Canis Major


US Angel grins. “Yes. Well. Speaking of my career... have you seen Arik?”

Yeti Taz points over there.

“Belle like gave me the okay to set-up some sort of special match and stuff with one of his minions.” US Angel nods.

Yeti blinks, “Oh cool!”

US Angel whispers. "I'm like supposed to get him to agree to come clean about any missing heroines cases and stuff he knows anything about if I win."

Yeti Taz whispers back. "And if you lose?"

Arik Cabral wakes up. “Greetings.”

“Well I don't know... that like depends on what I can get Arik to agree to... but it doesn't matter since I don't plan on losing!” Angel smiles. “Oh hey, Arik!”

Arik Cabral smiles slightly. “We'll see about that.”

“So have you like thought any more about matching a minion with me in a match?”
US Angel asks. “Belle has okayed the concept.”

Arik Cabral replies. “I have decided it could work.”

US Angel salutes. “And so you agree to give up like everything you know about missing heroines after I defeat your minion and stuff.”

Arik Cabral smirks. “Of course.”

US Angel nods eagerly. “Awesome! I told Belle she could count on me and stuff!”

Arik Cabral continues. “Considering the magnitude of that particular... concession, should my minion win, what are you offering?”

“Offering?” US Angel shrugs the shoulders of her skin-tight silver bodysuit. “Maybe that's like it! Do you like need an offering for some demon ceremony or a sorcerer friend or something?”

Arik Cabral rubs the stubble on his chin thoughtfully with one hand. “You would make an ...interesting offering, if that is your suggestion.”

US Angel winks. “Well it's really a moot point since I'm like gonna win and stuff, but totally up to you!”

Arik Cabral smiles. “Good confidence. So the agreement is that if you win, I hand over all my information on missing Heroines, and if my minion wins, you are handed over to me. I shall even be ... generous, and limit your stay to 24 hours.”

US Angel nods her head with a grin and offers Arik a gloved hand. “Agreed.”

Arik Cabral takes angels hand, shaking it firmly.

US Angel broadens her grin.

Arik Cabral asks. “When should the match take place, and what are the rules? I admit to not following modern sports very closely.”

“Well Belle wants to televise it so like prolly some upcoming evening.” US Angel adds. “It'll be the main event on SHOCK that night.”

“My minion shall be famous.” Arik Cabral looks amused. “Actually, US Angel, would you like to meet him?”

US Angel blinks. "Err... sure... like if he draws ratings Belle might want him to join the roster and stuff..."

Arik Cabral nods slightly, and draws an odd circle in the air with his left hand. A moment later, a large shape steps through, a great, furred monster, in the shape of a man, but with clawed fingers, a frighteningly bestial yet still somehow manlike wolves-head, and standing almost eight feet tall. “Canis here will be your opponent, Angel.”

US Angel 's jaw drops, her brown eyes widening, the knuckles on the hand gripping her staff whitening. Angel gulps. “Uhm, like hey Mister Canis!”

Yeti Taz chuckles like he is the evil twin and not the good Taz.

Canis' breathing is a slow and steady, looking down at Angel. It's gaze lingers on her a long moment. And then, shockingly, it speaks in a rasping growl. "This one, Lord Cabral?" Canis snarls slightly in response to the greetings, but seems calm enough for a giant wolf man.

“Canis is not particularly talktative, but he is intelligent and a fine servant.” Arik Cabral nods. “Yes, Canis, she is the one.”

US Angel poses proudly, coming to her full 5' 1" height, the shape of her protruding chest testing the integrity of her silver body suit as it expands. “So like do we want to like do this in a ring or a cage...” Angel looks the beast up and down.

Arik Cabral is admittedly mildly distracted and takes a moment to answer Angel, not quite staring at her chest.

US Angel continues. “Or perhaps in a pit or something?”

Canis laughs, which is a horrid sound, and unnatural from its visage. "A cage or a pit. A ring could not hold..."

Arik Cabral breaks in. “A cage would be interesting symbolism for the viewers, Angel. A woman locked in with a beast.”

US Angel nods, her face suddenly pale, seemingly a bit disturbed by the mere sound of her opponent's voice.

Canis growls. “Not simply a beast. All say beast. I am...more.”

US Angel's voice is a quavering whisper. "A locked cage...? Like okay..." Angel takes a deep breath, regaining her mojo and again testing her costume's front. "Like to protect the fans from the action!"

“A fine thought, Angel.” Arik Cabral chuckles softly.

US Angel grins and salutes Canis. "I'm sorry... I like meant no disrespect!" Angel nods. "I'm sure you're much more and stuff."

“You are courte...courte... polite...” Canis sounds frustrated, somehow. “It will be interesting to bring you down.”

US Angel holds her chin high. “Like don't count on it, big fuzzy!”

Canis' lips draw back in a fang bearing smile... or is it a silent snarl?

US Angel points her staff. "I'm the former SHOCK champion you know!"

“The match will be most interesting to watch, doubtless.” Arik Cabral observes. “Are there any rules, Angel? Any specific tactics forbidden in such matches?”

US Angel grins at Arik and does a terrible accent. "Rules? We don't need no stinking rules..."

Arik Cabral raises a brow. “No rules, eh?”

Yeti Taz laughs!

US Angel nods. “Well, I guess we need to agree on what like constitutes a pinfall!”

Canis laughs, and reaches out and places a pawlike hand on US Angels shoulder. "I'll try not to damage you too much." His claws digging slightly into the silver suit she wears.

“Typical three count, submission or knock out...?” US Angel swallows hard as she feels the huge paw envelope her whole shoulder.

“Any of the three, perhaps.” Canis steps close to Angel, looming over her.

Arik Cabral chuckles. “He shall be certain not to harm you too severely. You would not be of much use to me, else.”

“Not... too much.” Canis lifts its paw from Angels shoulder, fighting the temptation to attempt the defeat of the heroine now.

US Angel nods slowly as she looks up at Canis, her face a whiter shade of pale. Angel forces a wan smile. “Likewise I'm sure...” Angel takes out her myWand to let Belle know the match has been set. “Belle says that all sounds great! She expects it to be a ratings coup for DDSTV!” Angel grins. "This could like be a springboard to me regaining the title!"

“Or for Canis to new fame. And myself a new...” Arik Cabral grins, watching Angel with a wicked yet darkly handsome smile.

US Angel glances at Arik as he speaks and then away, unable to meet that leer for long.

Arik Cabral continues to admire her buxom form in the silver bodysuit. “A shame the match is not sooner. It will be enjoyable to spend a day with you, Angel.”

US Angel lofts a brow. "Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment, but like don't get any big ideas just yet!"

Arik Cabral laughs. “Canis here is a big enough idea for now.”

US Angel looks up again. "How tall are you anyway, Canis?"

Canis stands almost eight feet tall, dwarfing Angel. “Large enough.” Canis reaches out, trying to shove Angel against a wall, and pin her there, staring down at her with his yellow eyed gaze.

“Yeah, you must be Canis Major...” US Angel eeks and glances at Arik. “Does that make you Orion? Hey! Call off your dog!”

Arik Cabral laughs softly. “I think he enjoys being close with you, Angel.”

US Angel shakes her head and brings her staff up hard to try to knock the big paw away.

Canis leans in, his muzzle so close to Angel she can feel the heat of his breath, before she strikes him with her staff.

“Like save it for the cage, Wooly Bully!” US Angel makes a face. "Eww... dog breath!"

Arik Cabral intercedes. “Indeed, Canis. Be still. She will be captive soon enough.”

Canis steps back, his pride stung slightly by having to restrain himself.

US Angel exhales in relief as Canis backs away, calling over her shoulder as she bounces off toward the DDSTV Tower, "I'm like so going to teach you a lesson in that cage!"

Canis grunts. “We'll See!”


US Angel waits nervously backstage for the show to begin.

Arik Cabral waits patiently as he watches.

Canis waits in his backstage area, the huge beast unnerved by the crowds, but the nervous staffers do their best to treat him like a respected wrestler stroke his monstrous ego a bit.

Chickfighter takes Belle's prime seat in the front row and waits for the two competitors to come to the cage. “I wonder who will come out first... it's not like it's a championship match or anything like that... so who's the challenger?”

US Angel runs into the arena carrying a red white and blue staff that she uses to vault directly from the floor all the way over the top rope, flipping in the air and landing deftly in the center of the ring. As ‘Angel’ by Aerosmith plays she salutes fans with a gloved hand, beaming from ear to ear and bouncing to each corner to point her staff at the crowd, silver bodysuit shining in the lights.

Brute takes a seat by Chicky to do heel commentary on the match! “It doesn't matter. Angel's going to get squashed!”

Mister Wolfe hides under the ring apron.

Chickfighter disagrees, “I wouldn't be so sure of that, Brute. Angel's ready to make a comeback!”

Brute laughs. “Candace. Carcass. Whatever its name is will rip Angel apart! Look at her. She's scared to death!”

Titan raises an eyebrow and grins. A fight huh? Tosses Wolfe a steak.

Grimm Shade sits down the crowd with my shake, still mumbling.

Mister Wolfe nabs the steak with his paw and drags it under the ring apron to nom it in secret.

Canis watches US Angel in silence before stalking towards the ring. The eight-foot thick furred monstrosity disturbingly manlike, but with wolven features. It snarls at the crowd and, because Arik has an odd sense of humor, "Go go Godzilla!" plays as the monster enters the ring.

Chickfighter observes, “Angel is looking as stout as ever if you ask me, Brute.”

Brute grunts, “You want stout? Check out Cannibal over there. Or whatever its name is!”

Titan snorts in the monstrosity’s face when it roars at the crowd.

US Angel backs to the opposite corner, watching apprehensively as the huge creature enters the extra large ring.

Grimm Shade slurps my shake. "Does she get stripped and fondled at the end?"

Titan leans back eating popcorn. "Doubtful Grimm, you know she will get away, the Dolls always do."

Grimm Shade scowls. "That's disappointing."

Canis roars, "I am CANIS!" in response to the mangling of its name. Yellow eyes glare at Angel hungrily.

Mister Wolfe shrugs from under the ring... making a corner of it rise.

Brute grins at Chicky. "Looks like she'll get beat up like you used to when we fought. Remember?"

Chickfighter retorts, “Seems I had the last laugh, Beef for Brains!”

US Angel zips up after having given the obligatory fan service.

“She ought not bother with the zipper,” interjects Arik Cabral, “with the match being ‘No Rules’ she won’t be wearing it long.”

Brute mumbles a few expletives and yells out, "Rip her apart, Canis!"

Canis growls softly, stalking in a circle around US Angel.

Dr Duran Duran sees what looks like some actual quality entertainment tonight.

Titan grins. "No rules? Now someone is gonna come out and help angel, you watch."

US Angel takes a deep breath as the cage is lowered over the ring and the announcer explains this is to protect the crowd from all the action and to make sure a winner is determined. "Winner will be determined by a pinfall, submission or knockout."

Grimm Shade likes the submission part.

Chickfighter nods, “Well I guess you can ring the bell, Brutus!”

“Or broken shattered body totally stripped naked for all to see?” Brute laughs and rings the bell. "DING! DING!"

Tess Cabral presumes Canis is a wolf creature and mostly nude anyway. Now for the broken bones part...

Dr Duran Duran gets some popcorn.

Mister Wolfe is the only wolf-creature here.

Tess Cabral pets Mister Wolfe as she sits by her husband watching the match.

US Angel dances sideways, spinning the staff in her hand before bringing it around, aimed to strike at the side of the knee of the towering Canis.

Mister Wolfe head-rubs into the pettings.

Wibbles Wildstar zips around the corner, runs underneath Ms V's skirt and then tears back around the opposite corner.

Ms Virtuous squeals, “EEEK!”

Mister Wolfe darts off and glomps up Wibbles Wildstar.

Canis lopes towards Angel the moment the bell rings, his wolf man muzzle pulled back in a snarl, the staff slamming into his leg, a loud echoing crack sounding. With a roar of pain, the huge monster throws out a powerful backhand at Angel.

Brute growls, “See! She can't even fight fair! Has to use a weapon at the very start!”

Dr Duran Duran instinctively tries to take an up-skirt picture of Ms.V.

Tess Cabral winces and murmurs to Arik. "If Canis beats her up too much, you won't have much of a heroine to play with..."

Arik Cabral shakes his head. “From what I am told she heals remarkably quickly.”

US Angel grins at the sound of her staff striking home, but only for an instant before the grin is knocked from her face by a huge backhand that literally sends her spinning airborne into the cage wall. It stops her flight, rattling as she tumbles to the canvas.

Chickfighter exclaims, “Yikes! It looks like she needs one! And besides it's a no rules match! Get up, Angel!”

Dr Duran Duran munches on his delights, enjoying the fight.

Brute laughs. “Yup, Chicky, your friend there is in need of a weapon. Probably a bazooka! Hahahah.”

Chickfighter is terse. “We'll see. Angel's just a slow starter.”

Canis leaps into the air instinctively, diving for US Angel’s prone form, his huge mass a weapon in itself, barely able to keep from following his instincts to bite at her throat.

“Well, you got the slow part right.” Brute grins at Chicky.

Mister Wolfe trots back over to Tess.

Tess Cabral scritches behind the Wolfe's ears. "Good boy."

Mister Wolfe loves into the ear-scritches.

US Angel gets to hands and knees, sensing the descending shadow as much as consciously spotting the attack. Instinctively she somersaults aside and rolls to her feet, clutching her staff. She spins and charges herself, using her staff like a pole to vault upwards, stout legs in silver bicycling, aiming boots to walk a series of kicks up the hairy chest.

“That's it Angel!” Chickfighter brightens. “See Brute, Angel's quicker than Canis... is he the Major or the Minor one I wonder...”

Brute snorts. “Angel we all know was one heckuva gymnast but this isn't Wide World of Sports!”

Chickfighter giggles. “I don't know... she's wearing a shiny skisuit... and that's quite a jump!”

Magic Juggler gets some popcorn. “Hey.”

Dr Duran Duran offers Juggler a seat near the ring for the spectacular fight going on.

Brute adds, “Well, I doubt she'll be jumping when she suffers the agony of defeat.”

Canis is slammed into Angel, strong legs hammering into his chest, one clawed hand snatching at her ankle as he is pushed back slightly by the rain of blows, his powerfully muscled frame absorbing the strikes for the most part.

Arik Cabral yells, “Crush her, Canis. She is no fighter, she is a dancer!”

US Angel attempts to back flip away from the final kick only to find the ankle of her boot caught in a powerful grip. She flails but the leg does not come free. She finds herself dangling upside down. She swipes her staff around at the knees of her foe.

Titan shakes his head. "Hey Grimm. Wanna make a bet?"

Brute notes. “Her blows and kicks and even her staff are having no effect on Cannibal. Angel is dead meat in that cage!”

Chickfighter sounds concerned, but tries to stay positive. “Angel's good. I taught her most of what I know. She'll find a way!”

“From one Doll to another, that ain't saying much..." Tess Cabral mutters.

Brute adds, “Which means she wouldn't even be able to beat me.”

Canis staggers slightly as his knee is struck, swinging Angel at the cage powerfully. He moves to crush her against the metal, but his lunge is slowed slightly by his knee.

US Angel is flung around, her impact with the wire mesh rattling the cage. She tumbles roughly to the canvas, shaking her head once before looking up, eyes widening as Canis slams against the cage wall above. She crawls between the legs of the towering beast and brings her staff around in a wide arc to whack him on the back of a shoulder.

Arik Cabral notes. “She is swift, I will give her that.”

Dr Duran Duran says in his best British Form. ''Wull thot's not very sporting now es it."

"I did too beat you, Brutish!" Chickfighter sighs. “At least I didn't shoot myself up with every steroid in sight... that's it... go Angel!”

Brute grumbes. “You got lucky once, Chicky. Don't make me get you in the cage next!”

Chickfighter replies, “I'm in movies and vid games now, Brute.”

Tess Cabral quips under her breath, “Just put something shiny in the cage. She'll go in willingly..."

Arik Cabral murmurs to Tess, "Be nice, love."

Tess Cabral smirks. "Right, sweet as strychnine"

Arik Cabral laughs.

Canis spins as his shoulder is struck, lashing out with his wicked claws for the first time in the match, roaring in rage as he slashes at her, the huge mass of fur and muscle losing his patience with the match.

US Angel stumbles back from the slashing claws, but not quickly enough to prevent them opening up the front of her silver suit as if it had three diagonal zippers. She gulps as she looks down at heaving exposed bosom. "Yikes! She activates the taser function of her staff and thrusts it forward. "Like take this!"

Dr Duran Duran leans over to Juggler and says, ''See, give a heroine an inch and she'll take a foot in cheating."

Canis is loping forward, taking the staff in the chest. With a eardrum shattering roar of rage, he snatches at the staff with both clawed hands, trying to rend it apart, his muscles twitching as the charge runs through his body.

Tess Cabral winces at the smell of burnt fur.

Chickfighter asks, “Did Canis just manage to take a taser charge and fight through it?”

Brute protests, “Using her taser too? Who did she learn to wrestle from? Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert?”

Dr Duran Duran simply now waits for it.

US Angel is not one to give up control of her staff without a fight, but the power of this foe is such that he literally lifts her off the ground and shakes her all around until her gloved hands slip free and she goes flying into the cage wall. She shakes her head as she gets up, to dazed to realize her left boob has popped out and is shaking too.

Titan wolf whistles.

Tess Cabral rolls her eyes.

Brute is left unable to say anything in reply as he just stares at Angel's boob.

Samsoni ogles.

Dr Duran Duran slams a skillet over the back of Samsoni’s head.

Samsoni owwssssss.
Tess Cabral gives a golf clap to Duran Duran. "Canis didn't have a choice. The shock causes you to have a death grip on things."

Brute still has no witty reply.

Canis throws himself at US Angel’s bared stomach with a roar, trying to slam into her headfirst, drive the wind from her body and then crush her beneath his form, casting the staff aside. The sight of the huge beast and the tiny Angel eliciting cries of sympathy for the lady wrestler from the crowd.

Arik Cabral notes, “Canis will win. He may be angry and need to be restrained, though. I don’t think he expected this kind of challenge.”

US Angel tries to leap upwards and catch her legs around the lowered head as Canis charges, attempting to whip around and execute a hurricanrana.

Chickfighter blurts, “Nice move there, taking advantage of him ducking his head.”

Brute uh huhs kind of distractedly.

Titan apporves of hurricanranas when exposed boobs are exposed to centrifugal forces.

Tess Cabral gives a small smile of approval at the first true wrestling move she's seen.

Canis's stocky furred throat is wrenched painfully as Angel's legs pull at it, but the beast is huge, and almost impossible to budge. Throwing Angel aside, he bounces off the steel cage, rattling it, coming down at Angel with a flying elbow!

Titan thinks that with the momentum and cleaverage that the hurricanrana should have worked.

US Angel whips around once, centrifugal force causing a second boob popping out through another of the rents the claws left in her costume front. She lands on her back with a grunt. Her bare boobs are still jiggling tightly as the elbow comes down between them, driving all the air from her lungs in a huge "ooph!"

Dr Duran Duran wonders if that is actually possible.

“That might do it!” Chickfighter winces. “I don't think I could get up from that, but then Angel's got amazing recouperative abilities.”

Canis finds his wily opponent underneath his huge frame, and losing to instinct instead of his human mind, tries to bite at Angels throat, a very "Wolvish" Submission hold, not biting down hard yet, leaving the swift Angel a chance to slip free.

US Angel squeals as she feels the hot breath on her throat, using strength she didn't even know she had to wriggle out from under the mountain of hair and flesh, paying no mind as the teeth catch the collar of her silver suit, rending if from her powerful little body as she makes her escape, leaving her naked but for silver boots as struggles up on wobbly knees, bare bosom heaving as she gasps for air.

Titan cheers now wildly.

Tess Cabral props her chin on her palm, with a snort of disdain for the Danger Doll traditional stripping.

Canis leaps up, enraged that she escaped his grasp. But his eyes fall on her nude form, and briefly he remembers older urges. But only briefly, leaping into the air once more to pounce on the nude DangerDoll!

Chickfighter gasps, “Oh my... she's not even wearing a thong!”

Dr Duran Duran hurries back in from concessions and gapes at the cheesecake in the cage.

Titan quickly starts taking pics.

Tess Cabral backhands Titan. “Don't distract our fighter with your stupid flashes.”

Titan ooooowwwwssss.

Dr Duran Duran slams an extra heavy skillet over the back of Titan's head shouting loudly over the noise of the crowd, ''SHADDDUP!!!!”

Miss Marvel walks up, arms crossed. "Hit 'em again. He looks like he deserves it."

US Angel attempts to meet this attack with sidekick, but stout as she is, in her weakened state she cannot turn aside the massive foe. Something pops and she goes down again. “UNGH!”

Canis roars in pain as her kick strikes his sensitive muzzle. He slams a fist at Angel’s stomach, and another and another, enraged and furious, half blind for a moment.

US Angel is driven to her back on the canvas, screams becoming gurgles as the punches to her midsection land like the crack of gunshots, ribs breaking one by one, bare boobs tossing wildly about like buoys on a stormy sea. “Ungh ooph ungh ohhh ungh...”

Chickfighter ponders aloud, “Maybe we should call it before...”

Canis eventually gathers its mind, dragging Angel up in his clawed hands, crushing her form against his chest, bear hugging her to try to force a submission, his huge frame dwarfing her as he holds her tightly.

Dr Duran Duran mutters. “It’s going to kill her...”

Titan thinks so to. "Someone gonna stop it or she gonna die?"

US Angel hears a pop in her shoulder as she is yanked up, her head lolling about her shoulders as the huge hairy arms tighten about her glistening bare body. Her glassy eyes suddenly focus and she shakes her head, stubbornly refusing to give.

Longshot sighs. "Okay, this is what happens when you don't have a ref..."

Canis growls. “Give, girl. I am ...not... supposed to kill. Your... fight... strong...”

US Angel gurgles, “Nnnn... nngh... never...”

Chickfighter cringes. “She's certainly got the heart of a champion, though it may get her killed...”

US Angel weakly tries to headbutt Canis in the sternum.

Canis grunts softly as it hugs her as powerfully as it can, trying to crush her into unconsciousness.

US Angel struggles a bit as the grip tightens, stiffening, then finally falling limp after one last crunching sound.

Canis loosens it grip, simply holding Angel now.

Miss Marvel shakes her head. "She's a fighter."

“She certainly has heart, Tess. A lioness.” Arik Cabral smiles slightly to his wife.

US Angel dangles limp, unconscious and unclothed in the arms of the beastly Canis.

Chickfighter states the obvious, “Well Angel's unconscious... it looks like Canis has won... congrats, Arik.”

Arik Cabral nodsd. “Canis won this fight. I may have wrought him, but in battle he is his own master.”

Tess Cabral smirks in disdain. She still has no respect for Dolls.

Canis lopes slowly out of the cage, departing with US Angel towards Arik.

Michael Vescovi scrambled over the barricade, having been in attendance, a wide grin on his face as he raced for the ring. "Oh lemme do this, I so want to be the one to call it." Managing to get only halfway up the cage before Canis exited with Angel. "Awwww, man! I wanted to do the three count arm raise thing."

Chickfighter brushes back a tear as she wonders what will become of her friend, Angel.

“I just missed the fight between US Angel and Arik's minion didn't I?” Reflectina grumbles about stupid time zones.

Prism remarks, “No one bet on Angel to win, did they?”

Brute snorts. "I lost my bet. She lasted longer than a minute."

Prism nods. “A Danger Doll loses a fight and her clothes. Bit of a foregone conclusion, that one.”

Arik Cabral stands, accepting Angel from Canis's grasp. “See, not at all, Tess.”

Tess Cabral notes, "Her ribs may be puncturing her lungs. We need to move quickly."

Arik Cabral sighs softly as he realizes what Tess is getting at.

Chickfighter interjects, “Angel has a very accelerated healing matrix... it looks bad but she will recover if Arik allows her to.”

Arik Cabral looks somehow saddened as he opens a Gateway from the Arena to somewhere else. “She will not die.”

Canis lopes through the Gateway and vanishes for now.

US Angel vanishes as well as she is carried off by Arik.


Arik Cabral carries Angel through the gateway after Tess precedes him. “So you think she needs healing, Love?”

"I don't trust healing matrixes that much, and Canis crushed her like a tin can,” explains Tess. “Better safe than sorry.”

US Angel still looks pretty bad, but is surprisingly breathing okay already.

Tess Cabral puts her ear to the chest. “Actually...she may be ok. I don't hear any congestion.”

Arik Cabral then carefully lays US Angel on a bed, or at least a comfortably padded bedlike altar with chains attached. “She supposedly heals almost superhumanly quickly. She does take beatings rather regularly and she seems well enough.”

Tess Cabral notes, “There's a price to pay somewhere...”

Arik Cabral remarks, “This seems a price itself, love.”

TessCabral nods.

US Angel's bones are slowly knitting although she is still in quite some pain and worn out. Her eyes flutter open. “Wha...”

Arik Cabral carefully but firmly restrains poor Angel as she begins to awaken, looking down at her nude body with an odd expression.

Tess Cabral comforts, “Easy...the match is over... don't move too much.”

Arik Cabral explains, “Canis defeated you, but you did better than some armed and armored warriors might have.”

US Angel curls her lower lip out in a pout as she realizes her state, naked and bound to a bed, even her boots removed. “I... I...” Angel sniffles. “Failed.”

Arik Cabral smiles. “It was inevitable.”

Tess Cabral rolls her eyes. "Of course you did you stupid Doll."

Arik Cabral shakes his head slightly, the darkly handsome Sorcerer looking through a small drawer for certain implements.

US Angel swallows hard and asks in a low voice, "Wha... what are you going to do to me?"

Arik Cabral chuckles. “You said you could be an Offering, Angel. I am Immortal. But I require... assistance to maintain it.”

US Angel blinks.

Arik Cabral explains. “Offerings. No nation or peoples require my strength in this age, so none make Offerings to me. So I take them.

US Angel gulps. “So you're like going to kill me?”

Arik Cabral shakes his head. “No. I swore to return you alive.”

Tess Cabral smirks.

US Angel asks, “What then?”

Arik Cabral looks to Tess. “You are certain she is healthy?”

US Angel glances from Arik to Tess and does not like the look on her face.

Arik Cabral is holding strange brushes and vials of paints, and certain small implements.

Tess Cabral answers, “Well hard to tell if her mental state is normal but you may wish to wait till she's rested otherwise you'll get little as her powers are spent healing herself.

Arik Cabral looks back to Angel. “You are nude. Chained to an altar. Helpless.”

US Angel has a shudder run through her healing flesh from head to toe, leaving her bare breasts oscillating tightly.

Arik Cabral gestures at some of the art he can see more clearly than Angel, showing scenes of helpless women and lustful men, alongside runes of sorcery to assist in what Arik has in mind. “You will rest a bit, and when I feel you are ready, I shall ravish you.”

US Angel blinks. “So you're like going to rape me as part of some black art?”

Arik Cabral responds, “You have the right of it, Angel.”

US Angel instinctively strains at her bindings, sweat beading up on her skin.

Tess Cabral sighs and looks for the sedation potions.

US Angel realizes what she thought was a firm bed is actually a stone altar draped with some sort of cloth.

Arik Cabral watches Angel struggle impassively. He begins to paint around her, and on her body. Strange runes and circles... the paint oddly warm on her skin. Tess finds a place where several potions are stored, marked in olde but recognizable English.

US Angel blurts, “You fiends!”

Arik Cabral’s reply is calm. “I am.”

US Angel shakes her head as she feels the strange touch on her body, shaking her head a couple of times before closing her eyes and slumping.

Tess Cabral takes that opportunity to slip an eyedropper of sleeping potion in the heroine's mouth, squirting quickly.

Arik Cabral lets Angel rest a bit as he finishes the marking of strange sigils on her body.

US Angel closes gaping lips as she tastes something foreign, but it is too late to prevent the expected reaction. Her head lolls to one side and she drools.

Arik Cabral sighs slightly. “Thank you, Tess.”

US Angel is stout and powerful through the hips and thighs with calves like clenched fists even when relaxed, but her waist is amazing tight and tiny in sharp contrast to the ample endowment of boob flesh just above. Soon all of these contours have been coded in the runes of Arik's calligraphy.

Arik Cabral looks down at his work thoughtfully as she rests in the bindings.

Tess Cabral sighs and heads upstairs. She soon comes back with a meal for Angel and Arik and drinks as needed. She then takes her leave unless needed again.

Arik Cabral removes his cloak and lays it aside, wearing a simple black shirt and breeches for the moment, his thoughts keeping him without voice.

US Angel's flesh has become the canvas for a work of art from neck to ankle, from copper top of tit to smooth clean-shaven mound of sex with it's tight slit. She not only heals quickly but also processes sleeping potions and poisons quickly. Angel begins to stir.

“She does heal quickly.” Arik Cabral observes. “If you do not want to be here, Tess, I understand. Your help is appreciated but not necessary if it makes you uncomfortable.

Tess Cabral nods. “So she does. Yes, I will take my leave now. Let me know if you need anything.”

Arik Cabral smiles. “Thank you, love.”

“You're welcome love.” Tess Cabral heads into the mansion proper, leaving Arik with his Doll.

Arik Cabral smiles slightly as Angel awakens, rather crudely grasping her breasts in both hands, fondling them roughly.

US Angel peers up at Arik with big brown eyes that widen in surprise as her breasts are mauled. “Wha... that hurts!” Her nipples harden almost as if in contradiction to her protestations.

Arik Cabral smirks. “You seem to enjoy it even so. Perhaps your fighter’s body enjoys such treatment.

US Angel blushes and turns her head aside as she sniffles. “I like can't help the way my flesh reacts.”

Arik Cabral steps back briefly, removing his clothing, the nude Sorcerer well muscled in a wiry sense, scarred by centuries of sword practice on his arms and chest, and darkly handsome. He climbs atop the altar with Angel, then. “We are our flesh, Angel.”

US Angel turns her face back to the sound of him stripping, eyeing his scars, shaking her head as he approaches, biting her lip.

“Struggle if you wish.” Arik Cabral leans in, biting and licking at her full breasts, his hands grasping and fondling her body, her ass especially, enjoying her helpless form beneath his own.

US Angel blurts out, "I'll do more than that! I'll... eep!" She squeals and clenches her powerful glutes as his hands knead them.

Arik Cabral fondles her a moment longer, before his hands grasp her powerful thighs, pressing them open slightly as he thrusts himself between them, penetrating Angel without a word of warning. She should find the strange calligraphy on her body feels warm and in a sense pleasant as Arik ravishes her, the Sorcerer seeming to grow stronger as he takes her.

US Angel resists, but Arik proves more powerful than he looks, his fingers digging deep into flesh as he spreads her thighs. She screams as he thrusts his cock like a knife into her tight slit, rupturing her hymen, a bit of blood mixing with her other juices like the warm wet feeling flowing over her skin.

Arik Cabral buries himself deep inside the struggling heroine, the Danger Dolls tight slit so pleasureable he has no thought left for his normal teasing banter, his hands tight on her body, Arik finding his orgasm approaching surprisingly swiftly!

US Angel bucks and pulls at her bindings, but the rattling chains cannot be broken and the stone altar is unforgiving. Soon her back arches and her hips roll, working with Arik rather than against, easing her suffering, though not her shame.

Arik Cabral finds his release a few moments after Angel begins to work with him, groaning out in pleasure, the warmth of the runes on her skin almost but not quite hurtful, before the paints seems to simply vanish away into a mist that quickly mixes with the air and vanishes.

US Angel stiffens, lurches and climaxes as well, feeling the warmth on her skin wash over her like a breaking wave of warm ocean water, leaving her more spent in its wake than she has ever felt.


US Angel hangs naked in a hogtie, suspended by the hair in front of the DDSTV building, struggling helplessly.

Reflectina giggles secretly to herself.

Blue Belle scowls at Arik and then struts off to get Angel down before Papa Razzi arrives.

Arik Cabral follows at a discreet distance.

Cheshire scowls at Reflectina.

US Angel writhes. “Mmmnph...”

Arik Cabral considers Blue Belle in a similar predicament. “Ah, minions. So very imaginative with such things.”

Reflectina turns her gaze to Cheshire, a single finger wagging back and forth. "Now now... You don't want to look at me like that?"

Blue Belle takes the grappling gun from her belt and fires a zip line to the top of the light pole, quickly ascending to her teammate. Belle sighs and shakes her head at Angel as she draws the brightsword, beam of blue issuing forth.

US Angel 's eyes widen a bit.

“Let me cut you loose...” Blue Belle slashes through the knot of Angel's hair with her energy blade, letting the bound girl fall to toward the pavement below.

“NnnnNNnnNNnnnnggghhhhhh... unngh!” US Angel lands with a fleshy plop and a grunt.

BlueBelle descends and removes Angel's gag.

US Angel gasps, “Belle! Wha... what was that for? You cut my hair!”

Blue Belle whacks Angel on the ass. “It’ll grow back! I'm trying to motivate you, Callie!”

Arik Cabral chuckles softly.

Blue Belle continues, “Now get yourself inside on your own!”

US Angel's lower lip curls out in a pout, then she begins to inchworm her way to the door of the DDSTV Tower, rubbing naked bits raw on the sidewalk along the way.

Blue Belle takes out her myWand. "Yes Sara, let her in, she just needed some tough love..."

US Angel bangs her forehead on the door until it opens and she inches inside.

Reflectina narrows her eyes and trots along to watch US Angel, mind racing.

(Jan 2011)