This page consists of a listing of logs of various adventures the Danger Dolls. Think of it as watching reruns on Danger Doll Satellite Television if you will. The content ranges from as tame as PG in some adventures to extreme NC-17 in others. You have been warned!


The Search for Masked Americana (NC-17) - My earliest logs. Crude, uneven, a learning experience!


GunBunny versus Raziel Kang (PG-13) - Chicky clone GunBunny stalks the city in pursuit of a difficult bounty.


Kunoichi Kei meets the Orchestra (PG-13) - BlueBelle's ward does her best to prove herself a real heroine.


Belle's Bondage Calendar (NC-17) - Belle agrees to model for a DDSTV calendar and has to survive twelve months of peril!


Jungle Jean and the Dark Apes (NC-17) - Barbi Blaze stars as Jungle Jean in an old-time serial for cable.


Tales of the Full Moon Playpen (NC-17) - AmeriCat tangles with werewolves and various other characters get involved along the way.


A Problem Like Maria (R) - Stacy Storm is contracted to find a missing girl and finds a whole lot more.


UltiBelle2060 (NC-17) - Belle is converted by UltiMech and gets inside Prism's head at the same time! An interesting scening experiment.


OptiMiss, A Positive Vision (R) - Two of Serendipity's earliest adventures as OptiMiss back to back.


Portal to Another World (PG-13) - Sara travels through a portal to a strange world sans costume.


Grindhouse (R) - Chicky answers a call from an old friend working at an erotic dance club in the desert.


Danger Doll Christmas (PG) - The Dolls prepare and share their Christmas feast with some SHiPsters.


DragonDoll Negotiates (PG-13) - Yumi uses her own unique approach to business negotiations with the Tortellini crime family.


Ultimate Chickfighter (NC-17) - Chicky agrees to be the star of a new video fight game that becomes all too real!!


Abdullah's Challenge (PG-13) - An Anarchistani warlord puts out a contract on Chickfighter!


Packaged Dolls (NC-17) - A villain decides to collect the Dolls. Could it be their darkest hour?


Hard-Boiled Belle (R) - Belle runs into trouble with the kitchen help at her new club.


AmeriCat, Mayhem and the Transevolver (NC-17) - AmeriCat makes a friendship that gets put to the test.


Chicky versus Godzilla (PG-13) - Chicky goes to Japan on a promotional tour and nearly gets upstaged!


Kei Caddies for Deathshead (PG) - Kei applies for her old summer job and gets an interesting first patron.


Trip to the Airport (PG-13) - Dragon Doll acts as Marc Tanaka's bodyguard for a wild ride to the airport.


Aethran Intrigue (NC-17) - Alien "big game" hunters decide the Dolls would be the perfect prey!


Caddie Kei versus the Crusher (PG-13) - Kei encounters a powerful villain as she leaves her summer job.


The Darke episode one (R) - A horror series anthology based on a pervading evil known only as the Darke!


The Darke episode two (R) - A familiar slender blond goes looking for her missing brother in the Darke!


Kei's Olympic Experience (PG-13) - Kei visits Carly at the Olympics and gets involved as only an intern can!


Brute Fighter (PG-13) - Chicky goes to ComiCon to promote Ultimate Chickfighter and ends up saving Batman!


PoleCat Buried Alive (PG) - PoleCat prevents Carnivore from hailing a cab and pays the price.


Kei and Kid's School Assignment (NC-17) - KunoichiKei and Kid Crossbow turn schoolwork into a date.


Chickfighter Versus El Carne Asada (PG) - Chickfighter receives a rasslin' challenge and meets it head-on!


A Recipe for Fast Food Wars (PG-13) - The Danger Dolls get a special offer from Cheesy Cluckin' Chicken!


Trick or Treat Kei (PG) - Kunoichi Kei gets a little mischievous on the night before Halloween.


Ninja Femme Exhibition (R) - Chickfighter is tricked into an unexpected exhibition with some vicious ninjettes!


Recruited by Papa Pimp (R) - Belle meets the sexist strip club proprietor Papa Pimp and his Ho Squad!


Dancing Belle (NC-17) - Belle desperately seeks revenge on Papa Pimp and ends up in desperate straits!


The Zombie Bowl (NC-17) - Chicky goes cheerleader for a special football season episode of The Darke!


Kei and Kid Undercovers (NC-17) - Kei convinces Kid Crossbow to help her go after Papa Pimp!


Kei Meets Nightwing (PG-13) - Kei learns the benefits of having a stalker named Nightwing.


USAngel's First Mission (R) - Wrestler USAngel becomes a new television heroine.


Blonde Justice (PG-13) - A new vigilante goes vampire hunting.


Slaughterhouse (PG-13) - USAngel wrestles a rival network's villain in a hardcore cage match.


Slabtown (R) - Kei and Panda head to a party to take a break from school and get a "real" test!


New Nemesis Nefrititties (R) - USAngel wrestlers the womens champ of a rival promotion and gains a nemesis!


Kei Plays Grand Theft Auto (PG-13) - Hoodlums steal Belle's car and Kei gives chase!


Bombshell (PG-13) - Callie Sacramento goes to try on some clothes but can't get away from being USAngel!


Filly Minion (NC-17) - Stacy Storm is hired to find Kei, but also ends up missing.


Enter the Domino Doll (R) - A mysterious new heroine with old-style charms makes a call on the mob!


Possum Playing Stuntman (NC-17) - Belle responds to the abduction of USAngel off the set of her show.


Things that Bump and Grind at Night (PG-13) - The Domino Doll runs afoul of another creature of the night!


Moongoose (NC-17) - Kei escapes Bedlam after being committed by Judge Longo and that's only the beginning!


Sidewinder Strikes (PG-13) - USAngel finds herself in a tough match with an old "friend" who wants to "crush" her!


Don't Take Rides From Strangers (R) - Kei stars in her own episode of The Darke. Trouble always seems to find her!


Leatherneck of MONSTER (R) - USAngel finds herself in a match against a mutant from a rival TV show!


Molly Versus the MONSTER Aliens (R) - Molly Whipple's latest movie premiere becomes the show!


Pearl Harbored (PG) - USAngel gets a challenge and a surprise from Japanese wrestling champion Mimi Honda!


Squire Knott's Magic Rope (R) - New anti-heroine Mouse runs into an aristocrat with a magic rope!


Nose Rubbing (PG) - USAngel concludes her world tour in a match against luchadora La Aguila!


Tails of the Stripped (NC-17) - A special presentation of The Darke starring Mouse, Angel and Molly in separate vignettes!


The Lair of the Dark Domme (NC-17) - Belle goes to rescue Chicky after Tails of the Stripped turns out to have been real!


C is for Cellini (PG-13) - While on a mission Mouse runs into trouble with an unexpected member of the Cellini mob family.


Gropey to the Max (NC-17) - Belle sets out to bring a mobster to justice and ends up dancing for endangered lives.


They Had a Bad Day (R) - Are the Danger Dolls having a really bad day or is this simply a dramatization of their nightmares?


At Death's Door (R) - Has the Domino Doll finally met her match? Could this be "game over" for her?


Jackpot (R) - Domino Doll takes a look around Scarelli's gambling house and nearly loses her "shirt."


Hog Wild (NC-17) - Callie (USAngel) gets a night off and sets out to have a wild time!


Warheads and Warlords (NC-17) - Mouse teams up with Miss USA on a mission to disable a nuke.


(Note: The next six logs function as a Doll a Day series, one for each official team member, and are a good introduction to these characters.)

No Bones About It (PG-13) - Can Chicky stop Sawbones from animating the dinosaur skeletons at the museum?

Angel of Death (NC-17) - USAngel is scheduled for a rematch with La Aguila but is challeneged by El Muerte instead!

Squid Pro Quo (PG-13) - Belle makes a deal for exclusive rights to accompany adventurer Sir Ralston on his latest quest!

Summer Job Kei (R) - Kunoichi Kei demonstrates how to work two summer jobs and still have time to intern as a heroine.

Down the Brain (PG-13) - Serendipity is nervous about what to wear to present her paper until...

Wanted (R) - DragonDoll is in Japan at the request of the authorities to meet with the Yakuza but to what purpose?


Snakebit (R) - Mouse's new show turns all too real when some clowns show up to collect the bounty on her!


The Weeping Clown (R) - Domino Doll tangles with Scarelli to recover stolen artwork!


The Black Foil (PG-13) - Chickfighter encounters a new villain anxious to make his mark!


Ladies Night Special (PG-13) - Kei stops to eat on her way to work and ends up tangling with slavers!


The Most Dangerous Liaison (NC-17) - USAngel just wants to relax after a tough match but Possum has other plans!


Masquerades (R) - Domino Doll goes undercover and ends up undercovered!


Dancing with Papa (R) - Lavender Lass goes after Papa Pimp and Belle ends up dancing to save Kei's life.


Eight Treasures (R) - An omnipotent alien entity demands treasure and the Dolls are the only heroines for the job.


Alien Arena (R) - USAngel finds herself in an arena after being abducted by a race that thinks her show is real.


The Blue Belleteer (PG-13) - Belle stars as a WW II heroine in this made for DDSTV adventure.


Dirty Pool (NC-17) - USAngel goes after slavers and ends up on a date of sorts.


Bandersnatched (PG-13) - Chicky tries to apprehend a murderess with unbelievable power.


Guns and Roses (R) - Domino Doll looks for evidence linking a gangster to a murder and discovers something much worse.


Gene Genie's Chicken Shack (R) - Chicky does a turn as super groovy cool secret agent Chicky X.


Boom Boom! (PG-13) - USAngel gets an opportunity to be a real superheroine. Will the whole thing blow up in her face?


To Carve a Reputation (PG-13) - Mouse is hired to steal Empire City's most well-known and polished object.


To Bait a Pimp (PG-13) - The Dolls bait a trap for Papa Pimp, but will the scheme backfire?


Dancing Foil (R) - Chicky finds herself engaged in some fancy footwork with an infuriating villain!


To Study Abroad (R) - Kei gives her all to be chosen for the study abroad program!


Playpen Model (R) - Belle goes undercover and without cover to catch a killer!


What's Shakin'? (PG-13) - Kei gets a practical lesson in worst case scenarios!


Fight for Anonymity (R) - Domino Doll tracks Scarelli to an underground fight event and becomes the main event!


Final Exam (R) - Kei dons her Moongoose costume in hopes of passing her hardest course, creating a superheroine!


Snow Angel (PG) - US Angel goes from pretend heroine to real in the face of a bizarre storm!


Souper Squad (PG) - Serendipity helps out at the soup kitchen... in fortuitous and unexpected ways!


Most Wanted with a Bullet (R) - Dragon Doll helps out the authorities but not her reputation with a typically direct approach!


Wrestler of the Year (R) - US Angel's selection for the award is challenged by a vicious rival!


Super Abductors (NC-17) - US Angel crosses over with a dangerous reality show!


Twas Beauty Bashed the Beast (PG-13) - Godzilla comes to Empire City on Bash Day! Who will save the city?


Unstaffed Studio (PG-13) - US Angel investigates loud noise at the desolate studio and runs into Mr. Jackal!


Belle Calendar Shoot 2010 (R) - Blue Belle hires a famous photographer but things go south as usual!


Partying With Possum (PG-13) - Could Possum finally be taking Angel on a real date?


Sleazy Rider (NC-17) - Another super groovy cool Chicky X adventure full of sex, drugs and rock and roll!


Angel Versus Poor Richard PG-13) - US Angel agrees to a match with a rival promotions champion!


Rejection Notice (R) - Dragon Doll exchanges communiques with the League of Assassins!


Dark Chocolate for Valentine's (R) - What will Possum do for Angel on Valentine's Day?


The Blue Rocketeer (R) - Belle reprises her made-for-TV role as the WWII heroine, the Blue Bulleteer!


Teaku Baga (R) - Dragon Doll goes on another violent mission for Zero Section!


Cheers for Chicky X (R) - Chicky X goes undercover to catch a villain who's gobbling up cheerleaders!


Foiled Doll (R) - Domino Doll continues her quest to take down Scarelli only to encounter a brash interloper!


Something Smells Suspicious (R) - Dragon Doll's next mission puts her onto teh scent of an old nemesis!


Bellewether Studies (R) - Kunoichi Kei goes on her study abroad trip, but is this mission what it seems?


Idolized (R) - Belle becomes a contestant to catch a surprise killer!


Broken Angel (PG-13) - Has Mr. Jackal finally gotten measure of Angel? Heaven help her!


Attacked by Arik (R) - Chickfighter is attacked by a sorceror and his minions!


Callie and the Croc (NC-17) - US Angel discovers something worse than froglodytes in the sewers!


Fire Belle (PG-13) - Belle tries to stop a rash of museum arson!


Boss Gojira (R) - US Angel makes a guest appearance on Japan's "Bubblegum Dolls!"


SHOCK PPV (PG-13) - Belle and Brute host as US Angel defends her Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat title!


Kei, Croc, Robyn and a Longshot (PG-13) - Kei visits the waterpark and all hell breaks loose!


Kei Gets Triple Teamed (PG-13) - Kei tries to prove herself against Crystal, Killer Croc and Catwoman!


Flight Test (PG-13) - Will a test flight of the third generation airship reveal problems for Serendipity?


The Ghost of Doom (R) - Belle is announcing the unveiling of a new airship when an old foe rears his ugly metal mask!


Mouse Trap: A New Danger Rises (R) - Mouse goes to Papa's in hopes of emptying the safe only to encounter Brit Babe!


Twin Terrors (PG) - Blue Belle goes on patrol and meets Princess Gemini!


SHOCK PPV 2 (PG-13) - Belle and Mad Moxxi host host three matches including a US Angel title defense!


Barbarian at the Gate (NC-17) - Kunoichi Kei happens on a break-in at a government building!


Battling Barghest (PG-13) - US Angel runs into a terrible supernatural foe intent on hunting her in cold blood.


Kei Versus Kurt (PG-13) - Will wrestling as Lavender Lass get Kei killed by Kurt Malkomes of BCW?


Cavegirl Carly and the Tribesmen (NC-17) - Carly and Rex excite some hungry tribesmen and Carly is invited for dinner!


Barbarians and Bastards (NC-17) - Mouse is sent on a retrieval mission, but who is the real bastard?


Molly Whipple in Prison (NC-17) - Convicted of murder, these are the ongoing adventures of Chicky in prison!


Hellhound Abducts Angel (PG-13) - The big match of BCW and SHOCK champions has a startling conclusion!


A Message From Catwoman (PG-13) - Catwoman sends a message of revenge via the new heroine, Red Hornette!


Captive Callie(NC-17) - US Angel's captivity leads to a humiliating auction of would-be rescuers Belle and Kei!


Two-Bit Hood and Floozies (PG-13) - Red Hornette interrupts a theft by a drunk and really steps in it!


Gator Bait Oil Wrestling (R) - The Holborn Honey meets Texacon in the pit at Gator Bait!


Blockhead (PG-13) - US Angel defends her SHOCK title against an angry revenge-minded Cinder Block!


Kei Undercovered (R) - Kei Kishimoto decides to prove herself by going undercover as a dancer at Gator Bait!


On Location at Gator Bait (R) - Belle decides to risk shooting a scene of US Angel on location!


Enter Ironshade (PG-13) - Kei tries to stop a crime in progress!


Angel Flexes (PG-13) - Angel sees an ATM heist in progress and intervenes!


Pastafarians and Wasps (R) - Red Hornette takes on a tough assignment to get on Empire iDoll!


Pure Warning (PG-13) - Kei is working at Taz Treats when a hostage situation arrises involving the dangerous Kurt Malkomes!


Stonecutter (PG-13) - Kei is gifted a demon sword and immediately gets a chance to try it out!


In the Crosshairs (PG-13) - Red Hornette is working out with Kid Crossbow when the dojo is attacked!


Ought Oh, LongSho! (R) - Red Hornette is forced to to fight when the dojo is attached again!


A Bit of a Stretch (R) - Kunoichi Kei spots Flex in the process of another ATM heist!


Canis Major (NC-17) - US Angel challenges Arik to send one of his minions against her!


Spiraling Out Of Control (PG-13) - Chickfighter and others battle the menace known as Spiral!


Recovering the Rage Serum (R) - Mouse must recover the serum from Nero before falls into the wrong hands!


(Note: The next five logs function as a series, one for the disposition of each old Danger Doll member, making way for the Danger Debs.)

* Gatorthing (R) - Belle battles a giant gator monster with a surprising conclusion!

* Grimm Shadows (PG-13) - Chicky takes on a challenging student with shady intentions!

* Dragon Test (R) - Yumi's skills are tested by an old lover!

* To Desecrate an Angel (NC-17) - US Angel is abducted for fanatics looking to make an example of her!

* Right Place, Wrong Time (R) - Serendipity encounters a villain with an unbelievable demand!


* Out Of Body (R) - Is US Angel alive or dead?


* Fire Thing (PG-13) - Kunoichi Kei and Marvelous Girl take on the challenge of a fire monster!


* Rocked Music (PG-13) - Red Hornette becomes involved in helping Et Cetera stop Threnody!


* Keothi Interview (PG) - Kei Kishimoto does her first major story as CEO of DDSTV!


* Dread Not (PG-13) - Kei Kishimoto tries to accomplish something Belle never could, defeat Kriegshund!


* Massif Message (R) - Red Hornette has to deal with a massive messenger at the dojo!


* Joshing With CHANGE (PG) - Kei Kishimoto meets with an agent from CHANGE.


* Panda Exposed (R) - Panda's undercover assignment at GatorBait leads to a terrible shootout!


* Unarmed (R) - Joanie goes to examine the Green Man's arm just as he shows up to retrieve it!


* Failure at the Pharmaceutical Factory (R) - Kei is alerted to a sighting of the Green Man and closes in!


* Captured (R) - Penny's stint undercover at Gatorbait doesn't last long, before the bait is taken!


* Mysterious Vampire (PG-13) - Red Hornette enters the sewers in search of a missing girl!


* Burning Down the House (R) - Penny has earned a night off at the movies, or has she?


* Transcendental Party Girl (NC-17) - How far will Joanie go to get her hands on the new drug of choice?


* Blood Rushed (R) - A speedster assassin attacks Kei! How can she hope to escape?


* Blood Rushed Too (R) - Panda goes after Kei's attacker and encounters pure horror!


* The Rockets Red Dare and Bombastic Derriere (R) - Lucky Lucy performs a 4th of July show and showers after!


* Artifact Hunting with Arik (R) - Kei joins Arik on his expedition in hopes the goal will help save her friend!


* Battling Bune (NC-17) - At the glaxy's edge Space Angel must face a rogue god to save a planet!


* The Black Van (NC-17) - Red Hornette goes from giving directions to fighting for her freedom!


* The Final Piece (NC-17) - Kei has no idea what terrible fate awaits when she agrees to help Arik finish his quest!


*ADDED 7/31/11* The Newt Adventures of Hornette (PG-13) - Penny may need help to corral this monster!


*ADDED 7/31/11* The Lucky Lucy Show (R) - Lucy Tilton performs her magical escapes at the Lyric Theatre!


*ADDED 7/31/11* Slave or Stave (R) - Red Hornette tails the Cabrals to catch them in the act and ends up abducted herself!


*ADDED 8/28/11* Evicting Keothi (PG-13) - Kei decides it is time to claim the golf course and her place in history!


*ADDED 2/19/12* Lucky Lucy's New Year's Challenge (PG-13) - Lucy hopes Silencieux is a fan of "You Can Leave Your Hat On!"