Callie and the Croc

Killer Croc grumbles. "What are you doing in my sewers?"

US Angel eeps. "I was looking for an escaped villain... like who are you?"

Killer Croc roars out, spittle flying. "I ain't going back to Arkham!" Croc swings his tail wide and low in an attempt to throw US Angel off her feet.

US Angel poses heroically, pointing her red white and blue staff. "We'll like make it the Empire City Lockbox for you then, Froglo... yikes!" Angel cartwheels over the sweep of tail.

Killer Croc picks up a rusty wheel rim that's mixed within the masses of trash that have accumulated in the sewer reservoirs edges and hurls it towards the cartwheeling heroine. "Who the hell do you think you are to be messing with Killer Croc!"

“I'm U.S. Angel! That's who! Nngh!” US Angel is caught in the midsection mid-cartwheel, her stout little body folding around the wheel rim as it knocks her backwards, plump rump impacting the sewer wall with a smack before she falls to hands and knees in six inches of brackish water.

Killer Croc chuckles deeply, his forked tongue licking his lips as he confidently begins to stride over towards where she landed. As he approaches he grabs a rusty old pipeline that juts out of the wall and rips it free, employing it as a makeshift club. A deep chortled laugh emits from his fang filled maw as he smacks the pipe into the palm of his hand. "Did that hurt?"

US Angel bounces to her feet, twirling her staff impressively and pointing it once more, her chest bouncing in the white leotard now soaked all up the front. “You like don't want to mess with me! I don't care if you are a croc!”

Killer Croc smirks, a wide malicious look forming over his face as he continues to confidently approach her. Holding the pipe out at his side as he comes to a stop in front of and postures a bit himself. His muscles bulging out as he displays his impressive reptilian physique to the much smaller heroine. "Never heard of you...must be a rookie...well, rookie, you got five seconds to run."

US Angel clutches her staff with both hands as she settles into a defensive stance on stout legs, shimmering in tinted tights as they flex, big brown eyes narrowing. “I may be the like rookie on the Danger Doll team, but my show gets better ratings than Chicky's and I'm the SHOCK rasslin' champion! Don't say I didn't warn you and stuff!”

Killer Croc corners a smirk, a large fang peeking out from under his lips. "Thanks for the warning, but I think your show’s about to get...canceled." He then roars out as he dips a shoulder and in a smooth graceful motion that is somewhat shocking for an individual of his size he pounces forward attempting to ram his shoulder into her gut and pin her to the wall.

US Angel is ready this time and, while surprised by the speed of someone his size, manages to hop straight up, legs split wide as his shoulder crashes into the wall inches beneath them, and she aims to bring her staff down on the back of his neck. “Hey! You're fast!”

Killer Croc slams into the wall with a thunderous force, sending a shower of bricks, stone and dust flying out from his impact. Wobbled and a bit dazed from slamming his head into the wall, US Angel’s staff comes down with a precise shot to the back of his thick scale covered neck and causes the massive brute to fall to one knee as he puts a hand to his head and groans, trying to regain his bearings. “I'm gonna rip you in half.”

US Angel flips in the air to land behind him, yelping as she is struck by a couple of flying bricks. “Yeow! Yikes! Sure glad that shoulder missed!” Angel lands with a splash, her usually sure-footed landing thrown off by the half foot of water and so she slips and plops on her round bottom.

Killer Croc turns around, still a bit wobbled and dizzy from the impact as he squints at her, seeing two or three fuzzy images of US Angel as he shakes his head a bit and tries to focus his clouded sight on her, taking a wild swing of the pipe at one of the images when she slips and falls on her rear. "You talk an awful lot!"

US Angel throws up her staff to deflect the swinging length of pipe. It connects with a clang, the impact more resulting in her being sent rolling in the shallow water than anything else. She somersaults to her feet several yards away, now pretty much soaked from head to toe, blond hair darkly matted to a cheek, flag patch over her heart plastered to the shape of her heaving breast. “Don't make me like shock you!”

Killer Croc shakes his head again, getting rid of the remaining cobwebs as his reptilian gaze narrows upon her. "Don't you know it's not safe to play with electricity in the water?" He smirks, whipping his tail out from behind himself, plowing it into the half foot of water and sending a massive spray of the brackish grime filled water towards her as he prepares to pounce.

US Angel throws up her free arm reflexively to shield her eyes from the wave of water, stumbling back a step from the force of it as she activates the taser function of her staff and thrusts blindly into what she expects will be the charging attack to follow.

Killer Croc leaps forward immediately behind the curtain of water he flung at her, both of his hands lifting the heavy pipe up over his head and slamming it downward towards where she stands. In mid pounce, her staff lands a solid blow on Crocs midsection, sending a shocking current into the monstrosity that elicits a wild howl of pain that unfortunately does nothing to deter the incoming swing.

US Angel has little warning, seeing a flash of descending pipe only an instant before it connects with her shoulder. There is a nasty pop that accompanies the dull wet thud and her staff slips from the gloved hand that flops uselessly as she crumples to her knees. “AaaiyeeeeeEEEEEEE...”

Killer Croc is thrown off by the discharge of the staff as he loses grasp of the pipe after it slams into his target and he lands in an awkward tumble, his body perhaps even slamming into and knocking over the wounded heroine lest she be able to react quickly enough to get out of his way. Regardless, Croc rolls and tumbles like a mess and ends up a good ten yards from her with his face down in the water. Croc lets out a low moan of pain, his arms already spreading out and hands planting into the ground to pick himself back up onto his feet.

US Angel is dazed and nearly unconscious from the blow when she gets flattened as her opponent tumbles into her. She comes to rest facedown in the nasty water, shaking her head as she lifts it, grimacing as she tries to use her shoulder, anguish on her face as she looks about for her weapon, lost somewhere under six inches of black water. “Oh shit!”

Killer Croc is slowly pushing himself up to his knees, back towards the downed heroine as he rumbles out, the rage in his voice all too easy to notice. “You...shouldn't have...shocked me...they shocked me!...All the Arkham...just made me ...more....ANGRY!”

US Angel splashes about frantically on her knees, one gloved hand searching desperately for her staff, the other arm dangling as uselessly as her breasts in the drenched white costume. “How... like how... ohmygawd... are you not down?”

Killer Croc swings around, staying on his hands and knees, his posture much like his more reptilian cousins as his eyes glare at her with a bestial rage and fury building up in them, his tail lashing back and forth over his back as he grits his teeth and gives her a display of his fangs. “That stuff’s child’s play! I got daily doses of it in Arkham! Last man who did that to me, I visited his family, his home! Killed ‘em all!”

US Angel looks up as her hand keeps searching the water-covered floor, blinking at his rage, gulping at the last of his words, her voice a bit hoarse sounding. “Killed... like murdered?”

Killer Croc growls out, clearly enjoying the fear he can see in her eyes and hear in her voice. “They don't call me...Killer Croc...for no reason...Hah...and I smell fear in the air...” Croc patiently begins to approach her on his hands and knees.

“You fiend! I'll see you get what you deserve!” US Angel yells defiantly as her hand finds her staff, lifting it from the water and activating the torch function, a blue cutting torch flame erupting from the end as she points it at him. “Like back off!”

Killer Croc gaze takes notice of the staff as she finds it and produces the flame from its end, with a snarl he pivots his body, slapping his tail into the water and sending another curtain of sewer water over her. Turning his glare back onto her as he shifts back to face her but currently is staying a good ten feet back from her so she can't poke him with her staff.

US Angel squeals as she is dowsed once more by a wave of water, water sizzling upon contact with the blue flame from her staff, which sputters and goes out. “Hey! Like no way!” Angel blinks at the staff in her left hand, then turns to flee, right still dangling uselessly as she shows him her bulging shiny hiney.

Killer Croc pounces as she turns to flee, his hands reaching out for her ankles and legs in an effort to halt her escape. “Where do you think your going!”

US Angel squeals, her trailing ankle is caught by a clawed hand. “No... whoa!” Angel sprawls out on her front with a splash, kicking her stout muscular legs as violently as she can in an effort to break free of his grip.

Killer Croc works on dragging her back towards him, his hands combating her legs and trying to stifle her wild panic stricken kicks. A low chuckle emits from him as he gets up onto his knees and continues to pull her towards him. “Your five seconds, ran out along time ago...”

US Angel squeals as she is dragged back through the nasty water. “Ohmygawd! Please! Like let me go, you filthy beast!” Angel still clutches her staff however and, as she is drawn close, twists and turns at the waist, swinging the weapon around, the rigid middle section gone to reveal a length of chain, so that it functions like a nunchaka.

Killer Croc howls out as the weapon slams into his unsuspecting face, instantly releasing his hold of her and bringing a hand up to his now bloodied and broken nose. His other arm takes a wild swipe of its claw tipped fingers at her back in a self-defense reaction. “You little bitch! Broke my nose!”

US Angel shrieks as a huge vent is opened up in her costume, flapping open all the way from one shoulder to ball of flexing glute below as she scrambles back to her feet, spinning and doing menacing forms with her red and blue nunchakas. “I'll do worse than that if you don't back off!” Angel’s words are defiant, but her voice quavers.

Killer Croc lifts himself back up to his feet, hand still covering his nose gingerly as he snorts out a spray of blood from his nostril and begins to let his tail sway to and fro behind him in a threatening display. His gaze falls upon the pipe he used earlier as a weapon and takes a few tentative steps towards her, keeping his eyes on his adversary. “Your a persistent little pest...”

US Angel gulps and shuffles backwards in the ankle-deep water, snapping the nunchakas through figure eight forms with her left arm in an effort to warn him off. “Seriously, I like mean it!” Angel moves toward the tunnel through which she originally came.

Killer Croc gathers up the pipe in his hand and turns back towards her, stomping through the water in her direction as he snarls. “You don't look so confident anymore, with that arm just hanging there. You want to run, don't ya?” Croc twirls the pipe once, his tail swishing about in the water behind himself as he advances on her.

US Angel is wet and shaking in her bedraggled costume, but she is too proud to succumb to her fear. “You like don't scare me, Killer!”

Killer Croc dangles the pipe out in her direction, closing in more and more as he takes a few more playful jabs of the pipe at her and grins. “Well, the feeling’s mutual then.”

US Angel keeps backing away as he menaces her, finally turning tail and fleeing into the tunnel beyond as he jabs at her, torn leotard open all the way to the crotch in the back, leaving her shiny nylon-clad bum on full display as it rolls back and forth while she splashes away into the darkness. “I'll like be ready for you next time!”


Killer Croc squats down low, dipping his nostrils into the dank waters where US Angel was just moments before she fled, the traces of her blood still washed over the surface. Reptilian eyes narrow and look down the darkened tunnel as he listens to her fleeing form. He knows these sewers well, she has a long way to go towards an exit, the feeling of a hunt thrills him as he waits. “I have your scent, US Angel!”

US Angel hears his cry echo through the maze of dark tunnels and it sends a shiver down her exposed spine. She realizes that with her costume torn, her staff broken down into nunchakas and her right shoulder dislocated she needs to get out of the sewers and come back for this Killer another day. Surely there has to be a ladder out soon.

Killer Croc lays down into the shallow waters, his arms and legs splaying out to his sides as his tail begins to whip the water behind him as he swiftly takes to pursuit. The sound is quite audible, echoing up towards the fleeing heroine as she hears it closing in on her then swiftly it fades in volume as perhaps he has turned down another tunnel somewhere behind her.

US Angel hurries as she hears the thrashing sound behind her, tripping and falling as the water becomes thigh-deep. “Did I make a wrong turn?” Angel takes a deep breath to calm herself and wades until the water is up to her waist, dramatically slowing her progress.

Killer Croc chuckles, sending an eerie echo of his laughter into the reservoir that US Angel now finds herself in. His echoing laugh coming into the room from various sewer arteries that empty into this larger chamber. Somewhere in the darkness before her the sound of a large splash is heard, like something large has just smoothly entered the water. “I have your scent, US Angel,” Croc murmurs, his voice clearly coming from the direction of the splash.

US Angel finds herself in water up to her chest. She looks all around, her jawline twitching with concern. The chamber she is in seems to be the convergence of a number of tunnels. Her head snaps around as she hears a splash and that graveled voice. “Ohmygawd... he like herded me in here!”

Killer Croc slips down below the surface of the water with the faintest of sound, and quietly begins to work his way towards her position.

“I can't see anything...” US Angel holds up the blue end of what are now nunchakas, activating the torch. To her relief it comes on, the blue flame casting a flickering light over the dark water, just enough light that she sees a dark shadow approaching. In desperation she whips the other end of the nunchakas upwards around a pipe and pulls herself up, water draining from her bedraggled costume.

Killer Croc lifts his head up just enough to peer out of the water some twenty feet from where she now dangles from the sewer pipe. His eyes narrow, looking over her precarious position as his shadowy form which remains underwater begins to circle her and draw in closer with every moment. His tail finally lifting up out of the water and snapping the vacant air behind him like a whip. “Welcome to my lair, said the croc to the rookie...ahahaha!”

US Angel pulls herself up with one arm, swinging legs up to wrap around the pipe, hanging there upside down, waving her blue flame at him, her brown eyes furtive. “You may have me cornered, but I like won't give up without a fight!”

“I was rather hoping you wouldn't...” Killer Croc chuckles, moving in a bit closer then twisting his body with a sudden pivot and snaps his large tail up towards her, aiming for her posterior.

US Angel braces herself to be hit with a wave of water and squeals in surprise as his tail proves long enough to reach her nylon-clad bottom with a resounding wet smack. “Yeeowch!” Angel quickly tries to burn the snapping tail with her flame, but it is already back in the water.

Killer Croc grins up at her, circling her position once more and closing in so he's about ten feet from being directly beneath her, his tail lazily swaying over the water behind him. “That doesn't look very, sturdy...” Croc hopes that she might take a brief glance to at the pipe she's hanging onto after he speaks, he quickly unleashes a fury of sharp, quick snaps from his tail that are directed to her weapon wielding arm.

US Angel watches, her eyes looking past his, seemingly now more concerned with following the movements of his swaying tail than anything else. “Like what... do you mean?” Angel looks up at the pipe her muscular legs are wrapped around, yelping in surprise as the stinging smack knocks her weapon from a gloved hand.

Killer Croc drifts forward, rising up directly beneath her and then simply floating on his back as he watches her with an amused and cruel smirk. “You dropped your toy...ahaha... Do you want it back?”

US Angel gulps and looks down, nibbling at her lip and saying nothing. She reaches up with her good arm, begins to inch along the pipe to which she clings, looking back over a shoulder, past the soaked material of her torn leotard, trying to keep an eye on the monstrous predator.

Killer Croc reaches down below the water, pulling up nunchuka like staff and waving it clumsily into the air over himself. “What's it you did with this thing...Oh, yeah... yeah...” Croc stands up and flicks the one end of the weapon towards the pipe over himself, wrapping it over the pipe and reaching up and grasping the other hand when it dangles from the other side of the pipe. “You did this.”

US Angel 's face twitches as she sees him flick the chain of her weapon around the pipe. “You fiend! That's... it's... like... mine!” Angel screams as she tries to inch away faster.

“I hope you gotta spare then...” Killer Croc yanks down on both ends of the weapon with tremendous force, jolting the pipe she's inching away on with the force of his tug. His gaze snaps up to her as he gives a few more yanks of her weapon upon the pipe. Grinning wide now and letting his laughter roar out into the large chamber. “Timber!”

US Angel squeals so loudly it can be heard echoing all through the sewers as the pipe comes down and she with it, the sound of her voice drown out abruptly by a huge splash as she is plunged awkwardly into several feet of dark water. “AaaiyeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE... *SPLORSH* glub glub glub... “ Angel spews bubbles and flails about trying to get out from under the fallen pipe.

Killer Croc takes one long purposeful stride over towards the pinned heroine and reaches down under, grabbing her fiercely under her shoulder, pulling her out from under the pipe. Lifting her soaked, beaten and tired body up out of the water and dangling her in front of himself as he sneers into her face. “I got you now!”

US Angel sputters as she is lifted by her already damaged shoulder, her face contorted in agony, her legs bicycling uselessly, blue footies barely able to kick the top of the water as this massive reptilian meta looks her over with a sneer, almost as if she's too small a catch and might be tossed back. “You'll like never ... get away... with this!”

“You know how many times I've heard that!” Killer Croc pulls her into a strong embrace, wrapping his arms about her and pinning her backside against his powerful chest as he begins to apply significant pressure onto her lungs. “You should of never came down here after me.”

US Angel clamps her teeth together and sets her quivering jaw, struggling to break free of his arms. She is a powerful girl, but his strength dwarfs her own, easily pinning both of her arms to her sides. She feels his scaly skin against her wriggling backside as the arms tighten under her breasts, threatening to snap a rib. “Ungh... nngh...” Angel throws her head back suddenly in hopes of striking the nose she broke earlier.

Killer Croc hisses in pain as her head slams into the side of his busted up nose, though he's endured far worse pain and doesn't loosen his tightening bear hug that he has clutched around her. Tilting his head away from any potential nose strikes she might try he flops backwards into the water with a splash and begins to slowly snap his tail behind himself. Croc propels himself and his grasped prey further into the reservoirs darkness as he floats on his back, arms still tightly around her waist, pressing her backside into his body. “You’re gonna be a”

US Angel shakes her head, whipping wet hair in his face, gasping as he takes her into the water, continuing to struggle valiantly as he holds her atop him and swims into the darkest corners of the sewers, her balls of flexing glute rolling about over his loins, the jiggling shapes of her breasts rolling about like floats on an angry lake. “Nngh... urk...”

Killer Croc swims lazily along the surface of the reservoir, a slight growl let out as he feels her shapely rear rubbing over his groin and his manhood stiffens responsively. He twists his arms a bit, still holding her firmly against him as he draws her further into the darkness, but his hands now stroke over her heaving chest and belly as he chuckles deeply. “My little pet...hahaha, Crocs not had a pet for a long time.”

US Angel writhes, though less violently, realizing she must wait for the grip to loosen, panting for air as his huge paws grope her chest through thin soaked fabric, the shape of a tightening nipple clearly rising like a tent pole under the flag emblem over her heart. Angel whimpers softly, "Ohmygawd... you monster!"

Killer Croc slowly brings the movements of his tail to a halt, his body just gliding along slowly as he sweeps his greedy groping hands over her chest, his hand bumping her stiffened rosebud nipple. “Mmm...nice and ...hard.” Croc gives her nipple a sharp pinch between his index finger and thumb as he leans his mouth towards her ear and murmurs a gravely whisper. "Almost home, my pet"

US Angel eeps upon being pinched and attempts her escape as the grip has loosened, trying to make just enough room with her arms to slip downwards through his arms in the slippery wet and tattered leotard. “No way!”

Killer Croc chuckles, letting her loose from his grasp as she finds the water to be just around waist deep here, a smell of decay and death descending upon her nostrils as Croc pushes himself up to his feet. Not even paying any attention to her now released form he turns and strides up onto a small island of soot, debris, mud and junk that rises a few feet out of the shallow pool. “Where do you think your going to go?” His gaze wanders over his island of trash and mud, looking over a few decayed and partially eaten corpses that had the misfortunate of crossing him. Passing over those until he spots something further into the small islands center and chuckles, striding forwards towards a discarded fishing net that he decided to keep.

“Like anywhere but here!” US Angel is obviously puzzled as to why he has let her go. She looks all around, eyes widening at the sight of partially eaten corpses, realizing that could be her intended fate. “Ohmygawd... you... you... eat people!” Angel wades off in the direction from which they just came as quickly as she can, chest and head pounding.

“Now, now my pet, I ain't gonna eat you. That cop, shot me, he got what he deserved. The others, well they we're bums, nobuddies.” Killer Croc lifts the net up, stretching it out and folding it over itself once as he begins to stride back into the water, patiently moving after her. “I'll make sure your well taken care of...ahahaha.”

US Angel hurries through the dark water in a frenzy to escape, the scent of death blowing through her nostrils, cool water flowing through her tights, looking back over a shoulder to see the net in his hands, deciding to swim for it, flutter kicking and doing the crawl.

Killer Croc slips into the water, tail propelling him after her, following her into the deeper waters that she is heading towards in her flight from him. As the two enter the depths he submerges fully and speeds himself up, a spray of water marking his wake and closing distance with her swiftly.

US Angel does the only thing she knows to do. She swims as fast as she can, which isn't bad for a human.

Killer Croc swims up along side her, slightly impressed by her skill and speed in the water. For a tired woman, who's working with a useless arm she has a lot of endurance, but alas she's no match for Croc, his body far more adapted and suited for the water as he overtakes her position while taking the net, keeping a grasp of it's tow line, he throws it towards her, trying to ensnare her.

US Angel is in fact using her arm once more he would notice, indicating that perhaps she heals in ways a normal woman never could. Not that this does her any good in her efforts to escape from a foe vastly superior to her in the water. She flails as she becomes entangled in the netting, thrashing about violently as it tightens around her like stitching on a quilt.

Killer Croc keeps a hold of the throw line as he drifts over and makes sure the netting is securely ensnaring her thrashing form. Chuckling down towards her he then begins to drag her struggling, netted body back towards his makeshift island, watching her over his shoulder and giving her an occasional slap from his tail. “So, your arm’s looking better, you heal pretty fast, that's good.”

US Angel is eventually so tightly wrapped in netting that she ceases her struggles, desperately trying to think as she is dragged through the water. “Good... why?” Angel eeps at the first wet smack of the tail, then sets her jaw, furiously refusing to give him the satisfaction again.

“I tend to get ...rough, with my pets...hahaha!” Killer Croc smiles to her, fangs glistening in the dim light that filters down into the chamber as he drags her up onto the muddy shore of his lair. Moving in further and turning to look away from her to a few chains that dangle down from the unseen heights of the ceiling over head he attaches the end of the rope to a hook set upon one of the chains. Croc grasps another chain, pulling downward on it, which in turn begins to draw the other chain to which her net is attached upwards.

US Angel tests the net once more as she is dragged across the mud, her efforts proving no more successful than before. She squeals as she is hoisted up. “Damn you! You fiend! Like what do you plan to do to me?” Angel is a squirming muddy bundle as she dangles upside down, the shape of boobs in muddy white fabric bulging against the pattern of the netting on one side, her glistening plump rump in sheer nylon bulging on the other.

Killer Croc wanders over towards the remains of the dead police officer, plucking his rusted cuffs from his belt and turning to look back over to her, admiring her bound struggling form as he tilts his head in thought. “You’re a real, pretty lady, ya know?” Croc hisses as he steps slowly towards her, cuffs dangling from his hand and gaze moving over her body.

US Angel twists and turns, bending at the waist, demonstrating almost inhuman strength as she raises her head up, trying to bring her teeth to bear on the rope, but then flops back in frustration. “Like thanks... just release me and I'll give you an autograph...” Angel shakes her head at him as he approaches, not liking the feel of his gaze on her bulging curves at all.

“You’re real, smart mouthed though...” Killer Croc twists his waist, slapping her bundled form with the blunt wide end of his tail, sending the netted heroine swaying and spinning within her confines. As she sways back towards him he takes another slap of his tail at the bound up heroine, chuckling in a deep gleeful manner as he watches her spin about.

US Angel yelps upon being swatted by the powerful tail, swinging out and spinning, leaving her slightly disoriented as the second strike comes, making a crack like a gunshot as it lands, grunting as her form lurches violently like a punching bag kicked by a very powerful man, the shapes of boob and butt jiggling tightly as she swings.

Killer Croc waits for her to come swinging back towards him then reaches out and grabs the netting with his hand, lurching it to a sudden halt alongside himself as his eyes seek out her hands. His claws swipe the netting, cutting a few strands near one of her hands, opening up a small gap so he can reach in and take hold of her wrist. “You said you know other heroines, right?” His tail lifts up and around from behind himself and it rubs over the exposed and tight bundle of her rear as he regards her.

US Angel struggles in vain to twist her hand away, but still her wrist is grasped by the powerful hand. Her panicked face reddens as she feels the tail on her plump rump. “I think... you like broke... my rib... what... what do you mean? The Danger Dolls?” Angel nods her upside down head defiantly as if this thought gives her hope. “That's right! And when they like come for me you'll be sorry!”

“Yeah, yeah, I thought you we're the toughest of em all? Hahaha...” Killer Croc pushes the cuff into the netting, holding her wrist in place as he snaps one of the cuffs ends over her wrist. The tip of his tail meanwhile continues to survey the netted curvature of her plump rear as he begins to look for her other wrist and slashes a few strands away with a snap of his claw so he can get to it. “You got a signal, or something you use to call ‘em maybe?”

US Angel stares back at him, her pouting lip quivering. “That's just television hype... like lots of the team's tougher than me!” Angel squirms about and shakes her head as the tail threatens to go spelunking, its tip forcing stretchy nylon deep between the powerful glutes that she flexes so hard they are shaking. “They like have ways of tracking me...”

“Mmmm, I don't know if they'll be able to find ya ...down here. But don't you worry, you'll have chances to escape, plenty of ‘em.” Killer Croc chuckles, grasping her other wrist and dragging it behind her back forcefully towards her cuffed one. The tails tip seems to take the flexing of her glutes as a challenge, rubbing between her legs with a hard stroke of it's boney ridges as he works on cuffing her hands. “I got things to arrange, so ...when I'm not around, you'll be all alone, in this maze of sewers...I certainly hope you’re smart enough to find your way out, before I come back, and track you ...down.”

US Angel squirms, her buns of tru-steel in a desperate struggle against the boney tail, her breasts bulging more as her back bows in response to her wrists being cuffed behind. “You bastard! You can't do this to me! I'm a star!” Angel can't help but wonder if she can be found down here, where ever here is, but she has to hold out hope in case she can't escape.


US Angel is still hanging around a full day after being captured, having been unable to escape, but her shoulder and rib having healed over that time.

Killer Croc stirs from his napping spot amidst a pile of bones, mud, and trash. His narrow reptilian eyes turn their cold-blooded gaze upon the bundled up form of the dangling young action starlet. “Ahhh, did you sleep well, my pet?” He grates out a deep chuckle, stretching his limbs out in the muck and trash that is his bedding.

US Angel hears him stir and glances that direction, the cold reptilian eyes sending a shiver up her exposed spine. “You filthy Creep... I don't appreciate being keep hanging like this!” Angel strains and twists and bounces and goes nowhere.

Killer Croc narrows his eyes into thin slits, hissing at her through fanged bars as his tongue lashes out like a snakes and he slithers over towards her dangling, netted, bound body. Rolling over onto his belly as he stares cold daggers up into her defiant eyes. Maybe not now, but when I'm finished with you...ohh...hahaha...You'll wish you we're back in a net!” Croc snaps his tail upwards, slapping the side of the netting she's encased in and sending her on another spinning, swinging trip.

US Angel keeps her big brown eyes fixed on his as she curses at him. “Damnit you fucking bastard... when are you like going to let me g'whoa... aaiyeeeEEEEEE...” Angel squeals as she is sent spinning, centrifugal force only serving to make the round shapes of her naughty bits bulge even more against the lattice of the netting that encases her.

Killer Croc sizes up the swaying of the netted heroine, treating it like a child’s batting practice as her encased form comes swinging back in his direction and he lashes out with his tail, repeating the solid whacks again, and again, and again upon the bundled up US Angel as he chuckles with a perverted and sadistic, deep, bellowing noise that fills the chamber. “Ohh, I'm gonna let you go...alright... after I've used you as bait!” Croc grins to himself as he uses his massive arms to lift himself to his feet, stepping back a bit and watching the wide arcs her netted body is currently taking as it swings her about like a ragdoll in its snares.

US Angel yelps as she lurches violently with each vicious blow, one bending her in half in an odd direction with a snapping sound, her eyes bulging, blinking, left glazed with pain. “Eep. Ungh. Arrgh. Nngh. Oooh.” Angel is left panting for air as the playful beating comes to an apparent end and she can only wonder what he means by calling her “bait.”

Killer Croc snaps his clawed hand out and snares the net in mid-swing, bringing her swinging and spinning voyage to a sudden and sharp halt as she can feel the monstrosity's claws nearly snap into the exposed skin of her shoulder as he grasped the netting. “But, that ain't quite yet. I got something else, in mind, right now.”

Killer Croc grins towards her, grasping a rich clump of her hair through the netting and forcing her gaze down towards a rock hard large protrusion hidden beneath the cloth that covers his loins.

US Angel feels the claws rent the sleeve of her costume open and dig into her shoulder as he jerks her swinging form to a sudden stop. The bulging shape of her breasts continues to sway under their tight white confines however. She eeps as her hair is grasped, gaping wide at the size of his erection for an instant, then thrusting out her lip to pout as she tries to shake her head no.

Killer Croc reaches down, ripping his loincloth away and tossing it aside as he manipulates her head towards his massive erection by sharply tugging upon the clump of her hair he has grasped. His hips shift, pushing the ridged, scaly tipped head of his cock up towards her pouting lips, it's approach threatening to jam it into her mouth whether she wants it or not. “Now, you’re gonna suck on this, and good, or I'm gonna end you ...right here!” Croc lets her feel the sharpened edge of his thumb’s claw as it flicks across her throat in a slashing gesture.

US Angel feels the claw crease her neck, making her aware of just how easily he could slit it at any time. She gulps, as much at the enormity of the task at hand as the threat of death. “Help! Please don't! You goddamn prick! Help! I mean I like can't... hrrrmph!” Angel has her objections muffled as her mouth is overfilled, her eyes blinking, then bulging as the intrusion punches into her throat. She gags, desperately trying to suck some air past her flailing defeated tongue.

Killer Croc shifts his hand away from her hair and wraps his grasp about her neck, squeezing the heroine’s tiny throat just enough to narrow her airway as his monstrous length rams itself up into her parted, gagging mouth. “Ohh you can! And you will!” Croc thrusts his lizard-skinned shaft fully up into her mouth as his roar rings out through the shadowy and dark chamber where his island lair sits, the roar and subsequent laughter echoing for what seems an eternity in this dark, forgotten, and dismal hall.

US Angel gurks as he rams his cock into her warm succulent passage, his huge leathery scrotum smacking her upturned face as he thrusts. Miraculously, to her surprise, and despite her distress, her throat instinctively relaxes. Seconds later her cheeks hollow out and her tongue explores the contours of the throbbing shaft as she sucks as if her life depends on it... perhaps because it does!

Killer Croc leans his head back, a low gurgling "ahhhhhhh" sound rolling out of his mouth as his fingers loosen up from about her neck, though the tips of his nails brush into the tender and vulnerable neck while a shiver builds up in his massive cold blooded body. His sharp fangs snapping and grinding together as he feels her tongue begin to work over his shaft. “Ahhh, that's a good...choice...on...your part...Ahhhhsss...Unless end my the...other's who've” Croc twists her head just a bit while her mouth works over him so she can view his bedding, which is a mix of broken up bones, mud, and other junk.

US Angel blinks at the disgusting pile of bones and trash in between slaps of leathery scrotum and redoubles her efforts, finding herself salivating as she works her frantic tongue along the jerking shaft, flicking it rapidly back and forth along every nook and cranny of the intrusion's foul underbelly, feeling cold sweat beading up on her body.

Killer Croc jerks his hips, feeling a growing build up deep in his loins as US Angel redoubles her efforts. His sounds of pleasure turn more animalistic. He hisses and growls out his approval as her salivating tongue frantically seeks to pleasure the brute. Just as she thinks it all might end, and she would grant the creature a release his free claw comes slashing down, ripping the net in twain... spilling the heroine out onto the mucky floor below her at the massive brute’s feet, his cock glistening with her saliva and standing at full attention as the Croc turns his gaze down upon her and growls out his command. “Get on your knees, cunt, and rub my cock out between your breasts...NOW!”

US Angel gasps in the midst of her desperate sucking, saliva spattering all over her face as she tumbles free, grunting in surprise as she lands unceremoniously in the mud. She looks up slowly as she gets to her knees, pulling cuffed wrists around the slick curve of her ass, her face now speckled with mud as she blinks at the sight of his inhuman genitalia. She almost smiles and then punches two clenched fists up into his balls. “LIKE NO FUCKING WAY!”

Killer Croc roars out in tremendous agony as his knees buckle from the force of her unsuspected blow and he wavers there on weakened stilt-like legs, his claws both slapping down to protect his battered manhood, or lizardhood, depending on how one would define such a thing. His mouth wide open and gaze snapped towards the ceiling as his unearthly horribly pained howl rings out into the sewers. “You! ...Bitch! ...My ...Fucking! ...Balls!”

US Angel is already crawling away on hands and knees as fast as she can go toward the pile of garbage he seems to call lair, the resulting view of her swaying backside the last thing on her mind. Enraged, she snatches up a piece loose stone block, spinning as she comes to her feet and charges him. She leaps into the air and aims to bring the stone block down over his head. “I'm like gonna crack your skull too!”

Killer Croc, while in the throes of tremendous pain, like any animal, his instincts have kicked into overdrive at this moment as he twists his body with more force then he's used on her before and flashes his tail out like a strike of lightning towards her charging, midair attack. “Arrrr! I'm gonna tear you limb from FUCKING LIMB!” Croc snorts out his pained words, the lashing of his tail serving two purposes, one obviously to smash his would be assailant, the other protecting his head as the twisting of his body puts his backside between her leaping form and his lowered head.

US Angel yelps as the massive tail swats her out of midair, the stone block knocked from her hands and flying on towards him as she is sent sprawling into the dark water beyond, having completely disappeared under the spreading ripples as the resulting splash subsides.

Killer Croc for what's it worth continues to howl out in mind-blowing pain as he stumbles and slips into the water, seeking refuge from his assailant, content to forget about chasing her or battling with for the time being as he is far to preoccupied with the pain that's blasting through his loins. “You... Are... Dead! ...DEAD...DEEEEAD!”

US Angel swims underwater as far as she can before surfacing and making her way out of the sewers as fast as her stout little legs will carry her, desperate for a shower, a new costume, and to report the presence of Killer Croc to the Danger Dolls.

(May 2010)