Chicky Versus ElCarneAsada


“The Lobo rule,” asks Prism?

Chickfighter giggles and gives Priz a thumbs up.

SpaceTeamX50 coughLobocoughs. “achoothelastcznarianachoo.”

“ It's complicated,” states Carny. “But yeah, I haven't wiped out the human race yet, so I have some catching up to do.” Carny grimaces, “Still, the precedent apparently stands.”

Prism quips, “If you're after wiping out humans, you're in the wrong place, aren't you? There are barely any left in this city.”

Chickfighter exclaims, “If it involves a luchador I'm there!”

“Luchador,” enquires SpaceTeamX50?

“Must have the wrong Lobo...” Chickfighter shrugs. “Oopsie.”

Carny is now known as ElCarneAsada.

Chickfighter giggles.

SpaceTeamX50 hopes that a luchador that likes breaking lamps isn't involved.

ElCarneAsada enters the ring, leather mask and all.

Chickfighter eyes the guy with the leather mask.

SpaceTeamX50 joins the eyeing "What's going on now?"

Prism blinks. “What is that thing? It looks like a low-budget version of Somnambulo.”

SpaceTeamX50 sighs, “That's him.”

“With hairier knuckles,” adds Prism.

Chickfighter hops up on the apron. “Are you challenging me?”

The Ranger claps for Chicky.

ElCarneAsada nods silently, leaping down from the ropes.

“She cannot hope to challenge the Luchador!” Aleana-Fortearae exclaims, “She has not the manly swagger to do so!”

The Ranger yells "Go Chicky GO!"

Aleana-Fortearae continues. “Or anything to swagger with for that manner.”

ElCarneAsada swaggers manfully.

The Ranger looks at the luchador. “ Mil Mascaras he's not.”

ElCarneAsada starts to circle the pink clad blond chick, remaining silent.

Chickfighter vaults over the ropes and blows kisses to the crowd of onlookers.

“She must be nuts,” decides Prism.

The Ranger leads the cheers for Chickfighter. “Maybe, but that's my girl!”

Chickfighter does a hip out pose and gives her tushie a pat.

The Ranger smiles.

Aleana-Fortearae protests. “She’s a woman! She doesn't belong in the honorable ring of the luchador! Sodomize her for her heresy!”

ElCarneAsada leaps at Chickfighter, arm outstretched for a low clothesline.

Chickfighter ducks under the arm, somersaulting across the ring and rolling back to her feet. She adjusts her black mask with a gloved hand.

ElCarneAsada bounces off the other side of the ring, and flies back at her, in luchador fashion.

The Ranger watches closely.

“Is that all you've got?” taunts Chickfighter. “Unnnggghhhh...”

Prism sits back on her wall, blowing gum bubbles. “I can't watch.”

Chickfighter grunts as she is driven to the mat.

“Come on Chicky,” yells the Ranger.

ElCarneAsada bounds away, to the top of the ropes, arms upraised.

The Ranger pushes him off. “Heh heh.”

Chickfighter struggles to her feet, jaw set as she brushes blond bob from her face.

ElCarneAsada lands in a crouch, attention amazingly focused on the Ranger.

The Ranger takes a fighting stance.

Chickfighter dusts her self off. “OK, it may have been awhile, but it's all coming back to me now...”

SpaceTeamX50 stands up and paces around the ring not taking his eyes off the two combatants thinking to himself how he'd like to face either one of them in combat.

Chickfighter circles in her ready stance.

Aleana-Fortearae just floats around, giggling, enjoying the spectacle, and thinking to herself how easy it would be to fry them all to a crisp and bury them under several metric tons of earth before they had even stopped smoldering.

Chickfighter stomps a footie. “I'm over here you big lug!”

ElCarneAsada leaps into the rope, and bounces back towards the circling Chicky.

Chickfighter rolls backwards as she catches the attacking man with gloved hands, attempting to monkey toss him out of the ring.

The Ranger circles around the ring to get a better view.

ElCarneAsada tumbles out of the ring, smashing into the announcer's table. There is great mayhem.

The Ranger hits ElCarneAsada with a chair and throws him back into the ring.


The Ranger looks around. "Where?"

ElCarneAsada hates it when that happens, and lands at Chickfighter's feet.

Aleana-Fortearae swirls her finger in the air towards the patch of sky above the Ranger's head, a cloud forming and crackling malevolently, before zapping the Ranger with a harmless, yet still disorienting bolt of lightning.

SpaceTeamX50 turns to the Ranger. "Next time you're gonna hit someone with a chair, make sure it's a steel one."

Chickfighter drags ElCarneAsada up and pushes him into the ropes and, aims to greet him with her patented moonshot as he rebounds, her mostly bare backside aimed right at his mask.

The Ranger laughs. “It was a steel chair, and I think the demoness likes me…”

SpaceTeamX50 comments to the Ranger "Oh yeah totally."

Prism hops down from her wall, picks up a steel chair, and hits SpaceteamX50 over the back of the head with it.

“Oh that's gotta hurt,” says the Ranger. “Both of them!”

Superbratgirl throws nachos at ElCarneAsada.

ElCarneAsada grunts as he is thrust into the bare cheeks, forced back against the ropes, waving his arms.

SpaceTeamX50 takes the hit and is unaffected. "See like that!"

The Ranger winks at Aleana.

Aleana-Fortearae smiles back at the Ranger, the floor beneath him beginning to heat and bulge upwards.

The Ranger moves from the hot spot. “Come on Chicky, finish him off!”

SpaceTeamX50 runs up to Prism. "Thank you."

Prism throws the chair aside in disgust. "Cheapass Walmart crap…"

Chickfighter grabs the hooded head and runs up the ropes 123 before throwing herself back toward the center of the ring to drive the masked man's face to the canvas. “Facial!”

ElCarneAsada grunts again as he slams face first into the mat, arms splayed to the side.

The Ranger cheers. “Yes! You go girl!”

“That must have hurt his nose,” adds SpaceTeamX50, “Among other things...”

Chickfighter steps on the downed man's back, grabbing his left leg by the ankle, reaching for his right wrist, preparing to bend him backwards and ride him like a skateboard if she can control both limbs.

SpaceTeamX50 hops out of his seat as it suddenly. "The hell?"

Agent Leland has joined the crowd.

ElCarneAsada bucks up, keeping her from getting the wrist, and pushing off of his right leg, to try and drive his weight back into her.

“Oh wow,” comments Prism, “Someone said hell, and then Leland appeared.”

Agent Leland hates walking in during Sunday morning programming. “Someone said husky before you walked in.”

Aleana-Fortearae entreats, “Carne! how are you letting her win!?”

Chickfighter frowns and maintains her grip on the ankle, keeping the man's leg bent as she reaches her arm around his face, going for her crossface chick wing submission hold.

“Go Chicky!” yells the Ranger. “Break it off!”

Aleana-Fortearae laments, “Chicky here is besmirching the honor of luchadors everywhere!”

The Ranger smiles. “Chicky rules!”

Prism quips, “If Luchadors had honor, they wouldn't wear masks.”

The Ranger nods. “And if that's a luchador then I'm Chuck Norris…”

SpaceTeamX50 corrects, “I thought honor was the reason they wore masks.”

Chickfighter wears a mask and was the city wrestling champ.

ElCarneAsada grunts, locking both hands around that arm, one below the elbow, one above, and twisting savagely.

Chickfighter grimaces as her hold is overpowered, her pink-clad arm twisted away from the man’s throat.

The Ranger entreats, “Go with it Chicky, use the leverage!”

Circe has joined the crowd.

Circe blinks. “ElCarneAsada?”

SpaceTeamX50 waves to Circe. "Sup?"

Prism observes. “I think she's in trouble.”

Circe asks, “Who's in trouble?”

ElCarneAsada rolls against Chicky's shoulder, trying to hold it against the mat with his weight while hauling hard on that arm.

The Ranger looks at Aleana. “Your the type of trouble I like Aleana…”

“You seem to keep on forgetting that demonesses and cowboys,” Aleana-Fortearae hesitates to let her words sink in like claws before she finishes. “Don't mix.”

“Yup, there is that.” The Ranger looks back to the ring and watches the match closer.

Chickfighter is thrown over to one side hard enough to rattle the ring posts. “Ow!”

“Damn!” The Ranger rushes to Chicky's corner.

ElCarneAsada starts to get up slowly, his ankle none too happy at this moment.

Circe blinks at what's going on, decides to sit in a shadowed corner, still in her Batgirl costume.

The Ranger eyes ElCarneAsada.

Chickfighter kicks her slender legs wildly and wriggles free, pulling herself up on the ropes. She clenches a gloved fist and brings it down on the top rope. “I almost had him!”

“Watch you behind Chicky,” warns the Ranger, “And keep him on the mat!”

ElCarneAsada is favoring his ankle a bit as he crosses the ring, bouncing off the ropes, getting up some momentum.

The Ranger at the last second pulls Chicky out of harms way and let's ElCarneAsada fly into the ropes.

ElCarneAsada just uses the bounce for more momentum.

Chickfighter turns and runs straight at her opponent, leaping into a flying drop kick, her slender legs churning as she aims to land a series of kicks to chest chin and cheek, essentially walking up the front of the man into a back flip if successful.

“Ha! That’s the way!” The Ranger celebrates. “Heh heh.”

SpaceTeamX50 watches Chickfighter's dropkick and is reminded of when Superman dropkicked a robot and busts out laughing.

ElCarneAsada grunts as the kicks begin, though the momentum actually more or less brings them to a stop in mid ring, the luchador leaning into the kicks and catching a lot of the last bit on heavy shoulders.

Prism solemnly points out to the Ranger that his constantly helping Chickfighter isn't doing much for her reputation.

The Ranger retorts, “A man fighting a woman does not do much for the man's…”

Circe observes, “Touche.”

SpaceTeamX50 further observes, “Tell that to ECA as Chickfighter's kicking his ass...”

Circe is now known as BatCirce.

The Ranger nods. “That's the point SpaceBrain!”

BatCirce chuckles. “Touche again.”

Chickfighter backflips and, in an amazing display of acrobatics, lands on top of one turnbuckle. She leaps out into a crossbody tackle aimed to take the luchador down.

“ElCarneAsada deserves whatever he's getting,” exclaims the Ranger. “Yes!”

ElCarneAsada ducks, letting Chickie slam into Rangermouth.

Chickfighter flies through the ropes and takes Ranger out onto the concrete by accident.

“Oh crap,” the Ranger gasps. “OW!”

BatCirce laughs and applauds. “Brilliant!”

Prism nods. “Chicky's best move so far!”

The Ranger catches Chicky and breaks her fall!

SpaceTeamX50 looks at the Ranger. "You ok?"

“I'm fine!” Chickfighter groans and struggles to her feet.

ElCarneAsada leaps up on the ropes, arms upraised in victory.

“Hey!” Chickfighter smacks at the Ranger. “Watch your hands, Buddy!”

“You know me better than that Chicky… sheesh… now get him!”

Chickfighter stomps the Ranger as she heads back to the ring.

SpaceTeamX50 has a flashback to when Prism clocked him upside the head.

The Ranger yelps. “That was uncalled for!”

SpaceTeamX50 shoots Prism a look and smirks.

ElCarneAsada jumps down, prowling the ring as he waits for the pink luchadora to return.

Chickfighter rolls under the ropes and sweeps at ElCarneAsada 's feet.

Prism flicks a peanut at SpaceteamX50.

The Ranger grumbles, “This what you get for trying to be helpful!”

ElCarneAsada grunts, hitting the mat hard and rolling away.

SpaceTeamX50 quickly dodges to the left and catches said peanut. “Thanks!” He puts it in his pocket for later.

Batgirl has joined the crowd.

BatCirce waves to Batgirl!

Batgirl waves back.

Chickfighter runs after the rolling man, leaping up and coming down elbow first.

The Ranger watches the match.

SpaceTeamX50 looks at BatCirce then looks at Batgirl.

ElCarneAsada whoofs, as the elbow indents his manly abs.

BatCirce is obviously the sexier of the two.

“Come on Chicky!” The Ranger rubs his back.

Catgirl muses, “Now who is BatCirce?”

SpaceTeamX50 chuckles. “Sexier? Maybe. More dangerous? Absolutely?”

Prism gives SpaceteamX50 a few seconds to figure out that she isn't actually in possession of any other peanuts and then triggers the micro-explosive that he has put in his pocket.

The Ranger turns and watches the ka-boom.

SpaceTeamX50 is engulfed in a small explosion but other than his clothing being partially ruined he is fine.

Chickfighter straddles her stunned foe, catching an ankle and holding it under her armpit as she slides her bottom backwards across his chest.

“What kind of arena is this,” asks the Ranger.

Chickfighter grins. “Time to give you a taste of my lunar eclipse.”

The Ranger watches Chicky pour it on!

BatCirce is Circe in a skintight, black and yellow latex Batgirl costume, with the bat symbol on the chest being an open window to view her ample cleavage.

Catgirl states, “Whorish…”

BatCirce narrows her eyes at the kitten.

BatCirce demands, “You take that back!”

Catgirl shakes her head. “Showing your cleavage like that... really whorish!”

SpaceTeamX50 walks up to Prism and utters only one word. "Why?”

Prism shrugs at him, and gives him a one-word reply. "Because.”

SpaceTeamX50 facepalms and starts walking away "Right."

ElCarneAsada grunts as his leg starts getting bent, the excruciating pain making him bellow in a wordless yet vaguely spanish way, before he starts slamming the mat madly with one hand.

“He's giving up ref!” The Ranger roars, “Call it!”

BatCirce inquires, “So does that make Powergirl’s costume whorish? Or Wonder Woman’s?”

Catgirl shrugs. “Well... you use that bat-symbol as a window... that is whorish!”

“And Powergirl just has an oval,” complains BatCirce. “At least mine’s stylish!”

Chickfighter catches hold of both of the man's hands as she slides her bottom over his masked face, trapping his arms behind her knees as she settles into place on his face.

The Ranger laughs. “Heh heh, choke him out!”

Chickfighter demands, “Say goodnight, Mister!”

ElCarneAsada fights, but cannot withstand the cheeks of the Chickfighter, passing out eventually. On the other hand, it’s not a bad way to lose.

Prism nods. “Quite a way to go…”

SpaceTeamX50 notices the jacket that he is wearing is completely unscathed: "Jeez Dad, what the hell is this thing made of?”

BatCirce points to Chicky in the ring. "Now THAT'S whorish!”

The Ranger looks at BatCirce. "Only because you can't do it!”

“I could do it if I wanted to,” claims BatCirce, “But I'm not that big of a whore.”

The Ranger claps for Chickfighter!

Chickfighter demonstrates the limpness of one arm by letting it flop to the canvas, then stands and celebrates like a pink Chun Li.

ElCarneAsada is carried off by his manager.

The Ranger climbs into the ring and raises Chicky's arm in victory! “Way to go!”

“Woohoo!” Chickfighter exclaims, “And still champion!”

The Ranger hugs Chickfighter. “I knew could do it!”

ElCarneAsada is now known as Carny.

Carny returns. “Did I miss something?”

The Ranger nods. “The Champ is here!”

Chickfighter hugs fans and bounces off to the dressing room.

SpaceTeamX50 cheers, “Congratulations!”

The Ranger follows Chicky out.

Prism mutters. “Now put BatCirce and Catgirl in the ring so they can have a catfight...”

(August 2008)