusing for me."

Blue Belle nods. “Yes, my ward and Danger Doll intern Kei Kishimoto. Not that nutty shinobi.”

Miss Purple pats Blue Belle consolingly. "Sorry for the false alarm then!"

Blue Belle nods to Miss Purple before turning back to Taz.

Yeti Taz continues, “Last I saw of Kei, she and that damned Papa Pimp were wrecking the ice cream parlor.”

“Really? Did you overhear anything else?” Belle interrogates the huge furball.

“No. But there was another guy helping Papa. It was a 2-on-1.”

“So not the Ho Squad? Interesting... I guess Papa decided he needed more muscle.” Blue Belle appears more worried than ever.

“Guess so,” agrees Taz. “The Ho Squad didn't even get involved. Or maybe they were involved with... gahhhh!”

Silver Valkyrie tickles Taz until he gives her a snow cone.

“I give!” Yeti Taz gets Silver a snow cone.

Silver Valkyrie smiles. “Thank you!”

Blue Belle chuckles at Taz and Silver, forcing a bit of a smile. “Well at least that gives me a lead to track down.”

Yeti Taz serves strawberry Popsicles.

Miss Purple lines up for one.

Blue Belle raises a hand. "I'll take a blueberry if you have it."

“There ya go, Miss P. This heat, ya need something good and cold.” Yeti Taz searches in the back and returns with a blueberry Popsicle. “Taz Treats has the biggest variety of Popsicles on the planet!”

Miss Purple suckles happily on the Popsicle, even if in her world it is late and very cold already.

Blue Belle pops said Popsicle in her mouth and suckles.

Yeti Taz waits for Leland's heart rate to reach critical mass.

“Fwee-boom.” Agent Leland pages Dr. Johnny Fever.


Papa Pimp turns his attention to the entering Danger Doll. “Hello, Miss Boobs... errr... Belle.”

Goober Lad waves at Blue Bell.

Miss Purple giggles and waves hello to Blue Belle.

Blue Belle eye tics at Papa Pimp before regaining her aura of composure.

Papa Pimp grins and points to Sheery. "You think lavender is a good color, Belle?"

Blue Belle narrows her eyes at the pimp daddy.

Papa Pimp puffs on a cigar, blowing a smoke ring at Belle. "Yes? No? Should we dress her in something pink instead?"

“If you've done anything to Kei I swear I'll see you are put behind bars where you belong,” Belle threatens, “And I don't mean a wet bar!”

Goober Lad notes, “Kei's just sleeping.”

“Kei?” Papa grins. “Kei's over there.”

Goober Lad adds, “In a pool of ketchup...”

Papa Pimp points at Kei and laughs.

Shinobi Kei stirs and throws a dagger at Goober, narrowing his eyes. “What?”

Blue Belle sighs at Papa. “You know darn well I mean my ward, Kei Kishimoto... not that sushi-chef-turned-would-be demon hunter!”

Goober Lad smiles and waves at Kei, knowing that's how Kei expresses his affection.

“Did you lose your ward again, Belle? Some mother hen you turned out to be.” Papa Pimp shakes head sadly.

Shinobi Kei growls before disappearing in a burst of golden flames.

Blue Belle frowns. “I suspect you had plenty to do with her disappearance, Pimpster, and your taunts are doing nothing to change my mind.”

Papa Pimp nods. “Sheery and Bambi? See if you can't find that nosy alligator snatcher so that Miss Bra Belle over there won't be so lonely.”

“Don't threaten me with your Ho Squad, Mister,” Belle warns. “I understand you brought in an enforcer to team up on my Kei.”

Papa Pimp feigns innocence. “Now, who has been telling you such wild tales, Belle? Preposterous!”

Blue Belle smiles. “Yeti Taz likes Kei and keeps an eye on the street...”

“That fur ball?” Papa roars, “How could he have seen anything with those bangs over his eyes?”

“That ‘furball’ could crush you like a grape.”

“Ah, but neither that Yeti nor you will be doing anything but exactly what I tell you to.” Papa Pimp says and then blows another smoke ring at Belle.

Blue Belle has another eye tic and takes a deep breath.

Papa Pimp gestures to a Ho Squader. “Bambi, would you please show Miss Belle that lovely photograph you took of our newest and largest alligator?”

Blue Belle puts on her glasses to look at the photo.

Papa Pimp blows another smoke ring as the photograph is offered to the Danger Doll. “Do you think lavender goes well with alligators, Belle?”

Blue Belle looks at the photograph of her ward bound upside down, boobs hanging out as she dangles over an alligator pit. She gulps. “This is evidence that you are a kidnapper! Release my ward immediately and I won't pursue it!”

“You are in no position to demand anything of me!” Papa retorts. “You will do as I say or your precious little ward will be lowered about 10 feet...”

Blue Belle whispers. “So what do you want, Pimp?”

Papa Pimp grins broadly. “You Belle... or more specifically, those twins on your chest... on my stage! Making me money! And those two sistahs can make a fortune!”

Shinobi Kei reappears and sits down quietly, munching on some popcorn and massaging his temples.

Madman Machine's ears perk up at Papa Pimp and Belle's conversation. He finds himself agreeing with Pimp there.

“Belle has a sister?” Goober Lad looks around cluelessly.

Madman Machine explains, “Her cans, Goober.”

Blue Belle blinks. “Are you telling me you kidnapped Kei in an effort to get me to dance in your sleazy club?”

Papa Pimp nods. “Aren't you flattered?”

Vanna-Masterson perks up. "I would watch that."

Goober Lad gapes. “What about her cans? I've got cans back home as well... I usually keep stuff in them, like food...”

Papa Pimp points to the gallery. "What did I tell you... they'd increase business for me like I've never seen."

Madman Machine smacks Goober as lightly as he can manage upside the head, with his sizable palm.

Goober Lad is smacked gently on his papier-mache helmet. "Hhm? What?"

Papa Pimp continues. “Madman would pay to see them. Vanna would pay to see them. Harry would have a heart attack if he saw them. And Goober... wouldn't know what he was seeing!”

Blue Belle just sits and does a slow boil.

“You have time to mull it over, Belle. It's not Tebow's feeding time yet. You like that? I named my alligator Tebow.”

Blue Belle gives Papa Pimp a wan smile, the wheels turning being her eyes as they look up over her glasses.

“See, Belle, I am a reasonable business man. And after all your ward to cost me quite a bit of money when she illegally stole my alligators.”

“You are a criminal,” Belle declares. “Something I intend to prove if you don't free Kei right away!”

Papa Pimp laughs. “Okay, Bambi? Call Vance and tell him to lower that girl on into the pit. Belle is going to arrest me, but I doubt a search warrant can be issued in time for Tebow to miss out on an unplanned snack.”

Vanna-Masterson grins, looks up from her papers, watches the exchange and sees that this Papa Pimp is a good player.

Papa Pimp grins and blows a ring of smoke as Bambi starts to dial on her cell.

Blue Belle fidgets uncomfortably. “What if I agree to visit your club later?”

“Wait, Bambi...” Papa Pimp looks at Belle. "Alone. You will visit alone. If anyone is with you, she falls into the pit."

Blue Belle eyes suspiciously. “Do you promise to release Kei if show up and dance in your club?”

“I'll do you one better, Belle,” replies Papa, “I'll let her leave with you.”

Blue Belle takes a deep breath, satin blouse expanding until the buttons look like stitching on an overstuffed quilt. “Very well. I agree. Name the time when I have to do this.”

Shinobi Kei tilts his head down and nods silently to himself as he disappears once more.

Madman Machine raises his hand, looking to Papa Pimp. “Excuse me, Mr. Pimp, sir.”

“Yes Madman?”

“What if I was to come as well?” Madman nods. “I, um... I want to see breasts.”

Papa Pimp smirks. “Now of course you have an invitation to come watch. Belle knows what I mean.”

Vanna-Masterson laughs. “She will be at his club dancing, Madman!”

“Of course.” Madman Machine points to Belle, grinning. "I'll see YOU later."

Blue Belle shudders at the thought of Madman Machine being there in the audience.

Vanna-Masterson winks. “I might come as well. I wish to see her reaction.”

Papa Pimp writes on a business card. "Here's the address and time for you to show. Bambi, call Max, Tell him to put ‘featuring Blue Belle’ on the marquee.” Papa Pimp hands the card to Sheery to take to Belle.

Blue Belle nods and takes the card from Sheery, then opens her laptop and sends her friend Detective Chan an email about what she's learned and what she has agreed to do.

Papa Pimp warns, “Don't try anything heroic Belle. I'd hate to see that cute lil Japanese girl become Tebow food. Especially when that ass of hers could make a nice killing on stage as well.”

Blue Belle slumps, unable to get that image of a near naked Kei hanging over the gators out of her head. “I'll be there. And if you release us as you say you will there won't be any need for heroics.”

Papa Pimp nods. “Good. See. I knew we could have a reasonable conversation and come to an agreement. And no... all you out there. You won't get a sneak preview. You want to see that bodacious set of tatas? You be at GatorBait and pay me to seee them!

Blue Belle hides her face as it reddens, but at least she has found her missing team member.

Papa Pimp stands, pulls a dollar bill out of his pocket and then approaches Belle. "Sure can't let those tits go without being appreciated, now can we?"

Blue Belle closes her laptop and frowns as she looks up.

Papa Pimp looms. “Mind if I slip a bill in your blouse, Belle? I am asking nicely.”

Shinobi Kei reappears once more, unarmed and glances around for a moment...before remembering exactly what was transpiring with the same 'I don't give much of a shit' look on his face.

Blue Belle’s eyes narrow. “Keep your filthy paws off the merchandise... and no tipping until showtime!”

Papa Pimp fake-pouts. "Really, Belle. Are you in any position to deny my simple request?"

Blue Belle sighs. “Seemingly not, but I reserve the right to outbursts of righteous indignation...”

Paula Peril keeps an ear in hoping she can get a story!

Madman Machine slips Paula a tip about Belle dancing at the Gator Bait tonight.

Paula Peril takes notes on her note pad, trying not to miss any details!

Papa Pimp grins and slides the hand into the blouse. "Ahhh, yes, that's muuuch better."

Paula Peril shakes her head, mumbling under her breath, "This guy’s an absolute perv!"

Blue Belle sits as still as a statue, her mouth twitching as she endures the sleazy man's humiliation.

Papa Pimp gropes the breasts before slipping the dollar bill between them and then pulling his hand back away from the blouse. "Letting my future customers know how this works."

Shinobi Kei ahem's as he walks over, patting the pimp on the shoulder with a grin as he holds up two $100 bills. "Think the red-head'd mind a little extra cash before the show? 'course, the other $100's for you... being her pimp after all!"

Blue Belle blinks, her jaw dropping at the actions of the young chef who used to date her now captive ward.

“Ah a tempting offer, but if I allow you, then everyone will want to get in line and...” Papa Pimp takes the $100 and steps aside, pulling the Hos with him. “What a great idea! Hahahah!”

Tiffany Braun sniffs in annoyance "Shouldn’t someone do something about this pimp person? And his overly trampy friends?”

Blue Belle shakes her head at the young shinobi. “Don't even...”

Shinobi Kei grins as he leans over and slips his fingers down her blouse, tucking that $100 bill down between her breasts. "I'm gonna definitely enjoy the show... after all, you were paying me to work for you. Now I get the chance to pay you to 'work' for me."

Vanna-Masterson grins, watching as she sips on a drink and takes a seat to get comfy, reclining back.

Blue Belle backhands Kei with a gloved hand. “I can't believe you... you... YOU... delinquent!”
Papa Pimp shouts, “Hey! No assaulting the customers, ho!”

Paula Peril watches, suspecting something darker is going on. “Knowing Belle's reputation I hardly believe what I'm seeing!”

Harry Savage is sure this must come under "gross misconduct."

Blue Belle gets up and stomps off toward the DDSTV Tower to prepare herself to endure the ordeal to which she has agreed in order to save her ward and heroine intern, Kei Kishimoto.

Shinobi Kei raises his hand to rub the side of his face, half expecting the blow, but not minding, the grin still on his face as he says to the pimp, "Don't worry... I'll make her pay for that one later... with, of course, a rather generous fee to you for the time.”

Papa Pimp snorts. “I am sure something can be worked out.”

Blue Belle only later discovers the shinobi's note written on the bill.


Papa Pimp grins. "Blue Belle. How nice to see you are prompt. A woman that shows up on time... you must really care about this... Lavender Lass."

Blue Belle takes a deep breath as she arrives at Papa Pimp's as she agreed earlier. "Yes Papa. I'm a woman of my word. I expect you to keep yours if I dance in your club."

Papa Pimp reassures, “Of course, Belle. I promise that Lass will leave the club with you.”

Liberty Lass clenches her fists, furious at the humiliation of Blue Belle to come.

Starling eyes Dart selling tickets to the event.

Miss Purple plays gleefully with a yoyo on a lavender cord that the kind Papa Pimp gave her.

Blue Belle nods soberly. "May I see my Kei first?"

Papa Pimp holds up a finger. "Well now, no, you can't go down to her but you can see her on a video screen monitor. Merrill, pull up the feed from the gator pits."

Starling stomps over to Dart and grabs her by her arm, “Will you stop doing that?! You're not helping!” She pushes Dart out of the way.

Lavender Lass hangs upside down, her wrists ziptied behind her back, her costume dangling in tatters from around her waist, her panties acting as a gag even as wide eyes stare down at the snapping jaws below.

Liberty Lass can't bear to watch, yet can't turn away.

Starling nudges Liberty Lass, “That’s why I don’t wear a skirt.”

Blue Belle turns her head away and waves a hand at the screen. "Turn it off please... she's naked!" Belle closes her eyes. “Okay... you win Papa... where do I go to prepare to come out on stage?”

Liberty Lass smoothes down her own skirt.

Papa Pimp shrugs. "You wanted to see her." He then motions to the back and the screen containing the bound heroine goes off the air. "Well, now Blue Belle, as soon as you are ready. After all, we have a great crowd here tonight to watch. There's Madman. Kei is here. Longo's watching. All that is missing is The Goon. But you aren't Batgirl so that's okay."

Blue Belle nods and slinks off to the dressing room, pondering trying something heroic, but fearing too much for Kei's safety, and so simply changes into the outfit provided.

Starling face palms as she spies Dart in the front row again.

Papa Pimp steps to the microphone. “And now, ladies and gentlemen... that's right I said gentlemen! Tonight's feature presentation... on stage at Gator Bait ready and willing to perform for you... put your hands together for the best set of tits in Empire City... Blue Belle!

Liberty Lass turns her head, disgusted at what she is about to witness.

Papa Pimp grins and blows Liberty a kiss.

Liberty Lass blushes bright red, a mixture of fury and embarrassment.

Lavender Lass squirms frantically somewhere off-camera.

Blue Belle is caught rolling her big brown eyes at the introduction as the curtain opens and "Shakin' All Over" begins to play. She struts forward in towering heels and thigh stockings, looking very much the part of the CEO except that her skirt has shrunk and her blouse is gone, replaced by a cobalt blue teddy.

Papa Pimp barks, “Come on, people. She works hard for the money. Get some dollar bills up there.”

Dart is quite entranced, and is sure she's probably breaking several unwritten heroine rules by watching with such a rapt expression.

Papa Pimp chuckles. “Dart. You know you want to play motorboat with your face in them tits. Get up there and put a dollar on the rail!”

Lavender Lass twists and turns as she strains against her bindings.

Dart leans close and slips a ten-dollar bill that she probably 'borrowed' up onto the rail, waving it enthusiastically. Dart claims she's really helping out, but if she tried to rescue Lavender Lass she'd probably die horribly.

Blue Belle feels the ridiculously short skirt climb up the curve of her flexing ass as she struts, secretly enjoying the adoration of the crowd, even if they are leering at her. She circles the pole at the end of the runway and makes a show of bending over straight-legged to pick up the ten spot, the footlights highlighting the shiny blue-clad cleft between her thighs.

Papa Pimp yells. “That's what I'm talking about! Figures it takes a woman in this city to get things rolling. None of you men wanna get in on some of that action?”

Dart figures they're all drooling, tilting her head a little to see up that short little skirt.

Blue Belle looks back between her legs while bent over and sticks her tongue out at Papa, thumbs moving inside the waist of the short skirt, pushing the garment down wriggling hindquarters to her knees, stepping out with one leg, the other kicking the skirt over Dart's face.

Papa Pimp blurts, “Remember, you're not just tipping a stripper, you're saving a life! Get some dollar bills up there. Belle has to pay for Lass' schooling and all.”

Dart waves it enthusiastically, showing it off to the others of the crowd before whispering in a very loud but some how falsetto voice, “I'll save it for you Belle!” Dart is swarmed by a large group of average non-evil men who wave their dollars eagerly for Belle to dance towards them.

Papa Pimp shouts, “Does someone want to see some titties? Then give me a ‘Hell yeah!’”

Blue Belle leaps to the pole and holds her legs up as she spins, bending a knee and removing the heel, tossing it to Papa. She kicks the other to Dart, shaking her bottom and really go-go dancing in stocking feet to the back of the stage, looking back over her shoulder and smiling as a rippling shudder runs down her spine as the music proclaims, "Shakin' All Over..."

A lot of men scream out "hell yeah!" and somewhere in there is Dart's voice.

Madman Machine is out in the crowd as well, curiously observing this.

Papa Pimp growls, “That's more like it! Now keep putting those dollar bills up on the railing.”

Dart offers the most enticing money, several fifty dollar bills she liberated from various villains.

Liberty Lass prays that Belle doesn't do it. She whispers, "Don't give them the satisfaction, Belle."

Blue Belle glances at Liberty Lass and mouths, "I have no choice..." Blue Belle bounces forward, the shape of her buoyant breasts threatening to leap from the gossamer cups of the nylon teddy. She leans forward and reaches for the straps, winking to Dart as she slips them off her shoulders, letting the garment slide downward as she turns away, falling down her legs as she bounces to the back of the runway.

Dart licks her lips hungrily, whispering again in that largely falsetto voice, “Where did you get it!'”

Papa Pimp snorts, “Hey! Waitress! Make sure that Lass has something stronger than club soda.”

Liberty Lass waves off the waitress, knowing what Papa Pimp has in mind.

Papa Pimp chuckles and flips a switch, showing just how close Lass is to the gators on the big screen for just a second and the flips it back off again.

Lavender Lass sweats profusely as her chain slips and she has to bend at the waist to avoid a snapping jaw.

Dart glances at the monitor and then develops tunnel vision.

The gaggle of men seem to be drooling quite a bit and eyeing up Belle quite eagerly, anyone who gets a little too friendly with Dart though gets mauled quite viciously and at least one ends up on the stage.

Papa Pimp keeps promoting, “Just a reminder, folks, of why you want to tip, tip and tip some more!”

Blue Belle does the shimmying thing again, now wearing only stockings, her naked curves quite firm despite their roundness. Her breasts roll side to side like honeydew melons as she spins to dance forward again, wrapping her thighs about the pole, her clean-shaven sex pressed to it as she spins around and around, arched back, arms extended.

Dart wooos loudly, waving dismissively to Liberty Lass, “you save Lavender Lass, I'll distract Papa Pimp!”

Liberty Lass is frozen to her seat, helpless to save anyone, terrified to move, thinking it could be her on that stage.

Blue Belle gasps as she catches a brief glimpse of Lavender Lass on the monitor, realizing how desperately she must please the sleazy pimp. She immediately tries to climb higher up the pole to escape the pawing hands of overly excited customers, kicking one fellow in the chest as he jumps on stage, sending him flying back to his seat.

Grail sits on the highest shelf on the bar, half full and loving it.

Dart is getting a little annoyed at some of the rowdy advances what with their hands being on her skin tight uniform and she figures that it is a huge no no, so she tosses a couple more up onto the stage, being helpful and all.

Blue Belle drops down into a spinning bird kick a la Chun Li, her bare bottom upturned to the lights, glistening as her kicking legs send the interlopers flying from the stage.

Dart is overcome with emotion and is literally sobbing. Dart helpfully points out that Liberty Lass is in the back and several hungry eyes turn towards her.

Papa Pimp yells. "Brute! Smash! Get those idiots off my stage. Get them back in their seats. No one mistreats one of my Hos!"

Liberty Lass shakes her head, glaring at Dart.

Papa Pimp announces, “Once order is restored, Blue Belle will be available for VIP dances!”

Blue Belle does a finally shimmy at the front of the stage as "Shakin' All Over" ends, every uncovered inch of her naughty bits bare to the world. She waves, blows kisses to crowd and Papa alike, before bouncing to the back and diving behind the curtain to get a towel and wipe the sweat from her face. "Ok Papa... I did my part... now let us go..."

Dart waves Belle's skirt around like she's won a prize, but her ear tilts slightly listening in on the conversation.

Papa Pimp shakes his head. “No no, Belle, no one said just one dance. You still have to work the VIP lap dances.”

Dart slips through the crowd, seeming to be pushed from the jostle of men and onto Liberty Lass. “Hey!” Dart’s hands land directly onto Liberty’s breasts.

“HEY!” Liberty Lass pushes Dart's hands away. “Stop that!”

Blue Belle narrows her eyes, nipples on bare breasts pointing like fingers being shaken at a naughty schoolboy. “Don't push your luck, Papa...”

Papa Pimp snorts. “No, Belle, don't push Lavender Lass' luck.”

Dart snags Liberty Lass's hands and then pulls her up onto her shoulder carrying her through the crowd of men, lots of them stealing peeks up Liberty Lass's skirt but Dart seems to have some sort of purpose in mind.

Liberty Lass squeals, “Put ... me ... DOWN!” She punches and kicks at Dart.

Dart uses Liberty Lass to shield her, and distract others taking several punches as she pulls out a small tracking device trying to see where the signal is coming from, “Stop hitting me you wench!”

Blue Belle sighs. What choice does she have as long as her ward is captive? "One round... and then you'll release us... yes?"

Papa Pimp shrugs. “Now that depends on how much you bring in.”

Blue Belle struts out into the club in only her stockings to thank her tippers, looking to Papa Pimp for guidance as to who gets a lap dance.

Jaymin walks into the strip club that Papa Pimp runs and moves into the shadows, watching what is going on with a grin on his face.

Papa Pimp nods to Jay. "Well, it's only fair that he gets the first ever Blue Belle VIP dance."

Lavender Lass eyes the snapping jaws and gets an idea, leaving her bound wrists in reach of those jaws the next time she lurches her head aside.

Dart slams an arrow into Liberty Lass's hands, its ticking, audibly, and then without a word she flips up Liberty's skirt, shoving her out into the crowd of hungry men who are torn between watching Belle and Liberty. Dart slips into the crawl space under the stage, crawling quickly, her bow drawn, the red clad heroine counting several seconds before there is a loud poof and the arrow that Liberty Lass is holding spreads a growing darkness through the area around her.

Liberty Lass frees herself from the groping crowd in the darkness and returns to her seat, furious at what happened.

Lavender Lass yelps into her gag as the snapping jaws free her hands. She removes her gag and reaches up to the chain above her feet, pulling up and freeing herself before swinging wide of the pit to make her escape, unaware of what has been happening up above.

Dart bounces into Lavender Lass skidding to a halt and reaching out an arm to grab Lavender Lass before she can fall back into the pit, “uhhh...” Her eyes visibly wander over the half naked girl.

Jaymin nods back to Papa Pimp with a big grin on his face.

Blue Belle nods, auburn hair falling across her face as it slumps forward and she pads toward Jaymin in stocking feet.

Jaymin moves to a table and takes a seat since he hadn't done that as of yet.

Blue Belle takes a deep breath and tosses back her hair, stepping up on a chair and on to the top of the table in front of Jaymin.

Lavender Lass leaves the chain empty and the gators hungry as she crawls into the ventilation to escape with Dart, wondering what all the commotion in the club is about. She decides to take a look.

Dart mutters darkly and follows along, “You're not going to like what you're going to see!” Although she kind of has to admit that following along behind Lavender Lass she does like what she sees.

Lavender Lass glances back at Dart. "Why? What's happening?"

Jaymin looks up at Blue Belle's lovely naked body and smiles. “This is a nice look for you Belle, a very nice look indeed!”

Blue Belle actually blushes for the first time, unsure if she can continue, but she reminds herself of Lavender's plight and begins to grind her hips to the music, her breasts rolling about like buoys on an angry sea.

Dart waits till she gets a little closer to Lavender Lass and the stage, an evil wicked little idea forming in her mind, as Lavender Lass gets over the stage she sprays a bit of acid onto the metal under Lavender Lass, “You'll seee...” giving Lavender Lass a chance to join her mentor naked on stage.

Jaymin smiles as he watches Blue Belle move her body to the music. He does not know all the "rules" of this place so he will keep his hands to himself now, but definitely likes what he sees so far and would like to spend more time with her.

Blue Belle gyrates before the leering man, the occasional shuddering breath shaking her full figure from the tips of protruding copper nipples to toes in shimmering blue nylon.

Lavender Lass gasps as the ductwork gives way and she tumbles onto the stage.

Blue Belle gasps as she see Lavender Lass free.

Papa Pimp blinks as his hostage appears from out of nowhere. "What the fuck?"

Blue Belle smiles and gives her ward a thumbs-up.

Lavender Lass grins and gives one back to Belle.

“Get them!” Papa Pimp orders and the Ho Squad rushes towards the stage.

Dart grins and flips down, landing beside Lavender Lass. She eyes the largest of the bouncers, rolling forward she comes up driving two arrows into each of their crotches, blunt ends... honest.

Blue Belle leaps from the tabletop and runs to join Kei and Dart on stage.

Dart blinks and looks up at them, “Huh... you gals really need to stop working out.”

Jaymin looks up to see Lavender Lass and Dart fall onto the stage and then Blue Belle run back to join them. “New show you got going, Papa?”

Lavender Lass blurs into action, leaping into a splits kick aimed at two of the attacking Ho Squad.

Blue Belle commands, “Kei! Dart! We need to get out of here! Now!”

Papa Pimp starts to tap his cane and chant, casting a voodoo spell designed to cause problems with Dart's costume.

Blue Belle hears Papa’s chanting. “Don't let him tap his cane or something bad will happen...”

Lavender Lass leaps off the stage and kicks the cane out of Papa Pimp's hand. "Hai! Come on! Let's Go!"

Blue Belle grabs Dart's hand and drags her off the stage, naked bits rolling all about. "Come Dart, you don't want to get trapped in here!"

Dart yelps as her costume seems to shrink stretching over her curves and highlighting certain crevices a little more, but she sees the caster of the spell, and this time fires an arrow at him, She sends an arrow straight for his eyes, but at the last second it erupts into a flare of bright white light. “Fine, let’s get out of here!”

Lavender Lass engages two more of the Ho Squad at the entrance and holds the door for Belle and Dart.

Jaymin stands up and slowly starts to follow the three heroines. HE isn't stupid enough to get into combat against the three of them, but taking them down one by one might be possible.

Dart runs over the head of several men, awkwardly, and its like you can see every hair on her... head... yes her head.

Papa Pimp blindly shakes fist in the general direction of the retreating heroines. "I'll own you yet, Blue Belle!"

Blue Belle races after her ward, eager to escape and wash her hands, among other things, of the whole incident.

Dart still carries the lingerie that Belle tossed at her. “That’s right! It was all Belle's idea!!” Dart dives out the door.

Blue Belle ruffles Kei's hair as she reaches the door and looks back at Papa. “We'll just see about that!”
Lavender Lass adds, “And you're ass is mine, Jaymin!”

Miss Purple looks up, still sitting on a bench playing with her yoyo, she raises an eyebrow at the odd-looking heroines rushing out of the building, but shrugs her shoulders and returns to playing with her yoyo.

Blue Belle slams the door and by the time it is opened the naked heroines are gone.

Longshot crosses his arms and shakes his head at Papa Pimp. "Nice job... I couldn't have done better..."

Papa Pimp snorts at Longshot. "You're right, you couldn't have done better. They woulda had Ms Virtuous swat you before you even got one of them half naked."

Longshot shrugs. “But they're still gone, genius!”

Papa Pimp puffs his cigar. “Yes, but did you see tonight's crowd? I made a killing off her one dance.”

(July 2009)