Captive Callie

The room was dank, musty. The only real lighting in the vacant concrete room the small bulb that hung over Callie's head. It was like a scene out of a movie, she would even hear the sound of water dripping once she woke up. A few feet in front of her Kurt sat with head lowered, occasionally giving a blind push to her suspended form with the tip of a kendo cane, a souvenir of the life he'd just lost.

Callie Sacramento swung slowly like a pendulum when pushed, the stark lighting accentuating the shifting of the shadows of her body's natural curves on the four walls. That body had been stripped naked and cuffed rather stringently with arms behind not only at wrists and ankles, but elbows and knees as well. It hung by the hair near the middle of the room, finally emitting a groan as it was pushed again.

Kurt Malkomes lowered kendo stick at the sign of consciousness, a faint rhythmic tapping of wooden point upon stone floor as the big man appeared lost in thought, almost broken by the way he just sat there. "Did you know?" He asked softly, gaze still not lifting to the woman.

Callie Sacramento twitched, her eyes fluttering open slowly, hearing her own groans as if off in the distance. It took some seconds for her to realize that was because she had been gagged with a ball of her own nylon tights. She winced as she tried to move, discovering her bondage and rediscovering the pain of her recent injuries in the wrestling ring. The resulting spasm left her ample breasts shuddering. Callie blinked as her eyes focused on the man before her, Kurt Malkomes, the Hellhound. She tried to shake her head at him, and closed her eyes in agony as she learned she was hanging by her hair. The whole brutal wrestling match and her abduction came swirling back to her with consciousness. A tear ran down one cheek as she realized she was naked.

Kurt Malkomes slowly rose out of the chair, tip of kendo stick brushing across her stomach as he began to walk a circle around her. "It's all gone now, you know. Everything I'd been busting my ass for, working toward finding a place for myself in society. I tried walking the straight and narrow, took legitimate jobs, made my regularly scheduled visits to both therapist and parole officer." He paused just behind her, gaze finally lifting to Callie's exposed back. "And bam!" He shouted, raising kendo stick to issue a hard stick across her shoulder blades. "Fate gives me the big "fuck you! First with Kei. Accusing me of setting her up, asking for that fight, never assuming for even one -second-..." Word stressed as he swung again, this time at ribs on her left side. "...that I was innocent. It was to be expected. I was the villain. Guilty until proven innocent." Kurt came around to stand before Callie, face inches from her own as he roughly gripped her jaw in strong hand. "But that's okay...maybe we just weren't meant to be. I still had my freedom, that was still enough, right?"

Callie Sacramento listened to him fearfully, the finality of the resignation in his voice terrifying. She mewled into the gag as the back of her shoulders was striped. Instinctively she began to struggle, twisting and turning but going nowhere. Her body was still swinging when her left side encountered his next blow. She nearly sucked the gag down her throat. She panted for air as he gripped her jaw and his eyes bore into her own.

Kurt Malkomes gave Callie a shove, sending her swinging again as he took a step back. "But NO!" And again he swung, this time with a hard *crack* of kendo stick across her midsection. "...I couldn't be allowed to keep that either!" Voice softened again as he continued, but his fury remained just as intense as a series of repeated strikes to her arms, legs and stomach came "I was expendable!" *Crack!* "A tool to be used! *Crack!* "Discarded!" *Crack!* "The truth didn't matter! *Crack!* "I was a convicted felon, who would ever believe I was innocent of any accusations!" No strike here. No stinging pain. A short reprieve as Kurt studied the bound and hanging form of Callie, fingertips trailing the series of red marks left behind on her flesh.

Callie Sacramento stared with eyes suddenly glossy with shock. The blow to her midsection having rebroken the ribs that had started to try to mend themselves and left the egg-shapes of her breasts oscillating wildly. Each crack of the stick left deep bruises that were quickly ripening from red to purple, a couple of them perhaps having cracked more bones. She let out a muted quivering wail, broken by sniffles as his finger traced.

"And so here we are..." Pressing point of kendo stick into broken ribs as he spoke " hope of ever going back. As I said, the truth doesn't matter. I could make all the confessions in the world and it wouldn't change anything." Pain faded into pleasure, or at the least into relief, as tip drifted upward and was tapped against her nipples. "All I can do is go forward. Accept my fate. Return to what I know. And -this-..." Kurt issuing a high strike of stinging wood across her breasts. " what I know!"

Callie Sacramento again nearly sucked the soaked ball of nylon down her throat, tears streaming down her cheeks from the excruciating pain in her suddenly swollen nipples even as she gagged on her own tights. As his apocalyptic words made their way past the throbbing in her ears to register in her pounding brain she broke out in a cold sweat and humiliated herself, warm urine trickling down creamy smooth solid thighs.

Kurt Malkomes gave pause as he witnessed the once proud heroine piss on herself, then lashed out into a flurry of brutality. "Did you just piss on my floor!?" Bellowing like some cruel and sadistic drill sergeant as kendo stick cracked across Callie's backside. "Did I give you permission to do that!?" Reddening her flesh deeper with another savage strike. "No! I did not! At what point did I say I was comfortable with suffering your stink!?" Cracked wooden shaft pinching with stinging slap across front of her thighs. All this perhaps made crueler still by the fact Callie couldn't even answer him.

Callie Sacramento ground her teeth down into the ball of nylon as her stout little body lurched about, sweat flying from the vicious impacts, leaving her flesh covered with welts in their wake. At one point Kurt stepped in front of her to strike again and, without thinking, like some sort of trapped animal, she flexed at the waist and desperately tried to knock the kendo stick from his hand with a kick of both feet together.

Kurt Malkomes just stared at the defiant woman as the nearly broken kendo stick clattered on the ground. "That....was a mistake." And stepped in to launch a solid punch into her gut, sending the beaten heroine swinging, catching her with another hard fist as she swung back towards him. "I was going to save this for tomorrow, but a little preview doesn't hurt."

Callie Sacramento oophed as she doubled over the second punch, the crack of another rib reverberating off the four walls. Her eyes nearly popped from her head, but the sputtering attempt to spit the gag only resulted in drool flowing down her chin, dripping to the tops of wildly waving breasts with swollen purplish nipples. She was quivering from the tips of curled toes to the roots of the hair from which she swung.

Kurt Malkomes stepped back, seemingly finished inflicting physical punishment for the time being, allowing Callie's swinging to come to an eventual stop. "Alright then...." Turning now to the camera which had been recording the entire time. " point in disguising who I am and as you can see I'm keeping your precious Callie Sacramento entertained. So here's the deal, Belle. I'm not going to bother ranting on about how I was wronged, just get straight to the point. You've got one week. One week to come up with one hundred millions dollars. Usual deal. Unmarked, non-sequential bills or bonds. Fail to do so and, know the drill. She dies, I mail her back in pieces, something sinister like that. A means of contacting me will be arranged in a couple days." And here he grinned, taunting Belle and the Dolls further as he ended with "Get well soon!" And then the tape would go blank, delivered via messenger to DDSTV tower by morning the following day.


Callie Sacramento comes around with a start after actually falling fitfully asleep while hanging, almost having forgotten her situation until the excruciating pain of reality reminds her. She still hands by the hair, cuffed at all major joints. Her bruises have healed but for the very worst of them. That means it has been several hours. An overnight stretch perhaps? Callie has no way to know, but does know she needs to escape or Malkomes is just insane enough to really kill her. She takes a deep breath and begins to lift her legs up in front of her, shaking with effort, suddenly sweating heavily, as she bends at the waist, lifting knees to face, toes feeling for the S-hook in her hair. Callie has done some amazing things in the gym but perhaps none as amazing as this. One set of toes grip the chain holding the hook and pull her up, the other set of toes lifting the hook out of a link an instant before she loses her grip and falls with a wet smack to the concrete floor.

Kurt Malkomes might not have been in the immediate room, but Callie quickly learned that he wasn't far away. "Look, I don't care what the problem is!" Bellowing voice carried easily through the vacant structure. "Just get everything set up. She's not going to be unconscious forever." A door slammed next and then footsteps, acoustics of the place making it difficult at first to tell which direction they were headed.

Callie Sacramento gulped as she heard the sounds almost as if they were right next door. She had no idea where she was, but the first order of business was to get out of the cell if possible. She raised her head and began to worm her way across the floor to the door. She left a trail of sweat on the floor where her squirming flesh passed, like a slug on a sidewalk. Callie got to the door in seconds though it seemed like forever to her. She pressed a shoulder and then her chest to the door, boobs flattening out against it as she got her knees. She paused long enough to hook her gag on the door handle and pull it out of her mouth. Then she clamped her teeth about the handle and tried it on the chance it was unlocked.

Kurt Malkomes made his way into another room further off, the faint sound of the door opening and closing possibly lost on Callie with her attention currently focused elsewhere. Lowering himself down into a chair, blue eyes went to the monitors showing the room she was in. "What's she doing?" He inquired to the other in the room.. "Nearly took a header getting herself off that hook. Little naked worm action across the floor, kinda liked that part, and now she's using her teeth to get the door open." Pointing toward the appropriate monitor at the end. "Are you absolutely sure about letting her do this?"

Callie Sacramento felt her heart racing as the door actually came open, pounding in her head and holes. She nudged it open with her forehead, fighting for her balance as she rose to her feet on wobbly legs that not only hadn't been used in days but had been beaten mercilessly. Still she was a powerful gymnast and hours of her training had been about fighting through pain for balance. Callie hopped into the hall as the door opened, looking one way and then the other, nearly conking herself in the face with the metal hook still in her hair as she snapped her head around. She studied the passage, trying to determine which way might lead to a way out. She began to hop in that direction, big boobs bouncing up and down as a result.

Kurt Malkomes watched as his abductee passed through the door into the hall. "It's fine. They won't be here for some time yet, no harm in having a little bit of fun until then." A smile as he saw the direction Callie took. "Unlock the southeast stairwell, I'll go and meet her at the top." A nod as the necessary button was flipped. "Alright, if you're sure. Southeast stairwell unlocked. Really hope this game of yours doesn't come back on us."

Callie Sacramento bounced down the hall more and more quickly as her hopes that she might actually be able to escape grew. She got a little off balance and had to smack into the wall to catch herself. "Ow. Easy Callie. Keep your head. Let's try this next door." She turned and backed to the door, almost smiling as her cuffed hands pushed down another unlocked lever. Callie gave the door a little bump with her big round shiny hiney and inched into what turned out to be a stairwell. The only choice was up. She took it, sweating profusely with the effort of hopping up the stairs one at a time. She stopped on a landing, panting for air. She looked up, trying to judge how much further she had to go.

Kurt Malkomes left the security room once Callie disappeared from view, moving to make use of the opposite stairwell and head her off at the upper floor. The building itself consisted of several levels, but Callie only need to ascend two to reach the ground floor. Unfortunately there were no identifying marks for her to figure out where she was or what this building was for. It was most likely abandoned. The paint on the walls faded and peeling. Perhaps an old research facility or office building. Or maybe not so abandoned, for the stairwells were lit. Which meant the building was getting power from somewhere.

Callie Sacramento blinked at the stark electric light, wishing there was some sign of a window. She had already come up two flights, but for all she knew she could be twenty flights of stairs below ground. She went back to hopping, difficult work when cuffed as she was and trying to land softly so as not to make much noise. She had to stop again four floors from where she had started. Callie's chest heaved as she panted for air and looked around. The stairwell gave her the impression of a fairly large structure with electricity. Did Malkomes have assistance? Accomplices? Should she try the door to the next floor? She shouldered the door at floor number five, leaving a trail of sweat droplets on the floor as she hopped down the hall.

The lighting on this floor was minimal, every other ceiling light giving off a dim glow to provide only enough illumination a person would need to see by. The hall itself seemed to run along one side of the building, dusty windows showing the promise of sweet freedom below. It also gave further clues to her location. Definitely a private facility, for a fence ran along the distant perimeter. A ruined parking lot, asphalt heavily cracked and over grown with weeds. Aside from that there was only silence. No sounds of shuffling feet or muffled voices. If there was anyone else around here besides Kurt and herself they were being awfully quiet.

Callie Sacramento took a good long look out one window, and then at the window itself. Unfortunately she could spot no landmarks or signs, nor did it appear itself could be opened. She closed her eyes and sighed. She had come three floors too far. She needed to backtrack to get out. She hurried back to the stairwell, naughty bits bouncing excitedly. Callie got ahead of herself on the first step and went falling forward, grunting and squealing as she balled up as best she could, somersaulting out of control down one stairwell and, unable to stop there, a second one as well, coming to rest in a heap on the third level, the sounds of her tumbling still echoing up and down the stairwell. “Oh shit! He's gonna be coming for me now!”

Kurt Malkomes slammed open the stairwell door, rapidly ascending the steps to where Callie lay in a heap. "Got tired of waiting for you, little girl." Long legs quickly closing the distance between himself and her prone form. "Here, let me help show you where you should've gone!" Reaching down to grab the hook still secured in her hair, thick fingers curled and yanked hard, one arm reaching to grip just under armpit and unceremoniously hurl US Angel down that last flight of steps.

Callie Sacramento shook her head at Malkomes, tears already streaming form wide brown eyes. She was completely unable to protect herself, bound as she was, and thrown with such vehemence. She flopped over and over, unable to get balled up, globes of tit and ass flesh taking a terrible beating, leaving wet spots of sweat and blood on the steps. Callie was nevertheless still trying to worm away to the door one flight below the instant she came to rest, making grunting animal noises in her frenzy to escape, getting halfway to her knees, slamming face first into the door, groaning and trying to get her mouth on the handle to open it as she knelt there, shaking in terror.

Kurt Malkomes took his time as he followed after the tumbling Angel. "You seem awfully talented with that mouth of yours." He reached the landing, shadow of his massive frame falling over the trembling woman, watching her frantic attempt to work the door open. "Here, let me help you with that." Again wrenching the terrified Callie to her feet by her hair, forcing her to follow as he took a step back then whipped around and threw her into the mixed metal and glass door with savage force.

Callie Sacramento squealed as she was jerked up by the hook in her hair, flopping around like a fish pulled from the water, even kicking at the man that held her before he spun, but her pathetic struggles were useless. Her head and shoulders impacted the door, shattering glass and bending the frame. Callie came to rest with her head stuck through the shattered glass of the window, her naked flesh hanging there twitching, blood pouring from her wounds, making unintelligible croaking sounds before finally slumping unconscious.

Kurt Malkomes mock slapped his forehead before moving to pull Callie from the door wreckage. "Silly me, I forgot to open the door first." Laughing at his own morbid humor as he began to drag his prize back to the sublevel floor she so desperately tried to escape from. "You look tired, best we get you back for some rest..." Glancing back to look over her battered and bloody form. "...and maybe a bath. You're just a mess."

Callie Sacramento did indeed have a rather rank odor after her time in Kurt's care. The blood streaming from her wounds did nothing to diminish the swollen wobbling shape of her breast, or the round balls of her ass narrowing into her surprisingly tiny waist, but it did leave a trail as she was dragged unceremoniously by the hair back down the stairwell, thumping from one step to the next like a dead meat.

"Here we are." Now lifting the woman full off the ground by her surprisingly strong hair. "You have got to tell me what hair products you use." Teasing as he hung Callie back in her place of honor with a pat on her cheek. "Now you behave, Mr. Malkomes has to go take care of something." And once more, Callie found herself alone. Soon to be left in darkness as a distant click killed all the lights in the room and adjoining halls.

Callie Sacramento hung there limply in the dark, consciousness swirling about her. She knew even with her regenerative matrix it would be a while before she had the energy to try to escape again, if she even got another chance. At least she now knew something about where she was and that was something to hold on to as she surrendered to the oblivion of pain.


There was no way to tell how much time had passed in the absolute darkness Kurt had left her in, whether it'd been an hour or a day only one thing was certain. Her awakening was abrupt and cold. The hazy call of "Bath time!" barely sufficing as a warning before the hard chilling spray of water hit her naked flesh. The pressurized stream slamming into her chest, sheer force flattening her ample mounds before dropping down to hammer at her stomach and thighs. "Got to get clean! You are dirty, dirty, dirty!" Kurt teased, obviously enjoying himself as he administered this cleansing.

Callie Sacramento gasped awake to a cold wet smack not unlike a punch to the chest. She began to squeal loudly and writhe as she was hosed down, Kurt seemingly enjoying himself as he made sure to pressure wash every nook and cranny of her shivering gooseflesh. Her dangling form swayed from the force of the impacts as water sprayed everywhere before spiraling down the big drain grate in the floor.

Kurt Malkomes just stood there with a grin, gaze dropping to focus his aim as he intentionally targeted between her thighs and pounded her sex with the powerful stream. "How about a little pleasure with your pain!?" Taking a wider stance as he struggled slightly in keeping the hose steady and centered.

Callie Sacramento squealed even louder, squirming frantically to protect her sex, the slapping sound of the cold water pounding in her ears as it echoed off the four walls. No amount of gyrating hips or clamped thighs could prevent Malkomes from leaving her tingling and swollen, but also glistening clean. She began to pant for air, dripping chest heaving, the cold water having already taken her breath away.

Kurt Malkomes killed the stream and dropped the hose, watching the drenched and shivering Callie as he moved to shut off the water floor. "What's the matter? That not doing it for you? Need a more personal touch." Moving now to stand to one side of her dangling form, head tilting slightly as he looked her over. "Something a little more..." Arm slipping around her waist to keep her steady as twin fingers began to rub vigorously on her swollen clit "...attentive?" Savage gaze locked with hers as she was forced to suffer manipulation of her sex.

Callie Sacramento curled her lower lip outward despite his touch both warming her and reducing the pull on her hair. Her words came between shuddering sniffles. "You... you... monster... please don't... don't touch me... like that!" Her torso began to twist and lurch more violently than ever as she tried to prevent his violation of her swollen mound.

Kurt Malkomes: "Careful, you keep moving around like that and I'm liable to slip." It being no accident as Kurt brought home the point when those thick fingers penetrated deep, burying themselves all the way to last knuckle as the woman squirmed in his grip. All this appeared more amusing than arousing to the brutish Malkomes, though the growing bulge Callie could feel pressing against her leg told otherwise.

Callie Sacramento screamed in a combination of pain and shame as her virginity was violated, something she never got used to, no matter how many times it happened. She sobbed and tears rolled down her cheeks, even as his fingers bathed in her warm blood. She was shaking with cringing now, impossibly trying to pull away.

Kurt Malkomes showed neither remorse nor mercy as his palm slapped against sensitive nub while fingers jackhammered tight virgin core. "What's the matter!? Don't you want to cum!? Aren't you enjoying yourself!?" Displaying further abuse he paused only long enough to add a third digit, as if this had been the problem, the reason why Callie wasn't crying out in ecstasy. The trio of thick fingers stretching her walls wide with each forceful push into her heated depths.

Callie Sacramento gasped for breath more desperately than ever, lurching about in her strict bondage, glistening breasts jiggling wildly as a result. Calves and glutes alike twitched and clenched as she rubbed her thighs together, helpless to expel the terrible intrusion, her face turning red as the heat rose to her cheeks.

Kurt Malkomes was relentless, fingers fervently working her sex. Then abruptly he withdrew, smearing the fluids staining his hand upon her stomach and chest before stepping back. "You're right. Something's missing and I think I know what it is, but first..." And here he walked over to make use of the hose again, allowing for Callie to at least brace for what was about to come before assaulting her dirty sex with another cold blast of water.

Callie Sacramento tensed, but steeled herself for what was about to come, wincing upon impact, but holding her tongue this time as the blood was washed away even as she began to heal inside. She continued to shiver as much from his claim that he knew what was missing as from the spray of freezing water whacking her firm flesh.

Kurt Malkomes disappeared from view after shutting the water off, only the jingle of chain links offered as a clue as to what the heroine was about to be subjected to. That wasn't all that Kurt returned with, however, as he went about affixing a special bar which forced Callie's legs apart at the knees. At the center of this bar was a small ring and to this he attached the second chain, quickly hoisting the heroine up until she was horizontal with the ground. When that side was ready he moved to release the other, reducing the strain on neck and pull of hair as Callie found herself hanging upside down, legs spread and arms bound behind back.

Callie Sacramento strained powerful legs, instinctively fighting Malkomes as he began to reposition her, trying to kick as he uncuffed her ankles, but he was ready and controlled her quickly, his grip as firm as it was cruel, and the metal spreader bars unbendable. She swung upside down, actually a relief in some ways, but extremely humiliating with her legs so obscenely spread directly before his face.

Kurt Malkomes looked appreciatively upon his work. "There we go, much better." Then the brutish Malkomes went about undoing his belt and let his pants drops, throbbing thickness flopping out so that bulbous tip came to a rest against her lips. Grabbing a handful of her hair he pressed more firmly against her mouth, saying nothing as he looked to ram them apart with the impressive length.

Callie Sacramento blinked as he dropped his pants, if anything her estimate of the size of the bulge she'd felt pressed against her earlier not doing this erect monster justice. Her eyes widened as it was pushed toward her gaping lips. She gulped in surprise as before she knew what was happening he had thrust the head into her throat, leaving her gagging as he asphyxiated her with his throbbing cock.

Kurt Malkomes tested her limits as he forced over ten inch member in, feeling warm wet lips sliding along his length as he stuffed her mouth with the throbbing member, groaning at the sensation of her tongue pressing against the veiny length. Using fistful of hair Kurt helped to guide her mouth back and forth on his thickness, watching as she struggled to accommodate with each thrust into the back of her throat.

Callie Sacramento had a moment of panic that she was going to die before her throat relaxed. Her eyes closed as his balls pummeled her tear-streaked cheeks. But sputtering seconds later her tongue was exploring along the irregular veiny contours, caressing and lapping as those cheeks hollowed out and she began to suck as if for her very life.

"There we go." Reveling in the victory of Callie's admitted defeat and accepting the presence of his cock, he released his grip on her hair as she began to work the length of her own accord. Fingers next felt teasing at the folds of her exposed sex, spreading the moist lips apart before again violating her tight depths, thickness becoming more rigid in watching his fingers plunge deep.

Callie Sacramento continued to suckle his cock like a starving baby, her lips and tongue warm, wet and seething about his powerful member as it pistoned. Likewise her hips now gyrated in similar excitement, though whether trying to escape or simply responding naturally to the stimulation of his probing fingers as her folds began to lubricate was hard to say.

Kurt Malkomes looked down with genuine admiration to watch Callie greedily milk his throbbing manhood, focus lost for a brief moment as the woman somehow managed to engulf his entire length, groaning as he felt her lips wrapped tightly around the base. "Goddamn, you're better at this than I'd thought. Hungry little cock slut wants to taste my cum." Kurt finding delight in reminding Callie of her situation, humiliating the woman by praising her on her obvious cock sucking skills. Fingers continuing to punish and stretch her sex, three digits now pushing deep as another reminder that there was only one way that Callie was going to end this abuse.

Callie Sacramento bathed his cock in her saliva and his fingers in other juices, sweat beading up of her quivering flesh as she pushed herself to the very limits of her endurance, suddenly as desperate to satiate her own involuntary urges as she was his. The echoing sounds of slurping and slapping swirled into the distance as she began to drown in the waves of pounding in her head and holes.

Kurt Malkomes switched to a vigorous rubbing of her clit in feeling his release nearing, fingers a blur of motion as they worked side to side. "Come on! Cum! Cum you little slut!" Tormenting Callie until the end even as pre-cum spilled into her mouth, determined not to let this end until he'd heard her muffled cries of ecstasy while her mouth was still wrapped around his cock.

Callie Sacramento began to hump his fingers in rhythm to the thrusting of his cock, the lurching of her loins rattling the chains. She tried to hold back the tsunami of imminent release that loomed, fearing she would drown when it washed over her. But her mind was now a slave to her flesh. Still sucking greedily her body stiffened, her back arched, and she began to lurch as the orgasm possessed her.

Kurt Malkomes basked in his dominance of this woman as he felt her entire body tense, fingers held deep to enjoy the sensation of the powerful orgasm he forced from her. Rewarding her obedience with a sudden flood of hot thick semen, pulling his thickness from her mouth as his cock spurted additional streams of creamy seed upon her face and chin, stroking his spent length and smearing the last droplets on Callie's breasts.

Callie Sacramento took deep breaths as he withdrew, continuing to twitch with aftershocks for perhaps a full minute, unconcerned for that time about the warm sticky cum sprayed across her red-hot cheeks and big shuddering breasts. Finally she slumped, spent and dripping, her efforts to suck Malkomes dry having left her as limp as his cock in the aftermath.

Kurt Malkomes took a deep breath as he looked upon the limp form of his captive, buttoning up his pants as he took a step back, rotating right arm which had grown a little tired from the savage fingering of her cunt. He gave a little chuckle and turned away, leaving Callie stained with a reminder of their time together as he spoke one final time to the camera which had recorded the entire thing. "Two days left, Belle. You can see me and Callie are having a hell of a time here. See you around." And with that the video, which like the one before would be delivered to DDSTV tower by morning, went dark. After that Kurt left the room, killing the lights and leaving Callie alone with only the darkness to offer her comfort.


Kurt Malkomes had righted Callie at some point between their last meeting and this one, the woman now finding herself hanging by her wrists and still wearing the spreading bars that kept her legs at an accessible upside down 'V'. The reason for this change was her captor's need for her hair to be down, necessary for the motorcycle helmet he was even now securing in place. Once firmly strapped on with black painted visor down the blonde haired giant moved over to a table, Callie never seeing the baseball bat he was carrying or him reaching for the remote laying nearby. Clicking it once he set it down and got into a ready stance, a "shoomp" as the ball launcher fired and Kurt swung, crack of bat echoing in the chamber as he hit true and sent the ball firing back toward the helpless Callie Sacramento and slammed into the muscle of her right thigh.

Callie Sacramento was puzzled by the sounds of machine and bat. But the pain of the ball hitting her quad clued her in. The madman was delivering more torture in his own bizarre way. Inside the helmet she yelped through gritted teeth, imagining the sight of the stinging red welt she could feel rising on her bare thigh. All she knew was that somehow she had to survive and, once left alone, make another escape attempt.

"Damn. That one was a little low." Taking ready stance, he waited for the next ball. Seconds of silence seemed like forever until the ball machine fired again, another crack of the bat as the ball was hit and grazed the right side of the helmet. "Ooh. Even worse. That would've been an easy out for sure. I gotta do better." Again silence, Kurt standing at the ready. A third "shoomp!" and another ball was launched, this hit with impressive accuracy and rocketing forward to impact squarely on Callie's ample left tit.

Callie Sacramento tried to control her breathing as she waited, the not knowing when or where making this very nerve-wracking. She was thankful for the helmet as the next ball deflected off it. She yelped even louder than before when the third ball smacked her breast. The shot was so solid the ball fell straight down, pinging a spreader bar on its way to the floor. Callie was left rocking, her reddened boob rippling with shock waves.

Kurt Malkomes pumped his arm in celebration of the solid hit "Yeah! There we go! Definite base hit!" Laughing as Callie's body shook, using the seconds before the next ball came to address the helpless woman. "So Callie, tell me a little about yourself. What sort of training have you had?" Again the machine shot out another ball, but no crack of bat this time as Kurt missed. "Damn. So I get that you're a gymnast, but what else? Martial arts? Weapons training? Answer quick, don't have a lot of time."

Callie Sacramento was more than a little taken aback by these questions, but it did not diminish her pain or anger. She stiffened for the next blow but heard only a fanning of air after the machine. "Ha! You bastard! You missed! I've studied wrestling and kendo for my show! Like all the Dolls I get basic martial arts instruction! Why do you care? Free me and I'll like give you a fucking demonstration!"

"Guess that's why I'm not in the major leagues." Rolling off her taunts in the moments until the next ball. "So wrestling and kendo. Basic martial arts. Are we talking karate? Judo? Taekwondo? Jujitsu?" *Shoomp! Crack!* The ball fired back to hit right at the center of her chest. "I'd say take a moment before you answer, but that isn't really an option here."

Callie Sacramento grunted as the solid impact resulted in a second sharp crack. "Ooph!" She was too winded to do anything but sputter for air after the shot to the chest. Tears rolled down from under the visor, dripping from chin to the still staggered shape of her bosom as it wobbled. "Urk... err... fuck you!"

"Afraid I'm not familiar with that style." Kurt's voice edged with a hint of annoyance at the unpleasant reply. "I think maybe you're not being forthcoming with me. So let's try this again. What style are you trained in!?" Last word stressed with Kurt's next swing, resulting in another sharp crack as this time the ball blurred straight back to impact between the woman's spread legs, smashing into hooded nub and puffy lips of her sex with intense force.

Callie Sacramento squealed out her shock and surprise as her already abused sex took a direct hit, the wet smack reverberating even as a bit of urine trickled down her thigh. She began to fight her chains, arms tensing, pulled herself up, lifting the bars in front of her as if to ward off more balls. "Arrgghhhh... that hurt! Quit hitting me! Please... I told you like all there is to tell..."

Kurt Malkomes laughed at her futile attempts to ward off further physical abuse. "Not yet you haven't." He swung again, hit solid but this time it was the ball that missed, so learned when Callie heard it rebound off the wall behind her. "Tell me about your weapon. I'm well aware it isn't your typical staff. What all is it capable of? What functions does it have!? The faster you answer the sooner this ends!"

Callie Sacramento paused for an instant, trying to decide what to do. "Well it's not really a secret... first and foremost it's a staff... but like the red end can deliver a taser charge and the blue end a blowtorch-like flame... the white section can be removed to reveal a linking chain... resulting in nunchakas... and that's it... please... no more!"

Kurt Malkomes took great pleasure in listening to Callie beg for mercy, forcing the tormented girl to suffer the sound of the ball machine firing one last time before using the remote to turn it off, final launched ball bouncing off the wall to land on the floor. She'd learn he wasn't yet finished, for in one final act of punishment he swung the bat at her unprotected ribs, reveling in the solid and multiple cracks that resulted. "Fuck. I think I broke it." Throwing down the bat in disgust just as heavy doors to the room were pushed open and someone else entered the room. Kurt wasn't alone in this, her brutal captor addressing this unknown person as they approached. "Take it from here." Fingers pushing into her injured ribs as he spoke. Still unable to see, Callie next felt the area get swabbed with alcohol and then the pinch of a needle. Not an injection. They were taking a blood sample?

Callie Sacramento sputtered and choked inside the helmet after having her ribs broken again, her body's ability to heal not helping with the pain on top of the excruciating hours of agony she had already endured. She began to wail as her captor intentionally made the pain worse. She was on the verge of passing out when she realized they were taking her blood. "Whhhh... whaaaat... are... you... doing..."

"It doesn't concern you. Now hold still or it'll only get worse." Believing her obedience assured with the knowledge that Kurt was more than capable of making good on that promise, there was only the waiting until the sample had been taken. Only after did he begin to remove the helmet, Callie able to catch but a glimpse of the robe wearing fiery haired figure exiting the room with a syringe full of her blood.


Callie Sacramento blinked watering eyes as she tried to make out the exiting figure. Either her abduction hadn't been quite the spur of the moment thing she had thought or Kurt had decided to take advantage of the situation since. He had assistance! And from the looks of the facility in which he had her hidden they were well financed. Callie looked at Malkomes. It had to be his drug suppliers. Yes, that was it! They were hoping to refine their product through examination of her regeneration matrix. But who? Now she not only needed to escape, but gather information as well.

Kurt Malkomes caught the look in her eyes and grinned, giving Callie a pat on the cheek. "I can only imagine what thoughts are racing through that brain of yours about now." Turning away he moved to set the motorcycle helmet on table. "Theories, questions, all tumbling over each other as you struggle to unravel this new piece of the puzzle." He pulled out a chair, settling in to relax a moment while facing the dangling Callie. "Chances are though, whatever you're thinking of isn't even close to the truth."

Callie Sacramento shook her head, happy to have the helmet off, but her sweat matted hair remained plastered to her head. She didn't usually carry on conversations with people while hanging by the arms, naked, her legs held apart by a spreader bar at the ankles, but she had to ask, "So, are you going to fill me in... or do you think I... can't handle the truth...?"

Kurt Malkomes laughed. "You're not serious, are you!?" He asked incredulously. "Just tell you everything here and now? I don't think so. You want information you're going to need to find it out yourself." Kurt leaned back, chuckling as eyes roamed Callie's dangling form. "...but I don't think you'll be doing any investigating for awhile."

Callie Sacramento took a deep breath and winced, though her pained expression seemed more than just that as she asked, "So what do you plan to do with me? That sounded as if you don't plan to kill me even after Belle refuses to pay..."

"We'll see..." Kurt answered as fingertips stroked the hard surface of the helmet. "...for now you serve a purpose and if Belle doesn't pay, well..." Here Kurt offered a faint sinister quirk of lips. "...someone else will." Then expression change, features twisting into a brief rage as he abruptly stood and showing no remorse hurled the helmet across the room to strike Callie in the stomach "But never forget that you are mine! That you are NOT irreplaceable and I WILL do with you whatever I damn well please!"

Callie Sacramento saw him move the throw the helmet, but brought the spreader bar up to slowly. She yelped as it smacked her in the tender midsection before clattering to the floor.

Blue Belle smiled as she parks the Bellemobile around the corner from the facility that Sara had determined was not as unoccupied as it appeared. "Okay Kei, I know we've already had two false leads, but I have a feeling about this one... Malkomes is tough... and our surveillance indicates there may be other personnel involved... be careful... you already know firsthand how vicious he can be..."

Kei Kishimoto nodded. "Hai, Belle... Don't worry, I won't let you down!"

Blue Belle chuckled and smiled. "Kei, you've never had anything to prove to me. I love you. But it's Callie who needs us now. You saw what she was going through in that vid. And I wouldn't be surprised if Malkomes carried out his threat to kill her in 48 hours... you sneak in the back... while I enter the front."

Kurt Malkomes reached for the slim short-range radio on his belt when the device beeped, ice blue gaze watching Callie like a hawk as he spoke into it. "Malkomes, here. Go ahead." A pleased smile spread across his face after listening for a few seconds. "Understood. Heading out now." He clicked the phone like device off and reattached it to his belt. "I'm sorry, Callie. Afraid I'll have to leave you alone for awhile. Seems we have some guests and it wouldn't do if I didn't greet them properly."

Blue Belle approached the entrance to the building, midnight blue bodysuit clinging to her ample curves, brightsword already in her hand and extended, muttering to herself. "I may not be Yumi but direct frontal assaults seem to work well for her... if nothing else it should provide a distraction for Kei..." A beam of blue struck between the double doors and a boot came up to kick them open.

Kei Kishimoto circled to the backside of the building, finding a gutter to scale to the roof, lavender skirt fluttering about her thighs as she ran to the rooftop housing of the elevator shaft, looking for the usual service entrance. "I just need to find Callie while Belle keeps 'em busy!"

Belle was in. Kei would perhaps find a bit of a delay. The elevator service entrance was there, cover showing years of rust but also locked. Inside, Kurt strode out of the converted clean room to head off Belle, killing the lights as he left to leave Callie in familiar darkness and also locking the doors to the room. Moving to the ground floor, he kept in contact with the security room, quietly moving down a hall and slipping into an empty office. Kurt waited there as he received regular updates, choosing not to confront the busty leader until she was deeper within the building.

Blue Belle marched down the hall, fiery hair bouncing about her shoulders as her head swiveled. She paused before the door to the stairwell. She took a device from her belt to scan beyond the walls for heat signatures. Faint readings came from below. An instant later the clacking of hr heels was headed down.

Kei Kishimoto, on the roof, had discovered the locked door. This was not entirely unexpected. It looked like a simple deadbolt on the inside. She rummaged in her backpack and took out a magnet. She jiggles the door and tries to work the bolt with the magnet. "Come on... just slide over a little further..."

Kurt Malkomes exited the office on learning Belle had entered a stairwell, quickly moving to cut her off at the next floor, large frame bursting through the door and rushing the woman from the side in an effort to catch her off-guard. Above Kei would have little trouble with the standard lock, the device little more than a deterrent to keep troublemakers from sneaking in. Against people with the proper tools it presented only a minor obstacle. A satisfying *click* informing Kei she was that much closer to her goal.

Blue Belle heard the door burst open as she reached the landing of the next floor. She swung the blue energy beam of her weapon around to meet the rush of the big man, trying to dance out of the way, hoping to drop him with a taser-like shock before he could actually get his hands on her.

Kei Kishimoto grinned as she door opened for her. She slipped inside the shaft and started down the ladder, dressed all in lavender, a grey canvas backpack strapped to her shoulders.

Some where in the dark below a frustrated Callie Sacramento knew her friends were trying to save her. She strained to lift one ankle to her mouth. Could her teeth do anything to the to the clasp?

Kurt Malkomes hadn't been aware the woman had been armed and found himself forced to turn his attack into an high momentum dodge. Tucking into a somersault roll, Kurt just barely managed to get his frame under Belle's swing, large frame able to stop only when wide back slammed into safety railing. Grimacing at the impact, Kurt swiftly swept at Belle's feet with a thick leg, a desperate attempt to allow himself a moment of recovery in knowing he was already at an early disadvantage. Kei would find her progress unimpeded, Kurt having intended to deal with this other intruder on his own, but first he had to get past Belle and that was proving to be more difficult than first perceived. And during all this Callie was working on her own escape, employing her impressive flexibility in the darkness Kurt had left her in to lift ankle to mouth and attempt to use her teeth in working the belt like strap free.

Blue Belle frowned as the arc of her energy sword missed its mark, her skills obviously rusty. She went down like a sack of potatoes when her ankles were swept, albeit a rather shapely sack of skintight midnight blue. She grunted as she hit the floor, grimacing as she tried to roll away into a crouch and keep her weapon between herself and Malkomes.

Kei descended quickly, going all eight floors to the bottom of the shaft, opening a door there to find herself in a pitch dark hallway.

Callie growled and tugged, ignoring the pain, even as the effort left her glistening with sweat. Finally one side came free. Biceps flexing she pulled herself up, toes of freed foot guiding the bar through a link of the chain that held her. The link of chain was no match for her lever. She fell with a thud on her ass.

Kurt Malkomes used the railing to pull himself up and quickly distanced himself from the prone but still armed Belle, clearly frustrated at how long this was taking as he rolled aching right shoulder. "Play time is over." Eyes narrowing as he brought hands close together, Kurt showing extreme concentration while the temperature around both began to rise and wisps of steam rose off his body. "I've got a surprise for you, Belle." Lips trembling as he forced a grin. "You're going to love this." As she watched, a ball of fire began to form between his open hands, expanding to the size of a volleyball before it shot like a cannonball toward Belle.

Blue Belle gaped in disbelief, never having really believed Kei's story about the monks and learning to throw fireballs while on her study abroad trip. At least not until now. Too late she tried to block the energy ball away with the brightsword. It struck her in the chest. She was knocked backwards, brightsword going out as it flew from her hand, frantically smacking at her bosom to put out the flames.

Kei Kishimoto heard a thunk and then a rattling of chains. She felt her way to a door and tried to open it. "Callie?"

Callie Sacramento was busy on the floor inside, freeing her other ankle and trying to use the metal spreader bar as a lever to pop her wrists apart. "Kei?"

Kurt Malkomes used the opportunity to close the distance with long stride, gauntlets of fire erupting about both hands as he executed the beginning of a combination, hoping to use the distraction of Belle dealing with the fires on her clothing to connect with a hard underhook right to her gut and follow up with a solid left to her temple. This encounter had gone on far too long and he needed to end it here and now.

Blue Belle was again too late to react to Malkomes attack, doubling over the right, before being spun to the floor by the left. She lay there on her back, unmoving but for the wobbling of her large boobs protruding through the blackened hole in her costume where the BB logo had been.

Downstairs Kei Kishimoto unlocked the door and discovered Callie inside, carrying a steel staff, wearing only a motorcycle helmet and steel bracelets on her wrists. "Callie, are you alright?" "I will be after I kill Malkomes!" "Then lets kick his ass if Belle hasn't already!"

Kurt Malkomes wasted no time in lifting his newest prize onto his shoulders and made his way back down, reaching for radio at his hip on the way. "One secured. Returning with her now. What's the status on the other?" Listening as he descended to the lowest floor, brief admiration given to Belle's shapely backside as he stepped through connecting door. "Understood. Lock down all outer, hall and stairwell doors. Should funnel them right to me." He was in the hall now, effectively blocking the return path to the elevator as he walked toward the clean room Callie and Kei were in, Belle slung over shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Kei and Callie stepped out into the hall only to see Malkomes approaching with Belle draped over his shoulder. "Oh shit! He's got Belle!" "Don't panic, Kei. Like together the two of us can take him!" Callie was already spinning the bar, getting a feel for it. Kei rummaged in her backpack. "Then let's do it!" Kei's hand came out of the pack throwing three coins with almost the force of bullets.

Kurt Malkomes thrust an arm out, palm open as if he thought himself a Jedi master, but it wasn't the coins that were halted in midair. Instead a protective pyrokinetic barrier rose around him, deflecting the deadly coins away from himself to clatter harmlessly on the floor. Counting on a shared moment of surprise amongst the Dolls, immediate concentration and focus went to the area between the two, fist slammed closed turned palm up and then opened again. This somehow helping Kurt to focus the energies which were released as a pyrokinetic mine, exploding upward and outward with intense fiery concussive force in an effort to simultaneously disable both Kei and Callie by slamming them against opposite sides of the hall.

Kei and Callie were sent flying by what to them was a sudden mysterious explosion between them. They did indeed each slam roughly into a wall on either side of the hall, tumbling roughly to the floor. The girl in lavender crumpled in an unconscious heep, but the naked girl, perhaps because she had been wearing a motorcycle helmet, was up and charging. Callie swung the metal pole at Malkomes' knees.

Kurt Malkomes growled in annoyance as Callie refused to stay down and even charged to attack, a bold move considering he had Belle as a hostage. On the other hand he was also completely open, unable to do much other than take the blow but also unceremoniously dumping Belle fully atop the helmeted attacker, forcing her to deal with the unconscious woman's dead weight.

Callie Sacramento was about as pumped with adrenalin as one gets. The stout naked woman easily shouldered Belle's 140 or so pounds aside to the floor and spun to deliver another blow to the backs of the Kurt's knees. "I like won't let you win!" The metal bar blurred as it rotated in her hands, the opposite end from the one that struck the knees coming around to whack his head.

Kurt Malkomes fell to a knee under Callie's intensity, hardly expecting such a furious assault from a naked and battered woman. As she came around to strike against his head, an arm raised up swathed again in fire, the gauntlet like construct enough to deflect the blow and keep his bone from being shattered. Kurt then looked to counter by pulling Callie in by the wrist, put her across his shoulder's in a fireman's carry and front slam her just as quickly flat on her back.

Callie Sacrameto yelped as she was grabbed, failing as she was lifted, screeching in fury as she was brought down, hitting the concrete hard, metal rod rolling away from her hand as the wind rushed out of her. She lay there unable to move, briefly paralyzed by the impact, her glistening naughty bits jiggling tightly.

Kurt Malkomes kept hold of the weapon hand, tactics changing as the object had been dropped. Instead of putting her into the armbar he'd intended Kurt combined that move with leg scissors, pulling on the arm as leverage as he leaned back, squeezing the air from her lungs as tree trunk thighs flexed, determined not to release the hold until the woman passed out from lack of oxygen.

Callie was helpless to prevent being scissored and a long shuddering minute later her glistening straining flesh slumped unconscious. The three heroines lay strewn unconscious about the hallway, no match for the powerful wrestler with unexpected powers. Was this the end of the Danger Dolls?

Kurt Malkomes waited just a few seconds after Callie finally went limp before releasing the hold. No need to risk she was playing possum. He took a moment to look over the defeated trio, then went about the unwanted task of securing them all in separate rooms and also deciding what was to be done with the new additions. Callie was placed back in the clean room, wrists and ankles tightly secured and again hung by surprisingly strong locks of hair. Belle was stripped, gagged and hogtied, her sex nicely exposed in the way her legs were bent with ankles crossed and bound to wrists by rope, eventually finding a beam strong enough to support her weight and hoisting her up to hang in the center of an empty storage room. Kei was stripped as well, but Kurt was running out of creative ideas. He blindfolded the girl, bound her arms behind her back and decided to go for the domination look. Wrapping rope around her breasts till they looked about ready to pop, running the connecting length of hemp rope between her legs so that it parted the folds of her sex, running it up along her back and tying it to a simple metal hook, then hoisted it up so she hung about a foot off the floor, leaving her to dangle at a slight forward angle.


Catwoman grins as she prepares her accounts for transfer, looking over the captive dolls.

Blue Belle dangles naked in a hogtie, murmuring into her gag, the extreme arch of her back only accentuating the size and pointiness of her boobs.

Catwoman smirks looking at the image of Belle humbled so.

Kunoichi Kei is blindfolded as well as gagged, her naked flesh leaning at more of an angle, bound by a combination of zipties and rope, her boobs turgid and lavender in color with congestion due to the ropes tight about them.

Blue Belle grimaces as she strains at the bindings, her big brown eyes staring wide into the camera. She slumps again, unable to free herself from the humiliation as her dangling form slowly turns, giving the buyers a 360 of her naked hogtied flesh.

Catwoman purrs, “Simply’s about time the dangerrrdolls were finished!”

Shaggity Ann smirks, “Oh? So she is one of the Danger Dolls? How Intreguing!”

Kunoichi Kei whimpers and writhes, whining as her own zipties dig into wrists and ankles and knees and elbows, her boobs pointing at the camera like warheads.

Catwoman enjoys the little display as we all wait for the auction to begin.

Kurt Malkomes could be heard laughing off camera, finding amusement as Belle's struggling only served to send her in a slow turn. "That's it, Belle. Show yourself off for our viewers, give them a good look at what's for sale." He checked his watch then, disappearing briefly to see who had signed on thus far. "...just about time."

Kunoichi Kei rotates slowly like Belle, and as the boobs turn away the view of her bulging sex, clean smooth folds enveloping the thick rope there comes into view.

Blue Belle tries to say something to comfort Kei, but through the gag it only sounds like muffled grunting from a pig.

Catwoman murmurs, “Mmnnn how utterrrly delicius...if only Callie Sacramento was up forrr bid as well...I could have a whole collection in my cages.”

Kurt Malkomes reuses lines from forum post. "And here we are. I'd like to thank all of you who chose to take part in this event. Let's not waste any time, shall we? First of all, we have the Blue Bomber..." Making light of Belle's horizontal manner of display. "...and her faithful wingman, Purple Passion." Okay, so that wasn't as funny, but Belle and Kei were introduced. "Bidding will start at $50,000. Do I have a first bid!?"

Catwoman grins as she purrs wickedly, "50!"

Doctor Villainess glares at her 'henchman'. "Raise thah pattell..." she hisses out in her best evil voice. The henchman, a young, Russian man dressed in a sexy looking tuxedo, raises the paddle.

Kurt Malkomes grins as one bid immediately came in. "I've got $50,000 for Belle! Do I hear $55,000!?"

Catwoman growls scowling at DV. "75!"

Shaggity Ann can't really afford anyone but wants to watch. Ann was a rookie on the bad side since she found Villains so much more amazing than heroes.

Doctor Villainess is barely able to hide her feel of sympathy for poor Belle and Kei, seeing the color of Kei's tits, and whimpering... however, the henchman nudges her and she shakes the sadness out, "Uhhermm... how...utterrrrly delicious..." she mocks Catwoman. "Raise the pattell..." she hisses. The henchman raises his paddle. "80 for Blue Belle."

Catwoman enters in her new bid of 100,000 as she watches on her luxurious monitor since it’s not a live auction, designating a total of 200,000; 100 for each.

Blue Belle glances over at Kei as she comes into view, and Belle's face can be seen to contort in dismay even as a shuddering sob wracks her ample flesh.

Crystal brushes back icicle blue hair as she gazes down at the computer screen. What a poor job! Why hire someone of her caliber to click a button and send in bids? “I suppose collection will be more interesting.” As an initial bid for Kei is sent in it was time to act though, bidding on behalf of her employer her message is sent at 125,000 for Kei.

Shaggity Ann giggles to herself hearing the two villainess go head to head at this auction.

Doctor Villainess hisses, "raise... the pattell...." the henchman's eyes widen. "Are you sure?" he asks the villainess. She leans up and whispers something, and he nods. "$125,000 for Blue Belle.... $150,000 for Kei...."

Kurt Malkomes points a finger toward Catwoman's monitor, each bidder having their own separate screen. "I've got $75,000... $80,000 for Belle. But let's not leave Kei behind. Do I hear...yes! $65,000 for the sidekick! Will anyone raise to $70,000!?" Things were progressing rapidly. Kurt was having trouble keeping up. "We're at $100,000 for Belle and I now have a bid of $80,000 for Kei. $100,000! I've got $125,000 for Kei!"

Doctor Villainess grins!

Kunoichi Kei redoubles her useless efforts to struggle free as she hears the sound of people bidding, this writhing only making swollen naughty bits bulge more painfully as she turns before the camera like meat on a hook.

Catwoman smirks. "$400,000 for both of them," she purrs as she raises a single claw, smirking at Kurt on the camera.

Doctor Villainess laughs. "You can't raise the bidding above $25,000 a hit, Catwoman," she says, looking at Catwoman's corner of her monitor. "Raise the pattell...." The henchman nods, hoping that her obedience to the rules would make Kurt lean in their direction. "$150,000 for Belle, $150,000 for the sidekick...."

Catwoman growls, “Very well...350,000 for both of them!”

Doctor Villainess narrows her eyes, "So... we're doing it both at a time now, Catwoman? I can work with that, if the auctioneer agrees..."

Blue Belle has a tear running down her face as it turns back to the camera. A moment later her bodacious body is again seen in tortured profile, back arched, boobs thrust out, wrists and ankles bound together in the knot of rope from which she hangs.

Kurt Malkomes took a breath. This was insane. How did those professional auctioneers do it? "Damn. Rising to $125,000 for Belle and $150,000 for Kei." Kurt moved over to cup Belle's breasts and give them a good jiggle. "Come on people, don't let these go to waste! She might be a little older but she's still as firm as ever!" Kurt's blue eyes swiveled across the sea of monitors set up behind the cameras. "Up to $150,000 for each." Kurt pointed back at Catwoman's monitor. "Bids for both Dolls now stand at $175,000!"

Doctor Villainess grumbles. "MERDE!" she bursts out in a typical French accent. The henchman's eyes go wide. "180,000 each!!!"

Blue Belle makes a face, but is unable to spit the gag, drool falling from her chin as she shakes her head at having her boob squeezed for the viewers.

Crystal's monitor would more than likely be frosted up, camera icing over from just being close to her, crackles of cold obscuring visions but yet such tell tale signs for who is behind. She isn’t rushing, biding time, ice cool as she sends down a bid for $200,000 for Kei.

Kunoichi Kei's hands writhe, fingers flaring, but the only result is a faint trickle of blood where the ziptie cuts into her wrist.

"Don't touch her, you pig!" Doctor Villainess squeals out.... the henchman gives her a rough shove. "$225,000 for both!"

Catwoman can't imagine wanting Kei without Belle, as sidekicks are soooo...common. She increases the bid for Belle to 195,000 and Kei to 225,000.

Blue Belle gulps as she hears the figures being bandied about, hoping she and Kei will remain together.

Catwoman rolls her eyes at the idiocy as she retorts, "450,000 for both, as 225,000 is far less than the current bidding you ignorant fool..."

Kunoichi Kei thinks that going for more in an auction was not the way of proving herself to Belle she had in mind. If these zipties from her backpack just weren't so damn effective.

"I've got $180,000. Is that for one or both? Oh! $195,000 for Belle." Malkomes’s attention shifting to Crystal's frosted screen. "$200,000 for Kei. Tied again at $225,000 for each. We're at $225,000 for Kei! Do I hear $230,000!?"

DoctorVillainess blurts, "230,000!!"

Catwoman trumps, “$500,000 for the pair of them!”

Doctor Villainess clenches her fists, muttering to her henchman. "If I get both of zhem.... and I free zhem... Belle will surely make me a Danger Doll, too..." She then snaps to the camera. "$525,000 for ze both of them!!"

Catwoman growls, growing more and more irritated by Docor Villaness, wondering how that newcomer could dare to be so bold as to tell the auctioneer to not touch the meat hanging there.

Blue Belle glistens with a cold sweat now, not wanting to imagine why someone would pay that sort of money for her, but knowing deep in the pit of her flip flopping stomach she is going to find out if she can't escape.

Catwoman’s eyes narrow, hearing the voice turn into an incredibly distinct French accent. She purrs, having an idea who she might be bidding against raising her bid to $575,000 for the pair of lovely dolls hanging there in humiliation. “Unless you have a better offer Darra?” Catwoman grins, purring out to Doctor Villainess, testing to see how foolish the other bidder is.

Kunoichi Kei continues to turn, her struggles by now having resulted in several inches of rope completely disappearing between the glistening swollen lips of her mound.

Crystal brushes a hand back through icicle hair, and without the banter or baiting, or petty bickering she sends through the bid for $300,000 for Kei alone.

Catwoman licks her lips, watching the pair of them slowly twirl, their nude bodies displayed shamefully.

Doctor Villainess 's eyes widen. "I'm... I'm not...I mean...erm... It doesn't matter! $600,000 for ze both of zhem!" She leans forward and grabs the monitor, still refusing to take her mask off even if Catwoman just spilled the beans.

Blue Belle hangs her head now as she turns, almost as if unable to look up at teh camera or, more importantly, at the poor intern dangling across from her. "Nngh... Mmmmph rrrr grrk..." Her effort to say something to Kei still comical if not for the horror of their predicament.

Doctor Villainess tries to calm herself, her 'henchman' sits her down, and she sends in a bid increase on Belle."

Kurt Malkomes was smiling at the bids kept pouring in. Now at $250,000 and rising ever higher. Catwoman briefly held the lead before a solid bid of $300,000 came in for Belle, raised immediately to $325,000. As a $275,000 bid came in for Kei, Kurt strode over to the dangling heroine and gave her sex a hard smack. "Look how responsive she is, ladies and gentlemen! Surely you don't want to let this prize slip away." And there it was. Crystal's bid of $300,000 for Kei. Dr. Villainess just a bit too slow to raise. Bids now standing at $325,000 for Belle and $300,000 for Kei.

Kunoichi Kei yelps and lurches as the sound of her sex being smacked echoes about the chamber, leaving her twitching and snorting even as her sex swells.

Doctor Villainess hisses!!! "You slag auctioneer!!"

Kurt Malkomes raises a brow. “Er... Dr. Villainess...”

Doctor Villainess tears her mask off. The henchman tries to keep her calm, pushing forward the bid at $350,000 for Belle and $325,000 for Kei. Doctor Villainess is now known as Darra`LaRivierre. Darra shoves the henchman aside and tries to raise the bidding again. "Hang in Zhere, Belle! Hang zhere little Asian girl!!"

Catwoman yawns, raising the bid for Kei to 350,000 and for Belle to 375,000.

Blue Belle wonders if the sweat now actually dripping from her glistening flesh might loosen the ropes and so she makes another desperate effort to pull free, muscles flexing, straining, but only succeeds in giving the camera a better view between her wide open legs and leaves her boobs swinging like a pair of fleshy plumb bobs.

Kurt Malkomes offers a little chuckle at Kei's reaction, then tilts head slightly as Darra's identity is revealed. "Well, I can't say this is hardly unexpected. I knew one of you types would be watching, but I'm afraid I can no longer honor your bids." Allowing Darra to continue observing the proceedings from afar, Kurt returned focus to incoming bids. "Let's see. Both now stand at $350,000. Up to $365,000 and hold at $375,000. Matching bids of $375,000 for Belle and Kei. Seems some people are determined to pick these two up as a pair!"

Catwoman snickers. “You may as well give up won't be rescuing Blue Belle while I’m herrre!”

Darra LaRivierre snarls. "You bastard!!" She points at the auctioneer screen. "I'm paying zheir ransom, you pahssetic creatures!!"

Catwoman sighs. “God...can we mute her, that accent is just so dreadful!”

Crystal sips glass of wine as she watches the affair, the back and forth banter between the two frantic bidders. Such money for a couple of wannabes is unreal, but it wasn’t her money and that Kei had delayed a plan or two of her own once. It would be much better to spilt the couple up, so another bid is sent through at $400,000 for Kei and Kei alone.

Darra LaRivierre's 'henchman' backs away nervously as Darra holds on to the screen. "I can track your ISP, Catwoman! I will find you and free zhem and slice you in to little pieces wiss your own claws!" Darra is talking out of her 'ignorance' of course, but maybe instilling a deep fear in Catwoman that she's coming might make her feel better.

Catwoman matches the bid for Belle, mostly caring about having her, owning the pair would be nice, but the leader is so much more fun to have.

Kunoichi Kei gulps as she hears someone was trying to save them and then hears that hope be dashed. She shakes her head so violently she nearly dislodges the blindfold, though the resulting jiggling of her discolored boobs is excruciating.

Blue Belle catches Kei's eye and tries to give her a reassuring look as if that were possible while dangling in a naked hogtie.

Catwoman slaps head, realizing she had no need to increase her bid on Belle.

Blue Belle also wonders why one bidder is so interested in Kei alone, fearing for her ward and intern.

Darra LaRivierre's henchman whispers to her, "Darra... I'm sorry, the auctioneer has a bouncing signal... it makes it so it seems as if he's moving from one address to another. Maybe Jenny could figure out a way past that, but not me." She stares at Blue Belle, her odd angle, Kei's poor strained boobs. She whimpers meekly.

Kurt Malkomes is also putting in periodic bids of persons not currently present who voiced an interest. "$375,000 for Belle. Kei is raised to $400,000. And now I've got $380,000 for Belle and $410,000 for Kei."

Catwoman continues, “$405,000 for Belle!”

Kunoichi Kei blinks at Belle before her head turns away, giving Belle that now familiar view of Kei's swollen sex gobbling up the thick rope.

Crystal cannot help but laugh just a bit as Kei overtakes Belle in the bidding "Fresh meat... some boys..." she tsks and shakes her head. It’s closing in on her limit, but the bid of $425,000 sent for Kei to put her back into the lead. Money is so easy to spend when it’s not yours.

Darra LaRivierre looks towards the henchman... "Auctioneer... listen to me... I can outbid zees ahzzer fools... What does it matter who zhey go to? You'll be getting money! Put me back in!"

Blue Belle sobs audibly as she sees Kei's backside and begins to fear they will be split up when sold. The spasms ripple through her shiny contours, making it jiggle like jello pudding ready to be eaten.

Darra LaRivierre's henchman walks up behind Darra and sets his hands on her shoulders, trying to comfort her as she stares in to the screen, watching poor Belle as her and the bidders hear the sobs.

Kurt Malkomes never imagined auctioning the Dolls would be this successful, but he was definitely liking the amounts coming forward. "Alright. I've now got $405,000 for Belle and $425,000 for Kei." Things were slowing down now, more time passed between the bids, but more did come, Kurt announcing $410,000 for Belle and $430,000 for Kei. A sign that the bids were not only coming slower, but the rise in increments smaller as well.

Kunoichi Kei screams into her gag as if being stabbed by a butcher knife as a fly lands on the nipple tip of one throbbing turgid breast. “Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...”

Darra LaRivierre actually grabs her own chest and winces. "Oh...ow...."

Catwoman is persistent. “$430,000 for Belle.”

Blue Belle looks up, the pain in her eyes worse than any amount of physical pain could cause. Her lower lip curls out around her own gag.

Crystal sends in the full $25,000 increment she is allowed to go. The trend in the voting showed it was coming to a close, one final push would hopefully get rid of any final bidders. So the ice queen sends through the amount of $455,000 for Kei.

Kunoichi Kei pants for air, drooling all around her gag as the fly leaves her swollen breast. A moment later she gets an odd expression and begins to twitch mysteriously until her slow turning reveals where the fly has come to light instead... on her glistening sticky sex.

Catwoman ponders trying to get both. Should Belle over take Kei again it would be worth it, but to pay more for Kei seems like such a waste. She holds her bid, waiting to see what the unknown parties do, grinning as she looks over both beauties.

Kurt Malkomes took a moment to stretch and exhale a long breath, actually relieved things had reached a more reasonable pace even though only perhaps fifteen minutes had passed. "I'm looking at $430,000 for Belle and $455,000 for Kei. It's getting to the time when we find out who really wants these two gems the most. Do I hear $435,000 for Belle? $460,000 for Kei?"

Darra LaRivierre whimpers. She sees the bidding go up and slow down. It just means that her defeat in rescuing the Danger Dolls is more and more obvious. She begins to shake with anger.

Blue Belle can't help but wonder exactly what her and Kei's sale is financing, not to mention what has happened to Callie.

Catwoman debates with herself. She does so want the pair. She raises the bid for Kei to $460,000!

Crystal rolls her eyes. But she still had budget to spare. Forcing through the bid back up to 475,000 for Kei. Some people are so greedy... and she doesn’t mean Catwoman.

Kurt Malkomes hears a surprising jump to $450,000 from an anonymous bidder for Belle and Crystal's raise to $475,000 for Kei. He'd expected Belle to be the most wanted of the pair so getting these higher numbers for Kei was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

Darra LaRivierre sighs, the reddening in her cheeks matching her hair as Kurt lets her watch. The henchman decides he's going to leave, far too nervous to be around the defeated would-be heroine. Suddenly her hand jerks to the side as the henchman leaves the view of the screen. "AUCTIONEER!!" she squeals, pulling her hand back to reveal a bloodied, red heart. "Ziss will be you! I will find you, I will find who you work for, and I'll..." the henchman's body keels over, crashing in to her monitor and knocking it down... unfortunately, it cuts the feed as well. Darra’s image is gone.

Kunoichi Kei hears the bids and thinks she would give her life's savings to escape the maddening sensation of the fly crawling along her pussy lip. She nearly slips into convulsions as a result, making a terrible show of herself, droplets of sweat flying from tightly jiggling bits.

“Some people can’t handle losing...” Catwoman raises the bid on both to $500,000 each, watching Kei squirm with amusement, seeing how much fun she could have with the ever-faithful sidekick.

Crystal departs her screen for a brief moment, maybe given up, maybe she has just gone... it’s hard to tell with a frosted screen that she was even there in the first place. A short phone call, a speak to the bidder. And it’s not long before a bid of $525,000 comes through for Kei.

Catwoman contemplates this new price for Kei, ready to increase her bid but only should Belle come to the same price from one of the unknown bidders.

Kurt Malkomes seems to have made a new friend, will definitely be relocating now after that little troubling display. "Now then...I see...yes, we're at $500,000 for each." He waits, allowing some time for people think over just how badly they want these two. Granted, a total $1 million for both is good, but hearing Crystal raise Kei to $525,000 is better. Seconds pass, no other bids coming forth. "We're holding at $500,000 for Belle and $525,000 for Kei." This wasn't your typical auction so Kurt was more than willing to allow a few minutes for people to think, but he wouldn't be waiting forever.

Blue Belle shakes back mussed sweaty auburn hair, looks up at the gloating Malkomes and realizes that no matter what she cannot let this be the final legacy of the Danger Dolls. She resolves to bring him to justice if it's the last thing she ever does. Then with an exhausted exhale she slumps.

Kurt Malkomes is indeed gloating, wide smile sent down to Belle as he gives the helpless woman a pat on her cheek.

Blue Belle's cheek reddens instantly, burning in shame at her humiliation.

Kurt Malkomes was going to parade them around a little but keeping up with the bids had taken all his attention. Yet now, as things were slowing down he certainly had more of an opportunity, but feeling the auction was about over was there still any point?

Kunoichi Kei continued to turn like a writhing, quivering worm on a hook.

Crystal as she has done the majority of the evening, remains quiet and content.

Blue Belle instinctively turns her face away from Kurt's hand.

Catwoman sits on her current bid for Belle.

Kurt Malkomes watched a monitor go dark as one bidder cut out, apparently the limit for that one had been reached. A few minutes had passed and bids were holding steady. Another five and Kurt made his decision. "Alright. We have our winners. Ending bids are $500,000 for Belle and $525,000 for Kei. Once transactions are confirmed delivery will be made to the location of your choice. Again, thank you all for taking the time to attend."

Kunoichi Kei could do nothing about her situation but turn slowly in the fading light, showing off her glistening throbbing bits to the camera one last time.

Blue Belle hangs limply in her bondage, either resting or mentally defeated by the whole ordeal.

Kurt Malkomes lowered Belle down first, switching to chain shackles for the transport. Replacing the bindings around wrists and ankles, Kurt hefted that naked woman to her feet and gave her a nudge forward. "Start walking. It's time to see your new home."

Blue Belle obediently shuffles off camera, knowing there is nothing she can do while shackled.

Kurt Malkomes would find himself forced to hold on to Kei for a little while longer as a location for delivery had not yet come through. A few hours or so, but she'd be shackled and sent on her way just like Belle, leaving Kurt richer and the two Dolls having become somebody else's problem. Couldn't really ask for a better day.

Kunoichi Kei eyes Kurt defiantly despite wearing only shackle jewelry, struggling a bit as he manhandles her off-camera by the only fleshy handholds available. “Eeep!”


The sun was coming to set on the outskirts of Empire City, hanging low in the sky as its last beams illuminate the private Askerwell airstrip situated some miles out. One hanger sat in the backdrop, already on the runway was a private jet. Some distance away from the plane the ground had begun to ice over, snow spread out over usual dry tarmac, and in the centre stood Crystal, suitcase in hand. Her eyes watched the private road that led to the airstrip, waiting impatiently as her watch ticks one minute over the agreed exchange time.

It wasn't by land that Malkomes made his approach, but by air. The rising crescendo of rotor blades soon blocking out all over sounds as the transport helicopter touched down over a patch of open field not far from where Crystal was waiting. Dropping out of the aircraft, Malkomes motioned for the other passenger to move forward, strong hands assisting the chained Danger Doll to the ground then gave her a little shove as he ordered her to forward. Though Kei likely found relief in no longer being bound, she had been forced to wear a maid's outfit, humiliation coming as the design cut under her breasts, ample mounds jiggling with each shuffled step as the shackled Doll moved toward her new owner. "Sorry it took so long!" Kurt yelled against the roar of helicopter. "She took forever getting ready!"

Captive Kei pouted, feeling even more humiliated in the ridiculous maid's outfit than she would have in nothing at all. The tightly corseted midriff made her waist look quite small and her breasts huge with her arms cuffed behind. She could barely breath. The white thigh-high stockings ended in black skyscraper heels, walking in them difficult enough even without the short chain between shackled ankles.

Crystal watches as helicopter descends, harsh winds kicked up by the rotating blades sending icicle blue hair blowing all over her face. A flick of her head and she walks on forward to Kurt, the thin briefcase held in one hand. "You're late." she says, almost inaudible over the helicopter. Glinting eyes turn to look to Kei as she gets face to face, it had been a while since she seen the girl, and the brat had lost her the target she was after that day. "I didn’t ask for her gift wrapped... but I suppose you wanted to play with your dolly one more time before she left... right?" she speaks with misted breath, temperatures around the trio dropping passively. "You caused me a lot of trouble before Dolly... know it’s time to make up for it." Crystal whispers with a stroke of ice-chilled finger down the woman’s cheek.

Captive Kei feels the cold touch ripple through her flesh and shivers in her undersized costume, her still swollen left nipple jiggering like a pointing finger as a result. She turns her face away and looks down to hide the tear as if freezes on her cheek.

Kurt Malkomes offered a slight smile as fingertips trailed down Kei's spine. "I do enjoy my toys." Honestly disappointed he hadn't the opportunity to play with her more, but there were other things to focus on. "And sounds like you two have a bit of history, so once we get this trade completed I'll leave the two of you to catch up."

Crystal shoots a look back to Kurt, her finger still resting on Kei's cheek chilling to the bone. "Of course. $525,000 in cold... hard... cash..." she whispers out while holding up the briefcase "... and an extra $10 for delivery... that’s from me." She moves both hands to open up the briefcase. Within are stacks and stacks of crisp notes, all perfectly aligned besides a spare $10 bill sitting a top of it all. "She is a collectors item after all."

Captive Kei looked out across the airfield, wanting to make a run for it, but realizing she wouldn't get far, so simply stood there and shivered. She looked over at the case full of money as she heard Crystal's words. She wanted to blurt out something defiant, but all she could do was sigh, curl her lower lip out under the ball gag and look down at her bare boobs, covered with gooseflesh as they shuddered.

Kurt Malkomes stood behind Kei, strong hands resting on her shoulders as he peered down at the contents of the open briefcase. "As agreed. Do enjoy your prize." Leaning down to place a parting kiss upon the heroine's cheek. "You two play nice now." Reaching to accept the briefcase holding his payment, Kurt would urge Kei another step forward once it was within his possession. "Been a pleasure doing business with you. If there's nothing else, I'll be going."

Crystal snaps the briefcase closed, and hands it on over to Kurt. A cruel smile creeping over glittering features as she makes the exchange "Oh the pleasure is all mine... Now come on Kei you've got a first class ride waiting for you," she says, before turning to wrap a frozen arm around the heroine shoulder, a brief squeeze as they take the first few steps, nice and slow to accommodate the shackles. "Goodbye Kurt. Don’t spend all your cash at once now."

Kurt Malkomes takes the briefcase, allowing himself a moment to stand there and enjoy the sight of Kei being escorted off before returning to the helicopter which then lifts off for parts unknown.

Captive Kei nearly peed herself at the touch of cruel Kurt's lips on her cheek, shuffling forward in her stockings. The wind across the tarmac lifted her already too-short skirt to reveal a lack of panties, the glistening slit there frosting over as Crystal's arm encircled her shoulder and urged her forward. She shook her head and whimpered, moving with head down, her mostly exposed bottom twitching.

Crystal leads the captured doll one shuffle at the time, all the way over to the jet that waited in the distance, its engines slowly spinning in idle, ready to take off at a moments notice. As the helicopter takes off into the air Crystal cannot help but let out just the slightest laugh. "How was I... magnificant I bet..." and she begins to march Kei up the rear steps of the plane.

Captive Kei inches into the waiting plane, wondering what fate awaits her next, trying to keep her wits about her so she'll be ready when the chance to escape comes. She looks up and blinks at Crystal's words, wondering at their meaning. She lofts her brows.

Crystal takes Kei into the rear of the plane, it was the "worker" end, all metal and boxes, crates and luggage. A hand moves to grip that ball gag within her lips, "Now you keep a cool head about yourself, and this will go much much... much easier. Understood?" she says to the bound up heroine, before tugging the ball gag down around her chin, then wiping her hands on the maid outfit.

Captive Kei stares at Crystal, nodding once before the gag is removed, and oddly saying nothing after. She stands there expectantly, trying not to twitch as an exposed breast is brushed by one the hands reaching for her tiny outfit.

Crystal points a cool cool finger at Kei as she stares down into her eyes "Now I would wait for this plane to take off and toss you out into the ocean... if I were feeling extra nasty I'd leave the shackles on. However..." and she turns to the door behind her, the one that leads on to the main cabin before pushing it open wide. Within is first class... better than first class... glass sculptures and large chairs, soft carpets and bottles of champagne in ice buckets. Two air hostesses stood smiling bright, even at Kei's... dress code ".... my employer would rather I didn’t."

Captive Kei blinks and gulps at the luxury cabin beyond. "You're employer? I wondered where you got that sort of money to spend on me!"

Crystal gives a light shove to the back of Kei "Right foot, followed by your left... take a seat and prepare for take off." she whispers out to Kei as the pair walk down the plane. Crystal takes the seat on the left, an identical one rests to the right... the quality of it is probably the most comfort Kei has had in a long time. An air hostess approaches and pours Kei a glass of champagne, even if she is bound "A glass of our finest Kristall... courtesy of CirCee."

Captive Kei stands before the seat, fidgeting. "But my arms are bound behind..." She nods at the look she is given and plops down, her bare breasts, propped up as they are by the outfit, shaking swollen nipples at Crystal. She takes a deep breath and eyes the glass, gaping as the hostess brings it to her quivering lips for a sip.

Crystal idly glances out of the window, watching as the plane begins to roll down the runway, Kurt’s helicopter now a speck in the distance. "Are you going to behave and listen... I’m sure there’s plenty you want to know." she speaks as the window in front of her frosts on over. The hostess lets Kei take little sips of the ice-chilled champagne, before giving a winning smile and preparing for take off.

Captive Kei sips the champagne, choking on the second sip, gulping to catch her breath. She nods to Crystal, a lock of chestnut hair falling across her face. "Hai, are you going to tell me what this is all about? Are you rescuing me? Why don't you free me of these bindings? Who exactly is financing you?"

Crystal stands up and walks over to Kei while the plane is on a short roll. "Lean forward..." she whispers as finger tips touch the shackles between her wrists. There’s a sudden cold behind your back, as if your hands had just been placed in a pale of ice... a crack then a crunch.... and your wrists come loose. Shackles still around each hand.... but the chain link between had been frozen until fragile, and smashed clean off. "One question at a time... first... yes, I am freeing you of your bindings."

Captive Kei eeps as her wrists are freed, sitting back and collapsing into the cushions of the chair as she brings her hands in front of her, wearing the shackles like bracelets now. "Tanks. The ankles too?" Kei gives an expectant grin, realizing finally that if Crystal is someone's employee she doesn't have to be overly subservient to her. "Can I get someting to eat too? Pizza?"

Crystal rolls her eyes slightly, and with a touch of her finger to the glass of champagne Kei had it freezes over to a popsicle. "Don’t push it," she snaps back while moving back over to her own seat, leaving Kei's ankles shackled for now. The reason why? The plane itself was beginning to take off, sudden speed as its nose lifts and they take flight into the air. "You are going on an all expense paid holiday. Courtesy of your... purchaser. I don’t know if you keep up to date in the news of your own company... but I’m positive Victoria Bale will ring a bell."

Captive Kei blinks, her mouth dropping open, actually drooling on the top of one wobbling boobie before being startled out of her shock. "Ms. Bale is one of DDSTV's largest investors! Well after Belle and Chicky! So she decided to rescue me then? But what about Belle?"

Crystal turns in her chair to face Kei, a smile on her face as she begins to explain. "You hit the nail on the head. One of DDSTV's largest investors. You have to understand that the sudden disappearance of the Danger Dolls has sent stock prices plummeting, and the Lady Bale isn’t to happy about Kurt for doing this. To bring the Dolls back together will hopefully rectify the situation. And Belle? She is big enough to take care of herself... but if she were to vanish, lets say Victoria would be willing to lend a hand to help run DDSTV in its time of hardship. What is half a million... to save ten million in the long run?"

Captive Kei gets a dreadful sinking feeling about this situation. "Well I can't wait to tank Ms. Bale personally, but I do hope she'll use her influence to help search for Belle..." Kei tries not to look sick as her mind races. Crystal just made it sound as if Bale knew Malkomes. And it didn't sound a bit like Bale wanted Belle found at all, likely hoping to accomplish now what she failed to do three years ago. Take over DDSTV!

Crystal takes a look back out of the window for a brief second as the plane begins to level off, soaring far away from Empire City by now. "But of course... we have some business to wrap up," she says with a cruel smirk as she pulls out a laptop from underneath the chair. While it’s booting she looks to Kei. "Tell me how much do you hate Kurt? It sure looks like he did a number on you."

Captive Kei takes a deep breath and is instantly reminded of the pain residing in her breasts, still a splotchy lavender from abuse. "I... after what that bastard did to us... worst of all to Callie... I can't wait to get another chance at him!" Kei's nostrils flare as she begins to pant for air. "Next time I won't hold back! I'll kill him!"

Crystal gives a smirk at the reaction from Kei, but turns the laptop to face her. On the screen is an entire page worth of programming and text... but the bottom line was clear, a large unlit button with "ACTIVATE" scrawled over it. "Ms Bale doesn’t like anyone getting away with her own money. And that entire case.... besides the $10 delivery tip... is rigged to rip itself apart at the push of a button." She gets up and walks over to Kei, placing the laptop on the fold out table in front of her "Why not ruin his day. You do the honors, just push enter."

Captive Kei stares at the screen, working her mouth all around as her thoughts go from the videos of Callie's suffering to the tenants of Belle's training. She reaches out with a trembling finger. "I want to kill him... I do..." Kei sighs. "But to just assassinate him in cold blood..." Kei shakes her head. "Belle would not approve of that..." She pulls her hand back.

Crystal rolls her eyes as Kei takes her hand away, and without a second to spare she pushes her own finger down against the enter key. The screen lights up as various lines of text scroll up, and it flashes, "ACTIVATED". Somewhere in a helicopter... maybe landed by now, hundred upon hundred of notes... all laced with microscopic shards of glass just erupted in a make shift fragmentary bomb. Not enough to kill... but enough to shred up all those notes to a fine green dust. "Shame, it’s still what I’m employed to do though."

Captive Kei reacts too slowly, reaching, but unable to stop Crystal before she activates the bomb. "You... you... assassin! Uncle Yugi should have had you for a daughter!" Kei slumps. "Worse yet, it means I can never get revenge on Malkomes now..."

Crystal snaps the laptop lid shut "Get a grip. Kurt’s tougher than a few shards of glass, it wasn’t meant to kill him... just eradicate the money for all the problems he has caused Miss Bale. Now you should think yourself lucky... you could have been in a heck of a lot worse situation right about now. The plane’s heading for one of CirCee's private resorts, you're getting a weak of fun and sun to... relax after your ordeal. Out there on one of Bale's private islands."

Captive Kei protests. "Tanks, but I need to get back to... I mean I need to help search for Belle... I don't have time to..." Kei narrows her eyes and sighs. "I don't have any choice do!?"

Crystal slowly shakes her head as she takes her seat. "This plane isn’t leaving that island for a week. You can swim if you want... but the distance we're going... you would be quicker just enjoying yourself and waiting for the flight home. There will be TV and internet... you can keep yourself up to date and let everyone know you are fine..." She turns to look once again at the costume Kei is wearing. "... and maybe pick up a new outfit or two."

Captive Kei blushes as she is reminded of her exposed bits, the ridiculous maid outfit only making her nudity that much more sleazy. Her response is in a small voice. "Yes, someting less trashy would be nice... does that mean you'll be staying there too?"

Crystal gives a short nod as the plane soars through the clouds. "You, me and a fleet of CirCee staff ready to fulfill your every wish... except going home. But it’s only my job to drop you off there, I ain’t going to be babysitting you the week," she replies.

Captive Kei nods and grins as she already begins plotting to steal the plane. "Sounds good. Will someone be getting these shackles off of me too? Will I be meeting Ms. Bale? I really would like to tank her. What is the name of the island anyway?"

Crystal idly freezes over her own glass of champagne "Yes, and I’m unsure. I will remove the shackles when we land, you aren’t a prisoner Kei. And Ms Bale will not be on the island unless she decides to pay you a visit, my guess is she will be too busy though, possibly see you when you return."

Captive Kei nods and reaches for her own champagne glass, raising it to her mouth and cannonballing it. Her mind is spinning, trying to figure out what Victoria Bale is up to, thinking she will have to have a good look around this island before she makes her escape from not being a prisoner. She puts down her empty glass and grins. "I guess I'll have plenty of time to write her."


Kurt Malkomes had refused treatment following Crystal's betrayal, blood loss and rage clouding his judgment as the large man shuffled down the hallway toward the room where Callie was being held. Leaning against the doorway, Kurt coughed on his own blood, jaw set with determination as vacant stare rested on Callie's dangling form. "I bet they're both having a big laugh about now." Though her back was to him as she hung there, Callie could tell something was wrong the instant he spoke, his words... wet... guttural. She heard him swallow and cough again, a wet splat as a mouthful of blood was spit onto the floor, heavy shuffled steps as he somehow found the strength to move forward. As he passed by Callie became aware of the horrific aftermath, what remained of his shredded clothing was soaked red with blood, a steady trail still dripping off his fingertips as he lumbered past.

Captive Callie hung by the hair and bound in the manner to which she had become accustomed. Her heart began to beat rapidly as she heard Kurt Malkomes' words. Her first though was that Kei and Belle must have escaped. Then she caught a glimpse of Kurt. She gulped. If Belle or Kei had done this to him she was surely going to suffer for it. She tried to control her breathing as she waited naked before him.

Thousands of lacerations covered his body, the thousands of tiny glass shards which caused them sparkling like diamonds in the dim light of the room. Each movement, each tensing of muscle served only to continue the flow of blood now pooling around his feet, yet somehow this behemoth of a man found the will to remain standing. Shrugging off what had to be excruciating pain in a blind adrenaline fueled rage for revenge, hands slick with his own blood drifted over curve of bow which had been left upon the only table in the room. "I was..." Pausing to swallow as his mouth filled up "...saving this." Taking up the bow, he turned, revealing the final horror of what had been done. Facing Callie, she found herself forced to bear witness in that under the crimson mask that covered his face, half of it was just...gone. The skin completely torn away by glass shrapnel, much of it still embedded in the shredded mess of exposed muscle, each twitch of facial features causing glass shards to cut deeper and open fresh lacerations.

Captive Callie stared at him, transfixed, her eyes wide, unaware of the cold sweat beading up on her suddenly fidgeting flesh. After several long seconds she felt a knot balling up inside her. She closed her eyes and started breathing away, her large well-formed breasts rising and falling slowly, hiding the pounding of the heart beneath. She composed herself and reopened her eyes to see what he was doing with the bow.

Kurt Malkomes coughed again, spitting a mouthful of blood onto the floor as he stepped toward Callie, determined to soften her up before the real pain began. How he still found the strength to move was either a testament to his will or a sign of his insanity. The power was gone, the fist he launched at her stomach so slick with blood it just slid right off, the impact hardly enough to make her jiggle. He staggered, seemingly oblivious to the severity of his situation. "" Kurt toppled forward, bloody hand clutching at Callie for support as he fell, streaks of crimson left upon her flesh as in his unsuccessful grasping, bow clattering as it left his grip.

Captive Callie cringed as he balled up a bloody fist, blinking as the blow proved him to be weak as a kitten, sliding off her concave abs without even jolting her. She forced herself to look down as she felt the bloody hands clutch at her thighs, streaking them with blood. Kurt seemed about to follow the clattering bow to the floor. Toes curled as she tried to slip her legs away from the clutch of his desperate but weak bear hug. Callie hoped to pull free and catch an arrow from the quiver on Kurt's back as he planted the bloody remnants of his face on the floor below her.

Kurt Malkomes wasn't moving at this point and was sure to die from blood loss if allowed to lay there for too long, despite that some might say he deserved the agony inflicted upon him. Occasionally an arm or leg would twitch as blood continued to flow from the thousands of lacerations on his body, a pool forming around his still form as Callie worked to free herself. Amazingly, she'd hear him speak. "...surprise...for you..." Was he aware of his words or was it merely delirium?

Captive Callie had caught an arrow in her curling toes as Kurt slipped to the floor. In the time that had transpired since Kurt had left her she had almost fully healed, and so it was with relative ease that her legs came up, sweeping the flash of triangular metal arrowhead above her, severing her hair from the hook that held it. Her meaty ass landed with a hard plop, cushioned by Kurt's body. Callie rolled aside, using the arrow to snip zipties at ankles, knees, wrists and elbows alike. She pondered his seeming last words as she came free, working her joints and rubbing her wrists. She knelt by Kurt, relieving him of quiver and bow, searching for any set of keys that might be on him. "I ought to kill you, but I guess I'll leave that to fate," she commented as she padded to the cell door.

A wet sounding impact that only served to worsen Kurt's already dire situation and may even leave Callie with a few of those glass shards stuck in her own rear end. As for keys, yes, she'd find a pair, a set that allowed access to any and all exterior and interior doors. The dying Kurt offered no response to her cold words, just continued to lie there and bleed. The way was open, freedom but a few doors away.

Captive Callie screwed not only her courage, but an arrow as well to the sticking place and padded into the hall on bare feet, naked but for the quiver draped over her shoulder. She left wet prints on the floor as she made her way down the hall, keys clenched in her teeth, bow at the ready to be pushed out and aimed if anyone got in her way.

The floor was quiet. Empty. Whatever project that had been occurring in this place moved elsewhere. Even the security room was unoccupied, the door left open, cameras off. Thankfully, power still remained, enough to allow minimal lighting for Callie to find her way out. Yet that was all, for the elevator would prove unresponsive, forcing her to take the stairwell.

Captive Callie stopped to listen for a moment before entering the stairwell. She heard nothing, opened the door, and headed quickly up the stairs, anxious to escape this facility that had been such a hell for her. She was on edge and her heart was thumping, but beginning to think perhaps everyone besides Kurt was gone.

Freedom was within her reach, she just had to get to the ground floor. There was nothing left to stand in her way. Then she heard it, faint but unmistakable even through the walls. The elevator was moving.

Captive Callie sucked air as she heard the sound of the elevator. Had Kurt somehow revived? She took stairs two at a time, racing the elevator, her naked form bounding to the landing on the ground floor in seconds. The door to the hallway was still not repaired she noted as she pushed it open to rush into the hallway beyond where the fading light of dusk cast shafts of light through the windows.

The elevator dinged just as Callie stepped out into the hallway, though her sighting had been brief, she recognized the robes as belonging to the one she'd seen before. This man, perhaps six feet in height, carried the severely wounded Kurt over his shoulder as if the man weighed nothing. He was also not alone. Accompanied by what appeared to be a soldier, fully armed and wearing strange full body armor, the robed man turned serpentine green eyes upon Callie and spoke only two words. "Get her." Then proceeded to carry Kurt toward the front entrance as immediately the soldier obeyed, brandishing something Callie was quite familiar with as it approached to combat the woman. A staff.

Captive Callie stumbled to a stop in the hallway, blinking at the man with the lizard-like eyes. She raised and pushed out the bow, the shuddering strain of her muscles rippling through her ample chest. She drew down on the soldier as he took his orders and approached her. She was no expert with a bow but she let an arrow fly at the center of his chest.

The shot was slightly off but managed to puncture straight through the soldier's right shoulder. Yet he didn't stop. Didn't even flinch. Something was off here. The soldier moved to close the distance before Callie had a chance to nock another arrow, staff swept in a wide arc mostly as a distraction to force her into backpedaling, but also to disarm the woman if able. It was then Callie realized something else, her opponent wasn't bleeding.

Captive Callie ducked away as the bow was knocked from her hands by this man who felt no pain. Or was it a man? Unlike Kurt there was no blood that she could see. Despite the arrow she shot seemingly embedded deep. Could it be some sort of robot? A cyborg? She really didn't have tome to ponder that, or she was going to get clobbered. She ducked again and swept a leg at his ankles.

The soldier was floored with relative ease, showing either poor combat skills or painfully slow reaction time. Though appearing to have the upper hand Callie hadn't won just yet, for her grounded opponent lashed out with the staff, looking to return the favor and take the naked heroine off her feet. While this battle was going on she'd also hear a strange sound from outside, like an engine whirring to life, but unlike anything she'd heard before.

Captive Callie had plenty of practice with staff combat. She put down a hand as her legs were swept out from under her, cartwheeling on the hand into a flip over the down soldier. Arms and legs pumping, she showed him her flexing bare backside as she ran for the door to the outside to see what was making that unusual whirring sound.

The downed attacker was slow to rise, Callie had plenty of time to take in the scene. What she saw was, was small. Fully enclosed. Forward cockpit visible. Appearing to be a transport vessel, with no identifiable markings and using unknown methods of propulsion. It lifted off vertically, turning as it rose until it vanished from sight, initiating some sort of cloaking field to hide it from view during travel.

Captive Callie tried to fix the imagine in her mind so she could relay as much about it as possible to Sara once she got back to the DDSTV Tower. She heard the apparent robot soldier stirring in the hallway behind her, apparently intent on carrying out his orders. Callie glanced back and rushed outside in the ever-lengthening shadows of dusk, only to driven flat to the pavement of the parking lot as the ensuing series of explosions reduced the facility behind to rubble, leaving no traces of the soldier or clues as to the operation that had been conducted there.


Catwoman takes comfort in yanking on bound Belle's leash.

Bound Belle winces and hangs her head as she follows. “Err...”

Catwoman parades her illegally gained pet around town.

Arik Cabral gapes.

Black Thirteen blinks... what the hell? He thought he saw... well, a 'putty cat'... with a girl.

Samsoni watches and has a pizza.

Black Thirteen eyes the strange parade... a woman in a catsuit... and another all bound up? Poor sap of a girl must have had a bad night...

Bound Belle follows Catwoman about helplessly, tiny steps because of the hobble chain between her ankles, her arms bound behind in a single glove, her already jutting breasts pushed up by an ever-so-tight corset, cats ears on her head to make it clear who tugs the leash attached to her collar.

Ms Blacksuit shakes her head."Tsk, tsk...shame."

Catwoman smirks as she struts around with the former Danger Doll leader.

“Ouch.” Black Thirteen leans back and watches the unusual activity. Usually someone would try and stop it... but this city was a little different. People were too shocked perhaps, or too amazed, or frightened. And many others might not be out at this late hour... heh. Entertaining nonetheless.

Harley Quinn offers Thirteen a bit of popcorn.

Bound Belle blushes as she is paraded about in black leather skyscraper heels, stockings, single glove and corset, the rest of her assets left on display by her captor.

Tess Cabral could not but help an “oh my” at the pointing bare breasts pushed up by the corset.

Bound Belle has never been so humiliated. Her eyes are furtive, expecting some of her team to come to her aid certainly at any moment.

Starlance crouches on the rooftop and frowns slightly, watching Catwoman lead about what looked to be a Danger Doll on a leash. She jumped over the side of the building and began to slide down.

Catwoman smirks wickedly as she suddenly lashes a short cat-o-nine tails across belle's rear for her to stop dawdling.

Bound Belle emits a muffled eep through her gag and prances forward, her pointy nipples shaking like angry fingers at naughty onlookers.

Samsoni ogles.

Bound Belle’s cheeks burn as red as the hair that falls down over them.

Catwoman chides, “Pick up the pace my dear, we're already running late as it is.”

Bound Belle blinks at Catwoman, her eyes pained as they peer out over the mouth corset she has been fitted with.

Starlance lands in a crouch and watches from the alleyway, her eyes narrowed behind her visor as she watches the abuse the one in black is putting on the trussed up woman.

Catwoman wears purple, its more fitting for the queen of crime.

Bound Belle has been fitted all in black leather and nylon stockings that set of her flaming red hair.

Cammy blinks at the sight.

Bound Belle hurries as much as she can, ample flesh jiggling tightly, head mostly down, but obviously sneaking looks up from time to time.

Arik Cabral has a minion recording this for later viewing, though he knows it not. Sometimes, minions can be handy.

Black Thirteen raises an eyebrow at the new faces.

Catwoman leads Belle into a store to pick something up just barely making it before it closes.

Starlance growls from her spot in the alleyway, and kicks at a garbage can sending it flying with a bit of telekinetic enhancement.

Bound Belle stands with thighs squeezed together as if that will hide her southern exposure.

Catwoman exits carrying a small bag as she looks up, growling as it looks like it’s about to rain...pops back inside for an umbrella.

Bound Belle follows Catwoman dutifully in and out, her steps short and awkward in the heels, hobble chain rattling.

Starlance bounds back up the side of the building, and watches from above, her eyes narrowed slightly.

Catwoman opens up the umbrella as the rain slowly begins.

MsBlacksuit pulls out her umbrella.

Cammy wanders through town, her clothes a bit tattered, stumbling a bit... her hair hanging limp and damp around her head as she looks around with a bit of a dazed look.

Bound Belle gets soaked, fiery hair becoming matted to face and even the shapes of pointing breasts.

Black Thirteen turns his head to idly examine the dazed girl. Hm... shell shock? Looks like it was a night for post-loss wanderings...

Bound Belle glistens in the streetlights as Catwoman leads her along the puddled streets of Empire City.

Cammy blinks as she falls onto a bench, letting the rain fall upon her without a word.

Catwoman yanks the leash along moving faster in the rain the umbrella protecting her enough as Belle gets drenched.

Starlance runs her hand through her wet hair then jumps to the next building following after the two, her hand moving out slightly as she waits for a gust of wind then tries to pull the umbrella out of Catwoman's hand, while she concentrates a little to put a little bit of protection over belle from the rain.

Bound Belle stumbles along as best she can, splashing through the puddles, purposely trying to splash water on Catwoman.

Cammy watches them pass, gaping.

Catwoman growls in frustration as the clumsy clod behind her splashes needlessly and the winds seem to pick up, the umbrella flying out of her hand, thankful she at least has her cape and cowl to keep her dry. She pulls the cape tight like a cloak finally making it to her purple Lamborghini.

Bound Belle stands there shivering, her bare bottom twitching as Catwoman unlocks the car.

Catwoman yanks Belle to the trunk as she opens it. "Get in...I don’t want your wet ass ruining the interior." Catwoman smirks, giving Belle another whack across the rear with the small cat-o-nine tails to make her move faster.

Starlance jumps to another building and continues to watch, not really paying attention at all to the rain, the water running along her visor.

Bound Belle gulps as she stumbles forward, forced to ball up tightly to fit in the trunk, knees to breasts, Catwoman pulling the leash tight around the hobble chain and into her sex before tying it off to the ring on the black single-glove behind. Unfortunately Belle's generous hip still sticks up too high for the lid to come down properly.

Arik Cabral mutters softly, “Damn...”

Catwoman growls angrily. "We're going to have to put you on a strenuous diet," she says cattily, slamming the trunk down hard to compress the ample flesh inside and make it fit before locking it down.

Bound Belle grunts into her mouth corset as she is compacted into the tight dark space.

Catwoman smirks, moving to the driver side as she starts up the quiet car, racing off recklessly through the streets.

Bound Belle can only hope someone will report having seen her with Catwoman.

Starlance slides down to the street and walks towards the nearest pay phone, scrounging about for 35 cents she puts in a tip to DDSTV that she had a sighting of Belle, and the general direction the car was heading in the streets.

"Hello, this is the DDSTV tip hotline... normal business hours... okay there aren't any... so just leave a message and a number... one of our team will get back to you soon..."

Black Thirteen will have to try that sometime... if he really wants to raise some hell.

Starlance leaves a message, and pauses at the number. "Well I don't really have one but some catlady dressed in purple was dragging her about town dressed in something you see in one of those videos that are not allowed on base."

The connection is lost with a click. “beep beep beep... if you need help..."

Starlance hangs up and goes back to patrolling the rain, using telekinesis to assist her climbing of buildings.


Catwoman purrs in delight, her nude body laying between the satin sheets, her arms wrapped around Belle, snuggling close to her as she leans in, licking around her ear as she whispers contently, "mnnn that was just purrrfect susan... mnnn you’ve become such an amazing pet, purrhaps the finest I’ve ever trained... I knew purrchasing you was the right decision... purrhaps in a few weeks I’ll even allow you to accompany me on a job." Catwoman moans, pressing her chest close to Susan’s equally nude back, face unmasked for a change, not that it mattered anymore, in fact the only thing we’re both wearing is a pair of cat ears nestled in our mane of hair and matching diamond collars with a silver chain that connects us together. Catwoman’s soft hands slide along your hips gently, caressing you as I kiss the back of your neck having loved the past few weeks after you finally began "submitting" to me.

Kunoichi Kei and US Angel approach the decrepit old factory cautiously under Sara’s direction, all linked together by bluetooth. "Sara, are you sure this is the place?" "Yes I am. Belle flushed a note on a tuna can wrapper. It had to come from here." "Let's just rush the place, Kei." "Careful, Callie, Catwoman is dangerous!"

Inside Belle moans and rubs against her captor, trying to purr. "Why don't you remove this chain?"

“Mmnnnn and leave you leashed...what a purrfectly naughty idea, kitten...” Catwoman purrs arching an eyebrow, lost in the ecstasy of our recent passions as my slender hand reaches up to unclasp the chain from your collar as I sensuously lick your cheek, my other hand playfully teasing around a nipple.

Kunoichi Kei and Angel creep closer, locating the security system and letting Sara help them disable before entering through a skylight on the roof.

Belle's breathing is hot and rapid on Catwoman's cheek as she slips her arms around the villainess to caress her amazing powerful ass. "You ARE the most amazingly beautiful woman I've ever met..."

“Mmnnn you say the sweetest things...and you are quite he beauty yourself Susan...I should have comef or you long ago...” Catwoman purrs, hand stroking your cheek as I lean in to kiss you, purring a I close my eyes, my fingers running through your hair, loving the feel of her body as it can be so hard to form relationshps in this line of work "Mmnnn and I’m so sorry I ever let Lara touch you...I was a fool I couldn’t bear to see someone hurt you so..." moaning and whispering in your ear as I nestle close, completely unaware of the approaching heroines, most of my henchmen and girls sent out for the night for various jobs.

Kunoichi Kei zips down a line and Angel leaps, taking out the lone henchie, both ninja and gymnast landing deftly, looking around for some sign of their captured team leader. "She's prolly got her chained in a cage or something..." "I hope Belle isn't being tortured..." "I wonder if this place has a basement..." "Is that a light back that way?"

Belle smiles and presses close as she whispers, "Just let's forget about Lara..."

“Mmnnn, yess my dearrr...let’s...let’s concentrate on this purrfect parrtnerrship...” Catwoman purrs out, wrapping her arms around Belle, rolling her over in the sheets to lay atop me as I pull her beautiful face close to kiss her, my legs wrapping around hers as my fingers lightly trail her back.

Kunoichi Kei stops and cocks her head, then nods to Callie, pointing toward the sound she hears. The young heroines prepare to kick down the door to the dimly lit bedroom beyond.

Inside the boudoir Belle rolls on top of Catwoman, pressing two of the world's most perfect bosoms together, large firm breasts billowing into each other like clouds, beads of sweat popping all over like thunder. "Perfect indeed."

“Mmnnnn yess my love...” Catwoman purrs, slinking down and pulling Belle up. As my face nears her bosom my tongue slips out as I begin to bathe her like a cat, licking her amazing breasts hungrily, even sucking on them a bit, my hands reaching down, caressing your own ass as I lay there worshipping your beautiful breasts, unaware of the threat just outside. I purr softly, pressing my face between your breasts, inhaling deeply as I run my tongue along your flesh.

Kunoichi Kei nods and Angel raises a powerful leg in shimmering tights. The girls kick together, knocking the door completely out of the wall. Angel cartwheels inside as Kei stands in the doorway gaping. "B...b...Belle... what are you... eww..."

Belle's head snaps up, her face almost seemingly annoyed to be interrupted at first, then blinking at her two young teammates as she lies there writhing atop lovely Selina.

Catwoman stiffens, hearing the door crash off its hinges. She tries to sit up, her face buried between Belle’s amazing breasts. Her hisses are muffled as her hand reaches out for her whip on the bedside table despite being pinned beneath Belle.

Kunoichi Kei stands there speechless, but Angel is on the move, cartwheeling to the bed with staff in hand ready to taser Catwoman if necessary.

Belle regains her senses and tries to grab Catwoman's arms and pin her down, even trying to smother her with her breasts. "Looks like it is about to be my turn, Selina... my help has arrived!"

“NOOOMMPPPHH!” Catwoman gasps out, suddenly kicking wildly as she feels her wrists grabbed and pinned down, your amazing breasts beginning to smother my nose and mouth. My eyes look up filled with shock at the sudden betrayal and a sense of fear at being humiliated in such a manner, hips buck wildly, feet kicking out as the sheets fall to the floor and I thrash uselessly beneath the woman above me, still tired from our earlier activities.

Kunoichi Kei’s jaw drops as she watches her guardian press naked breasts down into the face of her supposed captor. "I can't believe I was so worried about you..."

Callie snatches up the keys and detaches the chain from Belle's collar even as the redhead grinds down with a smile as if enjoying this pressing of sweaty flesh very much. "Selina, I think you want this even more than I do... and admittedly I want it badly..."

“MPPPPTTHHHFFFPPHHTT!!” Catwoman curses and screams, blushing deeply at the truth of the words, her eyelids slowly closing. She struggles to keep them open, but the lack of air takes its toll and she slowly slips into unconsciousness in an incredibly sexual and humiliating manner like no other... forced into slumber from another woman’s breasts long being one of the Catwoman’s fears and desires.

Kunoichi Kei blinks and shakes her head at her mentor as Belle lingers there, grinding her ample mammaries into Catwoman's face to make sure she is really out, face flushed with excitement. "B...b...Belle, what are you doing... tink of Alex..."

Belle sobering up, swallowing hard, handing the chain to Callie, as she sits up and nods to Kei. "You're right of course... now find some hobble chains for the cat so we can take her in!"

Catwoman lays there slumbering, out cold, her body glistening with sweat in the light. The sheets near her sex are damp, the smothering having driven her wild with built up passions, the nude Selina Kyle helpless before the Danger Dolls. The feline felon who has caused so much pain and pleasure to Belle over the past few weeks finally at the former captive’s mercy.

Kunoichi Kei brings the chains and Belle begins applying them as Callie watches, seemingly in awe of Catwoman's body. "Wow, she's like the perfect woman..."

Belle shackles Catwoman at ankles and then cuffs her wrists and elbows behind her. As a result her shoulders are pulled back and her breasts lifted and jutting as Callie drags her to her feet. Belle slaps her face back and forth gently. "Wakey wakey."

“Uuhhnn...owww...ssttopp...uhhnn wha...” Catwoman gasps, groaning as she stirs, painfully feeling her self bound up with her own chains. She growls and hisses angrily, struggling viciously in the unyielding chains, even going so far as to bite at Angel and Belle. "You bitch! You betrayed me afterr all I’ve done forr you! How could you turrn against me!?"

Kunoichi Kei finds Belle one of Selina's own costumes and hands it to her. "Please put on something Belle before you catch cold... now what do we do with her?"

Belle smirks as she pulls on the costume with the familiar scent, dressing as Catwoman before finding a corset and ears for the prisoner to wear. "Put this on her Kei... so I can walk her into the Police Station myself..."

Catwoman blinks in shock at the corset I used to force Belle to wear. "No, you cant! That’s humiliating! I’ll be rrruined!" Catwoman gasps, horrified, struggling weakly as Callie Sacramento holds me steady, the chains rattling as I squirm, looking at the corset in horror, knowing how tight it is and how it won’t hide any of my body at all.

Kunoichi Kei walks over with a grin as Callie holds the chain, smirking as well. "You deserve it for bidding on us like we were meat!" Kei slips the corset around Catwoman's waist, gently lifting a handful of breast one at a time to fit it properly beneath them before pulling the leather straps tight. "Perfect... you do look awesome!"

Callie smacks Catwoman's ass. "Now get moving! Belle's almost dressed!"

“MREEooooch!” Catwoman yelps, jumping as Callie Sacramento spanks her, turning back with a sneer, attempting to bite the heroine. "You’ll pay forrr that, Angel! No cage can hold me!" Catwoman growls as she’s forced to walk along, yet some how strutting as her hips sway from side to side, holding her head high at first, refusing to show how humiliated she truly is right now, her breasts sticking up, looking as magnificent as ever, her ass reddened by Angel’s firm smack.

Kunoichi Kei laughs and pulls Catwoman away from Callie by the hair. "I bet they put you in Lockbox this time... nobody gets out of there!"

Belle smiles as she comes over, carrying leather panties with a strap-on on the inside. "Now lets' finish dressing you properly... this thing vibrates... I think it has a moisture sensor that activates it..." Belle stares into Catwoman's eyes as she moves to put it on her.

Catwoman’s eyes widen in horror at the long thick bitch tamer she saved for unruly pets. "NOOOOO! Please... you can’t! It will ravage me! It’s too much... ohh MEERRROOOOEEWWW!" She whines and howls, screeching as the long wicked device is fitted on her, immediately whirring away inside her sensitive walls, moaning hotly as she shudders, trying to concentrate.

Kunoichi Kei blinks as Belle takes the leash and leads Catwoman out to the car. "You drive Callie... Kei can ride shotgun... while I keep Catwoman company in the back..." Kei keeping her eyes forward the whole trip downtown, not wanting to look back and see what all the moaning and groaning is about. Fifteen minutes later they pull up in front of the steps to the Empire Courthouse.

Catwoman gasps and pants the entire ride, her body betraying her will more than once, her juices slide along her legs onto the seat cushions as she’s led out of the car before the courthouse, once vibrant silky mane now matted with sweat, sticking to her body, her nipples rock hard. She moans more as the wicked device vibrates constantly inside of her, eyes pleading with Belle for any sign of sympathy, yet the vile mouth continues to curse her between moans.

Kunoichi Kei turns to say "we're here" only to see Belle tracing a finger around Catwoman's nipple and up her breast and neck to her lips, pressing it over them as she whispers, "Shhh... do you really want to make a scene of yourself?" People on the street stop to gawk as Belle, dressed as Catwoman, flanked by two Danger Dolls, leads the hobbled and wobbly beauty up the steps and inside. "I'm here to see Detective Chan."

Catwoman bites her lip, trying to control her moaning as she stands there, held up by Callie on wobbly knees, gasping suddenly with an erotic moan as another orgasm crashes over me. I start to fall, my head hung low, face flushing crimson from shame and pleasure, whimpering and mewing in ecstasy as the room can smell my sex the juices sliding down my long tan legs. "Mmnnnnn fucckkk... meeooorrwww... pleeasee no morrreee... I thought we werrre loverrs Susan..."

Kunoichi Kei and Angel wait outside as Belle leads Selina on inside the station, several men copping feels of the passing villainess along the way.

"Stop here, Selina." Belle smiles and ruffles Selina's sweaty hair. She reaches down and runs a finger across Selina's glistening loins. "My goodness, you're panties are leaking... does anyone have a diaper?" One smirking blue tosses Belle a white towel.

“Oohhh Belllee...noooo... plleeasee... takee it outt... mmmnnn MEEOOOWWRRRR!!” Catwoman gasps, bucking wildly as another orgasm crashes through her body, more of her cum slipping out of the leather panties and down her legs as you wipe at them with the towel. "Oouuhhnnnnnn..." she groans, collapsing to knees, bent over, purrfect ass on display as I writhe in shame and pleasure.

Belle smiles. "Very well." Belle unstraps the leather panties, exposing Catwoman's dripping snatch for a moment to the watching cops as she ties the towel in place like a diaper. "You make too much noise, Selina..." And with that Belle pushes the dildo just removed from Catwoman's sex into her mouth, strapping the panties around her head. "Suck on that while I fill Charlie in on what you did to me, bitch!"

“MMPPHHHH!!!!!” Catwoman lays there humiliated, her breasts, sex and ass exposed for all the cops to see, many of whom she’s humiliated in one way or another. Her lips are filled with the leather panties and the cock vibrates in her mouth. As you leave her to talk to the detective a circle closes around her.

Belle fills in Detective Charlene Chan on all that transpired, nodding as Charlie thanks her for having apprehended the wanted feline. Belle smirks and leans over to kiss Selina on the forehead as she tweaks one hard nipple. Belle winks, then carelessly hands over the leash to the detective and struts away, looking back over a shoulder at the doorway, "She's all yours, detective... my the boys look hungry this evening..."

(September 2010)