C is for Cellini


Mouse nods to Orange as he gives her the mission. "Got it... another criminal with naughty stuff on his computer... I'll need two memory sticks for downloading?"

“Exactly, I realize this isn't your normal item, but you DO understand how many lives we can save if we can stop the flow of drugs from this supplier.” Orange continues, “Besides, the security on this is going to be astronomical. The last three agents we sent in didn't come back. Frankly, you have turned out to be one of the most resourceful.”

Mouse puffs up proudly at the praise before the reality of the previous part begins to register. She raises her brows. "Three didn't come back? Yikes! That doesn't sound good... and more importantly makes me question your organization. Maybe you have a mole... besides that one on your arm..." Lucy winks with a smirk and takes the memory sticks he hands her.

Orange hands her a pair of three-inch spike heeled shoes, "Each heel holds a full terabyte of data." He removes the left one with a twist. “Terribly clever of the folks in R&D, isn't it?”

Orange also hands her some files, "This is what you need to know. On top is Jianni Rosalini. He's Cellini's number one enforcer. We think he's the one who broke the cover of the other three. Of course, you won't be staying under cover. The second one, Gerald Rossi, is the accountant. He's the one who has the laptop with the accounting system on it. The third one contains the blueprints to the Cellini estate. Cellini's room is in red, Rosallini's room in amber, and Rossi's room in Orange. I didn't choose the color coding, but I must admit I like the idea of Orange being key."

Mouse frowns at the shoes. "Morons. Like I can do wirework in heels..." She sighs and takes the heels. "So I just wait until after hours... slip in to the orange room quiet as a mouse... and download the files... no problem... except for these heels!" She puts on the heels and wobbles about her dressing room, the red leotard under her sleeveless cut-off yellow sweatshirt barely able to contain her rolling glutes.

Orange grins as he watches, quickly assuming a serious expression as she turns to catch him looking. "I know that won't work for the entry OR the exit, but if you go in during the party, they could come in handy. The main thing is to find out where Rossi has the laptop and to copy the data and get out of there." Orange sighs, "I've already lost three good people to Cellini, I don't want to make it four."

Mouse makes a face. "Party? So you do expect me to go in undercover then. I'm not sure that's a good idea after the results that's yielded for the previous three agents." She bites her lip and seems to come to a decision. "Ok, we'll give it a shot your way. When's the party... and am I going with anybody... or do I have to lie my way in as well?"

Orange shakes his head. "Not the idea at all. It's a costume party, another reason we picked you, you break in, put on the heels, drug Rossi, get him to tell you where the laptop is, get the data and get out. He'll think he's had the most wonderful night of his life, but he won't remember anything specific about you."

Orange makes a face, "The drug!" He pulls a ring box out of his pocket. He opens it to reveal the ring is six stones, three emeralds, three diamonds. "Press this against the side of his neck and...." Orange points to the small area between the six stones. "...a small needle comes out of there administering the drug. This drug will basically cause him to dream along the lines of whatever he's been thinking, usually something quite sexual."

Mouse takes the ring gingerly as though it contains bubonic plague. "I'm a thief, Orange, not an interrogator... or a sex kitten... I don't think this is going to work..." She slumps as she sees his stern expression. "I know... I know... do it or go back to jail..." She slips on the ring as though handling toxic waste. "Happy?"

Orange doesn't smile, "No, but I don't really have any choice, still, the research boys claim this drug is unbelievable. If you're lucky, you won't even need it. I hope you're lucky, but the way things have been going, you probably won't be. One last thing, the party is tomorrow night."

Mouse makes faces at his back as he leaves, taking off the ring and tossing it on her dressing counter. It is still lying there the next evening as she climbs a tree outside the perimeter to the Cellini estate. She finds a sturdy electrical wire and swings up, running easily along it in her insulated footies, flipping to the roof before the motion lights can find her, grinning as she hears a guard grumbling about the squirrels.

Below, she can see the limousines dropping off guests as the party begins to get into full swing. She sees a couple of gymnasts and even one young lady dressed rather similarly to herself.

Mouse grins and notes invitations are being checked at the gate. She changes clothes on the roof, slipping out of the footies, black shirt and leggings and stuffing them in her backpack. Now wearing only the skimpy glittering golden leotard of a trapeze artist she takes out the black heels and a matching mask. Holding them in her hand she drops to the ground three stories below. Mouse runs in a crouch through the bushes, coming up behind the next limo. She slips on mask and heels, rising up as the limo pulls away. She smiles to the guards at the door as she makes a show of wobbling up the steps and into the party.

The party is quite crowded. She also notes evidence of rampant drug use. Off to the left, she sees what she assumes are the bigwigs, being as they are all crowding around Cellini. The picture didn't do him justice. In the picture he looked overweight but his skin had a healthy look to it. Looking at the real thing, though, made her blood run cold. * JJ Cellini’s eyes were lacking in any warmth, his warm smile never touching them. Off to the right she sees the band, two trumpets, two trombones, four saxes, two guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion. The bright sound of hot Latin jazz emanates from them, and she sees several dancing females literally sticking to their partner as though glued there, with several couples looking like they really needed to just get a room.

Mouse struts forward slowly, waves of blond hair hanging down behind her back all the way to the seams that run up the curve of the bulging glutes of her round bottom. Her eyes scan for any sign of Gerald Rossi, as it is the accountant she needs to find and follow or trick into taking her to his room. Otherwise she will need to slip away into the private quarters and search the orange room while everyone parties.

It isn't long until she spots him, hanging out sort of by himself, looking like he'd rather be anywhere else. Rossi is joined by a girl who hands him a drink and tells him to shut up the moment he starts to talk. He sighs, but remains quiet.

Mouse smirks and dances to the Latin jazz as she approaches the pair. Lucy winks and bumps into the talking girl such that the girl spills her drink on Mouse and on Gerald Rossi. "Oops... my bad..." She begins patting him down as if trying to dry his suit, searching it with a pickpocket's hands as she does. "I'm so sorry... I was just looking for the bathroom... and I'm so clumsy in these heels..."

Gerald Rossi looks up at her, never getting past her eyes. “Wow!”

Mouse dimples her cheeks with a smile. "I'm Charlene... I think I got some on myself as well... maybe you and I should find some place to dry off... Mister... who are you anyway?"

Rossi smiles, and then, just like his favorite movie character, says, "Rossi, Gerald Rossi." The girl with him smirks, probably thinking what a dork he is. Rossi winks lewdly at Mouse, "You know, I got a room here. Maybe you'd like to see it?"

Mouse grins and takes off his jacket, draping it around her own shoulders. "Yes, please... if you have a hair dryer... I think I'm starting to show through my top..." She gives him and the girl sideways glances.

The girl looks at him, "You know I don't like you playing these spy games. Tell her to get lost." She reaches over to grab the coat, pulling on it. "Beat it, this one belongs to me."

Mouse eeps as the coat is jerked away from her, crossing her arms over her chest, the glittering golden fabric beneath now damp, clingy and somewhat translucent. "Hey, he asked me... and I was just trying to cover myself... you... you... thief!"

Rossi smirks, "Ladies, please. Why don't we go to my room and settle it there?" The girl turns to him, "Because this wimp wouldn't have a chance."

Mouse narrows her eyes. "Really? I'd mop up the floor with you and leave in your clothes after I stripped you, slut!"

The girl smirks, subtly flexing her bicep, her smile widening as she sees Charlene watching it. "I'd crush you like a grape, girlie!" Now Gerald really smiles, "Shall we go then, ladies?"

Mouse can't believe how well this is working. She sticks her tongue out at the girl, wrapping her arms around Gerald's left as the other girl takes his right before the gangster leads them down a hallway.


A few minutes later they are in Rossi's ridiculous orange room. The other girl stretches, showing incredible flexibility before turning to her. "Clear for action, bitch!"

Mouse scans the room for any sign of a computer. "What do you call this decor? Early bordello?" She steps out of her heels, giving her huge mane of blond hair a flip as she becomes even shorter than five feet tall. "Good luck to you too, slut!"

Rossi smiles, his brown eyes twinkling as he takes the right hand of each of the ladies in his, kissing the knuckle old world style. Mouse notices a slight thin spot on the top of his head, but other than that his dark hair was model perfect. In fact, were it not for crooked lower teeth where his mouth was crowded, the six foot Gerald, being slim and trim, but neither skinny nor muscular, looks like what he is, an accountant. The girl, however, is another matter. She is tall, very tall. With her heels she stands about six foot four in her five-inch heels. Heels she keeps on. And muscular! She obviously works out, her biceps large, but not unattractive. Unlike Rossi’s zoot suit, her 1920's costume looks more expensive and authentic. Shiny red goes over the large swell of her breasts into a short sassy skirt that just screams gun moll. Around her middle is a sequin belt with a fancy buckle that has four gold studs in it.

Gerald speaks again, "Now, before we fight, how about some introductions, I'm Gerald Rossi, the prize for which you two gorgeous ladies are fighting. You said your name was Charlene... Charlene..?"

Mouse blinks, having almost forgotten she introduced herself as Charlene. "Yes, but people call me Charlie... Charlie Munro..." She shakes back her full head of hair, the waves of blond reaching her waist, perhaps beyond. She was not only dressed like a circus acrobat, but the size of one as well.

“Well, Charlie Munro...” Rossi presses their right hands together, "Meet your opponent for tonight, Alisa Cellini!" Even as he presses their hands together, Alisa is digging her right heel into the instep of Mouse's right foot. Then she demonstrates her strength, not only in her grip as she tries to crush the young thief's hand, but also in her arm as she yanks forwards, stabbing powerful fingers into her right armpit in a dim mak strike to nerve clusters there.

Mouse feels the strength in that hand as it touches hers. Her emerald eyes widen. "Oh my! I had no idea you were one of the Cellini's... are you... aiyeeeEEEE!" Mouse is yanked forward by the more powerful woman, rendered off-balance and defenseless as the woman surprisingly strikes like a snake to one of her pressure points.

Even as Alisa is pulling back from the finger strike, her left arm sweeps upwards as she continues to pull the smaller Charlene across her right leg, exposing the back of her neck for the elbow strike which is descending towards the back of the Charlie's neck.

Mouse winces as her right side goes numb, making it all but impossible to do anything about what is happening despite understanding it completely. Her own sort of technique was being used against her and she had been too sure the woman wouldn't be a real fighter to be on her guard. She lurches as her neck is chopped and crumples to the carpet.

But Alisa is not merely content with that, dropping both knees to the small of the fallen woman's back, reaching for the left arm, starting to torture the shoulder a little. "Would you be a dear, Gerald, and get the syringe from the inside of my left thigh? It's in a pouch fastened to the garter, there."

Rossi also kneels on top, enjoying himself, though poor Mouse cannot see it, as his hand reaches between Alisa's powerful thighs. He looks into her cold grey eyes, eyes utterly lacking warmth, yet looking almost lovely the way they were framed by her jet black hair.

Mouse is blissfully unaware of her fate as she lies unconscious on her front in a sleeveless leotard of golden sequins. Her head and face is completely hidden by the wild mop of blond waves that cover it. The seams on the back of her shimmering nylons run over the raised curve of her bottom and down the contours of her stout gymnast legs, sprawled apart.

Alisa seems to be enjoying herself, ripping at the shoulder joint of the unconscious woman as Gerald sticks her in the butt with the syringe. "It really is nice the way you always manage to get these girls interested in a fight. Pity about this one, though. She had spunk, but what a waste when it came to combat."

Finally finished, but still not satisfied, Alisa easily picks up the woman and slings her on her shoulder, crossing to the wardrobe, pivoting it outwards, revealing a door behind it. Opening the door, she tosses Charlene through and shuts it again. "We're going to need a fourth set of chains, now, my love."


Some hours later Mouse begins to awaken. Lucy groans as she becomes aware of the pain before anything else, shaking her head as she lifts it, her eyes trying to pierce the darkness. She sits up and begins to work on her shoulder, doing her best to kill the pain there with some deep massage. Her whole body seems to be throbbing. There is faint light from above. She crawls about, feeling her way. She's in a pit of some sort. But why?

Someone near her speaks, a female voice, but not a familiar one. "She's awake." A different voice, "Don't try to move to fast, whatever they put in that shot they gave us really messes with the balance at first, takes a couple of minutes before you get things together." Then a third voice, "Yeah, that Alisa's a real bitch, and she wasn't even mentioned in any of..." The first voice again, "Hush."

The room is dark, dank, and smells of stale sweat and mildew. About ten feet up she can see a door on one wall, on the other wall a small barred window, just about the same height up the wall. As her eyes grow accustomed to the gloom, she can make out the three other women, all drop dead gorgeous and all with heels very like the ones given to her by...

Mouse nearly snorts with laughter as she realizes the other women are all of Orange's agents, but keeps it to herself since she has no idea if they can be trusted. "What have they done to you? Why am I here? All I did was come on to that accountant-looking guy..."

The third woman snorts, "Seems that he's not as mousey as he seems. My name is Caroline, the one chained up next to me is Cynthia, and the one over there, is Charlene." That's when Mouse notices that all three women are shackled to the walls, but she, obviously, is not.

Mouse moves toward Caroline. "I see. So how did you end up shackled? Is that going to happen to me shortly? Have you tried to escape?" Mouse tries to see what Caroline is wearing even as she moves to examine the shackles and see how they are secured.

Caroline is wearing some kind of a flimsy dress. "I was the first one here, when I got here there were three sets of shackles, so I don't know. The only way out seems to be that door, but you need a ladder to get to it, the walls are too smooth to climb even if we weren't shackled. I don't even know if we are still in Cellini's place, if we could look out that window, well again, too high."

Charlene smirks, "It wouldn't matter if you weren't shackled and the walls climbable, you fall off of anything taller than five inches, Orange said... so ohhh, my."

Mouse examines the lock on Caroline's shackles. "This looks pretty secure... who's Orange? Do you all know each other or something?" Mouse can't help but wonder what the odds would be that a girl named Charlene would have preceded her. Did the attack and drugging mean their captors knew who they all were or were Gerald and Alisa up to something else?

Cynthia smiles sweetly, "You never told us your name. And no, we never met until we ended up in this pit. But we do seem to have a common acquaintance with this Orange, he arrested each one of us for something different. At the moment I'm thinking I should have gone to jail instead of to work for him." Cynthia sighs.

Charlene shakes her blond hair and giggles. "Seems he has a thing for big breasted blond crooks whose names begin with a C." And they are all blond, every one of them. Caroline speaks again, "So, is it three blond agents, or four. You look like his type. Cynthia is the con artist, I'm an expert at opening anything, and Charlene there is the sexpot of the group."

Mouse is now pretty sure they're all plants. There was no telling what had happened to the real agents, but that didn't matter now. Now she just needed to get out of here. "I'm just a party crashing acrobat named Amy..." She dropped Caroline's shackles and got to her feet. Maybe if the walls were close enough together to reach she could wedge herself between them and work her way upwards.

Caroline gasps! "The acrobat! I'll bet you could climb up me, couldn't you? I'll bet you could see out that window! Could tell us if we're still at Cellini's place or somewhere else. Look, the window is right up there!" And indeed it is, just a little over five feet over Caroline's shoulders.

Cynthia agrees, "Knowing where we are would be a good start towards getting out of this place and the first constructive thing in the five weeks I've been counting."

Mouse frowns as she discovers the walls are too far apart to reach. Instead she takes a deep breath, three quick steps, jumps up onto Caroline's shoulders, and leaps from there, reaching for the bars on the window.

The bars are actually a little lower than they looked, so getting hold of them is easy. All three women suddenly become the professionals that they had not presented too well until now, being very quiet and letting her work. After the almost playful banter that was going on before, it seems almost too quiet.

Mouse pulls up on the bars and looks outside, confirming that they are at Cellini's. She experiments to see if her head will fit between the bars. Then she takes a look back at the closed door behind her. If she could only find a way to open it. Still she hadn't seen a computer in Rossi's room, and without her heels her mission was sort of a bust anyway.

The door is only a little higher than she, in fact she can look across and see about a three inch ledge there. The sun is beginning to come up so she hasn't been there too terribly long. Below, Caroline whispers, "Well?"

Mouse ponders if she should respond. The cell might be bugged after all. But after a sigh she whispers. "This is still Cellini's place..." Mouse pulls herself up, plants her feet inside the bars and launched herself up and across, clutching at the frame of the door as her feet land on the ledge. Maybe she could force it.

But the door is far too strong. The women below sigh collectively, but still do not seem very enthusiastic about their chances of escape. All eyes stay on her, watching her every movement, there is a tension in the air that had previously been lacking. Fortune or timing or luck took a hand, then, as she heard the sound of a key in the door’s lock.

Mouse gulps as she hears the key sliding past the tumblers. She has to be ready for anything as the door opens. She coils, ready to spring, past another body if need be, and take the attack to whoever happens to be there.

The door opens and there, framed in the doorway, looking over her shoulder, is Alisa Cellini, "Hurry up with those shackles, I want to get that thing mounted and shackle up that last girl, although we may play with her a little, first."

Mouse lunges forward, hair flying, aiming an open palm strike at the temple of that turned head.

Alisa Cellini turns at the sound, taking the strike on her forehead instead, even so, surprise is complete and Alisa goes over backwards, but even as surprised as she is, she lifts her knee, swinging it towards the blonde's stomach.

Mouse oophs as she takes a knee in the breadbasket, desperately aware that there is someone else in the room with whom she has to deal, driving her open palm down hard into the nose, trying to drive it back into the brain even as she pitches forward over the knee in the ribs.

Blood gushes from Alisa's nose, but the blow doesn't accomplish what is intended. Alisa screams in a combination of anger and pain, then strikes back with a heel strike aimed at Mouse's nose, intent on repaying her pain in kind.

Mouse is again caught, this time pitched forward over a knee with the wind knocked out of her. Her head snaps back from the blow. There is a crack not unlike a gunshot, or so it seems to Mouse. Blond hair explodes outward as if a bomb has gone off. Her body follows her reeling head, through the open door behind, flailing as it falls, going still upon impact with the hard floor ten feet below.

Alisa is swearing, using language that would do a sailor proud, she can't get her nose to stop bleeding and it hurts, dammit. Gerald drops the shackles and grabs a towel that he shoves to her nose. She screams again, cursing Gerald this time. "Shut that damn door and get me to the hospital!" There is a clang and then they are off.


Mouse lies there unconscious on the floor between the other gasping agents. After a few moments the growing pool of her own blood in which her face lies actually awakens her. The others sigh with relief as she sputters, proving she is alive. She struggles to hands and knees. Her nose throbs.

Caroline speaks softly, "Hey, are you going to be OK?"

Mouse shakes her head and groans. "I don't know... I know my nose is broken... maybe a rib too... I think I have a concussion... but my only choice is to try to get back up there or lie here and die..." She wobbles to her feet. She takes a minute gathering herself and controlling her breathing until her nose stops bleeding.

The three women look at each other, a new level of respect forming for this spunky diminutive blond dynamo. This time it is Charlene that speaks, "Anything we can do to help?"

Mouse looks around at the three, wondering what she can do for them even if she manages to get out. She doesn't tell them that of course. "I'm pretty shakey... without my balance I'm not sure I can make that run up the wall again... everybody strip and give me your clothes... does anyone still have their heels?" Mouse begins to shed her sequined leotard.

Caroline still has hers, saying so as she takes off her dress, handing it to 'Amy', Charlene, wearing a long silver formal gown, strips that off as well, and Cynthia strips off her skirt, "You want the blouse, too?"

Mouse begins knotting the garments together into a crude rope. "Yes, I think I'm going to need every piece of clothing we've got... and both heels... one to use as a grapple hook... and the other to download the computer..." She feigns confidence as she works on her homemade rope, standing there naked as she hands it to Caroline. "See if you can hook that heel around one of the bars..."

Caroline looks at her and shrugs, it isn't easy with the shackles, but after the fifth try she gets it. "Here you go and good luck."

Mouse takes several deep breaths, her bare boson rising and falling, still glistening with her own blood. She takes the other shoe in her teeth and begins to climb, hand over hand, until she reaches the bars. She stops and rests a moment, gathering herself to leap to the ledge of the door. Finally balls of glue and calf uncoil and send her sailing toward the door.

The women below wait with hushed breath, wondering if she will reach the ledge and if she does, will she be able to keep herself from falling. The silence seems to stretch out forever and then...

Mouse lands on the ledge and teeters even as one hand grasps the frame. Those below can see the tension as her bicep tightens. Her grip holds. And without further ado she takes a hairpin to work the latch, amazingly finding it unlocked, popping open almost immediately. She looks around the room for a computer, still hoping to complete the mission.

There is no computer in sight, but it IS a laptop, it could be hidden anywhere in this hideous visual assault of orange decor. What she does find right away is a ring of keys dangling from the door's lock.

Mouse frowns. Her luck remains poor. She takes the keys and quickly begins to search the room. "Perhaps the bastard took it with him... in which case I'm screwed..." She sighs and finds a robe to put on in the attached bathroom. She goes back to the door and looks down. She tosses down the keys. "See if these will unlock your shackles..."

The search turns up a safe hidden behind a female nude study, just the kind of artwork she would expect Gerald to have. The keys also unlock the shackles, the women thankful that they have a chance to get out, Charlene's eyes are moist with tears, though she does not actually cry, she is relieved to be free of the shackles.

Mouse is quiet as a mouse as she presses her ear to the safe and begins to turn the knob back and forth, listening for the tumblers to click into place one by one. The others have climbed up and are joining her as she opens the safe.

The laptop IS in the hidden safe.

Mouse exhales, takes the laptop out, turns it on, and plugs in the memory stick heel. "You all should check in the closet for clothes while this downloads..."

Odd how they look to her for leadership at this moment, almost as if the shock of being free after so long is almost too much. The last one to be caught before her, Charlene had been there for five weeks and had, with the others, been subjected to who knows what. Shortly all three are dressed, though the clothing is, in most cases a little large. Still, it seemed Alisa was keeping clothes in Gerald's room.

Mouse can't help a smirk as she looks over at the three of them. She tucks the memory stick into the pocket of her robe. "Those clothes are a little large for all of you, but you might be able to pass it off as a morning after look... way too big for me however so I'm going to have to find another way... good luck... C girls... maybe I'll see you again..."

The C-girls kind of laugh, looking at 'Amy,' Caroline looks back at her just before following the others out, "Your name isn't really Amy, is it?"

Mouse returns computer to safe and picture to wall so that there is no indication that the information was downloaded. She goes to the pit door and winks over her shoulder. "Christine actually," Lucy lies as she leaps to the bars and squeezes through. She draws up the homemade rope and tosses it overhead so she can climb over the eave where she finds her bag and her change of clothes.

Leaving proves to be much easier than getting in as security seems to have a very outward focus, but even as she is leaving she spies the Cellini woman getting out of the car, her nose covered with white gauze and two black eyes from the strike to her nose.

Mouse watches the distraction of the others leaving and then of the arrival of the angry Cellini woman for a few seconds with some satisfaction before making her own escape from the roof. Still not trusting her balance she goes hand over hand along the wire while all the guards are still distracted by Miss Cellini, dropping over the wall and heading for her rendezvous with Orange.

(April 2009)