Cavegirl Carly and the Tribesmen

Cavegirl Carly squeals and digs her claws into the ground as the big cat seven times her size mounts her from behind, threatening not only to impale her on his throbbing spear, but drive her flat to the ground as well. Her body begins to rock, glistening with sweat as the sabretooth thrusts, his hind quarters lurching against her round ass. "Like ohmygawd Rex... yes... YES!"

The new part of the jungle island was hot and steamy, even more so than other portions, far away from the water or any other source of cooling. The two of you had gone exploring on the time lost island and the heat only seemed to arouse the both of you more and more, leading to the current pitstop in a discovered clearing, the sunlight playing across the two forms as her cries echo throughout the jungle, drawing attention from whatever might be hidden away in those leaves.

Cavegirl Carly squeals more and more wildly as the powerful thrusting of her mate drives her forward against the trunk of a fallen tree. She grunts as her midsection is slammed roughly over its curvature, but her gyrating loins never stop humping the massive intrusion of the big cat, saliva dripping from his fangs down the back of her neck, lost in the rutting fury of taking his mate.

The sounds and squeals of the girl being taken in defiance of nature has attracted an unknown audience. Two tribesman, out hunting for prey come across the unexpected sight. They at first move to attack what is surely a wounded animal only to stop short just outside the clearing, eyes going wide at what they see before them. At first the two dark skinned, muscular males don't know what to make of it, having never seen a woman tame an animal in such a way. Their bodies however, know what to make of it, as their exposed loins begin to stir and stiffen.

Cavegirl Carly begins to grunt almost rhythmically, grinding her tight pert udders against the bark of the fallen tree, this tender flesh plainly chafed as it becomes visible, pitched forward over the log by a brutal thrust, Rex roaring, and stiffening, announcing his taking of the girl like a king of all the jungle. Carly's back arches, her sweaty form shuddering from the climax, her eyes rolling back, her claws retracting.

The two tribesman continue to watch in silence, only their breathing heard past the sound of the girl screaming and the tiger roaring. Hands instinctively move down to their exposed loins, each hand gripping their own member, each member pulsating and throbbing with lust. They quickly reach their full arousal of a good 12 inches long and 4 thick, looking like pythons extended from their crotches, black as night aside from the purple veins with blood flowing to encourage their desire as hands stroke and twist along the rods.

Cavegirl Carly is left draped over the log, panting for breath, skin sparkling with sweat in the warm sun, her loins dripping with cum as the wild beast withdraws and slinks away through the underbrush toward the river to preen. Carly just lies there spent for a moment, unaware that her dripping backside is being watched. Finally she stirs, crawling on all fours to her animal skin bikini to put it on.

The two tribesman quickly finish themselves, stroking and tugging on their cocks fast now, grunting quietly, watching as this sexual goddess crawls like an animal in the mud, watching the cum drip from her cunt, the young hunters groaning and closing their eyes as first one, then the other spurts his load across the leaves, a few drops splashing into the clearing. Now that their lusts have been sated, for the moment anyway, their minds turn to the prey before them, gripping at their real spears, not their cocks, and moving to strike!

Cavegirl Carly brushes away the grass and grit that has become caked to her sweaty flesh, looks down and rubs the reddened nub of her right breast, moaning softly. She slips on her bikini top slowly, tying it in place, adjusting the way it covers her still hard nipples. Then she stands, stepping on foot and then the other into her bottoms, wiggling her still dripping rump as she pulls the garment up her muscled little legs.

The tribesmen take the time she takes to get dressed to regain their composure, beginning their attack on this beautiful prey. They both charge from the jungle with a battle cry on their lips, one throwing his spear at the lovely girl's stomach while the other moves to bind her legs with a bola, throwing it towards her ankles. The two men were fully nude as they rushed out of the jungle, their cocks still half hard from the show you gave them, sunlight gleaming off their own sweat stained forms as they approach you.

Cavegirl Carly gasps in surprise at the sight of the naked natives attacking, her eyes going wide. "Like ohmygawd!" She quickly moves to sidestep the thrown spear, tripping and falling flat as her ankles are jerked together by the wrapping bola. She rolls over and over on the ground to her knife, frantically pulling it from its sheath to cut the bolas from her ankles before the men are on her.

The men don't waste a moment, the one who threw the bola throwing his spear to the other male, who holds it up high and runs towards you, intent on pinning you to the ground by pushing it through you. The other reaches into the pouch on his side, pulling out a dart gun, already filled with a dart to put you to sleep to make you easier to transport back to the tribe. The men were quite striking and attractive, their muscles flexing with every move, long braided hair swaying on their heads. If they weren't trying to kill you at the moment, you'd be hard pressed not to want to fuck them.

Cavegirl Carly exhales in relief as she sees the other spear sail overhead as she cuts the bolas, thinking it was a bad throw that missed. She frees her ankles and looks up to see the dart gun. She flips around the knife in her hand, preparing to throw it at this attacker, only to lurch as the other tribesman who caught the spear drives it through her belly into the ground. Her knife falls harmlessly from her hand.

The tribesman lets out a yell of triumph as you're pinned by the spear, watching as it impales through the young sex goddess, making sure to miss those beautiful, perfect orbs. He grins a gaptoothed grin as some of your blood splashes across his dark skin, even as the other moves closer, letting the dart fly from the dartgun with a heavy blow of his lungs. Both men's arousal started to grow again as you struggled, you could see the erections forming between their legs, the cum dripping from the tips giving all too clear a sign that they enjoyed your lovemaking with Rex first.

Cavegirl Carly 's hands fly to the shaft of the spear, clutching furiously, but she can never use her claws for an hour or so after sex, so her hands merely grip it tightly as she shakes and squirms feverishly. But she is pinned in place by a spear through the gut and no amount of thrashing about can do anything but free her firm breasts from her top. The dart takes effect and her hands let go, flopping limply to the ground.

The two men pause from their attack as a tit bounces free, having not had a chance to truly see those juicy orbs exposed when she was being taken by her tiger, but now that they could, their mouths would water. These would feed the tribe for a week! But first, they would want to truly enjoy her...Once they were sure you were disabled, the one male pulled the spear from your stomach with a squish of release, as the second one grabbed at you, tying your arms in the same manner as your legs, before tying both to the spear, hanging you there as they picked you up to carry home.

Cavegirl Carly is now unconscious and offers no resistance, her limbs, like her shiny breasts rolling about. The jungle girl is blissfully unaware of the painful wound in her tummy as the tribesmen rip away her bikini, one using the bottoms to tie her ankles, the other using her top to bind her wrists. She is quickly carried off by the grinning hunters, dangling from the bloody spear that impaled her.

The two men walked with her through the jungle, far away from the salvation of her tiger. The ground was rough and uneven, causing her to bounce along on the spear and sway a little, with each movement and motion drawing their eyes to her body. The nude form slumped there, still dripping tiger cum, making their own spears stand at full attention, wanting to enjoy her body before they would eat her body. The trip would be a long one, but she would be unconscious for most of it.

Cavegirl Carly swings about as she dangles from the spear, her bodacious boobs rolling about her chest in the sun like perfectly formed candied yams basting atop a feast fit for a tribal chief, her upturned ass dripping juices as if from a cooked goose. Her head was lolled backwards, eyes closed, not waking even as an erect dark cock slapped her cheeks back and forth with a blackjack with every step taken.

The tribesman in the back groaned with each slap of his cock on the young girl's ass, wishing he could have her right there but they would want to show the rest of the tribe what they had found. Eventually they finally reach the tribe, walking into the clearing with their prey, all the various tribespeople, equally nude, stopped and stared at the white woman, an unseen sight, as they moved her to the center of the village, quickly untying her from the spear, only to retie her to a set of four poles near a giant smoking pot. Where normally she'd be tied spread eagle and hanging to be skinned, they instead tie her slightly bent over, her ankles at the bottom of the back two with her upper half bent slightly, arms outstretched and tied by the wrist to the two poles, leaving her completely accessible and vulnerable.

Cavegirl Carly remains unconscious as she is bound to the poles, but groggy groans escape her drooling lips as a stake is placed under her midsection to prop her up into a bent-over position. Even though the wound there is already starting to close it is still very painful. Her eyelids flutter and she shakes her head. Her eyes widen and she tests her bindings, round upturned ass twitching, buoyant boobs bouncing as they dangle.

The sight that greets you is not what you expected to see. The whole tribe has surrounded you, staring at your nude form, examining it in full curiosity, most of the males hard or growing hard, stroking absently at their members while even some of the females feel their own tits, judging the size of them compared to your own. The entire village could still smell the scent of sex on you, an occasional drip of tiger cum still coming from your cunt. The two hunters that caught you stand on either side of you, proud of their prize and preparing to enjoy it.

Cavegirl Carly looks from one native to another, blinking at their expressions and reactions to her. Suddenly it dawns on her that this dark-skinned tribe intends to eat her. She breaks out in a cold sweat. She still can't extend her claws but surely soon. She redoubles her struggling, trying to wriggle free of the bindings, her pert boobs swinging wildly, the pointing nipples making them look like plumb bobs.

The two tribesman looked at you, noting you were awake, watching those tits swing and bounce and that was all they were waiting for. One moved around behind you, the one that speared you, while the one with the dart gun moved in front of you, squeezing and groping at your large tits while the one behind you played with your ass, spreading it open, admiring the two holes he found there. You quickly realized that they intended to taste you before they ate you.

Cavegirl Carly shakes her head no as her flesh is rudely groped, desperately trying to make her claws extend. If they sexually stimulated her before she could use the claws it would be at least another hour before she had the chance again. She wailed as firm white tit flesh oozed from between the dark fingers of the clutching hands. Her moist ass twitched, trying to pull away from the touch there.

The one in front of you leaned down, lips attacking those perky nipples, biting and sucking at them. Never had they seen such delicious orbs like these and he wanted to enjoy them. The other gripped at his cock, sliding it up and down between your legs, from the top of your asscrack to the tip of your clit, debating, deciding which hole he would take. As he felt the tiger cum drip across his cock, he decided best to take the hole not taken as you felt the tip of his black dick press against your puckered backdoor.

Cavegirl Carly writhes as the cock is run up and down between the muscular curves of her ass, stroking her already glistening nether regions. She lurches and squeals as she feels the prodding against her tight little anal rosebud. "Nngh... plsss... nnt thtt..." Her lower lip rolls out in a pout, her face contorted in dismay as she looks down at the tongue causing her copper top nipples to tighten as if being shocked.

But of course they don't listen to your pleas, if they could even understand them, that dick pressing against your butthole with increasing strength until finally it slides inside with a pop, spreading that entrance around the tip before he slowly began to sink in. The one attacking your tits gives them a few more bites and slaps, making sure both nipples are rock hard even as he watches them sway and jiggle underneath you before he stands, filling your vision with his own cock, the purple head and ebony shaft all that you can see, his desire clear as he stands before you and the whole tribe to see.

Cavegirl Carly stiffens a bit as her ass is violated, going up on tiptoe, eyes bulging from their sockets, seemingly unaccustomed to this sort of intrusion. She sniffles, bulging eyes crossing as they stare at the cock brushing across her upturned little nose. She barely hears the tribe stomping their feet and yelling over the thumping of her heart as the cock is pushed past her gaping lips.

The tribesman in front of you groans deeply as he feels your tight, hot mouth wrapped around his dick, the girth of his member almost too big, stretching your jaw almost to the breaking part, even as his partner continues to sink into your ass, inch by inch, violating you, defiling your backdoor even as your cunt still drips with tiger sperm, slowly grinding his hips into you, until you feel the full 12 inches buried up your butt, balls slapping against your cunt, even as the other one slowly feeds you his cock, making you deep throat his entire member to demonstrate their prowess to the crowd.

Cavegirl Carly clenches her fists around the bindings and strains for all she is worth, but these poles were made to hold wild beasts far more powerful than her. She panics as her throat is filled, gulping and choking before instinct takes over. A moment later her cheeks have hollowed out, her body rocking back and forth as it is fucked coming and going, her dangling boobs and the dangling balls of the natives slapping the same beat.

It was almost like a drumbeat as they slowly started to thrust, taking it easy at first, but working their way up to harder and faster, cock in your ass gentle, making sure you can take it and then beginning to thrust and push roughly, dominating this new beast before they fed on her. The one in your mouth grunted and groaned, hands holding your head, pulling it back and forth as he pushed down your throat, balls hitting your chin, making your whole body shake, defiling you before the tribe.

Cavegirl Carly glistens with sweat from head to toe, muscle definition popping as she strains, her back arched, head pulled back by a handful of hair, her breasts swinging like honeydew melons in gunnysacks. Her tongue explores the contours of the huge cock, stroking every nook and cranny, finally licking along the underbelly of the throbbing snake and simply sucking greedily in a trembling frenzy for air and release.

Black hands slapped your ass, pulled your hair, slapped your tits and your face. They treated you no better than any other animal they'd capture. You were a toy, nothing more, the hunters had taken you and you were their prize. The cocks pushed in and out of you, deep and rough, no love or gentleness like Rex. They intended to tame you, to take you for their own. The cock in your ass felt like it was straightening out your intestines on it's way to your stomach while the one in your mouth felt like it'd meet him all the way down your throat, as big as a tiger's dicks going into you.

Cavegirl Carly can hear the cheering of the natives for their warriors even over the throbbing in her head and holes as she is roughly spitted on two cocks. Tears streak her cheeks and chin. Sweat streaks her ass cheeks. She rocks to the wet slapping sounds at both. She is helpless to resist the men or the urges welling up inside of her, every bounce of her painfully tight breasts only heightening the tingling sensation.

The men pushed and thrust, pounding, taking, needing, filling her up with every bit of their cock flesh. They were young and virile but even they weren't going to last for long in the tightness of your body. Eyes closing as they pushed in, thrusting together, leaving you feeling filled and empty at the same time, spearing you like a pig on a spit with their spears, even as they approached their coming orgasms.

Cavegirl Carly is as hot and humid inside as the jungle itself, her own juices flowing, her tortured little body shuddering with convulsions as she began to orgasm, not once, but repeatedly, involuntarily trying to take even more of the terrible intrusions, her tightness seemingly trying to squeeze explosions out of both excited tribesmen, the stomping and yelling of the tribe reaching a crescendo heard for miles.

The tribesmen continue to fuck you for what seems like hours, leaving you in a state of ecstasy that might even put Rex to shame and making sure you were unable to defend yourself in the least when the time came to be food for the tribe. They couldn't last forever though after one, two, three thrusts into your mouth the young hunter began to cum, spurting his load straight into your stomach, filling it with his goo before slowly pulling out, splashing it across your throat, your tonsils, your tongue, your teeth and finally all across your face and lips, marking you with his seed while his partner continued to fuck your tight ass.

Cavegirl Carly lurches and comes repeatedly until she has exhausted even her amazing reserves of energy. She dangles like a dead weight from her bindings, eyes glazed as her face is held up and coated with sticky cum, lolling to her bobbing bosom as it is released. She rolls up on the tops of her toes, completely spent, utterly used, defeated even as the fucking of her tight swollen ass continues.

As if it wasn't as much fun for himself without your resistance, the young hunter behind you increases his pace, going fast and hard and quick, pushing into you with several thrusts a minute before he finally howls out, much like the battlecry he unleashed earlier, filling your ass with his sperm as he does, pushing every bit of himself into you, feeling as if he wants to shove his entire cock and balls into your asshole, wanting to lose himself in your white sex goddess form before they feed on you.

Cavegirl Carly croaks out something unintelligible as she feels her insides set on fire by his explosion beep inside her rectum. The fair-skinned jungle goddess slumps, cum drooling from all her holes. The tribe cheers and presses closer, admiring the now tenderized white meat, the plump rump, the swollen breasts, a rare delicious mouth-watering treat to hungry eyes.

The young hunter slowly pulls himself out of your ass, a parting shot of cum basting your curved butt as the tribe moves in closer, licking their lips, grinning in delight at what they are soon going to feast on. The two young hunters look at you with a small amount of regret that they would not get to taste of your insides anymore but they know better than to argue as the tribe cook comes up, gesturing to guards to untie you and drag you to the heating pot, tossing you into it to slowly roast alive. The fear often brought out the best flavor.

Cavegirl Carly mewls as she is untied, dropping to the ground in a heap. She struggles weakly as her naked flesh is dragged toward the pot, excited hungry hands seemingly everywhere, dark hands groping white meat, the tribe chattering, setting claim to favorite pieces, escape seemingly impossible, closing her eyes in resignation to her fate. A familiar roar causes them to blink open a second later. "Rex?"

The tribesmen all turn, hearing the roar, reaching for weapons that are near the huts even as the two guards still move to toss you into the hot water, not wanting to lose their meal while the warriors prepare for what might just possibly be desert to join you. The women and children cower, running away, even the tasty idea of your flesh is not enough to keep them around after hearing that roar.

Cavegirl Carly fights with renewed spirit, sweeping one man off his feet, kicking a heel up into the other's dangling balls, before she can be tossed in the boiling water. She runs, sweat and cum alike spraying from her glistening flesh, particularly her angrily swollen boobs as they careen wildly about her chest. She leaps to Rex's back as he dashes through the clearing, his speed allowing the pair to escape the volley of spears.

(August 2010)