AmeriCat, Mayhem and the Transevolver


Mister Mayhem waved to his little friend AmeriCat. "Hello Rex!"

AmeriCat replied, “Like hey there Mayhem!” Rex murred.

Mister Mayhem waved, while digging into his pocket.

Superman2999 joined the channel.

Mister Mayhem pulled out a ball of yarn and rolled it towards Rex. "...purdee kitty..."

MorganDrakewing called out, “ Heys hon, Rex.”

Rex batted at the yarn and turned it into confetti.

Superman2999 said, “G`Morning.”

AmeriCat waved to everyone and said, “Like hey Morgie Porgie...”

Mister Mayhem observed, “Kitty made mess.”

Superman2999 said, “Hi A-Cat.”

Mister Mayhem returned to coloring.

AmeriCat ruffled her big cat's fur and sent him on his way as she started to clean up the mess. “Go see if they have anything for you at the fishmarket, Rexxie.”

Mister Mayhem looked up and watched Rex travel away. "...kitty want fishie..."

AmeriCat grinned. “Whatcha coloring today?”

Mister Mayhem cringed a bit, sort of trying to hide his picture from AmeriCat.

Superman2999 quiped, “If he's any good at coloring, maybe can do your nail... er… claws, A-Cat.”

AmeriCat leapt up on Mayhem's shoulder. “Come on! Like let me see!”

Mister Mayhem kind of blushed, but then relented and moved his hands, revealing another nearly perfect coloring of AmeriCat.....on the inside of a Valentine's Day card. "It's..not..finish."

AmeriCat grinned broadly as she crouched there on the massive shoulder. “Ah, it's cute sweetie!” She hugged the big man.

Mister Mayhem shivered when she hugged him, then felt her femininity against him and slowly started to relax a bit, eyes slightly glazing over as his demeanor almost changed from poor innocent simpleton to nearly a hypnotic trance.

“I'm sorry I was so curious..." explained AmeriCat, "I like kinda can't help that you know!”

Mister Mayhem shivered more. ""

AmeriCat ruffled Mayhem's hair. “We'll be like friends!”

Mister Mayhem nodded. "AmeriCat Meyhem friend!" He grinned huge.

The Goon suggested, “Give her a big friendly hug, Mayhem.”

Superman2999 muttered under his breath, “Squishy Cat Toy...”

AmeriCat wrapped her arms around the big head and gave him another fierce little hug.

Mister Mayhem shivered harder and went deeper into a trancelike state from the little hug.

AmeriCat sat back down on the shoulder, her thigh-booted legs dangling down the man's chest. “Mayhem is like AmeriCat's friend too!”

Mister Mayhem was, for those who dunno, 6'9" tall, 400 pounds of solid muscle, wearing black jeans, size 22 Air Jordan's that were about 4 years old and a t-shirt that read, "Mayhem Want...HUG!" AmeriCat was maybe 5' tall at best and 100 pounds soaking wet, wearing a red white and blue leotard with blue thigh boots. Mister Mayhem and AmeriCat, didn't they make a cute couple?

The Goon snickered and suggested Mayhem try petting her like a cat.

AmeriCat grinned and hopped down to the ground, landing with soft ease.

Rickrock joined the channel.

Spite stretched and smiled at Mayhem, her eyes flaring a sickly pink with green as she searches through Mayhem’s thoughts, filling him with a bit of a budding anger that Americat certainly didn’t hug him enough.

Mister Mayhem growled a bit, shaking his head. "Mayhem... head… hurt!"

Rickrock blurted out, “You're only doing that out of... what's the word? Oh! It's on the tip of my tongue...”

Spite grinned, peeling through it, Americat certainly didn’t look friendly in many ways, she was short, and those claws of hers looked awfully threatening.

Mister Mayhem squinted his eyes, looking down at the AmeriCat Valentine's Day Card. "Ugly... pitcher!"

AmeriCat asked, “How would you like to help me paint my claws, Mayhemster! No, it’s a nice card!”

Mister Mayhem looked at AmeriCat. "Paint... claws?"

AmeriCat handed Mayhem the sparklie nail polish.

Spite grinned, wanting to really see how much Americat could really take, her eyes narrowed a bit , and Mayhem's thoughts were filled with the site of Americat's claws raking him down his back with those nicely polished claws, sparklie even.

AmeriCat flared out her claws, waving them at the big man. “It's as easy as coloring in your book... it'll be like fun!”

Mister Mayhem looked at the nail polish and then slammed the nail polish (and his fist) through the table, splattering nail polish all over the Valentine's Day card. "Mayhem... no like… CLAWS!"

AmeriCat backflipped away, landing in a crouch, jaw dropping. “But like... I... like... thought... we were... like... friends?”

Mister Mayhem grabbed his head with both hands as he stood up, knocking his chair over. "Mayhem...head...HURT!"

Spite made it perfectly clear that Americat was not a friend, that she was someone suspicious, that she had the look of someone he could not trust, and should not, showing her in the worst of lights, a temptress in that tight leotard showing off those pretty curves that he could not have.

AmeriCat slunk cautiously forward, reaching out a hand.

Mister Mayhem dug frantically through the mess of the table, finding the Valentine's Day card and starting to rip it up. "Mayhem...STUPID!"

“What's like wrong, Mayhem? Mayhem! No!” AmeriCat pouted as her card was shredded. “I thought you liked me...”

Spite watched with grim amusement, and her head tilted slightly, perusing through his thoughts and carefully pulling certain ones to the foreground, Americat... wanted to take him back... she was an agent ... she wanted him to return to where he was created.

Mister Mayhem suddenly reached out to grab AmeriCat, snatching at her wrist. "AmeriCat...think...Mayhem..STUPID! Take Mayhem back to LABOTARY!""

“But if that's the way you feel... eep!” AmeriCat jerked her hand back and pointed a claw at Mayhem. “Be nice or I'll...”

Spite made those claws look rather threatening, glinting in the light, sharp, and eager to rend into his flesh.

AmeriCat nibbled at her lip as she seemed at a loss for exactly what it was that she could do.

Mister Mayhem 's eyes started to redden a bit. "Mayhem no go back LABOTARY!" He grabbed a piece of the broken table and sent it sailing towards AmeriCat.

AmeriCat ducked under the flying tabletop. “Stop it, Mayhem! What's wrong with you?”

Mister Mayhem then grabbed his head again, screaming out in rage before staring back at AmeriCat, his eyes getting redder.

AmeriCat took some ziptie restraints out of a boot. “I'm like warning you!”

Spite could barely suppress a laugh, but she didn’t make any effort to help or hinder Americat, yet.

AmeriCat declared, “I won't let you run amok Mayhem!”

Mister Mayhem raged, “NO LABOTARY!”

Rickrock mused, “You also shouldn't let him cause any...oh! What is the word?”

Superman2999 offered, “MAYHEM!”

Rickrock chuckled, “Ah yes!”

Mister Mayhem lunged forwards, hands lashing out as he tried to grab AmeriCat, having seen the zipties and starting to totally snap. His body seemed to grow in size about 2 inches as he moved towards her.

Spite helped him realize that Americat really was just tiny, and small, and he could have her if he wanted too, just take her, hold her down, make her squirm, for all that pain, like the feel of the claws down his back, shredding flesh.

AmeriCat cartwheeled forward in a blur of red white and blue, flipping over the big man, trying to wrench an arm behind his back, wrap a ziptie around it and bind him to a lamppost. “Calm down, Mayhem! Sara could help you if you came back to the lab” AmeriCat misunderstood the whole lab thing.

Spite moved just a bit closer, dressed rather innocuously though looking like the spitting image of Psi, except for the green stains around her mouth. She watched the fight intently.

Mister Mayhem's arm did not get wrenched behind his back. In fact, the mention of the word lab seemed to increase his power and he simply used the arm she was trying to wrench as a launching pad, jerking it hard to try and send her flying across the room. "MAYHEM NO LABOTARY!"

AmeriCat went flying in a flailing of blue boots and red sleeves, balling up finally and spinning to a near perfect landing, taking only one step backwards to catch herself, her yellowish cat eyes wide. “Ok ok... like no lab... just calm down!”

Spite grinned and leaned back, and as Americat spoke she cut out the speech parts of it only she heard, making sure the rest came through as garble, just words like 'ok ok ... like ... lab... calm... down…'

Mister Mayhem slammed both fists hard into the ground, slightly cracking the floor tiling (poor Princess America... hope she has Mayhem insurance) and then stood up full and erect, easily topping the 7 foot mark, bloodshot eyes seeking something to destroy. His fist slammed through another table as he stalked towards AmeriCat.

AmeriCat looked all about for some means of restraining the big lug, noting the people gathering to watch. She saw a trash truck pulling up to the dumpster outside. She bounced out the door and yelled at the sanitation workers, "Like beat it! I need this truck!"

Rickrock observed, “Oh, the union's not going to like that!”

AmeriCat hopped in the cab and used the forks to hoist up the dumpster, turning the big green metal box up side down while doing a three point turn in the truck, so she could drop the dumpster over Mayhem as he followed her out of the diner.

Mister Mayhem slammed a fist through a brick wall, storming out onto the street to destroy whatever else might be in sight.

AmeriCat dropped the dumpster down over Mayhem, leaving the forks in place, hoping the weight of the truck was enough to keep him trapped.

Spite was bemused at the sight.

Mister Mayhem slammed his fist into the side of the dumpster, the thuds echoing louder and louder and the dents growing larger and larger on the side of it.

AmeriCat gasped at the sight, hopping out of the cab of the truck. She approached the metal box, her breathing nearly as fast as her heartbeat.

Mister Mayhem kept pounding, seemingly tireless in this state of rage. The dumpster appeared to be losing the battle badly.

“Please, Mayhem,” implored AmeriCat, “We can still be friends... If you'll just calm down.”

Spite pushed and waited till Americat got close and then that sickly green and pink glow surrounded the truck for an instant and lifted it up for just the barest of instances as Americat stood so close to him.

“Can't we just like hug and be friends?” AmeriCat blinked at the green glow and gulped at the raised truck.

Mister Mayhem pounded the dumpster as it was lifted, reaching under the crack to fling the dumpster away, the manster now close to 7'5" and swinging a fist towards the ground and the tiny AmeriCat.

AmeriCat got an "oh shit" expression on her face an instant before crumpling around a big fist, flopping like a rag doll as the blow sent her flying. Only the brick wall of the facade across the alley stopped her flight with a dull thud. She plopped to the pavement. AmeriCat clutched at her tummy as she struggled to get to hands and knees, tears streaming from her eyes.

Spite reached out for a second, a thin snaky green and pink tendril of focused energy, it snagged just a small part of Americat’s bright and proud costume and held it ... just in case she were to fly again… helping it to tear.

Dee joined the channel.

Mister Mayhem stomped towards her, slowly, being distracted by whatever was in his path that he could smash: a hot dog vendor's stand, a mazda, a moped... all crushed beneath his might as he closed in on the target of his anger... so deep into his Berserker Mode that he no longer knew who he was or why he was so pissed off!

AmeriCat looked up and blinked at the rage of the usually friendly giant with a coloring book. She forced herself to stand and leap away.

Mister Mayhem reached towards her and was left with a handful of her costume that ripped off of her when she jumped.

Dee thinks Mister Mayhem has been studying the Danger Dolls dance book.

Superman2999 chuckled, “And now Jimmy Olsen shows up with the camera...”

AmeriCat heard a ripping sound as she escaped, looking down as she landed on her boots, her cheeks reddening to the color of the piece of her costume that was now missing, exposing her pert left breast. “Green like energy glow… but I thought Envy and the Sins were like dead and stuff...”

Mister Mayhem stood holding the costume material with a puzzled look on his enraged face, looking around and trying to locate the wearer of the lovely fabric.

Spite grinned, an evil wicked little glare in her eyes as she suddenly let all those memories flood back in, the knowledge of everything that he had done, what he was responsible for, flooding back into Mayhem’s head, all of the damage and the harm he could cause to Americat, flooding back in, and of course at the very end of it, the knowledge that Cat was his friend.

Mister Mayhem wailed, “NOOOOOOO! MAYHEM no hurt AmeriCat!”

AmeriCat spotted a watcher with green lips and narrowed her eyes, and pointed a clawed finger.

Mister Mayhem started to tremble, then ran away in the opposite direction, looking like the poor bastard from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, his enlarged size shrinking back to 6'9" tall and 400 pounds as he retreated from AmeriCat and the scene.

Spite gave a little wave to Americat, looking so much like Psi, and as Americat pointed her finger she extended her own hands and the sickly pink and green glow wrapped around Americat's body, 'through you... I could have the cat...'

Rex appeared, leaping from the shadows at the woman Cat had pointed out.

Spite 's head snapped to the side, her eyes widening just a bit, and she tried to do just what she said, her form shimmering in Rex's mind, going through Americat's odd mind to reach him, telling him to not attack or hurt her.

Rex flew right over Spite and bounded towards Cat. AmeriCat flipped to the back of her pet sabretooth and rode off with a puzzled look on her face.

Spite frowned, it taking a lot of concentration to maintain, her eyes narrowing as she let the facade drop suddenly, 'you lost your hand once... don’t make me take it again...' backing up slowly.

AmeriCat hugged the back of her pet to hide her bared boobie as the pair slunk off toward the DDSTV Tower.

Mister Mayhem disappeared from the scene, vanishing without a trace like only a scary monster in a Frankenstein movie can…


AmeriCat took the train out west to see if the missing Mayhem might have tried to return to the place of his creation. According to Sara's research, it was a huge secret government facility in the desert, not unlike the one in the mountains where Chicky had been created. Cat rented a jeep in Reno and follows Sara's maps.

Transevolver's former lair was fenced inside a tall barbed wire fence with signs dangling every few feet that read GOVERNMENT FACILITY KEEP OUT. But the unkempt weeds and scattered debris suggested that the place had not seen a human soul in quite some time. And it, indeed, was a place the government wished never existed and that it could be ignored completely.

AmeriCat pulled up outside the gate and looked around. It certainly looked as deserted as Sara's research had indicated it would be. She took the chain cutters out of the back of the jeep and walked up to the gate, her blue thigh boots crunching on the gravel roadbed. She cut the locked chain and kicked the gate open.

A quarter of a mile beyond the gate stood a large structure that seemed to only appear when the gate was opened, in spite of the fact that it seemed tall enough to stand way above the fence. It was as if opening the gate deactivated a cloaking device and allowed the Transevolver's Lair to stand in full view. As tall as a city hospital and as wide as three of them combined, the structure sat still in the open space, a huge crater in the side of the building a reminder of its violent past.

AmeriCat blinked her cat eyes. "Like that definitely wasn't there a minute ago. Or at least it couldn't be seen." She hopped back in the jeep and drove right up to what looked like a front door. "Mayhem," she yelled as she flipped to the steps, her ponytail twitching as she looked around, a hand reaching to open the door.

The door was unlocked and creaked open on rusting hinges, a very unsmooth opening of a door in bad need of some WD-40. Dust kicked up from the floor as soon as the door moved. Someone seriously needed to hire a maid service.

AmeriCat scrunched up her face at all the dust and the creaking of the door, made all that much louder by the lack of other sound. Her cat eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness inside and she moved forward, sniffing the air.

The air in the open hallway was stale with mildew, the smell of abandonment. From down the hallway, light broke in through the windows, the sight of cobwebs forthcoming before the fork in the hallway gave the heroine a decision to make. Go left or go right?

AmeriCat stopped to ponder, once more calling out, "Mayhem? Are you here? It's AmeriCat. I came to find you." She heard her voice echo from each direction and decided to go to the right, suddenly a bit daunted by the magnitude of the search that awaited her. "This place is like humongous!"

The hallway stretched out for several yards before she came upon what used to be a set of swinging doors. Something definitely had taken place in this area, as there were giant holes in the wall. One of the doors was barely hanging from its hinges, the other had been practically bent in half and lay on the floor. Massive debris and damage filled the room behind the doors.

AmeriCat wondered if Mister Mayhem could have done that. She entered and took a closer look at the damaged room, examining the debris to see if the destruction appeared to be recent or not. "Mayhem?" She noticed that her boots left tiny prints on the dusty floor and started to look about for other tracks.

There did seem to be fresh tracks, albeit too small to have been Mayhem's. They also weren't shaped right. They looked like webbed feet rather than human shoe tracks, but much larger than a simple reptile's. They led towards a wall and then seemed to disappear when they reached it.

AmeriCat noted from the amount of dust that had settled on everything that it had been some time since the event that caused the destruction. Curious, she followed the tracks, puzzled as they just stopped at the stone block wall. She was unsure what sorts of creatures were native to the area, musing, "Like a jackalope or something."

About two feet to the right and about five inches above her eye level, an electrical sensor box began to blink, a tiny red dot going off and on, off and on, off and on.

AmeriCat blinked as she noticed the light, tensing as she realized some sort of security system might still have been functioning. She backed away, her head on a swivel, looking for any sign of remote-controlled laser or taser type weapons like in the DDSTV Tower.

Instead, the wall where the tracks ended started to slide open, revealing what looked like twin cannon barrels that hummed as they began to sweep the area for movement, heat sensors activating as a computerized voice declared: "Intruder Alert Motion Sensors Activated. Intruder identified. Detain and immobilize at once!"

AmeriCat gulped and froze instantly where she was. Her tiny red-white-and-blue-clad figure was crouched, as if ready to pounce or leap away. She could almost smell the scent of fear on her skin as a cold sweat beaded up at the words of the computerized voice.

The soundless seconds ticked off. Then the barrels of the cannons stopped their movements and started to glow before a rippling wave of air shivered hard into the room, a silent concussive air blast vibrating the room hard enough to make the walls shake, debris fly and glass shatter.

AmeriCat blinked in puzzlement as the cannons pointed at her and began to glow. She sprung, cartwheeling toward the door, but not quickly enough to avoid being hit by a ripple of the wave. She careened into the frame of the door with a thump. She tumbled to the floor, a shuddering mass, bones still rattling.

"Target reidentified. Detain and immobilize at once." The cannons began to recharge, the humming and glowing returning to the room as the computer announced its command a second time.

AmeriCat forced herself to roll over and crawl through the broken door, her teeth still chattering. "Yeow! Like somebody forgot to turn off the security systems!" She scuttled for the hole in the wall, not wanting to get hammered again. "But at least there aren't any guards anymore. So if I can just avoid any more close encounters with the sound system..."

As she hid, the second 'shot' was fired, this time a more focused calibration. The spot beside the door where she had landed after the first blast was assaulted by a force so strong, one *without* heightened senses could see the rippling of the air. The wall shook and started to collapse, sending crumbling sheet rock falling all over her, dust in danger of getting into her eyes.

AmeriCat was slinking toward the hole in the building's outer wall when the massive thump came. She gasped as a section of the interior wall next to the door exploded, grunting as she was buried in the resulting debris, whimpering as she struggled to move under the crushing weight of cinder block and twisted metal frame.

From overhead, a spotlight began to sweep the interior of the room as metallic arms with clamp-jaws dropped down, picking up and dropping debris like one of those 25-cent crane games found in pizza shops that tease one to win a stuffed animal. The debris shifted and moved as the clamps closed on another sector, slowly making its way towards the pile that had buried AmeriCat.

AmeriCat wriggled about blindly under the pile of debris, desperately trying to worm her way out. A hand emerged from the pile, waving fingers in the air, pushing pieces of stone block aside. The heroine dragged herself out of the pile, caked from head to toe in mortar dust, looking almost like a ghost of herself.

The spotlight trained on the heroine and the metallic tentacles all shot towards her at once. "Detain and immobilize intruder!" the computer voice commanded again as the cannons also started to reload and the broken doors of the room activated locks that no longer worked due to the damage they had already sustained.

AmeriCat rubbed her eyes, blinking at the sudden appearance of metallic tentacles. She crouched, sprung aside, twisted and flipped, attempting to escape the metal arms, diving for the hole to the outside.

The arms snatched at and very nearly got the heroine as a clamp actually bumped against her ankle before she emerged from the other side of the hole. The weapon had not meant to be used against one with that kind of gymnastic skill. Several of the clamps smashed down into the floor in their missed grabs at her.

AmeriCat flipped into the open with a half twist, landing securely on her feet, still covered in dust as she looked back at the building and took a deep breath. "Wow! That was like close! I wonder what those old systems would have done if they'd caught me. You know, they were like totally operational and stuff. Hmm..."

The Transevolver watched the proceedings from beneath the ground floor. "Seems she is looking for Mayhem. Well, I don't have him but perhaps I have something that will bring him to me. He always did have a soft spot for these damned costumed cuties. Let's see if we can bring her down here." He laughed and released an airlock on the fourth floor and sat back to wait.

AmeriCat shook her head and went back to the jeep to towel off, rubbing the terrycloth all over her costume and body to remove the caking of dust from her face and hair, from her red chest and blue crotch, and from her thighs and boots as well. "If I go back in, I'm going to have to be like more stealthy."

The Transevolver watched as several mutated creatures lumbered through the halls, directing them with mental links to head down to the first floor. There were: Monad with his four arms and perfect grace with them. He moved naturally even with the four arms; One-Eye, a mini-cyclops looking thing with one eye in the middle of his forehead; The Leech, with a mouth located in each of his palms. and Battering Ram; a man with ram's horns on his head able to break through brick walls with a running head butt. And others followed them as they spread out and made their way throughout the lair.

AmeriCat bounded back up the steps and in the front door, taking the hallway to the right, freezing for a moment as she thought she heard something. "Mayhem? Mayhem, is that you?" She began nibbling at her lip after there is no response and began slinking forward quietly.

The thing that slithered into view was indeed not Mayhem, as Mayhem was not a half-human lizard with a long tail, beady eyes and a tongue that flickered in and out of its lizard-faced mouth. "It'sssssss not Mayhem'sssssss day to patrol," the thing hissed as its eyes darted about, bulging against their sockets.

AmeriCat came to a standstill, tensing from head to toe, her mind trying to comprehend what she was seeing. The lizard man looked to be well over six feet tall not counting the enormous tail. Her mind raced almost as fast as her thumping heart. And did it just imply Mayhem was there? "Well I'm looking for Mayhem. Would you like take me to him?"

The Reptillo thing blinked its eyes, its tongue flickering out, almost as if it was comprehending when in reality it was under the mind-link of its creator, a new fail-safe the Transevolver had installed to avoid another Mayhem disaster. "Yesssss, take you to him!" the thing hissed as it moved closer to the heroine.

AmeriCat took a step back reflexively even as her worried look turned more curious. "Well, you know, like lead the way and stuff. What's your name?"

"My name isssssss Sssssslither!" It said as it blinked a couple times and then its tail flicked over its head and pointed down at her. "Lead you, yesssssss. Follow me." It then turned and started to walk, its tail high up and over its back as it stepped back into the darkness.

AmeriCat nodded and followed down the dark hallway, nibbling at her lip, realizing that with his tail this guy was huge, maybe twenty feet long or more. "So were you created here like Mayhem? Did you just decide to stay here?" Or did someone keep you here, she wondered.

The lizard thing disappeared around a corner and then its tail whipped back out at her, trying to wrap around her neck and yank her back around the corner where the thing had just disappeared.

AmeriCat blinked as she rounded a corner to find she had lost her guide, gurking as a whipping tail wrapped around her throat. Her claws extended as her hands flew up to grip the constricting coils of the tail, clawing frantically to pull it free before it wrung her neck, even as her tiny form was lifted off the ground and swung around by the lashing muscular appendage.

The lizard man screeched as her claws dug into his tail. Reflexively, like any lizard, he suddenly departed from his tail, but not until after slamming it, and the heroine, into the wall a couple of times. THUD! THUD! Whisk! Plop!

AmeriCat heard a crack on the second impact, too dazed by her rough encounter to know at first if it was her bones or the wall she heard. She fell on her butt, frantically yanking the choking tail from around her neck, needing a second to realize it was no longer attached to the lizard man himself. Her cat eyes searched the darkness for him as she popped to her feet.

The lizard thing was quick, padding away in the darkness already, but leaving his webbed footprints behind, the same footprints she had followed earlier, easily marking his trail.

AmeriCat disengaged from the coils of tail, rolled her shoulders and shook her head, her blond ponytail bouncing. Everything seemed to be intact. She padded quickly after the trail of webbed footprints, curious and less fearful, feeling she could handle the lizard man without his tail.

The footprints rounded a couple of corners and then led directly towards the path of the onrushing Battering Ram. As she turned a corner, the thing charged, its head bent down, its vicious hard-head suddenly rushing forwards as he got down low enough in his charge so that the head was aimed at the five foot tall heroine's midsection.

AmeriCat was tense and alert however, and thus quickly leaped up, flipping forward as the horned man charged forward beneath her spinning boots, boots that kicked at his back as she completed her first spin, intending to kick and leap away at the same time.

The charging creature flew forwards and hit the wall. Through the dust and the light coming in from around the windows, as well as her own eyesight, she was able to see a huge hole in the wall where his head hit. The thing however, was not damaged at all and he turned and charged at her again, nostrils grunting as he came.

AmeriCat gaped at the wall-smashing force of the blow that had been meant for her. As he charged once more, she dove into a horizontal roll at his legs, attempting to tangle her flaring boots with his legs and trip him.

Battering Ram gulped as he tumbled to the floor, his head hitting hard and making a crack in the linoleum beneath them. At last, however, he was not as coordinated as his quarry and his stumble to his feet was much slower than hers.

AmeriCat popped quickly to her feet, running forward and springing even as he rose, wrapping her boots around his torso as she landed on his back, clinging as tightly to him as her sweaty costume did to her flesh, while slashing extended claws at his throat.

Battering Ram collapsed backwards, clutching his bleeding throat as Transevolver slammed his fists down in frustration and then smiled to himself. "Seems she already has the makings of a useful creature. Now, all I need is to get her here and have the chance to dissect her and play with her DNA."

AmeriCat crouched over the fallen Ram with a glint in her eyes as she licked her claws, panting excitedly as she looked to pick up the trail of footprints, her mutated DNA causing her to instinctively bask in the glow of a kill for a moment before she shook her head and regained her senses, her ponytail twitching.

Transevolver sent his next creature into the area, as four-armed man slipped into the shadows. Meanwhile, Transevolver picked up the scent of altered DNA and licked his lips, imagining the heroine as his next creation and what he could do with those claws of hers.

AmeriCat sniffed the air and followed the footprints, her senses more keen than before, the outline of modest but pert breasts beneath red portion of her leotard sporting very taut nipples, her gait more aggressive, claws still visible on flared fingers.

Transevolver watched as his lizard man lead AmeriCat on a trail through the lair, closer to his experimental lab area, then got an idea as she cut across the hallway from the four-armed man.

AmeriCat came to a stop, her nostrils flaring, her head turning slowly, her yellowish eyes piercing the darkness, staring straight at the four-armed man. "You're not Slither. Show yourself! Like now!"

Monad stepped into sight. Larger than Slither but nowhere near the size of Mayhem, the warped mutant still towered over the five foot tall girl, flexing and cracking the knuckles of four hands before waving at her and suddenly turning and slipping around a corner.

AmeriCat blinked, having already been bracing for a fight. She shrugged and padded after him, ready to spring instantly into action, her pulse still quick, the whole of her sweaty body tingling with excitement.

Transevolver activated the lab's version of the 'Danger Room' as he mentally commanded the four-armed man to lead the heroine into the lair's practice area, hoping the four-armed man could get there before his faster pursuer could catch up to him.

AmeriCat was quick, but not long of stride, good over short distances, but not likely to catch longer striding foes. The four-armed man proved this to be true as he succeeded in leading the athletic little fireplug of a heroine into the designated area without being caught.

Monad stopped as a room suddenly brightened up with electrical lighting that was not supposed to be there. The sudden switch from dim to total brightness even caused him to have to pause and adjust his vision to the sudden change as he slowly backed into a room full of wall-installed computer monitors that look like something from a bad 70s superheroine show.

AmeriCat threw up a hand to cover her face and blinking eyes as she was nearly blinded, finding herself in the middle of a white-hot spotlight, as the creature she was pursuing backed away into the adjoining control room.

Transevolver smiled as a metallic door slid closed, locking AmeriCat alone in the room. "Activating Test Alpha. Commence agility test Alpha. Set controls to light stun!" A whirring grew louder and louder and then several lasers began to fire in several directions at once, criss-crossing each other in random patterns as they bounced about the test room.

AmeriCat blinked and began to dance about, twisting and turning, running up a wall, kicking one laser emitter, before doing a twisting flip back to the floor, dodging left and right, pouncing forward, going flat as a beam shot past the small of her back, high-kicking another laser emitter as she popped up.

Transevolver watched, impressed, as she dodged the blasts one after one. "But how strong is she?" He turned off the lasers and then activated the second 'test'. "Wall Smashing Cycle Activated. Strength test Alpha in progress." The large room she was standing in suddenly ceased to be so large as four steel walls rose up from the floor, making a box around her, giving her about 15 feet on each side before all 4 of them start closing in on her at the same time.

AmeriCat turned in a circle, ponytail twitching wildly as her head swiveled, rushing to hold one wall back, but unable to slow its progress even straining with all her might. She looked up and leaped. Her claws missed the top by a couple of feet. Onward the walls advanced until a mere four feet apart. She pressed her hands and legs outward and began to climb quickly like a ninja, exiting the top just in time.

Transevolver watched as the walls close down. "Not super strong but definitely her instincts and talents make up for it. But what of her pain threshold?" He switched on the next portion of the Alpha Test and a most disquieting announcement was heard: "Commence Pain Threshold Test Alpha."

AmeriCat got a worried look as she ran over to claw at the metal door, trying to wedge it open, not liking the sound of the next test one bit. She quickly realized, however, that the door wasn't going to budge. Her shoulders slumped. "Like who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

The entire room started to whine, screeching out a loud, high-pitched squeal that would be excruciatingly painful to normal human ears. Then the atmosphere in the chamber itself began to change; as if the very air itself could send the same agony into her bones that it was into her eardrums.

AmeriCat slapped her hands over her ears, shuddering as she sank to her booted knees, balling up on the floor and wailing as her heart and head alike pounded with agonizing pain, the sensation so intense it made her queasy until she was on the verge of retching.

Transevolver had no intentions, however, of seeing his newest test subject become sick. "We will need to work on that," he said as the agonizing squeal died just as quickly as it appeared. "Now, however, is a good time to test her recovery rate." The door to the control room opened via the good old air lock release and the four-armed man entered, eyeing the little girl with the considerably scrappy heart.

AmeriCat scrambled up quickly, getting a look of distaste on her face as she swallowed hard, circling to her right, still looking pale, frowning at her flared fingers as no claws appeared, before clenching her fists and taking a stance.

Monad took a quick uppercut swing, his eyes signaling his cautiousness as he attacked, clearly not expecting the little girl to be up and eager to fight. But, he could tell she was suffering from the Pain Threshold Test and he attacked immediately based on that observation.

AmeriCat thrust out a forearm to brush the attack aside as she leaned away, sent staggering by the force of it. Like her metabolism, she recovered her balance quickly. Still there was a worried look on her face. "What do they call you?"

"We are Monad," four-armed man said as he circled her. "Two men made into one!" He struck again, this time with a flurry of punches: a left at her head, a right at her jaw, a second left at her right breast and another right fist aimed at her stomach.

AmeriCat blocked one and two but got hammered in the chest and gut. She grunted and staggered backwards, plopping on her butt. He might not have been Mayhem, but he was at least as strong as two large men. She got to her knees.

"Why are you looking for Mayhem?" the thing asked as its stepped forwards. Four fists swung again. The thing had had much practice fighting with four arms and was able to coordinate them well together. Two fists swung down at her while two fists swung uppercuts at the same time.

AmeriCat blinked. "Because... hey!" She had barely gotten up as the punches flew again. Her own hands flew up to brush aside the overhands, leaving her wide open to both uppercuts. Her little body folded over the fists with a violent lurch that pulled the crotch of her leotard tight between her ass cheeks as she was lifted up and sent flying into the air.

Transevolver watched, seeing how awkward a time she was having battling a 4-armed mutant. "Something tells me she'd do much better once she's had some time to work with him. Can't be easy to counter such an unorthodox opponent." Monad, meanwhile, did not wait, striking again while she was in the air, whipping all four fists out at her in a double-left double-right combo punch just as she started to fall.

AmeriCat was flailing as she fell and blocked none of those blows, getting clobbered, her body jerking back and forth from blows to cheek and chin as well as ribs and chest. She hit the floor awkwardly, groaning as she rolled away, coming to her hands and knees.

Transevolver commanded the creature. "Bring her to me and make sure she is unconscious!" Monad stepped over the downed heroine, reaching around her waist, trying to bring her up with a bearhug from behind with two-arms, cocking the fists of the other two arms to pummel her if need-be; trying to squeeze the fight out of her if at all possible.

AmeriCat struggled and kicked her booted legs as she was lifted up, her fingers clawing at the arms that held her, but still without her extended claws. The punches came rapid fire, snapping her head left and right like a speed bag. The knuckles on her gripping hands turned white as the bearhug tightened, until there came a crunch, and then they fell limply to her sides.

Monad shifted the heroine, draping her over his shoulder so her head hung down his back, his hand placed right on her tush for support as he left the Testing Room and lumbered down the stairwell and into the basement, carrying his captured prey with him, hoping he would get a reward from his master for a job well done.

AmeriCat 's regenerative metabolism was already at work even as she hung there limply over a shoulder, the fingers of a clutching hand digging into the tight strip of blue covering her sex, making natural grips out of her anus and sexual cleft, another arm squeezing the knees of her thigh boots together, carrying the little heroine as easily as a sack of potatoes.

Transevolver welcomed Monad into the lair and motioned for a place for him to lay the heroine down. "Now," he said as he started to search for instruments and drugs, "let's see what she has underneath that costume." Monad nodded and four hands grabbed the edges of her outfit and began to pull.

AmeriCat 's arms and boots flopped outward as she was lifted by her costume. Monad frowned. One large hand pressed down over her chest to hold her down and the other three hands began to rip and tear away the stylish red white and blue leotard. There was nothing beneath it but her clean-shaven sex and taut little boobs.

Transevolver looked the small fit heroine over. "Monad, you have done well but we must be patient. We cannot afford to sour her with your mutated seed just yet. We must make sure she will be able to carry out the final act of birthing my army." A clean, sterilized needle gleamed in his hand. "Just need a simple blood sample and that can be taken care of."

AmeriCat moaned sleepily from the pout of her pink lips, the lids of her darkly lashed eyes twitching as if having a wild dream. She shivered from head to boot for an instant and the dark brown little nipples on her tight little tits continued to oscillate for several seconds.

Transevolver stopped as he watched the sleeping girl. "That's an interesting thing," he said, jotting her nipples' reactions in his memory banks before placing the needle against the vein in her arm. "Okay, let's see what her DNA strand looks like."

AmeriCat groaned out a sound of protest as she was poked with the needle. She shook her head, her eyes threatening to open for a couple of seconds. Then her chest rose as she took a deep breath and settled back to the slab like a piece of meat.

Transevolver retrieved the sample and then smiled as he pointed to the naked heroine on the slab. "Okay, Monad, you may claim your trophy. Just make sure she doesn't get too damaged. We may need her to get Mayhem to come back to us." The four-armed man climbed the slab, using two hands to pin each of her arms down as his cock slid along her unprotected sex.

AmeriCat mewled as she felt the heavy mutant on top of her as if in a dream. The head of his erect cock plopped between her tightly jiggling breasts before being drawn back across her muscular abdomen and positioned against her tight smooth pout. He wedged the tip inside as his remaining two hands each grabbed the ankle of a boot and lifted them up to her head as he thrust himself forward.

"Her blood contains an aggressive regenerative matrix of sabretooth DNA mingled with her own as if through a breeding program." Transevolver blinked in surprise at the information gathered through her DNA study. "This is good. Real good." Meanwhile, Monad plunged a mutant cock deep into her, pulling back on her hips with two hands while keeping her folded over in half with the other two hands on her ankles, driving his cock harder and harder into her, his super strength not held back from his thrusting.

AmeriCat lurched and stiffened as her hymen was torn through like tissue paper, blood mixing with other warm juices as her back arched. She squealed out, "Rex!?" Her eyes flickered open, widening as she realized what was happening, nearly popping out of their sockets as the mutant thrust again, driving his member deep into her womb.

Transevolver said loud enough for her to hear: "My goodness, she could breed a host of indestructible half-tiger mutants who could easily wipe out anything that gets in their way" as the stiff, throbbing cock of Monad slammed down into her again and again.

AmeriCat began to struggle frantically, claws extending, screaming, her muscular thighs and ass bucking, fighting to escape being impaled even as she seemed caught in the throes of orgasm. "Oh gawd. Please. Like no way. I'm being split in two!"

Monad nearly stood up with a firm four-armed grip on her, carrying her across the room in her folded-in-on-herself position, bracing her neck against the wall and using that as a balance so he could slam even harder into her pussy with extra force.

AmeriCat squealed, her claws flaring, sweat pouring from her pores, unable to reach the mutant that held her, shaking her head as she was carried, shuddering as she was driven against the wall, the wet slapping sounds of his loins against her ass echoing through the lair.

Transevolver turned and watched the brutal fucking of the heroine. "Don't kill her, Monad! We need her semi-intact, although I think she'll be able to heal from anything you do to her." The grunting four-armed super creature just continued to slam in and out of her without even flinching.

AmeriCat croaked out weaker and weaker protests, and her eyes rolled back as the vicious coupling ripped her apart like a boxer punching repeatedly into her womb. Finally the knockout punch came and so did she, straining every fiber in her body for long seconds before her head lolled to one side, and unable to take any more, her body went limp.

Monad came as the heroine did, filling her with the seed of a mutant and then laid her back on the slab as the Transevolver grinned. "Perfect. Now all we need is to find out what she knows about Mayhem and get him back here. Maybe the two of them can reproduce an army of indestructible creatures for me."


One-Eye's one eye rotated around as he stared intently at the spot between the unconscious heroine's eyes, taking mental image after mental image from her brain as she was suspended directly in front of him, her feet about 18 inches off the ground, her hands and feet encased in steel clamps that held her fast and were activated to open and close through a hydraulic system operated by remote. One-Eye then turned and began to project the images across like a slide show, as the Transevolver studied each one closely.

AmeriCat hung in an X shape, as naked as the day she was born. Her eyelids twitched as her unconscious dreams were brought to the surface by the probing mutant. There was the expected desire to be with her warm fuzzy protective pet sabretooth and there were also images of the one for whom she had come looking, the huge man known as Mayhem.

Transevolver watched the Mayhem pictures closely, almost laughing at the Valentine's card the man-beast had made the small heroine. "So sweet. Mayhem likes a girl. Makes me want to drink castor oil!" The smile widened at the image of the small heroine bent around the massive fist of Mayhem. "Bet that left a mark!"

AmeriCat could be seen already healing from the beating and raping she had received only hours before even as the images of friendship and betrayal ran through the subconscious of the tiny heroine. The Transevolver realized that the interesting regenerative matrix in her DNA was no doubt responsible.

"One-Eye. Think you can give this little experimental prospect a jolt to wake her up?" One-Eye stared hard between her eyes again and began to try and project a nightmare so horrific into Americat's brain that her own adrenaline would cause her to waken with a start.

AmeriCat began to twitch all over, her little bits glistening with a sudden sheen of sweat, jiggling tightly. The images in her mind became confusing, rapid combinations of being raped by ninjas and Monad combined with images of her pet sabretooth Rex and an evil-looking woman recognizable as the Leopardmistress.

"Good, One-Eye. Seems our little visitor is something we may be able to use to get Mayhem back here. When she is awake, have her transported to the dissection chamber. I need to focus and try to locate Mayhem's thoughts, feeble as they are, and let him know what is being done with his little girlfriend."

AmeriCat heard "dissection chamber" before anything else as she swam back to consciousness from the depths of her nightmares, straining at the clamps, her whole body shaking, her claws flaring from her fingers and toes for an instant.

"She is awake. Good. Well, AmeriCat, I am happy to tell you that we have found Mayhem. Just like any lost child, the scared boy is making his way back home. Here. Now, to let him know you will be a part of the welcoming committee." The X-Frame that held the heroine began to move and transport her backwards into a dark pit. As she moved through the area, it slowly lit up, revealing several robotic arms distending from the ceiling, all sorts of nasty instruments on the ends. Drill bits. Saw blades. Needles. Hammerheads. And tweezers.

AmeriCat blinked, swallowing hard as an ashen pallor descended over her countenance. She drew in a shuddering breath and tried not to sniffle as she prepared herself for the worst. "Please. Why do you like want to torture me and stuff? I don't understand..."

"Doctor's orders," One-Eye said simply as the saw blade began to whir and spin and the instrument cut through the air and slowly started to make its way towards the heroine.

AmeriCat 's big yellow cat eyes widened and her athletic form squirmed frantically, but the clamps were made to hold far stronger and far slippery mutants than the tiny catgirl. After several seconds she realized her efforts were futile and slumped, mewling past a pouting lip as she became resigned to her fate.

The blade spun just six inches in front of her face, the speed so quick that the jagged edges of the blade were just a blur. "Leave the blade right there, Monad," said Transevolver. "I need to know if Mayhem will save her or let her die. He'll be here any minute now."

AmeriCat panted for air as she was given a brief reprieve, her modest but taut chest heaving, her eyes furtively searching the dissection chamber for some way out of her predicament.

Several tense moments went by, then the door to the chamber blew into the room and the huge monster Mayhem snarled and screamed out: "'MeriCat!" Transevolver grinned and the blade started to move closer as Mayhem entered the room.

AmeriCat squealed in horror, more from the movement of the whirring blade than Mayhem's entrance. "Ohmygawd. Mayhem! Like help me. Please. This man is going to... you know... dissect me... and stuff... please!"

The big man slammed past Transevolver and grabbed the arms of the thing holding her in the air, ripping them out of the ceiling so that she fell to the ground, still in the clamps but underneath the blade that passed through where she once had hung.

AmeriCat wailed as the saw buzzed overhead, her naked flesh wallowed about the floor as she frantically continued to try to wriggle free of the clamps and the X frame itself. "Boy am I like glad to see you, Mayhem!"

Mayhem's entire complexion had suddenly changed, however, and AmeriCat, for the first time ever, saw the big man as a scared boy. Transevolver glared into Mayhem's eyes. "You disappoint me! You are a weapon of destruction. Not a savior of weaklings!"

AmeriCat bucked at her bindings, moving the X an inch at a time, yelling out excitedly, "Don't like listen to him Mayhem. You know you are who ever you decide to be... and hey... you're like my friend and stuff. Help me!"

Mayhem looked down at her, reaching and tugging on her bonds, helping free her right wrist but then he stiffened and shook as his creator taunted him again. "You would like little girls, Mayhem. Not that you would know what to do with her like Monad. He knew exactly how to treat her!"

AmeriCat reached for the clamp on her left wrist, hitting the release with her right hand. She sat up on the X and bent forward, showing amazing flexibility as she reached down to free her ankles as well. "That's because you're like nice, Mayhem. And Gonad's not. Don't listen to him... Please!"

"She's the one who turned you down. Rejected your Valentine's card. Mocked you so badly that you punched her right in the stomach. Why don't you finish her now that you have the chance?"

AmeriCat finished freeing herself and padded away toward the broken door on bare feet. "No Mayhem. I did not mock you. I thought it was like so sweet and stuff. Don't listen to him!"

"Let her go, Mayhem. She's just problems for you. Stay here and I can fix you." Transevolver pressed into his creature's mind as Monad and One Eye grinned and followed the naked heroine. "Let them have her, Mayhem. Me and you. We can have the world."

AmeriCat gulped, feeling tiny and exposed before the two mutants, but remembered why she was there in the first place. "Mayhem! Please! Come with me and we can like escape together! That man just wants you to do his dirty work and stuff for him..." Her eyes shifted back and forth from Monad to One Eye and her claws extended.

Mayhem looked over at the heroine and almost gave her an apologetic look of resignation as he slowly followed his maker to the back as the other two mutants started to circle the heroine. One Eye started to try and stare at the girl, trying to force an agonizing headache onto her.

AmeriCat winced as she felt the prying stare of that one eye like a hammer trying to enter her frontal lobe. Instinctively, she lashed out at the perceived source of her pain, springing and trying to claw that eye right out of the mutant's head. "Get out of my head!"

One-Eye squealed as the claws raked across his face, just missing nicking his eye and doing ungodly damage to the mutant. Monad took the moment to launch his own attack, swinging four fists at her with brutal force and quick strikes.

AmeriCat drew blood on One Eye's cheek and aimed to blind him forever when she was knocked out of her attack by a flurry of punches. She grunted and spun, ducking one punch, only to meet another set of knuckles with her nose. Her head snapped back from the resulting crunch and her flailing flesh flew after, rolling over as she hit the floor, coming to her hands and knees, hissing.

One-Eye stared back down at her again, then his eye turned and a strong blast slammed into the floor in front of her. The tiling exploded upwards as the staggered villain was unable to make contact with his blasting ray from his eye, yet another use of the one eye in his head.

AmeriCat stumbled back as the tile floor where she crouched exploded, her hands flying up to protect her face, little pieces of grout stinging her skin as they pelted her front side, leaving sensitive areas tingling. "Like holy shit!"

Monad rushed forwards amidst the crumbling debris, again swinging his four arms about, two fists aimed high, one aimed at her stomach and he curves the fourth one into an uppercut punch.

AmeriCat managed to deflect the first two blows with a sweeping motion of her forearms away from her already bloody nose. Unfortunately this left her open to the next two blows. The first one landed with a crack, doubling her over into the second. Her head snapped back so hard that her body did two backflips before hitting the wall behind. She crumpled to the tile.

One-Eye then sneered down at her and his eye rotated again. Then it started to change colors and vibrate before a small spark like baby lightning struck out at her and tried to zap her between her bare breasts.

AmeriCat yelped as she was zapped, her body snapping upright. She raced suddenly for the door, realizing she was overmatched, and simply trying to escape with her life.

One-Eye sent more blasts at her retreating form, tearing more tiles upwards as she ran for the door. "Leave her be," Transevolver said. "She won't get far. He's back with us and will destroy her."

AmeriCat nimbly flipped past one blast, displaying her upturned bottom as she spun, ran up the wall and dove through the doorway, fleeing for her life, but vowing to come back for Mayhem when she got reinforcements.

Her retreat into the hallways, of course, led her into the heart of the huge complex. The halls and rooms all looked alike, smelled alike, and seemed nearly exactly the same. And then there was the sound of heavy breathing that seemed to be following her from all sides.

AmeriCat ran away from the heavy breathing each time she heard it, only to find herself back in the room where she previously faced the one called Monad. She sighed. "This place is so confusing!" Then she felt a shadow growing on the wall and and looked around to see Mayhem, his presence towering ever more as she slumped in despair.

"Kill her now, Mayhem!" Transevolver's voice boomed in the tunnel as the huge monster with blazing red eyes reached a hand out, grabbing at her throat.

AmeriCat leaned backwards to escape the reaching hand, flaring stout legs as she continued through a back walkover, inadvertently flashing her femininity at the monster as she did so. "Please Mayhem. Like don't listen. Let me go!"

Mayhem's fists slammed down again and again, barely missing her small body with each blow. Blows so powerful that they would have left her crushed beneath his fists. But there was also a strain on his face. As if he was trying to resist with all he had. “!" CRASH! CRUNCH!

AmeriCat twisted and spun, danced and flipped, desperately dodging blow after blow as if her life depended on it. "But I can't find my way out! I like need you to help me!" She landed in a crouch and watched his eyes to see which direction they would look in response.

Mayhem froze for an instant and then slammed his arms into the wall, creating a hole big enough for her to dart into. Then the big monster began chasing her, slamming his punches down in deliberate misses, using his own attacks as a way to get her to dodge in patterns that would get her closer to the exit.

AmeriCat leaped through the hole in the wall, running on short little legs, weaving in and out of the crushing blows, allowing herself to be herded, trusting that the big lug was leading her out in his own way, grinning as she finally saw sunlight streaming through a window from outside.

The retreat was cut off by One-Eye. He looked over at the heroine and then she heard Transevolver's voice. "Let her leave. Destroy Mayhem. Make his brain explode in his head!" The thing with one eye then focused on Mayhem's forehead and the big lug started to shudder.

AmeriCat crouched in the shaft of sunlight, her fireplug body shiny with sweat, prepared to leap to her freedom when she heard the voice. She looked back and witnessed Mayhem's pain. She hissed and attacked the one-eyed mutant like an alley cat, leaping on his back and clawing at his neck.

One Eye's neck spurted blood as his veins were ripped open. Mayhem, though, still shuddered as his head seemed to swell, as if a tumor had been born and was growing at its own mutated rate right in front of her eyes.

AmeriCat screeched out as if in rage and raked at the eye of the cycloptic creature. "Like stop hurting him or I'm going to kill you!"

One-Eye squealed as his eye was ripped from his head and he slumped to the floor. The growth on Mayhem's head stopped, blood seeped from his nose and then Mayhem dropped to the floor on his face, twitched twice and fell still.

AmeriCat rushed to the fallen Mayhem, her bloody claws retracting, tears streaming. She hugged his head to her naked bosom. "Like please don't die. I came to like find you and help you, not to get you killed and stuff..."

Mayhem grunted and rolled over, his gray eyes blinking rapidly up at the heroine. His large hand reached up and touched her cheek and, in the most audibly intelligent voice he had ever used, he said to Carly, "Mayhem want to see Rex."

AmeriCat sniffled back a tear as she cradled his head in her arms. "Can you like move? I need you to get up and come with me to the jeep. Can you do that? If you do we can go see Rex and stuff... I promise!"

As he stood, Transevolver shouted again, "No, Mayhem! You can't believe her! She's a liar! You belong here." As if learning to speak normally for the very first time, Mayhem scooped the heroine in his huge arms, wrapping her nakedness in his grasp and looked back at the speaker. "Like, dude, shut the hell up!" He then blushed and looked at her. "Sorry about that. Mayhem try to work on temper."

AmeriCat gasped as she was scooped up, gulping at the words of the Transevolver before blinking at Mayhem's. She grinned at the big lug, suddenly feeling as safe as in his arms as she did in her pet's paws. "I can like help with that. You know Rex has a temper too. Now let's get out of here before any other stuff happens!"

Mayhem carried the heroine out of the complex as the Transevolver decided to cut his losses and let them go. "After all, I do have a blood sample of you, AmeriCat. I'll get my revenge."

Meanwhile, back in Empire City, Mayhem was not so sure about the idea. He still had a fear of laboratories and doctors but he trusted Carly and so, "If MeriCat says Sara is friend then Mayhem says Sara is friend."
"Mayhem will let Sara help."

(February 2008)