Burning Down the House


Penny West has the night off from being Red Hornette and so decides to go the movies at the Empire University on-campus theatre to get a taste of what life will be like as an incoming freshman in the fall. Penny finds herself suffering through "Yawn of the Dead."

Harley Quinn goes to movies, sits right in front of Penny and texts on her Dangerberry throughout.

Penny West mumbles, “Oh Geez... I mean if this is what it's like college ain't any better than high school!”

On frat row, life's a little more boring than it is during the school year. Some of the members who actually care about getting a job after college have left for summer jobs and internships. The advantage: more beer and drugs for them. At Delta Epsilon Kappa, Aaron burst through the door, which is nearly falling off its hinges (it involved a fridge, a lot of grease, and don't ask about the rest). "Hey, man, got it. Three little pills." He holds up a bag.

Penny West sighs and makes faces at the movie over at the campus theatre. "I mean is this supposed to be horror or comedy... or like what?"

Glenn raises his beer. "Wooo...go Aaron." not mentioning that the reason they asked him to get it was because they could get him to forget the debt later. "Alright, alright, so do you get to pick what you get?"

Aaron comes over to the table, spills the pills out. "Nah, nah, M-Dawg said you can't really know." He grins. "I'm hoping for X-Ray Vision. Go right over to Alpha Gamma." The three pop the pills.

“I bet classes will be like less sleep inducing than this flick!” Penny West rolls her eyes and sips her soda. Penny gives up on the movie and feigns to go to the bathroom so she can slip out without making a scene. By next year she'd just walk out of course, but as an incoming freshman she's still a bit shy.

Ryan Calderon takes his, downs a beer. "Oh, man, my stomach. That's just nasty...so nasty." as Aaron says. "Whoa...I feel like I'm falling away from the ground, like everything's changed. Here, here, let me get you the Pepto."

Aaron goes over to the kitchen, and jumps for the Pepto Bismol on top of the cabinet. Two seconds later, there's a loud bang as Aaron jump straight through the roof of the three story-frat house, wood exploding all over the place, screaming as he then falls right onto the lawn.

"What the hell? Urrgh...nnngh..." Ryan's eyes start to glow red. Glenn pats him on the back. "Oh, wow, what the hell is going on?" "I don't know...get away..." and then a gout of flame envelops the front wall of the house, lighting it up as flames start to lick up the building.

Penny West is still sipping her drink as she heads across campus to walk past the frat houses to see if any cute boys are around. As she approaches she blinks, gasping as she realizes one them is on fire! “I mean ohmygawd!”

Aaron pulls himself up from the ground as Ryan stumbles out the door, Glenn helping him out. "Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, what are we going to do?" Ryan burps out another blast of flame, setting the lawn on fire. "Alright what we're going to do is we're just going to say the house...uh...lit itself on fire, right, right, lit itself on fire. Nobody saw this, right?"

Penny West touches 911 on her myWand and texts a report of a fire at the address as she jogs closer to see if anyone's in trouble, midriff top struggling to contain her buoyant bosom. “Are you guys like alright?”

Aaron steps back, and as Penny jogs closer, you can make it in the illumination of the flame that every step seems to take him like a foot into the air. "Yeah, let's just..." He freezes as he sees Penny coming up. "Play it cool play it cool guys. Maybe she won't suspect anything. She's kind of super hot."

Penny West bounces up the little street in front of the burning lawn and house, her blue eyes wide. She brushes down her short red skirt. “I said are you guys like alright and stuff?”

Glenn speaks up. "Hey there! Uh, nothing, everything's just fine here. Other than the burning building!"

Penny West nods, “Don't worry... I mean I called for the fire department... anybody else inside?”

"We gotta...you know, go." "Away." "Yeah, go, away from the burning building." One of them appears to be nearly keeled over, holding his stomach, in pain. "Nope, nobody else in there! Come on Ryan." as one of them pulls at the keeled over friend. Ryan then immediately lets out a blast of fire from his mount, scorching up the street.

Penny West poses proudly in her little sweater top with the hornet emblem over her "heart," buttons straining to contain her charisma. Penny pops the top button with her gasp at seeing the fire erupt from one boy's mouth. “Ohmygawd... I mean like... yikes! Did you just... You did!”

Glenn suddenly gets a vision. "Oh, shit, she's going to tell on us!" Aaron walks quickly towards Penny. "Come on, just ignore it, don't tell anybody what whoa!" as he careens right at her, not quite getting the hang of this yet.

Penny West barely manages to cartwheel out of the way as the boy seems to attack, coming out of the right side of her top as she goes upside down, her boob still bouncing as she comes back to her feet. “Hey! Watch it! Like what’s happening here?”

Aaron blinks as you cartwheel back. He looks back. "Yeah, we can't let you tell.' He crouches for a second and leaps, up into the air, trying to tackle you, as Glenn yells out. "Watch out! She's going to punch you!" Ryan breathes hard, getting up to his feet.

Penny West almost smirks as she hear's the one boy warn the other who is attacking her because it's more than a punch, she's activated the taser ring on that hand as well as she steps into her thrust.

"It's really going to hurt!" and then winces as Aaron collides into you, but your punch catches him solidly in the gut, his whole body lighting up with electricity as he yells in pain, slinking to the ground, breathing hard, twitching a bit. Ryan growls, hand on his stomach. "Who the hell are you, you stuck-up girl...you really...shouldn't have" as he comes over, and exhales fire at Penny.

“Feel my Hornette... Ungh!” Penny West is stout but small and is driven to the ground by the collision even as she delivers her "sting." Penny immediately struggles to roll over and up to her feet, shifting her hips to avoid the eruption of fire, yelping as the flames catch the flare of her red skirt. Penny dances frantically about trying to pat out the flames until in a panic she just rips off the burning skirt. “I mean like talk about a hothead!”

Ryan is keeled over a bit, recovering from the blast, as Glenn comes up, eyes widening at Penny sans skirt. "Yeah, you totally can't rat on us. We'll be kicked out of the frat. Now just come with me, and we'll give you some time to settle down." He comes up on Penny, and then blinks, seeing the punch before it comes, and ducking, then charging at her to bearhug.

Penny West stands there in little midriff top and panties, her exposed boob waving its nipple at him like a finger being shaken at a naughty child. "You guys are in big trou... ugh!" Penny oophs as her punch is dodged like the guy knew it was coming and she is doubled over his charging shoulder, little body folded in half.

He's never even tried out for the football team, and he stumbles as he's driving her back, the two landing on top of each other, as his hand comes to rest on that exposed breast as the two hit the ground.

Penny West gets her stout little legs between them and kicks him off. “I mean like get off!”

Glenn blinks. "Not that hard. Aagh!" as the legs crunch into him, blowing him back through the air onto the ground. "I knew that was going to hurt..." he groans, nearly out of it, as you see Ryan helping Aaron up, Aaron still twitching a bit from the taser. "Alright, now you're going to pay. Nobody messes with Delta Epsilon Kappa like that." Ryan appears to be breathing heavy, trying to get another breath.

“Ready? Okay! You're going down!” Penny West eyes the two boys as they threaten her, running forward to take the attack to them this time, leaping into the air and executing a splits kick, trying to plant a crosstrainer on each one's chin.

Ryan breathes, a bit of the flames catching a crosstrainer as it smacks into his face, setting his beard on fire. Aaron leaps to get out of the way...which means you kick him right in the breadbasket. There's a thump, then, another thump as they fall to the ground, Aaron flat unconscious, Ryan rolling on the ground, trying to put his beard out.

Penny West lands back on her feet, one shoe smoking a bit as she pursues Ryan, her right boob still bouncing free, but the left still restrained beneath the hornet emblem. "I mean I'll put that out for you if you tell me how you morons like powered up..."

Ryan groans, trying to bat out his beard with his hands. "Alright, alright, just don't tell anybody else...there's M-Dawg...Mark...selling a drug called Transcend...gives you powers..." He belches, scorching the pavement. "Help me...oh god, my stomach hurts so much."

Penny West nods with concern and looks around, biting her lip. “I mean I like need something to smother the fire...” Penny, for lack of seeing anything else, finally pulls her own top up over her head, using it to smother the flaming beard. Penny goes topless as she kneels and wraps her top about Ryan's face.

Longshot blinks. “Good...lord.”

Ryan groans, muffled, as he's smothered, and the flames die down on his hair, "Mmmph...it's okay...it's okay!" he yells through the top.

Penny West nods. “I mean the paramedics should be able to help when they arrive... you guys like really should've known better than to try illegal drugs!”

The fire trucks and police cars start to come up. Glenn groans and rolls over. "Hey, you know, if we totally just got better powers, we totally would have beat you...agh! Don't hit me again!" He cowers.

Penny West gives Glenn a look and poses with hands on hips, blushing bright red from head to toe as his leer reminds her of her state of undress. Penny looks down, sideways and then all around, covering her boobs with her arm.

Longshot ch-chik’s his cellphone.

The police come up as the fire trucks race to fight the fire. The lead officer having a very hard time staring at anything but that covered up chest. "Um...ma'am, you want to explain?" as he gestures towards your chest.

Penny West deadpans, “I guess Panda was right, these college guys will like try anything to get a girl's clothes off...”

Longshot quips, “Not like it was work.”

The police officer debriefs Penny and they manage to calm Ryan down by shooting a firehose into his mouth. They drag the three college kids into the back of the car.

Longshot steps closer, eager to hear this explanation.

Penny West finds it odd the officer doesn't give her a blanket or anything while she patiently explains what she saw, did and learned from the boys, including the mention of the drug Transcend.

Longshot eyerolls, tugs off his LongoTech jacket and hands it to Penny.

Penny West continues, “I mean like I was the one who put in the call... I'm actually Red Hornette of the Danger Debs... Detective Chan in the SeaCourt precinct knows and can vouch for me... like thanks, Judge. See, Judge Longo knows who I am!”

Longshot looks skyward. “Sure thing, nobody was going to get any work done otherwise.”

"Thanks, ma'am. Oh, Red Hornette! I've seen...a lot of your work! Oh, we'll just need a picture or two for the case file." as the camera comes out.

Penny West hurries into Longshot's jacket, but not before a “flash” or two.

Longshot eyes. “I didn't design the jacket for those...dimensions.”

Penny West shrugs, “At least it's long enough to like cover my ass.”

Longshot laughs. “Yeah, I needed the extra cargo space!”

Penny West grins. “Thanks again, I mean you can pick it up at the Tower tomorrow.

The next day, in a research facility in Empire City University, Evelyn Song is going over the shaky-cam YouTube footage of the event that a peeping Tom shot from the bushes, which spends an unnecessary amount of time focusing on Penny, as Evelyn takes rapid notes, scribbling down chemical formulas with each little burst of power shown. "The pre-cognitive effect, quite useful. I'll need to question the student on the way out. We'll need to extend the timeframe though." She glares as Penny on the YouTube finishes knocking them out, looking at the newspaper announcing Red Hornette's role in stopping a fire, a front-page picture of her in the jacket. She makes a call. "We'll have to make sure the Debs don't get any closer to the trail."

(June 2011)