Red Hornette danced on stage, albeit with some reticence at first during Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams, but becoming a little more confident during Bjork's Army of One and going crazy with acrobatics during Emiliana Torrini's White Rabbit, naughty bits jiggling wildly as she flipped and cartwheeled and swung around the pole, many who were jeering as she began standing to applaud at the end of her Sucker Punch set.

Michael Vescovi muttered, “Hmmm... unfortunate that Carmen isn't here, but there will be other crimes...”

Red Hornette grinned and danced away. “I haven't seen her lately.”

So. Skipping over all the dancing and the red light, we start just after a group grab that Penny happened to be part of. Her and two other dancers snatched all at the same time right outside the club. It happened within seconds. Chloroformed rags pressed tightly against mouths of the two dancers before they even had time to react, fate somehow having Michael drop his before he could place it against Penny's lips but still managed to force the black bag over her head. Shoving Penny up against the side of waiting van, he pressed his knee into her back as he quickly secured her wrists with zipties, hurriedly guiding her toward the back where several pairs of hands lifted her up. A sound of sliding metal followed, then the securing of rear latch and movement.

Red Hornette’s cry of surprise had seemingly been enough to cause the man to drop the rag in his hand, but the bag that came down over her head muffled her continuing protests as she was manhandled against the side of the van with a rough smack. She struggled frantically, but succeeded in doing little other than working the low-rider jeans she wore even lower on her hips. Penny felt hands grasp her pert breasts through the fabric of her black cami top and still others push up on her half-exposed ass, fingers even going under the exposed sides of red thong as she was hoisted into the truck. She tried to keep her senses and pay attention to the movement of the van as it drove quickly away with its mostly sleeping cargo.

It may have been a bold move, especially with cameras watching, but those could be edited and Michael couldn't allow for any more fuckups so close to the club, thus he'd opted to handle this situation personally. As the van traveled toward its destination there were several left and right turns, all made in silence until the van turned one final time, subdued passengers suffering the occasional bump as they ran over potholes of a terribly neglected side street.

Red Hornette tried to imagine the streets covered, judging turns from the force and sway of the van, yelping more than once as a pothole drove a hip or shoulder hard against the floorboards. But by the time the van came to a stop she had little idea where they were, only that it was getting sweaty and warm inside the hood as she flushed at the sensation of the hand gripping her ass to stop her squirming.

Moments before the van came to a stop the sound outside changed, became muffled, telling Red that they'd been brought to some sort of building or garage. Seconds after that the door rolled open, hands of strangers again felt as she and her fellow captives were lifted from the van, those two carried while again Michael saw to personally guiding Penny along. "Come on, sweetness. Move." Shoving her forward to an as yet unknown fate.

Red Hornette stumbled along as best she could considering she couldn't see and her hands were bound behind her. The good news was that apparently her cover hadn't been blown or she wouldn't have been grabbed. The bad news was that she had been grabbed. At some point she would have to try to make an escape, but first maybe she could learn what had happened to the girls previously taken and if they could still be rescued.

It was a long march that took Red through several sets of doors and a couple turns, meaning whatever this building was that she was in was fairly large. Then Michael placed a hand on her shoulder, gripping her tightly as he forced her to stop. "Don't forget to remove the hoods after you lock them in the cages, I don't need those bitches suffocating." Penny found herself left alone then, surrounded by blackness as distant shuffling and a series of what sounded like gates being opened, or more accurately the doors to large metal cages, sounded around her, one of the heavy grating sounds originating from directly in front of her.

Red Hornette recognized the voice of the man at her shoulder and was seemingly singled out from the others. Perhaps Vescovi had learned who she really was after all. She swallowed hard and listened, imagining a series of cages the size of prison cells all around her, then one directly in front of her. She strained at the bindings on her wrists to test them.

Michael Vescovi returned, giving Red a little push as he spoke. "In you go now." And he'd make sure she went, having no patience for attempts at resistance right now, keeping pace as she was blindly herded forward. Michael would stop her again, hand resting once more on her shoulder as a soft sound of knife being slid from leather sheath, edge quickly used to sever the zipties binding her wrists before she started freaking out. Then Michael spun her around, lifting her arms overhead and securing them in iron shackles hanging from the top of the cage, removing black bag from around her head after this was done. "There we go..." Michael spoke with an amused smirk, clearly pleased with himself. "...and don't you just look pretty." Admiring the way her chest jutted out as she dangled there, just barely able to manage some support with the tips of her toes.

Red Hornette blinked as the hood came off her head, fingers gripping the length of chain above the shackles about her wrists as she looked around at her surroundings for the first time. Her stout little body flexed in all the right places as she stood on the balls of her crosstrainers, he shape of her uplifted boobs pushing out against loose black nylon, her jeans barely holding on to her hips, leaving much of red thong exposed. "I mean like this is kidnapping! You're like gonna be in some deep..."

Michael Vescovi scratched his head, looking at Red with a wide grin as if she were the funniest thing ever. "Yeaaah, that'd only be a problem if someone found out." Taking advantage of Red's helplessness as fingertips set to tracing the curves of her ample chest, half attentive to the act of knife blade slipping beneath right shoulder strap of cami top and with a quick flick, severed it neatly.

Red Hornette watched him, an expression of dismay seeming to ripple outward from grey eyes, corners of her mouth twitching as she nibbled on her lip, feeling the heat in her cheeks as the black nylon spilled from her shoulder to the fingers waiting beneath her suddenly exposed breast. She knew what Michael was. She sniffled. Her voice was a whisper. "Wha... I mean what are you going to do with me?"

Michael Vescovi gave her exposed nipple a hard flick with index finger. "Oh... nothing much..." Grey eyes lifting to hers as he flicked it again to witness her reaction. "...just keep you as my personal plaything."

Red Hornette twitched and let out a little eep as the nipple at the center her penny-sized areola was flicked. That petite nipple was taut by the time it was flicked again. She sobbed, her lower lip curling out as she turned her eyes and flushed face away from him.

Michael Vescovi casually shifted knife to his other hand, hooking remaining strap with index finger to provide some tension as it too was severed, taking some small amount of pleasure as he dispensed with Red's modesty at his leisure. Sheathing the blade, the cool touch of undeath returned to firm mounds, at first gently gliding fingertips over warmth of young flesh. Then his demeanor changed, hands squeezing as Michael groped her aggressively, even painfully, watching as her nipples stiffened even further from repeated slaps from open palms.

Red Hornette shook from head to toe as the sound of reddened breasts being slapped echoed in her ears. She emitted a high-pitched yelp each time she was struck, chest heaving as she gulped for air between her shuddering sobs. "P... p... please... stop!" Tears streaked her burning cheeks.

Michael Vescovi found himself enjoying this immensely, maybe those domination freaks were on to something he thought as he gave her punished nipples one final hard and prolonged pinch. "What's that matter, sweetness? Aren't you having fun?" Tapping the bottom of her left breast to make it jiggle and force her to revisit some of the pain. "Cause I gotta tell you, I'm having a blast."

Red Hornette could only sob, as much from shame at the tightness of her mauled breasts as from the pain, although there was indeed plenty of that to go around. Her breasts would be showing some good bruises by morning she realized. She could only hope she would still be alive. She took quick swallow breaths, heart pounded fast and her mind raced faster, trying to think of something.

Michael Vescovi clearly didn't feel Red had suffered enough, for as she hung there humiliated he knelt before her where fingers began to work near her waistline. The only solace she might find as he began to loosen her jeans the fact, if only for the moment, that her breasts were spared further punishment.

Red Hornette writhed, twisting and turning as she dangled, instinctively trying to pull away and yet stay on her toes, looking down as she felt her jeans slip, ending up around her ankles. Reduced to wearing nothing more than a red thong panic suddenly took over. She pulled one crosstrainer free of the bundle of denim about her ankles as she drove a knee up at Michael's chin.

Michael Vescovi should've expected that and maybe he had but just didn't care, regardless his head snapped back all the same, enough force applied that he had to plant a hand on the floor to maintain his balance

Red Hornette jerked her other foot free of the jeans, kicking at Michael again as she bicycled both legs upwards. Her hands gripped the chains above wrists and arms flexed as she inverted her athletic little body to pull herself upwards to plant her feet firmly against the top of the cage. Showing her ass to Michael, muscles bulged as she strained with every fiber in her body to break the chains while emitting an ear-piercing scream. Penny rattled the cage with her sonic squeal, apparently doing enough job that her straining form indeed broke the chains. She went splat on her back with a grunt. She tried to roll away from Michael and come to hands and knees.

Michael Vescovi was laughing even as Red kicked him the second time, reaching to pluck a broken tooth from his mouth and toss it aside. "Damn girl, that was pretty good." Only now bothering to pick himself up, grey eyes showing little concern that Red was closer to a fighting stance than he.

Red Hornette's grey eyes were narrowed like gun barrels as she looked up from her crouch and squealed again directly at Michael, like some sort of rebel yell, though intended to do more than startle, it could not only deafen, but indeed knockout an ordinary man. But Penny wasn't trusting it to knock out Michael so she charged at the same time, activating the taser ring on her left hand as she drove the fist forward.

Michael Vescovi instinctively clamped hands to his ears as Red screamed at him, unable to hear anything, even his own voice as he swore at the deafening assault on his eardrums. Red able to see him mouth the words "Motherfucker" as she charged at him, the vampire quite surprised at finding himself at such a disadvantage. Rarely, if ever, had he been unable to defend himself. Body went rigid as her fist struck true, sending a charge of electricity coursing through his body that caused every muscle to lock up.

Red Hornette knelt by Michael, quickly patting him down, searching his pockets for the key to the cage, briefly getting hold of his cock from inside a pocket at one point and squeezing before finding the key. The second she did find it she bounced up to move outside and lock the door behind her as quickly as possible. "I mean now I've got you, creep!"

Michael Vescovi might've laughed if he were able, but the electricity still surging through his body made that impossible. Instead he was left with a sense of disbelief. Did she just... grab his dick? Fine time for that with him unable to enjoy it, probably did it purpose for precisely that reason. Then she was gone, with the key, leaving him to shrug off the effects of the taser shock. Even given what he was, Michael couldn't recover that fast, only beginning to rise to his feet when Red slammed the cell door closed and locked it, trapping the vampire inside. " fucking bitch! NO!" Slamming up against the door, straining the durability of the cage as he pushed against the heavy bars to no avail, the iron managed to hold...for now. "This isn't over! It's only a matter of time before I get out of here and when I do I'm going to make you beg for me to kill you!" Hands slammed against the door several more times, Michael screaming in fury as efforts to escape continued to prove futile.

Red Hornette leaped back from the cage as he rattled it, holding her breath for an instant as she thought he might just break himself right out. Her sweaty glistening boobs were still jiggling as she exhaled in relief. The bars had held. She stuck her tongue out at him. "Ha! I don't think so! I mean you wait right there while I like free the others and get the authorities!" Hornette spun around and realized she had her hands full with Vecovi's goons. She cartwheeled into a tumbling run that ended in a splits kick that knocked out two of them. She landed back on her feet and ducked the punch of a third and tasered him even as his missing punch inadvertently knocked out the fourth goon. Hornette checked to make sure the goons were all down and took a cell phone from one to call Detective Chan. "Red Hornette here, Charlie... I got Vescovi... he's been behind the disappearances... I like don't know where I am... track this phone... I'll meet you outside..." She went quickly from cage to cage to free the captives, six as it turned out. "Are there like more of you somewhere else?"

Two of the girls had the information Red was asking for, descriptions they gave matching the three Panda had seen at the club the night she'd stopped Amber from being abducted, but couldn't provide anything as to where the girls were taken. They were certain that Michael or his goons had that info, however.

Red Hornette led all the girls outside to meet the approaching sirens. "I mean I'm sure the authorities will interrogate those guys thoroughly... hey, Detective Chan. I like knocked out four goons and Vescovi's locked inside a cage." Hornette smiled and handed the smirking Detective the key. "What's so funny?" Chan just nodded her head at Penny's near nudity. "You're distracting my men..." Penny turned red and reached down inside her thong almost as if to play with her self. "I mean let's see if this works..." An instant later a red suit flowed forth over the surface of her body, clothing her from head to neck in her smartsuit costume.

Michael Vescovi was seething with anger from that fact, making no effort to disguise his vampiric nature as he paced with fangs bared. Occasionally he'd stop and grab the top bars, using them for support as he kicked at the iron door with both feet using all the strength he could muster, but with little result. Dropping down, he gave the cage door a shake, both impressed and cursing the fine craftmanship put into the construction of the iron cell.

Red Hornette helped as Detective Chan and her men scoured the building but found no more missing women. The rescued victims were little help before being whisked away to Empire General. The thugs didn't seem to know anything except that Michael would know where to find the rest of the girls. Chan gave Penny a look. "I have an idea. Let Kei watch on your myWand while I interrogate the prisoner." Hornette nodded and stood there soberly beside Detective Chan a half an hour later as the forklift brought the iron cage outside. Chan had the cage set down in the open of the parking lot. The glow of coming dawn was barely visible out across the water. "Mister Vescovi, we're waiting for proper transport for you so just sit tight right there." She winked at Penny.

Michael Vescovi watched from inside the cage as the forklift buzzed over, playing off the situation as he found himself lifted up and transported outside. The faint tinge of blue detected on the horizon...and there it was. Fear. Bordering on frenzy, Michael turned full circle in the cage. No place to hide. Nowhere to run. " can't do this! You have to get me inside!" He screamed, pale knuckles going even paler as he gripped at the iron bars, grey eyes staring in terror as the rising of the sun grew closer by the second.

Red Hornette actually found her mouth going dry as she watched the Detective fix her eyes on the frenzied vampire in the cage. Had the detective been working SeaCourt too long? Chan spoke in measured tones, "After the things you've done and I know you are capable of doing I should make it clear that I am perfectly okay with the fact that your ride won't get here until after sunrise."

Michael Vescovi strained, put every ounce of effort he had into escaping and the bars began to bend... about an eighth of an inch. They were just too thick, Michael knew he'd never be able to make progress quick enough to allow him to escape the dawn. He snapped gaze toward Chan, eyes crazed, barely maintaining control of himself in the face of certain death. "You won't let me die! You can't! You have to let me out of here!"

Red Hornette blinked as Chan merely grinned wanly and replied abruptly, "Give me one good reason," before turning back to Penny. "So, Red Hornette, did any of the thugs tell you where we could find the other missing women?" Penny shook her head. "No, I mean they seemed pretty clueless... but one said Michael the groper here would know..."

"That's right! And without me, you'll never find them! If I die, they're lost forever!" It was weak leverage, but it was all he had. It may have been arrogance, or the frenzy Michael was struggling to keep in check, but he never once suspected that Chan was playing him.

Red Hornette watched as Chan turned slowly, narrowing those dark slanted eyes at the vampire. "Really? Start talking and I might be able to have my men find a tarp for this cell of yours... addresses... names... what to expect..." The dark haired woman glanced out over the docks to the horizon and the glow on the water. "...I'd say you have about fifteen minutes."

Michael Vescovi crouched down, pressing his face against those bars as eyes met with those of the detective. "You have no idea what you're asking, the world you're about to walk into... but as I don't have much of a choice, I'll tell you what you want to know..." So I can survive. "You'll find the first girl somewhere beneath our feet...not directly, mind you. She's in the sewers..." Michael would relay several locations on where to start looking, for like him, Marcellus had many lairs throughout Empire's sewer system.

Red Hornette recorded and transmitted every word to the DDSTV Tower by means of myWand while the detective took notes the old fashioned way, scribbling in a little notebook. Chan pondered this information. "That's a beginning. What about the other women? Time to talk is getting short." Chan was a tough bitch. She had to be to survive in this city.

Michael Vescovi grinned. "You'll love this. Might even know the guy, he's pretty popular with his parties I hear. Gabriel Vaughn. Lives in some fancy mansion, I don't think I need to tell you where it is." His address was actually listed in public record. "Got two girls up there, damned if I know what that pretty boy is doing with 'em."

Red Hornette blinked. She'd heard that name before, and not only from Panda's debriefing concerning those in the club that night she fought Green Man. "I mean did you get that Kei?" Kei's voice responded. "Hai. Heard it. Means the hooded one at the table was prolly the one in the sewer. No time to waste. Hornette, start exploring the sewers. Glockwork's already on her way to the Vaughn mansion. As soon as Questionnaire gets here I'll join you, Hornette!"

Red Hornette nodded and Detective Chan sighed. "Much as I'd like to leave you to the sun you did come through with the info. Men..." Chan gestured and a tarp was thrown over the cage. "Bring the truck around now. Take him downstairs and put him in the vault. Don't worry. He doesn't need to breathe."

Michael Vescovi rather found himself surprised, not in that Chan kept her word (though that was nice), but how well she was accepting the fact she was dealing with an honest to god vampire. Now he laughed, somehow amused even in the aftermath of defeat, knowing what surprises his interrogators were about to uncover in the days that followed.

(June 2011)