Danger Doll Christmas


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* Kei nods at Kei-chan in greeting.
* KunoichiKei grins.
KunoichiKei: Merry Christmas, Loco...
Kei: Merry Christmas, yoyo girl.
* Kei grins slightly.
* KunoichiKei hugs.
* Kei hugs back, then stretches a little.
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* KunoichiKei starts setting out the spread for the Danger Dolls feast. A tray of ham of course. Mashed Potatoes. Red eye gravy. Snow Peas. Sweet Potato casserole topped with pecans. Oyster casserole. And sugar cookies with three colors of frosting to make your own.
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* MollyWhipple giggles and mounds up her plate with food, taking a particularly large helping of oyster casserole.
KunoichiKei: Molly! Leave some for everybody else!
* MadmanMachine doesn't know about anyone else, but his idea of a Danger Doll feast is the entire roster tied up on a table.
* MollyWhipple giggles and oinks like a piglet, winking at Kei.
MollyWhipple: Oh you know there's more where this came from!
KunoichiKei: Is Ma Belle still in the kitchen?
MollyWhipple: Yes, but Sara's fortunately doing the cooking and letting Belle think she's supervising.
* MollyWhipple smirks.
KunoichiKei: Hey! Belle's a good cook!
* MollyWhipple giggles.
* MollyWhipple scarfs a first helping and then comes back to make cookies, immediately getting red frosting that appears more like pink on her green turtleneck sweater.
* MollyWhipple lifts the front of the sweater up by the hem and licks off the frosting.
* KunoichiKei blinks.
KunoichiKei: Er, Molly... is it show and tell or something?
MollyWhipple: Wha...?
MollyWhipple: Oh...
MollyWhipple: Oopsie!
* MollyWhipple giggles and goes back to making her own cookies.
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* Toymaster eats has some Christmas brownies and milk.
* KunoichiKei fixes herself a plate and sits down to eat with her teammate and friend.
* MadmanMachine shows up at the table, waving to the two Dolls.
MadmanMachine: I thought I'd show up.
* MollyWhipple points to the red and white plates with little reindeer on them, but her mouth is too full to speak.
KunoichiKei: She's trying to say help your self.
* KunoichiKei rolls her eyes.
MadmanMachine: Oh, thanks, but I don't know if I should stay. I've tried to kidnap and molest all of you on numerous occasions.
KunoichiKei: Of course you can. It's Christmas. Miss Piggy just can't stop eating long enough to tell you herself.
* MollyWhipple sticks out her tongue at Kei.
KunoichiKei: Please don't do that again.
* KunoichiKei puts down some warm milk on the floor.
* darkangel123 purrs.
* MadmanMachine shrugs and grabs a plate, piling it with ham, some of the oyster casserole, mashed potatoes, and gravy. He takes a seat next to Molly and starts eating.
Princess_America: !!!
* Princess_America perks, grabs a plate. Of ham.
Princess_America: Merry Christmas all!
KunoichiKei: You too, Princess!
* KunoichiKei beams.
* Toymaster holds up "NO CRYING" over spilt milk sign.
* KunoichiKei gives Toymaster a cookie.
KunoichiKei: Get to decorating...
* MollyWhipple cleans her plate and starts eating off Mach's.
* MadmanMachine slaps Molly's hand, shooting her a glare, his mouth stuffed with food as he looks at her.
* Toymaster thinks the green eggs and ham looks festive.
* MollyWhipple jerks back her hand and scrunches up her shoulders to her dimpled cheeks.
MollyWhipple: Sorry, I have a revved up metabolism and I like to eat.
* Princess_America can hardly wait for the Roast Beast tonight.
* MollyWhipple heads back to the smorgasbord.
* MadmanMachine swallows his mouthful with a large gulp, nodding in agreement. "Some metabolism, Moll."
* Toymaster hands Whipple a brick of fruitcake this should slow her down.
* MollyWhipple is as slender as ever in her sweater tucked into jeans in turn tucked into fur-line cowgirl boots.
* MollyWhipple takes the fruit cake and returns to the table with Mach.
MollyWhipple: Thanks TM.
Toymaster: Enjoy.
* KunoichiKei replenishes the spread.
* MollyWhipple grins and inhales.
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MadmanMachine: So, when are Susan, Carly and Sara arriving?
KunoichiKei: I would have thought Carly'd be here by now...
MollyWhipple: Belle and Sara will be bringing out the last of the food shortly I imagine.
* MollyWhipple waggles her eyebrows as if ready to pounce.
MadmanMachine: Down, Molly...
KunoichiKei: Haven't you had enough!
Toymaster: Susan's swans are swimming, Carly's cats are caroling and Sara .. just don't know :)
Princess_America: Swanns?
* MollyWhipple slumps and pouts.
MollyWhipple: Everybody makes fun because I like to eat...
* Toymaster makes Molly a belt of Christmas cookies should she want to snack later
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* MollyWhipple takes the belt and smiles as she returns to that pesky fruitcake.
MollyWhipple: Jackhammer anyone!?
* MadmanMachine takes another forkful of casserole. "I'm not making fun, Molly...I'm trying to make sure there are seconds left."
MadmanMachine: For me.
* AmeriCat slinks in, still dressed in her flannel jammies.
* KunoichiKei runs off to the kitchen and returns with steaming seconds of everything.
* Toymaster cautions everyone to watch out for pajammie static.
MollyWhipple: Not a problem when Sara's cooking, Mach
* MadmanMachine follows Kei after finishing off his plate, replenishing it in little time.
* AmeriCat taps Toymaster on the shoulder and yelps at the zap.
*Rex sniffs about and his tummy grumbles.
AmeriCat: This is all cooked, boy... go on down to the fishmarket if you want to...
Toymaster_: sips his hot chocolate
* Rex pads off, a cowlick in his fur as though he slept on it wrong.
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* KunoichiKei hands Carly a plate of steaming goodness.
* AmeriCat takes the plate, sits and begins to pick at it.
AmeriCat: It's like all so... you know... fattening...
* AmeriCat looks at Molly.
AmeriCat: Unless you're Miss Metabolism here...
* MollyWhipple sticks her tongue out at Carly.
AmeriCat: Like don't do that please.
KunoichiKei: I told her not to...
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Toymaster sips his hot chocolate.
BlueBelle: Super Solstice everyone! Here are some chocolate chip cookies I made myself!
* MadmanMachine lassos a few cookies with a tentacle extended from his right palm.
* Toymaster takes some cookies to make a necklace for Whipple.
KunoichiKei: Whoa! Nice boarding house reach there, Mach!
MadmanMachine: The better to ensnare you with, my dear.
* MollyWhipple giggles and wears the necklace with a smile.
* BlueBelle gives Machinist a stern look.
* MadmanMachine offers Belle a playful grin.
* BlueBelle takes a deep breath.
BlueBelle: Merry Christmas.
* BlueBelle smiles.
MadmanMachine: You too...
* AmeriCat dumps most of her plate and gets a cookie.
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* MadmanMachine reaches underneath his chair and pulls out a box wrapped in blue metallic foil with a red bow. He scoots close to Susan and hands it to her.
* Serendipity floats into the room, her barefeet not seeming to touch the floor. "I've got pumpkin and pecan pie for anybody who isn't full yet."
* BlueBelle takes the box.
BlueBelle: What pretty wrapping paper!
BlueBelle: For me?
MadmanMachine: Yes.
MadmanMachine: For my favorite heroine.
BlueBelle: Really, Mach... you shouldn't have.
MadmanMachine: You're right, but I did anyway.
* MollyWhipple giggles.
* KunoichiKei cringes.
* BlueBelle just smiles.
BlueBelle: Thanks. May I open it now?
MadmanMachine: It is Christmas.
* Serendipity puts down the pies and floats over to fix herself a plate.
* AmeriCat nods and slinks close to peer over Belle's shoulder.
AmeriCat: Like open it now, Belle...
AmeriCat: I want to see!
BlueBelle: Very well.
* BlueBelle removes the bow as if to save it and tears into the wrapping paper.
* Toymaster sips his hot chocolate
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* BlueBelle finally exposes the box inside the wrapping, pausing to find where it has been taped.
* MadmanMachine watches as she rips the wrapping from the box, waiting for her to pull open the flaps.
* Serendipity watches calmly as she begins to eat.
KunoichiKei: Well come on! Let's see what it is!
* Toymaster adds some marshmellows to the hot chocolate
* AmeriCat nods eagerly. "Like I wanna see too!
* MollyWhipple makes a face at the fruitcake.
* Toymaster backs away from the box.
VX_Clause: Just in time to open presents? Awesome.
MollyWhipple: It's like a darn brick!
Toymaster_: lol
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* BlueBelle finally gets the box open and peers inside.
* AmeriCat peers over Belle's shoulder, cat eyes widening.
Meanstreak`: Afternoon all.
* Toymaster hopes it's not more food.
MollyWhipple: Hey, Streaker. Do you know how to conquer a fruitcake?
* MadmanMachine (Inside is a small, silver locket, with an elegant star shape engraved into the front.)
Meanstreak`: Yes. Give it to someone else.
* BlueBelle takes out the locket and holds it up for all to see.
* Toymaster has a "NO RETURN" policy.
VX_Clause: Well, ain't that the darnedest thing I ever did see.
Meanstreak`: You wouldn't be returning it. You'd be passing it on.
* AmeriCat reaches around Belle's neck and takes the ends to help her put the locket on.
MollyWhipple: Hmmm...
* MollyWhipple passes the fruitcake to Meanstreak, displaying a Peyton Manning arm.
Toymaster: nice delivery :)
VX_Clause: (as long it's not a Peyton Manning FOREHEAD your displaying)
* BlueBelle smiles broadly as the locket hangs into the valley of her blue sweater.
VX_Clause: :P
BlueBelle: It's lovely, Mach.
* Meanstreak` catches it, runs a few yards, then laterals it back to Serendipity.
MadmanMachine: Oh, you haven't opened it yet.
MollyWhipple: (Thankfully no :P )
* Serendipity recycles the fruitcake, creating more fruitcakes for the hungry.
VX_Clause: (is not mean or anything but I heard the space shuttle crew mistook Peyton Manning's forehead for a meteorite about to crash into the RCA Dome :P)
* MollyWhipple goes back for thirds of the Danger Doll Xmas Feast.
* Toymaster slaps VX on the forehead. "You could of had a V8.”
AmeriCat: Like it looks great on you, Belle!
BlueBelle: Yes indeed, thanks so much Mach.
* Serendipity replenishes the saucer of warm milk on the floor.
* darkangel123 purrs.
MadmanMachine: I think you should open it.
MollyWhipple: Yeppers. Let's take a look inside...
* Toymaster backs away slowly.
KunoichiKei: Hai!
AmeriCat: Yeah, I'm curious!
BlueBelle: Ok ok...
* BlueBelle raises the silver locket in her hand, the star sparkling as she clicks it open.
* AmeriCat cranes her neck to see.
* MadmanMachine shields his eyes as they open the locket, flashes of light erupting as actual celestial matter is revealed to be inside.
* Toymaster was wise to back away.
* Orb would comment on how celestial matter doesn't belong there, but is currently slumbering beneath a pile of pillows sleeping off the prior evening of excessive alcohol consumption.
* Toymaster sips his hot chocolate.
* BlueBelle blinks, speechless and blinded by a light in which she never believed.
MadmanMachine: Might want to close it now!
* MadmanMachine is still holding his eyes, lids squeezed shut behind his hands.
* AmeriCat slinks away whimpering.
KunoichiKei: Holy Moly!
MollyWhipple: What?
MollyWhipple: What happened!?
* Toymaster doesn't see any holes.
* Serendipity floats across the room and closes the locket for Belle.
Toymaster: Some indentations maybe.
VX_Clause: Ack! Between bright light flashers and sonic screamers, I'll be blind and deaf by the time I'm 50.
Serendipity: Come on now... I may need to operate on your eyes... you too Carly...
MadmanMachine: Um, sorry...
* Serendipity smiles and takes hold of Belle's and Carly's hands to lead them back to the lab.
* Serendipity looks back over her shoulder and smiles at Mach.
Serendipity: Interesting that you would come to have that...
MadmanMachine: I wouldn't be surprised, Sara.
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* Toymaster hands another fruitcake to Whipple to anchor her in place.
* KunoichiKei rubs her eyes and hugs darkangel.
* darkangel123 purrs.
* MollyWhipple is finally starting to look full as she eyes the fruitcake warily.
* Toymaster adds some marshmellows to the hot chocolate.
* MollyWhipple bonks Mach over the head with the fruitcake and strolls off to siesta.
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* KunoichiKei starts cleaning up in an effort to please Belle, carrying dish after dish back to the kitchen area.
KunoichiKei: Chow all! And ciao…
* Orb murmurs something about eggnog from beneath the pillows.
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(December 25, 2007)